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But Hitler was concerned that the Stormtroopers might be getting out of his control,that they were starting to become a threat to the regime itself.但他考虑到冲锋队可能会失控,威胁到当前体制的稳定。Hitler told them the revolution was over.于是告知冲锋队革命已结束。But the Stormtroopers wanted to march the revolution ever onwards,staying true to the words of the Nazi anthem,written by Stormtrooper Horst Wessel.但冲锋队还想继续进行革命,忠实于霍斯特·维塞尔谱写的纳粹党歌。Their leader, Ernst Roehm,even wanted the Stormtroopers to take over the German Army.冲锋队的高官恩斯特·罗姆甚至想冲锋队取代德国军队。But the army didnt want anything to do with this bunch of thugs.但德国正规军不想跟这帮恶棍扯上关系。One rejected the Stormtroopers because of their behaviour.是他们的所作所为令人反感。Well, at the end, one can almost say the Stormtroopers were hated by most soldiers.到最后,大部分军人都憎恶冲锋队。Von Papen, Hitlers Vice Chancellor,had been gathering complaints about the Stormtroopers.副总理冯帕彭收集各界对冲锋队的斥诉。This was potentially dangerous for Hitler,as von Papen was close to the aged President Hindenburg.对希特勒而言,当冯帕彭接近兴登堡老总统时是潜在危机。On 17th June 1934,von Papen made a speech openly criticising the Nazis.1934年6月17日冯帕彭公开批评纳粹党。An endless dynamic creates nothing.一班活力充沛的军队毫无建树。Germany must not become a train into the unknown,with no-one knowing when it will stop.德国人不应变成街头小混混,无人知晓何时休止。But Hitler realised he could turn all this to his advantage and alter the way millions perceived him as a leader.但希特勒意识到可对此加以利用改变百万民众对他这个领袖的看法。 译文属201512/414746Politics this week本周政治The new prime minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, and his finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis (above left), toured Europe in search of debt relief and support against austerity. Mr Varoufakis floated a plan to replace Greek debt with bonds linked to GDP growth. For the most part, they met a dusty response; the European Central Bank stopped taking Greek government bonds as collateral. Markets were volatile but seemed hopeful that a deal would eventually be done.希腊新总理阿列克西斯·齐普拉斯和他的财政部长雅尼斯?瓦鲁法克斯(上图左),访问欧洲以寻求债务减免和反对紧缩政策的持。瓦鲁法克斯提出一项计划,即用与GDP走势紧密相连的国债取代希腊债务。欧洲对这个提议的很多地方都有异议;欧洲央行也停止接受希腊国债作为抵押品。虽然市场动荡,但达成这个协议将为市场带来希望。The International Court of Justice in The Hague rejected claims by both Croatia and Serbia that the other was guilty of genocide during their wars of 1991-95, when some 20,000 people were killed.海牙国际法庭驳回了克罗地亚和塞尔维亚的控诉,该控诉称在1991年至1995年双方交战期间,一方有种族屠杀行为,导致大约20000人丧生。China stepped up controls over the internet. It is now requiring users of blogs and chat rooms to register their real names with internet providers and they must promise to avoid attacking the political system. Censors have also been trying to restrict access to “virtual private networks”, which are often used to circumvent the blocking of politically sensitive websites.中国加大了对互联网的控制力度。大陆现在要求主和使用聊天室的人向网络务供应商实名登记,并承诺不攻击政治制度。审查机关也一直试图限制用于翻墙浏览政治敏感网站的“虚拟专用网”。Myanmar accused a senior UN official of interfering in its affairs after she had raised concerns about discrimination against members of the Muslim Rohingya minority. The Rohingya are stateless and have been the target of attacks by members of Myanmars Buddhist majority.一位联合国高级官员引起了对罗辛亚穆斯林少数民族歧视的关注,这一行为被缅甸谴责为干涉他国内政。罗辛亚族人是无国籍人士,也是缅甸佛教成员一直以来袭击的目标。The coalition government in Australia suffered a resounding defeat in state elections in Queensland. The foreign minister, Julie Bishop, denied that she is planning to oust the prime minister, Tony Abbott, whose popularity has slumped, by mounting a challenge for the leadership of the Liberal Party.澳大利亚联合政府在昆士兰的州选举中遭遇滑铁卢。外交部长朱莉否认她打算对自由党的领导发起挑战,以取代持率急速下滑的托尼?阿特总理。Islamic State militants broadcast their beheading of a Japanese journalist and murder of a Jordanian fighter pilot, whom they burnt alive in a cage. Jordanians, hitherto ambivalent about the bombing of Sunni jihadists, turned against the movement strongly, welcoming King Abdullahs continued participation in the American-led coalition as well as his execution of two jailed militants in revenge.伊斯兰国家武装分子播放了一名日本记者和一名约旦战斗机飞行员,被他们在笼子里活活被烧死的视频。迄今为止,逊尼派圣战主义者的轰炸导致的矛盾引发了约旦更加声势浩大的反对活动,他们欢迎阿卜杜拉国王持续参与美国领导的联盟并判囚的武装分子死刑以此复仇。Egypts president deported an Australian journalist who had reported for Al Jazeera, ending his incarceration of 400 days for broadcasting “false” news. Meanwhile, Egypts courts jailed 230 people for anti-government activity, including a liberal activist, Ahmed Douma, who was sentenced to life in prison.埃及总统将半岛电视台的一名澳大利亚记者驱逐出境,因报道“假”新闻为由入狱400天的至此结束。与此同时,埃及法院以参与反政府活动为由判处230人有罪,其中包括自由派活动家艾哈迈德·杜马,他被判处终身监禁。Houthi rebels who have overrun the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, refused to release the countrys president, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, and his cabinet from house arrest until a deal is reached on integrating the rebels into the regular army. They said that without a deal, “a revolutionary leadership” under their command would take full control.?胡塞叛军已经占领也门首都萨那,并拒绝释放被软禁的总统代哈迪和内阁,直到达成协议将叛军集成为正规军。他们表明,如果未达成协议,“革命领袖”将被他们玩弄于股掌之中。Barack Obama presented a trillion budget that he said is intended “to replace mindless austerity with smart investments”. It includes plans to increase capital-gains tax for top earners from 23.8% to 28%, various levies on business and expanded tax credits for the less well-off. The Republicans who control Congress will not pass it.奥巴马提出了一项4万亿美元的预算,他说目的是“用机敏投资来取代盲目的紧缩”。它包括将高收入者的资本利得税率从23.8%提高至28%,商业课税多样化和在低收入群体扩大税收抵免覆盖率。但是由共和党占主多数的国会并不会通过该项预算。Harper Lee said she was “humbled and amazed” that her second novel would be published, 55 years after “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The new book, “Go Set a Watchman”, acts as a sequel, featuring Scout Finch as an adult woman. Ms Lee had written it prior to penning her seminal work, but the manuscript was lost for decades. She says the work is “a pretty decent effort”.哈泼·李说她是“受宠若惊”,继《杀死一只知更鸟》出版的55年之后,她的第二部小说也要面世了。这本新书《设立守望》是一个续集,描述童子军芬奇长大成为成年女性的过程。哈珀李早在其广为人知的书籍《杀死一只知更鸟》之前就写成了这本书,但手稿却丢失了几十年。她说“这真是一份很体面的工作”。Maria das Gra?as Foster, the chief executive of Petrobras, Brazils state-controlled oil company, resigned amid a corruption scandal centred on claims that Petrobras solicited billions of dollars in payments from construction companies, some of which were funnelled to political parties. These include the Workers Party, which is led byDilma Rousseff,Brazils president. The lower house ofBrazils Congress has elected as its Speaker Eduardo Cunha, who has often clashed with Ms Rousseff.巴西国家石油公司首席执行官玛利亚-福斯特因腐败丑闻辞职。据称,该公司从建筑公司受贿数十亿,其中有一些资金流向政治党派,包括巴西总统罗塞夫领导的工党。巴西国会下议院选举一向与总统唱反调的爱德华多·库尼亚任议长。In Argentina it emerged that Alberto Nisman, a prosecutor who was found dead in January, had drafted a warrant for the arrest of the president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Mr Nisman had accused the president of obstructing the investigation of the bombing of a Jewish community centre inBuenos Aires in 1994. The arrest warrant was found in a rubbish bin in his home.阿根廷检察官阿尔贝托·尼斯曼被发现死于一月。他曾起草逮捕总统克里斯蒂娜的逮捕,并指控总统阻碍对1994年布宜诺斯艾利斯犹太社区发生的的爆炸案的调查。人们在他家中的垃圾桶中发现了逮捕。Mexicos president, Enrique Pe?a Nieto, ordered a interlocking institutions into conflict-of-interest allegations against him, his wife and the finance minister, Luis Videgaray. Mr Pe?a also backed a constitutional reform to create a set of interlocking institutions to fight corruption.墨西哥总统培尼亚·涅托针对对他本人、他妻子以及财政部长路易斯·比德加赖的利益冲突指控,要求各个关联的委员会进行调查。同时,他也持宪政改革,通过建立各种相关部门来应对腐败。Pope Francis declared that óscar Romero, an archbishop from El Salvador who was shot dead while celebrating mass in 1980, was a martyr. This opens the way to his beatification. Earlier popes had regarded the archbishop, who was an exponent of “liberation theology”, as a Marxist.教皇弗朗西斯一世宣布将萨尔瓦多大教主奥斯卡·罗梅罗列为烈士。奥斯卡在1980年的弥撒中受击死亡。此举为宣福礼开辟了道路。此前,教皇将宣称“从神学中解放出来的”大教主视为马克思主义者。翻译:徐牧之 戴秀萍 校对:刘苗苗译文属译生译世 /201503/361750Running shoes are carefully designed to cushion your feet and provide arch support and padding and all that stuff.凭借科学严谨的设计跑鞋能够缓冲脚部压力而且为足弓,鞋衬及衬垫提供撑。Run without shoes and youll tear up your foot on rocks and pebbles.如果在岩石及鹅卵石上光脚跑步,你的脚会被磨破。But studies have shown that running shoes can do more harm than good.但是最近研究表明跑鞋带来的危害大于益处。When you run wearing shoes, you tend to land on your heels.当你穿鞋子跑步时,你倾向于脚后跟着地。Somehow, thats what most running shoes make us do.某种程度上,大多数跑鞋都会使我们这样着地。But run barefoot, and youll naturally land on the balls of your feet.但是光脚跑步会使你自然而然用前脚掌着地。Striking the ground this way is less forceful than landing on your heel.这样着地远比用脚后跟着地带来的冲力小。So its likely that running barefoot may reduce injuries to the knee and lower back.因此光脚跑步可能会减少膝盖和背部下部受到的伤害。201503/362708

The race for the Senate: Colorado科罗拉多州参议院竞选High, tolerant and Republican?高容忍的共和党人?In a state that smiles on pot and same-sex marriage, Democrats are in trouble在包容大麻和同性婚姻的科罗拉多州,民主党身陷囹圄RECREATIONAL pot is legal in Colorado. So, from this week, is gay marriage. So you might think liberals would find it easy to win elections here. Yet Barack Obama is so unpopular in Colorado that when Mark Udall, a Democratic senator fighting for re-election, skipped one of his own fundraisers at the last minute, everyone assumed it was because Mr Obama was to headline it.在科罗拉多州消遣的大麻符合法律。从这周开始,同性恋婚姻也将成为合法婚姻关系。于是人们很容易联想到在该州自由主义者赢得竞选就显得轻而易举。但是由于奥巴马在科罗拉多非常不受人们的待见,努力准备再选的民主党议员马克·尤德尔在最后一刻直接跳过他的资金筹集人。人们都猜测这是因为奥巴马将突出宣传此次竞选。This is quite a turnaround. Like several Democrats in swing states, Mr Udall was first elected to the Senate on Mr Obamas coat-tails in 2008. Now, like practically every vulnerable Democrat, he is trying to distance himself from the president—something footage of the two men hugging might have made trickier.这是一个相当大的转变。正如在摇摆不定的州的其他民主党人一样,2008年尤德尔仰仗奥巴马首次进入参议院。现在,几乎像每一个易受影响的民主党人一样,他正尝试尽力疏远总统,然而几张两人相拥的连续镜头恐怕让他的尝试变得更为棘手。The Republican Senate candidate in Colorado, a young, charismatic congressman with a Mona Lisa smile called Cory Gardner, calls Mr Udall a rubber stamp for Mr Obama. Mr Udall calls Mr Gardner “extreme” (and indeed, in 2012 he was named as one of the most conservative members of the House of Representatives). But Mr Gardner has run a strong campaign in a state that has moved leftward in recent years, as more young people and Latinos have moved in. With less than a month to go, the race is a dead heat. If it flips, so, probably, will the Senate.科罗拉多州共和党参议院候选人是一位年轻具超凡魅力的国会议员,名叫克里·加德纳,脸上挂着蒙娜丽莎般的微笑,称尤德尔毫无主见,简直是奥巴马的应声虫。而尤德尔则认为加德纳极端(确实,2012年他被认为是众议员最保守的议员之一)。近年来由于更多的年轻人和拉丁裔移民的加入,科罗拉多州在政治上趋左,加德纳在此开展了强势的竞选活动。距竞选不足一月,双方难分胜负。如果此次竞选结果很快出来,那么议会的结果也出来了。The Rocky Mountain State wasnt always swing territory. Before Mr Obama, no Democratic presidential candidate except Bill Clinton had carried it since 1964. But in recent years a Democratic state legislature has pushed through a series of liberal bills, for example to enforce background checks for gun-owners and allow in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants. Progressives in college towns such as Boulder applaud, but conservatives in other parts of Colorado are fed up.科罗拉多州(又称为落基山州)过去在竞选中不总是摇摆不定的。1964年以来,在奥巴马之前,除了克林顿总统,没有民主党的总统候选人占优势。但是最近几年,民主党州立法机关推行了一系列的自由法案,例如开展拥有者的背景调查和准许非法移民享受公立大学学费待遇。在像尔德(科罗拉多中北部城市)这样的大学城中的进步人士为此叫好,但是在科罗拉多州其他地区的保守人士却对此厌倦不烦。“Theres no big issue in this race,” says Floyd Ciruli, an independent pollster. “Its become entirely about accusing people of being extremists or puppets of Obama.” Mr Udall has tried to rally female voters by accusing Mr Gardner of being a footsoldier in the so-called Republican “war on women”. About half of Mr Udalls TV spots have focused on abortion and contraception. A voice-over in one said Mr Gardner had sponsored a bill to “make abortion a felony, including in cases of rape and incest” and had “championed an eight-year crusade to outlaw birth control”.一位名叫Floyd Ciruli的独立民意检测专家称“这场选举没什么利害关系,而完全是一场指着人们或是极端主义者或是奥巴马总统的玩偶”。尤德尔通过指责加德纳在所谓的共和党对妇女的战争中充当一个毫无力量的步兵,试图团结女选民。尤德尔的竞选电视广告中约有一半聚焦堕胎和避。其中一则画外音指出加德纳发起一项立法,治涉及强奸与乱伦在内的堕胎重罪,此外持一项历时八年的改革运动——宣布计划生育不合法。The ad was referring to Mr Gardners support for a so-called “personhood” ballot measure, which would have endowed fetuses with the same rights as people from the moment of conception. No state has ever passed such a measure—Colorado rejected it by 71% to 29%. And were such a law to pass, it would quickly be struck down by the courts. But critics say that, if “personhood” became law, it might make contraceptives such as intra-uterine devices illegal, because they could prevent the implantation of a fertilised egg.该广告直指加德纳持所谓的人格投票法案,这一法案赋予胎儿自怀那一刻起就有同等的选举权。目前没有任何一州通过这样的法案——科罗拉多州以71%反对29%持的结果驳回该法案。倘若该法案通过生效,也将会很快被法庭驳回。但是批评者认为倘若“人格”成为法律,将会导致像子宫内避器(避环)这样的避方法不合法,因为将阻碍受精卵的植入。Inconstant Gardner变化无常的加德纳In March Mr Gardner announced he had changed his mind; he said he hadnt realised the “personhood” measure would restrict access to contraception, telling the Denver Post: “I dont get everything right the first time.” Mr Gardner then announced in June that he favoured allowing birth-control pills to be sold without a prescription. Republicans in several states have aired the same proposal. They say it would make it easier for women to obtain contraception, and would lower the overall cost, since it would not involve a trip to a doctor. Democrats retort that since many insurance policies do not cover over-the-counter drugs, the cost borne by the women themselves would rise.三月,加德纳宣布改变主意,他声称自己过去没有意识到“人格”法案会限制避,他在丹佛邮报上刊言“我不可能每尝试一件事就事事成功”。六月他又说道他持在没有处方的情况下购买避丸。诸多州府的共和党人公开宣传持此举。他们声称这样将极大地方便妇女避。由于这省去看医生的步骤,将会降低总成本。民主党人反驳称,由于许多保险政策不覆盖未经处方购买的药物,妇女自身承担的成本将会上涨。Mr Gardners political jujitsu seems to have made an impression on voters. He scares moderate voters far less than Ken Buck, the Republican Senate candidate in 2010, who called homosexuality “a choice” and asked voters to back him because he didnt wear “high heels”. Some voters, moreover, think Mr Udall focuses too single-mindedly on reproductive rights, and have cruelly dubbed him “Mark Uterus”.加德纳的政治太极似乎在选民心中留下了印象。比起温和派的选民,加德纳更担心2010年的共和党参议员候选人肯·巴克,因为这人认为同性恋是一种个人选择,并请求选民持他因为他平易近人不摆臭架子。此外,有些选民认为尤德尔太过注重生育权,近乎固执,于是不近人情地称他“子宫标记者”。Critics say Mr Udalls negative campaign reflects his lack of accomplishments. He comes from an old political family: his father ran for president in 1976, and his cousin is a US senator from New Mexico. But “the problem is that Udall just hasnt done a whole lot,” says Mr Ciruli, the pollster. This is not fair. He is the best golfer in Congress. He is also a reliable eco-warrior, voted against the Patriot Act because of his belief in privacy and battled with the NSA over its spying on Americans. On the campaign trail he stresses his love of civil liberties and independence from Mr Obama.批评者称尤德尔的负面竞选活动反映了他缺乏风度。他生于一个有着古老政治传统的家庭:他的父亲于1976年参与总统竞选,他的表亲是新墨西哥州的参议员。民意调查人Ciruli称“问题在于尤德尔并没有什么成就”。这话实则有失公允。尤德尔是国会议员中高尔夫打得最好的,同时他也是一个值得信赖的环境斗士。他反对爱国者法案的通过,因为他认为个人隐私不可侵犯,并且对美国国家安全局监视美国民众一事进行抗争。在其政治游说过程中,他反复强调公民自由和独立于奥巴马总统,少受其影响。Mr Udall is not the only Democrat in Colorado who is struggling to stay in office. Governor John Hickenlooper finds himself in an equally tight race against Bob Beauprez, a former dairy farmer and congressman. In recent years Mr Hickenlooper, a former mayor of Denver, has struggled with a lefty legislature, working behind the scenes to temper some measures, but failing to veto much. He has alienated his base, who see him as too moderate, and upset moderates, who see him as too liberal, says Eric Sondermann, a political analyst. “There is a cumulative sense in Colorado that the Democrats pushed their agenda too far in the legislature. Now they are paying the price.”尤德尔不是科罗拉多州唯一努力争取在任的民主党竞选人。州长约翰·希肯卢珀发现他自己页面临强劲的对手伯·柏雷普,一个国会议员,曾经是畜牧工人。近年来,作为丹佛前任州长,希肯卢珀与左派人士控制的立法机构抗争,他一直在幕后调和软化一些法案,但是却没能阻止多少。政治分析家艾瑞克·桑德曼称他已经脱离了其群众基础,因为人们认为他过于温和,太过悲观,太过自由。“科罗拉多州出现了一种累计的现象,民主党人在立法方面走得太远,超出其议程。现在他们要付出代价。”译者:占文英 译文属译生译世 /201410/336258

How do we break down stereotypes about each other?That question has driven a Michigan State University journalism class to create a series of guides to help disassemble the myths and stereotypes about different groups in our country.Bias Busters: Guides to Cultural Competence have been created by students. Theyre a series of questions and answers about African-Americans, East Asian cultures, Native Americans and more.Joe Grimm is the instructor of the Seminar in Journalism class and editor-in-residence in the School of Journalism at Michigan State.;The Bias Busters series is really intended for people who have a sincere interest in other people,; Grimm says. ;It might be somebody they work with, somebody who lives in their apartment building, somebody new to their family, and they have these questions, these very natural, human questions, but they are afraid to ask them because they dont want to sound dumb and they dont want to hurt someones feelings. So we step in and take care of that.;Grimm says one of the core principles the students adhere to when writing these guides is, ;respect for the people we write about and the people were writing for.;;Nobody who s the guide is going to get to a place where the guide says, Oh, well thats a dumb question, or, Thats a racist thing to ask about. We take people as being sincerely interested in the subject, even if maybe the way theyre phrasing the question isnt the best way.;201603/434507

On Tuesday, three crew members were missing and one was hurt after a head-on train collision in the Texas Panhandle. 周二,在德克萨斯州潘汉德尔,两列火车迎面相撞,造成3名员工失踪。The collision caused several box cars to go up in flames and authorities had to evacuate residents in the area. 碰撞造成几个车厢起火,当局不得不疏散该地区的居民。The two Railway freight trains were on the same track when they collided near the town of Panhandle. 在潘汉德尔镇附近相撞时,两列货运火车在同一轨道上。Each train carried two crew members.One man jumped before the collision. 每列火车搭载2名员工,一人在相撞前跳离了火车。That man was in stable condition at an Amarillo hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. 该人受了伤,无生命危险,在阿马里洛医院情况稳定.His identity was not made available. 他的身份没有被提供。Since the fire was still burning Tuesday night, crews were not been able to search the wreckage for the three missing crew members.因周二晚上大火仍在燃烧,救援人员不能在残骸中搜寻失踪的三名员工。译文属。201606/451916

What is metabolism really?新陈代谢是什么?Statements like “he can eat a lotbecause he has a fast metabolism” are somewhat misleading.“他很能吃是因为他新陈代谢很快”像这样的说法有点误导我们。Metabolism isnt about the digestion of food in your stomach;新陈代谢不是指食物的消化能力,its the name given to all of the chemical changes that occur in an organisms tissue cells.而是指一种在组织细胞内发生的化学变化。There are basically two kinds of chemical changes that can occur; tissue matter can be built,or it can be broken down.基本上可分为两类化学反应:合成或分解组织细胞。These processes are called anabolism and catabolism.这些过程叫作合成代谢和分解代谢。More specifically, anabolism is responsiblefor an organisms growth, its maintenance, and the repair of its tissues.具体地说,合成代谢负责有机组织的数量增长,维护和修复。So when you cut yourself and your skin scabs over and heals, youre seeing anabolism at work.所以,当皮肤割伤后会自动结疤愈合,这就是合成代谢在起作用。Or if you grow taller or wider, thats also evidence of anabolism.要建造和修复组织细胞,合成代谢需要能量和原料。In order to build tissue and repair it, however, anabolism requires energy, as well as material with which to build.或者长高长胖,那也是合成代谢。This energy and building material comes from the breaking down of larger, morecomplex material, a process called catabolism.而能量和原料就来自于分解更大,更复杂的细胞,这个过程就叫分解代谢。As well as producing energy and building material,catabolism also breaks down material for excretion from the body.与合成反应一样,分解代谢需要的能量和原料来自于身体的分泌物。Both anabolism and catabolism are necessary for survival and good health.合成和分解代谢在对于身体健康很重要。Understanding theseprocesses can help one make good decisions about exercise and diet.而了解这些过程可以帮助我们对运动和饮食做出更好的决定。For example, when anathlete trains, her muscle fibers break down.例如,运动员训练时他的肌纤维会受损。However, the daily recommended amount of proteinis all that is needed to meet the anabolic and catabolic needs of the body and thus repair musclesfibers.所以每日推荐的蛋白质就是身体合成和分解代谢所需的量,这样才能修复肌纤维。 201410/333874

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