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重庆妇幼保健院专家出诊表重庆脸上去斑Chinese search and online services conglomerate Baidu will shutter its medical consultation service after a string of medicine advertisement scandals bit into the company’s reputation and revenues last year.中国搜索与网络务集团百度(Baidu)将关闭其医疗咨询务。此前,百度曾在去年遭遇一系列医疗广告丑闻,伤及百度的声誉及营收。The online consultation platform, Baidu Yisheng, will begin taking some of its services offline on March 10, with all services halting completely by April 1 as part of corporate restructuring, according to an announcement made on its official WeChat account.根据百度官方微信账号发布的声明,作为百度重组的一部分,名为百度医生(Baidu Yisheng)的在线咨询平台将于3月10日开始将部分务下线,并将所有务在4月1日前关停。Baidu narrowly missed revenue expectations in the final quarter of last year, as the Chinese search engine tried to reassure investors that the worst of its latest advertising scandal was behind it.百度在去年第四季度的营收比预期略低。与此同时,这家中国搜索引擎公司试图让投资者相信,该公司最后一起广告丑闻影响最坏的时期已经过去。In May last year public outcry and regulatory pressure forced Baidu to apologise for seeking to financially exploit medical information bulletin boards and said it would stop the practice on its Tieba, or Post Bar, site.去年5月,在公众的抗议和监管机构的压力下,百度不得不出面为试图从医疗信息论坛攫取财务利益道歉,并表示会停止在百度贴吧(Baidu Tieba)网站的行为。In January the company came under fire for selling the right to moderate its online medical advice forums to for-profit hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. That was followed by another scandal sparked in April by the death of a young man who had purchased an experimental cancer treatment advertised on Baidu.com.去年1月,由于将在线医疗咨询论坛的管理权出售给营利性医院和制药公司,百度受到了各方的抨击。而在之后的4月份,一名年轻男子的丧生又引发了另一宗丑闻——该男子曾出资接受百度网站建议的一种试验性癌症疗法。Public outcry prompted regulators to force the company to reduce advertising displayed alongside its search results, in addition to calling for the company vet its advertisers more closely. As a result the company lost 18.6 per cent of its advertising clients in the fourth quarter compared to a year before, with full-year operating profit dropping 13.9 per cent.公众的抗议,令监管机构除了呼吁该公司加强对广告客户的审查以外,还迫使百度减少了与搜索结果一道显示的广告。这导致第四季度百度广告客户同比减少18.6%,全年运营利润下滑13.9%。Baidu’s New York listed shares are down 5.5 per cent since the company announced its earnings in late February.自2月底百度公布其财报以来,百度在纽约上市的股票已下滑5.5%。 /201703/496563大渡口区永久性脱毛多少钱 Apple has been granted a permit to test self-driving cars by the California Department of Motor Vehicles but the company has never said anything about its plan.苹果公司已经获得了加利福尼亚州车辆允许其进行自动驾驶汽车测试的许可,但此前该公司从未提起过此项计划。The application documents released give some clues about the company#39;s highly secret self-driving effort, which included a 10-page training plan that appeared to be related to operators taking back manual control of the car during automated driving exercises of the system, which it calls a development platform.最近发布的申请文件披露了该公司在自动驾驶方面进行的一些高度机密的工作,其中包括一份10页的培训计划,似乎有关操作员在系统的自动驾驶测试过程中拿回车辆的手动控制权,苹果把这一系统称作开发平台。;The development platform will be controlled electronically (e.g. joystick) and safety drivers must be y to intervene and take control,; the document s.文件中写道:“开发平台将由电子系统(例如操作杆)进行控制,安全驾驶员必须时刻准备干预并控制系统。”The document highlights different scenarios to be tested, from high speed driving and tight U-turns to lane changes.该文件强调要测试不同的驾驶场景,从高速驾驶到紧急U型转弯再到变换车道等。One letter sent from Apple to the state Department of Motor Vehicles noted that Apple#39;s development platform ;will have the ability to capture and store relevant data before a collision occurs.;此外,一份苹果公司致美国加州机动车的信函称,苹果的开发平台“将能够在发生碰撞之前捕获和存储相关数据。”The document does not include detail on how Apple#39;s self-driving platform actually works or other technical details. It also does not say what kind of sensors are found on Apple#39;s three permitted vehicles, all 2015 Lexus model RX450h.这份文件并未透露苹果公司无人驾驶平台实际工作细节或其它技术细节。它也没有说明苹果公司被允许上路测试的三辆汽车采用何种类型的传感器,这三辆汽车全部是2015款雷克萨斯RX450h。The permit does not necessarily mean that Apple itself is building a full car. Apple could instead be designing a self-driving platform that can be integrated into other manufacturer#39;s cars.这一许可并不一定意味着苹果自己在制造整车。苹果也可能是在设计一个可以装配到其它厂商的汽车里的自动驾驶平台。 /201705/506903九龙坡区第二人民医院挂号预约

四川重庆打美白针大概多少钱The pledge by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and his wife Priscilla Chan, to give at least bn over the next decade for medical research has justifiably received large numbers of likes, loves and wows on his social media site. Facebook创始人马克#8226;扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)和妻子普丽西拉#8226;陈(Priscilla Chan)承诺,将在未来10年捐赠至少30亿美元用于医学研究,这理所当然地在这家社交媒体网站上收获了大量的喜欢(like)、大爱(love)和哇(wow)。It needs just a little nuance.只不过,我们需要对这件事看得再仔细一点。The couple have every right to spend their fortune how they wish. 这对夫妇完全有权按照自己的意愿花掉他们的财富。Choosing philanthropy over personal luxury is admirable. 选择慈善而不是个人奢侈享受的举动令人钦佩。It sets a powerful example for others to follow in donating money, expertise and time — from fellow billionaires, companies and individuals with far more modest means.这一举动在献出金钱、专业技能和时间方面,为其他人树立了一个强有力的榜样,包括与他一样的亿万富翁、企业以及财力远不如他的个人。The focus on medical research is also an excellent priority with global impact and high potential benefits. 对医学研究的关注也极好抓住了重点,有着全球影响以及极大的潜在好处。Ill health causes vast amounts of suffering, while disease and premature death are brakes on social and economic development around the world.人们的健康不佳带来了大量痛苦,疾病和早逝阻碍着全球的社会和经济发展。It is particularly smart to focus on bringing together scientists with engineers, to stress the importance of collaboration and sharing data, and to call for more science funding. 尤其明智的是,他们关注于把科学家和工程师带到一起,强调合作和数据共享的重要性,并呼吁对科学投入更多资金。Facebook’s expertise in bringing together disparate groups and individuals online could be a catalyst for identifying new ideas, partners for research and more efficient recruitment of patients for clinical trials.Facebook擅长在线上将各种不同群体和个人带到一起,这一优势可能会促进人们发现新创意、找到研究合作伙伴,以及更有效地为临床试验招募患者。Just as important is the Zuckerbergs’ use of a limited liability partnership rather than a more rigid tax exempt foundation as the entity through which to give. 同样重要的是,扎克伯格利用有限责任公司作为捐赠的实体,而非更严格的可以减免税收的慈善基金会。This provides greater flexibility in deciding whether they provide grants or invest for profit in medical programmes.这让他们可以更加灵活地决定是提供补助,还是对医学项目进行营利性投资。There are a few caveats, however. 然而,这里有一些提醒。First, while philanthropy is an excellent way to innovate, the fundamental role of the public sector in collecting and democratically distributing funding, including for medical research, is pivotal. 首先,尽管慈善是一种很好的创新方式,但公共部门在收集和民主地分配资金(包括用于医学研究的资金)方面发挥的基础性作用是至关重要的。Facebook and other companies should resist any aggressive tax avoidance that minimises taxable profits and reduces revenues to governments.Facebook和其他公司应抵制任何将应税利润降至最低并使政府收入减少的激进避税行为。Second, they should also set a good example with high levels of transparency and accountability for their donations and the results they generate. 其次,他们还应在捐赠及其结果的高度透明和可问责方面树立良好的榜样。That will help make future philanthropy more efficient, both for givers and grant-seekers.这将有助于让未来的慈善对捐赠者和受捐者都更高效。Third, while they are perfectly entitled to call their programme the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, philanthropy needs donors willing to co-operate. 第三,尽管他们完全有权把这个项目叫作陈-扎克伯格计划(Chan Zuckerberg Initiative),但慈善需要愿意合作的其他捐赠者。No one can begrudge them naming rights but there is a balance to be struck between strong personal branding and the need for wider collaboration and participation.没有人能够妒忌他们的命名权,但在高调的个人品牌和更广泛合作、参与的必要性之间,他们需要找到平衡。Finally, there is a risk of hubris, which in turn could lead to disillusionment and a loss of momentum. 最后,这里存在自大的风险,进而可能导致理想幻灭和动力丧失。Bill Gates, who has spent billions of dollars over the past 15 years on global health, has yet to achieve the eradication of malaria or polio, let alone either a vaccine or a cure for HIV. 过去15年,比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)在全球健康领域花费了数十亿美元,也未能实现疟疾或小儿麻痹的根除,更别提找到艾滋病疫苗或治愈良方了。Former US president Jimmy Carter’s 30-year campaign to wipe out Guinea worm disease is still not achieved, a reminder that goodwill alone cannot provide all the solutions.美国前总统吉米#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)用30年时间致力于扫除几内亚线虫病,迄今这个目标仍未实现——这提醒人们,仅凭良好愿望是无法解决所有问题的。It would also be wrong to regard medical research as failing. 将医学研究视为失败也是错误的。Great progress has been made in recent decades in medicine, including new vaccines and treatments for cancer.近数十年,医学领域取得了重大进展,包括找到了一些新的癌症疫苗和治疗方法。The Zuckerbergs’ ambition to cure, prevent or manage all disease in our children’s lifetime seems grandiose. 扎克伯格夫妇想要治愈、预防或控制我们的孩子们一生中可能遇到的所有疾病,这个理想似乎相当远大。To give the gift some perspective each year, the US National Institutes of Health alone spends ten times the Zuckerbergs’ pledged decade-long bn. 从每年来看,单单美国国家健康研究院(National Institutes of Health)的出就超过扎克伯格夫妇承诺在10年间捐赠的30亿美元。The UK’s Wellcome Trust will spend more than twice their contribution over the next five years.未来5年,英国的Wellcome Trust将花费两倍于这笔捐赠的资金。But each new idea is welcome, and with their commitment and convening power, they could add a great deal.然而,我们欢迎所有新的想法,凭借决心和感召力,他们可以做出巨大的贡献。 /201609/468703大渡口区人民医院大夫 重庆自体脂肪丰下巴多少钱

铜梁区去黄褐斑多少钱Until recently, Apple research and development centres never fell far from the tree. The group still does no significant research and development outside the US. Its head office in Cupertino keeps a strong hold on the core design of its products.直到最近,苹果(Apple)的研发中心从未与总部相隔太远。该集团目前依然没有重要的研发工作放在美国之外。苹果在库比蒂诺(Cupertino)的总部依然牢牢掌控着其产品的核心设计。Last week, though, chief executive Tim Cook said Apple planned to open a research centre in China, where its products are made, rather than researched or developed. He has strong commercial reasons to plant more Apple flags. 然而,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)上周表示,苹果计划在中国设立一个研究中心。苹果的产品在中国制造,但却不是在中国研究或者开发出来的。从商业角度而言,库克有充分理由在更多地方插上苹果的旗帜。Apple sales in China have been dented by local rivals such as Huawei. Mr Cook’s announcement came while he met vice premier Zhang Gaoli — a reminder that Ramp;D centres punch above their weight politically.苹果在华销售遭到华为(Huawei)等中国本土竞争对手的蚕食。库克是在和中国副总理张高丽会面时宣布此事的——这提醒人们,从政治角度而言,研发中心具有超乎其本身的重要性。Foreign investors do not have to commit much money or employ many scientists to build an Ramp;D hub, but the suggestion that they detect some magical innovation-fertiliser in the local water is like catnip to politicians. 外国投资者不必投入太多钱或雇佣太多科学家就能建立一个研发中心,但是,外国投资者在当地水土中发现了某种神奇“创新肥料”的迹象,对政治人士而言就像猫薄荷之于猫一样有巨大的吸引力。In return for handing over the keys to land, granting planning permission and even ladling on subsidies, the mayor or minister briefly gets to look as clever as the people the new Ramp;D hub will hire.市长或者部长移交土地使用权、授予规划许可、甚至是大量提供补贴,作为回报,他们在短时间里能够显得像新研发中心将要雇佣的那些人一样聪明。The question in Apple’s case is what took it so long?就苹果而言,令人不解的问题是它为何花了这么长时间才做出这一决定呢?Multinationals’ habit of setting up research centres abroad is more than 50 years old, and international companies’ interest in setting down research roots in developing countries dates at least to the early 2000s.跨国公司在海外设立研究中心的惯用做法可以追溯到50多年前,而跨国企业在发展中国家设立研究分的兴趣至少可以追溯到2000年代初。When IBM wanted to establish a non-US Ramp;D centre in the 1950s, it sent an engineer called Arthur Samuel to scout sites in Europe. 上世纪50年代,IBM想要在美国以外建立一个研发中心,于是派出一个名叫阿瑟#8226;塞缪尔(Arthur Samuel)的工程师在欧洲寻觅合适的地点。Samuel described the London suburbs he visited as “the most dismal places that I have ever seen”. He was drawn instead to Zurich by its “proximity to talent”. 塞缪尔把他到访的伦敦郊区称为“我见过的最差劲的地方”。相反,“接近人才”的苏黎世吸引了他。This remains among the most popular reasons for companies’ choice of foreign Ramp;D locations, according to fDi Markets, the Financial Times’ cross-border investment research service. 英国《金融时报》旗下跨境投资研究务机构fDi Markets的研究表明,这一点依然是企业将某个地点选为海外研发中心地址的原因中最普遍的一个。IBM’s Swiss facility fostered four Nobel laureates but Ramp;D strategy has since evolved to put fast-growing markets and customers closer to the centre.IBM的瑞士研发中心培养了4名诺贝尔奖得主,但此后研发中心的选址策略转变为让研发中心更靠近快速发展的市场和客户。Jaideep Prabhu of Cambridge’s Judge Business School says Apple might have held back from China so far because of worries about intellectual property leaking into a market notorious for knock-offs of its flagship products. 英国剑桥大学(Cambridge)嘉治商学院(Judge Business School)的贾伊迪普#8226;普拉布(Jaideep Prabhu)表示,苹果一直到现在才决定在中国设立研发中心的原因,可能是苹果担忧其知识产权会泄露——中国是一个因为“山寨”苹果旗舰产品而声名狼藉的市场。But when he studied the research centre phenomenon in the mid-2000s, he found many large companies were aly challenging the idea that Ramp;D was “too important to be offshored”. 但当他研究了2000年代中期的研发中心现象后,他发现很多大公司已经在挑战这一观念,即研发“太重要,以至于不能设在海外”。The quality of skilled local researchers was the main attraction of Bangalore or Shanghai. The fact they could be hired for much less than in New York or Silicon Valley added to the allure.当地高水平的熟练研究人员是班加罗尔或者上海的主要吸引力。再者,企业能够以比在纽约或者硅谷低得多的成本雇佣这些人员也增强了这些地方的吸引力。 /201608/463239 梁平区做黑脸娃娃多少钱重庆市第三医院激光去胎记多少钱



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