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鲤城区妇幼保健院正规吗?怎么样福建德化中医院怎么预约泉州治疗子宫肌瘤较好的医院 泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院贵不贵

泉州输卵管不孕的病因医院For those lucky enough to live on either coast, going to the beach and frolicking in the ocean waves is a favorite summertime activity. 对于那些有幸能够住在海边的人来说,去海滩玩耍或是在海浪中嬉戏都是夏季最赞的活动。Faced with the reality of an ocean less existence, inhabitants of the landlocked, fly over states came up with the ultimate substitute: the wave pool. 海洋越来越少,内陆居民飞越各大洲,最终想出了一个可替代品:人工海浪池。In the ocean, waves occur when wind pushes against the surface of the water. 在大海中,当风推动水面的时候就会产生海浪。Water molecules pushed forward by the wind at a certain point push against the molecules in front of them, and so on. 受风向前推动的一个水分子会在一个特定的时间向前推动前一个水分子,以此类推。The collective pushing of all those molecules results in waves. 那些水分子的整体推动作用就形成了波浪。Creating waves artificially in a relatively small, contained body of water works on the same basic principle. 人工创造一个相对较小的波浪,包含水体本身都是基于一个相同的原理。Something is used to push on the water at the deep end of the pool to create waves. 这个原理就是从池底推动海水形成海浪。Most serious wave pools use a reservoir system that uses huge amounts of stored water to create the necessary push. 大部分正规的海浪池都有一个水库系统,它足以储存大量的水资源,用以制造足够大的推动力。Reservoir pools have four basic parts: a water pumping system, a reservoir to hold the water, release valves at the bottom of the reservoir, and a canal at the shallow end of the pool to return water to the pumps. 水库池是由四个基本部分组成:一个排水系统,一个贮水池,一个水库底部的泄水阀,还有一条浅水区的运河,用于将水抽回泵中。The pumps draw the water into the reservoir, which in large wave pools can hold up to 90,000 gallons. 水泵将水引入水库,而大型波浪池可以容纳90000加仑的水。When the reservoir is full, the release valves open, dumping the water into the calm, motionless water of the pool. 水库满了的时候,泄水阀就会开启,溢出一部分水,从而使池内的水保持相对静止。The sudden influx of so much water, like a strong wind, pushes the pools water forward, creating a sizeable wave. 突然涌进大量水,就像强风一样,会向前推动池内的水,从而产生一个相当大的波浪。When the wave washes up at the front of the pool the canal channels the extra water back to the pumps, and the process begins again. 海浪在池前冲洗过后,运河会将剩余的海水引回泵中,随后这个过程再次开始。201308/252576泉州市新阳光女子能检查怀孕吗 泉州省儿童医院导诊

泉州专科无痛人流医院If youre not aly convinced that regular exercise is important to stay healthy, now there is yet another reason to break a sweat, especially if youre a woman: breast cancer.如果你还不是十分相信经常锻炼对于保持健康很重要,现在就有让自己大汗淋漓的另外一个理由,尤其是如果你是一个女人的话:它就是乳腺癌。Several studies have linked exercise to lowering the risk of developing breast cancer.一些研究发现运动能降低患乳腺癌的风险。Considering that breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, these findings are nothing to shrug about.考虑到乳腺癌是女性的第二常见癌症,这些发现没有什么可以规避的。First, regular exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer by helping women to maintain a healthy and consistent body weight.首先,经常运动可以降低患乳腺癌的风险,帮助女性保持健康及体重稳定。Post-menopausal women who have gained more than twenty pounds since the age of eighteen are forty percent more likely to develop breast cancer.从18岁已经增加超过20磅绝经后的女性患乳腺癌的几率高达40%。Women who gain seventy or more pounds in their adult years are eighty percent more likely to develop breast cancer.成年期增加70磅或更多的女性患乳腺癌的几率高达80%。Another study suggests that the correlation between breast cancer and body weight may have much to do with female hormones produced by body fat.另一项研究表明乳腺癌和体重之间的关联会影响身体脂肪所产生的雌性激素。Higher levels of estrogen, as well as testosterone, have been demonstrated to increase ones risk of developing breast cancer.已经明过度的雌激素,以及睾酮会增加人们患上乳腺癌的风险。However, exercise significantly reduces the levels of these hormones by burning body fat, which produces the hormones.然而,运动明显通过燃烧产生激素的体内脂肪降低了这些激素的水平。So the more you exercise, the more fat you burn, hence the lower your hormone levels, and the lower your risk of developing breast cancer.所以越锻炼,消耗的脂肪越多,因此能够降低你的激素水平,从而降低患乳腺癌的风险。How much exercise is necessary?那练多少就合适了?Just thirty minutes of exercise each day or three to four hours a week could lower ones risk of breast cancer by about twenty percent.只要每天锻炼30钟或一个星期三至四小时就能够降低20%患乳腺癌的几率。And exercising more than four hours a week may further lower your risk.而一个星期锻炼4个多小时可能会进一步降低你的风险。Keep in mind, however, that no amount of exercise can guarantee you wont develop cancer.不过,要记住,不是再多的运动就可以保你不会患上癌症。Certain risk factors such as genetic make-up and environmental exposures are uncontrollable. 某些如基因构成及环境暴露的风险因素是无法控制的。 201310/261420 Finance and Economics;BTG Pactual goes public;Back to basics;财经;巴西投行BTG公开上市;返璞归真的巴西投行;A purist pay scheme at Brazils high-flying investment bank;巴西投行雄心壮志,薪酬方案追求纯粹;Wall street elders talk nostalgically about the days of private partnerships, before investment banks went public. BTG Pactual, a Brazilian investment bank that raised 3.7 billion reais (.9 billion Dollar) in an initial public offering (IPO) on April 24th, thinks it can have the best of both worlds. Although the IPO will enable some investors, like J.C. Flowers and Co, a private-equity firm, to cash out at a handsome profit, the banks partners have less freedom.华尔街的老人谈起早些年的投行,常流露出怀念之情:那些年,它们还没上市;那些年,它们还是私人合伙公司。巴西投行BTG认为它做到两全其美,同时从这两种公司形式中获益。4月24日,BTG成功上市(IPO),共募得37亿雷亚尔(19亿美元)。有的投资者,比方说私募基金J.C. Flowers and Co,在IPO中获益颇丰并功成身退。跟他们相比,BTG的合伙人们可就没法那么随心所欲了。BTG does not want to go public only to see partners chase Ferraris, third homes and early retirement by taking unnecessary risks in order to plump the share price. So it has put severe restrictions on partners selling shares. Partners who want to leave the bank or cash out will be allowed to sell their shares only to other partners, and only at book value. In this way the banks culture will not be corrupted by going public, the thinking goes, and shareholders can be reassured that partners will stay for the long term.想象这样一幕:上市后,一边是合伙人买豪车、住新房、提前退休;另一边,公司则要承担无谓的风险,努力提升股价……这番景象是BTG最不愿意见到的。为防患于未然,BTG对合伙人出售股票做出了严格的限制。合伙人要想从公司套现退出,只能以账面价值将股票卖给别的合伙人。按照这一思路的设想,上市后,公司的企业文化仍能保持纯正。股东也可以放一百个心了,因为合伙人迅速套现离场的可能性降低了。Some partners are said to be grumbling about the scheme. They will not be able to sell shares at the market price even after they have put in decades of work and want to retire. That raises questions about whether partners are genuinely incentivised to do well by shareholders. And even if the banks pay policies please the purists, BTGs governance structure will not. André Esteves, the banks high-voltage billionaire founder, will control around 85% of the banks common shares and has “sole discretion” to control the banks policies and management, even when a matter has been put to shareholders.据说,有些合伙人对这份股票限售方案抱怨连连。他们为公司打拼了几十年,现在想退休了,却不能按照市场价卖掉自己的股份。股东对此也抱有疑虑:合伙人们是否得到了真正的激励,能否用心为公司务。如果说BTG的薪酬政策合了纯粹主义者的心意,它的公司治理结构却没有如此。精力旺盛的亿万富翁安德烈?埃斯特维斯作为公司的创始人,控制着约85%的普通股份额。他可以“全权决定”公司的一切政策和管理事务。即使在某事被提交给股东来决定的情形下,仍是由他说的算。Mr Esteves has ambitions for BTG to become the dominant investment bank in all of Latin America. The bank, like Brazil itself, has had a growth spurt in the past few years, forging into new business lines and countries through a spate of acquisitions. A week before the IPO Mr Esteves was fined 350,000 Euro (457,000 Dollar) for insider trading by Consob, the Italian regulator, which said he bought shares in an Italian meat company in 2007 before a joint venture with JBS, a Brazilian firm, was publicly announced. Mr Esteves denies the allegations. Investors shrugged: the IPO was said to be three times oversubscribed. They are too keen to buy into Mr Esteves to be put off by the controversy, or by any disgruntlement on the part of his colleagues.埃斯特维斯胸怀壮志,他的梦想是让BTG成为拉丁美洲首屈一指的投行。同它的祖国巴西一样,BTG在过去数年中获得了迅速增长,借助一连串收购交易,扩大了经营范围,开拓了外国市场。在BTG上市的一周前,意大利券监管机构CONSOB因埃斯特维斯参与内幕交易,对他做出了罚款35万欧元(45.7万美元)的决定。CONSOB称,埃斯特维斯在2007年得知,一家意大利肉制品企业将与巴西的JBS公司建立合资公司,赶在消息公布前购入了该公司的股票。对于CONSOB的指控,埃斯特维斯做出了断然否认。投资者则根本不把此事放在心上:据说BTG的IPO获得了3倍的超额认购。他们实在太想从埃斯特维斯那里买到股票了。在投资者的眼里,关于他的争议或者同事们对他的任何不满,全部是浮云。 /201306/243692泉州市妇保医院怎么样?福建省泉州第二人民医院位置




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