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The inescapable conclusion was that the pestilence was laid on mankind as a chastisement for its manifold sins.最后无法避免的结论就是 这场瘟疫是对人类 无尽罪孽的惩罚Lewd necklines, lascivious dancing and shameless adultery had brought on the plague.是下流的领口 淫荡的舞蹈 无耻的通奸 引来了这场瘟疫It would end when the world was contrite,but it never seemed contrite enough.如果世人能诚心忏悔 瘟疫自会结束 但忏悔似乎永远不够In the meantime, the country was laid waste.Farms were abandoned, whole villages deserted.在此期间 整个国家满目创痍 良田荒芜 村庄尽弃The accounts for the Bishop of Winchesters lands at Farnham in Surrey给萨里郡法纳姆的温彻斯特地区 主教的卷宗tell the story of a rural society in shock.诉说了一场骇人的乡村疫情In the first year of the Black Death, 52 households a third of the villagers - were wiped out, 在黑死病的第一年 有52户人家 即三分之一的村民遇难given the mark ;Defectus per pestilentum;.故卷宗上标注了;重灾区;的标识The Farnham rolls put names to the numbers,names like Matilda Stikker.在法纳姆卷上 数字后面还附了名字 比如马蒂尔达·斯蒂克She died, together with her entire family.她死了 全家无一幸免Or a servant girl, Matilda Talvin,who saw her master and his entire household succumb to the plague.或者一个女仆 马蒂尔达·塔尔文 亲眼看着她的主人 及其整个家庭向瘟疫俯首称臣By the time it ebbed away in 1350,1,300 had died in Farnham.待到1350年瘟疫消退时 法纳姆死了1300人 /201611/478568TED演讲视频:怎样说话人们才会听人类的声音,是我们所有人都弹奏的乐器,也可能是这个世界上最有力的声音。它绝无仅有,或能引起战争,或能说“我爱你”。然而,很多人都有过这样的经历:当他们说话的时候,人们并不在听……这是为什么呢?我们应当用什么方式来说话才能改变这种情况呢?201703/497655

He had found a single jawbone and it was from a mid-Jurassic mammal.他找到了一块颚骨,它属于一种中侏罗世哺乳动物Its just what you dream for. We were very happy in the field,这是我梦想的时刻。在场的人都非常高兴but of course once we got back to lab我们后来把它带回到实验室and we, after a month of very careful and painful preparation of the specimen经过整整一个月小心翼翼的标本准备工作we realised how unique this was, that was something beyond our dreams. It was so good.我们意识到它非常特别,有些东西出乎我们的预料。这实在太棒了What he could do now was compare his mid-Jurassic mammal with ones from the Northern Hemisphere.现在他要做的就是把这只中侏罗世哺乳动物和北半球的那些进行比较If he could find any significant differences between the fossils, it could be a sign of vicariance.如果他能找到这些化石间的重要区别,那么地理分隔就有了据When he compared them, it was clear that他比较后发现,the South American mammal was a very similar type of creature to those in the north,南美洲的哺乳动物显然和北方的那些动物非常相似but when Dr Rougier looked at the jawbones more closely, he spotted something.可是当Rougier士更仔细地研究颚骨时,他有了一些发现。This is the southern jaw and we can see that there is a groove right here on the back of the jaw.这是南美洲的颚骨,我们可以看到在颚骨后面的这个部位有一个凹槽The South American fossil had a tiny groove.南美洲的化石有一个小凹槽It wasnt much, but to Dr Rougier it was vital它很不起眼,但是Rougier士认为这就是关键,because fossils from the Northern Hemisphere dont have that groove.因为北半球的那些化石都没有这个凹槽201706/513885

In this experiment, were going to test just how absorbed these kids are with their devices.在这个实验中,我们将会测试这些孩子有多沉迷于他们的3C产品Im talking about that kid, those kids there, that kid, and definitely him.我指的是那个孩子,那些孩子,还有那个孩子,绝对还有这个男孩。And, well, not her. Shes his mom.呃… 没有她,她是他妈妈。So were going to swap things about a bit. Flowers first!我们要把东西对调一下。先换花!Thats a safe starting point.感觉是个安全的开始A family photo here is exchanged for a rubbish painting right behind him. He still hasnt noticed.他正后方的全家福被换成一幅烂画。他仍然没注意到Over to the other house now. Whos coming in here wear as a Viking?现在去看看另一家怎么了。谁穿维京人的装进来了?And he puts a picture of a zebra on the wall.他挂了一幅斑马的画在墙上。Now this is a classic ;mom swap;, look at this, look at this! Lovely.这是经典的;换妈妈;招式,你看!你看!太美妙了。Heres another one! Smashing!又来一次!太赞了!How long has she been crouched under there I wonder?不知道她蹲在那多久了?What do you think is gonna happen next?你觉得接下来会发生什么事呢?Ohhh the sisters off. Man comes in with a rubber tree.喔~走了。男人带着橡胶树进门。He doesnt notice any of these things.他没有注意到任何事情。A new sisters arrived behind the football helmet. This sister has legged it.新的坐到橄榄球帽后面。这个跑了。And here comes a little fella with a tiny tree. Nice.进来一个带着树的小家伙。很好。The brother leaves, and in comes a massive new brother!哥哥走了,换成一个超大只的新哥哥!We need something more radical to get this dinner back on track.我们需要更激进的手段来让大家能够好好吃顿晚餐。Lets disconnect the Wi-Fi with the Dolmio Pepper Hacker. Boom.我们来用Dolmio胡椒黑客研磨机切断Wi-Fi。砰!Hang on. Whos that? Whos that fella? Who are you!等等,他是谁?他是谁?你又是谁?Who are these people in my house?这些在我家的人到底是谁?Ill be back. Yep. Hes seen enough. And hes off. I dont blame you, fella.我一会儿回来。嗯,他看够了,他走了。我不怪你,小伙子Hes off as well. Sensible. There you go.他也走了,很明智。好啦Everyones having a good old chuckle about it.大家都笑笑就过了。And now with the help of Dolmio, the family can get around the table and enjoy dinner together.现在有了Dolmio的帮助,他们终于可以好好吃一顿家庭晚餐了。And heres something these kids will never forget. Family time is important.想必这些孩子永远不会忘记。家庭时光是非常重要的。Lets dont ruin it with tech!不要让科技产品毁掉这一切!The Dolmio Pepper Hacker. Turns tech off and family dinnertime on.Dolmio胡椒黑客研磨机。关掉电子装置,开启家庭晚餐时光。201704/504520

This would be a good place here to set,Set a trap you know.在这里设 设陷阱很好的Theres a natural funnel between the rock and between the tree.这里是天然漏斗 一边有石头一边有树This would make a good killing zone.Im gonna set a simple deadfall trap.这构成了一个很好的猎杀区域 我要设置一个简单的树林陷阱Im gonna actually use this log here.Thats a good,heavy bit of wood.我其实就是要用这里的这根原木 这是一根优质的 有点重的木头Itll act as a deadfall.If this lands on top of you,youre gonna know about it.它会很适合做陷阱 如果这东西掉在你脑袋上 有你好受的This is gonna be the trigger for it.这个做成扳机It can balance over that and then this just slips underneath and locks that trigger in place.它能够撑住木头 然后把这枝条塞在下边 把扳机锁定住And if anything stands on this to try and get the bait,its gonna get crushed by this.那么如果有东西停在这上边 想来吃饵 就会这样被砸到Im using some guts from my bats as bait.我要用些蝙蝠内脏做诱饵It always a good idea to set a few traps to increase your chances.设置一些陷阱总是 增加捕获机会的好方法The typhoon has brought yet more heavy rain which has turned day into night and soaked everything around me.台风让雨下得更大了 白天阴暗得如同黑夜 我周围的一切都浸泡在水中Try and get some fire going.Fire in the jungle is always...such a nightmare.Come on!努力升起营火 树林中的营火 总是像...该死 拜托Everything just gets so wet,sodden through.But I split these little bits of bamboo.什么都是湿的 湿透了 但我劈开了这些根竹子201607/456391

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