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The helicopter will hold just for ground and we have to jump in or we have to work for rappels.直升机只能在地面上空盘旋 我们就只能跳机 或者用绳索下降But the ropes that helicopter has dont tend to go well again.但是 直升机悬吊的绳子 不太好控制We have to wait the ropes so it doesnt fly up into the rotors or the intakes of the helicopter. 我们得等一会 确保绳子不会 卷进直升机的旋翼或者进气口and the longer among these ropes,the more dangerous it is for everyone.绳子越长 我们的危险就越大When I hit the ground,the first job is to clear the ropes,then give the flyboys a signal and they are on the way.Job done.我一落地 第一件事就是收好绳子 给飞机师一个信号 他们就可以离开了 任务完成In Romania,with storm Cloud Spring,a repel was not an option,another solution had to be found.在罗马尼亚 我们遇上了暴风雨 这场与暴风雨的抗击无可避免 而且还发现其他情况The cloud is moving in,and theres only tiny weather we know,the pilot says he cant land up there.云团一直在移动中 而且我们对这里的天气完全不了解 飞行员说他不敢野外着陆So I mean,I mean I got in.Bear flied on probably about 45 minutes plus.所以我想 我必须吊挂升空 贝尔飞了大概超过45分钟But when the helicopter lowered him I cut the rope and look down, and...and he didnt move.直升机将他降下后 我剪断绳子 往下看 发现他没动弹And hed been hanging on to the chopper for so long that the hoist is cut for the blood supply to his legs,他挂在直升机上的时间太长了 导致血液一时无法供给到腿部so when he got to the ground,he couldnt actually move.We do all we can to minimize the risk.他躺在地上 一动不动 我们尽最大的努力把风险降到最低But when you jumping out the aircraft of ten thousands foot danger is never far away.但是当从上万英尺的高空往下跳时 危险无时无刻不在When I look into the drop zones from the air Im looking that was ok but its...often very difficult to gauge from the air.当我从飞机上看降落区域 觉得没问题 但是在飞机上通常无法准确瞄准Ultimately when he jumped out that helo,his deaths done to him.最终当贝尔从机舱跳出 死亡随时可能发生201605/446144。

  • (Woman)You know, you gentlemen are up there,(女士)你们这些绅士就在那里do you think women can be the same as you guys你们认为女人能够像你们男士一样sitting up there, saying things the same way and be accepted in the same way?坐在那里用同样的方式说话,而且以同样的方式被接受吗?No. And I think that sucks but Ive thought about this a lot.不能,我觉得这是件糟糕的事,但我也想过这个问题Ive thought about this a crap load.我想这是一堆废话I invested in Birchbox. I wrote the first check into that company我曾经投资过Birchbox,我的第一张票就给了这家公司and I sat in the pitch in Starbucks and said yes in 12 minutes.当时我坐在星巴克的帐篷下,12分钟内就答应了投资And they got super pumped and emotional in a good way.她们在触碰人心和打感情牌上很厉害Not in a cliché bullshit like women way just like pumped.不是用女人的陈词滥调的欺骗方式而是慢慢感染你And I asked them I was like I couldnt put my finger on it我告诉他们,那种感觉说不清道不明and theyre like, ;Weve gotten 60 nos in a row, youre our first yes.;她们当时说“我们已经连续被拒绝60次了,你是第一个同意投资的人”And I was cool and I didnt really think much of it.我当时很冷静,并且没有想太多It was the nicest day, early in the spring, it was the nicest day of the year four years ago.那是早春中最好的一天,也是四年前最美好的一天The first nice day, you know that awesome day that第一个美好的一天,真的很棒we love so much in New York.而且我们非常喜欢纽约So I was like Im gonna walk home cause所以当时我决定要走回家I was kinda in midtown, I was going to Upper East Side.我当时大概在市中心,准备去上东区Somewhere around eight blocks in I was like,距离那里大约8个街区;Huh. I really wonder that idea was so obvious;哈,我当时脑子里的那个想法如此清晰;;I really wonder if those were two dudes would they get 11 yess instead of one?;我想如果她们是两个小伙子的话,她们是不是会得到11个yes而不只有1个?;You have to understand, and this is not even close,你必须得理解,但这还不确切my mom, my wife and my first-born daughter are my life. Right?我的妈妈、妻子和女儿是我的全部,不是吗?I love my bro and my dad and all this but that is my world我也很爱我的兄弟和父亲,还有其他一切,但她们才是我的世界and I, if God, you know I actually dont care而且你知道,事实上我不介意if my daughter, god willing, would want to be a big time entrepreneur and CEO我的女儿想当一个大时代的企业家和CEOI would want her to dominate the world我会希望她能够统治这个世界and I think that people want to look at the world我认为人们总是习惯through rosy glasses or very cynical glasses.以有色眼镜或讽刺的眼光来看世界And I think the answer is always in-between.但我觉得是在这两者之间Theres a million women entrepreneurs or storytellers that are killing it. Right?世界上有上百万的女性企业家或者小说作家在消除这种误解,不是吗?We have to recognize that the way the market consumes我们必须意识到市场区分人们的方式people is different based on if theyre a woman,是以女人为标准的if theyre African-American, if theyre Muslim-American, just a million.又或者是根据是否是非洲裔美国人或穆斯林教的美国人等等How about pretty?如果是漂亮的人呢?How about just being pretty? Versus not being as pretty. Right?如果只是漂亮的话会怎么样呢?和不漂亮的人相比又会怎么样呢?对吧?Theres a million variables in play and I think its insane.这其中有太多的变量了,并且我觉得这是很愚蠢的I come from the Soviet Union.我来自苏维埃同盟Right? Where everything being the same is the game.对吧?只有在游戏中才会平等Its just not real. Right?但那不是真实的,不是吗?By the way, it doesnt mean that its worse,顺便说一下 这并不意味着更糟糕了it doesnt mean that its worse at all.这一点都不意味着这更糟糕了It just means that its different. So is it the same?这只是意味着它是不同的,所以它是相同的吗?No, its not the same. Cause everybodys gonna consume it differently.不,这不是相同的,因为每个人在以不同的方式消耗生命Its also not the same for each,对每个人来说也不是相同的youre an African-American woman你是一个非洲裔美国女人the way that youre consuming me is different than those two Russian guys over there你消费我的方式和那两个俄罗斯人的方式不一样who have a connection point with me thats different.他们和我有着相关却不同的点I think this whole notion of like……is it the same我想这个整体的概念就像…它是相同的吗?of course its not. Its a silly question.当然不是,这是个愚蠢的问题I think whats more important is我觉得更重要的是Im a big believer of betting on your strengths and I spoke to it earlier.我坚信这都依赖于你的能力,这是我早前提过的Again, I won the lotto completely.再说一下 我在乐透中大获全胜White male in America and born in the Soviet Union. I won triple big.在出生于苏维埃和美国的白人男子中,我的钱翻了三倍I think that we have to understand how things work.我觉得我们必须理解事情是怎么发生的But Ill tell you that, how about this但是我要告诉你,比如Casey and I did a together the other day凯西和我有一天一起做了一个视频Caseys fanbase hated me凯西的粉丝群会讨厌我as a net score because I talked over him during the show.把我看成眼中钉,因为我在节目中说了他Cause I get hyper and this and that.因为我得到了宣传,还有其他一些原因And I went into my own channel and had to apologize然后我必须去我自己的频道to like 500 people that came over from Caseys world向那些从凯西的频道中来的500多个人道歉and said, ;GaryVee, fuck you. You suck shit.;并且他们说着 “格里,你个混蛋”Need to spend less time of what we cant be and我们应该在无法完成的事情上少花一点儿时间we need to spend more time on what we can be.同时多花一点时间做到自己的极限201705/511650。
  • Like me, our next guste earned the PhD in the molecular biology before becoming an comedian跟我一样 我们的下一位来宾是一位从生物学士转型的喜剧明星please welcome the very funny joe wong Everybody Hi Emm, I am mariaged掌声欢迎 黄西 大家好啊 你好啊 恩 我已婚了When I first get drivers license I decide to be an organ donator.当我第一次拿到驾照的时候 我决定做一位器官捐献者And I decide to donate my brain because makes me happy to think some guy捐的是我的脑袋 因为这个想法很逗wakes up some common goals I do not know who I am.比如从昏迷中醒来的人的大脑里想着 我怎么想不起来我是谁了I went to the amusement park a couple of years ago我几年前去了物馆公园and towards the end they are scarely wide.游客的举动比较狂野They took pictures of me screaming like this.他们拍照的时候尖叫的表情都是这样的And then they throw the salad to me.然后他们朝我扔沙拉So I bought a picture then I put it in my drivers license.然后我就留了张照片 然后放进我的驾驶里Just keep it real. I have a friend, his name is weidie.就一直留着做纪念 我有个朋友叫做未带(想死)And recently he sent me page: Hey, John, lets go to Canada to see some bears.最近他给我发信息说 乔 我们去加拿大看熊吧I say ,well, I am a little afraid of bears.我说 可是 我有点害怕熊Then he say to me, hey, John, you got to remember然后他说 记住 乔the bears are more afraid of you than you are afraid of them.比起你怕熊 熊其实更怕你So I say: well, Im Pretty sure the bears are wrong.我就说 好吧 我很确定 熊想错了And on top of that I do not want to go nearly to bears some guy whose name is weidie.而且最重要的是 我不想跟一个叫做未带(想死)的人 去靠近任何一只熊Always I watch tv really late one night and they had a called emergence broadcasting on.某天晚上 我看电视到很晚 他们有个节目叫做 紧急培训I thought like what if it is the real emergency and I was asleep.我就想 如果真有什么紧急状况 而我睡着了怎么办They should let us know when is on. So I can tivol it.应该通知我们什么时候是紧急情况啊 这样我才能做好准备啊I came to this countries that many years and我来到这个国家多年之后I watched a lot of TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel Show.我会看很多电视节目 比如吉米鸡毛秀And the funny think that time I was really and I thought people on the show有意思的是我还不了解这个国家的时候 我以为节目里这些观众are normally average Americans you know.都是普通生活水平的美国人That is I was right. It is kidding.原来我说对了 开玩笑的啦And a lot of bad economic news this year where the guys worry about the economy,I am not今年有很多经济糟糕的新闻 他们怎么会担心经济呢 我就不会Because I grew up poor you know,if I become poor again, Ill just feel young.因为我小时候家里就很穷 我要是又变穷了 我就会感觉自己变年轻了We have a twin half-year-old now and and here is the thing.我家有一对半岁的双胞胎 是这样的I came from a long line of people who had kids.我来自一个拥有悠久历史的繁衍生息的国家Oh,you too,OK but so its amazing,cause my son is really cute now呃 你们也是的哈 好吧 但是 还是很神奇 我儿子现在很可爱了but when he was fistly born,he was ugly.但是 他刚生下来的时候 很丑And I wasnt prepare for it,you know.我那时没做好思想准备I was looking at him in a delivery room and try to remember some of my ugly relatives我在产房看着他 联想我那些丑陋的亲戚and to decide exactly who passed the ugly genes to my son,you know然后想搞清到底是谁遗传了丑陋基因给我儿子了Then the doctor came in who was like congratulations he looks just like you.然后医生走了进来 说道 恭喜恭喜 他长得真像你thank you guys very much thank you,thank you.非常感谢大家 谢谢 谢谢201707/516013。
  • August 6th, 1945.Two miles above the Pacific Ocean.1945年八月六日 太平洋上方两英里处Bomber pilot colonel Paul Tibbets.轰炸机飞行员保罗·蒂贝茨上校30 years old, a military prodigy.年方三十岁 是一名军事奇才On a secret mission to end World War II.他担负着结束第二次世界大战的秘密任务In Tibbets pocket, 12 cyanide tablets.在蒂贝茨的口袋里有十二粒氰化物药片One for each man on board.机组成员一人一粒Capture is not an option.他们绝不能被敌军俘获 They know too much.他们知道得太多了Over 5,000 years, in 14,500 wars,五千年来 在一万四千五百场战争中Up to 3.5 billion have died,死亡人数高达三十五亿Battling to exert maximum force at maximum distance.战争在最大的范围内发挥着最大的力量With each new generation, a new weapon.每一代人都带来一种新的武器 We talk about arms races,我们谈论的是军备竞赛and this has been going on since the beginning of time.自远古初期以来这一直在持续之中You hit me with a stick, I hit you with a bigger stick.你用棍子打我 我就用更大的棍子打你But mankind has never known a weapon like this.但人类从未了解过这样一种武器The ultimate projection of power: the atom bomb.它是力量的终极发射: 原子弹Called name little boy.Target: Hiroshima, Japan.名为小男孩 目标是日本广岛201605/446138。
  • A stone tank in which to keep live fish bait.用来保存活鱼饵的石质水槽And since we know that some of houses had drains underneath them,我们知道有些房屋已然拥有了地下排水沟so they must also, believe it or not,have had indoor toilets.Luxuries?那么无论你相信与否 它们也有了室内卫生间 奢饰品又为何物呢The orthopaedically correct stone bed may not seem particularly luxurious,一张中规中矩的石床 或许算不得极尽奢华but the addition layers of heather and straw would have softened the sleeping surface但在上面铺上这石楠丛与稻草 却能使床面变得柔软舒适and would have made this bed seem rather snug.让普通的石床摇身变为精致典雅的卧榻At the centre of it all, though,was this spectacular dresser放置在一切陈设中心的 是美轮美奂的梳妆台on which our house-proud neolithic villagers would set out all their most precious stuff.讲究的新石器时期屋主 将所有家珍在此悉数摆出Fine bone and ivory necklaces,beautifully rolled and carved stone objects,精美的骨头和象牙项链 与精雕细琢的石器everything designed to make a grand interior statement.无不衬托着室内的奢华与气魄Given the rudimentary nature of their tools,以当时落后原始的工具it would have taken countless man-hours to build not only these domestic dwellings定花费了数不尽的人力与时间 不仅建造了这些民宅but also the great circles of stone where they would have gathered to worship.还有那些他们围起来的 供以祭祀膜拜的巨石圈So Skara Brae wasnt just an isolated settlement of fishers and farmers.看来斯卡拉布雷并不只是 渔夫和农民与世隔绝的世外桃源Its people must have belonged to some larger society,这些人一定从属于成熟强大的社群one sophisticated enough to mobilise the army of toilers and craftsmen,人员组成复杂到足以动员起 劳工与工匠所组成的大军needed not just to make these monuments,but to stand them on end.不仅能建造起这些庞然大物 还将其立置起来 /201606/450552。
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