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山东省青岛威海吸脂减肥去哪家医院青岛假体隆胸整形多少钱Track OneMy name is Seyyare我叫塞娅I am from Xinjiang Tacheng我来自新疆塔城It is northwest China – Xinjiang is biggest province in China它在中国西北部——新疆是中国最大的省份My city Tacheng it borders with Kazakhstan我的城市塔城与哈萨克斯坦接壤Maybe only 8 kilometres – and I can walk to Kazakhstan也许我走到哈萨克斯坦仅有八公里Xinjiang is a really beautiful place新疆是一个漂亮的地方Tianshan – Mountains of Heaven天山 — 天堂之山Also in north of Xinjiang – Altay, Tacheng也在新疆北部——阿尔泰,塔城There are just so many beautiful, natural那里有很多漂亮的,自然的......You have been doing a lot of introduction to the culture of Xinjiang你已经介绍了很多新疆的文化My profession is dancer and choreographer我的专业是舞蹈和编舞When I was child I fell in love with Xinjiang art – with Uyghur dance, with Kazakh dance但我还是孩子时我就喜欢上了新疆文化——维吾尔族舞蹈,哈萨克舞蹈Everything just so amazing – in Uyghur dance we have different style of dance一切都是那样地了不起——我们维吾尔族舞蹈有多种不同风格In Uyghur we have music style called Muqam (a composite of songs, dances, folk and classical music)在维吾尔族我们有一种叫木卡姆的音乐(是一种歌曲,舞蹈,民间和古典音乐的综合艺术)A lot of Xinjiang is desert - Taklimakan – a lot of desert - like Turpan新疆很多地方是沙漠,如塔克拉玛干,吐鲁番A city it is called Pichan, in Chinese it is called Shanshan (The Desert Tourism City)有一个叫Pichan 的城市,汉语叫做鄯善,一个沙漠旅游城This place, half is desert, half is green – if you walk there the line is so clear – wow, it is amazing这里一半是沙漠一半是绿色,如果你走过去看,边界分明,很惊奇When I was in the Mountains of Heaven the air was fresh, the water was clean当我在天山时我惊奇的发现天空是如此清新,水流是如此的干净In Xinjiang the natural is still like bee – now some places many tourists – but still it is clean, it is beautiful在新疆,自然景色仍像从前一样,尽管现在有的地方有很多游客,但仍然很干净很漂亮Last year I went to Altay Kanas Lake (Kanas Nature Reserve) – it was amazing去年我去了喀纳斯自然保护区,真是太令人惊讶了When we have free time we will drive to that place – to relax and feel the nature等我们有时间我们会开车去那里,去放松去感受自然Questions1.Where is Seyyare from? Tacheng, Xinjiang塞亚来自哪里?塔城,新疆.What is Muqam? A Uyghur a composite of songs, dances, folk and classical music什么是木卡姆?一个维吾尔歌舞,民俗与古典音乐的综合艺术3.What is amazing about Shanshan? It is half desert, half green鄯善的惊人之处在哪儿? 一半是沙漠,一半是绿色.What is so beautiful about Tianshan (Mountains of Heaven)? The air is fresh, the water is clean天山美丽在何处? 空气清新,水流清澈5.What was the lake area Seyyare visited? Altay Kanas Lake (Kanas Nature Reserve)赛娅游览的是什么湖?阿尔泰喀纳斯湖(喀纳斯自然保护区)Track TwoIn the mountains live a lot of Kazakh people山里住着很多哈萨克族人They love the horse, the love riding the horse – the horse is a part of their life他们喜欢马,也喜欢骑马,马是他们生活的一部分If I go to the mountains the first thing is ride a horse如果我去山里,第一件事就是去骑马You can look around and feel the nature – that feeling is so true – the feeling of that moment我们可以四处观光感受自然,那感觉如此真实,那时那刻的感觉When I was at The Lake of Heaven the Kazakh people were living in the circular tents – Mongolian called ger, Russian yurt当我在天湖时哈萨克族人住在圆顶帐篷里——蒙古语叫做ger,俄语叫做yurtIn Chinese called Zhanfang汉语叫做毡房Uyghur people do not live in that kind of place because Uyghur people like farming维吾尔族人不住在那样的地方因为维吾尔族人喜欢耕种Kazakh people live in this kind of place because they always move the things they live哈萨克族人喜欢住在那样的地方因为他们总是把家搬来搬去Also weather – in summer or winter they have to move而且天气也是,在夏季或冬季他们不得不搬家They move every year – so this house it is really helpful, really easy to move home他们每年都搬家,这样的房子很有帮助,使他们搬家很容易In Xinjiang I found some deserted cities – Jiaohe在新疆我发现一些被遗弃的城市——交河Jiaohe Gucheng is really oldest city交河古城的确是最古老的城市You cannot picture that how was look like – because of the weather is so dry – a lot of wind你无法描绘他曾经的样子,因为气候干燥,风很多The Silk Road time – there were so many people there丝绸之路时期,那里有很多人口It is the culture – Silk Road – it is a really long road – not only in Jiaohe Gucheng but also past our city Tacheng是丝绸之路文化,那个很长的路,不仅穿过交河古城也穿过我们的城市塔城This is why I think the history, culture in Xinjiang; it is mixed with other culture这也是为什么我认为新疆的历史文化是一个混合了其他文明的文化Questions1.What do Kazakh people love? The horse – riding the horse哈萨克族人喜欢什么? 马,骑马.Around the Lake of Heaven how do Kazakh people live in summer? In circular tents -zhanfang天池周边的哈萨克居民在夏天怎样生活? 圆顶帐篷,帐房3.Why do they live like this? The follow the seasons with their animals (nomadic)他们为何这样居住? 跟随季节和他们的牲畜.What deserted city is mentioned in this feature? Jiaohe Gucheng)在这个专题节目中提到了哪个被遗弃的城市? 交河故城5.What has made the culture of Xinjiang so vibrant? Because of its position on the historic Silk Road是什么使得新疆的文化如此充满生机? 因为它在古代丝绸之路上的位置 51青岛上睑下垂矫正哪家好 Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻5.Break UpA girl just broke up with her boyfriend. He yelled, ;Youll never find anyone like me again!; The girl answered, ;I should hope not.;Notes:1. A girl just broke up with her boyfriend.一个女孩刚和她的男朋分手;up;在这里当副词,用以强调事情的结束有“全然;完全”的意思,所以一段关系完全破裂(尤指男女关系),集会的结束,或东西的拆解等,都可以用break up,break v.破裂;损坏 break up 分手. He yelled, ;Youll never find anyone like me again!;他大吼:“你再也找不到像我这样的人了!”3. The girl answered, ;I should hope not.;这女孩回答:“我希望不要”;should;在这里不是表示应该,I should是以委婉的方式 去表达自己的想法或感受.这种用法的主语一定是我(I),如:She is not the right one, I should think.我想,她不适合本节目可可原创节目, 1397英语学习笔记:hat hats off to someone 向某人致敬smarty pants 自作聪明的人wear the pants 谁做主in one’s shoes 站在别人角度替别人考虑My hats off to you.向你致敬Hats off to you!你真牛!Who wear the pants in your family?你家谁做主?My mom is the one wearing the pants.我妈妈做主I am not a smarty pants.我并不是个自作聪明的人Image that you are in my shoes, you wouldnt laugh at me.你要是站在我的角度替我想,你就不会这么嘲笑我了更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 3730即墨第三人民医院牙科

青岛缩窄鼻翼缩小毛孔缩小鼻翼缩小鼻头多少钱Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻Treat款 待As a rookie in the Atlantic City, New.Jersey , Police department, I was assigned a beat on the boardwalk.我是新泽西州大西洋城警察局的一名新警察我被指派巡逻一条海滨的路线,Hardly a day went by when I didnt come upon a child who had become separated from his parents.几乎每天都能碰上与父母走散的孩子One afternoon, I spotted a small boy standing alone, obviously lost.一天下午,我发现一个小孩独自站在那里,显然是迷了路I tried to gain his confidence - I took him to the nearest ice-cream stand and bought him a cone.我先是设法取得他的信任-我带他到附近的冰淇淋摊给他买了一个蛋筒Time passed with no sign of the boy parents, so the next step was to call a patrol car to take him to headquarters.过了很长时间,也没看见他父母的影子,所以我就准备打电话叫辆巡逻车将他送回总部去I told the small fry to stay put while I went to the call box. When I returned, he was nowhere in sight.我告诉他站在那里别动,我去电话亭打电话当我回来时,却发现他不知道到哪儿去了Within minutes, the car arrived, and one of the patrolmen asked me where the child was.警车很快来了一名警察问我小孩在哪里I felt stupid; it humiliating to say youve lost a lost child.我感觉自己傻极了,说自己弄丢了一个迷路的小孩,该多丢人啊!But I told the officers what had happened and gave a description of the boy. ;What did you treat him?; asked one of the men.但我还是告诉了警察们所发生的一切,并描述了一下小孩的长相“你请他吃了什么?”一名警察问;An ice-cream cone. Why?;“一个冰淇淋蛋筒怎么啦?”;Because,; answered the officer, ;that kid lives only a few blocks from here, and youve about the fifth rookie he conned a treat!;“因为,”那名警察说,“那个小孩住的地方离这儿只隔几个街区而你大概是新警察中帮他买东西吃的第五个傻瓜蛋!”Notes:1.rookien. 新手;新队员;(尤指)新兵,新警员.beatvi. (心脏等)跳动;搜索;(风、雨等)吹打;(鼓)咚咚地响vt.amp; vi. 接连地击打vt. 打败;敲打;控制;避免n. 节拍;(鼓的)一击;管区adj. [美国口语]大吃一惊的;[常作 B-]“反传统一代”成员的;摇滚音乐的;[口语](体力或情绪上)疲劳不堪的3.come uponv. 突然产生;要求;成为…负担;偶遇eg.Ive come upon the word several times.这个单词我已经碰到好几次了.confidencen. 信心;信任;秘密adj. 骗得信任的;欺诈的eg.This has contributed to the lack of confidence in the police.这导致了大家对警方缺乏信任His record on ceasefires inspires no confidence.他以往在停火方面的表现让人对他毫无信心5.patrol carn. 警察巡逻车 本节目可可原创节目, 319山东大学齐鲁医院在青岛院区祛痣多 青医附院洗牙多少钱

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