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This thing is moving, man.Come on, Joe. We need energy.这东西还在动呢 伙计 乔 加油 我们要补充能量Dont throw up on me.I almost did.One, two, three.别吐到我身上 差一点就吐了 一 二 三Hows it doing in there?感觉怎么样Im right in your projectile-vomit line.我正好在你的呕吐范围内Dont vomit. Try and get it down.You need all your energy. Come on.别吐 试着咽下去 你需要能量 加油Wash it down with that.That sort of whimper.喝点茶顺顺 这是啜泣吗Feels good. It feels good.Well done, buddy. Well done.很好 还不错 做的不错 伙计 很好This bushmans breakfast couldnt be further from Joes New York equivalent.丛林早餐当然不能和 乔在纽约的早餐相提并论Hes pure evil.Yeah.Hes pure evil.他太坏了 对 真是太可恶了Sacks on? Good. Were out of here.包打好了吗 非常好 我们出发了Its a good idea to take advantage of any elevation to plan the next part of your journey.要善于利用高地位置 来计划下一步行程A constant survival challenge is to find the quickest and easiest route.一个永恒的生存挑战 就是找到捷径Im beat. Im completely exhausted.我太累了 完全崩溃了But last night, the mentally exhausted hit as well.昨晚 精神上也疲惫不堪Okay, look. You see where we want to get to.看到我们要去的地方了吧Down through this moraine.沿着冰碛下去And you can see where the lake then spills out of the valley.你会看到湖泊 然后走出山谷And thats where we want to head- down into the valley.那儿就是我们的目的地 谷底Following the water is a good guide,流水是我们的好向导as it finds the path of least resistance.因为它能将我们领向最好走的路径The thing is this is all very, very loose.这儿的岩石很不牢固201706/513994

If he had gone down between those two,He wouldve been brown b, you know?Dead.如果他被挤在船和冰山中间 他就成黑面包了 你懂吧 他就死了I just managed to keep my balance, which probably saved my life.我平衡控制的刚刚好 也救了我的命Crushed between ice and ship wouldve been bad.被挤在冰山和船中间可不是好玩的And that was a bit of a closer shave than I normally like, for sure.这无疑比我通常的脱险更刺激一些Coming up, my most extreme bug eat ever.Oh, my goodness.Im not gonna forget that one.接下来是我最劲爆的吃虫经历 我的老天爷啊 这我终生难忘Okay, lets go.Im Bear Grylls,and welcome back to my all-time greatest moments.好了 我们走吧 我是贝尔·格里尔斯 欢迎继续收看我的精时刻集锦If you thought the whip scorpion at number 23 was bad,this bug eat in Zambia was so disgusting.若你觉得第23名的生吃鞭尾蝎很要命 那这次在赞比亚吃虫子可谓恶心至极Its hitting in hard at number six.使其能排到第六名Often when he eats these large bugs or insects or grubs,um, they do explode.通常他吃这些大虫子或者蛆的时候 虫子的汁液会滋出来Thats a rhino beetle larva there.You can just eat them -- eat them raw.这是犀牛甲虫的幼虫 你不能就这么吃 生吃它们When he brought out the first one, it was about this big.他拿出的第一个虫子 差不多这么大I thought, ;thats pretty cool,; you know?And he munched it.我觉得;这真酷; 然后他开始使劲嚼No wonder they fry them.Ready for this?怪不得要炸一下再吃呢 准备好了吗Then he carried on exploring, and he found one this big.It was so full of juice.Oh, my goodness!然后他接着找 找到一个这么大的 脂肥肉厚 我的天呐The size of your thumb -- actually, bigger than my thumb,and full, full of pus.跟你的拇指 实际上比我的拇指大 充满了脓液Im not gonna eat, Im not gonna need to eat for a week after this one.吃了这个我一周都吃不下饭了That still makes me feel bad.至今想起来我还是恶心This actually ranks as one of the worst things I have ever, ever eaten.绝对是这辈子我吃过最惨绝人寰的东西之一201612/484235

  Williams response was to mount a campaign of oppression in the north威廉对此的回应是 在英格兰北部发动了一场武力镇压运动which was not just punitive but an exercise in mass murder不仅镇压 还发动了一场大屠杀thousands of men and boys gruesomely butchered,their bodies left to rot and fester in the highways.数以千计的成年男子与男童被被残忍地屠杀 他们的尸体被丢弃在大路上 任其腐烂Every town and village burnt without pity.所有村庄与城镇都被毫不留情的烧毁了Fields and livestock destroyed so completely that any survivors were doomed to die in a great famine.庄稼被焚烧殆尽 牲畜也一只不剩 即便有人幸存 也注定死于大饥荒Hard on the heels of massacre and starvation came plague.而且紧跟着大屠杀和饥荒而来的就是瘟疫All across England, William built at least 90 castles,dominating areas of potential revolt,在英格兰全境 威廉建造了至少九十座城堡 用来镇压这些地区潜在的反抗engines of terror that helped William control over two million Saxons with just 25,000 Normans.恐怖镇压使得威廉仅以两万五千名诺曼人 统治了两百多万撒克逊人Most of the voices that have come down to us describing the events after 1066 are written from the victors perspective,流传到我们手中的那些记载着 1066年之后重大事件的史料 都是胜利者书写下的unapologetic and crowing,sketching the starkest possible contrast毫无悔意 洋洋自得 毫无掩饰地对比了between the Machiavellian perjurer Harold and the noble, betrayed William.不择手段 背信弃义的哈罗德 与高尚却遭背叛的威廉But among this rather nauseating chorus of congratulation theres at least one that dares break rank,在这些对胜利者肉麻的颂歌中 至少还有那么一个声音敢于打破这和谐that in fact sees the conquest as it surely was a brutal, ruthless and completely successful act of aggression and cruelty.它实际上真实地描述了这次征 一次野蛮残忍却无比成功的侵略活动 /201608/460620

  By covering those two aspects, I think he really does address...the whole spectrum of what we are as New Yorkers, and I believe hes the only one who does it.结合这两个方面来看,我觉得他确实最有发言权在我们所认识的;纽约客;中我相信他确实是最有发言权的一个。See, I dont decide anything. I let the street speak to me.我从不刻意去选择什么是这些街拍自己找上门来的。In order for the street to speak to you, youve got to stay out there and see what it is.为了和这些衣不期而遇你必须要待在外面,等着看他们是什么样子。You just dont manufacture in your head...that skirts at the knee are the thing.你不能仅仅在脑海中想象那条长度到膝盖的短裙很好看。Then you go out and photograph people with skirts at the knee.然后你就该走到街上去拍那些穿着到膝短裙的人们。Youve got to stay on the street and let the street tell you what it is.你必须待在街上,知道遇见那些感觉对了的衣。Theres no shortcuts. Believe me.相信我,这件事没有其他的捷径。Oh, my goodness. I dont know where to stop or start. This is terrible.哦,天呐…我不知道该选哪张。这真糟糕。Whats your deadline?你什么时候截稿?You could...You could really be a great help to me.你可以…帮我个大忙。What?干嘛?Take these out like this, John.把这些拿出来,John.Okay. Make it easy.好的,就这样。And keep them like this, and it would help me.帮他们都这样放,这真是帮了我个大忙。Put them in here. -Okay.把它们放在这儿。-好的。I hate to ask you. I dont mean to use you...or misuse you, but it would be helpful.我并不想叫你帮忙…不想指使你或是;虐待;你,不过这真是帮了我个忙。Today is Thursday.今天是星期四。When do you usually know when your page...-Right now. -Right now. I see.你通常什么时候交稿。-我正在弄。-正在弄?明白了。Yeah, it should be done. -I see.是的,这就要完成了。-嗯。We havent even got em scanned.我们还没扫描。Do you know what your page is yet? Your ;On the Street; page?Do you know what its going to be?你知道你的照片将被放在哪页么?你这期的;街拍;页会是什么样的?Its going to be, uh, all on legs and shoes.这期大概是关于…腿和鞋子。Oh. -those are nice. -Yeah.Now thats a good one.I guess wed better do it.哦。-那些不错。-是啊。现在这个不错。我觉得我们最好选上这张。Youre gonna call that store you want me to run down to...to go get your film? -Yeah.你要打电话给你刚刚让我去的那家店…去取你的照片?-是的。Oh, hello there.嘿,你好。Uh, this is the guy that comes on a bicycle.啊…我是刚刚那个骑自行车过来的人。Youre developing some film for me.我有些照片放在你们那里洗。Yeah. Uh, listen, Im in...kind of running, and a friend of mine was gonna come and pick it up.嗯…是这样,我有些着急我有位朋友要过去帮我把照片取回来。John. Hes a tall fella, and he has long hair.John,他是个高个子,留着长头发。You know. Okay.你记住了,好的。All right.好,就这样。Ill go get it.我去把照片取回来。Theres a couple of pictures on there of shoes from this morning.那有两张今早拍的鞋子的照片。All right. So, we need that for today.好的,所以我们今天需要这些照片。And Ill quickly get on this. -Okay. Ill be right back with it.我很快就要用到这组照片。-好的,我会尽快把它们取回来。Wait a minute. Come on. Lets get snapping and cracking.等一下…来快速浏览下这些照片。See, static, static. Getting a little better.静止的,静止的…哦,这张好一点。Then when the wind blows a bit...Oh, isnt that fun.这时起风了哦,这真有趣。Oh, you see, the minute you get in the rain...When it rains, its a whole different scene.哦,看,这是下雨的那瞬间下雨的时候,那真是个完全不同的场景。201607/457046。

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  In soft snow,your bollard needs to be at least 10 feet across.当积雪松软时 系绳桩直径至少要有10英尺But it will hold many times your weight.它足以撑数倍于你体重的物体Theyre incredibly strong,and have been used by the military for years.它牢固的令人不可思议 多年来一直为部队所利用Okay. Here we go.好 可以出发了I need to kick in steps into the snow and use the friction of the rope as I descend.下落过程中 我要深深踩入积雪中 并利用绳索的擦力Okay. Get down the last bit of this without any rope.好了 最后这段路可以不用绳子Its quite precarious, this bit.Good, positive steps.Control your own descent.这一小段的雪很松 很好 能踩实 要自己控制好下山速度Dont let the mountain control it for you.不能让山来控制你的速度Never rush in the mountains.下山时绝不能着急It doesnt get you down any quicker,at least not in a good way.那并不能提高速度 至少不是安全下山的方式Okay. Then across to under here.好了 然后到这下面来Okay. This is good. Come down to me.这里不错 下来我这里A rocky outcrop like this is like an island of safety.像这样露出来的石头就好像安全岛一样You can use them to catch your breath and assess your situation.你可以利用它来喘口气 分析一下周围情况Okay. Cool. Reach, reach.I got you. Lets go. Lets go.好 不错 过来 过来 我抓住你了 过来 过来Okay. Lets just take a quick two minutes here.让我们在这休息两分钟You know, one of the big dangers, actually,要知道在高海拔地方of high altitude is just getting really dehydrated.最危险的事情之一就是严重脱水You burn up so much fluids here.在这里你会消耗掉大量的水分Youre breathing hard. Youre working hard.你在用力的呼吸 用力的攀爬Youve got to keep drinking.你要记得不断喝水Its always tempting just to eat snow.一般方法就是直接吃雪But actually, that can give you blisters in your mouth.但事实上 那会让你的嘴里起泡Its just gonna lower your core temperature.并且会使你的体温降低Youre better off trying to melt some snow.最好是尝试先把雪化掉201704/504016Thousands of African migrants are stuck in Central America, and local aid workers are concerned it could become a humanitarian crisis. 成千上万的非洲移民被困在中美洲,当地救援人员担心这可能成为一场人道主义危机。The migrants are seeking asylum in the U.S. and travel first by boat or plane to Latin America. 移民们在美国寻求庇护,并乘船或飞机前往拉丁美洲。But its difficult to get asylum in Costa Rica, and Nicaragua closed its borders last year, making it hard for people to travel farther north. 但在哥斯达黎加很难得到政治庇护,去年尼加拉瓜关闭了边界,使人们很难再往北前行。The result is makeshift camps, like this one in the town of Penas Blancas, where people are living with scarce resources. 结果是临时搭建营地,像这个在佩尼亚斯的小镇,那里的人生活资源稀少。The migrants typically dont carry any identification, so its difficult to deport them. And it would cost the Costa Rican government a lot of money to detain or deport that many people. 移民通常不携带任何件,所以很难将他们驱逐出境。而且这将花费哥斯达黎加政府很多钱扣留或驱逐那么多人。译文属。201610/473040TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/479271

  Scientists are helping South Africa track a band of persistent criminals: baboons.科学家正在帮助南非追踪一群持久的罪犯:狒狒。South Africas baboon population is feeling the pressure of a shrinking habitat. With fewer traditional food sources available, the animals have resorted to stealing food from nearby humans. They raid homes, gardens and trash. Some even approach cars and steal food right out of peoples hands.南非狒狒种群正面临栖息地萎缩的压力。由于传统食物来源越来越少,狒狒们不得不从附近的居民那里偷食物。他们突袭房屋,花园和垃圾。有些狒狒甚至接近汽车,从人们手中偷取食物。A team of researchers has developed a tracking collar. It allows them to monitor the baboons behavior and track their movements more closely than ever to try to help the government address the growing problem.一组研究人员开发了一种跟踪项圈。它能够监控狒狒的行为,并比以往更加紧密的跟踪他们的行径,以此帮助政府解决日益严重的问题。The baboon raids got so bad, people began shooting and killing baboons that entered their property. But the government soon got involved amid pressure from conservationists who were concerned about population decline.狒狒的袭击变得如此糟糕,人们开始射击和杀死进入他们领地的狒狒。但政府很快就卷入来自环保主义者的压力,他们关心狒狒数量下降。It established a baboon management system to better control raiding baboons. Last year, officials erected a virtual fence around residential areas,the fence emits the noise of a predator to scare off approaching baboons.它建立了狒狒管理系统,以更好地控制袭击狒狒。去年,官员们在居民区竖起了一道虚拟栅栏,栅栏发出捕食者的声音来吓唬接近的狒狒。But some baboons are still getting around the system. The scientists hope their new tracking collars will tell them exactly how.但一些狒狒仍然在系统周围走动。科学家们希望他们的新跟踪项圈能准确地告诉他们如何赶走狒狒。译文属。201703/500064

  Today were back in the mountains,and were gonna set off our own full-scale avalanche to see its deadly effects.今天 我们回到这片山区 准备制造一次真实的人造雪崩 亲眼目睹一番致命的后果If all goes to plan,the whole mountainside will come crashing down.如果一切依计而行 整个雪坡将排山倒海直冲下来To trigger the avalanche,the team will drop four 28-pound charges from a helicopter.为引发雪崩 我们将从直升机上抛下四枚二十八磅的炸弹Hello, Dave. This is Danny, over.Were aly heading up the mountain.你好戴夫 我是丹尼 完毕 我们正出发前往雪山And were hoping for a big one,but its way too dangerous for any human.我们本来想搞点大动作 但是这对血肉之躯太危险了Instead, well place a life-sized replica skier in the avalanche fall line.取而代之的是 把拟真滑雪者放在 雪崩行进的范围内Its fitted with a transceiver which is used by backcountry skiers.其上安装了无线收发器 是野外滑雪者常用的装备It sends out a signal which rescuers can track,even if its buried deep.即使深埋地底 它发射的信号 也能让救援者循踪而至Once the avalanche is triggered,well send in the search-and-rescue guys,see how long it actually takes them to reach the dummy.雪崩一旦发生 我们会派出搜寻救援队 看究竟要久才能找到假人And then the team are gonna bury me in the snow and see if I would have lasted long enough for them to reach me and make it out alive.而后 工作队会将我埋进雪中 看我是否能持到他们找到我 并成功的死里逃生Once the danger zone is cleared,we call in the helicopter.一旦此地危险解除 我们招来直升机All right, were gonna turn to the left there,right around there to the left.好了 我们将在此左转 就在此向左Okay, Nick, you y?Yeah. Yeah, go ahead and throw bombs.好了吗 尼克你准备好没 好了 开始 扔炸弹吧Hovering 20 feet above the summit,theyre taking their positions.直升机在山顶上方六米处盘旋 他们已各就各位Now they start their bombing run.Igniter on.Bombs away.现在要开始引爆了 点火 投弹The heli team will drop four charges,But the clocks aly ticking.直升机小组将投向四枚炸弹 计时已经开始These bombs have two-minute fuses.炸弹有延时两分钟的引线The chopper must be 500 yards away from the explosion,or the shock wave will knock them out of the sky.飞机必须距离爆炸点四百五十米远 否则冲击波会把他们从天上轰下来201702/492177

  Still gripping on,but thats just nerve reflex there.See, even on my lip. Look.还是紧紧吸着 但这只是神经反射 还吸住我的嘴唇了 看Probably the sucker sticks to the throat.still got a lot of suction power.可能是触角上的吸盘吸住了咽喉 吸盘的吸力依然很强Thats gripping down my gullet.But this is a good find for me.Get the guts out of it as well.就是这样吸附着我的食道 但对我来说 这是个不错的收获 得把它的内脏清理掉Because, really, this bit of the hood is the bit thats really nice to eat.因为章鱼的这一小块头部 味道非常鲜美Raw octopus is extremely nutritious,but its vital its eaten only when very fresh.生章鱼的营养极其丰富 但必须在刚杀掉的时候马上食用Save some for later and bacteria thriving on the dead flesh can make you so sick.要是放上一会 死章鱼肉上滋长出来的细菌 可能会让你一病不起Worth coming in this rust bucket to get that,but the tide is coming in fast.来这一趟吃到一只章鱼还是很值得的 但很快就要涨潮了Its time to get out of here.Thats might work.我得离开这里 这个看上去不错Its gonna be lighter bois in this.Going to be lying on it.这是比较轻质的木材 我会躺在上面Ill use the power of the waves to take me through the current.我会用海浪的力量穿过这片水流Im gonna throw that when current coming in.海浪来了的话我就扔下去Sometimes in survival,its all about thinking smart.有时候 野外生存 关键就在于善于思考Well, that worked.Some time when in grief,what really encourages me is water成功了 有时候身处危险 能够激发我生存本能的 是水As I continue my desert journey,I take what little it has to offer.继续我的沙漠之旅 我会好好利用那少得可怜的资源I have really learned to hate that taste.我真的非常讨厌这个口感201611/479794。

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/455934

  Disney is in some trouble with the U.S. Department of Labor.迪士尼与美国劳工部有一些麻烦。Two Disney-affiliated resorts in Florida deducted money from employee paychecks for uniform or ;costume; expenses. But those deductions caused some workers hourly rates to fall below the federal minimum wage.佛罗里达州两迪士尼附属度假村从雇员工资中扣除制或装费用。但这些扣除使得一些工人的每小时工资率低于联邦最低薪资。Now the parks have to pay a total of 3.8 million dollars in back wages to more than 16,000 employees.现在,公园向超过16,000名员工付了共380万美元的拖欠工资。The two resorts also didnt pay employees for work done outside their assigned shift hours or keep track of required payroll records.两度假村也不付雇员分配的加班之外工作,或跟踪所需的工资记录。Apparently these problems arent uncommon. Last year, Life Time Fitness had to pay back almost 1 million dollars in wages to some 15,000 employees after deducting money for uniforms.显然,这些问题并不少见。去年,生活时间健身公司在扣除制钱后,向约15,000名员工偿还近100万美元的工资。An official with the Labor Department hopes the Disney cases set an example for other employers that might be violating labor laws.一名劳动部门的官员希望迪士尼案件为其他可能违反劳动法的雇主树立一个榜样。译文属。201703/498711

  This was not what Oliver Cromwell had expected from Jerusalem.It got worse.这可不是奥利弗·克伦威尔 期望的耶路撒冷式社会 情况继续恶化In May 1649, some hundreds of soldiers mutinied and tried to combine forces in Oxfordshire.在1649年5月 数百士兵哗变 并试图联合牛津郡的人马Cromwell rode hell for leather,50 miles in a day 克伦威尔策马飞驰 一日八十公里and caught them in the middle of the night at Burford.午夜时分在伯福德抓住了他们One of the prisoners, Anthony Sedley, locked in the church,囚徒之一安东尼·赛得利被囚禁于教堂中expecting the worst, carved his name into the font.知道自己在劫难逃 将名字刻在了圣洗池上 The next morning,three of his comrades were led into the churchyard and shot.第二天清晨 他的三位战友 被带进教堂墓地决Then Oliver went off to get an honorary degree in law from Oxford.奥利佛离开此地 获得牛津大学法学荣誉学位He made sure that the mutinous soldiers were shipped off to a place where they could vent their frustration on someone else.他保 哗变的士兵将被流放到一个 可尽情发泄其沮丧情绪的地方;Angry, are we?; Was his line.;Want to know whos to blame for prolonging the civil wars?;我们难道不气愤么 他说道 想知道是谁让内战迟迟无法结束么Say hello to the Antichrist across the Irish Sea.问候一下爱尔兰海对岸的反基督徒吧The target of Cromwells march through blood克伦威尔浴血远征的目标是was an army of royalists holding out in Ireland in the name of the King Charles son.一保皇党控制的军队 打着查理王之子的旗号 盘踞于爱尔兰In fact it was as much Protestant as Catholic,虽然爱尔兰的新教徒和天主教徒人数旗鼓相当but in his conviction they were the legions of the Devil,但克伦威尔却认为他们都是魔鬼的军队Cromwell was not about to make nice distinctions.他并不打算将两者区别对待 /201704/501884

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