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年我国经济增长预期目标更加灵活 -- :6:59 来源:i1st 导读:3月5日上午9时,第十二届全国人民代表大会第四次会议开幕,国务院总理李克强的政府工作报告中有一组数字特别打眼——年中国经济增长预期目标为6.5%~7%这是我国1年来首次为国内生产总值(GDP)增长目标设定区间,显示了国家不再唯GDP是从,更加重视经济的可持续发展China has set the country’s GDP growth target between 6.5 and 7 percent , according to the Government Work Report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang at the annual session of the National People’s Congress (CPC) on March 5.在3月5日的全国人民代表大会第四次会议上,国务院总理李克强在政府工作报告中提到:年中国经济增长预期目标为6.5#37~7#37This is the first time in two decades that the Chinese government has adopted a range rather than a specific number its growth target, reported Xinhua News Agency.新华社报道称,这是二十一年来我国首次为国内生产总值(GDP)增长目标设定区间,而非具体数值Karishma Vaswani, a B Asia business correspondent, deems the range a nod to last year’s economic progress, which was the slowest in a quarter of a century. The growth target was “around 7 percent”, but China’s economic expansion ultimately registered at just 6.9 percent.英国广播公司亚洲财经记者卡利西玛?瓦西瓦里将其视为(中国政府)对去年经济增长的一种肯定,尽管年的经济增长为近5年最低年中国经济增长预期目标设定在“7#37左右”,但最终的经济增长率为6.9#37However, Xinhua points out that there are other reasons setting a flexible growth target. It sends a strong signal that China is not obsessed with a high GDP growth target. Instead, the government is “making room structural rem to realize long-term growth”.不过新华社指出,设定灵活的增长目标还有其他原因它释放出中国不再迷信高GDP增长的信号 相反,政府正在“为实现长期增长而进行结构性改革做准备”The Chinese economy has enjoyed rapid development over the past three decades. But no country can sustain such fast growth ever, especially when China is faced with problems like empty houses and unemployment.过去三十年间,中国经济飞速发展但是没有国家能一直持续高速增长,特别是现在中国还面临着空置房屋和失业问题A flexible GDP target encourages local governments to steer the economy onto a more sustainable path. The aim is to foster a more dynamic evaluation system that prioritizes environmental standards.灵活的GDP目标可以鼓励地方政府推动经济走向可持续发展的道路目的是形成重视环保标准、更加有活力的评估体系The range of 6.5 to 7 percent will still keep China on track to reach its long-term economic goals. According to the National Development and Rem Commission, the floor of 6.5 percent is the minimum growth rate needed to double the country’s GDP and per capita income from levels by . The goal was set in during the 18th CPC National Congress.6.5%~7%的区间设定仍将保中国走在实现长期经济目标的轨道上年中国共产党第十八次全国代表大会提出,到年国内生产总值和城乡居民人均收入比年翻一番的目标,据国家发展与改革委员会分析,若要实现这一目标,经济增长区间最低值6.5是底线“The upper guide, at 7 percent, is slightly higher than the 6.9-percent growth rate achieved in , and can boost confidence if successfully met,” said Xinhua.新华社报道说:“区间最高值7%比去年的增长率6.9%略高,如果能顺利达成这个目标,将极大地提升我们的信心”热词:明星为吸引媒体“捏造恋情” -- :: 来源:chinadaily 电影上映前,常传出男女主角因戏生情的新闻,久未露面的明星,突然找到了归宿,出现在花边新闻的头条……这些真真假假的消息,看得人眼花缭乱,有时又让粉丝心碎不已明星借助恋情炒作已经不是什么新鲜事了,有时他们甚至捏造一段假恋情,增加媒体曝光度 Fauxmance is a fake romance, particularly one used to generate publicity the participants. “捏造恋情”指的是虚假恋情,尤指为了增加知名度而捏造出来的恋情 Celebrities pretend to be romantically involved in order to obtain press coverage. 明星假装陷入热恋,以便取媒体关注 It is often employed as a marketing ploy films and major celebrity couples. 这种办法常被用作电影的营销策略,也有明星情侣用它来做宣传 例句: Aaron Carter is going out with Brooke Hogan? Psh. What a fauxmance. 亚伦;卡特在和布鲁克;霍根约会 ? 算了吧,就是捏造恋情

全球十大宜居城市清单出炉 你会搬家吗? --01 3:: 来源:   The newest list of the world's most livable cities might inspire you to make a move.  最新的“世界最宜居城市清单”也许会激励你搬家   its annual "Quality of Life" survey, global affairs magazine Monocle evaluates cities based on four main factors: availability of international flight routes, cycling commutes, good lunch spots and public libraries. (Traveling, exercising, eating well and ing a lot? )  每年的“生活质量”调查一栏,全球外交杂志《Monocle根据以下四大因素评价了很多城市:国际航线怎么样,是否骑自行车上下班,是否有好的午餐地点跟公共图书馆(旅游怎么样、能不能得到锻炼、吃得好不好、能不能看很多书?)  This year, however, the magazine added new metrics, including cost of living and the price of a cup of coffee. That led to some major changes, including a new city at the number one spot: Tokyo, Japan.  但是今年,杂志又增加了个新标准,包括衣食住行的价格,甚至一杯咖啡的价格至此发生了一些重大改变,新的冠军得主霸占榜首应运而生:日本的东京  "It manages to do something no other global metropolis can: provide a great quality of life those who live there and also visit. From culture to security, food to courtesy, it has everything covered," Monocle says of Tokyo. "  “它设法做一些其他大都市所做不到的事情:能够给当地居民和游客提供高品质的生活从文化到安全,食物到礼仪,这个地方应有尽有一应俱全,”《Monocle杂志如此评价东京  We can't argue: Tokyo is famous that rich culture, not to mention its sophisticated railways and gorgeous cherry blossoms.  我们不可否认的是:东京因其文化而闻名于世,更别说其复杂的铁路跟绚丽的樱花了  《Monocle杂志全球十大宜居城市一览:  . Copenhagen, Denmark(tie)  . 哥本哈根(丹麦)  . Zürich, Switzerland (tie)  . 苏黎世(瑞士)  9. Munich, Germany  9. 慕尼黑(德国)  8. Helsinki, Finland  8. 赫尔辛基(芬兰)  7. Vancouver, Canada  7. 温哥华(加拿大)  6. Stockholm, Sweden  6. 斯德哥尔(瑞典)  5. Sydney, Australia  5. 悉尼(澳大利亚)  . Melbourne, Australia  . 墨尔本(澳大利亚)  3. Berlin, Germany  3. 柏林(德国)  . Vienna, Austria  . 维也纳(奥地利)  1. Tokyo, Japan  1. 东京(日本)

卡戴珊因“不正统”被以色列网站从照片中删除 -- ::31 来源: 卡戴珊因“不正统”被以色列网站从照片中删除Israeli ultra-Orthodox site cuts Kim Kardashian from photoAn Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish news website has cut Kim Kardashian — one of the world's most photographed women — from a photo taken of her in Jerusalem this week.以色列极端正统派犹太新闻网站已将金·卡戴珊—一个世界上出镜率最高的女性——从一张本周拍摄的她在耶路撒冷的照片中抹除The original photo of Kardashian, her husband, Kanye West, and Jerusalem's Mayor Nir Barkat was altered to put Kardashian behind a restaurant receipt. Kardashian was blurred in another.原始的照片中出镜的有卡戴珊、她的丈夫坎耶·维斯特、以及耶路撒冷市长巴尔卡特,而修改后的照片用一张餐厅收据挡住了卡戴珊另一张照片中卡戴珊则被虚化了Nissim Ben Haim, an editor at the Kikar HaShabbat website, said Wednesday they removed Kardashian because she's a "pornographic symbol" who contradicts ultra-Orthodox values.Kikar HaShabbat新闻网站的编辑Nissim Ben Haim周三称,他们刻意将卡戴珊的形象抹去,理由是卡戴珊是“色情的象征”,与他们极端正统的信仰相违背In an chiding Barkat dining with them at a non-kosher restaurant, Kardashian was referred to as "West's wife."在一篇关于巴尔卡特与卡戴珊夫妇在一家非犹太餐厅共同就餐的文字报道中,卡戴珊的名字也没有直接出现,而是由“韦斯特的妻子”作为代指Within the insular Ultra-Orthodox commy, pictures of women often aren't shown out of modesty. In January, an ultra-Orthodox newspaper removed German chancellor Angela Merkel from a photo.在保守极端正统派群体中,女性的照片常常不被显示今年1月,一家极端正统派报纸将德国总理默克尔从一张照片中删除Vocabularyultra-Orthodox 极端正统派 pornographic 色情的 insular 保守的,偏狭的(译者:丁潇BISTU 编辑:彭娜)

  胡润华人富豪榜 王健林力压李嘉诚 -- 3:: 来源: 微信搜索“58英语网”公众号,获取每日精华推送This is the first year of the list. Sp out over 18 countries and regions, Hurun Research found 77 individuals with wealth of CNY bn, of which 3 were from outside mainland China. Total wealth comes to a staggering US$.1 trillion, equivalent to the GDP of Russia, or 1.5 times that of South Korea.胡润研究院发布《瀚亚资本·胡润全球华人富豪榜(Hanya Capital· Hurun Global Chinese Rich List )这是胡润研究院首次发布“全球华人富豪榜”,总上榜人数达到77人,覆盖全球18个国家和地区,其中包括3位港澳台及海外地区华人富豪,上榜门槛亿元人民币《瀚亚资本·胡润全球华人富豪榜上榜富豪总财富高达.7万亿,与俄罗斯全年GDP基本相当,是韩国GDP的1.5倍The Top all come from mainland China or Hong Kong. 6 live in mainland China and the other live in Hong Kong. Half are in real estate. Average age is 66. Pony Ma Huateng of Tencent is the youngest, aged .前十位上榜富豪全部住在中国大陆或香港,其中6位住在大陆,位住在香港从事房地产行业的最多,占到一半平均年龄66岁,最年轻的是腾讯岁的马化腾和百度5岁的马东敏Wang Jianlin, 61, overtook Li Ka-shing to be crowned the richest Chinese in the world with a tune of US$.6 billion, driven mainly by the recent listings of his real estate and cinema businesses.61岁的王健林取代李嘉诚成为全球华人首富,身家高达6亿美元,主要为近期上市的房地产和院线业务Li Ka-shing, 87, came second with a tune of US.8 billion. With the bulk of his wealth made in real estate, Li has recently been investing heavily into the UK. Li is currently organizing his succession with his two sons Victor and Richard.87岁的李嘉诚排名第二,身家3亿美元,其中大部分为来自房地产行业李嘉诚最近在英国进行了大量投资,他正在安排两个儿子李泽楷和李泽钜的接班Jack Ma, 51, was third with US billion. One of the most active entrepreneurs in China, Ma also made time to be the number one philanthropist in China last year.51岁的马云排名第三,身家70亿美元作为中国最活跃的企业家之一,马云闲暇之余还是去年中国最大的慈善家Li Hejun, 8, sits in fourth place, based on the value of his stock at May, when it stopped trading after an investigation launched by the HK regulatory authorities.根据5月日的股票市值,8岁的李河君排名第四当天,该股受到香港监管机构的调查并停止交易Lee Shau Kee, 87, is also in fourth place. Lee has appointed his younger son Martin to chairman of Henderson Land, and is expected to let his elder son Peter take over the Herd Group and gas company.87岁的李兆基并列第四他已任命小儿子李家诚为恒基兆业地产的主席,并计划让长子李家杰接班恒基集团和煤气公司Pony Ma Huateng, , is sixth. Ma has become one of the world’s most active venture capitals, along with Jack Ma of Alibaba. WeChat continues to grow its market share.岁的马化腾排名第六和阿里巴巴的马云一样,马化腾也已经成为世界上最活跃的风险投资者之一微信的市场份额仍在增长

  梅西因税收欺诈被判监禁 -- :: 来源: 梅西和他的父亲因税收欺诈被判1个月监禁,目前正在上诉 Barcelona football star Lionel Messi and his father will appeal against a Spanish court decision to sentence them each to 1 months in jail tax fraud, the player’s lawyers say.巴塞罗那足球明星莱昂内尔·梅西和他的父亲正要向西班牙的一家法院提起上诉,该法院以税收欺诈罪判决他们1个月的监禁,该球员的律师说Argentine Messi, aged 9, was also fined m euros (1.7m pounds; .m dollars) by the court in Barcelona.阿根廷人梅西,9岁,还被这个位于巴塞罗那的法院罚款0万欧元(0万英镑;万美元)In addition to the prison term, Messi’s father, Jorge, was fined 1.5m euros defrauding Spain of .1m euros in -.除了监禁,梅西的父亲,Jorge,因-年间欺诈西班牙政府万欧元,被罚0万欧元However, neither man is expected to serve time in jail.然而,他们都不会真的入狱刑Under the Spanish legal system, prison terms of under two years can be served under probation.根据西班牙法律系统,少于两年的刑期可以缓刑The pair also face millions of euros in fines using tax havens in Belize and Uruguay to conceal earnings from image rights.他们因利用伯利兹和乌拉圭的避税天堂欺瞒通过肖像权得到的收入,面临数百万欧元的罚款’Corrective payment’“补救性付”"The sentence is not correct and we are confident the appeal will show the defence was right," Messi’s lawyers said in a statement several hours after the guilty verdict was delivered.梅西的律师在有罪判决下达几小时后发表声明说“这个判决不恰当,我们相信上诉会让大家知道我们的辩护是正当的”The lawyers said that "there is a good chance that the appeal will succeed", adding that Messi had always acted in good faith.律师说:“上诉成功的几率很大”,还说梅西一向善意行事The sentence can be appealed against via the Spanish supreme court.这项判决可通过西班牙最高法院上诉The footballer and his father were found guilty of three counts of tax fraud.这个足球运动员和他的父亲被判三项税收诈骗罪As well as the jail terms, Messi and Jorge were also fined. They made a voluntary 5m euros "corrective payment", equal to the alleged unpaid tax plus interest, in August .除了监禁,梅西和他的父亲还被罚款年8月,他们自愿地“补救性付”5百万欧元,抵偿他们所涉嫌的未付税款(加利息)Messi earns an estimated 36m euros per year at Barcelona, and his income of about 3m euros in the past decade has placed him th of bes magazine’s list of the highest-earning athletes in the world.梅西大约每年在巴塞罗那赚3600万欧元,过去十年间3.亿欧元的收入,已使他进入福布斯杂志全球收入最高运动员之列的第十位Lionel Messi’s illustrious career:莱昂内尔·梅西杰出的职业生涯Winner of Fifa Ballon d’Or as world’s best footballer on five occasions国际足联的金球奖得主,五次获得最佳球员Voted Uefa best player in Europe three times三次在欧洲获得欧足联最佳球员Uefa Champions League winner with FC Barcelona on four occasions与巴塞罗那足球俱乐部四次赢得欧洲冠军联赛Spanish championship winner with FC Barcelona eight times与巴塞罗那足球俱乐部八次赢得西班牙冠军Olympic gold medallist with Argentina in 年和阿根廷队赢得奥林匹克冠军Argentina’s all-time leading scorer with 55 goals以55次进球成为阿根廷史上最佳球员...and major disappointments:...还有一些大失所望的经历:June : quits Argentine team after missing penalty in shootout in Copa America final loss to Chile年6月日:在美洲杯决赛点球失分输给智利后退出阿根廷队it was fourth major final defeat Argentina in nine years这是九年间,阿根廷队的第四次重大失败other three losses: Copa America () again to Chile (again on penalties); World Cup to Germany; Copa America () against Brazil其他三次是:美洲杯()还是智利(还是点球);年世界杯对阵德国;美洲杯()对阵巴西FC Barcelona’s reaction巴塞罗那足球俱乐部的回应"FC Barcelona expresses its full support to Leo Messi and his father in relation to the conviction tax fraud...“巴塞罗那足球俱乐部在税收欺诈案件上对梅西和他的父亲表示全力持...”"The club... considers that the player, who has corrected his position with the Spanish tax office, is in no way criminally responsible with regards to the facts underlined in this case."“俱乐部...考虑到球员已经与西班牙税务局纠正了立场,没有任何理由在该情形下还向他们要求刑事责任”。

  日本政府突击铃木总部,测查违规失信丑闻 -- :38: 来源: 此前,铃木汽车公司曾发表声明,辩称自己是由于缺少人手和必要设施,才进行违规检测日本政府随后对铃木总部进行了突击搜查,誓言测查失信丑闻 Japanese authorities have raided the headquarters of Suzuki, as part of an ongoing probe into the carmaker’s use of improper fuel economy tests.最近日本政府对铃木总部进行了突击检查,以调查铃木是否在汽车生产中使用了不当的燃油经济检测Officials were looking documents which would support the company’s previous claims that it had not meant to deceive car buyers.铃木此前曾声称他们本无意欺骗汽车买家,而随后日本政府对有关文件进行了调查Last month Suzuki said it found "discrepancies" in its fuel emissions testing, but denied it was cheating.上个月,铃木发表声明说他们在燃油排放检测中发现有“不一致”的地方,但是否认这是欺骗行为Suzuki added the issue did not apply to products sold outside of Japan.铃木还补充说道,从日本销往海外的产品并没有出现这一问题The company issued a statement earlier this week, and clarified that it failed to use testing methods that would comply with Japanese regulations due a lack of manpower, and also a failure on its part to invest in the necessary infrastructure.本周早些时候铃木公司发表了一份声明,澄清说他们是由于缺少人手和必要设施的投资,才没有使用符合日本规定的检测方法Suzuki’s shares were down by almost 1% on the Tokyo stock exchange on Friday.本周五,在东京股票交易市场上,铃木的股价下跌了大约1%Other auto scandals其他汽车丑闻Suzuki is the fourth-largest car company in Japan, after Toyota, Nissan and Honda.铃木是日本第四大汽车企业,排名仅次于丰田、尼桑和本田Earlier this year, Japan’s transport ministry raided the offices of Mitsubishi Motors, after the carmaker admitted to falsifying its fuel economy data.今年早些时候,日本交通部对三菱汽车公司办公点进行了突击检查,而此前这家公司曾承认伪造了燃油经济数据The scandal led to the president stepping down, and rival Nissan Motor later stepped in to gain a controlling stake in the embattled company.这一丑闻直接导致了三菱总裁下台,而随后其竞争对手尼桑汽车公司获得了三菱的控股权Last year Volkswagen admitted to cheating emissions tests in the US.去年,大众承认在美国的排放测试中造假Authorities found the German carmaker was installing a cheating software in its diesel vehicles that could detect when the cars were being tested and would change emission levels accordingly to improve the results.政府部门发现大众在其柴油车上安装了欺诈软件,可以感知出汽车正在受检,并改变排放水平,从而提高检测的结果

  信不信:无聊大会受热捧 -- :53:51 来源:chinadaily Most conferences tend to be boring, although not intentionally so. But there is one event that is deliberately dedicated to all things dull and tedious – the 'Boring Conference' hosted every year at London. Believe it or not, it's a sell-out event where attendees are treated to talks on all sorts of boring things like paper bags, toilet roll quality control, lamp posts, and bricks.大多数会议往往都很无聊,尽管这并不是组织者的本意但是有人故意组织一场会议,说的都是全然无趣又乏味的事物,那就是每年在伦敦举办的“无聊大会”信不信由你,这个活动非常卖座,与会者能听到的就是关于各种各样无聊事情的讲话,比如纸袋、卷筒卫生纸的质量控制、灯柱,和砖块How did such a thing as a Boring Conference come to exist, you ask? Well, it all started in , when the man in charge of organizing an event called the Interesting Conference canceled the whole thing, saying that he was too busy. James Ward, an English book author and marketer, replied to the announcement, saying that he liked boring things and that they should be celebrated too. His social media post got a lot of people interested in a possible event about boring things and he started getting questions about where to buy tickets it. That year, Ward organized the world's first Boring Conference.你要问了,像“无聊会议”这样的活动是怎么发展起来的呢?是这样的,它起步于年,当时负责组织一个叫做“趣味大会”的人说他太忙了,就取消了那次活动詹姆斯?沃德是一位英文图书作者兼营销人员,他在社交媒体上发帖回应这一声明说,他喜欢无聊的事,无聊的事也应该庆祝他的帖子引发了许多人对这个可能会存在的关于无聊事情的活动的兴趣,于是人们开始问他在哪里能买到这种活动的票那一年,沃德组织了世界上第一场“无聊大会”This year's Boring Conference, held at London's Conway Hall on 7 May, was the sixth consecutive event in the last six years and all 5 tickets were sold out in just a few days. Ward always opens up the event himself, because he likes to "set the bar low". If people start with poor expectations, then the show can only improve, he says. Last year, he spoke about postcard photos of the old Post Office Tower.今年的无聊大会于5月7日在伦敦康威会堂举办,这是过去六年来连续举办的第六次活动,一共5张票,短短几天就卖光了沃德总是第一个讲话,因为他想把“目标设低”他说如果人们一开始就不抱什么期望的话,演出就只会越来越好去年他讲的是明信片上老邮政大楼的照片According to the event's website, "The Boring Conference is a one-day celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked; subjects often considered trivial and pointless, but when examined more closely reveal themselves to be deeply fascinating."根据此活动的网站,“无聊大会为期一天,是一场庆祝平凡普通、显而易见却又容易被忽略的事物的活动;那些经常被视作微不足道、毫无意义的事物,一旦更仔细地审视它们,就会发现其中深藏的魅力”Past topics of discussion at the Boring Conference have included – sneezing, IBM tills, toast, vending machine sounds, barcodes, the Shipping ecast and other such topics of no interest to anyone. This year's event had speakers cover similar snoozeworthy subjects – such as the domestic inkjet printers of 1999, German film titles, cooking elaborate meals with hotel room equipment, and the similarities between the world’s national anthems – in -minute slots.无聊大会过去讨论的话题包括打喷嚏、IBM收款机、烤面包、自动售货机的声音、条形码、海上天气预报,还有其它类似的没人感兴趣的话题今年的大会有位演讲者,话题也同样让人听了打瞌睡——比如说1999年的家用喷墨式打印机、德国电影的名字、怎么用旅馆房间里的设备做出精致菜肴、还有世界各国国歌的相似性,每个人的发言时间为分钟If you're wondering about the purpose of such a pointless conference, Ward says that it's meant to be "a one-day celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked." He adds that the topics covered may be considered "trivial and pointless, but when you look at them more closely, they reveal themselves to be actually deeply fascinating." So it's actually only the topics that are boring – the speakers are expected to find a way to make their talks interesting.如果你想知道举办这种没有意义的大会目的何在,沃德说“这一天是为了庆祝平凡普通、显而易见却又容易被忽视的事物”他补充说,人们可能认为涉及的话题“琐碎无味,但当你更细致地审视它们,就会发现它们深藏的魅力”,事实上只有话题是无聊的——人们期待着演讲者能够找到方法,让他们的讲话变得有趣"The basic idea is that the theme needs to be boring, but the content shouldn't be," explained Ward, who works in marketing and has also written a book called Adventures in Stationery: A Journey Through Your Pencil Case. "There has to be something in the topic that a speaker with a real enthusiasm it can bring out and make interesting. In fact most things, if you look at them in enough detail, can become fascinating. There's almost always something there."“基本理念就是,主题是应该是无聊的,但内容不无聊,”沃德解释道,他在营销领域工作,还写了一本书,叫做《在文具中冒险:铅笔盒之旅“话题中必须有演讲者真正热爱的东西,这样才可以把它挖掘出来,使它变得有趣事实上大多数东西,只要你足够细致地观察它们,都会变得迷人几乎总会有迷人的地方”So in the past, a talk about electric hand dryers has been made interesting with a story about "a man so fascinated by them that he had installed a Dyson Airblade in his house." And a speaker scheduled to talk about the relative weights and densities of different kinds of metals enthralled the audience by rollerblading around the hall the entire time. It's no wonder that the Boring Conference is sold out every year, then!所以之前关于干手机的演讲就因为一个故事而变得非常有趣——“一个男人对干手机非常着迷,于是就在家里装了一台戴森Airblade干手机”还有一个演讲者,本来计划讲不同金属的相对重量和密度,可他全程都在大厅里溜旱冰,观众们都被他迷住了怪不得无聊大会每年都这么卖座!Vocabularymundane: 世俗的,平凡的enthrall: 使着迷英文来源:odditycentral译者:实习生孙美真审校#38;编辑:丹妮土豪公司组织600员工法国游 -- :1: 来源: 土豪公司组织600员工法国游The ultimate package holiday: Chinese billionaire takes 6,00 staff to FranceA Chinese company has treated 6,00 members of staff to a four-day holiday in France, booking 0 hotels in Paris and ,700 rooms on the Cote d'Azur. 中国某公司带着600名员工在法国进行了豪华四日游,旅行团下榻巴黎0家酒店,订下蓝色海岸700个房间The employees of Tiens Group, a conglomerate chaired by one of China's business billionaires, Li Jinyuan, is the biggest tour group to ever visit France. During the four-day break between Paris and Nice the group is expected to spend双语新闻:“00后”现身大学校园 是天才还是学霸? -- :36: 来源: 开学在即,不知道即将迎来新学期的同学们,有没有做好准备?比如,你的室友是个“00后”?  8月30日,复旦大学新生报到,3000多名级本科生将开始新的学习生活,其中就有毕业于北京八中少儿班的肖宇鹤肖宇鹤刚满周岁,高考获得69分,其中数学考了0分满分,被复旦大学数学系录取他也是复旦级新生中年龄最小的  别看人家年龄小就以为他们没什么经历,00后读大学都有复读过的呢~ 今年岁的女生袁一帆也考取了复旦大学,而她去年已经参加过一次高考,为了进入名校则选择了复读一年其实在级的大学新生中,就已经出现了“00后”的面孔,不过今年身为“00后”踏入校园的鲜肉萝莉又多了一些  据《澎湃新闻的报道,清华大学3300余名级本科新生中有6位“00后”;《大河报则报道,郑州大学今年有1位“00后”新生,年龄最小的才岁  Fudan University yesterday admitted its youngest student the academic year, -year-old XiaoYuhe.  Beijing native Yuhe will be joined by two other students who are just months older at therenowned city university.  Yuhe has been admitted by the School of Mathematical Sciences, and yesterday moved into hisdormitory in Yangpu District, which he will share with older roommates.  "It is my dream to study in the school of mathematics at Fudan as I've been interested inmathematics since I was very young," he told reporters.  Yuhe was admitted by the university after scoring 69 out of 750 in the national college entranceexam in June. He scored the maximum 0 math.  【Key Points】  初中生的年纪已经上了大学,绝对是有过人之处英文中,talent可以表示“天资、天赋”,类似词汇还包括genius和gift等  例:She has some skills. But to say she is a literary genius is a bit of a stretch.  她有两下子但是说她是个文学天才还是牵强了点儿  大学校园经常有学霸出没,英文里“学霸”可用study overlord或curve wrecker表示,各方面都优秀的学生,英文可说star student或top student.

  美国指控IBM前中国员工是间谍 --18 :57: 来源: 美国指控IBM前中国员经济间谍罪,控告他涉嫌盗窃重要源代码 US authorities have charged Chinese national Xu Jiaqiang with three counts of economic espionage allegedly stealing valuable source code from his mer employer in the US.美国当局指控一位中国人Xu Jiaqiang三项经济间谍罪——控告他涉嫌从前美国雇主那里盗窃重要的源代码The Department of Justice did not name the employer, but it is widely reported to be software developer IBM.司法部没有指明雇主,但媒体广泛报道说是软件开发商IBMMr Xu intended to sell the code his own profit and the benefit of the Chinese government, authorities said.当局说Xu先生为了自己和中国政府的利益,试图出售源代码The source code has been described as "a product of decades of work".这项源代码被称为“几十代的成果”The US Attorney’s office said Mr Xu had worked as a developer "a particular US company" from November to May .美国检察官办公室说,Xu先生从年月至年5月,在“某个美国企业”任开发员IBM’s website, however, has a Xu Jiaqiang still listed as a developer. The company has not commented.IBM的网站上,Xu Jiaqiang仍在开发员名单但公司未予置评On Tuesday, the DOJ said Mr Xu planned to share the valuable source code with the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China.星期二,美国司法部说Xu先生试图跟中国国家卫生计生委分享这份很有价值的源代码The source code in question was a clustered file system - or one that helps a computer’s permance "by coordinating work among multiple servers".这项源代码是个集群文件系统,可协同多个务器之间的工作来帮助计算机提高性能Theft of secrets盗窃机密China and the US have both flung accusations at each other over state-backed hacking and theft of secrets.中国和美国政府都曾指责彼此存在背后持黑客和盗窃机密的行为However, China has said in the past that it does not engage in theft of commercial secrets in any m.但是,中国曾说它没有以任何形式参与盗窃商业机密Chinese President Xi Jinping said last year that Beijing does not encourage or support such practices in any way.中国主席习近平去年说过,北京不以任何形式鼓励或持这种做法Mr Xu was first arrested in December alleged theft of a trade secret from his mer employer.Xu先生在月份,因涉嫌从前雇主那里盗窃商业机密而被抓捕Each of the three counts of espionage carry a maximum sentence of years in prison. The three counts of theft of a trade secret each carry a maximum sentence of years in prison.这三项间谍罪每一个都面临最多年的监禁,三项盗窃商业机密罪每个都面临最多年监禁Mr Xu’s is set to answer the charges in the US on Thursday June.Xu先生将于6月日,星期四,在美国被正式起诉出国留学这些东西千万别带 -- :7:01 来源:i1st 导读:十年寒窗苦读,一朝不慎被遣返……留学生因为微信群聊记录里的小被歪果仁遣返回国你敢信?不过这事儿偏偏就发生了出国留学前,一定要查清海关允许携带的物品,有些东西千万要及时申报,提前处理如果不幸被查出违禁品,那就是海关门前唯有泪千行了You may think what you say on WeChat is your own business, but apparently the Canadian authorities don’t agree.你可能觉得在微信上说什么是自己的事儿,与别人无关,但是加拿大当局显然并不这么认为Last week, a Chinese student was repatriated at the Canadian customs because officers identified underage pornographic in a group chat on his WeChat . His visa was also revoked by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) after the discovery.上周(今年月),一名中国留学生被加拿大海关遣返回国,原因是海关工作人员在他的微信群聊记录中查出了未成年人淫秽视频此外,加拿大边境务局还撤销了他的签Sometimes travelers are stopped having done something dubious to arouse the suspicion of authorities, but this student probably just happened to be part of the custom’s random checks. The CBSA website clearly says, “At any point during your interactions with our officers at a port of entry, you may be referred to our Secondary Services and Inspections area.”通常有可疑举动引起当局怀疑的游客会被拦下检查,但是这名学生可能只是碰巧被海关的随机检查抽中了加拿大边境务局官方网站上明确写道:“当你在入境口岸与我们的工作人员进行交涉时,你随时都有可能会被要求进入二次务和检查区”While you’re in the area, your luggage is not the only thing that will be put under scrutiny, but also your “purse or wallet, electronics (including laptops and cell phones), your vehicle and any additional goods you are transporting”.在这里,不光你的行李要经过仔细检查,就连你的“手提包、钱包、电子产品(包括笔记本电脑和手机)、运载工具及任何托运物品”都要经过严格检查In other words, you need to be fully aware of the items you’re not allowed to bring bee you travel abroad.也就是说,在出境之前,你需要充分了解哪些物品是不允许携带的Obscene and pirated materials淫秽及盗版制品In many Western countries, possessing and transporting underage porn is considered a serious crime. According to the ed States Department of Justice, example, a first-time offender charged with producing child porn faces fines and to 30 years in prison. A first time offender of transporting child porn will be fined and jailed five to years.在许多西方国家,持有和传播未成年人色情影像制品是一项重罪例如,根据美国司法部相关规定,被指控制作儿童色情的初犯者将面临罚款以及至30年的监禁而传播儿童色情影像制品的初犯者将面临罚款以及5至年的监禁The website of UK Visas and Immigration also listed pirated copies of movies and music as illegal because they infringe upon intellectual property rights. If you’re caught bringing pirated products into the UK, these products will be confiscated, and you may face prosecution.英国签与移民官方网站上也将盗版电影及音乐列为非法物品,因为它们侵犯了他人的知识产权如果你被查出携带盗版制品到英国,不仅这些产品会被没收,而且你可能会被起诉Food, animals and plants食品,动植物You may have heard the news last April about how Johnny Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, was facing lawsuits taking her two dogs into Australia without declaring them to customs officials.你可能看过去年四月的这则报道,演员约翰尼?德普的妻子艾梅柏?希尔德因为没有向海关申报就将两条带进澳大利亚而被起诉According to Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia has strict quarantine laws. Animals from overseas could bring diseases and pests into the country and devastate the vulnerable local environment.根据澳大利亚移民和边境保卫部的相关规定,澳大利亚设有十分严格的检疫法规从海外入境的动物很可能会带入病毒和害虫,破坏当地脆弱的生态环境Cash现金There is a limit of cash you can bring when traveling abroad. According to UK Visas and Immigration, example, the maximum amount of cash (including bankers’ drafts and checks) you can bring into the country is

  尼泊尔男子珠峰夺魁世上最高马拉松比赛 --31 ::55 来源: 尼泊尔士兵赢了在珠穆朗玛峰上举行的世界上最高的马拉松比赛 A Nepali soldier has won the world’s highest marathon on Mount Everest.一位尼泊尔士兵赢了在珠穆朗玛峰上举行的世界上最高的马拉松比赛Bed Bahadur Sunuwar was one of more than 0 local and eign runners in the race, which began at Nepal’s base camp.Bed Bahadur Sunuwar是参加比赛的0多名本地和外国选手中的一位,这项比赛在尼泊尔大本营开始The annual run marks the anniversary of the first summit of the peak by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary in 1953.这项年度赛跑是为了纪念登舍诺吉和艾德蒙·希拉里在1953年首次登顶珠峰The winner completed the race, which ended about ,000 metres further down the slopes, in four hours and seconds.这位冠军在山坡下00米处,以小时秒的成绩完成了比赛"The route is very challenging but amazing too. I feel proud to be the winner," the 9-year-old man said.“这条路线很有挑战,但也令人惊喜我很自豪能够夺冠,”这位9岁的男子说Around 30 local runners were joined by about 0 from around the world, including the UK, US, China and Australia. A Nepali man was also the winner in .参加比赛的有30名当地人,以及大约0名来自英国,美国,中国和澳大利亚的选手年的冠军也是由一位尼泊尔男子所赢得This is the first climbing season on Everest after two seasons hit by disasters - an avalanche that killed mountain guides in , and a fatal earthquake in .这是珠峰在两个受灾季度后的第一个登山季——年的雪崩导致名登山者死亡,年这里又发生了毁灭性的地震The season has not been without tragedy though, with several deaths from altitude sickness during a particularly busy period on the peak.年的季度也不是没有悲剧,数人在特别繁忙的时期在顶峰并发高原病而死亡On Friday, officials announced they had found the body of an Indian climber on the upper slopes, taking the season’s death toll to four.周五,官方称在上坡发现了一位印度籍登山者的尸体,这是该季度的第个死亡人数

  一张图告诉你:年的地球将会有多热! --01 3:3:36 来源:   It looks like the world could be a much hotter place by the end of the century.  貌似到本世纪末地球上温度会比现在高很多  New data released by Nasa scientists is revealing how temperature and rainfall patterns around the world may change by the year .  美国国家航空航天局科学家发布的新数据显示到年为止全球气温和降水模式会如何改变  Using climate change predictions based on increasing levels of carbon dioxide, the data reveals what may happen to the climate in individual towns and cities.  利用基于二氧化碳水平所预测到的气候变化,该数据揭示了每个乡镇和城市气候将如何变化  Much of the data is still in raw m now to allow scientists to run models on a daily timescale. However, a map of the world released by Nasa, which shows the predicted temperature July , provides some clues what the world may look like.  目前很多仍是原始数据,以便科学家能以天为单位运行模型然而,美国国家航空航天局发布了一幅世界地图,展示了年7月份的预计气温,为世界未来的发展提供了一些线索   By that time, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere will have reached 935 parts per million, meaning the gas comprises nearly 0.1 per cent of the atmosphere.  到那时,大气中二氧化碳水平将达到每百万935单位,这意味着大气中的二氧化碳含量将达到近0.1%  Earlier this year carbon dioxide levels reached 00 parts per million.  今年早些时候,二氧化碳水平达到每百万00单位  If by the end of the century carbon dioxide in the atmosphere more than doubles, much of Africa, South America and India will endure average daily maximum temperatures of more than 5°C.  如果到本世纪末大气中二氧化碳水平变成现在两倍多,非洲、南美和印度大部分地区将遭受超过5°C的日平均最高气温  Jerusalem, New York, Los Angeles and Mumbai could see summer temperatures reaching these levels too.  耶路撒冷、纽约、洛杉矶和孟买夏季气温也会达到这一水平  Londonwill experience temperatures in the mid s and Paris could see its July temperatures reaching the low 30s.  伦敦温度将达5度左右,而巴黎7月的温度将接近30多度  Ellen Stofan, chief scientist at Nasa, said: 'Nasa is in the business of taking what we've learned about our planet from space and creating new products that help us all safeguardour future.  美国国家航空航天局首席科学家艾伦·斯托芬说:“美国国家航空航天局正利用我们从太空了解到的关于地球的知识研究出新的成果,来帮助我们所有人守护未来”。

  中国希望全球钢铁市场稳定 -- :3:36 来源: 钢铁生产一直事关国民经济的命脉 China hopes to see a stable global steel market and does not want encourage large amoun tof steel exports, Shen Danyang, spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce(MOFCOM),said Tuesday.中国商务部发言人沈丹阳周二称,中国希望全球钢铁市场稳定,并不想鼓励大宗钢铁出口Shen’s comments came after recent media reports suggested that China’s steel exports are too large and not conducive to the stability of the market across the world.沈的言论来自于最近的媒体报道,报道暗示,中国的钢铁出口量太大,对全球市场稳定无益The latest data from China Customs showed domestic steel exports reached 6. million tons in the first five months of the year, up 6. percent from the same period last year,while steel exports in May increased 3.7 percent from the previous month to approach 9. million tons.中国海关最新数据显示,今年前五个月,国内钢铁出口量达到.6亿万吨,同比去年增加6.%,与此同时,五月钢铁出口量同比上月近9万吨上涨3.7%But compared to the same period in , the year-on-year growth in steel exports in the first five months of this year is relatively small, according to Shen.据沈称,但是同比年同时期,今年前五个月钢铁出口量的年上涨幅度较小"In , the country’s steel exports increased about 30 percent year-on-year from theprevious year, while growth was only 6. percent during the same period this year, down around percentage points," Shen told a press conference in Beijing.在北京的一个新闻发布会上,沈说:“年,全国钢铁出口量同比去年上涨大约30%,今年同时期只有6.%,下跌约%”"Steel exports rose in May, but only up 3.7 percent month-on-month."“五月钢铁出口量上涨了,但是月上涨幅度只有3.7%”"Such trend shows that China has been and is making a contribution to the stability of the global steel market instead of the other way around," the spokesperson said, noting that China’s steel production is mainly domestic demand and the country does not encourage large amounts exports.“这样的趋势显示,中国已经并且正在为全球钢铁市场稳定做出贡献,而不是以相反的方式”发言人说,强调中国的钢铁产量主要是为了国内内需,国家并不鼓励大量出口China has rolled out a series of measures to further control its steel exports.中国已经开展一系列手段以进一步控制钢铁出口" instance, the government levied duties on certain crude steel products in a bid to reduce export," Wang Guoqing, research director at the Beijing Lange Steel InmationResearch Center, told the Global Times on Tuesday.周二,北京兰格钢铁信息研究中心研究主任王国庆告诉《环球时报:“比如,政府在特定钢铁原材料产品上征税以减少出口”The country also lowered the tax refund rate on steel exports and some steel products receive no tax refund, according to the MOFCOM.据MOFCOM.,政府还降低了钢材出口退税率,一些钢材产品无法退税China’s steel products are competitive in the world market thanks to its price and quality,and many countries need Chinese steel products infrastructure construction, Wang said.王说,得益于价格和品质,中国钢材产品在国际市场上很有竞争力,许多国家需要中国的钢材产品进行基础设施建设"It is not reasonable to blame China all the time, and it is the demand in the market that in fact caused the instability in the global steel industry," Wang noted.王强调:“总是谴责中国并不合理,事实上,是市场需求造成了全球钢铁工业的不稳定性”The ministry also said that taking protectionist measures against China will not help solve issues related to the global steel sector, otherwise, it will further hit the world trade order.部门还说,采取保护主义措施反对中国对解决全球钢铁领域相关问题无益,否则,会进一步打击全球贸易秩序Instead, the Chinese government will insist on communication and industry cooperation to resolve trade disputes in the world steel industry, according to the MOFCOM.据MOFCOM.,相反,中国政府将会坚持交流和工业合作以解决全球钢铁工业的贸易纠纷Moreover, China also imports steel from the world market each year.除此以外,中国每年还会从世界市场进口钢材In , China imported about .78 million tons of steel, such as steel products auto parts, according to Wang.据王称,年,中国大约进口1.78亿吨钢材,比如汽车零部件方面的钢材产品

  世界最性感罪犯:网友“先偷走你的心 再偷财物” --5 :58:59 来源: Stéphanie Boudoin was arrested last month in Victoriaville, Canada on charges she broke into some homes in the area.  斯蒂芬妮上个月在加拿大的维多利亚维尔被捕,警方指控她强闯该地区的户民宅  But Boudoin's small-time scheming made internationals news when the Montreal Journal published a photo of the 'hot' hoodlum in a bikini.  之后《蒙特利尔新闻登出的一张斯蒂芬妮的热辣比基尼照让她更受关注  Canadian authorities believe Boudoin worked with three underage accomplices - ages , and - to burgle residence in the Athabaska and Maple areas.  加拿大警方认为,斯蒂芬妮并非单独作案,她和3名分别为岁、岁和岁的未成年人一起在阿萨巴斯卡等地区强闯民宅并实施盗窃  The nursing student and her cohorts allegedly broke into the homes using the back door or basement windows.  这个护理专业的女学生和她的同伙通过民宅的后门或者地下室窗户入室盗窃  Last week, the Crown filed even more charges against Boudoin, bringing the total up to a staggering 1 counts.  上周,法院对斯蒂芬妮提出了多项指控,加在一起总数竟高达1项  She faces charges of breaking and entering, receiving stolen property, as well as illegally owning and storing a cache of nine firearms.  这些指控包括强闯民宅、窝赃、私藏赃物9等  Police found the guns in the back of Boudoin's white Mitsubishi Lancer.  警方是在斯蒂芬妮的白色三菱车后发现的  'The record is impressive. I was given a document that [is] at least inches thick,' her lawyer Denis Lavigne told La Nouvelle union newspaper.  “她的个人档案让人吃惊,我拿到手的文件材料至少有英寸(约30厘米)那么厚”斯蒂芬妮的律师丹尼斯说  Mr Lavigne says his client has seen a doctor to determine her mental state during the time of the robberies.  丹尼斯还说斯蒂芬妮已经看过医生确认了她在盗窃期间的精神状况  Boudoin is due back in court on November .  斯蒂芬妮被要求于月日再次出庭  Since pictures of Beaudoin were published online, Twitter users have dubbed her the newest world's sexiest criminal.  自从斯蒂芬妮的照片被上传至网络之后,推特上的网友称她为“世界最性感罪犯”  'Stephanie Beaudoin will steal your heart, then your stuff,' one Twitter user wrote.  “斯蒂芬妮会先偷走你的心,然后再拿走你的财物”一位推特用户写道

  南方“强降雨” 巴黎闹“水灾” -- ::5 来源:chinadaily 这两天,微上好些大号都在发巴黎闹水灾,卢浮宫关闭的消息和图片,满眼一片汪洋在国内,南方多地遭暴雨袭击,强降雨已致南方9省份.7万人受灾国家防总消息显示,多条江河水位已经超过1998年同期水位媒体在报道强降雨以及水灾的时候,主要关注受灾情况、应对措施以及未来预期下面,我们就从上述这三个方面一起来学学英文媒体在报道巴黎水灾和中国南方暴雨灾害时的常用表达【受灾情况】国内:Pedestrians walk on a flooded street in Jiujiang, east China's Jiangxi Province, June 1, . Torrential rain hit the city and caused flood. (XinhuaHu Guolin)More than ten cities and counties in Guangxi were hit by floods in the last three days.过去三天,广西有十多个城镇遭遇水灾About 59 people were displaced, and 7,800 people were affected.约59人被转移,7800人受灾Direct economic loss totaled million yuan.造成的直接经济损失达00万元巴黎:Nearly a week of heavy rain has led to serious flooding across parts of France, Germany, Romania and Belgium.近一周的强降雨导致法国、德国、罗马尼亚和比利时部分地区遭遇洪水灾害The death toll from flooding in France rose to four, with others injured, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said Saturday after a government crisis meeting, bringing the flooding death toll across Europe to 18.法国总理表示,洪灾已导致法国人死亡,人受伤,欧洲各国死亡总数达到18人The Seine had breached 6 meters in central Paris, submerging riverside roads, swamping small businesses on quaysides and cing the closure of an underground commuter line.塞纳河冲破6米警戒水位,淹没了河边的道路,河水淹进码头区的小店铺,并致使一条地铁线路关闭The heavy flooding of the past week could cost French insurance companies some 600 million euros (0.5 million) or more.过去一周的严重水灾或使法国各保险公司付超过6亿欧元的保费常用词小结hit: 打击、袭击,这个词的主语一定是heavy rain、flood等自然灾害,受灾的一方是be hit by...displace:移走,如果说someone was displaced,我们也可以理解为“某人被迫离开家”或者“背井离乡”breach:这个词我们不陌生,表示“违背、破坏”的意思,在闹水灾的时候,一般指河水冲破了警戒水位submerge:(使)没入水中(it goes below the surface of water)swamp:(水)淹进某地(it fills it with water)death toll:死亡人数【应对措施】国内:As of Wednesday evening, more than 0 trapped people had been rescued and more than 1,000 evacuated to safer places.截止周三晚间,已有0多名被困群众被解救,另有00多人被疏散到安全地区The observatory urged local authorities to step up preparatory work against possible mountain floods, landslides and mud-rock flows.中央气象台提醒当地政府加紧做好应对可能发生的山洪、山体滑坡、泥石流等灾害巴黎: The Louvre and Orsay museums in Paris moved scores of artworks and precious artifacts to safety and soldiers evacuated residents trapped in some of the French capital's suburbs as the rain-swollen river Seine hit its highest level in 35 years.受降雨影响、水位暴涨的塞纳河到达35年内最高水位,卢浮宫和奥赛物馆将数十件艺术品和珍贵手工艺品转移至安全地带,士兵们协助困在巴黎城郊的居民撤离Authorities shut the Louvre museum, the national library, the Orsay museum and the Grand Palais, Paris' striking glass-and-steel topped exhibition center.政府关闭了卢浮宫、国家图书馆、奥赛物馆以及巴黎大皇宫,后者是巴黎最具吸引力的一处展览中心,顶部由玻璃和钢结构封顶常用词小结trap:陷入困境,卡住rescue:救援,常说的“救灾救援”就可以用disaster relief and rescue表示evacuate:疏散、撤离,名词形式为evacuation【未来预期】国内:Heavy rain will pound parts of southwest China in the next three days, China's national observatory ecast on Sunday.中央气象台周日表示,未来三天,中国西南地区还将迎来强降雨The observatory issued a blue alert, the least serious of the nation's four-tier warning system, torrential weather as hails and thunderstorm are expected in some parts of Shanxi, Hebei, Henan, Shandong and Guangdong provinces on Sunday and Monday.中央气象台发布了暴雨蓝雨预警,山西、河北、河南、山东和广东等省部分地区周日和周一将有冰雹和雷暴天气巴黎:Officials said the river could peak at 6.50 meters later on Friday, and warned flood waters could take several weeks to recede after the wettest May in France 0 years.有官员表示,塞纳河水位周五可能会到达6.5米高位,洪水可能需要数周才能退去今年5月是巴黎年来雨水最多的一个月常用词小结downpour 暴雨stormtempestrainstorm 暴风雨thundershower 雷阵雨thunderstorm 雷暴hail 冰雹floodsfloodwaterinundation 洪水flash floods 山洪暴发water level 水位flood level 洪水水位warning level 警戒水位watercourses 河道水道water discharge 排水量water volume 水量water reservoirs 水库(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

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