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J.P. Morgan believes that some individual has to bring sense and has to bring order to American capitalism.J·P·根认为应该有人为美国资本主义带来秩序 赋予意义Morgan wants to end the cutthroat competition in steel and the only way to do that is to bring together the competitors into one new company.根希望消除钢铁行业中的残酷竞争 而做到这一点的唯一方法就是将竞争对手整合到同一个新公司里面If Morgan can consolidate steel, he could potentially create the largest corporate empire in the world.如果根能整合钢铁行业 他就缔造了可能是世界上最庞大的商业帝国But do to that, J.P. Morgan will need to pull off his biggest and most daring move yet-- a complete takeover of Andrew Carnegies empire.但要做到这点 J·P·根需要完成他迄今为止最大胆的举动 即完全收购卡内基的帝国Morgans timing is impeccable.根选择的时机无可挑剔Carnegie, after years of bruising battles, is questioning his future.经过多年的残酷厮杀 卡内基当时正在疑虑未来Carnegie knew that as long as he wanted to, he could continue to reign supreme in steel.他知道 只要自己愿意 就可以在钢铁界维持他至高无上的地位He didnt know that he wanted to keep fighting for the rest of his life.问题是他并不一定愿意在有生之年就一直这么拼杀下去Morgan knows he cant go after Carnegie directly.根知道他不能直接从卡内基入手He needs another way in.他需要采取另一种方式So he sets up a meeting with Carnegies right-hand man, Charles Schwab.于是他约见了卡内基的左膀右臂 查尔斯·施瓦布201607/452589Is all this furniture really necessary?这些装饰有必要吗That paintings four hundred years old.Yes, sir.这幅画有四百年的历史 是 先生I dont see why you feel the need to pillage Europe of its art.我不明白 你为什么要去掠夺欧洲的艺术品I bought a few paintings, Father,not a whole gallery.我只是买了一些画作 父亲 又不是一整个艺术馆The bank of England have asked me to handle their next bond issue,so Im assuming youre accompanying me back to London?英格兰请我处理他们的下一次债券发行 我希望你能陪我去一趟伦敦I have plenty of work to do here.我在这里有很多工作Just remember where our loyalties lie, Pierpont.记住我们的忠诚位于何处 皮尔庞特Ill try not to forget.我会尽力记住Let me know how you get on.告诉我你进展如何Ill leave you in peace to arrange your paintings.你安静地布置你的画作吧J.P. Morgan understood the game,and at some point he realized that,as successful as his father had been,he could become even more successful.J·P·根很理解游戏规则 在他和父亲一样成功时 他开始认识到自己可以比父亲更成功Morgans father always taught him to avoid taking big risks,but J.P.Morgan is tired of doing things his fathers way.父亲一直教导根避免太冒风险 但J·P·根已经厌倦了他父亲的那一套做法He doesnt want to simply buy businesses,he wants to build them from the ground up.他不想只是购买一些公司 他还想将他们建立起来Hes watched as John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie have built empires from nothing,and he wants to be next.他目睹了约翰·洛克菲勒及安德鲁·卡内基白手起家建立帝国的过程 他想成为下一个But to do that, Morgan needs to find an innovation to call his own.为了实现这个目的 根需要找到属于自己的创新He sets his sights on one of the worlds most famous inventors.他将目光集中到世界非常著名的一位发明家201605/443571

Authorities in Sri Lanka are still searching for survivors after a giant garbage dump collapsed onto neighboring homes.斯里兰卡一大型垃圾场倒塌,当局仍在搜寻幸存者。Officials in Colombo said Tuesday at least 30 people have been found dead in the piles of mud and trash.周二,科伦坡官员表示至少有30人在成堆的泥土和垃圾中遇难。Eleven people were taken to local hospitals with injuries. 十一人受伤,被带到当地医院。Sri Lankas Disaster Management Center said at least 10 people are still missing in the massive landslide.斯里兰卡灾难管理中心称,至少有10人在这起大滑坡中失踪。One official told the B rescuers are having a hard time digging through the mounds of trash and debris to look for victims.一位官员告诉英国广播公司,救援人员正在艰难地挖掘成堆的垃圾和残骸寻找遇难者。Authorities say the 300-foot-tall garbage dump collapsed after it caught fire over the weekend.当局称,这座300英尺高的垃圾场在周末着火后倒塌。Dozens of homes were destroyed, and hundreds of families have been forced to move to temporary shelters.数十座房屋被毁,数百户家庭被迫迁到临时避难所。Sri Lanka has been dealing with a massive trash problem for years. 多年来,斯里兰卡一直在处理大量的垃圾问题。And residents living by the now-collapsed dump had been trying to convince the government to close it because they said it was causing health problems.居住在倒塌垃圾场的居民一直试图说政府将其关闭,因为他们说这造成健康问题。The collapse comes just a few weeks after a landslide at a landfill in Ethiopias capital left more than 100 people dead.就在数周前,埃塞俄比亚首都一处垃圾填埋场发生坍塌,造成100多人死亡。译文属。201704/504797

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441516

  Iceland looks like it will be the first country to officially outlaw the gender wage gap.冰岛看起来将会是首个正式禁止性别工资差距的国家。The island nation is working on a law that would ensure all companies with 25 or more employees pay women as much as men by 2022. 冰岛正在制定一项法律,到2022年确保所有25名或以上员工的公司实行男女同工同酬。This cements Icelands status as one of the best places on earth to be a woman in the workforce. But Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson says Iceland isnt done striving for equality.这巩固了冰岛的地位,作为世界上女性劳工最好的地方。但总理比亚德尼·贝内迪克松表示,冰岛在争取平等的道路上还没完成。Yes, we may rank No. 1 in the world at the moment, but the job is not done still.是的,我们现在可能排名世界第一,但是工作还没有完成。Multiple evaluations ranked Iceland as the No. 1 country in the world for gender parity, but it still has a pay gap estimated at 14-18 percent.多方评价将冰岛列为世界第一性别平等的国家,但仍有估计百分之14-18的薪酬差距。译文属。201703/497050

  There’s a proposal around that’s got a lot of interest called universal basic income最近全民基本收入水平这项提议引起了广泛关注where everybody is guaranteed at least a certain level of income in the society.这项提案保了每个人的最低收入水平Some free market economists like Milton Friedman talked about a negative income tax一些像米尔顿·弗里德曼这样的自由市场经济学家就提及了负所得税which in effect had the same features of guaranteeing a certain level of income for everybody as a base.它实际上跟保每个人的基本收入处在某个水平具有相同的特质I think from a human rights and decency standard there’s a lot of sense to the idea that从人权和道德标准来看 我认为全民基本收入有很大的意义everybody in a society should be able to meet their basic needs.每一个人的基本需求都应该得到满足There’s on the other hand this sense if you give someone a check whether they’re trying, not trying, working, not working.另一方面 保全民基本收入可能会削弱他们的工作积极性If there’s no effort, no conditionality involved at all maybe we’re going to get a lot of people that are absolutely doing nothing on the backs of those who are really working.如果不需要任何付出 也没有任何制约性涉及其中 那就可能造成很多什么也不干的人压榨那些真正在工作的人So the incentive issues are real even if the sensitivity and decency issues are also real.因此确实存在激励问题 虽然敏感性和体面性问题也存在I think that one way to handle this is a little bit more rounded rather than seeing a universal basic income as a check我认为解决这个问题的方法应当更全面一点 而不是视全民基本收入为一张票and kind of an unconditional check that’s just handed out as income.和只是一种作为收入的无条件的票I like the idea of social democracy as it’s applied in real countries in Europe, the Netherlands and Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany.我喜欢社会民主的观点 因为它应用于欧洲一些国家 如荷兰丹麦 挪威 瑞典和德国The idea is everybody has access to publicly financed healthcare.这个观点就是人人都可以享受公费医疗务Everybody has access to quality publicly financed education including college tuitions.人人都可以享受公费教育包括大学学费Not a trillion dollars of crushing student debt, but tuitions paid for.并非几万亿美元的学生债务 而是免除学费Everybody has access to not only guaranteed vacation, but paid vacation.人人都可以享受 不只是法定节假日 还有带薪休假Everybody has access to quality childcare so that moms can go to work knowing that their kids are in a healthy, nurturing environment.人人都可以享受托儿务 这样一来妈妈们就可以放心去上班因为他们知道孩子生长在健康被呵护的环境中Everybody has access to maternity leave so that moms and also paternity leave, dads can stay home with their kids for several months.人人都可以享受产假和陪产假 父亲和母亲就可以几个月在家陪他们的孩子It’s kind of decent where you say we have all this wonderful technology, this wealth.当你说我们拥有这样绝妙的技术和财富 的确很有面子Why don’t we live decently, not miserably.我们为什么不活的体面些 快乐些If people want a market income beyond that they’ve got to go work for it.如果人们想得到高于本身应得工资的市场收入 他们就得努力工作If, of course, they’re disabled or for some reason can’t then there’s added social support but it’s not cash in people’s pockets. It’s decency.当然 如果他们身体残疾或出于某种原因不能去工作他们就会得到额外的社会救助 但不是提供资金 而是尊重It’s public service. It’s basic needs met.是公共务 是基本需求得到满足I see it as basically living decent lives in decent societies.我认为这就是正派社会里基本体面的生活They have a very different spirit to them.他们有非常不同的精神There aren’t a lot of super rich Wall Street hedge fund misanthropes那里没有很多相当富裕而不愿与人来往的华尔街避险基金投资人and I’ll use the term advisably because I find a lot of people on Wall Street don’t give a damn about anybody else except they care about their money.我会谨慎的用这个形容词 因为我发现华尔街有很多除了钱根本就不在乎别人的人And I find that really weird.我发现这真的很奇怪But you don’t find that kind of idea in northern Europe because it’s really looked down upon.但是在北欧人并没有这样的想法 因为这种想法真的会让人们瞧不起And people don’t like it when people are money grubbing.人们不喜欢贪财的人They’re kind of shunned. So the social ethos is different.他们会有点排斥 所以社会的理念是不同的I remember once I was running to the airport in Oslo and I fly business class我记得 我曾经飞奔到奥斯陆的机场 坐的是商务舱and I’m constantly moving around on trips relentlessly around the world.然后我在路上不断地走来走去And I ran up and said, “Where’s the business class line to board?”然后我跑上去问 哪里是商务舱的登机队伍And the guy looked at me like I was crazy and he said, “Excuse me, we’re boarding the Scandinavian way.然后那个人像看疯子一样看着我 说 不好意思 我们正在登机去往斯堪的纳维亚的路途Get back in line.” And I just thought okay, that’s pretty cool actually, you know.回到你的队伍中 我当时就想 好吧 可是真的很酷Everybody’s in line and let’s all get on the plane. It’s a social spirit.每个人都在排队 然后让所有人一一登上飞机 这是一个社会精神It’s the idea that we like well by the way this is not people tearing their clothes and living in hair shirts and not enjoying themselves.这就是我们所喜欢的主张 顺便一提 并非人们情愿撕掉他们的衣过着苦行僧的日子 也不享受生活They like their vacations. They like their boats in the Stockholm archipelago.相反 他们喜欢他们的假期 他们喜欢斯德哥尔群岛的小船They like six weeks on their island. So they live beautifully.他们喜欢岛上度过的六周 他们生活地有滋有味But they don’t want gazillions. They don’t want to do it at the expense of others.但他们并不奢求太多 他们不想以他人的代价来换取这些They want to do it as a society.而是想把它作为一个社会来对待God, if America could just get a little of that back rather than a president who believes in killers and losers.天呐 如果美国可以紧随其后一点点 而不是让一个相信刽子手和失败者的总统坐在上面Sick, but that’s what we got and that is what’s degrading American society.虽然病态 但这就是我们 这就是美国社会退化Not just the technical issues.不仅仅是技术问题Not just the rising inequality but this spirit that you’re a winner or you’re a loser.不仅仅是日益严重的不平等 而是这种;你是一个胜者或是一个失败者”的价值观And if you’re a loser get out of the way. That’s Ayn Rand talking. It’s ugly and we’ve had enough of it.如果你是一个失败者 那就出局 那是艾因·兰德的观点 这很丑恶 而我们也已经受够了201706/515490。

  This animal provides physical evidence that the jaws of the animals from the north and the animals from the south were different这些动物提供了自然据,北半球动物的颚骨与南半球动物是不一样的at this time and it provides probably the only clue that we have for this in South America.这一次提供的或许是我们在南美洲找到的唯一线索This is a unique specimen. Its fantastic.这是唯一的标本。太奇妙了。As the super-continent split, the jaw showed that mammals in the southern continent正如颚骨显示的结果,随着超大陆的分裂,南方大陆的哺乳动物were evolving separately from those in the Northern Hemisphere.与北半球的哺乳动物开始分道扬镳This was evidence that vicariance was beginning in the mid-Jurassic, at least for mammals,这就是地理分隔开始于中侏罗世的据,至少哺乳类是如此but was there proof of vicariance in the dinosaurs?那么是否也有关于恐龙地理分隔的据呢To find out they needed fossils from different times in the mid-Jurassic.为此,他们必须找到中侏罗世各个时期的化石We need dinosaurs from just before the break up of the continent我们需要大陆分裂前的恐龙化石and just after the break up of the continent and that is what we have here.和大陆分裂后的恐龙化石,我们在这儿找的就是这些So they carefully dug out the fossils于是他们小心地挖出化石and encased them in plaster to protect them on the long journey back to the lab.用石膏包住它们,以免在运回实验室的长途中受到损坏Only then could the analysis begin.之后,他们才开始分析研究。201706/514368

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/454647原味人文风情:Netiquette Dos and Donts for Email电子邮件网络礼仪守则Over 107 trillion emails are sent every year on the public Internet. So heres a list of a few of my favorite netiquette dos and donts as it relates to email communication.每年在网络上有超过 107 兆封邮件被寄出。所以这里是有关电邮沟通网络礼仪,几件我最喜欢的该做和不该做的事的清单。Number one: Make sure that you use spell check and check your grammar. You wanna make sure that you have a—youre really giving a very good first impression. However, dont correct someones spelling or grammar unless theyve asked for a critique.第一:务必确认你使用拼字检查功能并检视你的文法。你想确保你有--你真的有给人很好的第一印象。但是,不要纠正别人的拼字或文法,除非他们有要求你作。Also, remember, dont send an email when youre angry or upset or if its really late at night when youre tired. Ive done it, I know many of you have, and weve sort of regretted it. And when you wake up in the morning, you go, ;Why did I send that email last night that way?; So, if you have to, just send the email to yourself and review it in the morning—a few extra hours is actually digital time on your side.此外,切记,别在你生气或心情不好的时候发出邮件,或是当夜深疲惫时。我就那么做过,我知道你们很多人也有,然后我们会有点后悔。当你一早起来时,你就会想说:「我昨晚为什么要那样寄出那封信啊?」所以,如果你一定要寄,就把信寄给你自己,然后早上再重新看一次--多几个小时其实是让你在网络上有充裕时间。Wondering if whether you need to use a signature line or not? Im surprised how many people dont. So make sure at the end of your email business correspondence, you have your first and last name, you repeat your email address, you put your cell phone if youre interested in being, you know...be contacted by cell, and you put your business line. And if you wanna get fancy about it, use something like WiseStamp and have your latest tweets, because it actually will add personality to your email. Doesnt need to be a novel, but dont let them wonder who this is and have them push the ;Delete; button.在想你是否需要用签名档吗?我很讶异有很多人都不用。所以务必确认在商业信件结尾,你有加上你的姓名、重复你的电邮地址,如果你有兴趣被以手机联络的话,就写上手机号码,然后附上你公司的电话。假如你想让签名档看起来更花俏,用象是 WiseStamp 那样的东西,加入你的最新推文,因为那样真的会替你的信件增添个人风格。不必是篇小说,但别让收信人纳闷这是谁,然后让他们按下删除钮。And finally, really, dont use all caps in an email. I see it in subject lines everywhere. Its a netiquette no-no. It means youre yelling.最后,真的,别在信中全用大写。我在信件主旨到处看到这种现象。这是网络礼仪大忌。大写字母表示你在大吼大叫。So, to recap, remember, spell check, grammar check, dont type in all caps, dont send an email when youre upset or angry or tired, and remember to let somebody know who the emails coming from so they can respond to you appropriately.那么,来简单复习一下,记住,拼字检查、文法检查、不要全打大写、不要在心情不好或生气或累的时候寄信,还有记得让人知道这封信由谁寄出,这样他们才能适当回覆你。201706/511425Theres a reason that guys and gals like me continue to have audiences为什么像我这样的家伙还能有观众呢?because people want to be motivated to go in do things因为人们做事想要有动力。or they want to learn tactics to go in do things或者他们想学习做事的技巧。but it whether Im giving you tactical advice like filters on Snapchat or Facebook ads不管我给你什么战术意见,告诉你怎么使用“色拉布”上的滤镜、“脸书”广告和“Instagram”故事续写功能,or Instagram story collaborations or Im motivating you through my words还是用话激励你。because I communicate that way or through my actions seeing this wake up at 5:00 or这都是我交流的方式,通过我的行动如5点钟醒来影响你。if everybody whos watching this actually did something about it如果每位看这个节目的人都行动起来,and then went on the course of their version of it继而开始有自己的事业,and then they wouldnt be watching this然后就不再关注此节目。and I genuinely know at the bottom of my heart out of all the people that want to build audiences我从心底里知道所有人都想受到关注,that Im the complete opposite of almost all of them但我与他们完全相反。because 99% of people that produce content like this and are out there like I am因为做我这行儿的99%的人,the business of being that is what they are都以此作为他们的本行儿。I have businesses, I have Wine Library and Vaynermedia,但我有自己的生意,我有“Wine Library”(红酒公司)和“Vaynermedia”(科技公司)I dont need your 14 bucks for my book or to be in my course or this and that我不需要你花14块钱来买我的书,也不需要你出现在我的课上,我不需要你做这做那,so I dont need to monetize you,我不需要赚你的钱,so I then genuinely want you to never watch me again我真希望你永远不用再见到我。the problem is every time you guys are posting, do you mean times I see on my... on my Instagram问题是你们总是发帖,你知道我在“Instagram”上看到过多少次吗?oh I needed this today? And you know many times I see that person nine months later still hanging around我今天也要去看一下吗?你知道,我很多次看到一个人九个月后仍然无所事事if you needed it then take it and do something about it如果你需要它,就带走它并付诸行动。the reason theres gonna be a billion motivational views today on YouTube现在“YouTube”上有10亿条励志观点的原因,is that people love the feeling of being motivated就是人们喜欢被激励的感觉。they dont like putting in the work to do something about the feeling但他们不想把这种感觉投入到工作中。I hate the motivation me until you do something about you.我讨厌激励人,除非你能付诸行动。201707/517094

  He even built a giant wooden model to show the king and clergy just what they would be getting.他建造了一个木制模型 向国王及教士 展示未来的大教堂How could they not be awestruck by the huge dome当他们看到这个采用了类似显微镜的技术that used the same technology as a microscope to flood the interior with light?以便让阳光洒进教堂的巨大圆顶时 怎能不惊奇呢But there was a problem.然而还有一个问题Wren had designed his cathedral as a Greek cross,为在光学及声学上求得完美sacrificing the traditional floor plan of a Protestant church雷恩按照希腊十字架的样式设计这座教堂in favour of perfect acoustics and light.从而牺牲了传统的新教教堂的结构You can almost hear the mystified, angry complaints of the reverends.牧师们迷惑而愤怒的责怨 随处可听Where exactly is the choir supposed to go?唱诗班该站在哪里呢How do we process up a nave which isnt there?没有中殿 还怎么上中殿布道呢Mostly they said, ;Call us old-fashioned,大部分教士认为 我们确实守旧But this looks suspiciously to us like a Catholic basilica.可我们很怀疑这是天主教教堂Well be, if your partner phrase, damned If were going to let St Pauls turn into St Peters.我们会遭诅咒 如果我们任凭圣保罗教堂变成圣彼得教堂When the king joined the critics,he told him to go back to the drawing board,国王听到埋怨后 责令他重新设计Wrens normally very dry eyes are said to have filled with tears.雷恩熬夜干涩的眼睛禁不住涌出泪水He would have his chance to build his dome cathedral,他可以建造他梦想的圆顶教堂but only when it was joined to a long nave,但前提是必须加上长长的中殿something resembling a traditional church.而这与传统的教堂大同小异 /201704/505233

  On the highest summits of our planet, nothing can live permanently.在地球上最高的地方,没有什么生物能在此永久生存The highest peak of all, Mount Everest.世界上最高的山峰Five and a half miles above sea level and still rising. The roof of our world.海拔5.5英里的世界屋脊--珠穆朗玛峰仍在不断升高Of those humans whove tried to climb it, 1 in 10 have lost their lives.在试图登顶珠峰的人中,有1/10失去了生命Those that succeed can stand for only a few moments on its summit.而成功的人们也只能在峰顶短暂逗留The Nepalese call it, ;A mountain so high no bird can fly above it.;尼泊尔人称之为“一座高得连鸟也飞不上去的山峰”But each year, over 50,000 demoiselle cranes set out on one of the most challenging migrations on Earth.可是,5万多只蓑羽鹤每年都会进行一场地球上最具挑战性的迁徙To reach their over-wintering grounds in India, they must cross the Himalayas.要想到达印度境内的越冬场所,它们必须跨越喜马拉雅山脉By late morning, ferocious winds are roaring past the peaks.晌午时分,群山间狂风大作The cranes must gain height to avoid the building storm.鹤群必须提升高度,躲避正在形成的风暴Theyve hit serious turbulence. They must turn back or risk death.它们遇上了一股强力气旋。它们只好掉头返回,否则就会送命。201704/505516

  原味人文风情:Hi, Im Jimmy Kimmel, and Im the host of the Oscars this year. You know, I get so many letters from people asking me, ;How do I win one of these?; And...well, first thing you have to do is get a job as a waiter.嗨,我是 Jimmy Kimmel,我是今年的奥斯卡主持人。你知道,我收到许多大家寄来的信,问我:「我要怎么得到一座小金人?」而...这个嘛,首先你要做的就是找到一份端盘子的工作。Mozzarella sticks and your side of donut holes.马芝拉起司条还有您的附餐甜甜圈球。Dont mind if I dip... Thank you. Next you have to go to a lot of auditions.不介意我沾一下吧... 谢谢。接着你得去参加一堆试镜。I dont care how allergic you are, Senator. Theres no law that says that a dog cant be president.我不管你过敏有多严重,参议员。并没有哪条法律说不能当总统。Thats actually...true. And finally, when you do get the role, you have to act your little heart out.那倒是...真的。最后,当你真的拿到角色时,你得使尽全力演出。Dont you die on me, soldier! Thats an order!不准你在我面前死掉,士兵!那是命令!And if all goes well, the Oscar goes to you!如果一切顺利的话,奥斯卡奖杯就会落入你的口袋!I would like to thank my shaman, Morita.我要谢谢启蒙我的智者,Morita。Dont forget to thank your mother.别忘了感谢你的母亲。Oh, yeah. Uh, thanks, Mom. And...喔,对。呃,谢啦老妈。还有...Also, keep it short. I have things to do, so—另外,长话短说。我有些事要做,所以--And thank you to the Academy.还有谢谢影艺学院。Now, its just that simple. The Oscars.现在,就是那么简单。奥斯卡金像奖。Where are you going with...?你要带着那去哪...?The Oscars奥斯卡金像奖Thats not yours.那不是你的。Live February 26 on A二月二十六日于 A 电视台现场直播Thats not yours!那不是你的!201704/502025。


  TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470015


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