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2019年10月18日 05:35:52 | 作者:管分享 | 来源:新华社
Chinas secret humpback stealth nuclear sub surfaces with missiles that could reach ANYWHERE in the US中国秘密的“驼背”隐形核潜艇浮出水面,所携带导弹可攻击全美New photos of Chinas latest secret stealth submarine have emerged - and it is believed could soon carry missiles powerful enough to reach America.中国最新的秘密隐形核潜艇的照片浮现,据称其携带的导弹可以抵达美囀?The Jin Type 094A has a large hump concealing 12 submarine-launched ballistic missiles known as big waves, with a range of over 11,000km.“晋”型094A有一个巨大的“驼背”,可携2枚潜射的“巨浪”弹道导弹,射程超过11000公里。It is believed the secret sub has been given a major overhaul since it was last spotted.据信,这种秘密潜艇自上次被发现以来已经进行了一次大修整。According to Popular Science, the sub, seen in the image at Hainan Island, in the underground submarine base at Yulin, is a new version of Chinas Type 084A sub, four of which have been seen before.大众科学报道,拍摄于海南岛,位于玉林的地下潜艇基地,是中84A型潜艇的新版,之前人们已经见过了四艘。The new variant has a curved tower and front, making it more aerodynamic underwater.新版本的塔楼和前部呈弯曲状,在水下更适合空气动力学原理。来 /201701/488301The ed Arab Emirates has confirmed the killing of five of its diplomats in Tuesday’s bomb attack in Afghanistans southern city of Kandahar.阿联酋实,名外交官星期二死于阿富汗南部城市坎大哈的一次炸弹袭击事件。The blast killed a total of at least 11 people and wounded 16 others, mostly top Afghan government officials. Provincial governor Homayun Azizi and UAE ambassador to Kabul, Juma Mohammed Abdullah al-Kaabi, were among those wounded.爆炸总共至少炸死11人,另有16人受伤,其中大部分是阿富汗政府高级官员。伤者包括省长阿齐兹和阿联酋驻喀布尔大使卡阿比。The UAE foreign ministry said Tuesday that its ambassador traveled to Kandahar on a humanitarian mission aimed at helping Afghan orphans and announcing scholarships.阿联酋外交部星期二表示,其大使前往坎大哈执行人道主义使命,旨在帮助阿富汗孤儿以及宣布奖学金计划。The Taliban insurgency has denied involvement, saying it did not plant the bomb and instead blamed an ;internal local rivalry; for the attack.塔利班反政府组织否认与这次事件有关,称并未安置炸弹,而是指责“内部地方敌对势力”对袭击负责。来 /201701/488319

Taiwan has accused China of abducting eight of its citizens from Kenya as cross-strait relations come under strain before the inauguration next month of a new Taiwanese president who is less friendly to Beijing. 台湾指控中国大陆从肯尼亚强行押走8名台湾公民。与北京方面不那么友好的台湾新总统将于下个月宣誓就职,眼下台海两岸关系正处于紧张状态Taiwan’s foreign ministry said the citizens were deported to China on a Chinese airliner on Friday after being acquitted of phone fraud in Nairobi earlier this month. 台湾外交部表示,这几名台湾公民上周五被一架大陆班机遣送至大陆。本月早些时候,这几人在内罗毕被宣判电信诈骗罪名不成立The foreign ministry accused Beijing of an “uncivilised act of extrajudicial abductionand called for the release of its citizens. It said on Tuesday that the Kenyan police were trying to deport to China 37 more Taiwanese citizens connected to the case. 台湾外交部指控北京方面的行为是“非法掳人的不文明行径”,并要求大陆释放其公民。周二,该机构表示肯尼亚警方正试图将与该案有关的另外37名台湾公民遣送至中国大陆Since their split at the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, Beijing has claimed that self-governing Taiwan is one of its provinces. 1949年中国内战结束时两岸分裂,自那以来北京方面一直声称台湾是中国的一个省Only 22 nations maintain diplomatic relations with Taipei, while the vast majority of countries including Kenya respect Beijing’s “One Chinapolicy by refusing to acknowledge Taiwan as a separate entity. 只有22个国家维持与台湾的外交关系,包括肯尼亚在内的绝大多数国家则遵重北京方面的“一个中国”政策,拒绝承认台湾是一个独立的实体Taiwanese-Chinese phone fraud gangs targeting victims at home have established themselves in a range of overseas territories with weak law enforcement from Southeast Asia to Africa. 以同胞为目标的中国大陆和台湾电信诈骗团伙,已经在从东南亚到非洲的多个执法力度较弱的海外地区建立据点In a similar case in 2011, the Philippines deported 14 Taiwanese who were suspected of involvement in phone fraud to China. They were returned to Taiwan after several months of negotiations between Beijing and Taipei, which signed an agreement on joint crime-fighting and cross-strait judicial assistance in . 011年的一宗类似案件中,菲律宾曾将14名涉嫌卷入电信诈骗的台湾人遣送至中国大陆。经过北京和台北几个月的磋商,这些人被送返台湾。台海两岸曾009年签署一份共同打击犯罪和两岸司法互助的协议(文首图为台湾立委陈亭妃展示一份两岸司法协议)Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, which manages relations with Beijing, said the Kenyan deportations “ignore the rapport built between both sides since 2011 when dealing with similar cases 负责与北京方面关系的台湾陆委Mainland Affairs Council)表示,肯尼亚遣送事件“罔顾双方自100年(即公011年,译者注)起处理类似案例所建立之默契”Given that the eight deportees were found not guilty by the Kenyan court, it said their transfer to China “violates the basic rights of our peopleand that “the mainland side should take full responsibility of the serious impact on the cross-strait relationship 陆委会表示,考虑名被驱逐者已获肯尼亚法庭宣告无罪,他们被遣送大陆“严重侵害我民众基本权益”,“对于两岸关系的严重影响,陆方应负完全责任”The dispute over the deportees from Kenya comes at a sensitive time for cross-strait ties, with Tsai Ing-wen to be sworn in as president next month after winning a landslide election victory in January as she rode a wave of anti-China feeling. 围绕肯尼亚遣返者的争端,发生在两岸关系的敏感时期。下个月,蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)将宣誓就任台湾总统。今月,得益于一波反大陆情绪,蔡英文在选举中取得了压倒性胜利Beijing has long been hostile to her Democratic Progressive party, which wants the island to cut its economic reliance on China and has historically called for Taiwan to become fully independent. 长期以来,北京方面对蔡英文所在的民进Democratic Progressive Party)一直怀有敌意。民进党主张台湾切断与大陆的经济联系,并曾呼吁台湾完全独立Ms Tsai has pledged to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan strait but will not find it easy to reassure Beijing about her intentions without upsetting hardliners in her own party. 蔡英文曾承诺维持台海两岸的和平与稳定。不过她会发现,在不得罪民进党内强硬派的同时让北京方面对她的意图放心,并不是件容易的事。来 /201604/437348

In order to remind the public of its duty to protect the health of future generations, Secretary of State John Kerry brought his young granddaughter with him to the ed Nations as he signed an international commitment to curb the pace of global warming.为了使公众意识到保护后代健康的责任,美国国务卿克里携外孙女在联合国签订了遏制全球变暖步伐的国际协定。Over 150 nations signed the agreement on April 22nd, a truly historic feat based on a previous accord set in Paris that aims to limit the Earths temperature to 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.此前,世界各国在巴黎达成共识,一致同意将全球升温幅度限制.5度的范围之内。超50个国家在42日签署协定,这无疑是一个真正的历史性壮举。Kerry hoisted his granddaughter onto his lap in front of a large assembly gathered for the signing ceremony, kissing her on the cheek after adding his signature on behalf of the ed States. Isabelle, 2, is the only child of Kerrys eldest daughter, Alexandra Kerry, and her husband, Julian Dobbs-Higginson.在一个大型签署仪式的集会上,克里代表美国签名后,亲吻了放在膝上的外孙女。伊莎贝尔,这个两岁的小女孩,是克里的大女儿亚历山德拉和丈夫朱利安唯一的孩子。The agreement, signed on Earth Day, marks the first time the worlds most prolific polluters, including the U.S., Europe, China and India, have all agreed to set specific, verifiable goals to reduce carbon emissions and dependency on fossil fuels. The deal also calls on countries such as Brazil to enforce strict policies on deforestation.这个在“地球日”签订的协议,标志着世界污染物最多的国家们第一次在这方面达成了一致。包括美国,欧洲,中国和印度几个国家和地区,为减少对碳排放和化石燃料的依赖,设立了确实可行的目标。这个协定同时也呼吁像巴西这样的国家用政策严厉打击毁林行为。The deal still has to be ratified by each signatory nation. In the ed States, President Obama is expected to ratify the agreement through executive action. The deadline for ratification is April 21, 2017, one year from now.这个协议仍然有待于被每一个签约国正式批准。美国总统奥巴马也期待着能通过行政权力正式批准这个协定。正式批准的期限是一年后0171日。来 /201605/440774

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