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济南无痛人流那家医院好济南摘环一般多少钱Norway is home to roughly 68 wild wolves, but the country says thats still too many. So its planning on culling 47 of them.挪威是大约68只野生狼的家园,但挪威称仍然太多。所以计划捕杀47只。The cull would be the largest in more than a century for Norway, and its being justified as a way to protect sheep flocks.这一捕杀将是挪威一个多世纪以来最大的一次,原因是为了保护羊群。But wolves are responsible for only 8 percent of Norways sheep deaths each year.但是,每年只有百分之8的挪威绵羊死于狼群。And if theyre hoping to reduce that number, then a culling might not be the solution.如果他们希望减少数量,选择性捕杀可能不是解决方法。Research suggests culling wolves might lead to more livestock predation.研究表明,选择性捕杀狼可能会导致更多的家畜被捕食。And this cull might also lower wolf populations below the level the country expects.而且这种选择性捕杀也可能降低狼的数量,使其低于国家期望水平。When theres a major legal culling of one species, research suggests it might inspire more people to poach that animal. And 1 in 2 wolves in Scandinavia are aly killed illegally.研究表明,当对一物种进行大规模合法捕杀,可能会激发更多人偷猎。在斯堪的纳维亚,一半的狼已经被非法杀害。There are aly a few appeals to stop the cull, but according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the government might not address it until the end of the year.已经有一些呼吁停止捕杀,但据自然资源保护委员会,政府年底前可能不会去解决它。译文属。201610/473842济南市妇儿女子地址查询 About 300,000 cases of tick-borne Lyme disease are diagnosed in the U.S. each year, and with an expanding tick population, experts think this year could be worse than usual.每年,美国约有三十万例蜱传播的莱姆病,随着蜱数量的增长,今年可能会比平时更糟。Thanks to a milder winter and more host animals, there could be more cases of Lyme and deadly tick-borne infections.由于温和的冬天和更多的宿主动物,可能有更多莱姆病例和致命蜱感染。Powassan virus, for example, causes swelling in the brain that can lead to permanent neurological damage. Its fatal in about 10 percent of cases.例如玻瓦桑病毒,使大脑肿胀并导致永久性的神经损伤。大约10%的病例是致命的。Some ticks even carry another disease that can give you a meat allergy. Researchers warn its getting more common, but theyre still learning about how and why the disease sps. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention isnt tracking it closely yet.一些蜱甚至携带另一种疾病,可以使你肉过敏。研究人员警告称,现在这种情况越来越普遍,但他们仍在学习这种疾病如何和为何蔓延。美国疾病控制与预防中心也没有密切跟踪。Luckily, those diseases are still relatively rare, especially compared with Lyme. For example, in the decade since 2006, the CDC recorded fewer than seven cases of Powassan virus on average every year.幸运的是,这些疾病仍然是比较少见的,尤其是相比于莱姆病。例如,自2006年以来的十年,美国疾病控制与预防中心记录的玻瓦桑病毒平均每年少于7例。The CDC recommends people avoid tick-borne diseases by using insect repellent, staying out of brush and tall grass, and taking showers after visits to tick country. If youre bitten, tell your doctor about any fever or rash.疾病控制与预防中心建议人们使用驱虫剂避免蜱传播疾病,远离灌木丛和高草从,访问有蜱的农村后洗澡。如果你被咬了,有任何发热或皮疹,告诉你的医生。译文属。201706/515137Shootings in Chicago have reached a deadly new high.芝加哥的击事件已经达到了致命的新高度。According to data gathered by the Chicago Tribune, 1,000 more people in the city were shot this year than at the same time last year.据芝加哥论坛报的数据,相比去年同期,今年超出1000多人遭击。Homicides are on the rise, too. Police say thereve been nearly 600 so far this year, while last year saw about 400 at this time.凶杀案也有上升的趋势。警方表示,到目前为止今年已经有近600起,而去年在这个时候有大约400起。The report comes after a particularly bloody weekend for the Windy City.该报告之前,芝加哥遭遇特别血腥的周末。A total of 48 people were shot in Chicago between Friday afternoon and early Monday morning. Eight died from their injuries.周五下午和周一清晨间,共有48人在芝加哥遭击。8人伤势过重死亡。This year has become the deadliest for Chicago in the past two decades, though other cities like New Orleans, St. Louis and Baltimore have higher homicide rates per capita.在过去的20年里,今年成为芝加哥最致命的一年,虽然其它城市像新奥尔良、圣路易斯和巴尔的有更高的人均杀人率。译文属。201610/473002济南子宫肌瘤微创多少钱

济南市妇幼保健院做人流Thats a lot of snow up the back.我后背全是雪I think Im a pretty confident skier, but that things steep.我本以为我滑雪技术不错 不过这也太陡了I cant believe I just did that on my bottom.It was a wild ride.真不敢相信我刚才坐着滑下来的 这简直是狂野滑行Its dangerous up here. This isnt a joke.This is as real as it gets.这里很危险 不是闹着玩的 这真是身临其境Theyre doing well.You know, its put a smile on their face again.他们做得很好 笑容又回到了他们的脸上They were definitely getting tired in that gully.经过刚才的雪坡 他们肯定已经累了The thing is, you cant rush ground like that when its icy and steep.在那种又滑又陡的地方 你绝不能着急Its tiring on the legs.But, you know, they did well.And thats in the past.最累的是腿 不过他们做得很好 而且已经完成了And heres the future in getting down out of these mountains.接下来我们得继续走出这雪山We lost a lot of height there, which is good.这里海拔低了不少 这很好We need to pick the pace up there, thats for sure.我们必须要加快脚步 But thats gonna be difficult.不过那可不容易Before long, weve hit one brute of a glacier.因为不久 我们遇到了一大片冰川Its three miles long, 600 feet deep,and is riddled with danger.3英里长 600英尺深 危机四伏Under the surface lie huge crevasses up to 100 feet deep.地表下隐藏着许多深达100英尺的冰裂缝Its essential we rope up.因此得用绳子把我们连在一起Its funny,people dont know there are crevasses here.有趣的是 人们并不知道这下面有冰裂缝You see something like this,it just looks like a big snow field.当看到这样的景色 只会觉得是一大片雪地And thats partly why its dangerous.这也是其危险的原因之一It lulls people into a false sense of security.它使人们放松警惕Snow covers crevasses and creates snow bridges.积雪覆盖了冰裂缝并形成雪桥This makes them difficult to spot,which in turn can be lethal.这让我们很难辨认出哪里有裂缝 而这足以致命Okay, look. This is what I mean.Look at that. You see?看 这就是我说的 看那 看到了吗201705/510125山东省荣军总医院无痛人流好吗 In the greatest transportation exercise seen since the campaigns of Edward III,在这场自爱德华三世战争以来 最大的统治阶级迁徙中Wolsey shipped over the entire ruling class of England.沃尔西征召了整个英格兰的统治阶级Earls, bishops, knights of the shire 5,000 men,including, in a display of unconvincing humility,伯爵 主教和骑士 共五千人 包括枢机主教本人 身着红天鹅绒袍the Cardinal himself on muleback dressed in crimson velvet.乘着骡子 故作谦卑地侍在侧Music played, wine ran red and white from fountains,a great deal of heron got eaten.一边欣赏管乐齐鸣 享用喷泉中涌出的美酒佳酿 一边大啖鹭肉The two kings spent hours trying on glamorous outfits that could be worn only once.两个国王均花了大把时间挑选出华 最终却只穿了一次They wrestled, not only with knotty problems of state,but with each other,他们不仅为领土问题争执不休 更相互扭打起来the nimbler Francis at one point throwing Henry on his back.灵敏的弗朗西斯一度将亨利摔了个四脚朝天No doubt he laughed, no doubt he hated it.胜者无疑大笑不止 败者无疑恼羞成怒Somewhere in the middle of all this overdressed melee was a young English woman,在这两个盛装国王相互殴打时 有位年轻的英格兰女人站在人群中a lady-in-waiting to Claude, the wife of the French king.她是法国王后克劳德的侍从女官This was the woman who would bring Wolseys immense house of power就是这个女人 最终让沃尔西的权力大厦crashing down in ruins and with it, inconceivably,the power of the Roman Church in England.土崩瓦解 并随之不可思议地 瓦解了罗马教会之于英格兰的大权Her name was Anne Boleyn.她便是安妮·林 /201612/485268济南市山大医院官网

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