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哈尔滨打胎需要多钱钱哈尔滨省六院概况Belgian prosecutors said Monday police in the capital city have arrested 16 terror suspects in 22 raids, but top Paris massacre suspect Salah Abdeslam still remains at large. 比利时检察官表示,布鲁塞尔警方星期天在突击搜捕恐怖分子过程中逮捕16人,但是他们表示,巴黎恐袭案的首要凶嫌萨拉赫·阿布德斯拉姆不在被拘捕者之列。Prosecutors said at least one suspect was wounded during the raids. Nineteen of the raids were in locations in and around Brussels. 检察官们星期一早晨在比利时首都布鲁塞尔说,至少一名嫌疑人在突击搜捕中受伤。搜捕行动是在首都及其附近地区的19个地点展开的;We fear an attack similar to the one in Paris,; Prime Minister Charles Michel said Sunday. “我们担心遭遇巴黎同样的恐怖袭击”,总理查尔斯·米歇尔周日对媒体说道。Abdeslam is thought to have crossed into Belgium November 14, just hours after Islamic State gunmen killed 130 people and wounded hundreds of others in coordinated attacks in Paris. The suspected architect of the attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was killed Wednesday in a police raid in a northern Paris suburb.萨拉赫·阿布德斯拉姆据14日伊斯兰国组织手在巴黎发动协同袭击行动,打30人,打伤数百人之后几个小时,已经越过边界进入比利时。星期三这次恐怖袭击的策划者阿卜杜勒-哈米德·阿巴乌德在巴黎北部郊区的一次警察突击搜捕中死亡。Brussels subway system and its schools are closed Monday as wary residents face a third day of lockdown and another work week overshadowed by the massive manhunt. 布鲁塞尔的地铁系统和学校星期一仍然关闭,小心谨慎的居民将面临又一个大规模搜捕行动笼罩下的工作周。来 /201511/411870哈市妇保医院在周日有上班吗 World major states and regional powers agreed Saturday on the time table of establishing a transition government of Syria, and to hold an election within 18 months, but failed to bridge gaps over the future of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.本周六,世界主要国家和地区就加快建立叙利亚过渡政府达成共识,表示叙利亚将于未8个月内举行大选,但会谈对叙总统巴沙尔·阿萨德的未来去留仍未消除分歧。After the one-day meeting here, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told reporters that participants of the Syria talks agreed to start immediate talks with opposition groups in Syria, but the talks could be difficult, noting sides aim to hold an election in Syria within 18 month.当天会议结束后,德国外长弗兰瓦尔施泰因迈尔表示,叙利亚问题的各参与国同意立即启动与叙利亚反对派的谈判,但谈判会很困难,并指出双方都希望在18个月内能进行选举。The remarks are echoed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry.俄罗斯外长拉夫罗夫和美国国务卿克里也做出同样的回应。Lavrov also said after transition political process within six month, the election would be held within 18 months, and led by Syrian people.俄外长拉夫罗夫还表示,经个月的过渡政府进程,大选将在未来的18个月内举行,由叙人民自由选举选择叙利亚未来领导人。According to a joint statement released by the ed Nations, the talks between difference sides in Syria should establish ;credible, inclusive and nonsectarian; transitional government that would set a schedule for drafting a new constitution in six month, then a UN-supervised election would then be held within 18 months.根据联合国发布的一份联合声明,叙利亚双方的谈判应旨于建立一个“互相信任、互相包容、没有派别”的过渡政府,在政治过渡的这6个月的进程中,叙利亚将有一部新宪法,并将于未来8个月内,在联合国监督下举行选举。Kerry also announced agreement on the date, Jan. 1, for the start of talks between al-Assads government and the opposition.美国国务卿克里还宣布日阿萨德政府将与反对派进行谈判。Its clear the talks made some progress over ending the ongoing crisis in Syria, while the meeting failed to bridge gaps over the role and future of al-Assad.会谈在结束目前的叙利亚危机方面取得了一些显著的成果,但未能对阿萨德未来的去留问题达成共识。Russian foreign minister Lavrov said Russia and the ed States are keeping in touch to prevent conflict in Syria, as both sides deployed military forces in the region.俄外长拉夫罗夫表示,俄国和美国为防止叙利亚冲突保持着联系,双方在叙均有军队部署。However, the two sides still have differences over Russian military operation in Syria, as the ed States said Moscow is attacking anti-al-Assad force in Syria while Russia emphasized they are fighting terrorism.不过,俄美双方仍然就俄国在叙利亚的军事活动有所分歧,美国表示,俄国目前正在攻击反阿萨德的叙利亚反对派,而俄国一直强调,他们是打击恐怖主义。Overshadowed by the deadly shootings in Paris, diplomats in Vienna showed solidarity in fighting terrorism.受巴黎恐袭的影响,在维也纳举行会谈的各国外长一致表现出打击恐怖主义的团结和决心。来 /201511/410105鹤岗妇幼保健妇保医院有上班

哈尔滨市第八医院预约电话是多少This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published at Entrepreneur.com.本篇文章是与Entrepreneur合作发布的。以下内容最初发表于Entrepreneur.comJust as smartphones have forever altered our daily lives, the revolutionizing impact of connected gadgets made for us to don on our bods will ripple well beyond our wrists, waists and faces, according to a report out today from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).普华永道会计师事务所(PricewaterhouseCoopers)日前发布的一份报告显示,如同智能手机永远改变了我们的日常生活一样,可穿戴式连网设备即将带来的革命性影响,将远远超出我们的手腕、腰部和脸部。The gist of the 50-page The Wearable Future report: Wearables will be “the next big thing,with some 130 million wearable devices expected to ship by 2018 and the wearables industry on the whole forecast to gross nearly billion, also by 2018. This, of course, offers a “competitive opportunitythat companies should have a game plan for by now.这份长达50页的报告题为《可穿戴设备的未来》。该报告认为,可穿戴设备将会是“下一个大事物”,预计018年,可穿戴设备的出货量将达到.3亿,该行业届时将斩获0亿美元收益。当然,这是一个各大公司现在就应该开始为之布局的“竞争机会”。“Businesses must evolve their existing mobile-first strategy to now include the wearable revolution and deliver perceived value to the consumer in an experiential manner,says Deborah Bothun, PwC’s U.S. entertainment, media and communications leader.普华永道美国区、媒体和通讯行业分析主管黛拉o贝休恩表示:“企业现有的移动优先战略必须考虑到可穿戴设备革命的因素,并凭借经验将感知价值传递给顾客。”If your business is in one of the following six industries PwC says is best poised to take advantage of the wearables trend, it’s time to up your game:普华永道表示,以下六个行业处于利用可穿戴设备趋势的最佳位置,如果你的公司位于其中,那就准备好大干一场吧. Entertainment1、Companies that fall in this broad category are likely in the best position to benefit from the burgeoning wearables movement, PwC reports. “Basically, where there’s a screen, there’s an opportunity,the report posits.普华永道的报告称,属于这一宽泛类别的公司,最有可能从可穿戴设备的发展中获益。报告指出:“大致说来,屏幕在哪里,机遇就在哪里。”Of PwC’s 1,000 survey participants which included consumers, wearable technology influencers and business executives 73 percent expect wearable technology to make media and entertainment experiences “more immersive and fun.They’re not looking to wearables “to create new genres of communication and entertainment–but rather to improve those aly in existence,according to the report.共有1,000人参与了普华永道的调查,包括顾客、可穿戴技术领域的大腕和企业主管,其中3%认为可穿戴技术会让媒体和体验“更加身临其境、妙趣横生。”报告称,他们不认为可穿戴设备会“创造新的通讯和方式,而是改善现有的方式”。Of those polled, millennials were the most open to trying branded wearables offered by media and entertainment companies. No surprise there.受访者中,千禧一代最愿意尝试媒体和公司提供的可穿戴设备。这点并不令人意外. Social media2、社交媒体PwC found that consumers want even more on-the-go access to their favorite social networks via wearables. This is especially true of always-on millennials, who were three times as likely as the general population, PwC says, to name real-time social-media updates as a key benefit of wearables.普华永道发现,顾客们希望通过可穿戴设备更加方便地访问他们喜爱的社交网络。在随时在线的千禧一代身上,这点体现得尤其明显,他们的在线时间是一般人倍。普华永道表示,可穿戴设备的主要优势在于用户能够实时在社交媒体上更新状态. Gaming3、游戏Ninety-seven percent of American children ages 12 to 17 play an average of at least one hour of games per day games that wearables could render more visually and physically engaging. Of the consumers ages 18 to 24 that PwC polled, 64 percent say they would be “motivated bywearable-integrated gaming.12岁至17岁之间的美国人中,有97%每天至少玩一个小时的。可穿戴设备可以让用户在玩游戏时拥有更加身临其境的视感和体感。在普华永道调查8岁至24岁的群体中,64%的人表示他们“有兴趣”体验结合可穿戴设备的游戏。In other words, the future of gaming will not be televised. It will be worn. Think literally on-your-face, 3-D virtual reality gaming via Oculus Rift and you’re there.换句话说,未来的游戏可能不再出现在电视屏幕上,而是穿在身上。想想用头戴式显示器Oculus Rift体验3D虚拟现实游戏的感受吧. Advertising4、广告More wearable screens equal more places for marketers to you guessed it advertise. After all, wearables are portable “blank canvases for highly targeted message placements, especially in the form of content with greater relevancy and context to the user.”更多的可穿戴屏幕意味着营销人员拥有更多广告空间,你懂的。毕竟,可穿戴设备是一张便携式“空白画布,非常适合投放极具针对性的信息,尤其是那些更加与用户相关,更加符合用户情境的信息。”Advertisers are aly pouncing on wearables, devising new, clever ways to deliver personalized marketing messages directly to people who don Google Glass, smartwatches, virtual reality headsets and you name it. If you can wear it and stare at it, the advertisers will come.广告商已经开始抢占可穿戴设备的阵地。他们设计了巧妙的新方式,对使用谷歌眼镜(Google Glass)、智能手表、虚拟现实耳机和其他可穿戴设备的用户推送定制化的营销信息。只要你穿上可穿戴设备并看着它的屏幕,广告就会随之而来. Healthcare5、医疗A fast-growing crop of wearables aly help health-conscious people monitor everything from calories consumed and burned to steps taken to sleep and more. Now, forward-thinking companies in the .8 trillion U.S. health-care industry are exploring ways to drive engagement and, yes, derive profits from the data all those wearables in the wild capture. It was just a matter of time.飞速发展的可穿戴设备已经开始帮助许多用户监视一切健康信息,从消耗和燃烧的卡路里,到入睡步骤,不一而足。如今,在规.8万亿美元的美国医疗保健行业中,具备远见卓识的企业正在设法利用可穿戴设备收集的数据来吸引顾客并盈利。剩下的只是时间问题了。PwC highlights Walgreens as emerging leader in this new, yet aly hotly competitive space. The company is funnelling wearable-sourced data from more than one million customers (using Fitbit, iHealth and Jawbone trackers) in exchange for points that can be used like cash in its stores and on its website. The big idea: Make healthy choices, give us your data and we’ll give you rewards. So far, it’s working.普华永道认为,沃尔格林(Walgreens)将成为这个竞争激烈的新兴领域的领头羊。该公司正在提供可在其门店和网站充当现金使用的积分,用来交换超过100万Fitbit、iHealth和Jawbone追踪器用户的健康数据。他们的大创意是:做出健康的选择,给我们你的数据,我们将给你奖励。到目前为止,这很管用。Expect a slew of additional health- and wellness-focused companies to follow suit. In the years ahead, PwC sees many offering a variety of wearable-related incentive programs, and consumers being largely receptive to them.估计健康行业将会有许多公司效仿这一做法。普华永道认为,未来一年中会有很多公司提供各类基于可穿戴设备的激励项目,而顾客将在很大程度上接受它们. Retail6、零售Wearables will soon play a central role in our everyday retail experiences. Unfortunately they’ll likely also be as haunted by privacy and data breach threats and concerns as all other things digital these days.可穿戴设备很快就会在我们的日常购物体验中扮演重要角色。不幸的是,像如今的其他数据产品一样,它们也可能遭受隐私和数据泄露的威胁。In PwC’s research, millennials expressed more interest in wearable-enhanced retail interactions than others surveyed. Busy parents want in, too, with 76 percent saying they’d like to use wearable tech for more “pleasant, efficientshopping experiences from pre-store and in-store product and deal research and comparison, all the way to the checkout.在普华永道的调查中,千禧一代比其他受访者更有兴趣感受可穿戴设备带来的全新购物互动体验。繁忙的父母同样跃跃欲试,其中有76%表示他们愿意用可穿戴技术来体验更加“愉悦和高效”的购物流程——从购物前和购物期间的产品研究和对比,一直到结账。While still only in its nascent stages, the wearables market is expected to explode. Many say wearables will forever change the way we live, work and do business. To remain competitive, your company might have to adopt a competitive wearables-integrated edge. Are you y?尽管仍然处于萌芽阶段,但可穿戴市场预计将出现爆炸式增长。许多人表示可穿戴设备会永远改变我们生活、工作和办公的方式。为了保持竞争力,你的公司也许需要采用能够融入可穿戴设备的前沿技术。你准备好了吗? /201410/338839黑龙江哈市九洲医院做人流要多久 Having solved the Iranian problem US President Barack Obama has selected climate change as the next building block in the construction of his legacy.在解决完伊朗问题之后,美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)选择将气候变化作为其政治遗产的下一个组成部分。The contents of his “clean power plan which he trailed at the weekend, are important for their substance and, equally, for their political impact not just for the Paris climate negotiations in December but more importantly for the presidential election next year.上周末出炉的奥巴马《清洁电力计划Clean Power Plan)具有实质重要性,同样也具有重要的政治冲击力——对今年12月的巴黎气候谈判,对明年的总统大选都是如此。On the substance, the move is an unprecedented peacetime assertion of political authority over the private sector. Even if some states resist the instruction to cut emissions by about a third from a 2005 base within 15 years, many will obey with serious consequences for the businesses involved and their investors. Coal-fired power plants will be closed and, with export potential limited, dozens of US coal mines will close as well. No wonder the reaction from the industry is fierce.就实质内容而言,此举是政治权力机构在和平时期对私人部门提出的史无前例的要求。它要求各州5年内将碳排放量在2005年基础上减少大约三分之一;即使有一些州会抵制,但许多州将遵从——给相关企业及其投资者造成严重后果。燃煤电厂将被关闭,而且鉴于出口空间受限,数十家美国煤矿也将关闭。难怪业界反应激烈。The beneficiary will be the solar business. Mr Obama’s plan echoes the initiative launched last month by Hillary Clinton as part of her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, designed to increase the amount of solar power generated by 700 per cent by 2027, using regulatory power to boost the market share of renewables.受益者将是太阳能企业。奥巴马的计划呼应了希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)上月在争取民主党总统候选人提名时提出的主张,力求让太阳能发电量027年增00%,动用监管权力提升可再生能源的市场份额。The number is ambitious but the pace of technical progress means growth could be achieved without a big increase in subsidies or consumer prices. Across the US the costs of solar is falling and beginning to reach “grid parity”which means they are competitive with the lowest cost fossil fuel without the need for subsidies. Mrs Clinton’s proposal cuts with the grain of emerging reality.从数字来看,该计划雄心勃勃,但从技术进步步伐来看,增长可以在不大幅增加补贴或上调消费者价格的情况下实现。美国各地的太阳能发电成本正在下降,开始达到“入网平等”(grid parity,即太阳发电成本下降至与传统发电成本相当),这意味着它们不需要补贴也可以与最低成本的化石燃料竞争。希拉里的提议与正在显现的新现实相符。Nuclear and natural gas are left, under Mr Obama’s proposals, to fend for themselves, with no mandated market shares and no subsidies. As things stand, the gas industry can cope but, short of a breakthrough that reduces production costs, new nuclear in America looks almost as lost as it does in Europe.对于核电和天然气行业,奥巴马的计划既不鼓励也不抑制,没有指定的市场份额,也没有任何补贴。照目前来看,天然气行业能够对付,但除非在生产成本削减上取得突破,否则新的核电项目在美国看起来和欧洲一样难以上马。Missing from the proposals is any new push to develop science that will increase the efficiency of energy supply and consum. That is a pity as low-income consumers in countries such as India need fuel sources that are both low cost and low carbon if climate change is to be beaten. But policies directed to developing such technology may come later there is, after all, more than a year until the election.计划没有提及推动科技发展、力求提高能源供应和使用效率的任何举措。这令人遗憾,因为要解决气候变化问题,印度等低收入国家需要低成本且低碳的燃料来源。但鼓励此类技术发展的政策可能稍后会出台——毕竟,距离大选还有一年多时间。That brings us to the politics of Mr Obama’s plan. It is worthy of Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey’s Machiavellian anti-hero in the Netflix series, House of Cards . In the black arts of politics, one of the most precious achievements is to define the differences between you and your opponents on your own terms. An is to force opponents into positions they wish to avoid. A third is to divide them against themselves. Mr Obama has managed all three in one go.现在来看看奥巴马计划的政治性。该计划让人想到了凯文史派西(Kevin Spacey)在Netflix系列剧《纸牌屋House of Cards)中饰演的不择手段的反派角色弗兰克褠德伍德(Frank Underwood)。在政治游戏中,最难得的成就之一是用自己的主张界定你和对手之间的差异。另一个是迫使对手陷入他们希望避免的局面。第三个是让他们内讧。奥巴马一举做到了这三点。The Republicans predictably walked into the trap. Marco Rubio, the Florida senator seeking the Republican nomination, instantly declared the policy “catastrophic Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate, who campaigned for his seat last year on the slogan “Coal Guns Freedom called for individual states to disobey the new laws. Even Jeb Bush, who has been trying to sound rational on the question, was forced to condemn the president’s initiative as “irresponsible共和党就像预计的那样落入了圈套。寻求共和党总统候选人提名的佛罗里达州参议员马可脠比奥(Marco Rubio)立即宣告这项政策是“灾难性的”。参议院共和党领袖米奇麦康奈Mitch McConnell)呼吁各州不理会新法律——麦康奈尔去年在竞选参议员时打出的口号是“煤炭、和自由”。就连一直试图在这个问题上理性表态的杰布布什(Jeb Bush)也被迫指责称,奥巴马的计划“不负责任”。Given the nature of the Republican voter base and the views of big donors such as the billionaire Koch brothers, those who seek the Republican nomination can do little else. The problem for them (and the beauty of Mr Obama’s political play) is that, as they walk in the direction of those who will determine which of them is the candidate next year, they are walking away from the views of the voters who will determine the outcome of the election. According to the public polls, for instance from the Yale Project on Climate Change, global warming has become a real concern. Coal is seen as dirty and unhealthy. Mrs Clinton, assuming she secures the Democratic nomination, may not win some of the coal states. One of the fascinating subtexts of her initiative, and of the president’s proposals, is the deliberate distancing of the Democratic leadership from organised labour, including the once powerful mining unions. But the calculation must be that she will gain overall by being on the side of the future.鉴于共和党选民基础的性质以及亿万富翁科赫兄弟等大手笔捐助人的观点,寻求共和党总统候选人提名的人士几乎别无选择。他们的问题(以及奥巴马政治手段的高明之处)在于,在迎合那些决定明年总统候选人的人群之际,他们与决定大选结果的广大选民的观点疏远了。例如,耶鲁气候变化项Yale Project on Climate Change)的民调显示,全球变暖已经成为公众的切实担忧。煤炭被认为是肮脏和不健康的。假设希拉里获得民主党总统候选人提名,她可能不会赢得一些煤炭大州的持。在她的提议以及奥巴马的计划中,一个耐人寻味的潜台词是,民主党领导人故意疏远劳工组织,包括曾经影响力巨大的矿业工会。但他们的盘算肯定是,顺应历史潮流,站在未来这一边,将使希拉里在大选中获得更多选票。Mr Obama’s proposals are detailed and complicated, and will now be subject to every sort of legal challenge. They are unlikely to be implemented in full. In themselves they will not solve the global problem of climate change, nor force any other country to follow suit. But they do serve to define the direction of American energy policy and also of American electoral politics.奥巴马的提议详尽而复杂,将会面对各种法律挑战。它们不太可能完全得到落实。就这些提议本身而言,它们不会解决气候变化这一全球问题,也不会迫使其他国家效仿。但它们的确有助于界定美国能源政策以及美国选举政治的方向。来 /201508/390803通河县上环哪家医院最好的

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