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Stock volatility continued on Wall Street Wednesday as markets turned their attention once more to the weak global economy. After an impressive rally Tuesday, fears about high levels of public debt in the U.S. and Europe have erased all the gains and then some. There is growing concern that the global economy may be heading toward another painful recession.Despite the U.S. Federal Reserve's assurances that it will keep interest rates near record lows for the next two years, all the gains made this week evaporated even before the opening bell.尽管美联储承诺要把超低利率再保持两年,但华尔街股市这个星期却犹如过山车大起大落。On closer examination, New York trader Keith Bliss says many now see the Fed announcement as an admission that the world's most powerful central bank is out of ammunition.纽约交所交易商布里斯说,美联储的声明实际上就是承认,世界上最强有力的中央现在已经无计可施。"The Fed is basically out of bullets. It's similar to those Hollywood movies where you see the guy fire all his bullets and now the only thing he has left to do is throw his gun," Bliss said.布里斯说:“美联储基本上已经弹尽粮绝。这就像那些好莱坞大片描绘的情景,一个家伙打完了子弹,剩下唯一能做的事情就是把丢掉。”But Bliss says the slowing U.S. economy is not the only issue roiling the markets. 不过,布里斯说,搅乱市场的问题并不只是美国经济走软。"And this is how skittish and temperamental the market is. It reacts not only to factual aspects and fundamental aspects, but also rumors. So there was a rumor that S amp; P (ratings agency Standard amp; Poors) was going to downgrade France's debt, there's rumors that there are French and German banks in trouble because they're holding a lot of sovereign debt over in Europe," Bliss said.布里斯说:“市场就是这样焦躁不安,变化无常。影响市场的不光是实实在在的数据和基本面的东西。传言也能够搅乱市场。传言说标准普尔评级公司准备下调法国的债务评级,说法国和德国的也陷入困境,它们持有大量的欧洲国家的主权债务。”Some see the combination of a weak U.S. outlook and the prospects of another debt crisis in Europe as a recipe for a double dip recession. Financial expert Jon Henes tells VOA even the remedy is fraught with peril.有些人认为,美国经济前景疲软和欧洲再次发生债务危机的可能性加在一起为世界经济再次陷入衰退开好了配方。金融专家赫内斯对美国之音说,即使是解救的办法也同样充满危险。201108/148632

The crisis felt around the world U.S. financial troubles reverberate in economies from Thailand to Buenos Aires, threatening to drag countries into the downward spiral. I am down in this Bangkok where traders have been watching this red hours with horror and have been a lot this year. The market is down some 20% in pop because of the political crisis going on here but mostly because of the global critical crunch. People worry because Thailand is next export economy. It could be hit badly if there is a global slowdown. One analist spoke to this opertimistic, he said Thailand got its fingers burn in the financial crisis more than 10 years ago. This time Thailand is better to prepare. I am here in the port of Hongkong. This port is one of the busiest in the world. You can tell this by all these trucks that are circulating around me. These trucks are mainly carrying goods that are made in China. And those goods are then shipped all over the world to countries like the ed States. Now US economy is slowing down and that's contribute to the closure of thousands of factories right across the boarder because the exports are falling. The concern now is that if the US economy is continuing to slow down, follow into recession, China's economy could also falter. I am L the heart of Beijing's financial district where there are few things on s I told you so. Here at the people's bank of china where they set monetary policy, they resist calls for deregulation and for mereing the US financial system. Because that direct China's markets is unlikely. That doesn't mean there is no impact. The stock markets have fallen somewhat, investors are worried. But the government has stepped in with small measures trying to bring those investors back in. I am David M outside Arabic stock exchange here in K. K is very g about financial crisis in the US. This exchange has lost over a quarter of its value this year because of political instability here in K and not financial crisis in America. K is hoping for politicians on capital to sort out some bailout for the financial system because the economy here is very much tight to the economy in the US. I am H opposite street in central London, one of the busiest shopping streets in the country. Here the sale signs are all y. Retailers are facing higher costs of food and utility bills and of course the weaking pound. Analists suggest many retailers are trying to pause high volume of goods a bargain prices or the attempt to key ring. I am G outside Madrid city hall, here the lastest sign the US economy worries are also griping Spain. The city has just freeze plans store's facilities and daycare centers for children to save three hundred million dollars. Spanish newspapers are leading with the block financial rescue plan in Washington. Some are blaming republicans. Spain makes 3 million cars a year mainly for export but many car factories here are cutting their work shifts because the demand is down by a third. I am A outside the A officers in downtown Rome. The US financial crisis could make matters worse for the Italian national airline here. It's bankrupt but it keeps flying because it's been rescured by a group of italian investors include S. S have business financial ties to US financial institutions. And the worse things going in the US the harder it is for these banks and institutions to come up with enough cash and enough money to keep the airline fly. I am B in the N neighood in B Argentina. It's line with a lot of national cafes and bars. Argentinas are used to economic instability. The fact in 2001 they had the largest dead fall in mordern history 100 billion dollars. People back here pay close attention to what's happening in US during its financial crisis. Inflation is main problem here right now. A restaurant like this the prices of food inflate all the time. A remain f that the crisis in the US is not resolved, the fall up here to be much worse than their financial crisis 70 years ago.200810/54205

时尚度假新方式 交换你我住处炎炎夏日就要到了,大家都有度假的计划吧?怎样做到既经济又浪漫呢,交换住处似乎是个明智的选择。互相交换住处对双方都有利,零出,却收获了满满的幸福。Susanne and Clyde Billings are on vacation in Los Angeles, visiting their son and his family. "We're paying zero, nada." Nothing for the use of this two-bedroom condo with a gourmet kitchen and a table big enough for the entire family to gather around."Everybody for themselves." That's because the owners Judy and David are staying at the Billings'home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. "We hope they are on the balcony, enjoying a cocktail or a Pepsi, and just having a grand old time." Home exchanges are becoming a popular and economical way to travel. "Exchange. What is that? We switch houses, cars, everything. I haven't done it before but friends of mine have." "Where are you?" In the movie The Holiday, Kate Winslet swapped her quaint English cottage for a Hollywood mansion. "The word is getting out, especially in this economy, that this is the way to vacation like there's no recession."Here's how it works: You pay a small fee to join a home exchange site, list your home, then search for places you want to visit. On HomeExchange.com, there are 27,000 listings in 120 countries, homes in Greece and Ireland, Thailand, and the Canary Islands. The Billings are on their seventh home exchange. "Maybe the first time we were a little bit apprehensive, second time may be a little bit apprehensive, but after that it's… just a regular thing and we don't worry about it any more."In fact they are aly planning their next trip. Carla Wohl, A News, Los Angeles.06/74593


High-tech ATM theft ATM黑客 Criminals are using more sophisticated methods than ever before to gain access to ATM customers' PIN numbers. It’s a new kind of bank robbery; Hackers breaking into ATM machines through holes of computer software, stealing money from variety of Bank Accounts. It’s something you probably take for granted that when you use an ATM machine and enter your personal pin code. That secret number stays between you and your bank. Think again!? We’re at a tipping point when this actually became a serious problem. It happened most recently in 7-11 stores across the country. Hackers broke into Citibank’s network ATM machine, snatched the people’s pin numbers and stole some 2 million dollars from a range of bank accounts. ATM crime has become more and more sophisticated as you see an organized crime, for example. That, you know, they’re willing to sometimes invest a large sum of money upfront in order to, compromise, you know, in order to compromise an account or accounts. ATM trade spokesman Kurt Helwig said it was an isolated incident. Still the question: how they do it? 60% ATM machines are all owned by private independent companies. Prosecutors investigated the possibility to cease hackers to deprive ATM computer network owned by card electronics, ceasing the pin codes during the transmission before they ever reach the bank. Citibank tells CNN: “The situation has been resolved there have been no fraudulent transactions since March” Three people believed to be to the deceptive to be in dialed and Citibank says they’ll repay anyone whose accounts made compromised. In the past, ATM’s were compromised by phony calls scanners that cameras recall people repeat punching their pin numbers. This raised the states because hackers can still eliminate their numbers with pin code electronically. The ATM districts say this is an isolated incident affected in tiny percentage of 1 billion yieldly ATM transactions. For CNNmoney.com, Deborah Feyerick.参考中文翻译:罪犯盗取ATM客户密码的方法越来越成熟。这是一种新式的抢劫;黑客利用电脑软件的漏洞侵入ATM,盗走不同帐号里的钱。可能你觉得应用的ATM时输入密码是理所当然的事。密码只有你和知道。再想一下是不是这样?这实际上是一个很严重的问题。最近,在全国的7-11便利店,这种状况时有发生。黑客侵入花旗的ATM网络,盗取了客户的密码,从很多账户中窃取了200多万美元。ATM犯罪越来越成熟,你可以看到有组织的犯罪。你知道,为了让一个或者几个账户受害,他们会投入一笔很大的资金。ATM交易发言人Kurt Helwig说这是一个单独的偶然事件。仍然是那个问题:他们是怎样做的呢?60%的ATM由私有的独立的公司所有。告发者调查了剥夺电子设备的ATM电脑网络,在交易到达前就停止交易密码以阻止黑客犯罪的可能性。花旗告诉CNN:“现在状况已经好转,从3月份起就没有再发生虚假交易。”3人涉嫌虚假交易,花旗说,他们会偿付账户受到危害的户主。过去,ATM受电话窃听器的危害,摄像头会记录下人民重复输入的密码。现在黑客可以消除他们输入的密码。ATM相关部门表示,这只是偶然事件,比例相当低,在10亿笔ATM交易中才会有一次发生。200812/58130

Barack Obama's Middle East policy巴拉克.奥巴马的中东政策From Oslo to Benghazi从奥斯陆到班加西A Nobel prizewinner’s voyage of discovery 一个诺贝尔和平奖获得者的发现之旅WHEN he collected his Nobel peace prize from Oslo in December , Barack Obama acknowledged the oddity of receiving such an honour while commanding the American-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also made it plain that the use of force might be justified on humanitarian grounds—as, in his view, it had been in the Balkans in the 1990s. To that extent, at least, he had prepared the ground for Libya. It has nonetheless come as a shock to many Americans to find themselves plunged so abruptly into a new war in an Arab country. How did that peaceable Mr Obama get them into this? 年12月,贝拉克奥巴马在奥斯陆领取诺贝尔和平奖时承认,他在指挥着美国领导的在伊拉克和阿富汗的战争之时,获得这样一项荣誉比较奇怪。他还坦言,在人道主义立场下使用武力可能是正义的,比如,在他看来,20世纪90年代在巴尔干半岛使用武力就是如此。至少在那种程度下,他已经对在利比亚的立场埋下了伏笔。但是,许多美国人对迅速投入到对一个阿拉伯国家的战争中感到吃惊。温和的奥巴马怎么会把他们卷到这种状况?From the very beginning of his presidency Mr Obama had little choice but to run an active policy in the Middle East. He needed to extricate American forces from Iraq (the better to prosecute the war in Afghanistan); he faced the continuing challenge of Iran’s suspected nuclear-weapons programme; he had to carry on the fight against al-Qaeda; and, like many presidents, he inherited an explosive stalemate in Palestine. But to these pressing practical demands he added a broader aspiration: repairing the damage done by George Bush’s reaction to the attacks of September 11th 2001 on America’s relations with the Muslim world, especially with the Arabs. 从奥巴马担任总统的那一刻起,他就没有什么选择,只能在中东推行积极的政策。他需要从伊拉克撤出美军(比继续进行在阿富汗的战争要好);他面临着怀疑伊朗在实施核武器项目的持续挑战;他不得不展开对基地组织的打击;跟许多总统一样,他也接手了在巴勒斯坦的火药味十足的僵局。但是,在这些迫切的实际要求之外,他添加了一个更广泛的愿望:修补美国与穆斯林世界尤其是阿拉伯国家的关系,这些外交关系由于乔治布什对2001年“911”袭击的强烈反应而遭到破坏。In June Mr Obama gave voice to the aspiration in a speech in Cairo, where he was the guest of the then dictator, Hosni Mubarak. He told his eager audience that he was seeking “a new beginning” based on “mutual interest and mutual respect”. He also spoke at length about democracy, and the controversy generated by America’s push for it in the wake of the Iraq war. Mr Obama’s argument was that “no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other”. America did not presume to know what was best for everyone. But that did not lessen his commitment “to governments that reflect the will of the people”. 年6月,奥巴马在开罗的一篇演讲中表达了上述愿望。在那里,他是当时的独裁者胡斯尼穆巴拉克的贵宾,他对热切的听众说,他在谋求一种建立在“共同利益和相互尊重”之上的“新的开端”。他还用较大篇幅谈论民主,以及在伊拉克战争后美国推动民主所引发的争议。奥巴马的观点是,“没有那种治国体制可以由一个国家强加给另外一个国家”。美国没有认为自己知道什么体制对每个人来说都是最好的,但是这也没有弱化他对“体现人民意志的政府”的承诺。201104/132964

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