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金华狐臭医院金华市中心医院门诊部怎么样A submissive and clinging woman, or an unceremonious and independent woman, which one would you prefer? A recent poll shows that most people would choose the latter.百依百顺、黏黏糊糊的女人vs不拘小节、独立自主的女人,你更喜欢哪一个?最近一项调查显示,大部分人选择后者。This type of woman is called a nühanzi (“tough woman”) and always takes care of herself. Experts believe these characteristics have social and psychological roots among young females in China.这一类女性被称作“女汉子”,她们往往自己照顾自己。专家认为,这种性格与中国年轻女性的社会与心理现状息息相关。Su Hao’s friends all call her a tough woman, because the 19-year-old English major at Shandong University can finish tough tasks usually attributed to men. For example, she carries 10-litre water bottles to her dormitory on the 5th floor and can fix a broken fan. “I depend on no one but myself,” she says.苏晧(音译)来自山东大学英语专业,朋友们都叫她“女汉子”,因为这个19岁的姑娘能完成一些男生干的体力活儿。例如,她能一个人扛着10升水上5楼宿舍,还能修电扇。她说,“我只靠自己。”According to a recent survey by China Youth Daily, tough women have become rather common in society. Of the 21,265 respondents, 78.5 percent said they are acquainted with a tough woman. About 50 percent said they like women with tough characteristics, while less than 29 percent expressed the opposite view.《中国青年报》最新调查显示,时下“女汉子”十分普遍。在21265受访者中,有78.5%的人都认识 “女汉子”,约50%的人喜欢“女汉子”,而只有不到29%的人持反对意见。Why are tough women gaining popularity? Shen Meng, a certified psychological counselor, believes the fierce competition in society is contributing to this trend.为什么“女汉子”如此流行?心理咨询师沈梦(音译)认为,当前社会激烈的竞争是造成这种趋势的原因之一。“Women are often in a disadvantaged position compared to men,” Shen says. “In order to survive, they have to be independent, strong and tough.”她说“相较于男人,女人(在社会竞争中)常处于劣势地位。为了生存,她们不得不变得独立、坚强和强势。”Liu Xiaolin, professor of psychology at Wuhan Mental Health Center, believes tough women are nurtured this way.然而,来自武汉心理健康中心的心理学教授刘晓林(音译)则认为,“女汉子”是天生的。“They are often on intimate terms with their fathers, who teach their daughters to be brave and decisive,” he says. As a result, these women are more likely to be psychologically healthy and more tolerant to stress, according to Liu.他说,“这些女性往往和父亲关系亲密,被父亲教育成勇敢而有决断力的人。”因此,她们的心理更健康,更能够承受压力。Though Liu believes that this is a good trend, Hu Shenzhi, a psychologist at the Guangdong Sunflower Counseling Center, says the prevalence of tough woman indicates a blurred line between gender identities, which can lead to relationship problems.尽管刘晓林认为这是一个好趋势,来自广东向日葵咨询中心的心理学家胡申志(音译)则认为,女性越来越强势的趋势意味着性别差异的模糊化,这有可能会带来两性关系问题。“Some women with characteristics that deviate from the traditional female image may have a difficult time finding Mr Right,” he says. “Even if they get married, their manly characteristics might trigger family conflicts.”他说,“一些与中国传统女性性格相去甚远的女性更难找到另一半。即使结了婚,她们的‘男子气概’也很可能造成家庭矛盾。” /201406/305155永康市中医院能刷医保卡 It started as a spring drizzle, then runways with clothes for fall became flooded with them. Miniskirts in all styles -- mod, flirty, kicky, sporty and even formal -- signaled that hemlines are emerging shorter than they#39;ve been in years. 刚开始只是春天的毛毛雨,后来在秋季时装秀场上泛滥成灾。各式各样的迷你裙──60年代登风格、挑逗的、活泼的、运动的、甚至正式的──正在发出裙子越来越短的信号。They#39;re coming from designers at fashion#39;s forefront -- Hedi Slimane#39;s sultry Saint Laurent, Euro-posh Giambattista Valli, Dior#39;s Raf Simons, casual-chic Isabel Marant -- suggesting this is the tip of a wave. In his debut at Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquiere bet the bank on slim minis. 这些迷你裙都出自时尚前沿的设计师之手──艾迪·斯理曼(Hedi Slimane)性感迷人的 罗兰(Saint Laurent),欧式时髦风格的詹巴迪斯塔·瓦利(Giambattista Valli),迪奥(Dior)的拉夫·西蒙斯(Raf Simons),休闲时尚的伊莎贝尔·玛兰(Isabel Marant)──说明它正站在时尚潮流的风口浪尖。在为路易威登(Louis Vuitton)所做的首个系列中,尼古拉斯·盖斯基埃(Nicolas Ghesquiere)把注押在了修身迷你裙上。Gucci designer Frida Giannini signaled the seriousness of her intent to go mini by devoting the final look in her Fall 2014 show, a position that is often reserved for important evening gowns or bridal dresses, to an ultra short hemline. 古驰(Gucci)设计师弗里达·贾娜妮(Frida Giannini)将2014秋季时装秀的压轴位置给了一款超短裙,这个位置通常都是留给重要的晚礼或新娘礼的。这表明了她对走迷你路线的认真态度。The look is youthful and modern with a hint of #39;60s retro coed. 这款迷你裙青春洋溢,现代感十足,又带有一丝60年代的复古校园风。#39;My haute couture was all legs, legs, legs,#39; says Mr. Valli of his exclusive made-to-measure collection. He notes that he hoped to underline his label#39;s appeal to the growing number of younger couture clients. He did minis for his y-to-wear collection as well, calling the look #39;young and fresh.#39; 瓦利提到他的独家定制系列时说;“我的高定时装重点在腿。”他指出,他希望向日益增多的年轻高定客户强调品牌的吸引力。他的成衣系列也有迷你裙,他称迷你裙“年轻、清新”。News of the mini#39;s return is likely to be met with cheers in some corners and groans in others. The young and leggy -- and their admirers -- often view the look favorably. Others prefer more coverage. 迷你裙回归的消息可能会引起一些人的欢呼,不过也会遭到一些人的抱怨。长腿的年轻女孩以及她们的爱慕者通常比较青睐迷你裙,而其他人则喜欢不那么暴露。But these days, fashion is all about choice. No hemline is obligatory. Ultra-trendy retailer Opening Ceremony, for example, sells its skirts and dresses in three categories: mini, midi, and maxi. 但是如今时装的关键在于选择。并不一定非得穿迷你裙。比如连锁潮店Opening Ceremony就有三种半身裙和连身裙供选择:迷你、中等长度还有长裙。For the current season, the mini is likely to mainly appeal to fashion#39;s early adopters. The look is new, calling to mind Goldie Hawn in her #39;Laugh-In#39; days, and contrasts starkly with the longer, ladylike trends of recent seasons. 在本季,迷你裙可能主要会吸引时尚界最前卫的人群。迷你裙是新潮流,会让人想起电视喜剧“Laugh-In”中的戈尔迪·霍恩(Goldie Hawn),同时也和近几季的淑女长裙形成鲜明对比。Some mainstream retailers say they plan to watch the mini for a season or two before investing heavily. #39;I wouldn#39;t say it was the trend we called out,#39; says Brooke Jaffe, fashion director of Bloomingdale#39;s. The department store is mostly focused on skirt lengths just below the knee, she says. Bloomingdale#39;s, owned by Macy#39;s, Inc., will stock some minis, such as Ms. Marant#39;s embellished versions, for #39;off-hours#39; wear. 有主流零售商说,他们打算先对迷你裙观察一两季,然后再决定是否大量投资。梅西百货公司(Macy#39;s Inc.)旗下布鲁明戴尔百货公司(Bloomingdale#39;s)时装总监布鲁克·贾菲(Brooke Jaffe)说:“这并不是我们所追求的潮流。”她说,布鲁明戴尔主要出售长度刚到膝盖以下的裙子。布鲁明戴尔会进一些适合“非工作时间”穿着的迷你裙,比如玛兰设计的比较花哨的款式。#39;There are people in the industry that are ones to watch,#39; says Ms. Jaffe, listing Mr. Simons, Mr. Ghesquiere and Mr. Slimane among others. #39;I take it as an indication of things to come -- but not at this minute.#39; 贾菲说:“业内有很多可作为风向标的设计师,我把他们当作未来潮流趋势的风向标,但并不是当下。”她列举了西蒙斯、盖斯基埃和斯理曼等设计师。Minis are no longer the revolutionary fashion they were when they were introduced 50-some years ago. And no longer relegated only to younger wearers, the new mini trend can be worn by anyone who feels they have the legs for it -- some of whom may have worn them years ago. 迷你裙不再是50年前刚推出时的革命性时装了。最新的迷你裙潮流也不再只局限于年轻人。如今,自认拥有美腿的人都可以穿迷你裙──有些人或许很多年前也穿过。Margo Barbakow was married in a white minidress at the Waldorf Astoria towers in 1970 in New York City. 1970年,玛戈·巴伯考(Margo Barbakow)在纽约华尔道夫大厦酒店(Waldorf Astoria towers)结婚时穿的就是白色迷你裙婚纱。#39;My mother called it my #39;wedding blouse,#39; #39; recalls Ms. Barbakow. #39;I fought like hell to get her to let me buy that dress.#39; 巴伯考回忆道:“我母亲说我穿的是‘婚衫’。我想尽办法才让她给我买了那条裙子。”Now 66 years old and living in Santa Barbara, Calif., Ms. Barbakow says her skirts won#39;t rise higher than just-above-the-knee this time around. Fortunately, she says, she recently lost 18 pounds. #39;I feel better about showing my legs now -- with enough self-tanning cream,#39; she says. 如今巴伯考已经66岁,住在加州 巴巴拉(Santa Barbara)。她说,现在她穿裙子不会超过略高于膝盖的高度。她说,幸运的是最近她减了18磅的体重。她说:“现在我对露腿的感觉好些了──涂上足够的自助美黑霜就可以了。”Like firecrackers and some children#39;s toys, many miniskirts should come with warnings on their hang tags. Office workers: Beware clothing with virtually no room for error. If you have to yank the skirt down when rising from your seat, you#39;re likely distracting yourself and others. Test this in the dressing room before you buy. Sit down, wiggle, and stand up three times. If the skirt requires coaching to stay in place, try a different one. 和鞭炮还有某些儿童玩具一样,很多迷你裙的标签上都应该有警示说明。上班族:小心这是容不得任何出错余地的裙子。如果你的裙子在你从座位上起身时必须得往下拉一下,那就可能会让自己和同事分心。买之前在试衣间测试一下。坐下、扭动、站起来,反复三次。如果裙子需要“管教”才能“保持规矩”,那就换其他款式。Leggings under a mini can look fresh while solving myriad ills from the over-reveal to unsightly skin. But they lend a casual attitude that may clash with formal offices or occasions. 迷你裙配打底裤看起来会比较清爽,同时还能解决暴露过多和皮肤难看等问题,但打底裤会营造出随意的感觉,可能会和比较正式的办公室等场合不相配。Pairing a sexy mini with platform high heels can easily veer into lady-of-the-evening territory. Chunky heels on boots or low pumps, on the other hand, can lend a mod look to the outfit. So can kitten heels. Contrary to myth, high heels don#39;t actually make minis shorter, but they do place more focus on the legs and enhance the rear end. 性感迷你裙搭配厚底高跟鞋会很容易给人低俗的感觉。粗跟靴子或浅口皮鞋则会给整个装扮带来60年代登风格的感觉,中跟鞋也一样。和普遍看法不同,高跟鞋其实并不会让迷你裙显得更短,但是的确会把更多的关注点放在腿上,并且让臀部更突出。Minis have come and gone and come again since the 1960s. Designers love to switch directions in their pursuit of something new. Mr. Valli notes that this is his second round with minis since launching his label nine years ago. #39;The great thing about fashion,#39; he says, #39;is that season after season you can express one thing and the next collection its contrary.#39; 从1960年代开始,迷你裙来了又走,走了又来。设计师在追求新东西时喜欢更换方向。瓦利表示这是他九年前推出自己的品牌以来第二次设计迷你裙。他说:“时装行业的好处是,不同的时装季可以表达完全不同的东西。”When high-fashion hemlines dropped to the shin several years ago, some people attributed the shift to conservative feelings engendered by the financial crash and ensuing recession. Others pointed the finger at Janie Bryant, costume designer of the television show #39;Mad Men,#39; which capitalized on a growing national obsession with midcentury modern style. 几年前高档裙装长度长至小腿时,有人把这种转变归因于金融危机及随之而来的衰退带来的保守情绪。还有人认为是詹妮·布赖恩特(Janie Bryant)的问题。她是电视剧集《广告狂人》(Mad Men)的装设计师,这部剧抓住了人们对上世纪中叶现代风格日益迷恋的情愫。Whatever the cause, by the time designer Raf Simons made the fashion world swoon with a #39;50s Dior-esque collection for Jil Sander of wasp-waist, shin-length confections in February 2012, dresses required extra yardage. 无论是何种原因,当设计师拉夫·西蒙斯在2012年2月让时尚界对其为吉尔·桑达(Jil Sander)设计的蜂腰、长及小腿肚的50年代迪奥风格精美时装系列而赞叹不已时,最受欢迎的还是长裙。 The pendulum began to swing the other way about a year ago when Mr.Slimane put miniskirts and short baby doll dresses on Saint Laurent#39;s runway in March 2013. They looked so short that critics shrugged and predicted they would never sell. A few months later, the dresses could be seen disappearing into the dressing rooms at the trend-forward boutique Maxfield in Los Angeles. 大约一年前,斯理曼在2013年3月的 罗兰时装秀上展出迷你裙和洋娃娃短裙时,天平开始向另一边倾斜。这些裙子太短了,于是人士不以为然,预测这些裙子不会畅销。几个月后,在洛杉矶潮流先锋精品店Maxfield,它们成了顾客们最爱试穿的衣。 /201405/295014The marshmallow, a white, cottony, sweet confection is synonymous with “temptation” in the US. This all began 50 years ago when psychologist Walter Mischel sat 5-year-old children down at a table and gave them a simple choice: they could eat one marshmallow now or, if they wait, receive two marshmallows later.棉花糖——这种白色、松软的甜食——在美国却是“诱惑”的同义词。这一切源于50年前心理学家沃尔特#8226;米歇尔的一个实验,他让一些5岁小孩子做出选择:是立刻吃掉一块棉花糖,还是等一会儿,然后得到两块棉花糖。Mischel and his colleagues at Stanford wanted to understand the nature of self-control. If children could refrain from eating the marshmallow over a set period of time, they were told they’d receive two as reward. If they couldn’t resist temptation, they wouldn’t get the second treat.米歇尔和自己斯坦福的同事这么做,只为了解自控的本质。如果孩子们能够忍一会儿不吃第一个棉花糖,那么他们就能额外得到一个棉花糖作为奖励。如果他们不能抵御诱惑,则不会获得奖励。The Marshmallow Test became famous due to a remarkable discovery made some years later. Those children who were able to resist temptation for the reward of two marshmallows grew into adults who were more successful in school, work and relationships. They were also thinner, calmer, more sociable, better at managing their money, and less likely to be addicted to any substances.棉花糖实验因为数年后的神奇发现而名声大噪:当年实验中那些抵御诱惑获得两块棉花糖的孩子长大成人后,在学校、工作以及感情中都更为成功;他们也更加苗条,更加冷静,更善于社交,精于理财,不会沉迷于某物而不能自拔。It seems having the capacity to wait for two marshmallows is quite important. In the US, there are “Don’t Eat the Marshmallow!” T-shirts, and investment companies have used the marshmallow test to encourage retirement planning, according to The Atlantic.这样看来,“能够等得了两块棉花”是一种十分重要的品质。据《大西洋月刊》报道,在美国,不仅可以看见印着“不要吃棉花糖!”的T恤,还有投资公司利用这一实验推行其退休计划。Many people have interpreted the results of the Marshmallow Test to mean fate is predetermined by one’s biology. But Mischel has just published a new book — The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control — which claims the true meaning of the experiments is just the opposite.很多人将棉花糖实验的结果看做是基因决定命运的明。但是米歇尔却在自己的新书《棉花糖实验:学会自我控制》中称,这项实验的真正意义却恰恰相反。Learning restraint学会克制“The most important thing we learned is that self-control — the ability to regulate one’s own emotions — involves a set of skills that can be taught, and learned,” Mischel told journalism website Vox.com. “They’re acquirable. Nothing is predetermined.”米歇尔在接受美国一家新闻网站的采访时说,“我们最重要的发现是关于自控——这个人们控制自我感情的能力,其实是可以被教导和学习的。这些都可在后天获得,没有什么是命定的。”What’s more, he says, these experiments provide concrete lessons about self-control we can use as adults. Grown-ups can use these methods to quit smoking, or stick to a diet, or save money.此外他还说,这些实验还为成年人如何自控提供了具体的指导。成年人可以用这些方法戒烟、控制饮食或是省钱。Mischel and other psychologists argue that the battle between instant gratification (one marshmallow now) and long-term gratification (two marshmallows later) is really a battle between two different systems in the brain. “There’s the more primitive brain, which responds immediately and emotionally,” Mischel says. “Then other parts of the brain, concentrated in the prefrontal cortex, allow us to do things like control our attention, and think about the future, and delay gratification.”米歇尔和其他心理学家都认为,即时满足(立刻得到一块棉花糖)与长期满足(过一会儿得到两块棉花糖)间的“斗争”事实上是大脑中两套系统间的“斗争”:大脑中更原始的部分会反应迅速,更加感性;而大脑中还有一些部分(主要集中在额前叶皮层)则让我们得以控制注意力,思考未来,延迟满足感。”In the book, Mischel likens the impulse-driven system to “hot” thinking, and the slower, more rationally-driven executive function to “cool” thinking. The secret of self-control, he says, is to train the prefrontal cortex to kick in first.在书中,米歇尔将基于冲动的系统比作“热”思考,而将更缓慢、更理智的系统比作“冷”思考。而自控的秘诀,正是训练大脑让额前叶皮层能够首先做出反应。Various experiments have also shown that exposure to the sight, smell, or taste of a temptation activates the “hot” thinking that makes us most likely to give in to it. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, surrounding yourself with food and snacks will inevitably drain your willpower and make you more likely to eat a lot.很多实验也明,视觉、嗅觉、味觉的诱惑会激活我们的“热”思考,让我们难抵诱惑。比方说,你正在减肥,那么如果你周围有很多食物和小吃无疑将会消耗你的意志力,更容易让你吃多。 /201410/335970金华丽都做隆胸手术多少钱

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义乌市妇女儿童医院上下班时间 Financial happiness doesn#39;t come easy when your money isn#39;t right. Debt, overdrawn accounts, and too little income can drain you emotionally.财务状况不好时不太会有经济上的幸福感。债务、账户透以及收入太少会让你很泄气。This situation is all too common. But some people have discovered how to be financially happy. What#39;s their secret?In most cases, it#39;s all about adopting smarter financial habits — something anyone can learn.这种情况太常见了。但是有些人已经知道如何在经济上找到幸福感。他们有什么秘诀?大多数情况下与更聪明的理财习惯有关——任何人都可以学习它们。 /201403/279817金华丽都整形好?金华治疗胎记费用



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