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U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will lead a moment of silence on the White House lawn Tuesday to mark the 11th anniversary of the al Qaida terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C.美国总统奥巴马和夫人米歇尔星期二将在白宫草坪带领民众默哀,纪念纽约和华盛顿遭受基地组织恐怖袭1周年。The Obamas will observe the event at the moment the first of two jetliners struck the World Trade Center in New York City, then will lead a similar ceremony at the memorial at the Pentagon, the headquarters of the U.S. military that was struck by a third plane in the 2001 attacks.奥巴马夫妇将在两架民航班机中的第一架撞击纽约世贸中心的那一时刻开始默哀仪式,然后将在五角大楼带领举行一次类似的仪式。五角大楼是美国军方总部所在地,在2001年恐怖袭击中遭受第三架班机的撞击。As in past years, the families of those killed at the World Trade Center will take part in a ritual ing of the victims names at Ground Zero. But in a departure from previous observances, no elected official will take part in the Ground Zero ceremonies.就像以往一些年那样,世贸中心死难者亲属将参加在世贸中心遗址举行的念诵死难者姓名仪式。但与以往不同的是,民选官员将不参加在世贸中心举行的仪式。Vice President Joe Biden will speak at a ceremony in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where a fourth hijacked jetliner crashed after passengers tried to take control of the plane, preventing it from possibly reaching another target in Washington.美国副总统拜登将在宾夕法尼亚州尚克斯维尔举行的仪式上发表演讲。第四架被劫持班机上的乘客们试图控制飞机,避免华盛顿的另一个可能的目标遭到撞击,结果这架班机在尚克斯维尔坠毁。来 /201209/199389。

South Korea showed off a new cruise missile on Thursday that defense officials say has the ability to strike ;anywhere at anytime; in North Korea.韩国星期四展示了一种新型巡航导弹。韩国军方官员说,这种导弹能够在任何时间打击朝鲜的任何地点。Seouls military is on a heightened state of alert after North Koreas latest nuclear test, which prompted international condemnation and raised tensions on the Korean peninsula.朝鲜最近进行核试验后,韩国军队提高了戒备等级。朝鲜的核试验招致国际社会的谴责,并导致朝鲜半岛的紧张局势升级。Defense Ministry spokesperson touted the pinpoint accuracy of the missile, which he says has now been officially deployed.韩国国防部发言人宣称这种新型导弹极为精准,并说目前已经正式进入部署。The Defense Ministry did not specify the exact range of the missile, but released footage of it being launched from a submarine and destroyer and hitting precision targets on land.韩国国防部没有说明这种导弹的射程,但公布的画面显示了从潜艇和驱逐舰发射导弹并准确命中陆上标靶的情形。South Korea reached a deal last year with the ed States to expand the range of its ballistic missiles - a move Seoul says is necessary to counter the growing threat of Pyongyangs weapons.韩国去年与美国达成一项扩大韩国弹道导弹射程的协议,首尔说,这举措对于抗衡平壤日益增长的武器威胁是必要的。Washington has reassured its allies in the region of its commitment to their security following North Koreas nuclear test on Tuesday. President Barack Obama pledged protection under the U.S. ;nuclear umbrella; during a telephone call Wednesday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.朝鲜星期二进行核试验后,美国向该地区盟友重申,美国致力于保护其安全。奥巴马总统星期三与日本首相安倍晋三进行电话交谈时,保为日本提供“核保护伞” /201302/225084。

The Japanese Financial system日本金融制度Bob Dillon ,a banker from the ed States ,is talking with a Japanese banker about the financial and monetary system in Japan .来自美国的家鲍勃·狄龙正与一位日本家谈论日本的金融和货币制度Dillon:Note issue in Japan is controlled by the Bank of Japan ,isnt it ?狄龙:日本的纸币发行是由日本控制吗?Banker:Yes,the Bank of Japan has statutory authority to issue yen currency and coinage which is the sole legal tender in Japan.家:是的,在发行日元和硬币方面,日本拥有法定性的权威,它所发行的日元和硬币是日本唯一的法币D:I have heard a lot about redenomination in Japan .Do you expect that to take place soon ?狄龙:我听到了许多有关日本打算重新规定日元单位面额的消息,您预料这件事会很快着手进行吗?B:That a very good question,Mr.Dillon ,and I wish I could answer it .家:这是个很好的问题:狄龙先生,我真希望能回答这个问题The Bank of Japan has had that issue under discussion a long time ,but it hasnt been resolved yet .实际上,日本就这个问题已讨论很久,但仍未做出决定D:When was the bank founded ?狄龙:该是什么时候建立的?B:It was established in 188 and patterned on the National Bank of Belgium .家:它是18年照比利时国民的模式建立的,Its note-issuing provisions were modeled on those of the German Central Bank .它的货币发行章程是仿照德国中央制定的D:Is it a government agency ?狄龙:它是一个政府机构吗?B:Yes,since 19 it has been an agency of the government in actual practice .家:是的,从19年起,日本在实际业务方面已成为政府的机构,While it was originally founded by private stockholders ,the finance minister has had direct authority over its management since its charter was modified in 19.虽然它原本是由私人股东创办起来的但是,自从19年它的章程修订以后,财政部长对于这个管理有着直接的权威D:It very much like the Bank of England ,then .That also started as a private institution .狄龙:这一点很象当时的英格兰,那个开始时也是一个私人机构B:In the respect it is similar .But the Bank of Japan has a much broader charter to undertake all kinds of financial activities ,家:在这方面是相似的但是日本拥有更加广泛的职权从事各种财政金融活动,as directed by the Cabinet .这是在内阁直接指挥下进行的 1。

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and officials from about 50 other countries are set to convene in Paris on Thursday to discuss Libya’s transition to post-Gadhafi democratic rule. The head of Libya’s National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, is expected to outline the NTC’s immediate needs. 美国国务卿克林顿和来自其他差不多50个国家的高级官员星期四聚集在巴黎,讨论后卡扎菲的利比亚局势。利比亚“全国过渡委员会”负责人贾利勒预计将在这次会议上,明确阐述利比亚目前最急需的是什么France called the meeting a week ago as NTC forces moved into Tripoli. Now, with Moammar Gadhafi's rule at an end, the conference will focus on how to help Libya establish stable democratic governance. 一个星期前,也就是“全国过渡委员会”领导下的利比亚反对派挺进的黎波里的时候,法国方面开始召集各方,就利比亚的前途、以及民主转型,举行会议。如今,卡扎菲的统治已经是过去时了,本次在巴黎召开的会议将集中讨论如何帮助利比亚建立一个稳固的民主政体The list of participants for the “Friends of Libyaconference has grown significantly in recent days to include key countries like Russia and China, which have not recognized the NTC as Libya’s new governing authority. Secretary of State Clinton, who has interrupted her summer vacation to attend, says the weeks ahead will be “criticalfor Libya and that the world community needs to act “decisivelyto help the NTC. But she says the transition must be Libyan-led. 美国国务卿克林顿为了参加本次在巴黎举行的会议,提早结束了渡假。克林顿国务卿表示,今后几个星期,对于利比亚来说,将是“非常关键”的;她说,国际社会此刻应当大力协助利比亚“全国过渡委员会”。不过,克林顿同时也表示,整个制度的转型过程,应当由利比亚人来主导State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says NTC chief Jalil’s presentation at the meeting will be pivotal. 美国国务院发言人纽兰德表示,利比亚“全国过渡委员会”的负责人贾利勒在巴黎会议上如何陈述,将是众所瞩目的“One of the things that we expect to hear at this meeting is a report from the Transitional National Council on how it sees moving forward, what it wants for the international community -- including how it wants to work with the [U.N.] Security Council on the appropriate unwinding of [U.N. resolutions] 1970 and 1973," Nuland said. 纽兰德说:“会议期间,我们期待着听取‘全国过渡委员会’就利比亚下一步将如何走所做的报告,将听取他们如何阐述国际社会都需要作些什么,包括如何与联合国安理会一起,将之前的两个针对利比亚的决议1970号和1973撤销。Those ed Nations resolutions imposed sanctions against Moammar Gadhafi's government and authorized the NATO-led air campaign that helped oust the longtime ruler. 联合国出台的上述两个决议案是针对卡扎菲政权的,其中的内容包括制裁措施等等。也正是因为有这两项决议案,北约方面才可以帮助利比亚反对派将长期统治利比亚的独裁者卡扎菲赶下台The ed States and other countries have begun the process of releasing frozen Libyan assets through the U.N. Sanctions Committee. 与此同时,美国和其他一些国家都已经开始通过联合国的“制裁委员会”,将之前冻结的属于利比亚的资产进行解冻But some leading members of the U.S. Congress want Secretary Clinton to withhold the money unless the NTC agrees to give up Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted in the 1988 bombing of a U.S. PanAm jetliner over Scotland. 美国国会一些成员希望美国国务卿克林顿不要马上将利比亚的资产解冻,而是要等到利比亚“全国过渡委员会”同意将造成1988年洛克比空难的利比亚公民迈格拉希递解到美国之后The NTC has told the ed States it will revisit the case against Megrahi, who was returned to Libya from Scotland in on humanitarian grounds and is reported in grave condition in Tripoli with cancer. 在这一点上,利比亚“全国过渡委员会”已经告知美国,会重新考虑这个案子。苏格兰方面009年基于人道主义的考虑,将迈格拉希送回利比亚。迈格拉希当时已经重病缠身Nuland says the NTC has more urgent priorities than the Megrahi case. “We need to give the TNC a chance to do job one, which is to finish the job of ousting Gadhafi and his regime, begin the job of establishing Libya on a democratic path. And we are very gratified by the fact that they have made clear they are willing to look into this,she said. 美国国务院发言人纽兰德女士说,利比亚“全国过渡委员会”目前有比这更紧迫的工作要作。她说:“我们需要给‘全国过渡委员会’时间,让他们先把最重要的任务完成,那就是,将卡扎菲政权彻底赶下台,将利比亚带到一个民主的道路上。我们很高兴利比亚‘全国过渡委员会’已经同意要重新考虑洛克比空难问题。A key issue in Paris will be the question of a peacekeeping presence in Libya. 本次巴黎会议期间将要讨论的一个重要问题,将是利比亚的维和问题Ian Martin, special advisor to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on post-conflict planning, says the National Transitional Council's interest is in foreign advice, not troops. “In our discussions with the NTC, it is very clear that the Libyans want to avoid any military deployment by the U.N. or others. They are very seriously interested in assistance with policing to get the public security situation under control and gradually develop a democratically accountable public security force,Martin said. 在这一点、也就是战后的问题上,联合国秘书长潘基文的特别顾问马丁表示,利比亚“全国过渡委员会”的意思,是要国际社会给予协助建议,但不是武力上的。马丁表示:“我们和利比亚‘全国过渡委员会’讨论的过程中,得到的很明确的一个信息就是,利比亚人不希望联合国或者是其他方面向利比亚派出武装部队。他们很希望能够在公安方面得到帮助,先让局势得以稳定,然后逐步过渡到有一个民主体制下的公安系统。Human rights groups say the Paris conferees must press the NTC to avoid reprisals against Gadhafi loyalists, while seeking accountability for serious human rights violations during the Gadhafi era. 国际人权组织认为,出席巴黎会议的各方应当要求利比亚“全国过渡委员会”不要对那些一度持卡扎菲的人,进行报复。但是与此同时,确实应当对那些在卡扎菲执政期间犯下严重侵权行为的人,进行追究Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa Director at Human Rights Watch, says major responsibilities come with political recognition of the NTC. “Number one among them is going to be avoiding retribution and reprisal killings against Gadhafi forces or against alleged or feared Gadhafi supporters. Because certainly, as you can imagine, there is a lot of anger and rage that’s built up over the past several months and over the past 40 years," Whitson said. 维特森女士说:“首先要考虑的,就是如何避免对一度效忠卡扎菲的人展开报复;可以想像,过去几个月、过去四十年来,有很多‘积怨’等待着爆发。Whitson says the former Libyan leader and his key associates, who face international war crimes charges and are still at large, must be treated with due process in accordance with international law. 维特森女士说,卡扎菲以及他手下的那些关键人物,已经面临国际战犯的指控,至今还在法网之外,对他们,应当严格按照国际法,来处理。来 /201109/152329。

Part Cleaning tanks第部分 洗舱1.Transfer slops into slop tank.1.将污水转移到污水罐.Dispose sludge into sludge tank..把油渣放到污泥舱中3.Sludge disposed into sludge tank.3.油渣已放到污泥舱内.Order shore slop tank..预订岸上污水罐5.Order slop barge and report.5.预订污水驳船并报告6.We have 50 tons of slops.6.我们有50吨污水7.Slop barge ordered.7.已预订污水驳船8.Stop pumping slops.8.停止排污水 3698。

1. I want to know whether you can handle the matters of registered permanent residence.我想知道,贵公司是否能为外地生源的毕业生办理户口. Can you offer the Five Insurances me?贵公司能提供“五险”吗?3. How does the insurance fund get paid?怎么付这些保险金呢?. Do you have any other personal subsidies?你们有什么其他的个人补贴吗?5. Are there any special benefits women?对于女职员有没有什么特别的福利?6. Is there any allowance festivals?公司有节日补贴吗?7. There are allowance on Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Day, and the Dragon Boat Festival.春节、中秋节和端午节都有节日补贴8. In our company, women workers have a -week vacation a year.在我们公司,女职员一年有两周的假期9. If you are married, maternity leave some months is permitted.如果是已婚女士,可以有几个月的产假. There are subsidies high temperature, food, transportation, renting and communication allowance.公司有防暑降温补贴、餐补、交通补贴、租房补贴和通讯补贴Dialogue 1 对话1 A: I want to know whether you can handle the matters of registered permanent residence.我想知道,贵公司是否能为外地生源的毕业生办理户口B:Dont worry about such problems. We can deal with them you. Other questions?B:不用担心这类事情,我们完全 可以办理还有问题吗?A: I have no other questions. Thank you.A: 没有了,谢谢你B: You are welcome.B:不客气Dialogue 对话 A: Can you offer the Five Insurances me?A: 贵公司能提供“五险”吗?B: Yes, we have insurance against old age, medical problems, unemployment,work _ injury and childbirth.B:可以,我们有养老保险、医疗 保险、失业保险、工伤保险和 生育保险A: How are they get paid?A: 怎么付这些保险金呢?B: Insurance against old age, medical problems, unemployeement will be paid by both the company and you, and the others by the company.B:养老保险、医疗保险和失业保 险由公司和个人共同付,最后两项由公司独自承担 000。