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There are many things that China and Singapore have in common, and one of them is music.中国与新加坡两国有诸多交集,音乐便是其中之一Many Singaporean singers have pursued their musical career both at home and here in the Chinese mainland, as well as in Hong Kong and Taiwan.许多新加坡歌手不仅在国内发展音乐事业,还将其扩展到中国内地、香港和台湾Here are just a few.例如,下面几位:1.Kit Chan1.陈洁仪Singaporean singer Kit Chan has worked in many areas since her debut in 1993, including music, theater, television, composing, creative direction, commy work and even entrepreneurship. Chan is without a doubt the most successful singer in Singapore, as she enjoys the title of Singapore ;national treasure; in music.自1993年出道以来,新加坡歌手陈洁仪曾在多个领域发展,包括:音乐、戏剧、电视剧、作曲、创意指导、社区工作,甚至还曾是企业家毫无疑问,陈洁仪是新加坡最成功的歌手,被誉为新加坡“国宝级歌手”Chan has enjoyed success in Taiwan and Hong Kong more than she did in the Chinese mainland, until she participated in the hit television show I am a singer earlier this year. Her years of theater training and delicate and smooth vocals became an immediate sensation among viewers.此前,陈在内地的发展,并不如其在港台地区那么顺利直到今年初参加热门电视节目《我是歌手她多年唱歌剧的经验,使其细腻、柔和的唱腔引起听众的共鸣.Stefanie Sun.孙燕姿Since her debut in 00, Stefanie Sun has become one of the most widely recognized voices from Singapore in the Chinese mainland. With albums under her belt, Sun is arguably the most successful singer from Singapore, second only to Kit Chan, whose talent is somewhat under-recognized. Sun was named Best Newcomer her song Cloudy Day at the th Golden Melody Award, Taiwan equivalent to the Grammys. Sun has sold more than million albums in Asia.自00年出道以来,孙燕姿早已成为内地最知名的新加坡歌手孙燕姿共发行了张专辑,不可否认,她是新加坡最成功的歌手之一,仅次于陈洁仪而后者的才华在内地未受到充分认可孙燕姿曾凭借《天黑黑一举夺得有台湾格莱美奖之称的第届金曲奖最佳新人奖其唱片总销量在亚洲超过00万张Sun married Dutch-Indonesian entrepreneur Nadim Van Der Ros on May 8, , and gave birth to their first child on Oct 30, .年5月8日,孙燕姿与荷兰籍印尼裔企业家纳迪姆结婚,并于年月30日诞下他们第一个孩子3.JJ Lin3.林俊杰JJ Lin has enjoyed commercial success ever since he stepped into the world of music. Lin won Best New Artist his debut album Music Voyager at the th Golden Melody Awards. A decade later, he took home the title as Best Male Permer, a high honor from the Golden Melody Awards.林俊杰一步入乐坛便取得商业成功他曾凭其首张专辑《乐行者获得第届台湾金曲奖最佳新人奖年之后,他又一举拿下台湾金曲奖最佳国语男歌手奖-year-old JJ Lin is recognized his talents in not just singing, but in composition. Besides producing numbers by himself, Lin has written songs various recording artists, including Remember Taiwan-based singer A-Mei, Let Go fellow Singaporean singer A-Do, and What Wrong with You? Harlem Yu.岁的林俊杰不仅唱歌天赋极佳,还擅长作曲除了为自己写歌,他还为多位歌手写过歌,包括:台湾歌手张惠的《记得;同为新加坡歌手阿杜的《放手,及庾澄庆的《干嘛你看不爽我?.Jocie Kwok.郭美美Jocie Kwok was the first artist to be granted copyright to sing Mouse Loves Rice, a song that took China by the storm in . Her first album, No More Panic, attained platinum status with its sales worldwide.郭美美是首个获权翻唱《老鼠爱大米的歌手,这首歌在年风靡全中国她的首张专辑《不怕不怕全球销量超过0万张,成为白金唱片Kwok, whose Chinese name is pronounced Guo Meimei, suffered greatly after an Internet celebrity by the same name stirred a large scandal affiliated with the Red Cross. Though the two are in no way related to one another, the impact from the Red Cross scandal was so big that it cut down 70 percent of Kwok commercial activities.郭因为其中文名郭美美与网络红人郭美美同名,在后者被曝光与红十字会的巨大丑闻后,备受牵连尽管这二人毫无联系,却因为红十字会丑闻的巨大影响,使得歌手郭美美的商业活动被削减了70%5.Tanya Chua5.蔡健雅Singaporean singer Tanya Chua did not rise to prominence until she signed with Warner Music Taiwan in . Her album Amphibian won her a Best Female Artist at the Golden Melody Awards. Chua has also made a name herself in production, as she has written a number of hit songs Gigi Leung, Faye Wong and Stefanie Sun.此前,新加坡歌手蔡健雅不温不火,直到年签约台湾华纳唱片她凭借专辑《双栖动物获得最佳国语女歌手奖蔡健雅也因其创作才能闻名,她曾为著名歌手梁咏琪、王菲和孙燕姿写过许多歌 137

  翻译:译言网虽然面临全球经济衰退,但你依然能看到生生不息的Chanel,“我们依然非常赚钱,”Karl Lagerfeld坚定地说,他犀利的目光从墨镜后透射出来,好像这个事实就像埃菲尔铁塔一样不可动摇Chanel, Now and ThenYesterday around 5:30 p.m., I popped in to see Karl Lagerfeld. The studio was moderately crowded: one or two editors parked at one end of Mr. Lagerfeld’s big desk and several Chanel executives at the other. Models—Freja, Snejana and a new young woman who announced that she was from Omaha, Nebraska—were in the second room getting organized their fittings. The mood of the collection, which will be presented tonight around sunset in the Grand Palais, is somber and romantic, with black lace and gold, and short hemlines with a long panel sometimes at the back. Long, according to Mr. Lagerfeld, looks old.昨天下午5点半,我突然看见Karl Lagerfeld整个工作室里挤满了人,一两个编辑倚靠在见Karl Lagerfeld大书桌的一端,而Chanel的高层们在桌子的另一边模特Freja、Snejana以及一个来自Nebraska洲Omaha的年轻女郎在第二间房间里整理东西整场秀将在今晚日落时分的巴黎大皇宫发布据Karl Lagerfeld透露,阴郁而浪漫的风情,金色与黑色的蕾丝,精心镶嵌的裙摆也许将会再次出现,此时的Karl Lagerfeld,多少显得有些苍老There may be a recession but the last place on earth you’d notice it is at Chanel. “We make a lot of money,” said Mr. Lagerfeld, squinting behind his dark glasses, as if this fact were as plain as the Eiffel Tower. He is sometimes in a mood to talk about Coco Chanel, whose life and capacity survival never seem to bore him, and last night was such a time. He recently published (with Steidl) a book of photographs by Douglas Kirkland called “Mademoiselle: Coco Chanel Summer 6.” In his text, he observes how Kirkland’s pictures in the house and on the Rue Cambon remove “from her image all its evils and the bitchy side popular imagination has attached to her persona.” The summer of 6 was, in a way, he wrote, “her last summer as the queen of fashion. Jeans and miniskirts were on their way to invade the world. Hating them and letting people know publicly how much she loathed the fashions to come she put herself instantly in the position of the has-been oracle of style and fashion.” He says 0,000 copies of the book have been sold.虽然面临全球经济衰退,但你依然能看到生生不息的Chanel,“我们依然非常赚钱,”Karl Lagerfeld坚定地说,他犀利的目光从墨镜后透射出来,好像这个事实就像埃菲尔铁塔一样不可动摇在谈到关于Chanel的问题时,Karl Lagerfeld是带有自己强烈的感情的,他的整个生命与能力从来都未曾困扰过他,昨晚的此时他还在工作他最近根据Douglas Kirkland的摄影集《法国:Coco Chanel6岁的夏天出版了一本新书,在书中,Karl Lagerfeld仔细研究了保留在康朋街Coco Chanel旧居里的Kirkland作品,客观地展现了时髦外表下Coco Chanel本人的刻薄、风流在这本书中,Karl Lagerfeld写到:“在这位时尚女王的生命中的最后一个夏天,牛仔裤与超短裙席卷全球,Coco Chanel讨厌这些东西,而这也使得这位曾经创造的流行与时尚的女王在那个时代遭到了前所未有的冷遇”据Karl Lagerfeld称,这本书已经发售了万册Valerio Mezzanotti The New York Times以下是Valerio Mezzanotti在《纽约时报上对Chanel的报道 A piece from the Chanel haute couture collection in Paris.I asked Mr. Lagerfeld about the new collection, about staying current, and about those blog reports that he would leave Chanel and be replaced by Alber Elbaz of Lanvin. Mr. Lagerfeld said to get about it. He was going to die with his boots on. He also mentioned that Alain Wertheimer, whose family owns Chanel, said he would sell the house when the designer leaves. This might not be the case, Mr. Lagerfeld said, but it was a nice thing to be told.  我就Chanel -秋冬高级定制的趋势,以及一些Blog作者爆料他将离开Chanel,并由Lanvin的设计师Alber Elbaz接任的传闻采访了Karl Lagerfeld,他说,请忘记这些传闻吧,他将为Chanel工作到生命的尽头,他也提到了Chanel的持有人Alain Wertheimer家族将在设计师离开之后卖掉Chanel也许这种情况并不会真的发生,但Karl Lagerfeld说这未必不是一件好事Keke View:创始人Gabrielle Chanel香奈尔于19年在法国巴黎创立香奈尔,香奈尔的产品种类繁多,有装、珠宝饰品、配件、化妆品、香水,每一种产品都闻名遐迩,特别是她的香水与时装  香奈尔(CHANEL)是一个有80多年经历的著名品牌,香奈尔时装永远有着高雅、简洁、精美的风格,她善于突破传统,早0年代就成功地将“五花大绑”的女装推向简单、舒适,这也许就是最早的现代休闲 77835



  小编语:话说小编我也关注了这场旷日持久的;骂战;,由最初的麦田和韩寒父子的对垒,到现在方舟子接过打假大旗,颇有将;骂;进行到底的姿态这里不谈孰是孰非,小编只是惋惜本该多一些风趣幽默的文,现在通通被讽刺暗箭代替,blog等工具原本是情感输出的工具,如今却成了乌烟瘴气的战场还是那句话:呼吁网络文明,注意素质!In a recent blog post, well-known Chinese author and satirist Han Han adamantly denied accusations that some of his famous works were ghostwritten.素以调侃和不羁的黑色幽默闻名的中国名作家韩寒,最近在其客上 对于针对他一些著作是手代写的指控予以了坚决的否认Han reputation was blemished by a blogger named ;Maitian; (an online alias translated as ;wheat-land;) on Sina.com.cn. The blogger disputed the originality of Han works, accusing the post-80s author of hiring people to write him.一位网名为;麦田;的新浪主对韩寒的声誉进行了攻击他质疑韩寒的作品并非原创,并指控这位80后作家雇人写作According to Maitian, Han finished most of his writings at night while he racing his car in the daytime. Theree, he questioned how a person could be so energetic and concluded that most of his writings were probably ghostwritten.据麦田称,韩寒的作品大多在他参加赛车比赛后的当天夜晚完成,他质疑道,一个人怎么会精力过剩至如此,并下结论道,他的很多作品都有可能是别人代写的He hence presumed Han first ghostwriter was his father Han Renjun, who he alleged might have been involved in the writer first novel ;Triple Door;. Han also earned praise by influential publisher Lu Jinbo, which contributed to his success. Han responded furiously to the accusation on his blog on Jan. .该指控者推测韩寒父亲韩仁均可能是他的第一位手, 据麦田推测,他父亲可能参与了韩寒第一部小说《三重门的写作此外,麦田认为韩寒还受到过出版界达人路金波的肯定,这对作家的成功有了一定的帮助韩寒于1月日对此在客上予以了猛烈的抨击;As a writer, (the accusation) goes beyond my bottom line;, Han wrote on his blog. ;I wrote every word myself.;;这(指责)已经触犯我作为写字人可以容忍的底线,;韩寒在他的客中写道;我的每一个字都是我亲手写下的;;Anybody who could show any evidence to prove the ghostwriting as they suspected, I would like to reward them with million yuan (US. million), stop writing and give all my copyrights from the published books to the accusers.;韩寒说凡是有人列举出有人代他写作的,他愿;奖励人民币两千万,本人也愿就此封笔,并赠送给举报人所有已出版的图书版权;Even though Han registered his outrage to the ghostwriting claim, he by no means got his characteristic sense of humor. He responded to the questioning of his ability to write at nights, especially in the days when he drove race cars. ;Maybe you will pant heavily when raise a finger to press the button of elevator, but somebody might feel good even after a ,000-meter marathon,; Han wrote in his blog. ;So I suggest the friend do more exercise, maybe just walking out of your dim, damp corner into the sunshine will do you good.; He finished the sarcastic sentence by saying: ;Maybe someday, you will be able to write until 1:00 AM, like me.;然而即便在怒斥代写之诉时,韩寒也没有忘记幽默一下他回应对其晚间,尤其是在赛车期间写作的质疑,说道:;也许你抬手摁电梯都喘,但有些人就是跑一万米也轻松,;韩寒在他的客中写道;愿这位朋友多锻炼身体,哪怕是只从阴暗潮湿的角落里走出来多晒晒太阳对身体也有好处;他继而以这样一句话结束这段讽刺:;也许终有一天,你也能像我一样,写到半夜一点钟;Han blog post was published simultaneously with his father. The senior Han asserted in his blog that his son writing style was unique and hard to emulate. ;There is no other person in China who can write the way Han Han writes, if there is, Id like to take him as my son,; the father said, ;Farmers will immediately distinguish the grass from wheat when it peeps up from the soil.;在韩寒发表客的同时,他的父亲也发表了一篇韩仁均在客中断言他儿子的写作风格独一无二,难以模仿;韩寒的行文风格目前在中国找不出第二个,如果有,我愿认他作儿子!;韩父说道;田里长的是麦是草,老农一看便知;The junior Han, who rose to fame with his talented submission to a new-concept writing competition high-school students in Shanghai in 00, is famous his rebellious streak. He failed his college entrance exams and became a freelance writer and car racer afterwards. He has been involved in numerous verbal arguments with prominent cultural figures, such as the musician Gao Xiaosong.韩寒成名于00年在上海举办的高中生新概念作文大赛后以叛逆闻名在高考失利后他成为了独立的作家和赛车手他曾与包括高晓松在内的众多文化名人间进行过口诛笔伐 93Perhaps youre familiar with the super-strict mum who pushes her kids to be the best at school, sport, and music - no matter what the cost. It a parenting style made famous in by the Chinese-American author Amy Chua and her best-selling book ;The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother;. Well, there another feline in the parenting world: Cat Dad.您或许对这种超级严格的妈妈很熟悉,无论付出什么代价,她都要让自己的孩子成为学习上、体育上和音乐方面的佼佼者年,美籍华裔作家蔡美儿和她的畅销作品《虎妈战歌让这种育儿方式闻名全世界不过,在父母育儿领域又出现了另一种“猫科动物”:猫爸Cat Dad takes a more softly, softly approach to parenting - preferring to be emotionally sensitive, gentle and relaxed about rules and discipline, in the belief that it will make their offspring self-sufficient and independent. The term has been trending on the micro blogging site Sina Weibo because of a hit Chinese television programme, ;Tiger Mom Cat Dad;. The two lead characters are, as the title suggests, a fierce Tiger Mom and a chilled-out Cat Dad. Their styles collide as they try to raise their young daughter.猫爸在育儿方面采取的方式更为温和,情感细腻、温柔,在规则和纪律上更宽松,他们人物这样能让孩子自信独立随着电视剧《虎妈猫爸的热播,“猫爸”一词已 在新浪微上流行开了正如剧名所示,剧中的两位主角,一位是严厉的虎妈,另一位是从容的猫爸在抚养女儿的问题上,二人的教育风格发生了冲突与碰撞While Cat Dad may not be as well known as Tiger Mother, he actually been around nearly as long. One of the original Cat Dads was Chang Zhitao, a father from Shanghai who went head to head in a debate with Chua shortly after her book was published. Despite having vastly different approaches to parenting, both Chua and Chang had daughters who were accepted into Harvard University.虽然猫爸可能没有虎妈出名,但实际上,猫爸几乎是与虎妈同时存在的来自上海的常智韬是最早被称做猫爸的父亲之一,在蔡美儿出书后不久,他曾与蔡美儿进行了一次正面交锋尽管蔡美儿与常智韬有着极为不同的育儿方式,但两人各自的女儿都被哈佛大学录取And as if the Tiger-Cat fight wasnt enough, there also another animalistic parenting persona coming from China. Wolf Dad is even stricter than Tiger Mom and is epitomised by Xiao Baiyou, a father who believes that ;beating kids is part of their upbringing.;似乎虎猫打架还不够,中国还有另一种颇具“兽性”的育儿角色——狼爸狼爸比虎妈更严厉,其代表人物是萧百佑,他相信“打孩子是教育的一部分”;Just as their names suggest, Cat Dad prefers a gentle approach to children education, while Tiger Mom and Wolf Dad believe that education is a painful process,; says Vincent Ni of B Chinese. ;It been a long time since Chinese TV aired such a drama that captured the two seemingly conflicting education philosophies so well. While closely following the drama, Chinese audiences also took to social media to discuss, share and voice their different opinions of the way to raise kids.;B 中文网的文森特#86;倪说:“从名字可以看出来,猫爸更喜欢采取温和的方式来教育孩子,而虎妈与狼爸则坚信教育孩子是个痛苦的过程中国电视界很久没出过这么 一部电视剧了,这部剧很好地抓住了这两个看似冲突的育儿理念在紧追这部剧的同时,中国观众也在社交媒体上讨论、分享和表达各自不同的育儿方式”More than 80m people tuned into ;Tiger Mom Cat Dad; and the series finale attracted tens of thousands of comments on Weibo. Some defended Cat Dad: ;I think there is too much bullying going on in their household. It completely disrespectful. There no consideration whatsoever towards the man,; one user commented. Others saw the dad as a weak character who wasnt compatible with his wife: ;I think the tiger mother and the cat dad should divorce,; one viewer wrote. ;I really hope a wolf dad and tiger mother can be together. This type of warm man (Cat Dad) is a not real man.;超过八千万观众收看了《虎妈猫爸,该电视剧的大结局也在微上吸引了数以万计的一些人在中为猫爸辩护,一位用户说道:“我觉得他们家太霸道了, 毫无尊重可言对男性的想法几乎没有任何考虑”另一些人则认为剧中的父亲性格脆弱,配不上他的妻子,一位观众说:“在我看来虎妈和猫爸应该离婚我 真希望狼爸与虎妈能在一起这种‘暖男(猫爸)不算大丈夫”Tong Dawei, the actor who plays the Cat Dad in the TV show, posted an image of himself and his daughter to his personal Weibo with the tongue-in-cheek caption: ;Mum went out when the water pipes were broken. Daddy held back his tears and mended it bee she came back.; It got a huge reaction - over 63,000 likes and 5,000 comments - including the remark ;As a man, I could in no way be like the Cat Dad; - proof that even when life imitates art, being a Cat Dad still hasnt really caught on inChina.佟大为在该剧中饰演猫爸,他在微上放了一张自己与女儿的照片,并配上一句半开玩笑的话:“妈妈出门坏了的水管,爸比含着泪也要在她回来前修好”这条微的反响巨大——有6.3万个赞和五千多条,其中一条说:“作 为男人,我绝不会像这位‘猫爸那样”,这说明,就算生活效仿艺术,可在中国,猫爸仍不能真正被接受 378776When showbiz celebrities junk media-speak a spontaneous burst of plain talk, controversies ensue. But it is better they hold personal beliefs that offend than fake a semblance of propriety that pleases.圈所谓的名人们要是愿意和媒体坦率地进行一次谈话,绝对会引来争议但是比起装作道貌岸然的伪君子,让所有人都满意,人们更愿意看到他们宁愿冒犯所有人,也要坚持自己的信仰Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang is known his uncompromising remarks as well as his top-grossing movies. Whenever he appears at the annual Shanghai International Film Festival, some newspapers reserve headline space him, knowing full well that he will ;fire at some person or object; and create shock waves throughout the industry or even beyond it.中国著名电影制作人冯小刚为众人所熟知,他言语犀利,直言不讳,同时他所导的电影票房屡创新高他只要一出现在上海国际电影节上,某些报纸杂志都会下意识地把头版头条留给他,因为他们知道他一定会“对某人或某事林弹雨般地抨击”,震惊全行业,甚至影响其他行业In , Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein excused himself after making a brief statement at one of the festival popular ums, saying he had to catch a flight, and Feng followed up by saying Weinstein was ;an outright fraudster;.年,好莱坞电影大亨哈维·韦恩斯坦(Harvey Weinstein)在电影节的热门论坛上三言两语地说了几句,随后借口说自己得去赶飞机,先行离开冯小刚紧接着便说道韦恩斯坦就是个“不折不扣的伪君子”The press later checked Weinstein itinerary and found him shopping in Shanghai later that day rather than rushing to the airport. Of course, Feng was not aware of that; he was referring to Weinstein handling of Chinese films in the North American market. The co-founder of Miramax Films and co-chairman of The Weinstein Company countered in a subsequent statement that Feng film, The Banquet, which he distributed in the ed States, was among the most profitable of the Chinese director movies in that market.后经媒体查韦恩斯坦的旅行日程,发现韦恩斯坦当天并没有赶去机场,而是在上海购物当然,冯小刚当时说那话时并不知情,他所指的韦恩斯坦对在北美市场上映的中国电影没有认真对待米拉麦克斯电影公司创始人之一兼韦恩斯坦公司董事长的韦恩斯坦随后针对此事回应道,他在美国发行了冯小刚拍摄的电影《夜宴,这部影片在所有中国导演拍摄的作品中,盈利遥遥领先In Hollywood, Weinstein is considered to be brash, but compared with Feng he is almost a diplomat. Ive heard him in interviews refusing to bad-mouth his Hollywood peers, I mean those who had rubbed him the wrong way or those whose guts he hated. It seems an industry practice that one should not do this kind of thing openly.在好莱坞,韦恩斯坦的无礼傲慢人尽皆知,但是和冯小刚相比,他俨然就是个虚伪的政客我曾在采访节目中听到韦恩斯坦坦言拒绝攻击诽谤业内同行人士,哪怕是那些公然抨击过他的和那些他讨厌的人似乎这已然成为一种行业规则:人们不应该在公开场合说这类话题So, what is your assessment of Feng and his behavior? Is he a loose cannon whose childish recklessness will eventually undo his career, or is he a rare exception in a business where a facade of hypocrisy is to be meticulously maintained even though backstabbing is generally the norm? By attacking Weinstein at such a high-profile event, said some pundits, Feng had cut out the possibility of his movies ever finding their way into wide distribution across the Pacific.,你会如何评价冯小刚的行为呢?他是个我行我素,自以为是的狂妄之徒吗?他的幼稚鲁莽终将导致其事业毁于一旦吗?或者说他是这个满是尔虞我诈,分秒如履薄冰的行业中,众人皆“假”我独“真”的稀罕物?一些权威人士说,冯小刚在这样万众瞩目的场合毫不客气地给了韦恩斯坦一击,也就埋葬了之后在北美大陆大肆宣传他的电影的可能性Showbiz is not an industry whose practitioners can freely express themselves, at least not those in the big league. They have public personas from which they derive their livelihood. The public has a certain expectation of them, which is usually determined during the molding phase of a career. Feng started out as witty but non-confrontational, a positioning shaped by his early comedies. But as revealed in his two memoirs, he kept his head low and his works inoffensive so that they would have an easier time with both censors and audiences.圈不是个能够自由说话的地方,至少对那些有头有脸的名人来说不是他们有着他们赖以生存的公众角色,人们对他们有相应的期望,这种期望在他们事业成型之初就已设定冯小刚起步之初机智灵活,遇事和缓,这是他早期创作喜剧之时的姿态,但就像他的两部回忆录中所展现的那样,早年他低调做人,所创作品也无所影射意义,一方面是为了电影审片更好通过,另一方面怕受众接受不了As his status as the top film comedian of our age solidified, he became more and more vocal. In , he led a relief charity drive the survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami. In recent years, he has repeatedly assailed the country film censorship system. After the release of his latest comedy, Personal Tailor, he threw down the gauntlet to the nation film critics, whom he charged with deliberately misguiding the public.如今,作为当代最杰出的喜剧演员的他终于不再沉默年,他发起了扶持印度洋海啸风暴中幸存者的救灾慈善活动近年来,他一再抨击我国的电影审查制度在发布了他的最新喜剧影片《私人定制后,他又把矛头指向了国内的影评人,指责他们故意误导公众All these are shortcuts to upsetting different strata of society. Even the charity eft effectively set him against the glitterati he managed to organize because each of them deemed it a snub when they did not get the publicity they sought. I wont go into details about the ruckus with the critics because it involved me as well.这些都让他“惹恼”了社会不同阶层人士即使是公益活动,也让所召集的上层人士很恼火,因为他们认为宣传效果未达预期我不想对此事引起的骚动作过多的叙述,因为我也是当事人之一Most members of the public tend to view such acts in light of the specific viewpoints being proffered. If they agreed with Feng in his scuffle with the critics, they would say he a man of integrity and courage, daring to stand up to bullies whom thought they controlled public opinion; if not, the argument would be that he is not gracious towards criticism, which is a blemish a person of his prominence.很多旁观者试着用某种特殊的视角来看待这种行为如果他们持冯小刚对影评人的指责,那么他们就会说他是个正直勇敢的人,敢于和那些自以为可以掌控观众思想的权贵斗争;如果他们不持,那么他们就会说他不善于接受批评,这对于这样一个杰出的人来说是一大污点However, if we take a step back and scrutinize celebrity behavior, we must determine whether our society benefits from the beau monde that is decorum-abiding and politically correct or one that dares to speak its mind even when it goes against the tide. In other words, are they unelected flag carriers of our tastes and preferences, or are they individuals entitled to their own opinions, some of which have nothing to do with their profession?然而,如果我们冷静地细细观察名人的所作所为,我们就应该弄明白到底是规规矩矩,政治立场明确的上层人士对社会进步有利?还是那些敢于承受千夫所指而说真话的人?换句话说,所谓的名人,他们是高举大众喜好品味旗帜的先锋呢?还是有权表达自己观点的普通人罢了?甚至是可以表达某些和自己行业并不相关的观点?Coincidentally, Feng was once on the receiving end of a similar volley from a colleague. Actor Sun Haiying time and again lambasted his work being crass. Sun, who rose to fame after starring in a television drama series about veteran revolutionaries titled Days of Burning Fervor, obviously represented the old establishment in his aesthetics and he attacked low-brow entertainment, official corruption and homosexuality with equal gusto.很巧的是,曾有一次冯小刚也成了靶子演员孙海英再三批评他的作品缺乏深度孙海英因出演革命战争系列电视剧《燃烧的岁月而渐渐走入公众视线,他有着旧时的审美观,坦言攻击低俗,官员腐败和同性恋Feng shot back by saying Sun had had his brain damaged by the burning fervor. A further examination would reveal that Feng was pitted against Sun on only the aesthetic point. In his memoir, he has detailed his positive feelings about Sun role as a soldier, which reminded him of his own military service.冯小刚回应他,说道孙海英拍摄《燃烧的岁月烧坏了脑子,而此言之后被澄清只针对孙海英的审美观而言在他的回忆录中,他对孙海英战士一角的扮演表示认可,说那让他回想起了自己的兵役生活The back and th between them was conducted through the traditional press. Nowadays one can do this without the filtering of an intermediary by going directly to social media. Either way, it may not be an optimal approach to a rational debate. But it has its own way of bringing issues of gravitas to the surface of simmering sentiments. There nothing like the exchange of two firebrands, each with tens of millions of followers on a microblog, to spark an intense interest in matters of wider ramification.两人之间的口水风波最终在传统媒体的形式中得以平息现今,人们可以绕过中间媒介,直接在社交媒体上解决这种问题,无论哪种方式,理性地说可能都不是最佳方式它总能让简单的得体礼貌性问题发展成为个人情绪大爆发没什么能够像这样的有着数百万微粉丝的“两战火”在一系列问题上的“正面交锋”更能激起人们强烈的兴趣了Had Feng kept quiet, only a few industry insiders would have been inmed of the ways Chinese movies are distributed overseas. Had Sun suppressed his aversion to gays, he might have not learned that many of his peers in the entertainment business are among the targets of his moral indignation. And we the public might not have detected a rift in generational perception of the standards entertainment products.如果冯小刚当时没站出来,那么只有业内少部分人士知道中国电影在国外的宣传状况;如果孙海英当时压制住了他对同性恋的厌恶,他可能就不会知道许多圈内许多同行人原来都是他那次道德指控中的中者而我们作为观众也不会知道新的一代对于产品已经有了他们新的标准People in showbiz are caught in a quandary. It is generally deemed inappropriate to make public comments on the works of their peers. And other topics could be beyond the reach of their professional expertise. Sure, some stars champion causes close to their hearts or endorse propositions of a charitable nature. But most steer clear of outright controversies.圈内人士正备受煎熬,一般来说,他们不能去业内同行的作品,而其他方面的话题又不是他们本业,无法深谈当然,某些明星根据自己的内心或者本着慈善的出发点来持或拥护某个事业或建议但是绝大多数都避开这种显而易见的争议性话题People like Feng Xiaogang have their own logic. They want to carve out more space their views after they have attained a certain level of professional achievement and social influence. Rather than placing themselves in a straitjacket of public anticipation, they turn their clout into more leeway what they say and what they do.像冯小刚这样的人都有着自己的逻辑,他们在已经取得了一定程度的专业成绩和社会影响力之后,想要更多地表达自己的观点,而不是继续穿着大众的期望给他们设计的紧身衣,同时,他们的影响力也为他们的言行举止预留出了更多的自由空间Feng is a paragon of this art. In his memoirs, he goes to great lengths to offer his take on many of the hottest filmmakers of our era, which is taboo unless it is padded with ingratiating eulogies. He manages to get his points across in a language that seems deferential yet does not drown out the truth. It is a linguistic skill he also employs in his movies, which makes it harder people from other cultures to fully appreciate them.冯小刚就能将自身影响力发挥到极致在他的回忆录中,他了很多我们这个时代当红的电影制作人,除非满是逢迎谄媚的赞美词,一般这种做法是触犯禁忌的而他能够用恭顺的语言把自己真正想表达的内容蕴含其中,这也是他在电影中经常采用的语言技巧,这就让其他文化的人们更难欣赏他所拍的电影Even though I do not see eye to eye with Sun Haiying on many of the points he raised, I dont think he should be shamed into silence simply because his perspective would be seen by some as a sign of bigotry. His candor is helpful to the future reconciliation of what are now regarded as moral disparities, just as positive role models can help dispel the clouds of stigma.尽管我对孙海英的许多观点还是不敢苟同,但我不认为仅仅因为某些人会把他的观点当成他顽固不化的话柄,他就应该羞愧得退出荧幕他的直率有利于在将来调和现有的道德差异,就如正面的榜样能够驱散负面的污点 5965


  Washington, D.C., was spared the big winter storm it had been expecting Wednesday, but President Obama and his daughters were still seen frolicking in the snow – at least in this adorable photo he posted online.华盛顿特区被周三预期的暴风雪恣肆,但是还看到奥巴马总统和女儿们在雪中嬉戏,至少在这张他传到网上的可爱照片中;What a real snow day looks like,; the Obama team wrote in posting the image to Facebook and Twitter.“看起来真像大雪天,”奥巴马团队在Facebook和Twitter上的照片下跟帖That seemed to be a wry joke making fun of Congress, which was shut down Wednesday in advance of the storm that never materialized.这似乎是一个取笑国会的诙谐笑话,周三在从未兑现的暴雪之前提前歇业The photo, showing the President daughters Sasha and Malia playfully pushing him to the ground, was apparently taken in January by Ari Melber, an attorney, MSN commentator and a correspondent The Nation.这张照片显示奥巴马总统的女儿萨莎和玛丽亚开玩笑地把他推倒在地上,明显是年1月份由律师、MSN员和The Nation的记者Ari Melber拍摄;Snow pics! Obama plays with Sasha and Malia in the White House lawn,; Melber wrote.“雪照!奥巴马和萨莎、玛丽亚在白宫的草坪上嬉戏,” Melber写道By early Thursday, the photo had been liked almost half a million times on Facebook.到周四一大早,照片在Facebook上几乎被赞50万次 865




  第一次约会,一定心潮澎湃、百感交集吧!不过要是心情太激动,头脑可是会变空虚哒,到时候一句话都说不出来可就尴尬了恩,要好好珍惜甜蜜的约会时刻,拒绝冷场!以下是专门教人社交技巧的外国老师所列出的适合首次约会的Conversation Starter:1. How am I doing so far?到目前为止我表现如何?(可以用自嘲的口吻说哦~)*so far 到目前为止,迄今为止有个很常用的口语叫做:So far so good. 到目前为止一切顺利 19

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