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And what they called is calotropis,and you tell that from these big leaves,and these like fruit, a little like avocados.当地人把这个称为牛角属 很好辨认的 大叶子 还有这个果子 有点像鳄梨But look, if I break this,you got this milky sap,and you do not want to get that on yourself.但是瞧仔细了 如果我掰折这个 会有白色汁液留下来 你绝对不会想尝试这玩意儿的Get that on your eye,it will blind you.Trying eat on this, you probably sick for days.这个汁液如果进到眼睛里 会瞎掉的 不小心吃到了 人会不舒好几天As a general rule a white milky sap should be avoided all course.一条通用法则 白色汁液 千万别碰And this euphorbia mimicking cactus is no exception.这种大戟属科植物 像极了仙人掌 也不例外This stuff literally has been known to kill people.这些刺 大家都知道会杀死人的One of our crew got a tiny little bit on his finger,and a bit later on,我们中有一个人 他的只是沾到了一点点 过了一会儿his was sweating and wiped his forehead,got a little bit in his eye,and, really, almost blinded him.他用手擦去额前的汗 只有一点点汁液进到了他眼睛里 真的 差点就成瞎子了Survival can be a risky business,and things dont always go to plan.Sorry.求生就是冒险 总有意料之外的事情 真抱歉The British army has a saying about dealing with problems.It provides a depth and overcome.英国部队里有一句话来形容如何处理问题 深思熟虑 解决问题This attitude will carry you through the most difficult situations,这种态度会帮你走出困境and then the heart beat lies resource through all from this.通过这些 存活下来In dense forest,with no way points,its easy to lose direction.在广袤森林中 没有路标 很容易迷失方向To see the layer of the land,get up high.But sometimes thats easier said than done.要了解这里的地势结构 去高处 但是 说着轻松做着难Im gonna see if I can get up,get up on this tree.我要试试我能不能上去 能不能爬上这棵树Alright, if I can get like,most the way up, guess there should be a nice view out over the forest,and get my bearings.如果我能爬上去 爬到上面去的话 就能将这个森林一览无遗 找到我的方向201605/441882Hey good morning嘿 早上好Can you call me through the office of Late Late show please你能通过“深夜秀”办公室打电话给我吗Late Late Show“深夜秀”Guys Im stucked in the worest traffic伙计我这交通很糟糕Im just...Im come off the road我只是...我在路上了I dont know where I am但我不知道我在哪this I dont know if I can get in for todays meeting我不知道能不能赶上今天的会议I really dont...will you make it to rehearsal?我真不知道...你要带着它去排吗Ill try my best. Wait.我尽快赶过去Hang on. Im off. Ill call you back.等等 我会回拨给你Sia! Its James! James! Howre you doing? Awesome!希亚 我是詹姆斯 詹姆斯 你还好吗 好极了Im over here! No no! Oh. No! Oh我在这里 不不是 噢 不对不对 噢Listen, can you help me get to work?听着 你能送我去上班吗Of course. Id love to.我很乐意Im really good at directions.我方向感很好的All right. Im riding a car.好吧 我来开车No thats not the... Turn...turn around.我在车里 不对 转过来Wait there. Wait there.在那儿等着 原地等着Ill come and get you in.我去把你接进车里Oh, my gosh. No. Turn around.我的天 转过来Okay. Im just—are you okay?我只是——你还好吗?Okay. Im just—are you okay?我只是——你还好吗?Im great. Theres a curve. Okay?好极了 这有个台阶There you go. You step on it. OK. I found it.到了 你得踏上来 好的我上来了Got it. Yeah, there it is.好的 是的 车就在这儿Hey! Girl. Listen anytime. Listen, anytime.你好呀伙计 好的Such a relief I saw ya. I got you covered.见到你真让我安心 我知道Yeah, yeah, I got ya covered.是的 我替你解忧了Sounds great James.听起来不错詹姆斯Party girls dont get hurt Cant feel anything, when will I派对女孩不会受伤 我麻木无感 何时才能学乖I push it down, I push it down我控制自己 压抑自己Im the one for a good time call Phones blowin up, theyre我纵情享乐 电话响起 有人狂按门铃ringin my doorbell I feel the love, I feel the love我从中感受到爱意 感受到爱意1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink一二三 一二三 干杯 一二三 一二三 干杯1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink Throw em back, till I lose coun一二三 一二三 干杯 循环往复 直到不省人事Im gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier我在吊灯上恣意摇摆 在吊灯上尽情腐坏Im gonna live like tomorrow doesnt exist, like it doesnt我要放浪形骸 如同明天不复存在 如同它不复存在exist Im gonna fly like a bird through我要飞翔 像一只鸟儿the night, feel my tears as they dry穿越黑夜 感受泪被风干Im gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier我在吊灯上恣意摇摆 在吊灯上尽情腐坏But Im holding on for dear life wont look down wont open my ey我正为了生命而坚守 头颅高昂 双眼紧闭keep my glass full until morning light, cause Im just holding o斟满酒杯 迎来天明for tonight. Now, the last time I因为我只为今夜而坚守 上次saw you was after a red carpet event and you were wearing,我看见你是在一个红毯走秀之后 你戴了一个……rather than a bow, a witchs hat.不能说是蝴蝶结 它更像是一顶巫婆帽a big hat with the hair on it.一顶带着头发的大帽子With the hair on it. Yeah.带着头发 对But then when we got inside, you took the hat off. Yeah但是我们进去里面时 你又把那顶帽子摘掉了So we were face to face.所以我们就面对面了I dont wear this unless there are cameras around. Of course.除非周围有人照相 我是不会戴那个的 这样啊I only wear this to try to maintain a modicum of privacy.我戴这个只是为了保持一点儿隐私Talk me through the choice to do that.讲讲你是怎么决定这么做的Well, I was a singer aly for ten or eleven years to mediocre success. Yeah.嗯 我已经当了十年 十一年左右的歌手了 业绩平平 嗯And I was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and I sobered up而且我是个酒鬼 还是个瘾君子 之后我清醒过来And decided I didnt want to be an artist anymore because it was destabilizing in some ways.决定不再继续做艺术家了 因为我变得小有名气了 而这个职业从某种程度上来说不太稳定I thought what doesnt exist in pop music at the moment, and it那时 我思考了流行音乐中缺少的成分was mystery, I was, like, you know, there is pictures on那就是神秘感 你知道的 就像instagram上instagram of everyone at the dentist.每个人看牙医时的照片一样神秘Yeah, but its a different style when youre的确 但当你和唱片公司talking to record companies or P.R. people and things like或者公关人士交谈的时候 又是另一番风格That. No. In fact—was that even insulting or were people like yes!是这样吗 不是的 实际上——难道居然会有这种侮辱 或者有人这样说这样做正好!Dont show your face! Yes!别把脸露出来!I would be distaught if someone said I tell you how we can make you a star, James—cover that up.如果有人这么对我说 我会抓我教你一个成名的方法“把你那张脸遮起来”There is a common theme in your songs which is like a sort of—whoa, oh!在你的歌曲里 有个共有的旋律主题 就像——Yeah, I love doing that.没错 我喜欢写这种How do I get that?我怎么能唱出这种You mean—It feels like Im making it tight or something.哦 你的意思是 听起来就好像 我在拉紧声带Okay. I have no idea what you just said.明白了 我不太懂你刚才教我的I will stay up through the night.我将彻夜不眠Yeah, but you sing it like this是的 但你唱得有点像……Do you believe in aliens?你相信有外星人吗?How do you know that? I know stuff.你怎么知道的 我知道很多事儿You know, I only believe in你知道 我相信它们Them because I watched a of the ex Canadian Minister of就是因为 我看了一个视频 加拿大前防卫部部长Defense saying plainly he knows for a fact that the American直截了当地说 他知道美国政府government are working with five different alien races, and my正在研究五个不同种族的外星人blood ran cold and I thought that guy is the ex-Canadian Minister of Defense.我觉得很害怕 然后我想到这家伙可是加拿大前防卫部部长啊Hes not just like some guy on YouTube.他可不是YouTube上随随便便的一个什么人But youve never seen an alien? Ive never seen.但是你从来没看到过外星人吧 从没有Maybe I have. Maybe theyre just among us.也许我见过 可能它就在我们之中呢I hope Im here if they come and, b, that theyre我希望它们出现的时候我还在世上 其次 它们很善良really nice and talk about lovely things and, c, that they和我们谈论可爱美好的事物 再就是 他们只想only want to go on the ;The Late Late Show.;参加我的“深夜秀”节目Yeah. The ;The Late Late Show; is the one we want.不错 我们很需要“深夜秀”Thats all I ask of aliens.这就是我对外星人的全部疑问You are a beauty. A beautious thing.你真美 真是个美人I actually feel great.我的确感觉不错The best way to describe it.不会有比这更好的形容了Im hugging my head right now.我正抱着我的头Do you know what I feel like?你知道我的感觉了吗?I feel like Im just here, not even James anymore.我感觉我就是希亚 已经不再是詹姆斯了This Is powerful.这舞跳得真有力量Im still breathing, Im still breathing我依然安好 我仍在呼吸Im still breathing, Im still breathing我依然安好 我仍在呼吸Im alive Im alive我还活着 坚强地活着Im alive Im alive我还活着 坚强地活着There are people there and you cant see them.人在那边 你看不到她们If we cut their heads in half, they would have our wigs.如果我们把她们的脑袋砍掉一半 她们就会要我们的假发了Is this true that you can carry a dozen eggs in both hands?这个是真的吗 你能用双手捧住一打鸡蛋In both hands, yes.两只手的话 可以的I can do six per hand.我可以一只手捧六个Youre double jointed.你有双重关节You found out the weirdest things about me.你发现了我最奇怪的地方I have a ring on.我戴了个戒指Three. Keep going. Im so shaky.现在放了三个 继续放 我的手都在颤Youre just nervous.你只是紧张了Last egg. Ready? Yep.最后一颗 准备好了吗?好了Oh, my god! Im doing it!哦 我的天 我做到啦You shout it out, but I cant hear a word you say Im talking loud, not saying much你放声咆哮 但我毫不理会 放话挑衅Im bulletproof, nothing to lose fire away, fire away我刀不入 是亡命之徒 开吧 开吧ricochet, you take your aim fire away, fire away子弹弹开 你再次瞄准 开吧 开吧you shoot me down but I wont fa I am titanium你射中我 但我不会倒下 我是金刚不坏You shoot me down but I wont fa I am titanium你射中我 但我不会倒下 我是金刚不坏I am titanium high five.我金刚不坏 来击掌Do you need to see Sias I.D.?你需要看希亚的件吗?I trust you. Youre very trustworthy.我相信你 你很值得信任Thank you so much. Thank you for getting me to work.非常感谢 谢谢你送我来上班201705/510327栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201606/431421

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457834

TED演讲视频:新路标之轮流依秩一半的交通事故都是发生在交叉路口。Gary Lauder则提出了一种不仅价格低廉又能改善路况的新路标。这种路标不但结合传统路标的特性,而且倡导文明驾驶。201702/490855TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/468004We are tetrapods, to whit one, two, three, four.我们是四足动物,瞧着,1,2,3,4Every mammal, every dog, cat is, is a tetrapod, four legs.所有哺乳动物、每只、每只猫都是四足动物,都有4条腿A horse is a tetrapod evidently enough, so is a bird.马很明显是四足动物,鸟类也是All the reptiles, all the frogs, the salamanders and even the snakes which dont have legs at all,所有爬行动物、所有青蛙、蝾螈、甚至是没有腿的蛇whales which dont seem to have legs, theyre all tetrapod animals.还有看似没有腿的鲸鱼,它们都是四足动物Scientists became bewitched by the fact that under the skin all tetrapods are basically the same.所有四足动物皮下结构基本相似的现象使科学家们很感兴趣They all had spines kept firm by special interlocking spurs.它们都具备由特殊关节突起牢固连接的脊柱It is as true of us as it was of the dinosaurs.我们和恐龙都是如此All tetrapods had a pelvis attached to the backbone to support their weight.所有四足动物都有与脊椎相连的骨盆以撑它们的体重They all had a ribcage to protect their heart and lungs, and they all breathed air through nostrils.它们都有用以保护心脏和肺的胸廓,它们都用鼻孔呼吸空气Their limbs invariably consisted of one single bone at the top.它们的四肢总是由上面的一根骨头A pair of bones underneath leading to feet or hands和下面连着足或爪的一对骨头组成which scientists noted never seemed to have more than five fingers or toes.而且科学家们发现似乎从来没有超过5根手指或脚趾It was true of dinosaurs, human beings and even whales, for under their flippers they have five fingers.这一现象存在于恐龙、人类、甚至是鲸鱼中,因为它们的鳍肢内也有五趾This similarity convinced scientists all tetrapods must come from just one type of creature, a single common ancestor.这种相似性使科学家们确信,所有四足动物都起源于一类动物,一个共同的祖先。201701/488196

But scavengers cant be choosers.拾荒者可不会挑三拣四At least theres a few minutes just to stop,warm up, get some energy in.起码有时间能停下来 取取暖 补充点能量Then were back on our way.重新上路To reach the coast,为了到达海岸you must leave this rich ecosystem behind and head out deeper into the marshes.就必须离开这个富饶的生存环境 深入沼泽地The mountains seem a long way away.高山看上去离我们很远了Alluvial plains like this are made over thousands of years.像这样的冲积平原 有着几千年的历史As minerals and sediment are swept down by highland rivers矿石以及沉淀物从高地被洗刷下来and become trapped in these vast, open plains at the coast.在海岸边逐渐形成了辽阔的平原Way boggier and wetter now.路越来越泥泞了The water is getting deeper and walking in these reeds is now almost impossible.水越来越深 继续在这样的芦苇丛里行走几乎是不可能的Getting beyond funny, these holes now.这些洞现在可是一点都不好笑Oh, hang on. Lost my boot in it.等等 我的靴子掉里面了Okay. Hang on. I need my boot.Were not going anywhere without that.等等 我去找靴子 没它我们哪都去不了Got it.Thats why. The lace broke.找到了 原来是这样 鞋带断了201705/508070One Word: Mother“母亲”这个词的意义What do you think of your mom? Is your mom nice?你觉得你的妈妈如何?你的妈妈好吗?No.不好。We asked women aged 5 to 50 to do word association on camera. These are their responses to the word ;mother.;我们请五到五十岁之间的女性在摄影机前做文字联想。这里是她们对“母亲”这个词的回答。Mother.母亲。Mommy. Sometimes when Im sick, she takes really good care of me.妈咪。有时当我生病,她会好好照顾我。Pray.祈祷。Mine.专属于我的。Inspired?给人启发?Working hard?努力工作?Caring.慈爱。Nice. Um, because moms always take care of you and they do a lot for you.很好。唉,因为妈妈总是照顾你们,而且她们也为你们做很多事。Laughter.欢笑。Supportive.持的。Loving.慈爱的。Hero.英雄。Shes the shiniest person I know, and I always look up to her. And I dont know what Id do without her, so...她是我知道最阳光的人,我一直很尊敬她。而且没有她我就不知道该怎么办了,所以……Beautiful. Sometimes mean.漂亮。有时候很坏。Family, I guess. I mean we dont really have the best relationship, but she wants the best for me, and I feel like... I let her down a lot.家人,我猜。我的意思是我们并非真的拥有最棒的关系,但她希望我得到最好的,我觉得……我很让她失望。Superwoman.女超人。Sacrifice.牺牲。Love.爱。Rock. Because my mother is my rock.石头。因为我的妈妈就是我的坚石。Loving.慈爱的。Caring.关爱的。Patient.有耐心的。Role model.典范。My best friend.我最好的朋友。Strength.力量。I love my mother. Theres only one mom in the whole world, and I got the best mom.我爱我的妈妈。全世界只有一个妈妈,而我得到最好的那一个。Im a mother, and...I think of love when I hear the word ;mother.;我是一位母亲,而……当我听到“妈妈”这个词我想到爱。Theyre just people that care for you, and watch out for you; got your back.她们就是关爱你、为你留心的人;持着你。I dont know, my mom is the best. Theres no one word that you can say about your mother.我不知道,我妈妈最棒了。没有一个字可以形容你的妈妈。Family.家人。My mother is frustrating.我妈妈很沮丧。The best.最棒的。Friend.朋友。Unconditional love.无条件的爱。Richness, the feeling of richness.丰富,丰富的感觉。Amazing. Something I wanted my whole life and...so proud to finally be it.超棒的。我一生都在渴望的某件事...我很骄傲我终于当上妈妈了。Unconditional.无条件的。Love.爱。Supportive.持的。Fun. Because its fun being a mother.有趣。因为当妈妈很有趣。Beauty.美丽。Me.我。Caring, yeah. Its all about caring... of the others.关爱的,对。全在于关爱……别人。My moms a blessing. She lives as two states away, and shell still drop everything to come help me.我妈妈是一个恩赐。她住在距离两个州以外的地方,但她依然会抛下一切来帮助我。A blessing, I can say.我可以说,是个恩赐。Meaning of life.人生的意义。Devoted.奉献。One Word: Mother.一个词:母亲。201607/452128【视频讲解】LSD is one of the most potent hallucinogenic drugs—active at just around 100 micrograms...a miniscule amount.麦角酸酰二乙胺(简称LSD)是药效最强的致幻药之一,只要100微克左右的微小剂量就能产生致幻作用。Potent1. 效力强的Their most potent weapon was the Exocet missile. 他们效力最强的武器是飞鱼导弹。2. 有权势的,有权力的:“The police were potent only so long as they were feared”(Thomas Burke)“只有当他们害怕时,警察才是有权力的”(托马斯#8226;伯克)Hallucinogenic 迷幻药 《》 hallucinatory 幻觉Miniscule 微小It has a miniscule market share, but its unique abilities make it important enough to be worthcatering to if you can do so without inconveniencing other users.它的市场份额很小,但是其独特的功能使它具有了足够的重要性,颇值得我们关注,但前提是不给其他用户造成不便That fact has fascinated pharmacologists for decades. Namely, how can it have such long-lasting effects...12 hours or more...at such tiny doses?这一事实数十年来一直吸引着药理学家的目光。他们想知道,为什么它的药效能如此持久?如此小的剂量为什么能产生长达12个小时以上的药效呢?Pharmacologist 药理学家Namely 即,也就说A district should serve its client, namely students, staff, and parents. 一个学区应该务于其主顾,即学生、教职员工和家长。long-lasting 持久的One of the long-lasting effects of the infection is damage to a valve in the heart.感染的其中一个长期后果是使心脏的一个瓣膜受损。Dose 剂量To find out, researchers legally obtained LSD. And built copies of the receptors it binds to in the brain—serotonin receptors.为了弄清这一点,研究人员通过合法方式获得了LSD。他们复制了LSD在大脑中连接的受体——5-羟色胺受体。Built1. 被构造2. 有…体格的(做形容词)...a strong, powerfully-built man of 60. …一位体格健壮的60岁男子。Serotonin血清素;5-羟色胺(血管收缩素)They mixed the LSD and the receptors together, and crystallized the result. They then imaged the structure, using x-ray crystallography.之后研究人员将LSD和受体混合,并将所得到的结果结晶化。最后他们运用X射线晶体学对结构进行成像。Crystallize1. 结晶2. 使成形; 具体化,He has managed to crystallize the feelings of millions of ordinary Russians.他成功地阐明了数百万普通俄国人的感情。-graphy 学crystallography 结晶学Geography 地理学aerography 气象学And they found that when LSD linked up with the serotonin receptor, a sort of ;lid; formed over it. Almost like the drug went in, then pulled the door shut behind it.研究人员发现,LSD与5-羟色胺受体相连时,会在上方形成一个“盖子”。就像药物进入以后关上后面的门一样。link up1. 连接;接合;We must link up theory with practice.我们必须把理论和实践联系起来。2. 联合成团体They linked up with a series of local anti-nuclear groups.他们与一系列反对核武器的地方团体联合起来了。;You could think of the top part of LSD as a hand, holding onto the latch and pulling it down.; Bryan Roth, a pharmacologist at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill involved in the research. “你可以把LSD的顶部想象成一只手,这只手抓住门闩拉下来。”布莱恩#8226;罗斯是北卡罗莱纳大学教堂山分校的药理学家,他参与了这项研究。latch门闩You left the latch off the gate and the dog escaped. 你没插门闩,跑了。;This explains why LSD is so potent, why such a small amount of it is active, and secondly why it lasts for such a long period of time. Because basically once it gets in there it takes hours to come off the receptor.; The study is in the journal Cell.“这就解释了LSD为什么如此强大,为什么很少的剂量就能产生作用,为什么其药效可以持续如此长的时间。基本上来说,一旦它进入体内,那就需要数个小时才会离开受体。”该研究结果发表在《细胞》期刊上。come off1. 离开2. 成功; 奏效It was a good try but it didnt really come off. 这是一次好的尝试但未真正奏效。3. 结果 (最差、最好)Some Democrats still have bitter memories of how they came off worst during the investigation. 一些民主党人仍留有他们在调查中如何惨败的痛苦记忆。The result may also explain why microdosing—taking even smaller amounts of LSD, at sub-psychedelic levels—might work as a mood enhancer, as some users have reported.该结果也可以解释为什么微剂量……为什么即使用很少量的LSD,产生轻度幻觉也可以使情绪兴奋,此前有使用者提到过这一点。Psychedelic1. 幻觉的2. 有迷幻色的...psychedelic patterns.…光怪陆离的图案。Enhancer 增强剂; 增强器Cinnamon is an excellent flavour enhancer.肉桂是一种绝佳的提味料。;Its clear from the data we have that these small doses can engage these receptors, and of course we know that the receptors that LSD interacts with, theyre the same receptors that are thought to be involved in antidepressant drug action.;“很明显,从我们获悉的数据来看,小剂量也可以对受体产生作用,当然我们知道,与LSD接触的受体同抗抑郁药的受体是一样的。”interact with 相互交流;相互沟通;The two chemicals interact with each other.这两种化学物品相互作用。Antidepressant gt; depressant gt; depress 沮丧Roth does not advocate trying it out. But he says the discovery of the ;lid; might someday lead to the development of novel antidepressants—ones with long-lasting effects, at just the tiniest of doses.罗斯并不提倡进行试验。但是他表示,这一“盖子”的发现或许在某一天可以促进新型抗抑郁药的研发,一种只需要最小剂量就可以长时间有效的药物。try out 试验;测验;The method seems good but it needs to be tried out.这个方法似乎不错,但需要试验一下。Lid盖子Novel 新奇的 newProtesters found a novel way of demonstrating against steeply rising oil prices.抗议者们找到一种新奇的示威方式来反对石油价格的飙升。201706/512630

The civil wars were not just an unfortunate accident or an occasion to dress up as Cavaliers and Roundheads.内战不仅仅是 所谓保皇党和议会派之间 一场不幸的意外或是巧合They were that most un-British event,这不是典型的英国战争a war of ideas,ideas that mattered deeply to contemporaries因为这是场理念之战 是人们根深蒂固的理念 引发的争端because at the heart of them was an argument about liberty and obedience.因为在人民内心深处 盘踞着民主与从的争论That argument became lethal at Edgehill,这一争论最终导致了边山的大战and it would echo for generations down through British history,并将在大不列颠历史中一代代回响and as a matter of fact,that argument has never really gone away.事实上 这一争论再也没有销声匿迹To the survivors, looking back, the issue was simple.幸存者回首过往 会发现内战原因很简单Whether the king should govern as a god by his will and the people governed by force as beasts,是君权神授 国王至上 将人民当野兽奴役or whether the people should be governed by their own consent.还是由人民民主自治Yes, thats the voice of a republican in exile,Edmund Ludlow,没错 这是一位流亡中的共和党人的呐喊 他就是艾蒙德·勒德洛but that same voice, that same memory,相同的声音 相同的记忆would be heard through the centuries and in revolutions far beyond our shores in America in 1776, in France in 1789. 还会在几个世纪以后 在远离不列颠的革命中听到 在1776年的美国和1789年的法国It goes against the grain, doesnt it?A bit embarrassing, not to say painful,世事往往背道而驰 不是吗 不列颠被认为是革命的源泉to be thought of as the fountainhead of revolutions.虽说不上痛苦 多少有些尴尬Its not very British.All that shouting, all that Bible waving, all that killing.这可不是不列颠的风格 所有的呐喊 挥舞圣经与杀戮So was it all an aberration, then?Well, no, actually.这算不算一场错误呢 事实上 并非如此 /201702/492467

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