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The fallout from a costly copper deal in Africa last year by Canada#39;s Barrick Gold Corp. is giving China a chance to strengthen its gold mining footprint in the continent. 加拿大巴里克黄金公司(Barrick Gold Corp)去年在非洲的一宗巨额铜矿交易令其背上了沉重的负担,但这却将给中国提供了一个加强在非洲大陆黄金开采业务的机会。 Barrick said Thursday it is in talks to sell all or part of its Tanzania-focused gold operation, African Barrick Gold PLC for as much as .9 billion to China National Gold Group Corp., a state-owned miner and refiner. 加拿大巴里克周四说,该公司正在与国有采矿及精炼企业中国黄金集团公司(China National Gold Group Corp.)进行谈判,向后者出售其主要位于坦桑尼亚的非洲巴里克黄金公司的全部或部分业务,合同金额最高可达39亿美元。 The deal is meant to raise cash, after Barrick found itself saddled with an Africa copper operation that it bought in 2011, a deal that looks pricey in retrospect, with Barrick#39;s investors clamoring for better returns and a more disciplined financial approach. New chief executive Jamie Sokalsky, appointed in June after the resignation of Aaron Regent, is demonstrating his resolve and the rigor of a former chief financial officer by putting up one of the company#39;s most valuable assets for sale. 这一交易意在筹集现金,因为此前巴里克发现2011年收购的一项非洲铜矿业务给自己带来了沉重负担,巴里克的投资者纷纷要求获得更高的回报,同时要求公司在财务出上更加规范。现在看来,当时的那宗铜矿交易代价太高了。该公司新任首席执行长索卡尔斯基(Jamie Sokalsky)将展示自己的决心和作为前首席财务长的严厉作风,将该公司最有价值的资产之一挂牌出售。今年6月,在前首席执行长瑞金特(Aaron Regent)辞职后,索卡尔斯基接替了他的职务。 Mr. Regent#39;s sudden departure in June was seen as a response to the copper deal turning sour, as investors bemoaned that the move away from being a pure play on gold was weakening Barrick#39;s valuation. Copper prices have plunged 20% since that deal was struck. 瑞金特今年6月突然离职,外界认为他是因铜矿交易表现不及预期而引咎辞职。投资者不满地说,脱离纯粹的金矿业务正在削弱巴里克的估值。自上述铜矿交易达成以来,铜价已经累计跌了20%。 Barrick, the world#39;s largest gold producer, got into trouble in Africa when it went head to head against the Chinese in a bidding war over Equinox Minerals Ltd., in April 2011, a Canadian miner with big copper mines in Africa. State-backed Minmetals Resources Ltd. stepped away from that deal, despite its deep government pockets, leaving Barrick to fork out 7.3 billion Canadian dollars for the Zambia-focused copper producer. Barrick#39;s bid was 16% richer than Minmetals#39;s offer. 巴里克是全球最大的黄金生产商。2011年4月,该公司在竞购在非洲拥有大型铜矿的加拿大铜矿企业伊奎诺克斯矿业公司(Equinox Minerals Ltd.)的大战中与一家中国企业短兵相接,那之后就在非洲陷入了困境。有政府背景的五矿资源有限公司(Minmetals Resources Ltd.)尽管有着雄厚政府资金的持,却退出了竞购。巴里克于是斥资73亿加元收购了这家业务主要集中在赞比亚的铜矿企业。巴里克的出价比五矿资源高出了16%。 Minmetals#39;s Chief Executive Andrew Michelmore told The Wall Street Journal later in an interview: #39;We were very disappointed we lost Equinox, but we#39;d be shooting ourselves in the foot now if we had paid that much.#39; 五矿资源首席执行长米安卓(Andrew Michelmore)后来在接受《华尔街日报》采访时说,我们当时对没能竞购成功很失望,但如果当时真出了那么多钱买下伊奎诺克斯,那现在我们的结果就是搬起石头砸自己的脚。 The interest in Barrick#39;s Africa gold operations come after a flurry of gold deals in Australia, as cash-rich miners seek consolidation in the sector. Anglo American PLC is about to announce a tie-up with Australian gold explorer Beadell Resources, Deal Journal Australia reported this month. 随着资金雄厚的矿业公司寻求在采矿行业进行整合,各大企业在澳大利亚达成了一系列金矿交易后,对巴里克在非洲的金矿业务又产生了兴趣。Deal Journal Australia 栏目本月报道说,英美资源集团(Anglo American PLC)将宣布与澳大利亚黄金勘探企业Beadell Resources进行合作。 Another Chinese miner, Zijin Mining Group Co., closed a deal to buy a majority stake Australia#39;s Norton Gold Fields this month, after making an offer of A0.3 million (0 million) in May. 另外一家中国矿业公司紫金矿业集团股份有限公司(Zijin Mining Group Co.)本月与澳大利亚诺顿金田有限公司(Norton Gold Fields)就收购后者的多数股权达成了一项交易。此前这家中国公司在今年5月发出了1.803亿澳元(合1.90亿美元)的收购要约。 /201208/195706。

When Yi Ran learned she was pregnant three years ago she was overwhelmed with fear. The 30-year-old store assistant was not married, her boyfriend was just an occasional relation and she felt at her age this could be the last chance to have a child.三年前,当易冉(音)得知她怀了,她陷入了恐惧之中。那时已三十岁的她,是一名店铺助理,尚未结婚,她与他的男朋友只是偶然认识并发生了关系。她感觉到以她当时的年龄,那可能是自己最后一次生育机会。But as she mustered courage and decided to carry on with her pregnancy, the woman fell into an invisible growing world of unwed mothers struggling to survive in tradition-dominated China. Every year the number of women giving birth out of wedlock grows by 10-13 percent, and their age becomes increasingly young, according to surveys carried by local press.然而当她鼓起勇气决定继续妊娠将留住孩子的时候,她陷入了一个不断变大着的无形世界——在那个世界里,未婚妈妈们在传统统治下的中国竭力生存。根据一个地方媒体的调查,每年未婚生育女性的数量以10%-13%的比例在增长,并且她们的年龄越来越年轻。Like many others, Yi Ran did not tell anybody in her entourage about the pregnancy. She chose instead to quit her job, open an online store and work from home, where she can look after her son at the same time.像很多其他人那样,易冉没有告诉她周围的人她怀的事情。她选择了辞去工作,开了一个网店,在家里工作,这样她能在工作的同时照顾儿子。She said that her heart is heavy with anxiety as she strives to make ends meet while a fine imposed on illegal births still looms large over her days.她说,当她竭力维持生活的时候,一项针对违法生育的罚款与她如影随形,这使得她她心里充满了焦虑。“I fear I will not be able to pay” she said.“我很怕我无法付罚款”,她说道。Yi Ran’s son also does not exist on China’s population records, because he has no household registration –hukou in Chinese - available only to children born within the frame of legal marriage.易冉的儿子同样没有被列入中国的人口记录中,因为他没有户口——户口只给那些在合法婚姻状况下生育的儿童。The plight of single mothers单身妈妈们的困境The question of young women giving birth out of wedlock rose to attention a month ago when firemen rescued an abandoned baby from a sewage pipe. The case made headlines in China and shocked the whole nation.一个月之前,消防员从下水道救出一名弃婴的事件使得年轻女性未婚生育的问题引起关注。该案例成为中国头条新闻,震惊全国。A 22-year-old waitress in southeast China gave birth in a public toilet, then flushed the newborn’s body away in an attempt to avoid condemnation and punishment for bearing a child without being married. Only after the baby was rescued days later did she come out to explain that fear and dismay at her future as a single mother led to her actions. Police, however, returned the child to his mother.中国西南地区一个22岁的女务员在一个公厕生下一个婴儿,然后为了逃避由于未婚生育引起的谴责和惩罚,将婴儿从下水道冲走。在孩子得救几天以后,她才现身解释源自对自己作为单身妈妈未来的恐惧和惊慌导致她做出这样的行为。然而,警方将他的孩子交给她的母亲扶养。Rising incomes, liberal sexual behavior and growing mobility are all impacting women’s choices on family and relations.不断提高的收入,自由性行为和人口流动性的加剧这些因素都影响着妇女对家庭和两性关系的选择。A survey conducted by the Guangdong Province Research Center on Family Planning revealed that 50 to 80 percent of female migrant workers in the province have premarital sex; among them 50 to 60 percent have had in accidental pregnancy.一份来自广东省计生调查中心的调查显示:在广东省,50%-80%的女性农民工都有过婚前性行为,她们当中50%-60%的人都曾有过意外怀。When they decide to keep their baby, single women are aware they are breaking the law. Chinese family planning agencies punish any contravention of the one-child policy, including birth out of wedlock.当她们决定留住孩子的时候,这些单身女性注意到她们是在违法。中国计划生育机构对违反一个孩子政策,包括非婚生育的行为是要进行处罚的。Wei Wei, a social worker with Little Bird –an NGO that provides help for migrant workers –says Chinese society does not support aid to unwed mothers, as other causes come first in the helping line.魏伟(音),一个帮助农民工的非政府组织“小鸟”(Little Bird)的一名社会工作者,说当其它原因率先出现在帮助线的时候,中国社会不持向未婚妈妈提供帮助。“Their status is illegal, they do not have any legal protection. And this is a thorny social group, there’s no organization that looks after them, ” says Mr. Wei.“她们的情况是非法的,她们没有受到任何法律保护。这是一个令人头疼的社会群体,没有任何组织帮助她们,”魏先生说道。Invisible children黑户孩子Wei Wei said the phenomenon is widesp, especially in manufacturing clusters like Guangzhou and Shenzhen where migrant workers flock together.魏伟说这种现象一直在蔓延,尤其在像广州、深圳那些农民工集中聚集的制造业集中的地方。“The biggest problem they face once their partner abandons them is the issue of hukou, they are not able to get a household registration for the child” he said. “They also find themselves in very hard economic condition, because the original family excludes them, they do not have any income and it’s hard for them to find a job.”“当被伴侣抛弃,她们面临的最大的问题是户口,她们无法为孩子上户口”,他说,“她们同样会发现自己的经济状况非常糟糕,因为娘家排斥她们,她们没有任何收入,并且很难找到工作。”Yi Ran’s son is now three years old.易冉的儿子现在已经三岁了。Without the household registration he will not be allowed into kindergarten and each time he falls ill, medical fees are higher than average. But as she does not posses any marriage certificate, the young woman is not able to apply for registration.没有户口,他没法上幼儿园;每次生病的时候,他的医疗费用都比一般人要高。但是由于她没有结婚,导致她无法为儿子申请户籍。“Getting a household registration for my son is my biggest concern, that’s where I would really need help” she said.“为我儿子上户口现在是我最关心的问题,这也是我真正需要帮助的地方”,她说道。Little Bird’s Wei Wei said the law does not consider this situation.在“小鸟”工作的魏伟说法律不考虑这种(上户口的)情况。 /201307/247065。

Many parents see business ownership as a better bet for their kids' future than a graduate degree.在很多父母眼里,对于孩子的未来而言,拥有一家企业是比一纸毕业文凭更好的选择。And in this era of renewed interest in entrepreneurship, some parents described it as the opportunity to control their destiny and have a chance at gaining wealth.在现今这个对创业重燃兴趣的时代,一些家长称创业是一个把握自己命运、致富的机会。Parents often say they would do anything for their child. Setting a child up in business is surely one big test of that bond.他们愿意为自己的孩子做任何事。让孩子经商无疑是对这种承诺的一大考验。 A lot is at stake: Small-business failures are common, and parents risk losing their entire investment, their life savings, or more. They also risk straining their relationships with young-adult children intent at this stage on independence.风险有很多:小生意失败很常见,父母们可能会失去全部的投资、一辈子的积蓄,甚至更多。他们还可能会与现阶段打算独立的刚成年的孩子变得关系紧张。 /201008/110787。