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西安市胃泰医院网上预约咨询陕西交大第二附属医院胃病胃肠在哪Yuan may be part of SDR人民币有望入IMF货币篮The Group of Seven countries are in fundamental agreement that the Chinese yuan should be part of the IMFs international basket of reference currencies, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said.德国财长朔伊布勒近日表示,七国集团已达成初步协议,同意人民币加入国际货币基金组织(IMF)的一篮子参考货币。The IMF began holding meetings this month to review the status of the Chinese currency and discuss whether it could be added to the special drawing rights basket. Results will be available by December.IMF本月开启的一系列会议旨在评估人民币的地位,同时讨论人民币加入;特别提款;篮子的可能性,讨论结果将于12月出炉。The basket currently includes the US dollar, euro, British pound and Japanese yen.目前的一篮子货币包括美元、欧元、英镑和日元。The yuan became the worlds fifth-largest payment currency in December, passing the Canadian and Australian dollars.去年12月,人民币超过加元和澳元,成为全球第五大付货币。来 /201506/378129西安西京医院肠胃科专家咨询 October 18th has been dubbed Adoption Day the day when both sides begin taking steps to carry out the provisions of the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).根据协议的规定,协议的签署各方必须要在联合国认可90天、也就是108日这一天,将这一被称为是“联合全面行动计划”的协议纳入实施。Secretary of State John Kerry says a finalized deal could have ramifications for years to come.美国国务卿克里这个星期表示,上述协议的达成以及纳入实施将在未来很长年里都具有影响力。“The Middle East remains a deeply troubled place, but every problem in the region would be made much worse if countries were to move towards nuclear weapons,said Kerry in a speech at Indiana University this week.他说:“中东地区目前仍然是一个问题重重的区域,但是假如各国都朝着研发核武器的方向发展的话,那么这一区域的所有问题都会变得更为不堪。”Ahead of Adoption Day, Iran muddied the waters by test-firing a medium range missile that may be capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.不过,就在上述协议即将纳入实施之前的一天,伊朗方面进行中程导弹试射的行为,无疑让局面变得不那么简单。上述中程导弹可以用来发射核武器。While Iran’s ballistic missile test does not violate the “letterof the JCPOA, it does violate the “spiritof the agreement, said Ilan Berman, Vice President of the American Foreign Policy Council.美国外交政策理事会的伯尔曼在接受美国之音采访时说,尽管伊朗测试导弹的行为并没有从文字上违犯今年七月间达成的核协议,但是从精神上违犯了各方达成的协议。“The (U.S.) administration, I think, made a tremendous strategic error in agreeing with the Iranians to take ballistic missiles out of the scope of the work of the JCPOA, and it is an effort that I think we are paying for now,he said.他说:“美国政府在同伊朗方面进行协商的时候,同意将弹道导弹方面的事宜排除在‘协议’之外,我认为,这是一个非常严重的、战略性的错误;我们现在已经在为这一错误‘买单’了。”来 /201510/404404John Kerry is to visit Moscow today for the first time since the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, which left relations between the US and Russia at a post-cold war low.约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)将于今日访问俄罗斯,这是自乌克兰危机致使美俄关系降至冷战后低点以来的第一次。The US secretary of state is to visit the Black Sea resort of Sochi and meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin and foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, the state department said, adding that the two sides would discuss the Ukraine crisis, Syria and Iran.美国国务院称,美国国务卿将访问黑海度假胜地索契,会晤俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)和外交部长谢尔盖#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov),双方将讨论乌克兰危机、叙利亚以及伊朗问题。“This trip is part of our ongoing effort to maintain direct lines of communication with senior Russian officials and to ensure US views are clearly conveyed,the state department said.美国国务院称,“此次出访是我们持续努力与俄罗斯高级官员保持直接沟通、并确保美国的观点被清晰传达的一部分。”For Moscow, Mr Kerry’s visit marks a diplomatic victory as it allows the Russian government to argue that Russia plays too important a role on the international stage to be isolated by the west.对莫斯科方面来说,克里的访问标志着一个外交胜利,因为这让俄罗斯政府辩称,俄罗斯在国际舞台上扮演的角色过于重要,西方不应对其孤立。Mr Kerry’s visit to Moscow comes just days after Russia’s celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war in Europe, which the US and most of its western allies had boycotted. While Mr Kerry and Mr Lavrov have met elsewhere and kept in frequent phone contact over the past two years, he has not visited Moscow since May 2013.在克里访俄的几天前,俄罗斯刚刚庆祝了欧洲二战胜利70周年,而美国及其主要西方盟友抵制了这场纪念活动。尽管过去两年间克里和拉夫罗夫在其他地方有过会面并经常保持电话沟通,但他013月以来未访问过莫斯科。Ahead of the visit by Mr Kerry, the Russian foreign ministry blamed Washington for bringing about a “collapsein bilateral relations between the two countries through the US policy of isolation against Moscow and repeated a long list of complaints against the US including Nato expansion and US accusations against Russia over its role in the war in Ukraine.在克里访俄前,俄罗斯外交部指责华盛顿方面对俄实施孤立政策,致使双边关系“崩溃”,并重复了对美国的一长串抱怨,其中包括北约(NATO)扩张以及美国就俄罗斯在乌克兰战争中的角色提出的指控。But it added that Russia continued to co-operate with the US in areas where this was in line with Russian national interests and served the task of safeguarding global security.但俄罗斯外交部补充称,俄罗斯在符合国家利益、并且有利于维护全球安全的领域继续与美国合作。来 /201505/374637汉中第一人民医院消化病属于几级

陕西妇幼保健医院消化病怎么预约Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif waves from a balcony of the Palais Coburg where closed-door nuclear talks were held in Vienna, Austria.闭门核谈判在奥地利维也纳结束后,伊朗外长穆罕默德#8226;贾瓦#8226;扎里Mohamad Javad Zarif)在寇宝宫(Palais Coburg)阳台上挥手致意。Six world powers and Iran have agreed a breakthrough deal to wind back the country’s progress towards building a nuclear bomb in exchange for a sweeping reversal of international economic sanctions, bringing to a close nearly a decade of isolation for the Islamic Republic, according to officials involved in the talks.世界六大国与伊朗达成一项突破性协议,以逆转伊朗建造核弹的进程。与会官员表示,作为回报,国际社会将全面解除对伊朗的经济制裁,结束该国受到的将近10年的孤立。Details of the deal including the crucial timings and scope of sanctions relief for Iran and the range of access international nuclear inspectors will be granted over Iran’s sensitive nuclear sites are expected to be announced later on Tuesday.协议详细内容——包括解除对伊制裁的关键时点和范围、以及国际核查人员将被允许进入伊朗敏感核设施的哪些地方——预计将于周二晚些时候宣布。EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini and Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will hold a press conference at Vienna’s UN centre in the next couple of hours.几小时后,欧EU)外交事务负责人费代丽#8226;莫盖里尼(Federica Mogherini)和伊朗外长穆罕默#8226;贾瓦#8226;扎里夫将在维也纳的联合国中心召开记者招待会。Capping two years of protracted, difficult negotiations, the deal finally agreed on Tuesday morning in Vienna will put in place hard limits on Tehran’s nuclear activities for the next decade and, within weeks, begin to reconnect the 0bn Iranian economy with the world.周二上午达成的核协议,为两年来拖拖拉拉的艰难谈判画上了句号。该协议将为伊方未来十年的核活动设置严格的限制,并将在数周内开始让规模000亿美元的伊朗经济重新与世界对接。It will be hailed by many as one of the most significant foreign policy success of Barack Obama’s US presidency and decried by others including some of Washington’s closest Middle East allies as one of its most egregious failures.该协议将被许多人誉为巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)在美国总统任期内实现的最重要外交政策成就之一,也会被一些人(包括部分美国最亲密的中东盟友)贬斥为他在此期间的最大失败之一。Tuesday’s deal brings to a close a marathon two-week stretch of discussions between Iran and its interlocutors the US, Russia, France, China, the UK and Germany that have set precedents and broken records.周二达成的协议为伊朗与其谈判对手(美囀?俄罗斯、法囀?中囀?英国和德国)之间长达两周的马拉松谈判画上了句号。这次谈判不但创造了先例,也打破了纪录。Oil prices fell more than 2 per cent as news of the deal broke.协议达成的消息传出后,石油价格下跌了%。Since they began, the talks have involved the highest-level diplomacy seen between Iran and the US since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979 and they have demanded the highest-level of commitment. No secretary of state has dedicated as much time to a single diplomatic objective as John Kerry.这场谈判开始后,伊美两国之间的外交互动级别之高979年伊朗国王被推翻以来从未有过的,两国最高层也根据形势需要做出了一些承诺。没有哪位美国国务卿像约#8226;克里(John Kerry)这样,在某一外交目标上投入了这么多时间。Perhaps most significantly, though, if the agreement holds, it will be the first ever case in which a country subject to chapter seven sanctions by the UN Security Council has exited them through diplomacy, rather than war.但最重要的或许是,如果上述协议成立的话,将是首次有一个联合国安理UN Security Council)依据《联合国宪章》第七章对其制裁的国家,通过外交而非战争摆脱了制裁。Attention will now turn to Washington and Tehran, where hardliners have been set on trying to scupper the talks for months. In the US, Congress will now have two months to scrutinise the agreement and then vote on whether it should be upheld. In Iran, the majlis, the country’s parliament, will also vote on the text, but it does not have a fixed timetable for doing so.现在,人们的注意力将转向华盛顿和德黑兰。数月来,美伊两国的强硬派一直在固执地企图破坏谈判。美国国会现在将有两个月时间仔细审议该协议,然后投票表决是否应该持该协议。伊朗议会也将对协议文本进行投票表决,但何时投票并无固定的时间表。来 /201507/385707陕西省森工医院胃病胃肠正规的吗 The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday that ;significant progress; has been made in the U.N.s long-running probe into allegations Iran worked to develop nuclear weapons.国际原子能机构总干事天野之弥星期一说,联合国对有关伊朗试图发展核武器的指责所进行的长期调查取得了“重大进展”。Yukiya Amano said he reported to the IAEAs board about his trip to Iran that included visiting the Parchin military site that has been a key focus of the investigation.天野之弥说,他已经向国际原子能机构理事会报告了他的伊朗之行,包括访问调查重点之一的帕尔钦军事地点。Amano said environmental samples were taken at Parchin before his visit in a process that included Iranian representatives ;swiping samples.; He specified that in some circumstances the IAEA permits countries to participate in verification activities in ways that do not compromise the agencys work.天野之弥说,伊朗方面在他访问帕尔钦之前就提交了帕尔钦的空气样本。他说,在某些情况下,国际原子能机构允许相关国家参加检查活动,前提是国际原子能机构的工作不会受到影响;Authentication by the agency of the samples was achieved through use of an established verification process,; Amano told reporters.他告诉记者,这些样本通过了该组织一个核查程序的检验,被明是有效的。Earlier Monday, Irans state-run IRNA news agency ed a spokesman for the countrys nuclear agency saying samples were taken without IAEA inspectors present.星期一早些时候,国营的伊朗共和国通讯社援引伊朗核机构发言人的话说,收集环境样品时,国际原子能机构检查人员不在场。For years, Iran denied access to IAEA personnel, insisting Parchin was strictly military in nature and would not be opened up to outsiders. Iranian officials have blamed the U.S. and Israel for the focus on Parchin, saying those countries provided faulty intelligence alleging research toward building nuclear weapons. Iran has long insisted its nuclear program is peaceful.伊朗多年来一直不准国际原子能机构进入帕尔钦,坚持说帕尔钦是军事性设施,不对外开放。伊朗官员认为,帕尔钦成为关注焦点是因为美国和以色列提供了错误情报,说伊朗企图制造核武器。长期以来,伊朗一直声称其核项目是用于和平目的的。来 /201509/400826十堰妇幼保健院消化病怎么样

榆林妇幼保健院胃肠科怎么样The Obama administration’s environmental policy is deepening divisions between big businesses on climate change, mirroring polarisation among US states over an issue that will drive more legal and political conflict next year.奥巴马政府的环境政策加深了大企业在气候变化问题上的分歧,也折射出美国各州在这一议题上的两极化态度。气候变化问题明年将给美国带来更多法律和政治冲突。A White House plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions from power stations has exposed a growing rift between consumer businesses that support the proposal and industrial groups that are vehemently opposed to it.美国政府试图限制发电厂温室气体排放量的计划,暴露出消费品企业和工业企业之间日益加深的裂痕,前者持这一计划,后者则强烈反对。President Barack Obama is seeking to make action on climate change a central part of his legacy, but the plan from his environmental regulator is aly threatened by lawsuits and Republican opponents in the US Congress.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)正在争取让针对气候变化问题的举措成为他的主要政治遗产,但是上述由美国国家环境保护局(EPA)提议的举措已然引发官司,国会中的共和党反对者也威胁要让提案流产。The corporate divide emerged from 1.6m-plus comments sent to the Environmental Protection Agency by a deadline of midnight on Monday, reflecting arguments that will rage as the agency seeks to finalise its plan by June 2015.到提案公众评议期截止日、本周一2点时,美国环境保护署(EPA)共收到60万条,从中可以看出企业间的分歧,也预示着环保署在促成提案015月敲定的过程中将面对激辩。A group of more than 220 companies, including well-known US names such as Kellogg’s, Levi-Strauss, Mars, Nike and Starbucks, has signed a letter in support of Mr Obama’s plan, along with European groups including Adidas, Ikea, Nestlé and Unilever.包括家喻户晓的氏(Kelloggs)、利惠公Levi Strauss amp; Co)、玛Mars)、耐克(Nike)和星巴克(Starbucks)在内的20家美国公司组成的团体,已经签署联名信表示持奥巴马的这一计划,阿迪达Adidas)、宜Ikea)、雀Nestlé)和联合利Unilever)等欧洲公司也参与了联署。The letter, organised by Ceres, an investor group that campaigns on environmental and social issues, says the companies agree that climate change poses “real financial risks and tackling it is “one of America’s greatest economic opportunities of the 21st century这封信是由致力于环境和社会问题的投资者团体环境“责任经济联盟Ceres)组织发起。信中写到,这些公司一致认为,气候变化会带来“真正的财务风险”,而解决气候变化问题是“美国在21世纪面临的最伟大经济机会之一”。Tim Brown, chief executive of Nestlé Waters North America, said supplies of crops and water were essential to the company’s business, and both were threatened by climate change.雀巢北美饮用水公司(Nestlé Waters North America)首席执行官蒂#8226;布朗(Tim Brown)表示,农作物和水的供应对该公司的业务至关重要,而这两种东西的供应都受到气候变化威胁。“We see it as crucial to the sustainability of the company. We’re 148 years old, and we would like to be here for another 148 years.”“我们认为这对公司的存续具有决定性影响。我们公司已48年历史,我们希望再过148年我们还在。”He added: “We feel consumers are going to be a big influence in this debate, and it’s important for them to know which side we come out on.”他补充说:“我们认为消费者将在这次辩论中发挥很大影响力,而让他们明确知道我们站在哪一边非常重要。”The EPA plan would cut carbon dioxide emissions from power stations by 30 per cent by 2030 from 2005 levels, primarily by reducing the US’s dependence on coal.美国环保局的计划将主要通过减少美国对煤的依赖,使美国发电厂的碳排放总量030年降005年水平的70%。The regulator has set emissions targets for each US state, which must decide how to achieve the cuts by switching to cleaner energy sources such as natural gas, nuclear or wind, by improving grid efficiency, or by reducing electricity consumption.美国环保局已经为美国各州设定了减排目标,各州必须决定如何通过改用更清洁的能源(如天然气、核能和风能)、提高电网效率,或者减少电力消耗来实现减排目标。But Mitch McConnell, who will lead a Republican Senate majority in the new Congress next year, has said one of his priorities is “to try to do whatever I can to get the [EPA] reined in但即将在明年的新一届国会中担任参议院多数党领袖的共和党参议员米#8226;麦康奈尔(Mitch McConnell)已表示,他的首要任务之一就是“尽一切努力将(环保局)牵制住”。Industry and fossil fuel businesses are strongly critical of its climate change plan. A coalition of groups including the National Association of Manufacturers, the American Petroleum Institute, the American Chemistry Council and the American Iron and Steel Institute, made a joint submission that said the EPA plan would make US companies uncompetitive in world markets.工业和化石燃料企业都强烈抨击环保局的气候变化提案。一个由美国全国制造商协会(NAM)、美国石油协API)、美国化学理事会(ACC)和美国钢铁协AISI)组成的联盟,提交了一份联合意见,称环保局的这一计划将使美国企业在世界市场上失去竞争力。来 /201412/346743 陕西省第四人民医院胃病胃肠专家qq电话商洛妇幼保健院肠胃科地址查询



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