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青岛哪个医院治疗妇科病青岛正规医院人流费用青岛市儿童医院四维多少钱 A little cockroach milk with those cookies? Chock full of protein, the insect milk may someday be transformed into a food supplement worthy of human consumption, new research indicates.一点儿奶配上小点心?最新研究显示,这种昆虫的奶富含蛋白质,它有一天会成为人类消费的超级食物。Scientists have found that the Pacific Beetle Cockroach feeds its bug babies a formula which is remarkably rich in protein, fat and sugar. Don#39;t expect to find it next to the regular milk in the dairy section, however, at least not for now.科学家们已经发现,太平洋甲虫喂给幼虫吃的奶里富含蛋白质、脂肪和糖。不过,不要指望马上在你每天的餐桌上喝上它,至少现在还不行。;Any liquid harvested from a cockroach is not true milk. At least not as we think of it,; said Becky Facer, director of school and educator programs at Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta.亚特兰大弗恩班克自然历史物馆的学校教育项目负责人贝琪·费瑟表示:“这种产出的液体其实并不算真正的#39;奶#39;,至少跟我们想象中的奶是不一样的。”Most people would agree. After all, the insect liquid takes the form of protein crystals in the guts of baby cockroaches.大多数人都同意这一观点。毕竟,这种昆虫奶是以蛋白质晶体的形式存在于的内脏里的。;The protein crystals are milk for the cockroach infant. It is important for its growth and development,; said Leonard Chavas, one of the scientists behind the research. He explained the crystals have a whopping three times the energy of an equivalent mass of buffalo milk, about four times the equivalent of cow#39;s milk.进行这项研究的科学家雷纳德·哈瓦斯表示:“这种蛋白质晶体对于幼虫来说就相当于乳汁。它对幼虫的生长发育非常重要。”他解释说,这类蛋白质晶体富含能量,是同等质量野奶的3倍,普通牛奶的4倍。Chavas and his colleagues examined the species, also known as Diploptera punctate, which is the only species of cockroach known to be viviparous -- able to bring forth live babies that have developed within the mother#39;s body, instead of the mother laying eggs to develop outside her body.哈瓦斯和他的同事们研究了这种又被称为太平洋折翅蠊的,它是所有种类中唯一的胎生昆虫--也就是说它们的繁殖不用排卵,而是直接在身体里哺养后代。Like other viviparous creatures, this species of roach nourishes its growing embryos with a protein-rich liquid secreted by its brood sac -- the roach version of a uterus. Soon after the embryo ingests the liquid, protein crystals develop within its midgut.和其他胎生动物一样,太平洋折翅蠊也有类似于子宫的育囊,通过育囊分泌富含蛋白质的液体来哺育胚胎。胚胎吞下蛋白质营养液体后,很快将其输送到幼虫的肠道。Chavas and his colleagues extracted one of these crystals to learn more about it and its potential nutrition. Following tests and even genome sequencing, they discovered it was a complete food.为了对其营养成分做更多深入的了解,哈瓦斯和他的同事从幼虫肠道中提取了一种蛋白质晶体,进行了一系列的测验,甚至启用了基因序列分析,最终发现这种晶体完全可以作为一种食物。;It is what one would need: protein, essential amino acids, lipids and sugars,; Chavas said, explaining that the energy content is so high that it helps infants within this unique species grow much bigger than cockroach babies of other species.哈瓦斯表示:“它正是我们所需要的,包括蛋白质、人体必需的氨基酸、脂肪和糖分。”他解释称,营养成分如此之高,怪不得这种幼虫发育得要比其他种类的幼虫体型大得多。So, how do you milk a cockroach?那么,你该怎么喝这种奶呢?The crystals are currently extracted from the midgut of cockroach embryos -- perhaps not the most efficient way of feeding a growing world population.现在,这种蛋白质晶体是直接从幼虫的肠道提取的。很显然,这种生产方式在效率上太低了。Ultimately, however, Chavas and his team are hoping to reverse bioengineer cockroach milk, but first they need to understand the exact biological and chemical mechanisms underlying the process.不过,哈瓦斯和他的团队希望最终通过基因工程来生产奶。但是在这之前,他们先要弄清楚奶生产背后的生物和化学机理。 /201608/458996Intel has unveiled its newest virtual reality headset called ;Project Alloy.; Through this gadget, the company introduces the concept of ;merged reality.;近日,英特尔公司推出了其名为;Alloy项目;的最新虚拟现实头戴设备。通过这一装置,英特尔公司介绍了一个新词:;融合现实;。The biannual Intel Developer#39;s Forum began with a virtual display of music. A drummer does not need actual drums and a musician can play a virtual piano and cello at the same time.每年举办两次的英特尔开发者论坛,这次以虚拟音乐演出拉开了帷幕。这其中包含一位并不需要真实存在的鼓的鼓手,以及可以在同一时间演奏虚拟钢琴和大提琴的音乐家。But Intel unveiled something that blends the lines of reality even further: Project Alloy. It is called Merged Reality and it eliminates the need for handheld controllers. Instead, you use your real hands in the virtual world. Alloy warns you if you are going to bump into real people or objects.不过,英特尔的最新;Alloy项目;却是进一步融入了现实元素。它被称作;融合现实;,无需依赖任何手持控制器。在虚拟世界中,只需要动一动你的双手,碰到真实的人或物体,Alloy便会发出警告信号。;Not only move around freely in the virtual world. But he was able to bring the real world into that virtual world where he used his hand to interact. We can do that with almost any object. And we can flip that. We can take the virtual world into the real world,; Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said.英特尔首席执行官布莱恩·科兹安尼克表示:;我们不仅可以在虚拟世界中自由移动,还能把现实的物体带入虚拟世界,仅需自己动手便可实现。我们可以操纵任何物体,同时,我们也能把虚拟世界带入现实世界。;Intel says Project Alloy will be available to its partners in the second half of 2017.英特尔方面表示,将于2017年下半年为其合作伙伴提供Alloy项目。So it is not going to be in the hands of consumers until at least 2018 or later. No word on what it will cost.因此消费者至少在2018年以后才可获得它。至于价格,英特尔并没有透露。 /201608/462769青岛有哪些医院妇科比较好

青岛哪里治疗阴道炎比较好Pets 美国宠物Americans love pets. And it's not just puppy love, either. Many pet owners treat their furry friends as part of the family. Sometimes they spice up their pets' lives with entertaining s and amusing toys. If they have an eye for fashion, pet owners can dress their pets in stylish clothes. For special occasions, they can use canine perfume to make their dogs smell, well, less beastly. You might say Americans treat their pets like they treat their children-sometimes even better. 美国人很爱宠物,而且这不只是一种不成熟、短暂的爱。很多宠物的主人把这些毛茸茸的朋友当作家庭的一部分,有时候还为宠物准备用的录像带和玩具来增添牠们生活的乐趣,如果宠物的主人具有流行的眼光,还会让他们的宠物穿上时髦的衣,在特殊的场合里,甚至为宠物喷上儿专用的香水,让牠们味道好闻一点,减少一些动物身上的味道。你也可以说,美国人待他们的宠物如同待他们的孩子一样--有时甚至更好。 In America, there are more households with pets than those with children. At least 43 percent of U.S. homes have pets of some sort. Exotic creatures, such as monkeys, snakes and even wolves, find a home with some Americans. More common pets include tropical fish, mice and birds. But the all-time favorites are cats and dogs, even at the White House. The Clintons' cat, Socks, has replaced the Bushes' dog, Millie, as reigning First Pet. Americans sometimes have strong feelings about whether dogs or cats make better pets. "Dog people" and "cat people" often enjoy friendly rivalries. 在美国,有宠物的家庭比有孩子的家庭还多。至少百分之四十三的美国家庭有宠物,有些美国家庭养一些外国品种的动物,例如猴子、蛇、甚至狼;比较常见的宠物有热带鱼、老鼠、和鸟。不过,一直广受欢迎的是猫和,连白宫也不例外。柯林顿总统的猫--袜子,已经取代了布什的--米利,成为神气的「第一宠物」。美国人有时候很在乎到底最好的宠物是猫还是,「爱的人」和「爱猫的人」喜欢开玩笑地彼此争辩。 Leading a dog's life in America isn't such a bad thing. Many grocery stores sell gourmet pet foods to owners eager to please their pets. In Houston, Texas, dogs can have their dinner delivered to their homes, just like pizza. Well-to-do canines can attend doggy daycare centers while their owners work. Pets can even accompany their owners on vacation. Fancy hotels are beginning to accommodate both man and beast. Furry guests at Four Seasons Hotels can enjoy gourmet meals served on fine china and sleep in soft beds. 在美国,所过的生活并不坏,很多杂货店都卖有宠物美食,让主人可以讨好他们的宠物。在德州的休斯敦市,儿还能享用专程送到家的晚餐,就跟披萨一样。家境富裕的儿在主人上班的时候可以去儿托育中心。宠物甚至可以和牠们的主人一同去度假,高级饭店已经开始可以同时留宿人和宠物,这些毛茸茸的客人在四季饭店可以享用以精致瓷器盛装的美食,并在柔软的床上睡觉。 Beneath the fluffy luxuries, there lies a basic American belief: Pets have a right to be treated well. At least 75 animal welfare organizations exist in America. These provide care and adoption services for homeless and abused animals. Veterinarians can give animals an incredible level of medical careNfor an incredible price. To pay for the high-tech health care, people can buy health insurance for their pets. And when it's time to say good-bye, owners can bury their pets in a respectable pet cemetery. 在舒适奢华的享受之下,其实存在着美国人的一种基本信念:宠物有受到妥善对待的权利。美国至少有七十五个动物福利组织,他们为流浪动物及被虐待动物提供照顾与领养的务。兽医能提供给动物极好的医疗照顾--价格也极昂贵,若为了负担更先进的健康医疗照顾,人们可以为他们的宠物买健康保险。如果和宠物道别的时机到了,主人们可以为宠物买一块体面的墓地。 The average American enjoys having pets around, and for good reason. Researchers have discovered that interacting with animals lowers a person's blood pressure. Dogs can offer protection from burglars and unwelcome visitors. Cats can help rid the home of unwanted pests. Little creatures of all shapes and sizes can provide companionship and love. In many cases, having a pet prepares a young couple for the responsibilities of parenthood. Pets even encourage social relationships: They give their owners an appearance of friendliness, and they provide a good topic of conversation. 美国人一般都喜欢有宠物为伴,这是有原因的。研究人员发现,与动物为伍能够降低人的血压。能防止小偷及不受欢迎的访客。猫能帮忙清除家里讨人厌的害虫和有害的小动物。任何种类及大小的小宠物都能带给人们相伴与爱的感觉。很多时候,拥有一只宠物能帮助年轻夫妻做为人父母责任的准备。宠物甚至有助于人际关系:它们使主人们看起来更友善,并且也带给人们一个交谈的好话题。 Pets are as basic to American culture as hot dogs or apple pie. To Americans, pets are not just property, but a part of the family. After all, pets are people, too. 宠物是美国文化中很基本的一部分,就如热和苹果派一样。对美国人而言,宠物不仅仅是他们所拥有的一样东西而已,它是家庭的一部分。毕竟,宠物也是「人」啊!。 /200804/34320青岛哪家医院做无痛人流比较好 Uber’s costly battle for the Chinese ride-sharing market helped drive losses of .3bn during the first half of 2016, making the San Francisco-based company one of the most deeply lossmaking in Silicon Valley.优步(Uber)为争夺中国叫车市场而进行的烧钱大战致使其在2016年上半年亏损13亿美元,同时也使这家总部位于旧金山的公司成为硅谷亏损最严重的公司之一。The company, which offers transportation through its smartphone app in more than 60 countries, had been spending heavily in markets such as China and India, where it was locked in competition with local rivals.通过智能手机应用在60多个国家提供叫车务的优步,在中国、印度等市场出了大量资金,并且陷入了与本土对手的激烈竞争。However, the losses may decline later this year after Uber sold its China unit to local rival Didi Chuxing earlier this month, in effect ending its costly subsidy war there.然而,优步的亏损今年下半年有可能减少,因为该公司本月早些时候已将其中国业务出售给了本土竞争对手滴滴出行(Didi Chuxing)——事实上结束了在中国代价高昂的补贴大战。Uber is one of Silicon Valley’s best-funded companies, raising more than bn in equity and debt from investors, and recently achieving a bn valuation.优步是硅谷资金最充裕的公司之一,通过股本和举债从投资者那里筹集了150多亿美元,公司最近估值达680亿美元。The losses, which were first reported by Bloomberg, came to 0m during the first quarter and more than 0m during the second quarter, on a measure before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation.据彭(Bloomberg)最先报道的消息,按息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)计算,优步在今年第一季度亏损5.2亿美元,第二季度亏损超过7.5亿美元。Travis Kalanick, chief executive, has previously told the Financial Times that Uber was profitable during the first quarter in the US, Australia and the region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 优步首席执行官特拉维斯#8226;卡兰尼克(Travis Kalanick)此前曾对英国《金融时报》表示,今年首季优步在美国、澳大利亚以及欧洲、中东和非洲地区实现了盈利。The company spent heavily in China and India during that time, as well as expanding to new markets.同一时期,优步在中国和印度投入巨大,并且在拓展进入新的市场。However, the US turned unprofitable during the second quarter of this year, with losses of 0m according to Bloomberg, as Uber boosted subsidies to compete with its rival Lyft.然而,彭的数据显示,由于为与对手Lyft竞争而提高了补贴,今年第二季度优步在美国未实现盈利,亏损了1亿美元。Uber was responding to Lyft’s rising market share, which had reached 40 per cent in key markets such as San Francisco. 优步提高补贴是为了应对Lyft不断上升的市场份额——后者在旧金山等重要市场达到40%。Uber aims to maintain a market share of about 80 per cent in each US city where it operates, according to a person close to the company.一位接近优步的人士表示,该公司的目标是在其运营的每个美国城市都保持约80%的市场份额。With the battle for China now out of the way, Uber has been increasing its focus on new projects that will require heavy investment, including mapping, driverless cars and car fleets that can be leased to drivers.随着对中国市场的争夺告一段落,优步正在加大对需要大量投资的新项目的关注,包括绘制地图、无人驾驶汽车以及可以租赁给司机的车队。The company will be piloting its first driverless car taxi service in Pittsburgh in a few weeks’ time, and has inked a deal with Volvo to jointly develop autonomous vehicles.几周后,优步将在匹兹堡试点其首次推出的无人驾驶出租车务,该公司还已经与沃尔沃(Volvo)签约共同研发自主汽车。Underscoring this shift in focus, Uber also made its largest ever acquisition in July, when it bought Otto, a driverless truck start-up founded by several key members of Alphabet’s driverless programme.突显这种企业战略转变的是,优步今年7月还进行了其有史以来最大规模的收购——将无人驾驶卡车初创公司Otto收入囊中,该公司由Alphabet无人驾驶项目的几名主要成员创立。Otto’s backers received a stake in Uber worth about 0m as well as a guarantee of 20 per cent of future profits from any trucking business.Otto的资助者获得了价值约6.8亿美元的优步股份,以及一项从未来任何货运业务中获得20%利润的担保。As part of that acquisition Uber will open driverless research centres in Palo Alto and in San Francisco, in addition to its research centre in Pittsburgh.作为此次收购的一部分,除了在匹兹堡的研发中心,优步还将在帕洛阿尔托和旧金山设立无人驾驶研发中心。The company is also preparing to spend half a billion dollars on its mapping efforts as it seeks to build more accurate maps and reduce its dependence on Google Maps. 优步还准备在绘制地图方面投入5亿美元,该公司试图绘制更精准的地图,减少对谷歌地图(Google Maps)的依赖。It aly has mapping cars on the road in the US and Mexico.优步绘制地图的汽车已经在美国和墨西哥上路。Uber’s investors include Goldman Sachs, Benchmark, and Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.优步的投资者包括高盛(Goldman Sachs)、风险投资公司Benchmark以及沙特阿拉伯的主权财富基金。 /201608/463220青岛第六医院周日上班吗

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