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黑龙江中医药大学二附院门诊时间哈尔滨妇幼医院男科Justin has vowed to be here every week as long as he possibly-- is in town,贾斯汀发誓每个星期都会来这 只要他可以在这个小镇上so--so youll be here every week.所以所以每个星期你都会来这And--cause the last time you were here, we pranked some people in the bathroom.并且因为上次来这里的时候 我们在浴室里捉弄了一些人We surprised some women and scared them, and it was really fun. Yeah.我们使一些女人感到惊奇吓唬她们 那的确是很有趣 是的And so now, this is something you do on your own. What do you do?现在 你要做一些你自己可以做的事 你要做什么?I just love doing prank phone calls with my friends.我喜欢对我朋友玩电话恶作剧Its, like, probably top five favorite things to do, so...这个 像 大概是我最喜欢做的前五件事情 所以……Youre just sitting around, and you just call people.你只是坐着 然后给别人打电话Do you ever tell them its you? No. No. No.你以前告诉过她们你是谁吗?没有 没有 没有I just let it play on. Okay, so make sure-- if you get a prank phone call, dont hang up.我只是玩玩 好吧,所以确保--你如果接到了一个恶作剧电话 不要挂断It could be Justin. You dont know. Dont just hang up.他可能是贾斯汀打的 你只是不知道 不要挂断电话All right, so were gonna prank somebody now that we know is a big fan of yours.好的 所以我们现在开始来恶作剧别人 是我们知道的你一个狂热粉丝Lets do it. And she actually-- she goes to college,让我们开始 她实际上她是大学生schedules her classes around watching my show, so she is a fan of mine and yours.她除了上课以为就是在看我的节目了 所以她是我和你的粉丝And what are you gonna do? What are you gonna say?你将要做什么?我要说些什么?So I was thinking, cause she goes to UMass-- I got these notes here.让我想想 “因为她在马塞诸塞州大学上课”--我这里有一些笔记She is a really good student, so I think we should scare her她是一个很好的学生 所以我认为我们应该吓吓她saying that we got her grades, and theyre not doing too well. Okay.说我们得到了她的成绩 她的成绩不是很好 可以Who are you gonna be? Who you be? I dont know. - ;Who you be,; I say.你要变成谁?你是谁?我不知道 “你是谁 ”我说I think I should be, like-- Who you be? Who you be? Who you be though? For real.我认为我应该 像--你是谁?你是谁?说真的 你到底想当谁?Right. All right. No, all right, so who do you think I should be?好的 都可以 不是 都可以所以你认为我应该是谁?I got two voices. I think I should either be John, with the deep voice, or...我有两种声音 我认为我可以是约翰 用低沉的声音 或者……I could be Peter. What do you think? You guys think Peter or John? Peter, okay.我可以是彼得 你认为怎么样?你们让我是彼得还是约翰?彼得 好的Peter? All right, cool. Okay, shh. All right. Shh. All right.彼得?好的 很棒 好的 嘘 好的 嘘 好的Hello? Hello. This is Peter from UMass. Is this Miss Melanson? Yes.你好?你好 这里是马塞诸塞州大学的彼得 是曼森吗?是的Im actually the head of the English department,我是英语系的主任and its been brought to my attention that youve been missing some classes lately.这有个事情引起了我的注意 你最近旷了一些课Is that true? Um, no, I havent missed any class. This is Miss Melanson, correct?是这样的吗?嗯 不是 我没有错过任何一节课 是曼森 是吗?Yes. Jocelyn, yes. Okay, and your parents are LeeAnn and Steven? Yes.是的。乔斯林 是的 好的 你的父母是李安和斯蒂文吗?是的Okay. This--this isnt funny to me. I dont know why youre laughing.好的 这个对我来说不是很好笑 我不知道你为什么要笑Well, its not funny to me. I didnt miss any class.好的 对我来说不好笑 我没有旷过任何一节课You--did you go to class yesterday? No, it was a snow day.你你昨天去上课了吗?没有 昨天是下雪天Well, we actually had school yesterday. It wasnt a snow day at all.好的 我们昨天实际上是有课的 昨天不是下雪天What are you gonna do about it? Okay. You got to make it up. You should probably--你要做一些什么?好吧 你需要补过这个错误 你应该--Ill have to talk to the admissions department and figure it out, cause...我想要说我找教务处解决这个问题了,因为……Say, ;Stop yelling at me.; Stop--first of all, you can stop yelling at me.说 “别对我大喊大叫” 停下来首先 你不要对我大喊大叫Im sorry. Just calm down. ;My assistant wants to speak with you.;对不起 你先冷静下来 “我的助理想和你说话”One second, my assistant wants to speak with you. Okay.一秒钟 我的助理想和你说话 好的Yes, Im his assistant, and I dont do accents nearly as well as he does.是的 我是他的助理 我不学也和他口音差不多My name is Ellen DeGeneres, and that was Justin Bieber我的名字是 艾伦·德杰尼勒斯 并且那个是贾斯汀·比伯that was on the phone with you just now. Oh, my God.刚刚和你通话的人 哦,我的天Were taping a show right now-- I know, youJustin was being--我们现在在录制一个节目--我知道 你--贾斯汀在--Justin, that was rude. That was rude. Im sorry. It was his idea to call you.贾斯汀 之前很不礼貌 之前很不礼貌 对不起 打给你电话是他的主意But actually, Justin thought you should come to a taping, and so well fly you out here.但是实际上 Justin认为你应该来录制节目 所以我们在这给你订了机票Youll come to a show, youll meet Justin, and--would that be fun?你可以来我们的节目 你可以见到贾斯汀 你觉得开心吗?Oh, Im about to start screaming. Im jumping around. My roommate thinks Im crazy.噢 我开始尖叫 我跳来跳去 我的室友认为我疯了Oh, my God! All right. All right, well-- Thank you so much.哦 我的天!好的 好的 好的--十分感谢你Youre welcome. And buckle down. Quit fooling around in that college there.不客气 我们倾尽全力 在那所大学停止恶作剧Ill try not to. All right, well see you soon. Okay, thank you so much!我不希望那样 好的 我们很快再见 好的 十分感谢你All right, bye. I love you guys. Ah, we love you too. Love you.好的 再见 我爱你们 嗯 我们也爱你 爱你201706/515311五常市打胎需要多少钱 And so, in 1306, Bruce,the most politically intelligent and militarily successful figure,因此 在1306年 布鲁斯 这位在苏格兰中世纪史上最具政治才干 in medieval Scottish history, did just that.伟大的军事奇才 首先解决了内部问题He met with John Comyn, his main rival,and ended up stabbing him before the altar of Greyfriars Church in Dumfries.他与他的主要对手约翰·科明进行了一次会面 在格雷弗利尔斯教堂的圣坛前 一刀结束了他的生命The murder is neither explained nor justified by it being the case of a patriot knocking off a quisling 这一谋杀行为没有掀起任何政治波澜 被简单定性为一次爱国者铲除卖国贼的行动for Comyn had been a lot more consistent in his opposition to the English than Bruce,虽然科明的反英情绪 甚至要比布鲁斯更胜一筹he remained loyal to king Balliol, who still lived,and so had to be removed.但他一直对尚在人世的苏格兰王贝列尔忠心耿耿 因此成了布鲁斯的眼中钉Barely six weeks after he had murdered Comyn,Bruce had himself inaugurated king at Scone.科明死后仅仅六周 布鲁斯在司康加冕为王Instead of unifying the Scots behind a single leader,布鲁斯的行为没有使自己成为统领群雄的君王Bruces actions only intensified what was aly a Scottish civil war,one that he initially lost.反而激化了苏格兰的内部混战局势 他一开始就偏离了正确的道路He fled Scotland and so created a vacuum of knowledge,他不得不逃离苏格兰 造成史料空白filled by heroic mythology the fable of the cave and the spider, 只留下一段英雄佳话 那便是洞穴蜘蛛的传说whose patience gave Robert the resolution to persevere.蜘蛛的坚持不懈给了罗伯特坚持到底的决心There was no cave, no spider,but there was something more extraordinary 没有什么洞穴 也没有什么蜘蛛 但有件事却意义非凡the polished noble turning himself into a guerrilla captain.这位优雅的贵族脱下长袍成了游击队长It was Robert the Bruce, not William Wallace,who wrote the book on partisan warfare.是罗伯特·布鲁斯 而非威廉·华莱士 向我们演绎了游击战的精髓 /201610/475010The vine is taking me out above the waterfall and into the jungle.顺着藤蔓我来到了瀑布上方 进入到了丛林中For centuries this was a wild and ruly place千百年来 这里都是蛮荒之地Rebellious tribes adapt to the harsh environment over thusands of years.部落的人民在经历了数千年的历练之后 适应了这里恶劣的生存环境But this mountian remained untamed.但这深山老林之地依然野性难驯Still today that stories of tigers prowling around the jungles here.至今仍然有传说当中的老虎 在附近的丛林中四处觅食Ants! Man, look at this,look. Weaver ants.Thats what they are.Hang on.蚂蚁 快看 织叶蚁 这就是织叶蚁 等等Right down the neck.Look at this.These things are brutish.蚂蚁爬进我的脖子了 快看 这些织叶蚁真是如狼似虎The bites really pack a punch because the ants spray formic acid into the wound.被蚂蚁咬到一口可疼得不轻 因为这些蚂蚁会把蚁酸喷到伤口上See, its why theyre called weaver ants.Theyve weaved all of these leaves together.看 这就是为什么要把它们称为;织叶蚁; 它们把这些叶子都编织到一起They have this, like,glue that holds it all in place.But these are nasty ants.看 就像这样 分泌类似胶水的东西把叶子黏在一起 这些蚂蚁都非常难对付These ants are so aggressive that the ancient chinese used nests of weaver ants 它们的攻击性很强 因此 古代的中国人民用织叶蚁to protect their fruit trees from harmful bugs.来保护果树 防止害虫的袭击Its the oldest example of biocontrol in the world.这是世界上最早的生物防治措施Theyre not gonna like this one bit.它们不会喜欢我这样的But the larvae are packed with protein and thats what Im after.但它们的幼虫富含丰富的蛋白质 而那是我求生所必须的食物Yeah, that is massive.Lets try and get some of this stuff there.这里有一大群蚂蚁 我得弄点下来Look. There you go. Thats what I mean.See that.看 就是这个 看见没201607/454271五常市妇女医院是市级吗

哈尔滨市第六医院在线问答TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480348黑龙江省医院贵吗 Most people cant think big. This is how the majority of my friends who went to college thought,大多数人都没有野心。我大部分上大学的朋友就是这么想的,;I hope I can get a decent job when I graduate.; Like not even a good job, just a decent job.“毕业后我想找份体面的工作。”甚至不是一份好工作,仅仅是一份体面的工作。That was their biggest plan for their life. Finding a decent job.找一份体面的工作就是他们最大的人生规划。。I also had very few other friends who said, ;Im going to start a business and become a millionaire by my mid-twenties.;也有少数其他朋友说,“我打算在25岁左右的时候创业成为百万富翁。”And theyre actually on track to accomplishing that.并且他们也在朝着既定的目标前进。Now heres the thing... The biggest problem is that most people cant even think big.是这样的…最大的问题是大多数人都没有那么大的野心。And I always make sure to point out that yes, this is just the first step.我想指出的是,是的,这仅仅是第一步。There are so many other things you need to do to be successful after youre able to think big,有了大胆的想法之后,想要取得成功还有很多其他的事情需要做。otherwise that is whats called being delusional. But...否则那些想法就只能是妄想。但是…if you cant even do the first step right, there is no hope.如果你连第一步都迈不出去,那就一点希望都没有。If your biggest vision for yourself is to find a decent job just like it is for most people,如果你最大的愿望是像大多数人一样找份体面的工作,you cant expect anything great to happen.就不要期望发生什么大事。Its like setting up your finish line a hundred meters from you every time you run.就好像每次起跑都把终点设在一百米开外。No, youre not going to be a great marathon runner if a hundred meters is what youre aiming at.不,如果你的目标是一百米那你不可能成为一个优秀的马拉松运动员。And yes, there are 20 other steps ahead of you, youre going to have to work hard, youre going to have to work smart,是的,还有其他二十几步要走,你在工作上要努力,要机智,but nothings going to help you when your finish line is constantly set at 100 meters.但如果你的终点永远是100米的话,那什么也帮不了你。Value yourself. Believe in yourself. I know that sounds kind of cliche, but heres the thing...珍视自己。相信自己。我知道这听上去有点老套,但就是这样…Most people I know cant even believe that one day they could be making millions.我认识的大多数人都不相信他们有一天会成为百万富翁。They cant even entertain that thought for a second.他们甚至连想都不想。Most guys I know dont think that they actually deserve that beautiful girl.我认识的很多人都认为他们配不上那个漂亮的女孩。Most people I know dont actually think that they deserve to be around successful people.他们都认为自己不值得与成功人士为伍。And heres the thing... Youre putting a very low price tag on yourself, and guess what?是这样的…你给自己标价很低,猜猜会怎样?You cant expect people around you to put a higher price tag on you.你就别指望周围的人会把你的身价提上去。If you dont even like yourself, how can you expect others to like you?如果你都不喜欢自己,怎么指望别人喜欢你呢?If you want me to be your business partner and you dont even believe that you could make millions,如果你想让我成为你的生意伙伴,但你自己都没有信心能赚好几百万,why am I going to even consider working with you?那我为什么要考虑和你合作呢?If Im a girl, and you dont even think that you deserve me, why should I think that you deserve me?如果我是一女生,你自己都认为配不上我,我为什么还要认为你配的上我呢?No ones ever going to value you or believe in you if you cant even value and believe in yourself.如果你自己都不重视和相信自己,别人更不会重视你,也不会相信你。There is a lot of truth to what Henry Ford was saying,亨利·福特说的很有道理,the man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he cant are both right.认为自己能与不能都是正确的。And finally, excusitis. I remember I was a little kid and I was talking to one of my uncles or something最后一点,借口。我记得小时候和一个叔叔谈话,and he was telling me how much he knew about success or whatever so i asked him,他告诉我他很了解很多关于成功等诸如此类的事,我就问他,;Well, if you know all about success, how come youre not successful?;“呃,你知道那么多,为什么你没成功呢?”And his kids were running around near by, and he pointed at them and he said, ;Thats why.;他的孩子们跑过来了,他指着孩子们说,“这就是为什么。”And even as a little kid that made me nauseous. But thats what everyone does. Excuse on top of excuse.即使那时还小,我仍然对他的回答感到很反感。但是每个人都会那么做。为自己找台阶下。Dont be that person. Youll be the only one feeling sorry for yourself,不要成为那种人。即使周围的人都给你灌输你是受害者的这种心态,even if people around you are encouraging your victim mindset.你也要知道对不起自己的只有你自己,而不是别人。So start thinking big, and realize that thats just the first step. Start researching the 20 other steps.所以开始大胆的想法,要知道那只是第一步。开始研究其他20几步。Start believing in yourself, and realize that if you cant even do that yourself you cant expect others to believe in you.开始相信自己,并认识到如果自己都不能相信自己,就不要指望别人会相信你。And finally, dont make excuses. If you dont make it to where you want to be,最后,不要找借口。如果你没有达到预期,it is because of the decisions that you have made.那是因为你做的决定。Dont be the guy pointing at his kids as an excuse.不要拿孩子说事。There are plenty of guys out there with more kids than you and worse circumstances than you有很多孩子比你多情况比你糟的人,who still figured out a way to crush it.他们都有办法来摆脱这种阻碍。201707/517118哈尔滨市道里区妇产医院做药物流产多少钱

哈尔滨最优惠的人流医院栏目简介:A Polish agricultural delegation was in town yesterday to promote meat products. Shanghai was its third and final leg following stops in Chengdu and Beijing. Meanwhile, the first freight train from Chengdu to Polands Lodz departed yesterday carrying a full load of electronics and other consumer goods. It will arrive in Poland in 15 days. Sun Caiqin has more...201701/488464 In a final act of respect, Harold found his dead brother出于手足情意 哈罗德找到了弟弟的遗体and took what was left of him to be buried at York Minster.并将其厚葬于约克大教堂But he had no time to grieve or exalt over the death of Tostig,但他却没有时间为弟弟的死去 而悲戚抑或雀跃for the day after the battle of Stamford Bridge,the Norman fleet,at last, felt the wind change direction.斯坦福桥一战之后 挪威人溃不成军 也就在此时 海风终于转变了风向So, with great haste, the Duke went to sea,于是公爵旋即火速出海with his fleet sailing swiftly to the coast of England.带领手下扬帆来到英格兰的海岸Their first sight of land would have been the cliffs at Beachy Head,到达这片大陆 他们最先看到的便是比奇角的悬崖and they landed in the nearby sheltering harbours at Pevensey.他们的登陆点是位于佩文西附近的隐蔽海港An old Roman fort guarded the beach.守护着海岸的一座古罗马堡垒Within its empty shell, Williams men erected a prefabricated timber castle, later to be rebuilt in stone,在堡垒的残壳之中 威廉的手下搭起了 一座临时的木制城堡 后又用石头重新堆砌as if declaring that they were now heirs to the Romans.仿佛在宣告 他们是罗马人的后代Expeditions for food and forage from the base camp took the usual form,从周边地区获取食物和饲料 一如既往的强取豪夺burning everything that couldnt be seized,striking terror into the hearts of the locals.拿不走的统统被付之一炬 令当地居民惊恐不堪 /201608/458988黑龙江省妇幼保健院挂号龙江县做体检多少钱



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