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四川省第二医院治疗妇科怎么样泸州市妇幼保健院电话成都治疗男性不育最专业的医院 洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 28Please hold my call.Please give me a cup of coffee.What are my schedule for today?Do I have any appointments?May I see you in my office?I would like to make an appointment with.I would like to call a meeting.Can you bring me that please?Did you finish the?Can you please take a message for me? 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200603/5524重庆市第二人民医院打孩子

内江市第六人民医院官网In self-rescue situations you have to keep moving and cover those miles.在自我救援情况下 要一直前进 穿山越岭Early morning is perfect for this,when temperatures can be between ten and 20 degrees cooler.清晨赶路最理想 就是气温比正午凉爽十多度的时候You really want to stick with the dry riverbed.好好挖这个干河床I#39;m confident that there is going to be water here somewhere.You have lots of trees growing.某个地方肯定会涌出水来 这里还有树It#39;s a question of keeping going and finding the right place.现在就是继续走 找到水源正确的位置 Worth a look here.Outside bend of a dry riverbed.这里值得试试 干涸河床的拐角处And overhanging rock and that#39;s always the last place that the water is left.仔细听听岩石 总会有个地方是剩下的水储藏地This is getting a bit damper here.You see the different color of the sand.这里润润的 沙土的颜色不一样了But not really enough to get any water out of.We can find a better one than this. Let#39;s keep going.但是还不足以从中挤出水来 能找到更好的地方 走吧At the base of the dry riverbed,it changes from sand to bedrock.干河床 从沙土变成了岩石The chances of finding standing pools of water become far greater.找到水源的机会 便大得多了It#39;s water.That is not going to be saltwater.是水 不是盐水 It#39;s like striking gold.In an arid wilderness of baking rock,这比找到金子还难 在充满炽热岩石的寸草不生之地a pool like this would be a lifesaver to the desert survivor.对沙漠求生者来说 这样的水池可真是雪中送炭It#39;s about 20 foot down there.But it#39;s quite clear.大约有20英尺高 水很清澈I can see the bottom. It#39;s about six foot.You can shallow jump and go in.都能看到池底 池深约6英尺 可以跳下去Shoot my legs out horizontal.I guess I can get in.跳的时候要把腿伸直 我想我能成功 Article/201611/480490眉山市第二人民医院地址在哪 零起点英语口语 第29讲:高频口语惯用句 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200810/54331四川省治疗21步排查法多少钱

广元市治疗输卵管不通多少钱This would have been the hold for the ship,but today with the sea washing in and out,这应该就是船舱 但随着海水的冲刷it#39;s effectively created a giant aquarium,a haven for sea life.这里变成了巨大的水族馆 一个海洋生物的避难所Quite an eerie feel to it, this place.That#39;s a crab.Try to get him out.好诡异啊 小螃蟹 抓住了There will be loads of these living down here,but you know, I don#39;t want to eat this raw.这儿会有很多他的同伴 但它这样 我可不敢生吃I have done it before. Ended up sick.It#39;s gonna be full of parasites.我以前试过 结果病了一场 这家伙身上肯定长满了寄生虫Finding something alive in the engine room is a good indicator that the water is not polluted.在发动机舱找到生物是个好兆头 说明这里的水没有被污染There#39;s an octopus clinging onto the hull.See if we can get him out of here.There you go.这里有只章鱼吸附在船身上 看看能不能把它揪下来 行了See, he#39;s clinging on with all his tentacles.看 它是用触角来吸附在物体上的That#39;s how he grips but he#39;s got a beak in the center of it There. You want to watch out for him.You can get a nasty nasty bite, that.也靠触角来抓住东西 但它身体中间有一个喙 就是这里 碰上它你可得小心了 被它咬上一口可不是好玩的But he#39;s gonna be good to eat.You see the eyes there.但它可以生吃 看到这里的眼睛了吗Quick way of killing this,bite straight between them sever the nerves.Okay.快速弄死它的方法 就是在两眼中间咬一口 切断它的神经 好了You know, you can just munch on the tentacles of this,just like that. It#39;s gonna be tough as hell.可以直接吃这些触角 就像这根 但是会非常难嚼Better on a platter at a seaside resort with family around and a bit of mayo.最好放在一个大盘子里 蘸着蛋黄酱 跟家人在海滨度假胜地享用than like this.when needs must, that#39;s gonna keep you alive.比这样吃好多了 但极端情况下 这个可以让你活命 Article/201611/479590 TED演讲视频:日常的用品 悲剧的历史齐亚·加非克拍摄日常用品--手表,鞋子,眼镜。这些照片看似平常;但这些物品都是从波斯尼亚战争中的万人冢中挖掘出来的。加非克作为一个TED研究员和一个土生土长的萨拉热窝人,为了给那些身份不明的牺牲者创造一个活生生的档案,拍下了每一件坟墓里的物品。 Article/201705/510149四川成都妇保医院治疗妇科多少钱绵阳市妇幼保健院修复处女膜



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