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这是由巴西超模阿德瑞娜·利玛(Adriana Lima)为2012超级碗Teleflora拍摄的广告。广告中阿德瑞娜上演香艳诱惑,深V低胸出镜大玩丝袜诱惑。 以下是中英对照:Guys, Valentines Day is not that complicated. Give and you shall receive.告诉你们,情人节其实没那么复杂。送你一束花,然后你收下就可以了。Happy Valentines night情人夜快乐。teleflora.com201405/300417Oops! France orders wrong size trains After ordering B worth of trains, France realized many of their platforms are too small. CNNs Jim Boulden explains.Before you buy an expensive sports car, you wanna check if it fits in the garage. The same can be said when you are buying billions of dollars’ worth of trains, you wanna check whether the rolling stock fits when it comes into the station, into all the stations. The French National Railway company, the RFF discovered that some of the 2,000 trains ordered from Alstom Bombardier were well, just too wide for the network’s older stations. The train company SNCF reportedly based its orders on the dimensions of the newer, leaner platforms, not the older wider ones. Apparently the wrong measurements were handed to SNCF by RFF. The mistake was found back in 2012, 300 platforms aly had been retrofitted, with another thousand or so to go, costing up to ,000,000, the companies say. well, at least redoing the platforms will be, e ”totally useful and necessary”, RFF says and “brings them up to international standards.” So who is to blame? The current government blames the previous government of course, saying it was absurd to split the train operators from the training network, adding a layer of bureaucracy. It seems what we have here is a failure to communicate. Jim Boulden CNN, London. /201405/301520

India has demanded that the US drop a case against an Indian diplomat who was arrested and strip-searched in New York City for alleged visa fraud.印度已经要求美方撤销对其外交官的指控。该外交官日前因涉嫌签伪造在纽约被逮捕并遭脱光搜身。Indian officials described the case as degrading treatment of Devyani Khobragade, Indias deputy consul general in New York. Khobragade was arrested last week and charged with paying her Indian housekeeper far less than she had claimed on a visa application.印方官员认为美方行为是对其驻纽约副总领事—— Devyani Khobragade的人格侮辱。 Devyani Khobragade于上周遭到美方警察逮捕,并被指控付给其印度保姆的薪水远低于在签申请时所填写的金额。Indian officials said Khobragade had earlier accused the housekeeper of blackmailing her over the salary amount and that the US attorney in Manhattan ignored the fact. Khobragade could face a maximum sentence of 10 years for visa fraud and five years for making a false declaration if convicted.印度官方表示 Devyani Khobragade之前曾就其保姆在薪金方面的敲诈行为进行指控,而美方律师却忽略了这一事实。 如果罪名成立,Devyani Khobragade可能会因签造假和虚假声明分别面临最高10年和5年的监禁。201312/269625

Bigfoot Exists, Research Team ClaimsA team of researchers play what they say is never-before-seen of Sasquatch.Breaking news out of Texas Bigfoot is real. According to a group of researchers, they called themselves the Sasquatch Genome Project, and they released what they say is proof, several never before seen shot clips of legendary and very shy creature. The group spent five years and 0,000 coming to this conclusion. One clip is of Sasquatch sleeping, shot during the day in Kentucky by 2005. “We’ve all had experiences that have changed our lives, I mean, literally shift the foundations of what we’ve believed in.”Besides the , they say they also have DNA proof of Bigfoot existence. One of the researchers stressed that their work’s been called serious study. /201310/260075Germany fans celebrate victory in Rio德国球迷在巴西里约热内卢欢庆胜利With that World Cup title in hand, German fans certainly left the Maracana stadium in high spirits.世界杯冠军成了囊中物后,德国球迷们离开马拉卡纳体育场时自然是喜笑颜开。There was ample cheering and dancing over the victory.他们载歌载舞,庆祝这一来之不易的胜利。But where theres a winner, theres also a loser.但是有赢家,当然也有输家。Although Argentina fans bore the defeat graciously.尽管阿根廷球迷对这一次与冠军的失之交臂感到厌烦。Many said they were proud of their team for their performance, who put up a good fight against Germany.但仍旧有许多球迷表示对自己球队的表现感到自豪,认为这场对阵德国的决赛非常精。;We are the World Champions.“我们是世界冠军。Again weve won. We were behind our team. It is amazing.我们再次站到了世界之巅。我们为球队呐喊助威。这令人吃惊。The atmosphere was great. It is my first time in Brazil and it is amazing here. It was exciting.气氛很好。这是我第一次在巴西,这里的一切令人吃惊。太令人兴奋了。It is great to be here and go back as winners.; a German fan said.能够在这里亲眼见太棒了并且把冠军奖杯捧回家的感觉非常棒。”一位德国球迷说道。;I am very happy and very proud of the Argentinean team.; an Argentina fan said.“我很高兴,为阿根廷队感到自豪。“一位阿根廷球迷说。;We fought till the very last moment.; an Argentina fan said.“我们战斗到了最后一刻。”一位阿根廷球迷说道。201407/311498Islamist militants attack presidential compound in Somalia索马里总统府遭伊斯兰武装分子袭击Islamist militants have attacked Somalias presidential compound with a car bomb in the capital Mogadishu.伊斯兰武装分子在首都加迪沙对索马里总统府引爆了一颗汽车炸弹。201407/310868

只要说100家关键的企业参与可持续化的事业,世界野生动物基金的杰森克莱说全球市场将会转变来保护我们已经过度消耗的星球。听听他非凡的圆桌会议如何让大品牌争相同意将绿色环保措施执行在先,在他们的产品在商店货架上激烈竞争之前。201309/254700Anybody -- and we mean Any. Body. -- can rock a bikini. You just need to know a few tricks.任何人——我们是说任何人——都可以驾驭比基尼。你只需要几个技巧就可以了。You Will Need你需要Flattering bottom漂亮的下半身Hot top火辣的上半身String bikini系带比基尼Wedge espadrilles or gladiator sandals坡跟凉鞋或罗马角斗士凉鞋Accessories配饰Sunscreen防晒霜Steps步骤STEP 1 Pick your bottom1.根据下半身来选择Pick a flattering bottom. Elongate a short torso with one that sits below your waist; lengthen short legs with a style thats higher on the hips. Prevent hip and thigh bulges with a bottom that ties at the sides. If you have a belly, skip bikinis made with Lycra; go with a loose-fitting bottom containing elastic instead.选择让身材看上去更漂亮的下半身。如果躯干比较短,可以选择一款腰际线以下的款式来拉长躯干。如果双腿比较短,可以选择臀部以上的款式。选择侧面系带的款式,防止臀部和大腿鼓胀。如果有小肚腩,避免莱卡布料制作的比基尼,可以选择比较宽松的含有弹性材料的布料。STEP 2 Choose a top2.选择上身Look hot in the right bikini top. Choose one with boning or underwire if youre big-breasted; go with ruffles or ruching if youre small-busted. As for style, the bandeau works well on small busts, while halter tops and criss-cross back straps lend support to heavier bust lines. Go for a string bikini if you have a boyish figure.选择合适的比基尼上衣,让身体看上去火辣。如果胸部比较大,可以选择有侧架或钢圈的比基尼。如果胸部比较小,可以选择有褶饰的款式。细丝带对胸部较小的身材比较好,颈部系带的三角背心和背部带子交叉的比基尼更容易撑丰满的胸部。如果是男性化身材,可以考虑细吊带三点式比基尼。There should be no more than 3 inches of string between your breasts.胸部的带子最好不要超过3英寸。STEP 3 Ditch the flip-flops3.丢弃人字拖Ditch the flip-flops for sexier beach footwear, like wedge espadrilles. If youre very tall and slim, go for gladiator sandals.丢弃人字拖,选择更加性感的沙滩鞋,例如坡跟凉鞋。如果你身材高挑苗条,可以选择罗马角斗士凉鞋。Get your feet sandal-y by soaking them in equals parts warm milk and water; the lactic acid dissolves dead skin.用等量的温牛奶和水浸泡双脚,做好穿凉鞋的准备;其中的乳酸可以融化死皮。STEP 4 Accessorize4.配饰Add some glamour with a straw hat, oversized sunglasses, and a delicate piece of jewelry, like an ankle bracelet. Have a sexy cover-up -- a sheer tunic, a crochet top, or a sarong.加一顶草帽,超大太阳镜,一款精致的首饰,比如脚链等等,为自己增添魅力。外面添一件性感的罩衣,例如纯色外衣,短袖衬衫,或者布裙。STEP 5 Strike a pose5.摆出迷人姿势Strike this classic model stance to look slimmer: Stand up straight with your shoulders back, stomach in, and chest out;twist your torso a bit at the waist; put one leg slightly in front of the other, bent at the knee; and put our hands on your hips.摆出经典的模特造型,让你看上去更苗条:站直,收肩,收腹,挺胸。腰部稍微扭一下;一条腿稍微靠前,膝盖处弯曲;双手放在臀部。Flexing your armpits makes your arms look toned.收缩腋窝处可以让手臂看上去更协调。STEP 6 Slather on the sunscreen6.涂抹防晒霜Slather on the sunscreen -- because keeping skin healthy is definitely hot.涂抹防晒霜——因为健康的皮肤才是最惹火的。A third of women polled cited their bust as their best physical asset in a swimsuit.三分之一的受访女性认为自己的胸部是穿泳衣最傲人的资本。视频听力译文由。201408/321106Listen to me, please.请听我说。Youre like me, a Homo sapiens.你跟我一样是智人。A wise human.一个有智慧的人。Life, a miracle in the universe, appeared around four billion years ago, and we humans only 200,000 years ago.生命是宇宙的奇迹。出现于约四十亿年前,而我们人类只有二十万年历史。Yet we have succeeded in disrupting the balance...但是我们却破坏了。that is so essential to life on Earth.地球生命赖以生存的平衡。Listen carefully to this extraordinary story, which is yours, and decide what you want to do with it.请细听这个不寻常的的故事,你的故事。然后决定你应该做什么。These are traces of our origins.这是我们的起源的轨迹。At the beginning, our planet was no more than a chaos of fire, formed in the wake of its star, the sun.最初 我们的星球不过是一个浑沌的火球。伴随它的恒星-太阳诞生而形成的。A cloud of agglutinated dust particles, similar to so many similar clusters in the universe.一团粘聚的尘埃颗粒。就像宇宙里面许多类似的星云。Yet this was where the miracle of life occurred.然而生命的奇迹就在此诞生。Today, life- our life-is just a link in a chain of innumerable living beings...今天 我们的生命是地球上无数生物形成的生命链中的一环。201409/329539

It was down to the defender Fabio Grosso,轮到了后卫队员法比奥·格罗索,whod scored the precious first goal against Germany.正是他在对德国队的比赛中攻入了至关重要的第一球。This kick, for the world cup.这个球将决定冠军的归属。重点词汇: defender 后卫例句:Chandler is a great team defender.钱德勒是一个优秀的团队防守者。 视频介绍:轮到了后卫队员法比奥·格罗索,这一球将决定冠军的归属。201403/281964

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