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Celadon青瓷Celadon, a famous type of anaent Chinese stoneware, came into be-ing during the period of the Five Dynasties.It is characterizecf by simple but refined shapes,jade-like glaze, solid substance and a distinc-tive shrrle.prototype first emerged as early as the Shang Dynasty, gained the equal fame with white porcelain in the Tang Dynasty. The skills in celadon designing and firing were con-summated in the Song Dynasty due to the con-tributions from five celebrated imperial kilns-Ru, Guan, Ge, Jun and Ding. With five impe-rial kilns paying tributes to the royal court with their fine celadon products, several plebeian kilns, best represented by Yaozhou kiln in North China and Longquan kiln in the south, also prospered with their unique designs in cetadon making.青瓷是我国传统国瓷,始于五代。青瓷的特点是质坚胎薄、线条优美、光泽柔和,从商周的原始青瓷,到唐代“南青北白”,青瓷的技艺在宋代达到颠峰。宋代五大名窑“汝、官、哥、钧、定”,先后都以烧制青瓷而成为宫廷瓷器,形成官窑青瓷的流派;而民间青瓷也是异常繁荣,以北方的耀州窑和南方的龙泉窑为代表,形成独特风格的民窑青瓷的流派。Celadon has long been highly appraised in China mainly due to ifs similarity with jade in coloring and composition.It is mainly colored with ferric oxides and its hardness is somewhere between china and porcelain, so it is usually classified as a type of stone ware.青瓷之所以在中国受推崇,是因为青瓷与玉石类似,它的成色成分和构成物质均与玉石相似,是以氧化铁为主要着色成分,而质地是属于陶与瓷之间的“炻器”状态,也就是常说的火石器。 /201512/410755

  SAN FRANCISCO — Three years after his death, Steve Jobs is very much a presence in courtrooms across the country.旧金山——史蒂夫·乔布斯(Steve Jobs)已去世三年,但在很大程度上,人们依然能在美国各地的法庭上感受到他的影响。And that’s not necessarily good news for Apple.但对苹果公司(Apple)而言,这并不一定是好消息。Next month, the company is set to go to trial in the third major antitrust lawsuit it has faced since Mr. Jobs died. His emails will play an important role in the case, as they did in the last two. But lawyers will probably have to work hard to give his statements a positive spin. The potential damages — around 0 million — are a pittance for a company that in its last quarter had an .5 billion profit.下个月,苹果公司将出庭受审,这是乔布斯去世以来该公司面临的第三宗大型反垄断诉讼。和之前的两起案件一样,他的电子邮件将在这起案件中起到重要作用。但代理律师可能必须下些功夫,才能用正面的说辞解释乔布斯说过的话。此案的赔偿金可能高达3.5亿美元(约合22亿元人民币),但对于这家上季度盈利85亿美元的公司而言,这笔钱不足挂齿。Executives are often told by their lawyers to be careful what they put in writing for fear it will end up as evidence in a courtroom. Perhaps Mr. Jobs did not get the memo. His emails in past lawsuits — a mix of blunt litigation threats against his opponents and cheery financial promises for potential business partners — have made him an exceptional witness against his own company, even beyond the grave.律师常常让企业高管注意书面的内容,原因是担心它们最后会成为呈堂供。或许乔布斯没有收到过律师的提醒。尽管他已经去世,但在过去的案件中,乔布斯的电子邮件却让他成为了一个重要的人,只是对自己的公司不利——那些邮件中,既有起诉对手的裸的威胁,也有对潜在商业伙伴欣然许下的财务承诺。The emails in all these cases present the good and bad of Steve Jobs — charmer and bully, someone who may not always have played by the rules.所有这些案件中涉及的电子邮件,呈现出了乔布斯好的一面和不好的一面——时而颇具魅力,时而横行霸道,而且并不总是按规矩办事。He was a “genius in terms of his vision for the future,” said Michael A. Carrier, a professor at Rutgers School of Law. “But it went along with a really healthy ego and perhaps the lack of an antitrust filter — thinking about how these words would appear years later tossed up on the screen in front of a jury.”“谈到对未来的设想,他是个天才,”罗格斯大学法学院(Rutgers School of Law)教授迈克尔·A·卡里尔(Michael A. Carrier)说,“但他同时又真的很自大,可能也欠缺一个‘反垄断过滤器’。他没想到多年以后,这些话又会出现在陪审团面前的屏幕上。”The latest case to bring Mr. Jobs’s spirit into a courtroom is set to begin on Tuesday in Oakland, Calif. It is a class action involving older iPods, which played only songs sold in the iTunes Store, or those downloaded from CDs, not music from competing stores. The plaintiffs are consumers who say Apple violated antitrust law because to keep their music, people had to stay with the iPod, and buy higher-priced ones rather than cheaper, alternative music players. Apple has since discontinued this system.最近这起让乔布斯的灵魂走上法庭的案件,定于周二在加州奥克兰开庭。这是一起集体诉讼,涉及版本较老的iPod。它们只能播放iTunes Store销售的音乐,以及从CD上导出的音乐,无法播放从对手的商店购买的音乐。作为原告的消费者称,苹果违反了反垄断法,因为为了保留购买的音乐,人们不得不一直使用iPod,购买价格较高的iPod产品,而非更便宜的其他音乐播放器。苹果已经终止了这一做法。Mr. Jobs’s emails and taped deposition taken before his death, plaintiffs’ lawyers say, will portray him as planning to break a competitor’s product to protect Apple’s grip on digital music.原告律师称,乔布斯的电子邮件,以及他去世前录制的词视频表明,为了保护苹果对数字音乐的掌控,他打算搞垮竞争对手的一款产品。“We will present evidence that Apple took action to block its competitors and in the process harmed competition and harmed consumers,” said Bonny Sweeney, the lead plaintiffs’ lawyer.“我们将呈上据,表明苹果采取了遏制竞争对手的行动,并在此过程中妨碍了竞争,损害了消费者的利益,”首席原告的代理律师邦尼·斯威尼(Bonny Sweeney)说。Apple declined to comment.苹果拒绝置评。A few of the emails have aly been made public. In one, sent in 2003 to other Apple executives, Mr. Jobs expressed concern about Musicmatch, a software company, opening its own music store.其中几封电子邮件已被公开。2003年,乔布斯在发给苹果其他高管的电子邮件中,表达了对Musicmatch的担忧。这家软件公司当时要启动自己的音乐商店。“We need to make sure that when Music Match launches their download music store they cannot use iPod,” he wrote. “Is this going to be an issue?”“我们需要确保Music Match在发布他们的下载音乐商店时,没法用iPod,”他写道。“这会成为问题吗?”More emails are expected to become public during the trial.预计会有更多电子邮件在周二开始的庭审期间被公之于众。In this case, the overwhelming impression of Mr. Jobs is likely to be of an aggressive businessman eager to ensure and protect the iPod’s success. In other cases tried since his death, he appears in a far less flattering light — as a ruthless executive willing to strong-arm smaller companies.在这起案件中,乔布斯给人留下的最主要的印象,可能是一个咄咄逼人的商人,他迫切希望保障和捍卫iPod的成功。在他去世后开庭的其他案件中,也突出了他负面的形象。他给人的印象是一名严酷的高管,喜欢胁迫较小的公司。In 2010, Apple and five other Silicon Valley companies were accused in a class action of conspiring to keep wages down by agreeing not to recruit one another’s workers. The case is set to go to trial in January, after the judge rejected a settlement agreement. Mr. Jobs will be a star witness — or his words will.在2010年的一起集体诉讼中,苹果和另外五家位于硅谷的公司被控合谋以不雇佣对方员工的方式,来压低工资。在法官否决了一项和解协议后,该案定于明年1月进入审判程序。到时候乔布斯又会成为明星人,至少他的话又会成为重要词。Plaintiffs’ lawyers have portrayed Mr. Jobs as a ringleader of the conspiracy, pointing to his emails like one sent in 2006 to Eric Schmidt, a Google executive.原告律师称,乔布斯是串通事件中的主谋。律师提到了他的一些电子邮件,其中包括他在2006年发送给谷歌公司(Google)高管埃里克·施密特(Eric Schmidt)的那封。“I am told that Googles new cellphone software group is relentlessly recruiting in our iPod group,” Mr. Jobs wrote, according to the court documents. “If this is indeed true, can you put a stop to it?”法庭文件显示,乔布斯写道,“我听说,谷歌手机软件新团队正在连续不断地从我们的iPod团队挖人。如若属实,你能制止此事吗?”Mr. Jobs also tried to make a no-poaching agreement with Palm. When a Palm executive rejected that idea in an email, Mr. Jobs replied, “My advice is to take a look at our patent portfolio before you make a final decision here” — a threat to embroil Palm in patent litigation.乔布斯还尝试与Palm达成一项防止挖人的协议。当Palm的一名高管在电子邮件否决了这一提议时,乔布斯回复说,“我的建议是,在你就此事做出最终决定前看一眼我们的专利资产”——这是在威胁要对Palm发起专利诉讼。In 2012, the Justice Department accused Apple and five other publishers of colluding to raise e-book prices. In the trial, government lawyers showed an excerpt from Mr. Jobs’s authorized biography in which he said he wanted publishers, not retailers, to set the price of titles.2012年,司法部(Justice Department)指控苹果和其他五家出版商串通一气,提高电子书的价格。庭审期间,政府的代理律师出示了摘录自乔布斯授权的传记的部分内容。在那部传记中,乔布斯称他希望给各类出版物定价的是出版商,而非零售商。“Yes, the customer pays a little more, but that’s what you want anyway,” Mr. Jobs told the publishers, the biography said.“是的,消费者多花了点钱,但不管怎么说,这也是你们希望的结果,”在这本自传中,乔布斯告诉出版商。Throughout the trial, government lawyers frequently brought up an email written by Mr. Jobs to a media executive, in which he suggested that by teaming up with Apple, publishers could sell titles for higher than Amazon’s .99 pricing for e-books.整个庭审过程中,政府律师多次提到一封乔布斯写给某媒体高管的电子邮件,乔布斯在信中暗示说,只要与苹果合作,出版商就能以高于亚马逊设定的9.99美元的价格销售图书。“Throw in with Apple and see if we can all make a go of this to create a real mainstream e-books market at .99 and .99,” he wrote.“和苹果合作吧,看看我们能否做成这件事:以12.99美元和14.99美元的图书定价打造一个真正的主流电子书市场,”他写道。A federal judge found Apple liable in the case, and on Nov. 21 approved a settlement in which Apple could begin paying 0 million to as many as 23 million consumers.一名联邦法官认定苹果在案件中负有法律责任,并在11月21日批准了一份和解方案,根据这一方案,苹果可能需要开始向多达2300万消费者付总计4亿美元的赔偿。The case involving the iPod has kicked around various Bay Area federal courts for a decade. It is an amalgam of multiple suits, with over 900 filings from lawyers on both sides.这桩与iPod有关的案子10年来由湾区的多家联邦法院经手。它是多起诉讼结合的产物,双方律师提交的文件数量在900份以上。The jury will hear from some of Apple’s top executives, including Philip W. Schiller, the head of marketing, and Eddy Cue, who oversees iTunes and Apple’s other online services.陪审团将会听取一些苹果高管的词,包括营销负责人菲利普·W·席勒(Philip W. Schiller),以及负责iTunes等苹果在线务的埃迪·库埃(Eddy Cue)。Part of the case will involve RealNetworks, an Internet media service that had come up with a workaround to allow songs sold in its store to play on iPods and other media players. In response, Apple in 2004 issued an incensed statement, accusing RealNetworks of hacking the iPod and warning that future software updates might prevent songs sold by RealNetworks from playing on iPods. RealNetworks is not a party in this suit.该案将涉及互联网媒体务公司RealNetworks。该公司曾经使用一个变通办法,使其销售的歌曲可以在iPod和其他媒体播放器上播放。作为回应,苹果2004年发表了一份愤怒的声明,指责RealNetworks对iPod实施了黑客攻击,并警告说,未来的软件更新版本将阻止RealNetworks的歌曲在iPod上播放。RealNetworks不是该案的当事方。Apple’s lawyers are expected to try to show that various iTunes updates were designed to make improvements to its products rather than deliberately cripple a competitor and did not harm consumers.预计苹果的律师将设法明,iTunes的更新是为了改进产品,而不是故意削弱竞争对手,也没有损害消费者的利益。And they will probably point out that the price of iPods have gone down over the years, not up, regardless of what Apple did with its software.他们可能将指出,无论苹果对自己的软件做了什么改变,iPod的价格过去几年一直在下降,并没有提高。 /201412/346738



  The First Meteorological Satellites“Feng Yun No.l”第一颗气象卫星“风云一号”On September 7, 1988, China successfully launched an experimental weather satellite. The satellite smoothly entered into the nearly circular Sun-synchronous orbit, and all the equipments were in working order. Shortly after the satellite entering into the preset orbit, China#39;s meteorological satellite ground station had received meteorological information from the satellite.1988年9月7日,我国成功地发射了一颗试验性气象卫星。卫星顺利进入近圆形太阳同步轨道,星上仪器工作正常。卫星进入预定轨道后不久,我国的气象卫星地面站就收到了卫星发送的气象信息。This named “Fengyun No. 1” meteorological satellite was launched by “Long March No. 4” carrier rocket at China’s Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. is the first domestically developed and launched polar-orbiting meteorological satellite.The satellite is equipped with two very high-resolution scanning radiometer, and a total of 5-channel detection can detect the cloud during day and night, the image of the earth surface, ocean color images, water boundaries, ocean surface temperature, snow cover and vegetation growth.The main task of “FY-1” is to obtain global weather information and send weather data to meteorological satellite ground stations around the world. In addition, the satellite has the function to detect particles in the air component, in order to provide information on space physics research.After “FY-1”satellite was put into the trial,it has been of great significance in raising the level of China’s weather forecast, especially in severe weather monitoring and forecasting capabilities, offering better services for the construction of the national economy.这颗命名为“风云一号”的气象卫星,是在我国太原卫星发射中心,用“长征四号”运载火箭发射的。它是我国自行研制和发射的第一颗极地轨道气象卫星。星上装有两台甚高分辨率扫描辐射仪,共有5个探测通道,可探测白天和夜间的云图、地表图像、海洋水色图像、水体边界、海洋面温度、冰雪覆盖及植被生长。卫星主要任务是获取全球的气象信息,并向全世界气象卫星地面站发送气象资料。此外,这颗卫星还具有探测空中粒子成分的功能,为空间物理研究提供资料。“风云一号”卫星正式投入试用后,对于提高我国天气预报水平,特别是灾害性天气的监测和预报能力,更好地为国民经济建设务有重要意义。 /201603/426282

  China#39;s appetite for US assets was stifled on Tuesday after Fairchild Semiconductor turned down a .6bn bid from Chinese state-backed enterprises over fears that the deal would be blocked by US regulators.周二,中国对美国资产的浓厚兴趣被浇了一盆冷水,飞兆半导体(Fairchild Semiconductor,亦称“仙童半导体”;当前半导体行业巨擘英特尔(Intel)、AMD等的创始人均出身此公司——译者注)拒绝了中国政府背景企业发出的26亿美元的收购要约,原因是担心会受到美国监管机构的阻挠。The California-based company chose an offer by US rival ON Semiconductor instead of a higher bid by China Resources and Hua Capital, highlighting the difficulties for Chinese groups in securing sensitive assets in America.总部位于加利福尼亚州的飞兆选择接受美国竞争对手安森美半导体(ON Semiconductor)发出的收购要约,而不是由华润(China Resources)和华创投资(Hua Capital)发出的开价更高的收购要约,这一事实凸显出中国企业在美收购敏感资产面临的困难。ON Semiconductor agreed to acquire Fairchild for per share in cash, while the Chinese consortium countered with .70 per share in cash.安森美同意以每股20美元全现金收购飞兆,而上述中国财团的还价是每股21.70美元全现金收购。Fairchild#39;s decision may unsettle ChemChina, which has agreed to buy Swiss agribusiness company Syngenta for bn, marking China#39;s largest overseas takeover in history.飞兆的决定也许会令中国化工(ChemChina)感到不安。后者已同意以440亿美元收购瑞士农业企业先正达(Syngenta),这是有史以来最大手笔的中资海外收购。The Chinese chemicals group has been trying to reassure politicians in Washington that the acquisition of Syngenta, which has a presence in the US, poses no risks to national security.这家中国化工集团一直在努力说华盛顿的政客相信,其对先正达的收购不会对美国造成国家安全方面的风险。先正达在美国有业务。The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US, last month blocked a .1bn sale of a lighting unit from Philips, the Dutch conglomerate, to a Chinese consortium due to “unforeseen concerns”.上个月,美国外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment)以“预想不到的担忧”为由,封杀了荷兰集团飞利浦(Philips)将旗下照明部门以31亿美元卖给一家中国财团的交易。Last year, a planned bn bid for chipmaker Micron by Tsinghua Unigroup, the Chinese state-owned semiconductor business, was aborted partly because it had little confidence it could complete the deal.去年,中国国有半导体企业清华紫光(Tsinghua Unigroup)以230亿美元收购芯片制造商美光(Micron)的计划夭折,部分原因在于紫光对自己能够完成这宗交易没有什么信心。;Chinese companies are desperately trying to buy assets outside of their home market but they are aware that the US isn#39;t the easiest place to get deals approved,; said a senior banker in New York.纽约一名资深家表示:“中国企业正竭尽全力在海外市场收购资产,但他们知道,要让交易在美国交易获批可不那么容易。”However, another banker said that CFIUS’s tough stance on Chinese takeovers would not prove a deterrent for Beijing-backed buyers.不过,另一名家表示,美国外国投资委员会对中资收购交易的强硬立场,不会对中国政府背景的买家起到吓阻作用。;They will keep on trying... have a mandate to buy foreign assets and they will keep finding ways in,; said an adviser who works with Chinese buyers.一名与中国买家合作的顾问表示:“他们会继续努力……收购海外资产是他们的一项任务,他们会继续想方设法去办。”So far this year, four of the five biggest cross-border deals have involved Chinese groups bidding for US and European assets worth .7bn in total.今年到目前为止,规模最大的5宗跨境并购交易中,有4宗涉及中国企业竞购美国和欧洲资产,交易总价值为617亿美元。 /201602/427231SAN FRANCISCO — China’s largest Internet company, Alibaba, is adding to its modest presence in Silicon Valley, but not in the way many have expected.旧金山——中国最大的互联网公司阿里巴巴准备增加它在硅谷有限的存在感,但其方式并不像许多人预期的那样。In an announcement on Wednesday, the Chinese e-commerce giant said it planned to open its first data center outside of China in Silicon Valley. Instead of supporting the company’s hugely popular e-commerce sites, the center will help Alibaba sp a less well-known but growing side of its business: cloud services for businesses.这家中国电商巨头周三发表声明称,它计划在硅谷开设它在中国以外的首家数据中心。这座中心不是为了给阿里巴巴极受欢迎的电商网站提供持,而是将帮助它扩展不那么有名但却在一直增长的业务领域:企业云务。Similar to the services offered by Amazon that lease computing power to businesses, Alibaba has been slowly wooing clients in China to use its services. Many vendors who sell on Alibaba’s e-commerce sites use the services, but it has been slowly adding larger clients.与亚马逊向企业出租计算能力的务相似,阿里巴巴一直在慢慢拉拢中国客户,希望他们能使用自己的务。阿里巴巴电商网站上的许多卖家会使用这些务,但大客户的增长较为缓慢。The company said the new data center would first cater to Chinese businesses operating in China, but in the second half of the year do more to aim at foreign clients. The company did not specify when the center would open, how much it was investing in the center, or how large it would be.阿里巴巴表示,这座新数据中心将首先满足在中国运营的中国企业的需求,但他们下半年将采取更多措施来吸引外国客户。声明中并未说明这个中心的开放时间、投资金额和规模大小。Using the name Aliyun to refer to the company’s cloud operations, Ethan Sicheng Yu, a vice president, said: “Aliyun hopes to meet the needs of Chinese enterprises in the ed States, and the ultimate objective of Aliyun is to bring cost-efficient and cutting-edge cloud computing services to benefit more clients outside China to boost their business development.”谈到公司的这种名为“阿里云”的务时,阿里巴巴副总裁喻思成表示,“阿里云希望能够满足在美中国企业的需求,阿里云的最终目标是带来合算而先进的云计算务,使更多海外客户受益,推动他们的业务发展。”Though Alibaba has a significant share of the market selling computing services to businesses in China, it’s an open question whether the company can win over more foreign clients. A Chinese company first, it will have to put into place English-speaking staff members to support and sell to the businesses, while also making its software easy to use in other languages.虽然阿里巴巴在中国的计算务市场占据重要份额,但该公司能否吸引更多外国客户还很难说。它首先是一家中国公司,需要安排会讲英语的员工来持工作并说其他企业使用其产品,同时还要使其软件在其他语言中可以简便操作。Still, with a labor force primarily in China, the company may be able to compete on cost. It will also no doubt get a boost from the growing number of Chinese companies that are seeking to invest and advertise in the ed States.不过,由于劳动力主要在中国,阿里巴巴或许可以在成本上具有竞争力。此外,越来越多的中国企业正寻求在美国投资和打广告,阿里巴巴无疑会从中受益。 /201503/362654

  A new flexible smartphone design could change the way users interact with their devices. ReFlex, developed by researchers at Queen#39;s University, uses #39;bend sensors#39; to control app interactions, and simulates physical forces through detailed vibrations.一款柔性智能机能改变用户与设备的交互方式。由加拿大皇后大学研究人员开发的ReFlex柔性手机就是采用弯曲传感器来控制应用程序,并通过不同的振动级别来模拟物理力度。According to its creators, consumers might be able to get their hands on the bendy smartphone within the next five years.据该手机开发者称,消费者有望在未来五年内接触到这款可弯曲的智能手机。If you hold a book open and bend it in the middle, the pages will begin to turn. A deeper bend will flip the pages more quickly. ReFlex works on a similar principle, explains Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab at Queen#39;s University, where the phone was created.如果你手中拿着一本打开的书,从中间弯曲,页面就开始翻动,弯曲的幅度越大,翻阅的速度就越快。皇后大学人类媒体实验室主管洛尔·维特加尔解释道,ReFlex的运行原理与之相似。The design combines multitouch with bend input, allowing a user to control actions on the phone by bending it. This means that a person can flip through pages on a virtual book just by bending the phone, and it will produce feedback that mimics the real sensation.该手机设计结合了多点触摸与弯曲输入功能,允许用户通过弯曲手机屏幕实现手机的操作控制。这意味着一个人可以通过弯曲手机来实现虚拟书本翻页,而手机能产生仿真的反馈。#39;This represents a completely new way of physical interaction with flexible smartphones,#39; said Vertegaal. #39;When this smartphone is bent down on the right, pages flip through the fingers from right to left, just like they would in a book. More extreme bends speed up the page flips. Users can feel the sensation of the page moving through their fingertips via a detailed vibration of the phone. This allows eyes-free navigation, making it easier for users to keep track of where they are in a document.#39;“这代表了柔性智能手机与物理互动的全新结合方式,”维特加尔说道,“当智能手机从右边向下弯曲时,页面将从右至左从手指间划过,就像我们看书那样,弯曲的幅度越大,翻阅的速度越快。用户可以通过手机振动感受到页面在指尖划过的感觉,这样用户在看文档时就允许眼睛自由游览,看到哪里只需弯曲屏幕翻动即可。”The phone has a high definition 720p LG Display Flexible OLED touchscreen, and uses an Android 4.4 KitKat board mounted on the side. In the back, bend sensors detect the forces applied to the screen, and a voice coil produces tactile feedback through vibrations.该款手机采用了720p高清分辨率LG柔性OLED触摸屏,操作系统是安卓4.4,主板被安装在屏幕的两侧。而在手机的背部,弯曲传感器负责监测施加在屏幕上的力度,还有一个音圈能通过振动产生触觉反馈。When a user plays the #39;Angry Birds,#39; game with ReFlex, they bend the screen to stretch the sling shot.当使用者玩儿《愤怒的小鸟》的时候,他们可以通过弯曲屏幕来完成弹射。 /201602/428126


  The Qinghai-Tibet Railway青藏铁路The Gtinghai-Tibet Railway ( also “Qingzang Railway”)begins from Xining-the capital of Qinghai Province to Lhasa-the capital of Tibet self-governing province. Begun in 1958 and opened in 2006, it is 1956 km long.青藏铁路起自青海省省会西宁市,终至西藏自治区首府拉萨市,全长1956千米。从1952年中国人民解放军入藏之后,中华人民共和国政府就计划修建一条到西藏的铁路,其政治、军事、经济的重大意义是不言而喻的。The Xining-Golmud railway was finished in 1979 and put into operation in 1984. The Golmud-Lhasa railway was constructed from 2001 t0 2005. The total Qinghai-Tibet Railway was officially opened on July lst, 2006. And the Shanghai- Lhasa, Guangzhou-Lhasa, Lhasa-Shanghai and Lhasa-Guangzhou railways began to work in October that year. There are 45 stations along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway with the bridges and tunnels covering 8%of the total length.The train runs at a speed of 100km per hour on the permafrost zones and 120km per hour out of the permafrost zones. The whole journey costs 26 hours.其中西宁至格尔木段(814千米)已于1979年铺通,1984年投入运营。格尔木至拉萨段2001年2月8日宣布修建,2001年6月29日正式开工,2005年10月12日全线贯通;2006年7月1日,青藏铁路正式通车。2006年10月1日和10月2日,上海一拉萨与广州一拉萨列车分别开始运行,2006年10月4日和10月5日,拉萨一海和拉萨一广州列车分别开始运行。铁路沿线设有45个车站,位于西藏境内的车站均充满了藏族特色,且无一相同。全线桥隧总长约占线路总长的8%,冻土层行车时速为lOOkm,非冻土层时速为120千米,全程行车时间约为26小时。The Golmud-Lhasa railway is 1142 km, about 930 km of which would have an elevation of over 4,000 meters, with the highest point at 5,072 meters at Tanggula railway station. It also passes the longest plateau permafrost tunnel in the world, Kunlun Mountain Tunnel (1686 meters) with an elevation of 4648 meters. The completion and opening of Qingzang railway will play a large role in advancing the development of economy and society, improving the life of people, strengthening the solidarity of nations and promoting the communication of culture in the areas of Qinghai and Tibet.格尔木一拉萨段全长1142千米,其中930千米的铁路线位于海拔4000米以上,穿过世界最长的高原冻土隧道:昆仑山隧道(海拔4648米,全长1686米)和世界海拔最高的火车站:唐古拉山火车站(海拔5072米)。青藏铁路的建成通车将对推进青海、西藏的经漭社会发展、改善人民生活、加强民族团结、促进文化交流起到重要作用。 /201603/430091

  When you#39;re a famous CEO, you end up giving so many interviews that you might forget what you#39;ve said in them all.You might also give interviews on particular days when you#39;re in particular moods. This can lead to particular articles being published that you particularly regret.如果你是一位著名CEO,在接受了无数采访之后,你可能都不记得你说过什么了。可能某天你在接受采访时心情不佳,采访后刊登出来的文章会让你对自己所言十分后悔。So it is, perhaps, with an interview in which Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave to Germany#39;s Handelsblatt. In it, he suggested -- jokingly?-- that the Cupertino, California, tech titan hires Tesla#39;s engineering castoffs.德国商报采访特斯拉CEO埃隆·马斯克就是这种情况。在采访中,或许是半开玩笑,马斯克说技术行业的大亨——位于加利福尼亚州的库皮蒂诺市所雇佣的是特斯拉之前解雇的工程师。;Did you ever take a look at the Apple Watch? No, seriously,; he said of Apple#39;s alleged foray into cars. ;It#39;s good that Apple is moving and investing in this direction. But cars are very complex compared to phones or smartwatches.;;你之前看过苹果手表吗?没有;。马斯克在谈到苹果公司有意进军汽车行业时说道:;苹果公司转向这个行业是件好事。但是同手机和智能手表相比,汽车可比那些东西复杂多了。;Some wondered whether Apple and Tesla had endured a falling out. It had once been rumored that the two companies might come together.有些人担心苹果和特斯拉是否会因此产生嫌隙。之前曾传闻两家公司或将合并。Thankfully, Musk took to Twitter on Friday to dismiss the very notion that he and Apple weren#39;t BFFs.好在周五时,马斯克发推特,否认自己与苹果公司关系不佳的谣言。;Yo, I don#39;t hate Apple, he first tweeted. ;It#39;s a great company with a lot of talented people. I love their products and I#39;m glad they#39;re doing an EV.;;嘿!我可没说自己讨厌苹果,;他在推特中称:;苹果公司有许多才华横溢的人。我喜欢他们的产品,我很高兴他们准备生产电动汽车。;Those of punctilious mien might suggest that Apple#39;s ;talented people; still just weren#39;t talented enough to work for Tesla. They might also muse that Musk seems to know definitively that Apple is making an electronic vehicle. Might that be because the alleged castoffs from Tesla who now work at Apple have told him?这些精心设计过的推文也许是在说这些;才华横溢;的员工仍然没有资格为特斯拉效力,或者马斯克已经确定苹果公司在研究电动汽车。这难道是那些被特斯拉解雇的员工跑回来告的密?Musk followed up with another tweet addressing his views on the Watch. ;Regarding the watch, Jony amp; his team created a beautiful design, but the functionality isn#39;t compelling yet. By version 3, it will be.;马斯克随即又发了第二条推特,提出自己对苹果手表的看法。;对于手表,乔尼和他的团队所设计出来的产品十分漂亮,但是功能尚且不够完善。也许到第三代会很不错。;Translation: Version 2 will still be an inadequate lump of beautiful design.话外音:第二代仍然是个功能残次的绣抱枕头。Commenters on Musk#39;s tweets weren#39;t all amused. Someone called Joe Zou suggested that Tesla#39;s CEO was merely jealous that the Apple Watch made more profit in three months than Tesla will in 2015.马斯特的推特的并不都十分不搞笑。一位叫乔伊·周的网友认为特斯拉的CEO纯粹就是在嫉妒苹果手表三个月内的盈利比特斯拉2015年的年盈利还要多。 /201510/403208


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