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2019年12月14日 01:12:16 | 作者:飞度常识 | 来源:新华社
栏目简介:《趣味科普英语视频》有着浓厚的趣味性,能够增加英语学习爱好者对英语科普知识的兴趣,从而更加开心快乐地学习英语知识,建立起英语学习的基础,为以后学习更多的英语知识奠基,快来边看视频边涨姿势吧!201605/443900J.P. Morgan made a mistake backing Thomas Edison.J·P·根持托马斯·爱迪生是错误的I mean, they all make mistakes.两人都犯了错误And I always say that you have to guard against the downside.我总说 你必须要防范不利情况Because it can be the greatest deal youve ever seen, and there is a chance that that deal wont work out.因为这可能是你所见过的最好的生意 但这个生意也有可能做不成Dont let a deal like that take you down if it doesnt work.就算做不成 也不要让它彻底毁了你Morgan is determined to gain control of the electric industry.根决定获得电力行业的控制权And hes going to do it the Morgan way.他这次打算用根式的方法去做If you were on his bad side, or he coveted your company, or the technology that your company had, you did not want to be in that position.你可能会站在他的对立面 他可能垂涎你的公司 或是垂涎你公司所拥有的技术 你显然不希望处于这些情况之下Morgan returns to the lessons of his father.根回到了父亲的教诲Hes going to intimidate the competition into submission.他将通过胁迫 让竞争转化为从He starts his attack by going after Westinghouse, and everything he owns.....including Teslas A.C. electricity patents.他的攻击始于追逐威斯汀豪斯和他所拥有的一切 包括特斯拉的交流电专利Congratulations, Westinghouse.祝贺你 威斯汀豪斯I hear you won the Niagara Falls contract.听说你赢得了尼亚加拉瀑布的合同Ill be taking you to court for patent infringement over A.C. designs.我将到法庭起诉交流电设计的专利侵权Why would you start a legal case that will cost millions-- a case that you will lose?为什么你要打一起代价数百万美元的官司 况且你肯定打不赢Because you dont have the resources to fight such a case-- and youll go under.因为你没有打这场官司所需的资源 你会破产What is it you want?你想要什么You know the answer to that.你知道Westinghouse has no choice but to give in to Morgans demands.威斯汀豪斯别无选择 只能从根的要求Knowing that the cost of a lawsuit will put him out of business, hes forced to sign over the patents for Teslas A.C. electricity.他深知 这场官司的花费会将他拖垮 他被迫签字转让特斯拉的交流电专利But Morgan doesnt stop with Westinghouse.不过根要对付的还不只是威斯汀豪斯201606/448134原味人文风情:The Zika virus could sp to four million people this year. So what is it? It was discovered in Uganda in the 1940s, then detected in a few other places over the years. It broke out in the Americas and the Caribbean in 2015. Zika is transmitted through a particular species of mosquito that lives mostly in tropical regions. That includes parts of the U.S.寨卡病毒今年可能会扩散到四百万人身上。所以寨卡病毒是什么?它在1940年代于乌干达发现,接着几年来在其它几个地方被检测到。寨卡病毒在2015年于美洲和加勒比海地区爆发。寨卡病毒是透过一种大多生存在热带地区的特殊品种蚊子传播。那包含美国的一些地方。There was evidence that the virus could be transmitted through other means too. Zika has been linked to paralysis and birth defects. Brazil has seen a spike in babies born with a certain kind of brain damage. Officials are now warning pregnant women not to travel to places where theres an active Zika outbreak.有据显示这病毒也可能会透过其他方式传播。寨卡病毒被和瘫痪及先天缺陷作连结。巴西已经发现有某种脑部受损的新生儿数量大幅增加。官方目前正警告怀妇女不要到寨卡病毒正在流行的地方旅游。Generally though, Zika symptoms are mild, and most people infected dont notice anything. There is no treatment for the virus, and officials say finding a vaccine could take up to a decade.然而一般来说,寨卡病毒的症状很轻微,而大多数受感染的人什么都不会注意到。这种病毒并无治疗方法,而官方表示要找到疫苗可能会花上长达十年的时间。201605/444651TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470036

栏目简介:Also for International Museum Day, Shanghai Museum launched a souvenir design competition today. Song Wenjing tells us more.201704/499896

If Seans phobia is water,then Joes greatest fear is heights.如果肖恩对水有恐惧症 那乔最大恐惧感来自于高度I want to go home.Do you know what?So do I.我想回家 你知道吗 我也想This is whats gonna get us home, okay?爬下去就能到家了 知道吗Youve got to concentrate on this.你们必须集中精力We can be tired all the rest of the time.其它时间可以松懈一些This bit, weve really got to concentrate, okay?这里必须得集中精力 好吗The first section is 150 feet,and its looking really slippery.第一段有150英尺高 并且看起来很滑Im gonna tie us together and set up a stack to rappel.我要把我们拴在一起 形成一个索降小队Ive made the guys put their helmets on,and I need them to really focus now.我让他们戴上了头盔 现在需要他们集中注意力Okay, its looking good.没什么问题But the reality is its like walking on ice.但实际上就像在冰上行走If its tough for me,then this could be Joes ultimate challenge.如果对我来说有些困难的话 那对乔简直就是极限挑战Joe. Joe. How you feel, man?All right.乔 乔 感觉怎么样 老兄 很好Fear can paralyze you,but the guys mustnt be beaten by this.恐惧能让人气馁 但是他们必须克And aly, Joe is having problems keeping his feet.乔的脚已经有点不听使唤了Every step here is a challenge.每一步都是挑战I need him to concentrate, but hes struggling.我需要他集中注意力 他在努力Oh, man.Okay, come down to me.Joe has punched out.天哪 好了 到我这边来 乔已经虚脱了His energy and stamina are at an all-time low.他的能量和耐力处于最低值And he couldnt be further from New York right now.现在他无法再向纽约迈进一步了I dont know how much more I can take.我不知道还能坚持多久Keep going, Sean!Talk to me, Joe.继续 肖恩 跟我说话 乔That was terrifying.Youve just got to hang on in there.太恐怖了 你刚刚就悬在那里Nice and steady. Theres no hurry.很好 很稳 别急201707/516005

Im bear grylls.I go to some of the most dangerous places on Earth我是贝尔·格里尔斯 我将前往地球上最危险的地带to show you what it takes to make it out alive.向您展示如何逃出生天Ive traveled the globe facing challenges in the sort of places you wouldnt last a day without the right survival skills.我的足迹遍布全球 挑战有如炼狱般的环境 没有生存技巧 你命在旦夕Now Im in British Columbia,high in the Rocky Mountains.我正位于不列颠哥伦比亚 居高临下俯视落基山脉I usually head out into the wild,but this week, using specialist equipment,我通常孤身前往蛮荒野外 不过这周 我们将利用专业设备were going to bring the wild to me,so I can show you how to survive the most extreme environments.将荒野带到我身边 我就能向大家展示 如何在最极端的条件下存活My team will give mother nature a helping hand to ensure conditions are as bad as they can get.我的团队将助自然母亲一臂之力 确保环境能严苛到极致Were going bigger, better,and more ambitious than ever before我们这次将做得更大 更好 前所未见的更超乎想象Ill battle the bone-chilling waters of a frozen lake.我将与刺骨冰寒的冻湖孤军奋战Youve got to keep eyes on me, okay?before swimming 40 foot under solid ice.你们要时刻注意我 知道了吗 游到固体冰层下四十英尺之前Im wet, cold, and Ive got to act fast.Bombs away.我又湿又冷 我要速战速决才行 投下炸弹blast a ridgeline to set off a huge avalanche,在山脊引爆 制造大型雪崩then get buried alive to experience the suffocating conditions of the aftermath.被大雪活埋 经历雪崩后令人窒息的境况I cant move, and I cant breathe properly.我无法动弹 呼吸困难I try to find shelter in the middle of a manmade blizzard before frostbite sets in.我试图在人造暴风雪中寻求庇护场所 以免被冻伤Up here, you could have minus-40.In here, its gonna be way, way warmer.在这上面 气温会低至零下四十度 在这里面 会暖和许多许多and careen down the icy mountain over 40 miles an hour to show you how to pull off a lifesaving move.在以时速四十英里滑下雪山时 展示如何完成临危自救的动作Very fast -- faster than we expected.But when you play with the big boys,sometimes youre gonna get hurt.非常快 超乎想象的快 不过 如果你想学老顽童的话 有时是难免会受伤的It felt like hitting a wall. I thought Id killed him.就像是撞墙了 我差点害死他201701/489447

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