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重庆第二医院美容整形科渝中区治疗痤疮多少钱 Tourism and the economy旅游与经济Easy come, easy go来也匆匆去也匆匆Booming post-Olympics tourism won’t boost the economy as much as hoped蓬勃发展的后奥运旅游不会如期望那样提振经济Sep 28th 2013 |From the print editionBRITONS have had some good economic news to celebrate over the past few months. Unemployment is falling, house prices in England hit a record high in July and economic output appears to be growing at its fastest pace since 2010.过去几个月英国人有很多利好的经济新闻值得庆祝。失业率在下降,7月英格兰的房价创下历史新高,GDP呈现自2010年来的最快增速。At first glance Britain’s tourism industry appears to be contributing to the economic bounce. Data released this month by the Office for National Statistics suggest that there has been a big increase in foreign tourists visiting Britain since London hosted the Olympics last year. In the first seven months of 2013, foreign visitor numbers rose by 4%, compared with the same period in 2012, and spending was up 12%. In July 2013 foreign visitors spent 30% more than in July 2012, setting a new record.乍一看,英国的旅游业对经济反弹有所贡献。英国国家统计局本月公布的数据表明,自去年伦敦举办奥运会以来前往英国旅游的外国游客数量大增。2013年的前7个月相比2012年同期外国游客数量增加了4%,游客花费也增加了12%。2013年7月外国游客花费比去年同期增加了30%,创下了新纪录。Hotels and attractions nationwide say they are benefiting from the unexpected boost in the tourist trade. According to data produced by STRGlobal, a consultancy, hotel-occupancy rates rose in nearly every English region in the first half of 2013. London, in particular, has seen a surge in foreign tourists since the Olympics ended: hotel-occupancy rates in the capital jumped by seven percentage points to 89% in June compared with a year earlier.全国范围内的旅馆和旅游景点表示他们从旅游贸易意想不到的增加中受益。据咨询公司STRGlobal的数据显示,2013年前半年英国所有区域的酒店入住率都有所上升。尤其是伦敦的外国游客数量激增,奥运会结束以来,六月份伦敦的酒店入住率从去年的7%增加到89%。The government has been quick to attribute the tourism boom to the Olympics, in an effort to justify some of the £8.9 billion (.3 billion) spent staging them. There may be some truth in this. Visits from countries keen on the Olympics increased the most: up by 24% from Latin America and 11% from China, compared with growth of 1% from Europe and a fall of 4% in visitors from North America, according to VisitBritain, a tourism quango.政府迅速将这归因于奥运会的旅游热潮,努力为奥运会高达89亿英镑(143亿美元)的花费辩护。可能有一些道理。根据旅游半官方机构旅游英国的数据,来自热衷于奥运会国家的游客数量增长最多,相比欧洲增长的1%和北美4%的下降,来自拉丁美洲的游客数量增长了24%,来自中国的游客数量增长了11%。Will this post-Olympics surge in visitors attracted to Britain contribute much to its economic recovery? The net impact of tourism on output depends not only on how much cash foreign visitors spend, but also on what Britons spend abroad. And although record amounts are being spent in Britain by foreign tourists, Britons have upped their spending on foreign holidays by a similar amount. So far for 2013, the gap between what Britain earns and spends on tourism has remained around the same since the summer of 2011 (see chart). The average monthly tourism deficit for January to July 2013 was £1.125 billion, only £7m less than the previous two years’ average. And in spite of the influx of tourist cash this year, the tourism deficit this summer is still higher than during the Olympics.后奥运会英国游客激增会对英国经济复苏带来很大的贡献吗?旅游增长的净影响不仅取决于外国游客的消费,同时取决于英国游客出国的花费。尽管外国游客在英国的花费创了纪录,英国人在国外度假的消费也创下了相似的纪录。到2013年的目前为止,英国人在旅游上的花费和收入的差距一直跟2011年夏天没什么变化(见表)。2013年1月至7月的平均月旅游赤字为11.25亿英镑,只比上两年的平均水平少700万英镑。尽管今年大量现金从旅游业涌入,今年夏天的旅游赤字仍高于奥运会期间。Trading what Britain has lots of—rain and heritage—for reliable sunshine, which it lacks, may be no bad thing for most Britons. But tourism will have less to offer the economic recovery unless more Britons can be persuaded to holiday at home rather than overseas. Alas, selling rainy Britain abroad may prove easier than selling it to Britons themselves.将英国的阴雨和遗产同其缺乏的阳光作交换对大多数英国人来说没什么坏处。但是除非更多的英国人选择在本土度假,不然旅游业对英国经济复苏的影响将会很小。可惜的是,将阴雨连绵的英国推销给外国人比卖给自己人容易多了。201310/260678巴南区妇幼保健院在线回答

重庆全切双眼皮磨削疤痕精切双眼皮哪家便宜价格Veins are pretty important.血管相当的重要。After all, they carry blood fromvarious parts of the body to the heart.毕竟,它们从身体的各个部分向心脏运输血液。But for all their significance, veins are modest, too.虽然很重要,但血管也很谦逊。Yoursare probably content to work behind the scenes, tucked away beneath the skin.血管甘愿在幕后工作,在皮肤下默默运输血液。Sometimes, however, veins take center-stage and become visible as blue lines on the skin, oftenresembling an unmarked roadmap.然而,有时候血管成为主角,在皮肤上可以看到蓝色的线,很像未被标记的地图。If you havent guessed by now, were talking about varicoseveins.如果你还没有猜到,我们讨论的正是静脉曲张的血管。Have you ever wondered what are they are and how they form?你是否想知道它们是什么并怎样形成的?Basically, a varicose vein is one that is twisted and filled with backed-up blood.通常,静脉曲张的血管充满回流的血液并因此扭曲。Although they mostcommonly occur in the legs, varicose veins can also happen in the esophagus, testes and theurinary bladder.它们不仅多见于腿部,也会表现在食管、睾丸、膀胱上。Varicose veins in the legs occur when the valves in a vein near the surface of the skin malfunction.当皮肤表面下的血管的阀门不起作用时,腿上的静脉曲张开始显现。Valves usually keep blood from flowing backwards in the vein once its been pumped towards theheart.阀门的作用是防止有心脏送出的血液回流。When the valves dont work properly, blood gets stuck, causing the vein to swell and kink.当阀门不正常工作时,血液不能流动,导致血管膨胀和扭结。Although varicose veins are usually associated with senior citizens, not every older person hasthem.虽然静脉曲张多发生在老年人身上,但是不是每个老年人都患有这种病。Weak valves are often inherited, and can also be caused by wearing clothing that squeezesthe legs and veins too tightly.脆弱的阀门通常是遗传的,或者身上的衣把腿和血管勒的太紧导致的。Varicose veins may seem unsightly, but theyre not usually a cause for major concern.静脉曲张是很难看的,但是它们通常不会引起强烈的关注。Still, if youhave them and want to do something about it, talk to your doctor.然而,如果你有这种病并想要治疗,和你的医生聊聊。Treatments range fromwearing strong support stockings to surgery.治疗方法包括从穿修复性的长筒袜到做外科手术。 201403/279990 American spies in Germany美国间谍在德国Up pops another…and another一个一个冒出来The Americans are snooping even on Germanys anti-snooping committee美国人竟挑衅德国反监听委员会IF THE tawdry tale is confirmed, the Americans hired a German working for his countrys equivalent of the CIA as their double agent. A 31-year-old clerk sorting classified papers reportedly gave the Americans 218 documents in return for a paltry 25,000. Three concerned the committee in the Bundestag that is investigating revelations by Edward Snowden about American surveillance in Germany. So the Americans are spying on Germanys parliament even as it looks into American spying.像美国雇佣一名在德国相当于CIA部门工作的德国人做双面间谍这种低俗故事居然是真的。据报道一名整理机密文件的31岁员工将218份关于美国的文件排序分类以不到25000欧元的价格出售给美国。其中3份是关于西德联邦议会的一个委员会,这个委员会正在调查爱德华·斯诺登关于美国监视德国的启示书。所以美国监视德国议会就如同在调查美国间谍一样。This was followed on July 9th by news of a second American spy—though few details have been released. The downward spiral in German-American relations began with the Snowden affair and continued with news that America had tapped Chancellor Angela Merkels phone. It seems that the Americans collect German metadata on a vast scale. American surveillance has caught up a 27-year-old computer-science student in Bavaria named Sebastian Hahn: his mistake was merely to run a server belonging to a network that encrypts internet communications.这个美国第二个间谍的新闻于7月9日曝光,即使并没有什么细节被透露。德美关系呈螺旋形下降起于斯诺登事件,又因美国监听德国总理安吉拉·默克尔的电话而加剧。由此看来美国似乎收集了大量的德国元数据。美国的监管部门于巴伐利亚监控了一名27岁计算机科学专业的学生,其名叫斯巴斯蒂安·韩。他犯的错误仅仅是运营了一个务器,而这个务器隶属于一个将网络通信转化为密码的网络。Outrage over Americas behaviour is widesp. Joachim Gauck, Germanys president, called it “a gamble with friendship” between the two countries. “We have to say, enough!” As a former East German, like Mrs Merkel, Mr Gauck is sensitive about state spying and personal liberty. The interior and foreign ministers chimed in. The justice minister accused the Americans of “surveillance mania” and suggested he may prosecute them. The opposition has stepped up calls to give Edward Snowden, now in Russia, asylum in Germany in exchange for his testimony.对美国这种行为的愤怒正在德国蔓延。德国总统约阿希姆·高克称之为两国之间“友谊的冒险”。“我们受够了!”同默克尔一样,高克曾经也是东德人,他对国家监视和人身自由非常敏感。内政和外交部长也插手了。司法部长指控美国政府是“监控狂热”,并且暗示自己会起诉他们。反对党加紧提出要给现在俄罗斯的爱德华·斯诺登的德国政治庇护权来交换他的词。Mrs Merkel was in China when the news broke. She would have preferred not to comment there, but the timing left her little choice. The allegations are “very serious,” she said, standing next to a beaming Chinese premier. They “contradict everything that I understand to be a trusting co-operation between friendly partners.” Her counterpart, Li Keqiang, presented China and Germany as bonded in victimhood under a common American threat.当消息爆发时默克尔总理正在中国。她选择不对此作,但是时机让她别无选择。站在坦荡的中国总理旁边的她称这些断言是“非常严肃的”。这些监视行为“否定了我对友好伙伴之间的信任合作的理解。”与她相衬的李克强称中国和德国是在美国常见威胁下的牺牲品中紧密结合。Scenes like these should make American policymakers pause. Are the benefits of their spying worth the costs? In Berlin to plug her new book, Hillary Clinton, Americas former secretary of state, suggested the answer may be no. She offered an apology to Mrs Merkel for the phone-tapping. And she told interviewers that she would like senior American policymakers to visit Germany, to listen and to understand.这样的场景通常应该让美国的决策者们暂停行动。他们的监视所带来的益处与代价相比是否值得?在柏林美国前国务卿希拉里·克林顿宣传她的新书时,表示是不值得。她为窃听电话的事件像默克尔道歉。并且她还告诉采访者她希望美国高级决策人能来访问德国,来倾听和理解。Germany will stop short of granting Mr Snowden asylum or expelling American agents. The transatlantic free-trade talks, aly controversial in Germany, may survive. But a crucial Western alliance has been damaged. When members of Germanys anti-spying parliamentary commission meet now, they throw their mobile phones into a box and turn up the music—for fear of America, not Russia. That is what things have come to.德国将暂停授予斯诺登政治庇护和驱逐美国特工的提议。美国的自由贸易谈话原本在德国还存有争议,但如今也可以得以发展。但是一个重要的西方联盟关系已经被破坏了。如今当德国反监听议会委员会的成员见面时,他们将自己的手机扔进一个箱子里并且打开音乐,防的就是美国,而非俄罗斯。这就是事态的发展。 /201407/312936巴中疤痕针多少钱一针重庆第九人民医院整形费用



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