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Other creatures benefit from the whales' industry-sea birds forage in their wake. As the whales drive the krill closer to the surface, it comes within reach of birds that are not particularly skilled in diving. Cape Petrels, about the size of pigeons, can only duck dive a few feet down. But that is enough to give them a share. 360 million sea birds constantly scour the southern ocean for food. They only go to land to breed. Most of their lives are spent on the wing far out at sea. This ocean is rich in nutrients and very rough. Howling gales whip it into huge waves. These, with so few islands to interrupt and break them, grow and grow into some of the most mountainous seas to be found in any ocean. Birds dispersed over its vast surface face a huge problem in finding food, for it is by no means uniformly sp throughout the ocean. The nutrients occur in patches, and so the krill, which is sustained by those nutrients, is patchy too. But once the birds find a swarm, there is a frenzy of feeding. Krill typically spends the day in deep water, rising nearer to the surface at night. But sometimes, a swarm rises during the day and then the birds get their chance. But getting to the krill is still a major problem to all birds except penguins. Albatrosses such as the black-browed whose diet is about 40% krill can only dive down a couple of meters at the most. New Words amp; Phrasesforage:草料Howling:Marked by the sound of howling:嚎叫的,咆哮的,怒号的:a howling wind.怒号的风by no means :In no sense; certainly not:并没有;绝不This remark by no means should be taken lightly.这次讲话绝不能等闲视之patch:A small piece, part, or section, especially that which differs from or contrasts with the whole:小片,一小部分Albatross:信天翁200808/46999to cut it out ———— 住手(非正式)英文释义 (INFORMAL) An order to stop doing what you are doing.例句 My son was teasing his sister all morning, and when she started crying,I told him to cut it out.我儿子整个上午都在逗他玩,当开始哭时,我让他住手。 /201607/455742Firstly! Firstly...?首先!首先?Firstly, this job is an ideal match for my skills and experience: Ive spent several years working in sales and I get on with people easily.首先,这份工作和我的能力与经验完美匹配:我在销售行业工作了几年,并且我很容易和人相处。Well, I mean, apart from the ones I dont like, of course.我的意思是,当然除了我不喜欢的人。Secondly, I know Tip Top Trading is one of the fastest-growing companies in London, and I want to be part of that.第二,我知道Tip Top Trading是伦敦发展最快的公司之一,所以我想成为其中的一员。Thats absolutely right.非常正确。Tip Top Trading is the fastest-growing company in the plastic fruit sector.Tip Top Trading在仿塑料水果业是发展最快的公司。But enough about the company; this is all about you, Annabel. Anna.但是不说公司了,说说你吧,安娜贝尔。是安娜。Sorry, Anna. Where were we?对不起,安娜,我们说到哪儿了?Well, I said that firstly, this job is an ideal match for my skills and experience.我说首先这份工作和我的能力与经验完美匹配。Secondly, the company is growing fast...and… and… above all… the reason I want this job is… Yes?第二,公司成长的很快……最重要的,我想得到这份工作的原因是……什么?Denise! Is everything alright?丹尼斯!一切都好吗? /201612/479863

The U.S. dollar dropped to a 12-year low against the Japanese yen, and also sank to new lows against the euro and other global currencies. Stock markets in Asia also sold off, in part because of the weak dollar and because of concerns that the U.S. economy is going into recession. 美元兑日圆的汇价降到了12年来的最低点。同时,美元兑欧元以及世界上其它货币的汇价也都创下新低。美元大跌部分原因是人们担心美国的经济开始进入衰退 。The dollar fell one percent to 100.20 yen in Tokyo trading Tuesday, its lowest rate since 1995. It also hit record lows against the euro and the Swiss franc.  在星期二的东京外汇市场,美元兑日圆的汇价下降到了自1995年以来的最低点,为1美元兑100.20日圆。此外,美元兑欧元以及瑞士法郎的比价也都创下新低。David Mann, chief currency strategist at Standard Chartered Bank in Hong Kong, says the 100-yen level for the dollar is dangerous because it is a psychological mark for investors.  香港渣打的首席货币分析师大卫.曼恩说,在100日圆比价这个水平对美元来说是危险的,因为那是投资人心理指标。"If it goes, if that taboo is broken, then traders will be comfortable with the idea that we can actually see even further losses in the dollar against the yen and so we can be trading into the 90's for some time," he said. 他说:“如果这个心理的标准被冲破了的话,那么交易人就会觉得更低的兑换率、甚至90年代的水平也不足为奇了。On Tuesday the dollar rallied after the Federal Reserve said it would pump 0 billion into financial markets to ease the credit crunch caused by a hike in unpaid home mortgages. 星期二,美联储表示将向市场投入了2000多亿美元的资金,以减缓家庭贷款危机所带来的冲击,之后美元曾一度上扬。But the gains quickly vanished because of concerns that the plan is not enough to boost the U.S. economy. Mann says investors are wary of the Fed's plan because they worry about U.S. bank failures. 但是很快又开始下跌,因为人们担心美联储的措施不足以振奋美国的经济。"The problem is that we are still in a situation of 'can lend, won't lend,' and while we have that type of problem even aggressive monetary easing won't necessarily do it, it'll be a little bit more like just pushing on a string," he said. 香港渣打的首席货币分析师大卫.曼恩说:“问题在于我们仍然处于那种可以贷、但又不愿贷的局面,所以即使是很大胆的财政措施也解决不了问题。”Mann says the Fed is also likely to cut interest rates even further. 他说,美联储也可能进一步的降低利率。"Very likely to get a minimum of 50 basis points cut from the next meeting and we are actually expecting the fed funds rate to go all the way down to one percent by the middle of this year," he added.The dollar's slide against the yen has also sparked concern that Japanese authorities may intervene, as the country has a history of restraining the yen's strength to maintain the competitiveness of exporters. 美元兑日圆比价的下降也令人们担心日本政府可能会进行干预,因为日本政府为了维持日本在出口方面的竞争力过去曾采取措施使日圆不至上升过快。The U.S. sub-prime mortgage crisis, together with fears that the economy is slipping into recession, is taking its toll on global markets. Mann says the big worry is the possibility the problems could last a long time, similar to the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990s.  美国的次级贷款危机,以及对美国经济衰退的担心正在全球市场造成负面影响。大卫.曼恩说,人们很担心的一个问题是这会持续很长的一段时间,就象亚洲地区在90年代后期的那场危机那样。Other worries for investors in Asia included rising inflation in much of the region and oil prices nearing 0 a barrel.On Thursday most major Asian stock markets closed lower. Japan's Nikkei plunged more than three percent, the Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong lost 4.8 percent and the Kospi in Seoul gave up 2.6 percent of its value.  星期四,亚洲股市大都走低。日经指数跌了3%以上。香港恒生指数跌幅达4.8%。首尔股市也下跌了2.6%。200803/30505

The resignation of Cuban leader Fidel Castro may open the door for his brother, Raul, to officially take over the communist government.  古巴领导人菲德尔.卡斯特罗辞职,为他的弟弟劳尔.卡斯特罗可能正式接管共产党政府铺平道路。The announcement by Fidel Castro comes only days before officials are to select the island's top ruling body, the Council of State. The 81-year-old leader is expected to remain on the 31-member ruling council, but says he will not compete for the top post. 就在古巴即将选举该国最高领导机构国务委员会成员的几天之前,菲德尔.卡斯特罗发表了不再寻求领导职务的声明。预计,81岁的卡斯特罗仍将保留国务委员会委员的职位。古巴国务委员会是由31位国务委员组成。但是卡斯特罗说,他不再寻求担任最高领导人的职务。Cuban state television a letter from Mr. Castro in which he said he is physically unable to fulfill the duties of president. 古巴国营电视台宣读了卡斯特罗致古巴人民的一封信。他在信中说他的身体状况使他不能胜任国务委员会主席的职务。In the letter, Mr. Castro says he will not seek and will not accept the post of president and commander-in-chief. 卡斯特罗在信中说他不再寻求和接受国务委员会主席和武装部队总司令的职务。For months, Mr. Castro's failing health has raised questions about the political future of the island and the man who ruled it for nearly 50 years. The Cuban president underwent intestinal surgery in July 2006, and handed over power temporarily to his brother, Raul. 几个月来,卡斯特罗健康情况日益衰弱,引起了人们对古巴这个岛国未来政治前景的关注。卡斯特罗统治古巴近50年之久。他于2006年7月作了肠道手术,随后把政权暂时移交给他的弟弟劳尔.卡斯特罗。Many analysts say Raul, 76, is the most likely to succeed Fidel Castro as Cuba's president and would retain many of his older brother's political and economic policies. 许多分析人士认为,76岁的劳尔是最可能接替菲德尔.卡斯特罗担任古巴国务委员会主席的人选。他也将维持菲德尔.卡斯特罗的许多政治和经济政策。In Miami, critics of the Cuban government welcomed the news of Mr. Castro's resignation early Tuesday.  在迈阿密,批评古巴政府的人士则对星期二早上宣布的卡斯特罗辞职的消息表示欢迎。Democracy activist Ramon Saul Sanchez said the announcement is good news for advocates of democratic change in Cuba. 民主活动人士桑切斯表示,卡斯特罗的声明对古巴境内致力于民主变革的人士是好消息。"Frankly the fact that Castro has ceded all political powers at this point is an inspiration not only to us but to those inside of Cuba, the elements of change within the regime itself, that want to see some other direction for the country," he said. 桑切斯说:“坦白的说,卡斯特罗在这个时刻放弃了所有政治权力,不但鼓舞了我们,也鼓舞了古巴境内的人士,鼓舞了古巴政权内部要求变革的因素,它们期望古巴改变发展的方向。”Sanchez says he does not believe a transition to Raul Castro will bring immediate change to the lives of Cuba's 11 million people. But he says pressure for broad reform on the next Cuban leader, from inside Cuba and outside, will grow.  桑切斯说,他并不相信把政权移交给劳尔.卡斯特罗会立即给古巴1100万人民的生活带来变化。可是他说,来自古巴境内和境外要求古巴下任领导人进行广泛改革的压力将会增加。"This is the beginning of a new direction, probably a first step in a new direction, that could end up in more reforms," said Sanchez. 桑切斯说:“这是一个新的发展方向的开端,可能是一个新的发展方向的头一个步骤,进而导致更多的改革。” Earlier, President Bush said the international community should work with Cuba's people to bring about a democratic transition on the island.  美国总统布什早些时候说,国际社会应当和古巴人民共同努力为这个岛国带来民主变革。200802/27654

Thailand Court Agrees to Hear Case Against Thaksin in New Blow to Governing Coalition泰最高法院同意审理他信贪污指控  The Supreme Court of Thailand has agreed to hear a new corruption case against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, in a move seen as another blow by opponents against the embattled government that is stacked with Mr. Thaksin's allies. 泰国最高法院同意审理针对前总理他信的一项新的贪污指控。此举被认为是对和他信联盟的泰国现政府的又一打击。The case against Thaksin Shinawatra alleges that he used his influence as Prime Minister to arrange low-interest loans to Burma so that the military government of that country could spend the money on a telecoms business then owned by Thaksin's family. 这项指控他信的案子声称,他信在担任总理期间利用影响力给缅甸安排低息贷款,以便让缅甸军政府能够和当时由他信家族所拥有的电信企业做生意。The former Prime Minister has other legal cases pending against him and his wife on allegations of corruption - the same issue that drove his opponents in the army, the bureaucracy, and the urban upper classes to push for his ouster in 2006. Thaksin returned to Thailand this year after his political ally Samak Sundaravej was elected Prime Minister. Samak formed a six-party coalition government dominated by Thaksin supporters.  其他一些控告这位泰国前总理以及他妻子贪污的案件仍在审理当中。这些贪污指控曾经促使他在军队、官僚体系以及城市上层阶级中的反对者联手于2006年将他推翻。他的政治盟友沙马.顺达卫当选总理后,他信于今年返回泰国。沙马.顺达卫筹组了一个主要由他信持者组成的六党派联合政府。The last several weeks have seen a return of Thaksin's opponents to the streets in rallies against the Samak government.  过去几个星期,他信的反对者走上街头,抗议沙马.顺达卫政府。Political analysts say the Supreme Court's decision to hear the corruption case against Mr. Thaksin bolsters Thaksin's opponents' efforts to discredit him and the Samak administration. 政治分析人士说,泰国最高法院决定审理控告他信腐败的案子,助长了他信的反对者抹黑他和沙马.顺达卫政府的努力。Professor Thitinan Pongsudhirak is an expert on Thai politics at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University.  曼谷朱拉龙宫大学泰国政治专家旁苏迪拉克说:"Samak is seen as Thaksin's proxy," he explained. "I think a lot of people in Bangkok - and around the country but mostly in Bangkok - hate Thaksin for his corruption, for his collusion. But deeper than that, I think the Thaksin agenda threatened the vested interests of the establishment of the Bangkok middle class. That's why they wanted to overthrow him then, and that's why they want to overthrow Samak now."  “沙马.顺达卫被看作是他信的代理人。我想,在曼谷有许多人,在全国,特别是在曼谷有许多人,他们痛恨他的腐败,痛恨他的阴谋。但是深一层看,我想他信的作法也威胁了曼谷广大中产阶层的既得利益,这就是为什么那时候他们要推翻他,也就是为什么他们现在要推翻沙马.顺达卫的原因。”In a bid to stave off pressure from his opponents, Prime Minister Samak plans to reshuffle his cabinet in the coming days. 为了抵销来自对手的压力,沙马.顺达卫总理计划在未来几天重组他的内阁。200807/45210

US Lawmakers Respond to Possible Boost in Saudi Oil Production美议员对沙特或增产石油反应不一  U.S. legislators are responding cautiously to statements from Saudi Arabia that hint at possible further increases in oil production, saying the ed States must do more on its own to reduce its dependency on foreign sources of fuel. 美国国会议员们对沙特阿拉伯有关可能会进一步增加石油产量的说法反应谨慎。他们说美国必须自己作出更多努力来减少对外国燃油的依赖。Saudi Arabia's oil minister (Ali al-Naimi) says the kingdom is willing to boost crude production if sufficient demand exists for the commodity. The remarks came at an oil summit in Jeddah, where Saudi Arabia said it is aly increasing production by 200,000 barrels per day, but would consider an even higher output. 沙特阿拉伯石油事务大臣说,如果消费者对原油的需求量足够大,沙特愿意增加原油产量。他是在沙特城市吉达召开的石油问题高峰会议上说这番话的。沙特阿拉伯在会议上说,沙特已经把原油日产量增加20万桶,而且会考虑进一步增产。In Washington, the chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence, Massachusetts Representative Edward Markey, seemed unimpressed by the Saudi pronouncement. 在华盛顿,美国国会众议院能源独立委员会主席、麻萨诸塞州众议员马基似乎对沙特宣布的这一消息并不感兴趣。"It may have a marginal impact [in moderating oil prices]," said Congressman Markey. "But in the end, this crisis is really caused by 12 years of Republican control of Congress. We have gone from 46 percent dependence [on foreign oil] when the Republicans took over the House and Senate in 1995 to 61 percent dependence on imported oil today. We have had an oil and gas agenda. We have thwarted the renewable energy agenda." 他说:“这可能会对降低油价产生微弱的影响。但是从本质上看,造成目前危机的真正原因是共和党对国会长达12年的控制。在1995年共和党取得对国会参、众两院控制权时,美国46%的石油依赖进口,而现在这一比例上升到61%。我们一直把石油和天然气放在日程表上,但是阻碍了可再生能源的发展。”Markey was speaking on A's This Week program. Democrats took control of both houses of Congress in the 2006 elections. 马基是在美国广播公司的“本周”节目中说这番话的。民主党人在2006年的选举中取得了对议会两院的控制权。Many Republicans, including President George Bush and the party's presumptive presidential nominee Senator John McCain, agree with Democrats in urging expanded use of alternative energy sources. But Mr. Bush and McCain are also calling for expanded domestic oil drilling to boost America's crude supplies. 美国总统布什、即将获得共和党总统候选人提名的麦凯恩参议员和许多共和党人同意民主党人关于敦促人们使用更多替代性能源的主张。但是,布什和麦凯恩还要求加大开采国内石油资源,以增加美国的原油供给。Also appearing on A's This Week, Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas blasted Democrats for opposing new drilling off U.S. coastlines and other areas. 德克萨斯州的共和党参议员哈钦森也参加了美国广播公司的“本周”节目。她对民主党人反对在美国沿海等地区开采新的石油资源进行了严厉的批评。"The Democrats have thwarted every effort we have made to increase our [domestic oil] supply," said Kay Bailey Hutchison. "This is a supply-and-demand issue. The demand has skyrocketed mainly because of global [consumption] increases, and we have not done anything about supply. Drilling off-shore on a state-by-state basis is something I think we could do very environmentally safely." 她说:“民主党人对我们增加国内石油供给的一切努力都横加阻挠。这是一个供给和需求的问题。需求量激烈上升主要是全球能源使用量增加造成的,而我们还没有针对供给采取任何行动。我认为,我们可以在对环境很安全的情况下根据每个州的具体情况开发沿海石油资源。”Some energy experts say oil prices have risen, in part, due to speculation by energy traders. The head of the American Petroleum Institute, Red Caveney, says there is a simple way to counteract expectations of continually higher fuel prices that drive market speculation. 一些能源专家说,石油价格上涨的一部分原因是能源交易商的投机行为。美国石油学会的负责人卡夫尼说,人们认为油价会继续不断的升高,这就导致了市场投机行为。"What you need are permanent solutions," said Red Caveney. "That is the signal the markets are looking for. Any scenario you look at, you will find that you need all the energy we can get of every kind."  他说:“你需要的是永久性的解决办法。那就是市场要得到的信号。”Caveney echoed calls for increased U.S. oil drilling.  卡夫尼也呼吁增加对美国国内石油资源的开采。One expert argued that, for years, the ed States has underinvested in technologies to make automobiles more fuel-efficient. Jeffrey Sachs, who directs Columbia University's Earth Institute, says the ed States has catch-up work to do if it wants to become energy independent. 而另一名专家、哥伦比亚大学地球研究所所长萨克斯说,多年以来,美国没有投入足够的资金来发展提高汽车燃油使用率的技术。他说,如果美国想在能源上独立,它还需要做许多工作来赶上形势。John McCain and his presumed Democratic rival for the presidency, Senator Barack Obama, say major investments will be needed in renewable and alternative energy sources. Unlike McCain, Obama opposes new off-shore oil drilling and has proposed imposing a windfall profits tax on U.S. oil companies.200806/42545

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