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让我们来看看这些往日“西装革履”,如今T恤、仔裤却依然风度翩翩的政坛明星们吧Jeans are the most politically explosive things that can be found clinging to an MP's lower limbs. Just look at the latest pictures of William Hague, out strolling with his special adviser. What was wee Willie thinking? That maybe some day his Italian ice cream salesman-cum-gigolo look is going to catch on? Check out those peekaboo wraparound sunglasses and white long-sleeved T-shirt. Are they entirely suitable for the First Secretary of (what a) State? 从古至今,“牛仔系列”的装扮在政坛中显然是有些“不合时宜”的,英国现任外交大臣威廉·黑格(William Hague)在最近被拍的照片中却展现出令人眼前一亮的一面。媒体这位政坛明星身穿白色长袖T恤外加黑色牛仔裤着实看起来像意大利售卖冰激凌的小贩!!!让我们来看看这些往日“西装革履”,如今T恤、仔裤却依然风度翩翩的政坛明星们吧Loose fit: David Miliband (left); baggy and saggy: Nick Clegg (centre); and a black mark: William Hague (right) 左图:英国前外交大臣戴维·米利班德 中图:自由民主党党魁克莱格(Nick Clegg右图:英国现任外交大臣威廉·黑And if you thought William had learned his lesson on the baseball cap front - which is that they rarely look good on males over the age of six - think again. At least he's not wearing it back to front and drinking a coconut cocktail; for this small mercy, thanks. Most astounding, perhaps, are William's modish black jeans, of the type last seen on Take That's backing dancers and never, ever before on a Conservative Foreign Secretary. 如果您认为英国现任外交大臣威廉·黑格在头戴垒球帽上已经时髦到很难令人接受的话,从这个角度想想似乎您可能会心里好受一些,这位英国现任外交大臣已经没有像青少年一样将帽子歪着戴,也没有手拿年轻人喝的饮料与鸡尾酒了,还算有一个政坛领袖的风范吧。就是他那条时髦的黑色牛仔裤算是破了英国外交大臣“穿衣史”上的先例了 /201008/112180哈尔滨市医院做无痛人流那所好1.惯用口语句子:What on the test?考哪些内容?What will the test cover?考试覆盖哪些内容?I What do we need to know the test?这次考试我们要复习哪些内容?Will the test cover the whole book?考试的内容会覆盖整本书吗?When is the midterm?什么时候期中考试?When is the final?什么时候期末考试?midterm n. 期中考试final n. 期末考试(final examexamination)Ive got a final exam this Friday.这周五我就要期末考试了Ive got a big test tomorrow.明天我有一次大的测验Im going to stay up all night studying my exam.我打算通宵复习准备考试I cant go to bed tonight.我今晚不能睡觉了I dont think studying all night is going to do you any good.我觉得通宵复习对你没什么好处do sb. good“对某人有好处“I have to make a plan the general review.我得制订个总体复习计划make a plan ...的意思是“为…制定计划”The examination is so difficult.考试好难啊The exam is too difficult.考试太难了The examination is easy.考试很简单Im praying a good mark.我在祈祷能考个好成绩I hope to gain a mark of 90 ( gain 90 marks ) in math.我希望数学能考90分pray v.祈祷,恳求mark n. 成绩,分数pray “请求,祈求”I dare not cheat on the exam.我不敢作弊Im not bold enough to cheat on the exam.我没那么大胆敢在考试中作弊cheat v. 欺骗,(考试)作弊bold a. 大胆的 80哈市阳光妇儿医院人流价格表Cruising开车兜风Kathy and Evan are finally on the road.凯西和艾凡终于上路K:Oh, it so lovely here! Even in the city the streets are so clean and the houses so tidy. There are small parks everywhere!凯西:哦,这里景色真是美丽!即使在市内,街道很干净,房屋也很整齐小公园处处可见!E:It a lot different from New York; that sure!艾凡:它与纽约大不相同,这点是很肯定的!K:So, where are we going first?凯西:那么,我们要先去哪儿?E:I thought you knew.艾凡:我还以为你知道K:No, you didnt mentio n anything. I thought maybe wed visit your relatives first.凯西:我哪知道,你什么都没提我以为我们也许会先去拜访你的亲戚E:No, were going to see them next week. We have to find a hostel and get settled in first. I picked up a list of hostels at the inmation desk at the airport. Were on the southwest side of Amsterdam, so we should look one near here.艾凡:不是,我们下星期才去看他们我们得先找到一家青年旅社安顿好我在机场的务台拿了一张青年旅社的名单现在我们在阿姆斯特丹的西南方,所以我们应该在这附近找一家K:According to this list, there are a couple on Nassau Quay.凯西:根据这张名单,在拿索码头那里有两、三家E:Oh, good! That on this side of town according to my map. And since there a Nassau county on Long Island, we wont feel so far from home.艾凡:哦,太好了!照我的地图看来,拿索码头就在这一区而且因为长岛有拿索郡,我们就不会有背井离乡的感觉K:I just hope they have some vacancies.凯西:我只希望他们有空房间E:Im sure they will. Sit back and enjoy the cruise!艾凡:我确信会有的坐好享受兜风之乐吧! 53The U.S. presidential election is approaching, and political parties and advocacy groups across the nation are making a final push to get people registered to vote and to the polls for the November 6th contest. Groups are mobilizing to get an underrepresented group of eligible voters involved in the process.美国总统大选还有两个星期,各政党与政治团体在全国进行最后阶段的努力让更多的人登记注册参1号的投票,其中包括那些政治程度偏低的群体。Shakei Haynes is helping college students register to vote in the November election.沙凯.海恩斯正在帮助大学生登记注册,参1月的投票。Hes been doing this since 2005 when he was 16-years-old. Now hes a political science student at Howard University in Washington. He says the job is getting easier.2005年当时只6岁的海恩斯就开始参与这项工作。现在他是霍华德大学政治系学生。他说这个工作并不难;Mobilizing individuals to get registered to vote has not been hard at all because people understand the urgency. In this election, you have two different contrasting views of what America should look like over the next four years,; said Haynes.“动员人们登记注册从来就不是什么艰难的工作,因为人们了解它的紧迫性。在今年的大选中,我们面临的是两种截然不同的选择,会影响美国今后四年的方向。”Some of these young African-American students will be first-time voters. Nearly half of the seven million African Americans ages 18 to 30 were unregistered and therefore not eligible to vote, according to the 2010 U.S. Census.这些年轻的非洲裔学生有的将是第一次参加投票。根据美010年的人口普查,在7百万180岁的非洲裔美国人当中将近一半的人没有登记,也就是说他们还没有投票的资格。Shakei says that is unacceptable and young people, especially minorities, should not be underrepresented in the political process.沙凯.海恩斯说,这种现象不应该存在,特别是那些政治参与程度偏低的少数族裔:;A democracy should be reflective of the people who are in it. If we can, you know, make that process a little easier for students then that is our job, and that is the reward at the end of the day,; he said.“民主应该代表所有的人;我们会尽一切努力让学生们更容易参与这个政治程序,这是我们的工作,也让我们很有成就感。”Howard student Jai Dungey is from New Jersey. She says everyone should know their vote matters.霍华德大学学生贾邓吉来自新泽西州。她说每个人的选票都是重要的:;Voting is a right, it is a right. People need to realize that it is not a privilege. We should come together and just take advantage of this right we have been given and people have worked so hard to give us,; said Dungey.“投票是一个权利。人们需要知道这不是特权。我们一定要充分利用这个权利,这样才不辜负那些为了这个权利做出贡献的人。”Corion Jones is voting for the first time. Hes from the battleground state of Ohio. He feels his vote could help determine the outcome of the election.科里琼斯将第一次参加投票。他来自摇摆州俄亥俄州。他认为自己的一票有助于决定大选结果:;Everyone should be able to express what they want or what they feel in their own country, so the opportunity and the ability to vote is highly important,; said Jones.“每个人都应该表达自己的意愿,他们对国家的看法,所以说投票的机会是非常重要的。Gail Kitch is chief operating officer with the non-partisan Voter Participation Center in Washington. Her group launched a voter-registration campaign by mail last year targeting young people of color and unmarried women.盖尔.凯奇是华盛顿非党派的选民登记中心(Voter Participation Center)的首席营运官。这个机构去年以寄信的方式向年轻人和单身妇女发起了一场登记注册运动;The young person is sort of primed to think they are y to participate now, and this kind of a document mailed straight to them is exactly the kind of thing they are going to respond to,; she said.她说:“年轻人现在已经做好了参与的准备,我们把这些文件寄给他们,他们一定会有所反应。”Now the push is on to make sure newly registered voters actually cast ballots in November.登记注册了以后接下来的工作是要说鼓励他1月亲身到投票站投下一票。来 /201210/205195绥化市第一医院做人流


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