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哈尔滨香坊区不孕不育科哈尔滨检查怀孕的医院呼兰区流产多少钱 The blog ;The Truth About Cars; says an announcement from Volkswagen is expected in the coming days.一家专门讨论汽车话题的部落格, 汽车真相, 表示,德国大众汽车公司将在今后几天里宣布将给予购买了该公司汽车的一些美国客户、或者说是汽车买主,予以现金补偿。The report also said the car maker will begin making fixes in February to the first of the 482,000 diesel cars sold in the ed States with the suspect software on its turbo-diesel engine.这家部落格的报告还透露说,大众牌汽车公司还将于明年二月份开始,对在美国销售的48万2千辆由柴油发动的汽车当中的第一批进行修理。VW is facing lawsuits from irate owners seeking compensation for the decreased resale value of the Volkswagen.大众牌汽车公司同时还要面对之前购买了这家公司的汽车的用户,就汽车转手销售价值降低而进行的法律诉讼。 /201511/408554China imposed stiffer punishments on companies that violated environmental laws last year, according to new research that illustrates Beijing’s growing resolve to push through aspects of a greener social agenda.最新研究显示,去年中国对违反环境法的企业实施了更为严厉的处罚,这突显出中国政府日益增强的推动更环保社会议程的决心。The research, conducted by financial index provider MSCI, recorded a near doubling in the cost of environmental penalties on selected companies in 2015 compared with the previous year and a near tripling in the likelihood that punitive action would be taken against offenders.这项研究由金融指数提供商明晟(MSCI)进行。根据该研究,2015年期间,针对被选企业的环境处罚金额是前一年的近两倍,同时对违法企业采取处罚行动的可能性提高了近两倍。The study covered 155 Chinese companies that are constituents of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.这项研究覆盖纳入明晟新兴市场指数(MSCI Emerging Markets Index)的155家中国企业。The findings correspond with Beijing’s policy — evident in the Five-Year Plan covering the period from 2016 to 2020 — to combat an environmental crisis that has made China the world’s biggest carbon emitter, driven air quality in many cities to below minimum international health standards and aroused virulent public discontent.研究结果符合中国政府应对环境危机的政策(明显体现在2016年至2020年的“五年规划”中),这场危机让中国成为全球最大碳排放国,致使很多城市的空气质量低于国际最低健康标准,并引发公众的严重不满。Emily Chew, vice-president of MSCI (Hong Kong), said the research showed China’s regulators were taking a more aggressive stance against polluters as official determination to repair the country’s environment builds. “What I think is really interesting in the 13th five-year plan is that you really see this intention toward green development interwoven throughout,” Ms Chew said.明晟(香港)副总裁赵汝贤(Emily Chew)表示,研究显示,随着中国政府加大整治环境的决心,中国监管机构正对污染企业采取更强硬的态度。她表示:“我认为,第13个五年规划的真正有意思之处在于,你确实看到这种绿色发展的意愿贯穿始终。”Since a new Environmental Protection Law came into force in January last year, the proportion of cases involving the 155 companies leading to punishment has surged along with the total cost of the punishments, which rose to Rmb4.2m (4,000) from Rmb2.2m in 2014.自从去年1月新的《环境保护法》实施以来,上述155家企业受到环境处罚的比例飙升,罚金总额从2014年的220万元人民币升至420万元人民币(合64.4万美元)。Ms Chew said the costs of the penalties remained too small to really “bite” corporate violators, but the trend was nevertheless indicative of Beijing’s desire to tighten supervision over environmental issues.赵汝贤表示,处罚成本仍然过低,无法真正“咬疼”违法企业,但这种趋势仍表明,中国政府希望从严监督环境问题。With the new law abolishing ceilings on environmental fines and NGOs empowered to initiate public interest lawsuits, the MSCI report predicts that the size of penalties is likely to increase over time.新的环保法取消了对违法企业的罚款上限,并授权非政府组织提起公益诉讼。有鉴于此,明晟报告预测,随着时间推移,处罚金额很可能逐渐增加。On a nationwide basis, China punished 25,164 environmental offenders in the first half of last year, fining them more than Rmb230m and transferring 740 cases to the police for criminal investigations, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has said. The ministry did not give comparative numbers for 2014.中国环境保护部(Ministry of Environmental Protection)表示,从全国来看,去年上半年,中国对2.5164万家环境污染企业实施了处罚,罚金总额超过2.30亿元人民币,并将740起案件移交警方进行刑事调查。环保部没有提供2014年的可比数据。However, green consciousness remains conspicuously lacking, even among the relatively sophisticated 155 Chinese companies with overseas listings that are included in MSCI’s EM index. For example, only 6 per cent of these companies publicly disclose their carbon emissions, compared with 32 per cent of all MSCI EM constituents.然而,环保意识仍明显欠缺,即使在相对成熟的在海外上市、被纳入明晟新兴市场指数的155家中国企业中也是如此。例如,在这些中国企业中,只有6%会公开披露碳排放数据,而在该指数全体成分股公司中,这个比例达到32%。The Five-Year Plan, which was formally adopted in March this year after a lengthy consultative drafting process, identifies new energy vehicles as one of the 10 priority strategic industries that Beijing has earmarked for significant investments.经过长时间征询意见过程后,新的5年规划在今年3月正式实施。它确定把新能源汽车列为中国政府将重点鼓励的10个优先发展的战略行业之一。According to the official target, China aims to sell 5m pure electric and hybrid plug-in vehicles a year by 2020, up from 330,000 in 2015. This highly ambitious target looks unlikely to be met, even though new energy vehicle sales grew four times year-on-year in 2014 and 3.4 times year-on-year in 2015, Ms Chew said. If current trends continue, new energy vehicles may rise to around 1.75m in 2020, according to MSCI research.根据官方目标,到2020年,中国计划每年销售500万辆纯电动和混合动力汽车,而2015年的销量为33万辆。赵汝贤表示,这一极其雄心勃勃的目标看上去不太可能实现,尽管2014年新能源汽车销量同比增长4倍,2015年同比增长3.4倍。根据明晟的研究,如果当前趋势继续,到2020年,新能源汽车销量可能增至175万辆左右。Behind the ambitious projections, Beijing is putting into force higher standards for new energy vehicles to qualify for 2016 subsidies — such as requiring cars to be able to run for 100km on a single battery charge and a maximum speed of no less than 100km/h.在雄心勃勃的预测背后,中国政府将对新能源汽车实行更高的2016年补贴资格标准,例如要求汽车单次充电后能够行驶100公里,且最高时速不得低于100公里。Thus those companies at the technological cutting edge are set to benefit, potentially favouring Dongfeng Motor, which has 38 different types of new energy vehicles on the subsidy list, putting it in a good position to challenge the market leader, BYD.因此,那些处于技术前沿的企业将受益,比如东风汽车(Dongfeng Motor),该公司有38款不同型号的新能源汽车被列入补贴名单,这令其处于挑战市场领军企业比亚迪(BYD)的有利地位。 /201605/444210哈尔滨市道里区妇幼保健所看妇科好不好

黑龙江省中西医结合学会医院外科A landmark same sex marriage case was dismissed today by a judge in central China, but gay activists praised the suit for raising awareness of the issue in a country where homosexuals still face considerable social disapproval. 中国华中地区一家法院周三驳回了一起具有里程碑意义的同性婚姻案,但同性恋活动人士称赞这起诉讼在中国提高了人们对这个问题的意识,同性恋在中国仍面临很大程度的社会不认同。 The case, believed to be China’s first test of the right of homosexuals to marry, was thrown out after only a short hearing when the court found that Chinese law requires that only a man and a woman may marry, writes the FT’s Patti Waldmeir. 本案被认为是中国有关同性婚姻权利的首次尝试。法庭在经过时间不长的庭审后驳回原告请求,认为中国法律规定一男一女才能结婚。 The plantiffs had claimed that the law allowed “a husband and a wife” to marry but did not specify their gender. Gay activists were not expecting the case to have much chance of succeeding. 此前两名原告的主张是中国《婚姻法》的原文是中国实行“一夫一妻”的婚姻制度,而并未具体规定性别。同性恋活动人士本来就不预期本案会有多少胜算。 Sun Wenlin, a 27-year-old employee of an internet firm, asked the court to overrule a local authority which denied him the right to marry his partner, a 37-year-old security guard he met online. In China, many gays enter into opposite sex marriages to satisfy family and to have children. But same sex marriage is illegal. 27岁的互联网公司雇员孙文林请求法院推翻当地民政局拒绝为他和他在网上结识的伴侣、一名37岁的保安办理结婚登记手续的决定。在中国,很多同性恋者为满足家人意愿而选择异性婚姻和生育子女。同性婚姻是不合法的。 /201604/437708黑龙江省哈尔滨市九院上下班时间 Thousands of people protested against the election of Donald Trump in cities around the US on Wednesday night, in a sign of the deeply divided country he will soon lead.周三晚上,数以千计的人们在全美国多个城市举行了抗议活动,抗议唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)当选,显示出后者不久将领导的这个国家出现了深层次分歧。A multicultural crowd of a few thousand protesters marched 40 blocks to Trump Tower, where garbage trucks surrounded the building where Mr Trump lives, chanting not my president, love trumps hate and black lives matter. 一个由几千名抗议人士组成的多元文化的人群,喊着这不是我的总统(not my president)、爱压过恨(love trumps hate)和黑人很重要(black lives matter)等口号,游行了40个街区走到特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)。Protesters also chanted against Mr Trump’s plans for a wall.在这里,特朗普居住的大楼已被人用垃圾回收卡车包围起来。There were also further protests, including in Chicago; Washington; Portland, Oregon; St Paul, Minnesota; New Orleans and Boston. 其他地方也发生了抗议活动,其中包括芝加哥、华盛顿、俄勒冈州的波特兰市、明尼苏达州的圣保罗市、新奥尔良及波士顿。There was a small protest earlier in the day in San Francisco, with a much larger protest in the evening, with hundreds of people marching briskly up Market Street, the city’s main thoroughfare. 当天早些时候,旧金山曾出现小规模抗议活动,而夜间的抗议活动规模则大了许多,有数百人在该市主干道市场街(Market Street)上快速行进。The group was a broad mix including students, LGBT campaigners and parents with young children. 抗议人群的身份来源广泛,有学生,有LGBT(女同性恋者、男同性恋者、双性恋者与跨性别者)活动人士,还有带着年幼子女的父母。Some chanted Donald Trump has to go and its equivalents in Spanish while others walked along in tears. 部分人喊着唐纳德.特朗普必须下台及对应的西班牙语口号,其他人则流着眼泪走过。 /201611/477637黑龙江第七医院贵吗

哈尔滨市立医院检查能用医保卡吗BEIJING — China launched the world’s first quantum communications satellite from the Gobi Desert early Tuesday, a major step in the country’s bid to be at the forefront of quantum research, which could lead to new, completely secure methods of transmitting information.北京——周二凌晨,中国从戈壁滩发射升空了全球首颗量子通信卫星。这是中国为争取站在量子研究最前沿而迈出的重要一步。量子研究可能会带来新的完全安全的信息传输方式。Researchers hope to use the satellite to beam communications from space to earth with quantum technology, which employs photons, or particles of light. That type of communication could prove to be the most secure in the world, invulnerable to hacking. Scientists and security experts in many countries are studying the technology.研究人员希望,通过量子技术,用这颗卫星将信息从太空传输到地球。量子技术会用到光子,也就是光的微粒。这种通信方式可能会明是全世界最安全、最不易受黑客攻击的。很多国家的科学家和安全专家在研究这项技术。The satellite is expected to circle the earth every 90 minutes after entering orbit at an altitude of about 310 miles, according to a report by Xinhua, the state news agency.官方通讯社新华社的一篇报道称,在进入距地面约500公里高的轨道后,这颗卫星预计每90分钟绕地球一圈。China’s many high-tech scientific endeavors, including its ambitious space program, have enormous backing from the central government. The country’s 13th Five-Year Plan, an economic blueprint that was announced in March, listed quantum technology as a focal point for research and development.中国的很多高科技科研活动,包括其宏大的太空计划,得到了中央政府的大力持。中国今年3月公布的有关经济发展蓝图的十三五规划纲要将量子技术列为一个研发重点。Traditional communications satellites send signals using radio waves. But a quantum communication satellite uses a crystal that produces a pair of entangled photons whose properties remain entwined even as one is transmitted over a large distance. Messages could be sent by manipulating these properties.传统的通信卫星使用无线电波发送信号。量子通信卫星用的则是一种结晶体,这种晶体会产生一对相互纠缠的光子。即便将其中一个传输到很远之外,它们的属性依然会纠缠在一起。可以通过控制这些属性来发送信息。An article about the Chinese program published by the journal Nature in July said any tinkering with quantum communications would be detectable, which is why the method is secure. “Two parties can communicate secretly,” the article said, and could be “safe in the knowledge that any eavesdropping would leave its mark.”今年7月,《自然》杂志(Nature)发表了一篇文章,介绍中国这个项目。文中称,对量子通信做手脚的任何行为都会被发现,而这正是这种方式安全的原因。文章说,“双方能够秘密交流”,并且“有一种安全感,因为知道任何偷听都会留下痕迹”。If China succeeds in its satellite launch, the article said, that could mean many more such Chinese satellites in orbit, “which will together create a super-secure communications network, potentially linking people anywhere.”文章表示,如果中国的卫星发射成功,可能意味着中国会把更多的这类卫星送上轨道,它们“合起来将构成一个超级安全的通信网络,可能会将任何地方的人连接在一起”。“But groups from Canada, Japan, Italy and Singapore also have plans for quantum space experiments,” the article said.“但加拿大、日本、意大利和新加坡的团队也有量子太空实验计划,”文章说。While the communication would be unbreakable, the data transmission rate would also, at least at first, be glacial, more akin to the telegraph than the internet.尽管这种通信方式可能固若金汤,但数据传输速率起码一开始会极慢,更像电报而非互联网。The Chinese researchers hope to use the satellite and quantum communications to establish secure transmissions between two ground sites. In theory, the satellite can provide the connection between them. The first major link in China would be between Beijing and Shanghai, and might open this year, according to Xinhua.中国的研究人员希望利用这颗卫星和量子通信,在地面上的两个地点之间建立安全的信息传输。理论上,它能够提供两地之间的联络。新华社称,中国最先实现这种联络的可能是在北京和上海之间,或许会于今年开通。The satellite, which weighs over 1,300 pounds, is called Quantum Experiments at Space Scale, or Quess, and nicknamed Micius, after a Chinese philosopher and scientist in the fifth century B.C.这颗卫星逾重600公斤,名叫量子科学实验卫星,英文缩写为Quess,昵称墨子号。这是为了纪念公元前五世纪的中国哲学家、科学家墨子。Pan Jianwei, the chief scientist of the quantum satellite project, told Xinhua earlier that the overall project involved building four ground stations for quantum communication and one station in space for experimental quantum teleportation.量子卫星项目的首席科学家潘建伟早前对新华社表示,整个项目涉及修建四座量子通信地面站,一座空间量子隐形传态实验站。A 2012 article in Nature said Mr. Pan was in his early 30s when, in 2001, he set up China’s first laboratory for manipulating the quantum properties of photons.《自然》杂志2012年发表的一篇文章称,在2001年,30岁出头的潘建伟创建了中国首个研究如何控制光子的量子属性的实验室。“The lucky thing was that, in 2000, the economy of China started to grow, so the timing was suddenly right to do good science,” Nature ed him as saying.“幸运的是,2000年,中国的经济开始起飞,因此进行高质量科学研究的时机突然到了,”《自然》杂志当时援引他的话报道。 /201608/461309 哈尔滨省中医医院的电话号码多少哈尔滨市第九人民医院介绍



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