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泉州妇科宫颈炎手术价格泉州附件囊肿手术多少钱特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为可可签约编辑编写,版权归可可所有。迷你对话A: Tom set the whole country by the ears with his discovery.约翰的发明震惊了全国。B: He is really terrific!他真行。A: He was very clever when he was a boy.他小的时候就非常聪明。对话精讲第一、 习惯用语set by ears第二、 解词释义此语源于一个斗的故事。有两个好事之徒以打架,就分别揪住的耳朵让它们相斗。转义为“使人争吵,使人不和”,还可以表示“因新发现而引起轰动或使人震惊”之意。第三、 持范例释义1:使人争吵,使人不和e.g.During his short stay, Philip set us all by the ears. 菲利普在这时短期逗留期间,搬弄是非,搞得大家不得安宁。e.g.They got on well enough together until the question of promotion set them all by the ears. 他们原来一直相处得很好,后来提职一事引起了他们之间的不和。 e.g.Uncle always seems to set the family by the ears.叔叔好像总是使一家人不和。e.g.She set the whole neighborhood by the ears. 她使四邻不和。 释义2:使人震惊,一鸣惊人e.g.He seemed a very lively young man, certain of his own abilities and eager to set people by the ears. 看来他是个非常活跃的青年,对自己的能力十分自信,且急于一鸣惊人。 e.g.He set the whole city the ears with beating the champion. 他击败了冠军而一鸣惊人。 /201303/229015泉州妇科咨询 In the nature of things: used for saying that sth that happens is normal in a particular situation and not at all surprising 理所当然,自然,丝毫不令人奇怪Don't worry about it. It's in the nature of things for children to argue with their parents when they are teenagers.青少年常常会和他们的父母争辩,这不足为奇.In the nature of things, people who have power don't like losing it.有权利的人不想失去他们的权利,这很自然.let nature take its course:to allow events to happen without doing anything to change the results任其发展;听其自然With minor ailments the best thing is often to let nature take its course. 对于小病,往往最好是听其自然. /11/89224泉州市人民医院收费标准

泉州做人流选择哪家医院网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:食言 今天我们就要给大家讲解两个由字这个字组成的习惯用语。字在英文里就是:word。在英文里,由word这个字组成的习惯用语有的很有趣,有的可以把字给吃了。这跟中文里的“食言”很相似。 To eat ones words. 请大家注意,这里的words是多数。To eat ones words当然不是真正地把字给吃了。To eat ones words作为习惯用语,它的意思就是:食言,说了话,或做了保不能实现。也就是一个人说了话不算数。有的时候,to eat ones words可能会使自己很窘。 比如说,一个人问朋友借钱,说好了一个礼拜以后还。但是,一个礼拜过了,他以为能收到的钱结果没有到,他只好去对那朋友说: Michael, Im really embarrassed that I have to eat my own words. The money I expected to receive last week didnt arrive. But Im sure its in the mail so l can pay you back before Saturday.麦克,这回我不得不自食其言了。我真是感到非常难为情。我估计上个星期能收到一笔钱,但是没有到。不过,我肯定是在邮寄的路上。所以星期六之前我会把钱还给你的。 下面这个例子讲的是一个令人快乐的事情,虽然有人不得不承认错误。 这是一个丈夫在说话:When we got married my younger brother predicted it would never last, that we werent the right type for each other. But hes certainly had to eat his words and admit he was wrong.我们结婚的时候,我的弟弟说,我们的婚姻长不了,因为他说我们夫妇两不相配。但是,他现在不得不收回他讲的话,承认自己是错的了。在上面我们举的两个例子里,说了话而不能兑现的人都能承认自己的错误。但是,在现实生活中也有些不负责任的人经常说了话不算数。还有的是故意讲一些话来欺骗别人,事后就不承认。这些也都能用to eat ones words来形容。 /201208/195326安溪做无痛人流医院 听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Its been nearly a year since the state of Michigan approved year-round and nighttime hunting for coyotes. But how effective has that change in hunting policy been, and how has it impacted the states coyote population?Adam Bump from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) joined Stateside to help us understand why the change was made last year.;Our natural resource commission had been hearing a lot of complaints and concerns from a variety of different stakeholders,; Bump said. ;So it went from people in the Upper Peninsula that were concerned about lower deer numbers to suburban and urban folks in southern Michigan that were starting to see more coyotes in their neighborhoods and had concerns that way.;Other nearby states have had similar laws on coyote hunting, so Bump said ;its not something new, but its new to Michigan.;He also said the coyote population is very ;resilient; and needed a widesp effort, including changes to the weapons and methods hunters can use.One business in mid-Michigan turned coyote control into a contest to help limit the population. Tom Knutson from Knutsons Sporting Goods in Brooklyn launched a bounty hunt. He said coyotes are a ;serious problem; in the state.;It was actually my son who came up with the idea,; Knutson said. ;He had seen different contests around the country and most of them were always one weekend only ... and he decided that maybe we should do a contest that was more along the lines of a bounty hunt. More [like] the customer who could bring in the most over a longer period of time and then see how big a coyote we could find and try to get an idea of what sizes are out there and whats going on in the environment.;The bounty hunt started the last weekend of January. Knutson said he was expecting around 30 coyotes in total to come in. The hunt doesnt end until March 1 and hunters have nearly tripled that number.Listen to the full interview above to hear more about the bounty hunt. Youll also hear the DNRs advice for those, in both urban and rural areas, who spot coyotes.201702/494037泉港妇幼保健院医院宫颈炎

晋江妇幼保健院做无痛人流要多少钱 Subject: I have got a problem that’s been bugging me. 迷你对话A: What happened, Jane. Tell me!Jane,发生什么事情呢?告诉我。B: I’ve got a problem that’s been bugging me. I really don’t know what to do.有一个问题一直困扰着我,我不知道该怎么办。 地道表达 bug 1. 解词释义Bug一词作为名词时,它的意思是“虫子”。作为动词时,它的意思是“打搅”“放置窃听器”等。本例中的bug someone中的bug作为及物动词,意思是“使人心烦,令人讨厌”的意思。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Whats bugging you?你有什么别扭事儿?e.g. That man really bugs me.那个人真把我惹火了。e.g. I only did it to bug my parents.我那样做只不过是为了烦扰我父母。 /201411/342482泉州怀孕多久做无痛人流较好泉州内治疗女性尿道炎的医院



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