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[时尚]想做时尚icon?你的墨镜合格吗 -- :53:7 来源:sohu 太阳镜就像鞋子,一双鞋子怎么能满足所有搭配!太阳镜也是,有些是用作上班装的配搭,有些是去海滩时随便配戴的,但又要怎样才可以戴出个人风格呢? 就让小编带你一览今季最时尚的太阳镜款式,享受阳光同时又称为资深时尚icon Sunglasses are like shoes, you don't just own one pair. Some sunglasses are perfect to sport with your work attire and others are more casual when you’re hitting up the beach. 先来看看男神墨镜必备款式: 黑色灰色 男装太阳镜 BlackGrey Men's Sunglasses 威士忌色纹男装太阳镜 Whiskey-Tortoise Men's Sunglasses 蓝色银色 金属框架太阳镜 Metal Framed Sunglasses in Blue amp; Silver 金色棕色 飞行员款式太阳镜 Original Aviator Sunglasses in GoldBrown 再来看看女神必备: 黑色蓝色 女装太阳镜 Sunglasses Women in BlackBlue 黑色灰色 女装经典飞行员款式太阳镜 Women's Classic Original Aviators in BlackGrey 55毫米复古白水晶色边太阳镜 55mm Retro Sunglasses in White Crystal ;高街时尚; 深灰至赤灰色圆边太阳镜 ‘Highstreet' Round Sunglasses in Turtledove 不知道男神女神们,你们已经拥有了几副呢? 就算去医院!宇宙大明星千颂伊也不能离了墨镜! 虽然人靠衣装,但配饰也是整体的一部分,别再执着于衣而忽略这些加分细节!也许衣小小墨镜就能使你成为焦点! Photo source: Baidu Brostrick English Source: Brostrick重庆市星宸整形正规吗?怎么样男人也时尚 让人哭笑不得的老爸们(双语) --30 18:3: 来源:sohu 谁说时尚达人必须是年轻漂亮的女士们?这些来自世界各地的老爸们在Instagram上炫耀着自己炫酷而又特立独行的着装 Who said that fashionistas must be young and pretty ladies? This Instagram shows off dads from all around the world rocking their own, unique style. 工装短裤,趣味T恤,有时再加几件令人汗颜的配件,这些把父亲们打造成了真正的“时尚偶像” Cargo shorts, fun T-shirts and sometimes cringe-worthy accessories make these dads true fashion icons. 看看这些超酷的装备吧,也许你会找到几件合适的单品添置到自己的衣柜里 Take a look at these cool clothing sets and maybe you'll find something that you could adapt to your own closet. 这个老爸,把穿到了身上 比起上面的那个,我们更加相亲相爱 不在T恤上,印到箱子上也不错啊 这两个老爸的打底裤,太时尚啦 瞧瞧这身混搭! 最OK的老爸,穿的也很萌萌达呢 看到你,生活立刻就缤纷乐! 那个短裤配貂皮的老爸真是亮瞎了小编的眼,感谢这些可爱的父亲,给我们带来了如此多的欢乐! English Source: Bored Panda重庆九院正规吗会不会乱收费女性手提包脏过马桶圈 -- :1: 来源:chinadaily The contents of a woman's handbag have long remained a mystery to men around the world.全球各地的男性都好奇女生的手提包里装了些什么But the truth is a lot dirtier than one could ever have imagined.但真相却比任何人想象的都要“脏”得多German research found ,000 different bacteria are present in just a few square centimetres of handbag, making it dirtier than your average toilet seat.德国一项研究显示,手提包里面仅仅几平方厘米的面积里,就生活着约1万种不同的细菌,脏的程度甚至超过一般的马桶座圈So how does your bag get so disgustingly filthy?那么你的包包是如何变得如此肮脏,让人厌恶的呢?The Herald Sun spoke with My Bag Spa owner Alex How from Melbourne, who has found food scraps, rubbish and even dog or cat urine in handbags.《先驱太阳报采访了“包包水疗”的店主,来自墨尔本的亚历克斯-豪,他在女性手提包里发现过食品残渣、垃圾甚至猫的尿液'Dog and cat pee are the worst and we have to wear gloves and a mask to remove those smells or else our skin starts to itch,' Mr How said.豪先生说,“猫的尿液是最糟糕的情况,我们不得不带上手套和口罩来清除异味,否则皮肤会开始发痒”'Some bag users put rubbish in their bag and totally get about it.“一些包包的主人把垃圾放在包里,之后完全忘了这回事”'Wine, all sorts of food scraps and sauces and cigarettes are things that build up over years. It can be quite ugly when the bags come in service.'“这些年,我们在手提包里发现的酒渍、各种食物残渣和酱汁、以及香烟等物品越来越多这些手提包送来接受务时实在太难看了The bacteria from your hands can also contaminate your bag's lining, with much of the dirt trapped between the lining and the leather exterior.手上的细菌也会污染手提包的衬里,大部分污物夹在衬里和外皮之间The Herald Sun spoke with online cleaning agent Helpling partner manager Roxanna Pelka, who said handbags are dirtier than your average toilet, as toilets are cleaned more regularly.《先驱太阳报还采访了在线家政务提供商Helpling的商户经理洛克珊娜-佩尔卡,她说手提包比一般的马桶要脏,因为人们更经常地清洁马桶She ed the Science World Report that revealed handbags have about ten times the amount of microbial activity than a toilet seat.她引述《年科学世界报告的话说,手提包上的微生物活性大约是马桶座圈上的倍But not all handbags are rife with bacteria, with a bag's quality mainly dependent on the user.但并非所有的手提包都遍布细菌,手提包的质量主要取决于主人Vocabularylining: 衬里,内层microbial activity:微生物活性英文来源:每日邮报翻译#38;编审:yaning黑科技:手机贴手机就能充电 --31 ::19 来源:chinadaily Seeing the 'Low Battery' alert on your smartphone is enough to send anyone into a frenzy. But a group of researchers have developed a solution that not only lets you power your own device, but allows you to share your charge with others in need - without using a power pack. 手机显示电量不足时我们就会莫名感到焦虑一组研究人员已经找到了解决办法,不仅可以让你自己给自己的设备充电,还可以在没有电源组的情况下将自己的电量分享给需要的人Called PowerShare, this technology consists of flexible coils and docking aids embedded in a smartphone or smartwatch to transfer power to devices just by touching them together. 这款名为“能源分享”的设备主要由软线圈和对接工具组成,将其贴在智能手机或智能手表上,只要把另一只手机贴上去就可以“借”电来充There are a number of products on the market that provide Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) smartphone users that power their phones without the need of an outlet. Although power packs and mobile hand generators are good back-ups, they can be bulky and a nuisance when traveling. 市面上可供智能手机用户在无需电源插座的情况下充电的无线输电设备不在少数虽然一些电源组和移动手摇发电还可以起到救急作用,但是对于旅行者来说笨重又麻烦Once the technology is placed inside a smartwatch or smartphone, simply tap it with another device and watch it charge. 只要在智能手表或智能手机应用此项技术,两种设备轻轻碰触便可进行充电The creators estimate that around seconds of charging would give users one minute of talk time and two minutes would generate enough power to watch four minutes of a . 发明者估计,用户只需充电大约秒便可通话1分钟,充电分钟可看视频分钟The average Wireless Power Transfer gadget consist of at least two coils, one located in the power transmitter and the other in the power receiver, reports LiveScience. 美国生活科学网报道说,通常无线输电设备至少包含两个线圈,一个在功率发射器中,一个在功率接收器中As electricity moves through the power transmitter coil, it creates an electromagnetic field that sends a charge to the next coil. 当电流穿过功率发射器中的线圈时会产生电磁场,向接收器输送电量To develop PowerShare, researcher experimented with a variety of different power transmitters and receiver coils. 为了研发“能源分享”设备,研究人员对多种不同的功率发射和接收线圈进行试验In order to recreate the magnetic shielding, they used ferrite plate and copper tape placed on the back of coils – this hindered transmitted energy from getting close to human tissue. 他们将铁酸盐板和铜带置于线圈背部形成磁屏蔽,这样可以避免传输的电量过于接近人体The researchers also found that flexible coils can be used in the system and are ideal smartwatch straps. 他们还发现这种软线圈正好适合,是智能手表带的最佳选择'Our design emphasizes safety, minimizes m factor, presents flexible coils and shows real world power transfer up to 3.1 volts,' said the researchers. 研究者表示:“我们的设计以安全性为主要考量,最小化外形因素,以软线圈为材料,真正实现了电力传输高达3.1伏特However, just like most new technology PowerShare does have its limitations – twice as much energy needs to be transmitted as is received. 然而,与大多数新技术一样,“能源分享”也有自身的局限性,即接收的电量只有发送电量的一半Vocabularyhand generator: 手摇发电机electromagnetic field: 电磁场来源:英国每日邮报翻译:吴丹编审:yaning重庆星宸收费标准

重庆星宸美容咨询电话重庆星辰医学的费用环球城市地标的水之美 -- :: 来源:sohu 波兰插图画家、建筑师Maja Wrońska继续她的建筑灵感系列——标志性的城市景观她带来了新的水画系列,描绘了包括巴黎、、纽约在内的城市的风景Wrońska通过她的网站表示,“我的作品和建筑有着密不可分的联系,所以建筑是我的灵感源泉”快来看看这些描绘了世界各地景观的水画吧! Polish illustrator and architect Maja Wrońska continues her architecture-inspired series of iconic cityscapes. She creates her new collection of watercolor paintings that depict some lovely scenes from cities like Paris, Venice, and New York. “My drawings are strictly connected to the architecture so, sure, architecture is my inspiration,” Wrońska says on her website. Take a look at these watercolors from around the world that she had created recently. 英国约克 York, UK 华盛顿广场花园,美国纽约 Washington Square Park, NYC, USA 布鲁克林大桥,美国纽约 Brooklyn Bridge, NYC, USA 希腊雅典 Athens, Greece 巴黎圣母院,法国巴黎Notre Dame, Paris, France 卢浮宫,法国巴黎Louvre, Paris, France 奥赛美术馆,法国巴黎Museacute;e d’Orsay, Paris, France 新桥,法国巴黎Pont Neuf, Paris, France 圣彼得大教堂,意大利罗马Saint Peter, Rome, Italy 意大利Venice, Italy English Source: Boredpanda房间脏乱差到不忍直视,英文如何形容? --30 :59: 来源:chinadaily 对于网络时代的宅男宅女们来说,这世界上最悲催的事情恐怕就是家里有个爱干净勤打扫的老妈,要不就是摊上一个“处女座”的室友当你沉浸在虚拟世界里无法自拔时, 他们的碎碎念总能把你拉回到邋遢的现实中这些年常被他们叨叨的那些凌乱,英文里你知道该怎么说吗? 1. Clothes are strewn all over the floor. 衣扔的满地都是 . Food is splattered all over the microwave. 吃的东西都洒到微波炉上了 3. The refrigerator is full of moldy food. 冰箱里的食物都发霉了 . There’s a film of grease around the stove. 炉灶周围积了厚厚一层油腻 5. Dirty dishes are just sitting in the sink. 那些脏盘子在洗漱池里睡大觉呢 6. A thick layer of dust has built up on all the shelves. 所有的架子上都积了一层厚厚的灰尘 7. There are cobwebs in the corners. 墙角到处都是蜘蛛网 8. The drains are clogged with hair. 下水道都被头发堵住了 9. The windows and mirrors have smudges all over them. 窗户和镜子上到处都是污渍 . Old newspapers are piled up in the corner. 角落里堆满了废旧报纸重庆星辰医学美容医院投诉电话友谊的巨轮:挪威送芬兰一座山当百岁生日礼物! --30 :59:31 来源: 友谊地久天长!芬兰即将迎来独立0周年纪念日,邻国挪威闻讯打算送给芬兰一座山峰! Thinking of giving a little summit to your neighbor a 0th birthday present? What about a mountain?你能想象送一座小山包给你的邻居当0岁生日礼物吗?一座山呢?Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said this week her government was considering a proposal to move the country’s border 0 meters (about 0 feet) -- gifting Finland a mountain its 0 years of independence in .挪威首相厄纳·索尔伯格本周表示说,她的政府正在考虑一项议案,移动该国边界0米(约合0英尺)--从而在年的时候将一座山峰送给芬兰当做独立0周年的礼物"So far I have not made any decisions, but we are looking into this matter," Solberg told state broadcaster NRK.索尔伯格对挪威国家广播电台NRK说道:“到目前为止我还没有做出任何决定,但是我们正在考虑这件事”The proposal follows a public campaign on Facebook to give Finland the Halditcohkka peak of Halti Mountain. The mountain sits on the border between the two countries -- with its peak on the Norwegian side.这份议案来源于Facebook上的一项公开活动,将哈尔蒂亚山的Halditcohkka峰给与芬兰这座山位于挪威和芬兰两国的边界线上--峰顶在挪威一侧By shifting the border slightly, the summit, measuring 1,331 meters (,366 feet), would instead reside in Finland.通过移动些许边界,山顶(31米高,约合366英尺高)将会属于芬兰While Norway has many high mountains, its neighbor is a little more vertically challenged. Should the proposal go ahead, the Halditcohkka peak would become Finland’s highest point.虽然挪威拥有许多高山,但是其邻国芬兰却多为低地如果这份议案被通过,Halditcohkka峰将成为芬兰最高山"We have a lot of mountains, and this is just a small mountaintop," said Sondre Lund, a Norwegian student who set up the initial Facebook campaign.最初在Facebook上发起这项活动的是一位名叫桑德里·伦德的挪威学生,他说道:“我们拥有许多山,而这只不过是一个小山顶”"It’s such a small thing, but such a big thing also. All the Nordic countries have great relations; this is just a part of that."“这是一件非常小的事,也是一件非常大的事所有的北欧国家都有很好的关系;而这(个行为)只是这个关系的一部分”Lund was inspired by Bj?rn Geirr Harsson, a retired employee of the Norwegian Mapping Authority who suggested the idea while taking border measurements in 197.伦德之所以有此想法是因为受到了比约恩·盖尔·哈桑的启发,哈桑是挪威测绘局的一名退休员工,他曾在197年从事边界测量时提出这个想法"I was taken aback by why on earth (Finland) had not received this peak," Harsson told The Local, a Norwegian English-language newspaper.哈桑对挪威一份英语报纸《本地人说道:“我当时很吃惊,芬兰到底是为什么没有接管这个山峰呢?”"It would barely be noticeable ( Norway). And I’m sure the Finns would greatly appreciate getting it."“对于挪威来说,失去这座山峰的影响几乎察觉不到但是我肯定芬兰人会非常感激得到它”重庆肿瘤医院是私人医院吗

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