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At first, hed been innocent of the Lords design.最初 他也没有参透上帝的意图For years, he just led the life of an obscure East Anglian country gentleman.多年来 他只是盎格鲁东部 一名平庸的绅士Just as Cromwell was beginning to make his way in the world,正在克伦威尔开始闯荡世界时some sort of crisis happened to his modest fortune.他衣食无忧的生活遭受了挫折But what the world might have seen as misfortune was, through the cunning of the Almighty, his saving grace.然而在世人看来不幸的遭遇 经由上帝巧妙地安排 却成了对他的恩典He underwent some kind of religious conversion.他的宗教信仰发生了转变The vanities were stripped away so he might be opened to the light.浮华不再 他终于愿意接受光明Oh, I lived in and loved darkness and hated the light!我曾欣然藏身于黑暗之中 厌恶光明This is true. I hated Godliness,yet God had mercy on me.是的 我过去并不虔诚 然而上帝却仍眷顾着我Oh, the riches of His mercy!仁慈爱的主啊The sense that God had some special service for him made a new man of Cromwell.天将降大任于己身的信念 使克伦威尔面貌一新He knew where he was going. He knew what had to be done.他有着明确的方向 也清楚自己的使命What had been done was tear the sword out of the hands of the untrustworthy, Papist-loving king.他的使命就是夺过不可信赖的 宣扬教皇至上的国王手中的杀伐之剑He went to war as a complete novice with no military experience whatsoever.初入沙场时 他只是一名毫无军事经验的新手But his sense of divine appointment was his armour.但心中神圣的使命感 就是他的甲胄It made him supremely confident, cool under fire,but never reckless.这使他极度自信 遇事不慌 却从不鲁莽 /201703/501060西安胃泰胃病科医院预约TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201605/441511西安胃泰消化病医院【视频讲解】First, European regulators have tried harder to preserve competition between existing carriers. The EU has been willing to block mergers, such as a proposed tie-up between Ryanair and Aer Lingus, and to prevent airlines from building monopoly positions at airports. Not so in America: at 40 of its 100 biggest hubs, a single carrier now accounts for more than half of capacity. That pushes up prices. The merger of American and US Airways in 2013 increased American’s market share at Philadelphia’s airport to 77%. Fares rose from 4% below the national average in 2013 to 11% above after the merger.首先,欧洲的监管机构更为努力地维护现有航空公司之间的竞争。欧盟一向愿意阻止合并,防止航空公司在机场建立垄断地位,例如它曾叫停瑞安航空与爱尔兰航空(Aer Lingus)的合并计划。美国的情况则不同:在100个最大的枢纽机场中,有40个机场超过一半的容量都属于某一家航空公司。这推高了票价。美国航空(American Airlines)和全美航空(US Airways)于2013年合并,导致美国航空在费城机场的市场份额上升至77%。该公司票价在2013年较全国平均水平低4%,合并后则比平均水平高出11%。preserve v.维持 (maintain), 保护(protect)- The laws are intended to help preserve our environment.block v.阻止propose v.提议tie-up n.合并monopoly n.独家垄断hub n.中心account for 占有.....capacity n.容量Second, Europe has made it easier for foreigners to boost competition by entering new markets. There are no ownership limits at all between European countries; and the EU lets airlines with a non-EU owner that has a stake of up to 49% fly anywhere within the bloc. America caps foreign ownership at 25%. Foreign joint ventures, such as Virgin America (which was acquired by Alaska Air Group last year) struggle to take off.其次,欧洲让外国人更容易进入新市场,以此促进竞争。欧洲国家之间不存在任何持股限制,而且只要航空公司的非欧盟股东持股在49%以内,它就可以在欧盟的任何地方飞行。美国的外资持股上限为25%。维珍美国航空(Virgin America,去年被阿拉斯加航空集团收购)等外国合资企业步履维艰。boost v.增加bloc n.联盟 (欧盟)cap v.以...为上限Third, Europe has also encouraged competition between different airports and their main operators. Breaking up the ownership of London’s biggest three airports has saved passengers #163;420m (8m) in fares since , according to ICF International, a consultancy. In contrast, most American cities have only one airport, many of them publicly owned.第三,欧洲还鼓励不同机场及其主要运营商之间的竞争。根据咨询公司ICF国际(ICF International)的数据,自年以来,拆分伦敦最大的三个机场的所有权为乘客节省了4.2亿英镑(6.28亿美元)的机票费用。相比之下,大多数美国城市都只有一个机场,其中有许多是归政府所有。consultancy n.咨询公司Some of Europe’s advantages are hard to replicate. Distances between big cities are shorter, making road and rail transport serious rivals. Yet that is all the more reason for America to promote competition in the sky. America’s regulators should loosen the cap on foreign ownership, take away slots from incumbents and promote the use of secondary airports to give new entrants a leg-up. If that doesn’t yield dividends, regulators should consider breaking up the big airlines. Allowing competition to wither was a huge mistake. It should be rectified.欧洲的一些优势很难复制。欧洲大城市之间的距离较短,使公路和铁路运输成为飞机的劲敌。然而,这也让美国更有理由推动天空中的竞争。为了帮助新进者,美国的监管机构应该放松对外资持股的限制,减少现有企业独占的起降时段,并促进线机场的使用。如果这样做没有产生回报,监管机构应该考虑拆分大型航空公司。放任竞争减少是一个巨大的错误,应该予以纠正。replicate v.复制- replica n.赝品cap n.限制slot n.可用机位incumbent n.在职者(现有航空企业)entrant n.新加入者let-up n.帮助 (boost)yield v.产生dividend n.回报wither v.减弱,枯萎- The plants withered and died.rectify v.纠正201707/516024西安市新城区中医院肠胃检查多少钱

天水市市中心医院胃病胃肠在哪运城市妇幼保健院胃病胃肠地址Because until Argentina scientists had so few facts all they had to go on were their theories,因为在此之前,科学家们只有很少一些资料能明他们的假设but all these theories did have one thing in common:但是所有这些假设都有一个共同点they all had something to do with one of the most extraordinary events ever to have happened in the Earths history,它们都与地球史上发生过的一次最重大的事件有关because back at the time of the early dinosaurs, the Earth was a very different place to today.因为在早期恐龙的时代,地球的面貌与今天截然不同You see at the beginning of the Jurassic what we had was all the land masses,在侏罗纪初期,所有陆地板块all the continents lumped together in one giant super-continent that was then surrounded by just one giant ocean.所有大陆都连在一起,形成一块巨大的超大陆,当时它被一整片泛大洋包围This super-continent was the world of the early dinosaurs, but forces deep within the Earth were aly at work.这块超大陆是早期恐龙的生存地,不过地球内部的巨大力量正在发挥作用During the Jurassic this continent started to break apart.这块大陆于侏罗纪开始分裂This was the birth of the world we know today.我们今天熟知的世界诞生了It was such a huge event, scientists instinctively felt it had to have some effect on the evolution of the dinosaurs.这是一次重大事件,科学家们从直觉上认为它可能影响到恐龙的进化Well this break-up of the super-continent probably had to do something with the diversification of the dinosaurs,这次超大陆的分裂很可能导致了恐龙的多样化but what it was that is what were trying to find out.但到底是怎么回事,这就是我们要研究的。201704/506457西安妇幼保健院肠胃科预约Okay.This traverse is all about two things,balance and nerve.走了 用这种方式横越 有两点极其重要 平衡与勇气And when youre nervous, its hard to balance.如果你太过紧张 就无法保持平衡Ill just take my time and keep my balance on this quite nicely.我得慢慢前进 并且在绳索上保持 完美的平衡Got my foot--I can just move it to the left or the right to keep that balance.我的双脚 只能左右移动 来保持平衡And then just try not to look down,just focus on the balance, and take my time.然后尽量不要向下看 注意平衡 不要着急And that kevlars gone absolutely drum tight these lines.这凯夫拉线已经 要蹦到最紧了But theyre holding.And Im still in a safe position here.还好现在还没断 我现在还算安全But if you did get off the wire like this, the way to get back on is an old commando technique called a regain.但如果你像掉了下来 想要翻上去 要用一种叫;恢复;的古老技巧You get your shoulder over,Swing your leg up, and then down.把肩膀翻过去 把脚荡上去 再下来Brings you...back onto the top.Lets not have that happen again.这能使你... 回到绳子上 刚才那一幕可别再发生了Better stop looking down.最好别向下看Thought my heart would let it burst out of my mouth.我的心脏刚刚差点没跳出来Although still a long way up.下爬之路漫漫 还没到头呢201608/461701安康第一人民医院胃肠科多少钱

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