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济南市无痛人流费用报销山东齐鲁医院四维彩超预约About ten years ago, I was sitting outside...downtown at a restaurant, and it must have been 11 oclock at night.大概是十年前有一天,我坐在下城的一下餐厅外面那会儿大概是夜里十一点。And all of a sudden, there goes Bill Cunningham on his bike.忽然我看见Bill和他的自行车。I thought, ;Oh, I want to say hello,; but he was gone in a fleeting moment.我正想着和他打个招呼,但是他一下就从我面前骑了过去。And all I could see was his blue coat and the bike go by.然后我只能看见他和他蓝色的外套远去是身影。And I knew where he was headed.我大概知道他是赶着去哪里。He goes to many events in one evening.他一天晚上要参加很多的活动和派对。Hes in one event uptown, and hes downtown at another event.可能去上城参加一个活动然后又要赶去下城参加另一个。Its rigorous work.这样的工作节奏很紧。This is too early to be at one of these downtown parties.我们是不是来的太早了。Were the only ones here.现在只有我们到了。Bills gonna be here for five minutes and leave.Bill只能待五分钟,然后就要走了。Big smiles. Come on, Annie!笑一个嘿,Annie!Beautiful, guys.很好看。Thats a classic Schwinn.这是我的老Schwinn车。Someone gave it to me.别人送给我的。Thats my 29th. Wonderful.这是我的第29辆车了好的。Ive had 28 stolen.前28辆都被偷了。28 stolen bikes?28辆自行车?Yeah. Thats the 29th.是的…这是第29辆。Oh, my goodness, the kids are all here.哦,天呐,你们都来了。The kids are here.你们都来了…I came out from L.A.With Annie.我从洛杉矶和Annie一起过来的。Oh, how wonderful. -Shes ensconced down there.哦,那真好。-她住在这边。Oh, arent you kids beautiful? Look at you.你看,你们这样很好看啊。;You kids.; Never changes.你还是叫我;孩子;。Look at you two kids. -You gonna take?看你们两个…-你要拍照么?Yes. -Of us?是的-给我们两个拍?Yes. In basic black? Are you kidding?是的…你穿的黑色,开玩笑么?A very special one too. Yes.不过这也很特别。Bill is a true egalitarian.Bill对每个人都是一样的。201609/460743历下区妇幼保健站预约 In the 70s, there was an experiment where they took a look at students在七十年代,有一个观察学生的试验,and the assumption was that there would be a positive correlation此试验的假设是between the students turning in their assignments on time and wearing clean socks.按时上交作业的学生和穿着干净袜子的学生之间有一定的正相关性。But the results were absolutely the opposite.但是结果却恰恰相反。Indeed, the psychologist jokingly said,心理学家开玩笑的说道确实是这样的。Apparently, the students could either get their homework done or change their socks every day but not both.很显然,学生们每天要么完成作业要么换洗袜子,但是不能二者同时完成。There was another experiment that took place in Baumeisters lab, where hungry students walked in还有另一个在鲍迈斯特实验室做过的试验,让处于饥饿状态的学生进去,and some of them were allowed to eat freshly baked cookies but others were only given radishes.允许其中的一部分可以吃新鲜的烤饼干,而其他的则只给他们小萝卜。And of course these students had to exercise a lot of self-control not to eat the cookies当然了这些学生需要锻炼不吃饼干的自我控制能力,especially as the researchers left the lab and observed the participants through a hidden window.尤其是在研究员们离开实验室并通过暗格观察参与者的时候。So after successfully tortuing them, the researchers brought in these two sets of students在成功折磨之后,研究员们引入这两批学生,and gave them an impossible puzzle to solve. And the results were quite fascinating...并让他们解一个迷之难题。试验结果非常令人兴奋…The group whod been allowed to eat the cookies,被允许吃饼干的那一组along with a control group of hungry students who werent given any kind of food,和没有任何食物的一个控制组went on to work on the puzzle for 20 minutes!用时20分钟!While the group whod been assigned to eat the radishes而被分配吃萝卜的那一组and had aly exercised their willpower earlier went on to work on the puzzles for only 8 minutes.之前就锻炼过他们的意志力,只用8分钟就解开了谜题。And these sorts of expirements have been replicated over and over again.类似试验重复了很多遍。Turns out if you walk into a mall and give people simple math problems to solve,试验明如果你去到商场并让人们解答一些简单的数学题,the ones who have been shopping for much longer will give up on the problems much faster.购物时间稍长的人会更快的放弃解答。So you might be sitting there thinking, ;Ok, cool, these experiments are fascinating,;所以你可能坐下来沉思,“这种试验真有趣,”or maybe youre bored out of your mind,又或者你会觉得无聊至极,but understanding the implications of these experiments can make you a lot more productive但是明白了这些试验的含意,能让你更有效率and completely change how you plan out your day just like it did for me.并完全改变你的日常计划,就像改变我一样。So what are the implications? Well, one...所以有什么含意呢?第一…You have to understand that you have a finite amount of willpower你需要明白的是你的意志力是有限的,and it gets depleted as you use it.会随着你的使用而消耗掉。And two... You use the same stock of willpower for all tasks.第二…你用同样的意志力储备来对待所有的任务。A lot of people say things like, ;Well, I have enough willpower to do my work很多人会说,“我有足够的毅力来做我的工作,but I never have enough willpower for exercising when I come home.;但是当我回家后就没有足够的毅力来锻炼了。”Well, its not that you have a different stock of willpower for work and exercising.并不是对于工作和锻炼有不同的毅力储备。Its more likely that youve completely depleted your willpower at work更可能的是你在工作中把毅力消耗尽了and now you dont have enough to go exercise.所以现在就没有足够的意志力来锻炼了。Its the same thing if we look back at the sock experiment.如果我们回顾袜子试验,也是同样的道理。If you go to the laundry room for two hours and do your laundry,如果你去洗衣房洗了两个小时的衣,its a lot harder for you to now get working on your assignment再做作业的话就有点困难了,as opposed to a student who went straight to the homework.对于一个先去做作业的同学也是一样的道理Its the same thing if you wake up on a Saturday,同样的道理,如果你在周六的早上醒来后,and instead of doing your creative work first, you go grocery shopping.没有最先做创造性的工作,反而去杂货店购物。You have to make a decision for every little thing you buy你需要决定买东西的所有细枝末节,and youre probably familiar with the exhaustion that comes from shopping for a long time.你可能也非常熟悉那种长时间购物所带来的疲惫感。Another person will wake up and start doing the creative work first另一个人会醒来之后先做创造性工作,and hes going to get a lot more accomplished.他就会完成的更多。So its extremely important to understand how willpower works.所以明白意志力是怎么起作用的极其重要。The people who understand this are much more effective in life than the ones who dont.明白此道理的人比不明白的人在生活中更加有效力。The author Neil Strauss for example has his meals automatically delivered to him every day.举个例子,比如作家尼尔·史特劳斯每天都定外卖(与后面的自己做饭形成对比,他点外卖是为了节省精力)。Now a person who doesnt understand how willpower works might say,现在一个不懂意志力作用的人可能会说,;Well, what a waste of money. You know what, thats stupid. Im gonna cook my own meals...;“哎,多么浪费钱啊。太愚蠢了。我就打算自己做饭…”And save the or whatever it is.以此来存下十美元或是别的。Except hell deplete his willpower and wont be able to dedicate his time to writing as much除非他把毅力消耗尽,而且不把时间尽可能的花在写作上so in turn hell lose out on mastering writing所以反过来,他不可能掌握写作技能,and even if you were to look at it purely financially, lose thousands and thousands of dollars in the end.即使单纯从经济的角度看待这个问题,结果也只会是失去很多的钱。So my hope with creating this is that next time you wake up所以我做这个视频就是希望,下次你醒来后,and your intentions for that day are to get things done,那一天的打算是要完成某些事情,you wont start your day off with opening up Facebook the first thing in the morning不要早上一醒来就打开Facebook,and wasting willpower on whether you wanna click on britneys pictures first把意志力都浪费在是否想要先点击布兰妮的图片or the blog thats gonna lie to you.或者是对你撒谎的客上。You wont open up your email first thing in the morning早上在做创造性工作之前,不要打开你的邮箱and reply to every little thing before you make time for your creative work.回复每一件小事。You wont wake up and spend thirty minutes thinking about what you want to have for breakfast that day.不要醒了之后花三十分钟思考你早餐想吃什么。In fact, youll automate as much as you can事实上,你可以尽可能的自动化,even if it has to be food being delivered to you like Neil Strauss即使像尼尔那样点外卖,so you can focus on what is actually important.这样你就可以把精力集中在真正重要的事情上。Because you realize that every unimportant thing you do depletes your willpower因为你意识到每一件不重要的事都消耗了你的毅力,that you could have dedicated to the one important thing that you most want in your life.它们原本可以用在你一生最期盼的一件重要的事上。Again, most people do not understand how willpower works, are completely wasteful with it,大多数人并不理解意志力的作用,完全浪费了它,and are always unable to get things done.而且还不能完成某些任务。You have that understanding. Now all you need to do is take a look at your day你已经理解了。现在你需要的就是审视一下你的一天,and see if youre honoring the science of willpower.看看你是否尊重了意志力的科学性。Are you starting your day off by wasting time and willpower deciding what youre going to eat every morning?你的一天是始于通过浪费时间和意志力来决定的你早餐吃什么吗?Well, maybe its time you go back to the board and do some planning.可能你应该回到黑板上做些计划了。Are you saving your creative work for some time later in the day?你是把创造性工作留在当天晚些时候吗?Well, maybe its time that you realize that it has to come first.或许你该意识到应该先进行创造性工作的。Are you focusing on accomplishing twenty different things?你还专注于完成二十件不同的事情吗?Well, maybe its time that you realize that thats realistically never going to happen或许你该意识到那种事情根本不现实,and its time to pick the one important thing and do it well.是时候挑选出一件重要的事情并把它做好了。201706/514710TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/457806济南市槐荫区妇幼保健站怎么样好吗

济南第三人民医院治疗妇科怎么样She returns with nothing.这一次它无功而返Golden eagles patrol these cliffs in search of the weak or injured.金雕在悬崖边巡视,搜寻着老弱病残的动物With a two-metre wingspan, this bird could easily take a young markhor.靠着两米长的翼展,这些大鸟能轻松抓起一只小羊羔Eagles hunt by sight and the thickening veil of snow forces them to give up.金雕捕猎靠的是视力,雪越下越密,它们只好选择放弃For the leopard, the snow provides cover and creates an opportunity.不过雪却能为雪豹提供掩护,使它有机会捕猎The worsening weather dampens the sound of her approach,恶劣的天气掩盖了它逼近的脚步声allowing her to get within striking distance.它正逐渐进入攻击范围It was an act of desperation to try and catch such a large animal.它已被逼上了绝路,所以才会捕捉如此大的动物Wolves have made a kill, giving other hunters a chance to scavenge.狼刚进行完一场屠杀,为其它掠食者留下了残存的肢体。201704/502582济南阳光医院检查白带多少钱 历下区中心医院检查白带多少钱

济南做无痛人流那个医院费用少栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201611/477475 山东济南阳光女子医院是大医院还是小医院?济南市中医院网上预约挂号



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