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After I took office as mayor of a small Kentucky city, an unfortunate incident precipitated some hateful phone calls to my home. One night while I was conducting a city-council meeting, my wife answered the phone.  "Is this the home of Bert May, the mayor?" a woman's voice asked.  When my wife explained that I was at a meeting and would return her call if she left a name and number, the caller said. "That's confidential. This is his girlfriend. "  My wife, knowing this was all a ruse, calmly responded, "Lady, if you don't leave your name and number, he won't know which one to call back 我上任为肯塔基州的一个小城的市长后,发生了一件不幸的事,从而招致了一些可恨的电话打到我家里。一天夜里,我还在主持市政会议,我妻子接到了一个电话。  “是伯特·麦因、市长的家吗?”一个女人的声音问道。  我妻子向她解释说我还在开会,如果她留下姓名和电话号码的话,我会给她回话。通话人马上说:“这个保密。我是他的女朋友。”  我妻子知道这完全是欺诈。她镇静地回答说:“女士,如果你不留下姓名和号码的话,他就不会知道给哪一个回话。” /201108/146767。

Harvard's online Freeze College magazine holds a beauty pageant for newly enrolled male students every year.哈佛校园网络杂志“冰冻校园”每年都要举办一次哈佛新入校男生的“选美大会”。 Being Mr. Harvard Freshman is really a tough job: in addition to looks, the winner needs to have a sense of humor and an outgoing, charismatic personality. But before all that, he has to undergo a rather grueling competition to win the title.由于代表着新一届学生的风采,“哈佛男生”的遴选标准近乎苛刻——除了外形出众、幽默、机智和富有人格魅力外,还要经历层层考验。 Out of over 700 freshmen from all over the world, 80 are chosen to take part in the contest. A second vote by students picks 30 to go on to the next round. Only 13 can make it to the final, in which they undergo a strict exam. After that, online voters select their favorite man, and a Mr Harvard Freshman emerges.首先是海选,从700多名来自世界各地的哈佛新生中公开投票选出80名入围选手,然后再由全校学生网络公投,选出30名进入半决赛,一番PK后留下13名男生,在接受各方面人士的严格考核和网络投票后,最终诞生一位“哈佛男生”。This genuinely fair procedure means that Mr. Harvard Freshman deserves his legend, "the star of Harvard".整个选举过程遵循真实、公平的原则,可以说,最终夺冠的这位“哈佛男生”绝对是实至名归的“哈佛之星”。 /200908/82674。

1.有性欲的吻 Erotic kiss  他的双手会在你的身体上游荡,他的唇会轻柔地落到你的唇,这种吻表明他在情绪上已经准备好要和你进行一次亲密的经历。他的注意力都集中到你的身上,但是你也记得要做出回应,吻他的颈部再吻他的唇。When his hands caress on your body, his lips then gently touch yours, which indicates that he has been y to have the intimate experience with you. All his focus is drawn on you and you should also give him response by kissing his neck and then his lips. /200911/89733。

Extremely strict with the other side1、勉强对方 /201001/93835。

白羊座——How the Steel Was Tempered《钢铁是怎样炼成的》 适合白羊座们读的书非《钢铁是怎样炼成的》莫属了,这本书中的主人公保尔与白羊座有着相同的性格,面对社会上的黑暗、不公,他从来没有退缩过。他毅然参军,为了保家为国而牺牲自己。 相同关键词:刚烈、不屈不挠How the Steel Was Tempered is a socialist realist novel written by Nikolai Ostrovsky (1904-1936) during Stalin's era. Pavel Korchagin is the central character.The story is a fictionalized autobiography. In real life, Ostrovsky's father died, and his mother worked as a kitchen chef. As he joined the war with the Red Army, he lost his right eye due to an infection. 《钢铁是怎样炼成的》是苏联作家尼古拉·奥斯特洛夫斯基所著的一部长篇小说,于1933年写成。小说通过保尔.柯察金的成长道路,告诉人们,一个人只有在革命的艰难困苦中战胜敌人也战胜自己,只有在把自己的追求和祖国、人民的利益联系在一起的时候,才会创造出奇迹,才会成长为钢铁战士。革命者在斗争中百炼成钢,是小说的一个重要主题。1942年,苏联根据原著小说拍摄了一部同名的电影。 /201107/146130。

Robert Samuelson has an article at Real Clear Politics this morning that hones in on the likely results of a “cap and trade” regime in the ed States:The chief political virtue of cap-and-trade — a complex scheme to reduce greenhouse gases — is its complexity. This allows its environmental supporters to shape public perceptions in essentially deceptive ways. Cap-and-trade would act as a tax, but it’s not described as a tax. It would regulate economic activity, but it’s promoted as a “free market” mechanism. Finally, it would trigger a tidal wave of influence-peddling, as lobbyists scrambled to exploit the system for different industries and localities. This would undermine whatever the system’s abstract advantages.That been the experience with the EU’s system:Fights have erupted as countries seek to guard their interests. Eastern European nations have lobbied for more generous allocations because of their communist legacies and lower living standards. Germany, the continent’s largest wind-energy producer, wants an E.U. mandate that each country get 20 percent of its energy from renewable resources by 2020; Poland, which uses no renewable resources, is resisting.Germany boasts that it has cut emissions to 18.4 percent below 1990 levels, the benchmark used in the Kyoto Protocol and in Europe. But nearly half the reduction was because of sagging industrial output in the former East Germany after reunification. For the 2008-2012 period, E.U. officials sliced 5 percent off Germany’s emissions proposal.Individual companies have also haggled over whether their historical records were representative emission benchmarks.“A paper mill in Italy would get different credits from a paper mill in Germany, even if they are completely the same,” said Marco Mensink, energy and environment director of the Confederation of European Paper Industries.Perversely, Europe’s cap-and-trade system has done little to reduce output at such places as the Janschwalde coal plant, Europe’s third-biggest carbon dioxide emitter. Each year, it spews more than 25 million tons of carbon dioxide. The dirty gray plant still has turbines and generators that date from Soviet times. It has nine cooling towers, and just half of its output can power all of Berlin.There have been improvements in carbon emissions in Europe (the improvements here without such a system have been greater) but I’ve seen no attempts at disaggregating the effects of cap and trade and other EU policies aimed in that direction from the export of EU manufacturing to China which I believe is the primary cause of reductions in emissions and energy use both in the EU and here.I have no objection to moves to reduce carbon emissions in principle, particularly moves that would reward greater efficiency. My own preferred policy would be a straightforward carbon tax. Less riggable. But I also think that we’re likely to get more bang for the buck by removing the vast array of government incentives that encourage greater energy consumption generally and greater oil consumption in particular. I have no illusions that such a plan would ever be adopted. Too many of our oxen would be gored.If the next administration is a Democratic one I expect we’ll see greater moves in the direction of a cap and trade system. Its very complexity tends to be attractive to technocrats. However, with the political constraints that our legislators are feeling these days I think we’ll see even more out-and-out regulation without much in the way of measures to increase enforcement of the regulations. That has the benefit of appearing to be doing something about the problem without incurring the costs of actually doing something about it. Talk as always is cheap.If the next administration is a Republican one I doubt that much substantive will be done, especially considering today’s Republican Party’s allergy to taxes. We’ll continue to make most of the same mistakes we’re making now. 今天上午,罗伯特萨缪尔森在"Real Clear Politics"上发表的一篇文章,极大的完善了美国的“排放贸易”制度:这是“排放贸易”制度最主要的政治优点-一个复杂的计划用以减少温室气体-它的复杂性.这使得其环保的持者,基本上是在以欺骗的方式形成市民的看法.排放贸易将作为税,但它不被形容为税。它将规范经济活动,但同时它作为一个“自由市场”的机制被推广。 最后,它会引起海啸式的影响-说客争相利用该系统对不同行业和地区的规定进行推销。这将破坏该系统的理论优势。这一直是欧盟制度的经验:因为国家寻求防范他们的利益而导致打斗爆发。而东欧国家游说是为了更慷慨的分配,因为他们的共产主义遗留思想和较低的生活水平。德国,欧洲大陆最大的风力能源的生产者,希望欧盟的任务是到2020年,每个国家能获得20 %的来自可再生资源的能源,波兰,它却抵制这种做法,没有使用可再生资源。德国自夸它已削减排放量的18.4 %,低于用于京都协议书和欧洲的1990年的基准水平,但实质上德国有将近一半的减少是因为在前东德统一后工业产值低靡。, 欧盟官员提出关于在2008-2012年间削减德国5 %排放量的建议。个体公司也争论代表的废气排放基准是否超过了他们的历史纪录,“造纸厂在意大利和造纸厂在德国会得到不同的贷款,即使他们是完全一样的”,欧洲造纸工业的邦联能源和环境署署长马曼思克说。相反的,欧洲的排放贸易体制在像减少janschwalde煤电厂的排出方面做的很少,它是欧洲的第三大二氧化碳排放源。每年,它喷出超过25万吨的二氧化碳,肮脏的灰色车间仍然有苏联时代的涡轮机和发电机,它有9个冷却塔,只需一半的输出产量可以相当于柏林所有的二氧化碳喷出量。碳排放量在欧洲已有所改善(在缺少这样一个系统的情况下改善是非常重要的),但我见到它对分解排放贸易的影响没有作用,其他欧盟政策的目的是在这一方向上出口欧盟制造业到中国,我相信这是排放量减少和能源在欧盟和在这里的使用的首要原因。在原则上,我对减少二氧化碳排放量的行为并无异议,尤其是奖励提高工作效率的行为。我自己偏好的政策就是采取一个简单的碳税。少非法操纵. 但我也认为我们很可能获得更多的重击通过推卸责任,撤消大量的政府奖励措施,鼓励更多的能源消耗和更大的石油消费量,特别是,我幻想着认为这样的一个计划,在任何时候都将获得通过。太多,我们会有冲突。如果下一届政府是一个民主的政府,我期望我们将能看到在排放贸易体制方面有更大的举动。其非常复杂,往往吸引着科技工作者。然而,随着政治上的限制,这些天来,我们的立法者,我认为他们都感到了我们将看到更地地道道的规例,在没有多大措施的途径上,以增加有关规例的执行。实际上,在没有对成本做一些事情时,似乎对这个问题做一些事是有好处的,不过如果是谈的话当然是很容易的。如果下一届政府是一个共和党政府,我猜想会有很多实质性工作要做,尤其是考虑到现在的共和党对税的过敏性。我们将继续犯现在我们正在犯的同样错误中的大部分错误。见前面我猜想,从专业的政治家的角度来看,最后这一点可能是排放贸易计划的最大好处,尤其对于开发工程管理系统。毕竟,石油和煤炭现在比开发工程管理系统更有可能送钱给共和党. 在最初几年后,这可能会改变,更不用说这将创造所有其他影响推销的可能性。并请注意,我不是特地指那些代表(尤其不是目前的民选官员)以上的机电工程署署长。他们由不同的游说买和付。如果排放贸易成为现实,他们会适应这种制度。它是一项功能,而非缺陷。目前,美国对散布污染物质者有排放贸易体制,我不认为他们已经有上文所述的最坏的情况下的影响的任何一点。该系统的自由市场者倡导以单纯的指挥和控制条例作为首选, (您将只能排放z微米的K物质或明给我们您用以减少K物质的排放量所使用的最好的技术)。我想申明两点:市场的创造不是成本全免的。在伊利诺斯州,我相信政府的成本是通过那些排放者的申请费来实现的。有些人可能称之为税。第二,复杂的附带成本。最近,在伊利诺斯州我已经表示,政府给予一个新的清洁空气法案许可的过程将需时3至5年,。并非所有都归咎于排放量贸易(或许只有一点点可以),但它不断恶化,任务也随之不断增加。 /200808/46213。

The B iPlayer enables viewers to watch their favourite shows on their computersOne of the founding fathers of the internet has predicted the end of traditional television.Vint Cerf, who helped to build the internet while working as a researcher in America, said that television was approaching its "iPod moment"In the same way that people now download their favourite music onto their iPod, he said that viewers would soon be downloading most of favourite programmes onto their computers."85 per cent of all we watch is pre-recorded, so you can set your system to download it all the time," said Mr Cerf, who is now the vice-president of the Google, the world's largest search engine."You're still going to need live television for certain things - like news, sporting events and emergencies - but increasingly it is going to be almost like the iPod, where you download content to look at later."Although television on demand has not yet become a mainstream activity in the UK, the B, ITV and Channel 4 have all invested vast sums of money in technology which enables viewers to watch their favourite shows on their computers.But some critics, including some internet service providers, have warned that the internet will collapse under the strain of millions of people downloading programmes at the same time.Over the next four years, it is thought that the number of s watched over the internet will quadruple, with people moving from short clips to hour-long programmes.Broadband companies claim that the service will cause "traffic jams", which will cost millions of pounds to sort out .But Mr Cerf dismissed the warnings as "scare tactics", saying that critics had predicted 20 years ago that the net would collapse when people all around the world started to use it en masse."In the intervening 30 years it's increased a million times... We're far from exhausting the capacity," he said. "It's an understandable worry when they see huge amounts of information being moved around online."Setting out his vision for the future of the internet, he said he wanted it to reach as many people as possible."I want more internet," he said. "I want every one of the six billion people on the planet to be able to connect to the internet." 一位“互联网之父”日前预言:传统的电视时代将结束。温特#8226;瑟夫曾是美国一名研究人员,曾参与过互联网的创建。他说,电视正走向iPod时代。他说,与现在人们将喜欢的音乐下载到iPod里一样,电视观众们很快就能将他们喜欢的大多数电视节目下载到电脑中去了。现任全球最大的搜索引擎公司Google副总裁的瑟夫先生说:“我们观看的85%的视频都是预先录制的,所以可以随时下载。”“尽管人们仍需要新闻、体育比赛和紧急事件等的现场直播,但‘iPod模式’将日益兴起,人们可以把节目下载到里面供以后观看。”尽管电视在线点播在英国仍未成为一种主流模式,但B、ITV和Channel 4已投入大量资金研发能让观众在电脑上看他们喜爱的电视节目的技术。但包括一些互联网务提供商在内的一些批评人士警告说,如果几百万人在同一时间下载节目,互联网会因无法承受压力而崩溃。据预测,在未来四年中,互联网上的视频数量将翻两番,人们所能观看的视频也将从现在的短片“升级”为长达一小时的节目。宽带公司称,这一务会导致“网络交通堵塞”,而“疏通”成本则会达到几百万英镑。瑟夫对这一“恐吓战术”的说法进行了反驳,他说,批评人士20年前预测,如果全世界的人同时上网,互联网会崩溃。他说:“在过去三十年中,互联网的容量增加了一百万倍,我们远没用尽这些容量。看到大量的信息游荡于互联网而产生这样的担忧是可以理解的。”瑟夫先生对互联网的未来进行了展望,他说他希望更多的人能用上互联网。他说:“我希望互联网越来越发达。希望地球上60亿人都能用上互联网。” /200808/45865。

Love's first blush fading? Lost that loving feeling? Love is not all around?没有了初次见面的怦然心动,没有了恋爱的感觉,你的爱情不复存在?Take heart, scientists have discovered that people can have a love that lasts a lifetime.振作一点!科学家已经发现真爱可以相伴人们一生。Using brain scans, researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have discovered a small number of couples respond with as much passion after 20 years together as most people only do during the early throes of romance, Britain's Sunday Times newspaper reported.本周日英国泰晤士报报道,纽约州立大学石溪分校的研究者采用大脑扫描发现,少数夫妇在共同生活20年后仍然热情不减,而这种热情多数人只在浪漫爱情的早期有所体会。The researchers scanned the brains of couples together for 20 years and compared them with results from new lovers, the Times said.泰晤士报称,研究者扫描了共同生活20年的夫妇的大脑,然后将结果与扫描新情侣的结果进行对比。About 10 percent of the mature couples had the same chemical reactions when shown photographs of their loved ones as those just starting out.当看到爱人照片的时候,大约有10%的成年夫妇产生的化学反应,与俩人当初相爱时一样。Previous research has suggested that the first stages of romantic love fade within 15 months and after 10 years it has gone completely, the newspaper said.文章表示,此前有研究表明,浪漫爱情的第一波在15个月内消褪,并在10年后完全消失。"The findings go against the traditional view of romance--that it drops off sharply in the first decade--but we are sure it's real," said Arthur Aron, a psychologist at Stony Brook, told the Times.石溪分校的心理学家阿瑟·阿隆告诉对泰晤士报称:“这个发现虽然与传统的爱情观念相悖——感情会在前十年间急剧降温——但我们确信这是真的。” /200906/74855。

Best for kids to face parents in buggy - report Children pushed in buggies which face away from their parents may suffer long-term emotional and language problems, according to a study published on Friday.The research, believed to be the first of its kind, found that children who were not facing the person that pushed them were less likely to talk, laugh and interact with their parents compared with those babies that did.Children pushed in buggies which face away from their parents may suffer long-term emotional and language problems, according to a study published on Friday.The findings were based on a study of 2,722 parents and babies and an experiment where 20 babies were wheeled in buggies for a mile, facing their parents for half the journey and facing away for the other half.Parents using face-to-face buggies were twice as likely to talk to their children while the heart rates of the babies fell and they were twice as likely to fall asleep, an indicator that they were feeling relaxed and safe.Additionally only one baby out of the 20 studied laughed while sitting in an away-facing buggy."Our data suggests that for many babies today, life in a buggy is emotionally impoverished and possibly stressful," said Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Developmental Psychologist at Scotland's Dundee University who carried out the research."Stressed babies grow into anxious adults."The study, which was published by National Literacy Trust as part of its Talk To Your Baby campaign, found that 62 percent of all children observed travelled in away-facing buggies, rising to 86 percent between the ages of 1 and 2.Zeedyk said it would impact negatively on babies' development if they spent a long time in a buggy which undermined their ability to communicate with their parent at a time when their brain was developing rapidly.Laura Barbour of the Sutton Trust, a social mobility charity which funded the research, said buggy manufacturers should look closely at the findings. 上周五公布的一项研究表明,坐童车背对父母的宝宝今后可能会出现情感和语言方面的长期障碍。研究发现,与在童车里面对父母而坐的宝宝相比,背对父母的宝宝更不爱说笑,也不爱与父母交流。这项研究尚属该领域首次。研究人员对2722对父母和宝宝进行了一项研究,并对20个坐童车的宝宝开展了一项实验。研究人员让父母推着宝宝走一英里的路程,其中半英里让宝宝面向他们,另一半路程让宝宝背对他们。结果显示,使用面对式童车的父母与宝宝交流的几率为背对时的两倍,同时,宝宝的心律有所下降,睡着的几率为背对时的两倍,这表明此时宝宝很放松并有安全感。在参与实验的20个宝宝中,仅有一个宝宝在背对父母而坐时笑了。研究负责人、苏格兰邓迪大学的发展心理学家苏珊妮#8226;兹迪克士称:“我们的研究数据表明,如今很多宝宝的童车生活缺乏情感交流,还可能会感到紧张。”她说:“心理紧张的婴儿成年后更容易焦虑。”研究发现,有62%的宝宝坐背对式婴儿车,而在1岁至2岁的宝宝中,这一比例增至86%。这项研究由英国“全国读写信托”组织发布,是其开展的“与宝宝说话”活动的一部分。兹迪克称,宝宝的大脑发育很快,如果这段时期让他们长时间地坐在阻碍他们与父母交流的童车里,那么会对他们的发育造成负面影响。为该研究提供资金持的“萨顿信托”教育慈善基金会的劳拉#8226;巴伯尔称,童车生产商应密切关注这一研究结果。(实习生许雅宁 英语点津姗姗编辑) /200811/57288。