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By Apple’s own high standards, the hype surrounding Wednesday’s iPhone launch was looking more subdued than usual.按照苹果(Apple)自身的高标准,围绕周三iPhone发布会的舆论热度似乎比以往要低。The company had just been hit by a Euro13bn tax bill by the European Commission. 这家公司刚遭受欧盟委员会(European Commission) 130亿欧元税务罚单打击。On top of that setback, for the first time since the device made its debut in 2007, sales of the iPhone are in decline. 除了这一挫折,iPhone销量自2007年问世以来首次滑坡。Supply-chain leaks point to a less radical redesign of the current model than Apple customers have come to expect every two years.供应链流出的消息显示iPhone新机型在设计上没有太多重大改变,不及苹果客户每隔两年的期待。Then on Friday Samsung handed its arch-rival an unexpected gift: one of the most costly product recalls the tech industry has ever seen.而上周五,韩国电子制造商三星(Samsung)给自己的主要竞争对手送上一份意外大礼——高科技产业有史以来最昂贵的产品召回之一。Samsung is replacing all 2.5m units that it has shipped of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone just weeks after its release, due to a spate of exploding batteries. 由于接连发生电池爆炸事件,三星将前几周前刚发货的250万部Galaxy Note 7智能手机悉数召回。Just when the Korean electronics manufacturer was regaining momentum in the sluggish smartphone market, the sweeping recall resets Samsung’s attempt to head off Apple’s annual launch.三星刚刚在低迷的智能手机市场重获动力,此番大规模召回让它抢在苹果年度发布会前头发布新品的努力回到原点。The timing is as bad for Samsung as it is positive for Apple, said Geoff Blaber, analyst at CCS Insight. CCS Insight的分析师杰夫#8226;布拉波(Geoff Blaber)表示:这一时机对三星起到的负面作用,与对苹果的正面作用相当。If consumers are facing a lengthy wait, it undoubtedly opens the door for its closest rival.如果消费者要面临漫长的等待,无疑会为最接近的竞争者带来机会。Samsung has said it will take just two weeks to manufacture replacement phones for customers, which could leave just enough time for Apple to bring its new iPhones to market first. 三星表示只用两周就会为客户制造出替换手机,这使得苹果可以恰好先一步向市场推出新iPhone。In the meantime, some mobile operators, including T-Mobile in the US, have said they will offer full refunds to Note buyers, leaving many with spare cash to spend on an iPhone if they feel they can no longer trust Samsung.此外,包括美国T-Mobile在内的部分移动运营商表示将向购买了三星Note 7的消费者提供全额退款,这让许多消费者有闲钱购买iPhone——如果他们觉得无法再信任三星的话。The pressure is definitely on Samsung. 布拉波表示:三星无疑承受着压力。It’s a huge amount of inventory that it needs to rebuild, Mr Blaber said.它需要重建庞大的库存量。Until this incident, Samsung had been winning plaudits for its bold moves with the Galaxy S7 and latest Note 7 handsets. 在此事件之前,三星以围绕Galaxy S7和最新发布的Note 7手机的大胆举措赢得喝。After its smartphones had struggled against soaring sales of the iPhone 6 in 2014 and 2015, Samsung has regained market share in 2016 thanks to its S7 Edge’s curved screen and strong battery performance, two areas where Apple is seen as lagging behind its rival. 2014年到2015年iPhone 6销量飙升,三星智能手机陷入困境。随后在2016年,三星凭借S7 Edge的曲面屏和强大的电池表现——外界认为苹果在这两个领域落后其竞争对手——重夺市场份额。Following its mid-August debut, Samsung had sold 1m Notes before the recall.自8月中旬上市到此次召回前,三星Note 7已卖出1百万部。There’s no doubt in my mind that the timing of the Note launch was intended to pre-empt Apple’s announcement, said Jan Dawson, tech analyst at Jackdaw Research. Jackdaw Research科技业分析师简#8226;道森(Jan Dawson)表示:我认为Note的发布时机毫无疑问是为了抢在苹果新品发布前头。Arguably, it worked well for Samsung at first — the Note 7 has been one of Samsung’s best-reviewed phones ever and it seems to have got off to a great start sales-wise as well.可以说,这一策略一开始对三星效果很好,Note 7是三星有史以来评价最高的手机之一,而且销量情况似乎也开了个好头。Mr Dawson praised Samsung for its swift reaction to the exploding battery problem. 道森称赞了三星对电池爆炸问题作出的迅速反应。Nonetheless, at the exact moment when the iPhone 7 arrives, it will be impossible to buy Samsung’s latest product.但是恰恰在iPhone 7上市的那个时候,消费者将不可能买到三星的最新产品。That’s a significant black eye for Samsung, which will not only have to cover the cost of the recall but also lose several critical weeks of sales as well, Mr Dawson said. 道森说:这对三星来说是一个重大耻辱,它不仅要承担召回成本,还失去了关键当口的数周销量。That could mean losing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sales and customers to its arch-rival.这可能意味着数十万、甚至可能数百万的销量和消费者流失到其主要竞争对手那里。Even without product malfunctions, eking out growth in the smartphone market is tough enough at the moment. 即使不出现产品故障,要在当前智能手机市场维持增长已经十分艰难。Analysts at IDC last week projected just a 1.6 per cent rise in global unit sales this year, down from 2015’s 10.4 per cent increase.IDC分析师上周预计,今年全球智能手机销量将仅增长1.6%,2015年该数字为10.4%。Despite the iPhone 7’s anticipated new dual-lens camera and wireless headphones, Wall Street analysts had forecast that is the product’s current quarterly sales declines were unlikely to be reversed until next year.尽管iPhone 7新的双镜头和无线耳机受到期待,但华尔街分析师预测在明年之前,iPhone当前的季度销售下降趋势不大可能逆转。The dynamics in Apple’s largest user bases, being China and the US, have fundamentally changed, said Ben Bajarin, tech analyst at Creative Strategies. Creative Strategies分析师本#8226;巴加林(Ben Bajarin)表示:苹果最大的用户群在中国和美国,这些用户的动态已经有了根本变化。Apple is not really losing customers; people are just hanging on to their phones for longer.苹果并没有真的流失客户,人们不过是降低了更换手机的频率。Wall Street consensus forecasts are for iPhone unit sales to fall at least 8 per cent in the current quarter ending in September, which is likely to include at least a week of new product availability, to around about 44m units.华尔街共识性的预测是,在截至9月底的当前季度(包括苹果新品上市后的至少一周),iPhone销量至少会降低8%,降至大约4400万部。Sales in the all-important December quarter are expected to be at best flat, at about 74m compared with 74.8m a year earlier, according to analysts polled by FactSet.FactSet的调查显示,在包含至关重要的12月的那个季度,销量充其量有望与去年同期持平,达到大约7400万部,去年同期的这个数字是7480万部。Fuelling the near-term iPhone pessimism is the sense that the really big upgrades for the iPhone are coming in 2017, when the product celebrates its tenth anniversary — including a Note 7-style curved screen.就近期而言,令人们对iPhone悲观的是这一判断:在2017年,iPhone庆祝问世十周年时,iPhone将迎来真正重大的升级,其中包括采用三星Galaxy Note 7那种曲面屏。This year, we are not hearing any killer applications, said Abhey Lamba of Mizuho Securities. 今年,我们没听说有任何令人难以抗拒的新特性。It’s hard to have a good gauge of demand right now.瑞穗券(Mizuho Securities)的阿巴伊#8226;兰巴(Abhey Lamba)说,目前很难对需求做出准确的判断。However, Samsung’s mis-step could make the difference between growth and decline for the iPhone in the coming months. 然而,未来几个月里,三星的失误可能对iPhone是会增长还是会萎缩产生影响。Mr Blaber said the recall could move the needle for Apple very slightly, albeit at most a couple of million units.布拉波表示,三星召回事件可能会让苹果的销量稍微增加一点点,尽管充其量会增加200万部。Apple’s iPhone Plus is the natural alternative to the Note 7 in that price tier, Mr Blaber said. 苹果的iPhone Plus是同一价位上Galaxy Note 7的天然替代品。It is beholden on Apple that they can really get as much stock [on to the market] as fast as they can.布拉波说,苹果必须确保自己能真正尽快(向市场)供应尽可能多的货。Assuming they can do that, they stand to do very well out of Samsung’s misfortune.假设苹果能做到这一点,他们肯定将从三星的不幸遭遇中获益极多。 /201609/465568Chinese search giant Baidu has unveiled an AI digital assistant.中国搜索引擎巨头百度于日前发布了一款人工智能数字助理。Xiaoyu Zaijia - or Little Fish - responds to voice commands using a combination of pictures, text and speech. Unlike many rival AIs it is dependant on a touchscreen.和许多同行竞争对手依赖触屏不同,这款小鱼在家机器人能结合图像、文字和语言回应声音指令。It can answer questions, find local services, play music, make calls and control smart home devices.它具备回答问题、寻找本地务、播放音乐、视频通话和控制智能家居设备等功能。Baidu Chief Scientist Andrew Ng said that artificial intelligence is ;the new electricity;.百度首席技术官吴恩达表示,人工智能是一项“新的电子革命”。;AI has been growing steadily;, he told the B at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. ;Those of us on the inside feel the acceleration now but we have been feeling it for the last decade.;在举办的2017国际消费类电子展上,吴恩达向B透露:“人工智能技术一直在稳步增长。我们这些人的内心现在就能感受到过去10年来的那种快速发展。”;Just as 100 years ago the electrification of our society transformed industry after industry, I think AI tech has now reached that stage.;“正如100年前社会电气化为各行各业带来了变革一样,我认为人工智能技术现在也到了这个阶段。”Existing digital assistants such as the Amazon#39;s Alexa and Google Assistant are not screen-dependant but can be used by voice alone. Apple#39;s Siri, however, continues to rely on a display to provide some of its information.当前市场上的一些数字助理,比如亚马逊的Alexa和谷歌助理并不带有摄像头,只能用声音对话。不过,苹果的Siri仍是依靠显示器提供一些信息。Little Fish will launch initially in China in March 2017 and currently only recognises Chinese languages. Baidu has not yet set a price.小鱼在家机器人预计最早将于今年3月在中国推出,目前只能识别中文。百度方面尚未确定其售价。 /201701/489595

永葆青春用哪招?整容手术成首选Cosmetic surgery helps make 60s new middle age?A woman is undergoing a cosmetic surgery.Cosmetic surgeryis altering not just how people look but how they feel by changing perceptions of middle age, a study showed Monday.Global research group AC Nielsen surveyed people in 42 countries and found 60 percent of Americans, the world's biggest consumers of cosmetic surgery and anti-aging skincare, believe their sixties are the new middle age.On a global scale, three out of five consumers believed forties was the new thirties."Our forties are being celebrated as the decade where we can be comfortable and confident in both personal and financial terms. The majority of global consumers really believe life starts at forty," AC Nielsen Europe President and CEO Frank Martell said.But that doesn't mean they want to look their age.Healthier eating, longer lifespans and higher disposable incomes have helped to hold back the years. However, for many people the biggest boost is coming from the surgeon's scalpel, the survey found.Confirming Russians' status among the world's biggest consumers of luxury goods, 48 percent of them, the highest percentage globally, said they would consider cosmetic surgery to maintain their looks. One in three Irish consumers, 28 percent of Italians and Portuguese, and one in four U.S., French and British consumers felt the same. 本周一公布的一项调查显示,整容手术不仅改变着人的容貌,而且还通过改变人们对中年的理解使人的心理发生变化。AC尼尔森国际调查集团共对42个国家进行了调查,结果发现,60%的美国人认为60岁才是中年的开始。美国堪称世界上最大的整容手术和抗衰老护肤品消费国。从全世界范围来看,五分之三的消费者认为40来岁正值壮年。AC尼尔森集团欧洲区总裁兼首席执行官弗兰克·玛特尔说:“四十岁被认为是人生的黄金时期,这一阶段我们在性格和经济实力方面都变得成熟自信。所以,大多数全球消费者认为40岁才是美好生活的开始。”但是人们又不希望自己的外表看上去有40岁。虽然健康的饮食、寿命的延长和较高的收入对于人们延缓衰老起到了一定的作用。但调查显示,很多人认为整容手术才是永葆青春的最佳途径。对世界上最大的奢侈品消费国之一俄罗斯的调查显示,48%的俄罗斯消费者表示会考虑通过做整容手术来保持青春,这一比例为全世界最高。此外,三分之一的爱尔兰人,28%的意大利人、葡萄牙人,四分之一的美国人、法国人和英国人也有同样的想法。 /200803/31195An artist#39;s impression of the more than 100 million pieces of debris in orbit around the Earth (AFP Photo/)想象图:超过一亿个太空垃圾碎片环绕着地球轨道(法新社图片)Tokyo (AFP) - An experimental Japanese mission to clear #39;space junk#39; or rubbish from the Earth#39;s orbit has ended in failure, officials said Monday, in an embarassment for Tokyo.东京(法新社)- 本周一,日本官员尴尬的宣布,日本一项实验性质、旨在清理地球轨道上的“太空垃圾”的行动,以失败告终。Over 100 million pieces of garbage are thought to be whizzing around the planet, including cast-off equipment from old satellites and bits of rocket, which experts say could pose risks for future space exploration.通常认为地球周围有超过一亿片垃圾,包括旧卫星上遗弃的设备和火箭碎片。专家认为这会对将来的太空探索带来风险。Scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) were trying to test an electrodynamic #39;tether#39; -- created with the help of a fishing net company -- to slow down the orbiting rubbish and bring it into a lower orbit.日本宇宙航空研究开发机构的科学家试图测试一种电动“缆绳”——由一家渔网公司协助开发——来降低环绕地球的垃圾的速度,把它们带到更低的轨道上。The hope was that the clutter -- built up after more than five decades of human space exploration -- would eventually enter the Earth#39;s atmosphere and burn up harmlessly before it had a chance to crash into the planet.然后希望这些在过去超过五十年的人类空间探索中形成的混乱,能最终返回地球大气层,并在有机会撞击地球前无害的烧毁。The 700-metre (2,300-foot) long tether -- made from thin wires of stainless steel and aluminium -- was due to be extended out from a cargo ship launched in December carrying supplies for astronauts at the International Space Station.这条七百米长的缆绳,由不锈钢和铝制细网构成,预定从一艘去年12月发射的、为国际空间站的宇航员们带去补给的飞船上展开。Problems arose quickly, however, and technicians tried for days to remedy the situation but only had a one-week window to carry out the mission before the vessel reentered the Earth#39;s atmosphere before dawn on Monday.然而问题很快出现,技术人员花了几天时间试图修正状况,但是他们只有一周的时间窗口来执行这次行动,之后飞船就要在周一黎明前重返地球大气层了。;We believe the tether did not get released;, leading researcher Koichi Inoue told reporters.“我们认为缆绳没有展开”,首席研究员Koichi Inoue告诉记者。;It is certainly disappointing that we ended the mission without completing one of the main objectives,; he said.“这肯定很令人失望,我们只能在还未达成目标的情况下就结束这次任务,”他说。The disappointment is the latest failure to hit JAXA and comes just weeks after the agency had to abort a mission that sought to use a mini-rocket to send a satellite into orbit.祸不单行,日本宇宙航空研究开发机构几周前使用一个超小火箭来发射卫星到轨道的计划也流产了。The agency also abandoned a pricey ultra-high-tech satellite launched in February last year to search for X-rays emanating from black holes and galaxy clusters after losing contact with the spacecraft.该机构因为宇宙飞行器失联,也放弃了去年2月发射的一枚耗资巨大的超~高科技卫星来搜寻从黑洞和星系团中散发出来的X射线的计划。 /201702/490772

BDANDA, Nepal — From a pasture high in the Himalayas, Tulsingh Rokaya, 55, a shepherd, watched for years as the number of itinerant harvesters swelled.尼泊尔巴格丹达——来自喜马拉雅山脉一个高原牧场的55岁牧民图尔辛格·罗卡亚(Tulsingh Rokaya),多年来眼睁睁地看着流动采摘者的人数在不断壮大。They came in search of what is known as caterpillar fungus, or yarsagumba in Nepali. A parasitic fungus, it forms out of the head of ghost moth larvae living in the soil at altitudes above 10,000 feet, and has been used as an aphrodisiac for at least a thousand years, earning it the nickname Himalayan Viagra.他们是来寻找所谓的“虫草”的,尼泊尔语叫;yarsagumba;。这是一种寄生真菌,由蝠蛾幼虫的头部形成,这种幼虫生活在海拔3000多米的高原土壤中。虫草被用作壮阳药至少有1000年了,它拥有“喜马拉雅伟哥”的别名。In the 1980s, the pickers used to trade the fungus for cigarettes and noodles. But as yarsagumba grew in popularity, it exploded into a multibillion-dollar industry spanning China, Singapore and the ed States.在20世纪80年代,采摘者用这种真菌换香烟和面条。但随着虫草越来越多地受到人们的喜爱,它迅速发展成为一个横跨中国、新加坡和美国的数十亿美元的产业。During the picking season, which runs from late May to July, the number of harvesters in Bagdanda and two neighboring camps has often reached several thousands of people. But this season, with the fungus becoming scarce, the number is down to the hundreds.在5月下旬至7月的采摘季节,前来巴格丹达和附近两个营地的采集者人数往往可达到几千人。但随着这种真菌变得越来越稀少,今年采集季节的人数已下降到了几百。They still hike from a camp below, carrying metal picks to dig out the fungus, helping to produce an average regional harvest of 135 tons a year. Occasionally, they stop at Mr. Rokaya’s tent to buy sheep’s curd. Most of the time they pass through, teetering on a steep hillside where they spend the morning hunched over to find the fungus’s crooked black stem poking through the dirt.他们仍从山下的营地徒步上山,手拿金属小镐把虫草挖出来,为这个山区平均每年135吨的产量做贡献。偶尔,他们会在罗卡亚的帐篷前停留,购买羊凝乳。但大多数时候,他们只是从这个搭建在陡峭山坡上的帐篷前路过,整个上午都在弯着腰寻找这种真菌露出泥土的弯曲黑茎。Folklore has it that interest in the fungus stems from the startling performance of Chinese runners at an international track meet in 1993, which their coach attributed to their consumption of a soup combining the fungus with turtle blood. (Western competitors suspected something less exotic, namely performance-enhancing drugs.)民间传说称,对这种真菌的兴趣,来自中国赛跑选手在1993年的一次国际田径运动会上令人吃惊的表现。他们的教练把成绩归结于运动员喝了用虫草和鳖血做的汤。(西方的竞争对手怀疑并不是出于这么具有异国风味的原因,而是由于使用了提高成绩的兴奋剂。)With prices topping ,000 a pound in China’s coastal megacities, harvesting of the fungus has helped to curb endemic poverty in the Himalayas, which stretch across Nepal, northern India, Bhutan, Tibet and China. For hundreds of thousands of people living in remote villages, selling yarsagumba has become a primary source of income.在中国的沿海大城市,虫草标价超过了每磅5万美元(约合每千克66万元人民币)。采摘虫草帮助改善了喜马拉雅地区普遍存在的贫穷状况。这一地区跨越尼泊尔、印度北部、不丹、藏区和中国。对于数十万生活在边远村庄的人而言,售卖虫草成了一项重要的收入来源。A study by Nepal’s central bank found that harvesters earned an average of about ,500, or 56 percent of their yearly income, selling the fungus. Money from yarsagumba has given some of the world’s most impoverished people access to electricity, hospital care and education.尼泊尔中央的一项研究发现,采摘者售卖虫草的平均收入约为2500美元(约合1.7万元人民币),占他们年收入的56%。由虫草获得的收入让世界上最贫穷的一些人用上了电,看得起病,也得以接受教育。“The whole Tibetan plateau is by now completely dependent on the cash influx,” said Daniel Winkler, a mycologist who has studied the caterpillar fungus extensively in Tibet. He estimated that over one million people in Tibet sell the fungus.“到现在,整个青藏高原地区完全依赖这部分资金来源,”真菌学家丹尼尔·温克勒(Daniel Winkler)说。他在藏区就虫草做过大量的研究。他估计藏区有超过100万人在卖虫草。But as quickly as demand for the fungus has surged, its supply has dropped sharply. Mycologists studying the fungus point to overharvesting as one reason. But another possible cause, some researchers now believe, is a warmer ecosystem precipitated by climate change, a phenomenon that may be more acute at higher altitudes.虫草的需求迅速上涨的同时,供应量却出现剧烈的下滑。研究虫草的真菌学家认为过度采摘是出现这种状况的一个原因。不过一些研究者现在认为,还有另一种可能的原因:由气候变化引起的生态系统变暖。在海拔高的地方,这种现象或许更加严重。“There are strong theoretical reasons as to why we might expect the rate of climate change to be faster higher up in the mountains than it is at sea level,” said Nicholas Pepin, a geographer at the University of Portsmouth in England.“我们有充分的理论依据认为,气候变化的速率在山区会比在海平面更快,”英格兰朴茨茅斯大学(University of Portsmouth)的地理学家尼古拉斯·佩平(Nicholas Pepin)说。Some of the most compelling data comes from the Tibetan plateau, where from 2001 to 2012, the increase in temperatures was between half a degree Fahrenheit and nearly an entire degree at weather stations above 10,000 feet. In the same decade, global temperatures rose by only about 0.2 degrees.一些最具说力的数据来自青藏高原。自2001年至2012年,那里的气温增长了0.5华氏度(约合0.3摄氏度),在海拔超过1万英尺(约合3000米)的气象站,增幅则达到将近1华氏度。而在同样的十年里,全球平均气温只增长了0.2华氏度左右。Scientists say it is unclear why mountain ranges may be warming more rapidly than other parts of the planet. But Kamaljit Bawa, a biologist at the University of Massachusetts Boston, said failure to better understand warming in the Himalayas could have serious consequences for the region’s unique biodiversity.科学家表示,目前还不清楚为什么山脉地区气温增速会比地球上的其他地区更快。不过,马萨诸塞州大学波士顿分校(University of Massachusetts at Boston)的生物学家卡迈勒吉特·巴瓦(Kamaljit Bawa)表示,倘若无法更好地理解喜马拉雅的气候变暖,可能会给该地区独一无二的生物多样性带来严重的后果。“We have to make very rapid progress,” he said. “We can’t use the slow approach, the traditional, slow scientific approach.”“我们得非常快速地取得进展,”他说。“我们不能采用慢的方式,那种传统的、比较慢的科学方法。”Not for yarsagumba, apparently.显然,用这种方式应对虫草问题是行不通的。As harvesters returned from the pastures to Bagdanda on a recent afternoon, children gathered in the camp’s dusty thoroughfare and divided teams for a volleyball game. A mother held down her squirming daughter to pick lice from her scalp. Men congregated on trash-strewn dirt mounds and peeled strips of kutki, an herb used to treat vomiting and fever.不久前的一个下午,采摘者从牧场返回巴格丹达,孩子们聚集在营地尘土飞扬的大路上,分组玩排球游戏。一位母亲按着她浑身扭动的女儿,给她抓头发里的虱子。男人们聚集在垃圾遍布的土丘上,给胡黄连去皮。这是一种治疗呕吐和发热的草药。In a village below the meadows, Prithvi Budha, 60, a beekeeper who is sitting out the harvest to watch dozens of empty mud and stone huts, said less precipitation may be the cause for the drop in yarsagumba supplies.在位于草原下方的一座村子,现年60岁的养蜂人普里特维·布达(Prithvi Budha)没有参加采摘,而是负责看守那几十座没人的泥石棚屋。他说降水减少可能是虫草产量降低的原因。“We used to have snow up to here and up to here,” he said, pointing to his torso and his shoulders as he recalled a string of childhood winters.“过去这里会下很大的雪,积雪能有这么高,这么高,”他说一边说,一边把手比到自己的躯干和肩膀部位。他在回忆童年时期的冬天。Uttam Shrestha, a researcher at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, said it was difficult to say why the supply of yarsagumba had dropped. Changes in temperature, he said, could be one of several factors affecting the supply of the fungus.澳大利亚南昆士兰大学(University of Southern Queensland)的研究人员乌塔姆·什雷斯塔(Uttam Shrestha)表示,很难确定为什么虫草的产量会减少。他说气温变化可能是影响虫草供应的多种因素之一。“We can draw some inferences,” he said. “Here, the fungus is very sensitive to the increase in temperature and so that could have an impact, but there is no empirical evidence yet.”“我们可以做一些推论,”他说。“在这里,虫草对气温的上升是非常敏感的,所以它可能会有影响,但目前还没有实践经验的据。”Jir Bahadur Budha, 43, a farmer, said he was disappointed with this year’s harvest. He estimated that his family of six would collect only 400 pieces of yarsagumba, 200 fewer than last year and 500 fewer than the year before. The selling price for a single piece is about .50 in Nepal.现年43岁的农民哥吉尔·巴哈杜尔·布达(Jir Bahadur Budha)表示,他对今年的收成感到失望。他估计今年家里六个人只能采到400株虫草,比去年少200株,比前年少500株。目前虫草在尼泊尔的单株售价约为3.5美元。On a recent morning, Mr. Budha joined dozens of others in a pasture as a heavy fog set in. Within 10 minutes of searching, calls echoed from a few hundred feet away, where a teenager had spotted one of the day’s first pieces. Clawing away dirt from the larva’s body, the boy received a smattering of congratulations. He had found a good piece.不久前的一个上午,布达和另外几十个人在浓雾弥漫之时走进了牧场。开始搜寻不到十分钟,几百英尺远的地方传来喊声,一名少年找到了当天第一株虫草。扒开幼虫尸体上的泥土,他找到了一株品质不错的虫草,得到了零星的祝贺。“Only lucky people find yarsagumba in the morning,” one man said.“只有运气很好的人才能在早上找到虫草,”一名男子说道。Mr. Rokaya, the shepherd, was cautious in his appraisal of the day’s pickings. Whatever the reason for the decline in yarsagumba, he said, it may be too late to salvage what has been lost.对于当天的采摘,牧民罗卡亚的评价比较谨慎。他说不管是什么原因导致虫草产量下降,要挽回这里损失的东西可能都已经太迟了。“No jobs. No money. What to do?” he said, thrumming his fingers on a gnarled cane. “We eat the rice that even donkeys and horses don’t eat.”“没有工作。没有钱。能怎么办?”他一边说,一边用手指连续敲击一根弯曲的手杖。“我们吃的是连驴和马都不吃的大米。” /201606/451779The first Chinese-built passenger jet has taken to the skies for a politically charged maiden flight that authorities claimed would propel the country into a new era of aviation.第一架中国制造的客机在富有政治色的首飞仪式中飞向天空,官方称这架飞机将推动中国航空业进入新的时代。Chinese are not stupid. I never said they were. It is relevant to point out that achieving any sales whatsoever with an international airline with an A320/737 competitor is going to be virtually impossible. It#39;s more an expression of national pride than a serious attempt to compete with Boeing and Airbus. The Russians who have far more aerospace experience have been trying to break into the market for years with no success although Air Koryo (The North Korean flag carrier) I believe is a customer.中国又不傻,我从没说过他们傻。需要指出的是如果想同A320/737竞争将飞机卖给国际航空公司这几乎是是不可能的。与其说为了和波音以及空中巴士竞争,不如说更是为了民族自豪感。俄国有更先进的航天经验,多少年来一直也在试图打入这个市场,但是失败了,虽然高丽航空(朝鲜主要的航空公司)是俄罗斯飞机买家。If the plane is indeed safe to fly it will get a certain share of orders. However neither Airbus nor Boeing would lose the monopoly on the market. There are quite a few other decent passenger planes producers (Embraer TU Antonov etc.) but there is no way big companies would suddenly buy them instead of highly respectable A320 or B737-800如果这飞机真的安全,那肯定会得到一些的订单的,然而空客和波音不会失去自己的垄断地位,过去也有一些不错的客机(巴西航空、图系列、安系列等等),但是那些大公司不会轻易购买它们用来替代广受赞誉的A320、B737-800的。Fu Song a Tsinghua University engineer who was involved in the project told CGTN. “We are very proud to see that it worked.” Yes it#39;s always nice when it doesn#39;t crash at the end of the runway in a big ball of flame. I don#39;t think Boeing or Airbus would express such statements.参与项目的清华大学工程师宋福(音译)告诉中国国际电视台:“我们很骄傲,它行得通。”是啊,没在跑道尽头在巨大的火光中坠毁确实挺不错的,波音和空客才不会这么表述。 /201705/508433Xiaomi has sealed a deal to buy some 1,500 patents from Microsoft, a move that will help the Chinese smartphone maker expand exports and earn the US technology giant some badly needed goodwill in Beijing.小米(Xiaomi)与微软(Microsoft)达成一项协议,将向微软购买约1500项专利,此举将帮助这家中国智能手机制造商扩大出口,并为这家美国科技巨头在中国获得一些亟需的商誉。The transaction addresses a key weakness facing Xiaomi, which is seeking to sell its devices in countries outside its home market but has been hindered by its relative lack of intellectual property to fend off lawsuits.这笔交易化解了小米面临的一项主要弱势,该公司希望在本土市场以外的国家销售其产品,但由于相对缺乏知识产权来抵御诉讼,这方面的努力受阻。“In terms of patents we are a young company,” Xiaomi said yesterday, adding that the Microsoft deal was “a big milestone for us. It will help us with operations in new markets.”“从专利的角度来看,我们是一家年轻公司,”小米昨日表示,该公司补充称,与微软的协议“是我们的一项重要里程碑。它将有利于我们在新市场的业务。”The agreement comes on the eve of a visit to Beijing by Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella. The US company is still the subject of an antitrust investigation in China over the bundling of software, and its offices were raided by Chinese authorities in July 2014.该协议是在微软首席执行官萨蒂亚#8226;纳德拉(Satya Nadella)访华前夕签订的。微软仍因软件捆绑问题在中国面临反垄断调查,2014年7月,中国当局曾突击搜查该公司驻华办事处。The patents deal includes Xiaomi installing Microsoft’s Office and Skype software on its phones. Financial terms were not made public.这项专利协议包括小米将在其手机上安装微软的Office和Skype软件。交易金额没有公开。Xiang Wang, senior vice-president, said Xiaomi was “excited” to be working with Microsoft and the deal demonstrated the Chinese company was “looking to build sustainable, long-term partnerships with global technology leaders”.小米高级副总裁王翔表示,小米对于与微软合作感到“激动”,该协议明,小米“希望与全球科技领军企业建立可持续的长期合作”。Other US tech groups facing setbacks in China have looked to do deals with local champions, partly as a way to win favour with Beijing. Last month Apple invested bn in Didi Chuxing, China’s version of Uber, which some analysts said they believed was at least partly motivated by government relations.其他在中国受挫的美国科技集团也已寻求与中国冠军企业做生意,在一定程度上是为了赢得中国政府的青睐。上月,苹果(Apple)向中国版优步(Uber)滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)投资10亿美元,一些分析人士表示,他们认为,此举至少在一定程度上受到政府关系的驱使。Xiaomi said it had applied for 5,700 patents over the past two years but declined to give any detail on the number it has been awarded and where. The deal was a drop in the bucket for Microsoft, with its 60,000 patents.小米表示,过去两年该公司已申请5700项专利,但拒绝透露有关获得批准的专利数量以及在何处获批的详细数据。对于拥有6万项专利的微软而言,该协议只是很小的一部分。A lean patent portfolio has hindered Xiaomi’s efforts to ramp up exports. In the smartphone industry, patent litigation is a serious challenge and access to a large number of patents allows companies to reduce their vulnerability to lawsuits by cross-licensing and trading patents.专利组合薄弱迄今阻碍着小米扩大出口的努力。在智能手机领域,专利诉讼是一项严峻挑战,获得大量专利将让公司通过交叉许可和专利交易减少诉讼带来的影响。In India, its largest prospective foreign market, Xiaomi last year faced a patent lawsuit in a Delhi High Court by Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson.在印度,瑞典电信设备制造商爱立信(Ericsson)去年在德里高院(Delhi High Court)起诉小米专利侵权。印度是小米最具潜力的海外市场。The case continues, though Xiaomi won a reprieve in a subsequent ruling barring it only from importing and selling phones containing components linked to the Ericsson dispute.该案仍在审理中,尽管小米在随后的裁决中赢得喘息空间,仅被禁止进口和销售含有与爱立信纠纷相关的部件的手机。Xiaomi currently exports to seven countries outside of China and Hong Kong, including Malaysia, India and Brazil.除了中国内地和香港以外,小米目前还向7个国家销售产品,包括马来西亚、印度和巴西。Expanding exports is part of a strategy to bolster sales, which are sagging in China. Xiaomi was the best-selling smartphone brand in China in 2014 and part of 2015 but has been eclipsed by Shenzhen-based rival Huawei.扩大出口是提升销售的战略的一部分,如今小米在中国销售疲弱。在2014年全年和2015年部分时期,小米曾是中国最畅销的智能手机品牌,但现在已被总部位于深圳的竞争对手华为(Huawei)超越。Xiaomi sold more than 70m phones in 2015, up from 61m the year before but missing both its original target of 100m and a revised goal of 80m.小米在2015年销售了逾7000万部手机,超过了2014年的6100万部,但没有实现最初制定的销售1亿部(后来调整为8000万部)的目标。Microsoft itself has had little success in trying to crack the global smartphone market. It acquired Nokia’s hardware business in 2013 for .2bn but the deal has been disastrous. Microsoft said last month it would take an additional 0m writedown, having aly written down .6bn from its mobile phone operations and laid off 7,800 staff.微软自己在进军全球智能手机市场方面乏善可陈。它在2013年斥资72亿美元收购了诺基亚(Nokia)的硬件业务,但该交易是灾难性的。微软上月表示,将再次减记9.5亿美元,它之前已经对其手机业务减记了76亿美元,并裁掉了7800名员工。Bryan Ma at IT consultancy IDC in Singapore said of the deal: “It’s a win-win, with one side building up its patent collection and the other building up its ecosystem. But this deal alone won’t change either of their fortunes overnight.”新加坡IT咨询公司IDC的马伯远(Bryan Ma)谈到该交易时表示:“这是一笔双赢交易,让一方积累专利数量,另一方打造其生态系统。但单凭该协议不会在一夜之间改变它们的命运。” /201606/447439

Smog in Europe and North America could be more than 25 times more lethal than the average air pollution found in Chinese cities, a new study suggests.一项最新研究发现,欧洲和北美的雾霾致命性可能比中国城市平均空气污染水平高出25倍以上。In the largest ever study of its kind in the developing world, researchers tested the effects of air pollution on the health of people in 272 cities in China.在这项有史以来针对发展中国家进行的最大规模的同类研究中,研究人员测试了中国272个城市里空气污染对人体健康的影响。They found average annual exposure to fine particles, known as PM2.5, in those cities was more than five times higher than the level recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), according to a paper in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.研究人员发现,在这些城市中,人们的年均PM2.5接触量是世界卫生组织建议水平的5倍多。研究论文发表在《美国呼吸系统和重症护理医学杂志》上。However they also discovered that it was much less likely to increase the death rate than PM2.5 in Europe and North America.但研究人员也发现,与欧洲和北美的PM2.5相比,中国的PM2.5致命性要低得多。The researchers, led by Dr Maigeng Zhou, of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, suggested this was because China is affected by large amounts of natural dust blown by the wind from arid areas, while most pollution in the West comes from industry.中国疾病预防控制中心周脉耕士领导的这个研究团队提出,这是因为中国的空气污染源于从干旱地区吹来的大量天然尘土,而西方的污染主要来自工业。They found that for every increase of 10 micrograms of air pollution in a cubic metre of air, the mortality rate increased by 0.22 percent, discounting deaths from accidents.他们发现,如果不考虑意外事故造成的死亡,中国每立方米空气里的污染物每增加10微克,死亡率就增加0.22%。Professor Frank Kelly, an expert in environmental health at King’s College London, who was not involved in the study but has studied air pollution in China, told The Independent: “Those relative risks are considerably less than those seen in Europe and the US.英国伦敦大学国王学院环境健康专家弗兰克-凯利教授告诉《独立报》记者:“这些相对的风险明显比欧洲和美国小得多。”凯利没有参与此项研究,但研究了中国的空气污染。“For premature mortality [in Europe] we are working on a six percent increase per 10 micrograms.”凯利说:“就(欧洲的)过早死亡率来看,每立方米空气污染物每增加10微克,死亡率将增加6%。”That suggests air pollution in Europe is about 27 times more toxic than average air pollution in China.这表明,欧洲空气污染的毒性约为中国的27倍。However Professor Kelly said cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong were likely to suffer from Western-style air pollution.但是,凯利教授说,北京、上海和香港这样的城市可能也存在“西式”空气污染。;The natural dust component there is not of the magnitude that it would dwarf the coal, biomass and fossil fuel signals,” he said.“那儿空气中天然尘土的数量还不足以使煤炭、生物物质和化石燃料等因素相形见绌。”“That [the lower mortality rate] may be true in certain cities whose pollution is not dominated by local power generation or major traffic congestion.”他说:“在污染物主要不是来自当地电厂或严重交通拥堵的某些城市,(死亡率较低)可能是事实。”Natural dust particles can cause physical damage to the lungs and trigger an asthma attack. Particles of carbon produced when fossil fuels are burned can lead to similar problems but they are also coated with toxic heavy metals, chemicals and volatile organic compounds.天然粉尘可能使肺部受损,引发哮喘。燃烧化石燃料时产生的碳微粒可能导致类似问题,但它们外表还包裹着有毒的重金属、化学物质和挥发性有机物。These are able to pass from the lungs into the blood stream where it is thought they cause further damage to the body.这些物质可能从肺部进入血液,据称这会给身体造成进一步损害。Areeba Hamid, an air pollution campaigner with environmental group Greenpeace, said: “Toxic air causes havoc to people’s health wherever in the world they live.环境团体绿色和平组织的反空气污染活动家阿丽芭-哈米德说:“有毒空气给世界各地人们的健康造成严重损害。”“We now know fumes from diesel vehicles are a lot more toxic than car companies claimed and this is a big cause of air pollution in Europe and North America.“我们如今知道,柴油车排放的废气毒性比汽车公司宣称的要大得多,而这是欧洲和北美空气污染的一大原因。”“These companies have a lot to answer for, but so far they’ve managed to avoid any real accountability.”“这些公司要承担很大责任,但到目前为止它们都避免承担任何真正的责任。”The study of cities in China found the average annual expose to PM2.5 was 56 micrograms per cubic metre, compared to the WHO guideline limit for safe air quality of 10 micrograms.对中国城市的这项研究发现,PM2.5的年均接触量为每立方米56微克,而世界卫生组织的空气质量安全标准为每立方米10微克。People who were older than 75, had less education or who lived in hotter places were more likely to die.75岁以上、教育水平较低或生活在较热地区的人死亡风险更高。It is thought people in warmer cities were more likely to spend time outside or leave their windows open, thereby breathing more polluted air, the researchers said.研究人员说,在较热城市生活的人到户外去或开窗的时间可能更长,因此会吸入更多的污染空气。They also speculated that less well educated people might have poorer access to health care or experience poorer environmental health conditions.他们还推测说,教育水平较低的人享受医疗务的机会较少,他们接触的环境卫生状况也较差。 /201702/492437

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