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金华永康做隆鼻多少钱浦江县做双眼皮埋线多少钱Home prices in Hong Kong have reached their highest point ever, according to an index compiled by one of the city#39;s largest property agencies.香港最大房地产中介公司之一编制的一项指标显示,该城市房价已经触及了历史最高点。#39;We have three [indexes]: one is the whole market, one measures small units and one measures high-end units,#39; said Sandia Lau, a director at Centaline Property. #39;All of them are at a record high.#39;中原地产(Centaline Property)董事刘瑛琳(Sandia Lau)称,他们有三个指标:一个是整体市场,一个是衡量小户型住宅的,一个是衡量高端住宅的;这三个指标全都触及了纪录高点。The Centa-City index is compiled every week by tracking recent transaction prices of 118 of the most-traded units in Hong Kong, the second-most expensive real estate market in the world. A property in the city#39;s exclusive Peak neighborhood was just listed for HK9.1 million, the world#39;s most expensive home per square foot.中原城市(Centa-City)指数每周编制一次,追踪的是香港118个交易最活跃的楼盘的近期成交价格。香港房地产是全球第二昂贵的市场,位于该城市独有的太平山顶社区的一栋房子最新报价为8.191亿港元,单价为全球最贵。Analysts attribute Hong Kong#39;s steadily rising prices to a series of economic and regulatory factors. A combination of low interest rates, currency stability and stringent government regulations on development have fed years of demand while buildable land, always scarce in Hong Kong, continues to shrink.分析师们把香港房价稳步上涨归因为一系列经济和监管因素。利率较低、币值稳定、政府对开发的监管严格,这些因素加在一起,助长了数年来的需求,同时在香港总是稀缺的可建设土地继续萎缩。#39;There#39;s still a low interest rate, which makes demand a bit urgent now, #39; Ms. Lau said. #39;People feel the economy is quite stable, and because [the Hong Kong dollar] is [pegged] to the U.S. dollar, it attracts foreign money--people are trying to buy assets to protect their money from depreciation.#39;刘瑛琳称,目前香港利率依然很低,这使得现在的需求有点急迫,人们感觉经济很稳定,而且因为港元钉住了美元,其吸引来了外资――人们试图购买资产来保值。She also pointed out that various regulations hinder injections of new housing supply into the market. #39;You can only build so many units, they have to be a certain size... When the Hong Kong government puts land on auction, they put limitations on it,#39; she added.刘瑛琳还指出,香港许多规定阻碍了新住房供应进入市场。她补充称,当香港政府拍卖土地时有一些限制性要求,会对住宅单元建造数量和面积作出规定。Prices hit new highs despite extensive government measures to cool the red-hot market. In 2012, three new property taxes were rolled out in quick succession, including a 15 percent tax on foreign buyers meant to deter speculators from mainland China. But in the two years since the measures were enacted, the index has only continued to climb, rising from 94.02 in February 2012--when the last of the taxes were implemented--to 134.14 today. (The index is anchored to prices in July 1997, which are represented by a value of 100.)尽管香港政府已采取各种举措为火热的房地产市场降温,但当地房价仍创出新高。2012年时,香港接连新推出了三项房地产相关税收,其中包括对境外购房者征收15%的印花税,旨在阻止来自中国大陆的投机者。但这些举措实施两年以来,中原城市指数仍一路攀升,由2012年2月(最后一批税收举措实施)的94.02升至周一的134.14。(该指数基期数值为1997年7月的100)。Wong Leung-Sing, associate director of research at Centaline, says the record-breaking market has mixed significance for the city. #39;Over the last 20 years, the Hong Kong property market has been up very sharply and down very sharply,#39; he said, referring to how prices plummeted in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis, a fact later compounded by the SARS epidemic. #39;It#39;s not very healthy.#39;中原地产研究主管黄良升表示,房价创出新高对香港的影响有好有坏。他称,过去20年中,香港地产市场曾大起大落,例如亚洲金融危机过后(加上之后非典疫情爆发),房价曾暴跌。他说,这种走势不是很健康。He also expects more records to be broken, predicting that prices will rise another five percent by the end of the quarter.黄良升预计,香港房价还会再创新高,第三季度结束前将再上涨五个百分点。 /201408/320514金华市丽都医学美容医院是什么等级 By 9 am on Monday, at least 114 have been killed and 70 remain missing after the blasts rocked a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals in Tianjin Binhai New Area on Wednesday, according statistics released at a press conference on Monday morning.根据今早新闻发布会收集到的数据显示,截止到周一上午9点,上周三天津滨海新区有毒化学仓库发生的爆炸已经导致至少114人死亡,70人失联。All sodium cyanide within the 3-kilometer radius of the core blast zone will be collected and neutralized before Monday evening, said He Shushan, Tianjin deputy mayor who is in charge of work safety, at the press conference.负责管理安全的天津市副市长何树山表示,距离爆炸中心三公里以内的所有有毒物质必须在今天晚上之前收集并处理完毕。Containers storing several hundred tons of sodium cyanide have been located by authorities at two places, said Shi Luze, chief of staff of Beijing Military Region, on Sunday. Some of the exposed sodium cyanide from exploded containers is being controlled with hydrogen peroxide and other solutions and the intact containers will soon be collected and transported to safe places.上周日,北京军区参谋长史鲁泽表示,装有氰化钠的容器已被安置到特定的两个地点。一些爆炸容器泄漏的氰化钠已被过氧化氢控制或者其他方法处理掉。一些完好无损的氰化钠容器将会被收集和运送到其他地区。One of the 17 air quality monitoring stations detected hydrogen cyanide exceeding normal level by 0.08 percent on Sunday, said Bao Jingling, chief engineer of the Tianjin Environment Protection Bureau, at Monday’s press conference.今早的新闻发布会上,天津环境环境保护局总工程师鲍静玲说到,周日17个空气质量检测站其中一个检测出氰化氢超过正常值0.08%。An extra 27 sites to monitor water quality have also been set up to detect cyanide, said Bao.另外27个地点正准备检测水质量是否受到氰化物的污染,鲍表示。A total of 17 wastewater discharge monitoring stations have detected cyanide, with three in precautionary area exceeding the standard. One monitoring stations recorded cyanide exceeding the level by 27.4 times, while other two saw it exceed by 4.37 times and 0.96 times respectively, said Bao.共有17个污水排放监测站检测到氰化物,其中有三个预防领域超过标准。一个监测站记录氰化物超过正常水平27.4倍,而其他2个看到它分别超过了4.37倍和0.96倍。After arriving at the scene of the explosions near Tianjin Port to direct rescue work, Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday that a central government investigation group had been set up.The government will investigate the incident thoroughly and punish those accountable and those who failed to perform their duties and are suspected of dereliction of duty must be investigated, said Li.上周日,李克强总理到达爆炸现场指导救援工作,表示党中央的调查小组已经组成。李克强强调,这次事故伤亡重大,教训极其惨痛,国务院立即成立事故调查组,要彻查事故原因,依法严格追责、严厉问责、严肃查处,对涉及玩忽职守、失职渎职、违法违规的,要一究到底,坚决处理,决不姑息。;Only in this way can we act worthily for the residents and firefighters who died in the incident,; he said.“只有这样,我们才能给在这次事故中伤亡的市民和消防官兵们一个交代。”李克强总理表示。 /201508/393544磐安县人民医院韩式三点多少钱

金华丽都整形医院激光去斑多少钱China has sent thousands of doses of an experimental anti-Ebola drug developed by the Chinese military to Africa. The company manufacturing the drug said it plans to start human clinical trials there soon.中国已将中国军方研发的一种实验性抗埃拉(Ebola)药物送往非洲,数量达到数千剂。制造该药的公司表示,计划在那里很快开始人体临床试验。Sihuan Pharmaceutical, the private Chinese company that last week purchased the rights to commercialise jk-05 from a branch of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said it began manufacturing the drug after it was approved in August as a “special drug for military needs”.四环医药(Sihuan Pharmaceutical)上周向中国军事医学科学院(简称“军科院”)买下jk-05的商业化权利。该公司表示,它在该药8月“获得军队特需药物批件”后就投入了制造。The Chinese military has aly sent enough of the drug to treat 10,000 people to west Africa, according to Dr Huo Caixia, associate president of research and development for Sihuan and head of its Beijing Aohe Drug Research Institute. Sihuan, whose founders are former military doctors, is part-owned by Morgan Stanley private equity funds.四环医药研发部总经理助理、该公司旗下北京澳合药物研究院院长霍霞介绍说,中国军方已向西非发运了足以治疗1万人的药物。四环医药的创始人是前军医。根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)旗下的私募股权基金持有该公司部分股权。The aim is to have the drug on hand in case any of the Chinese medical personnel sent to help out with the Ebola epidemic fall ill and for use in clinical trials which are now being designed, she said. It had not yet been used to treat any African patients, she said, but added that could not be ruled out.她说,目标是准备好药物储备,以备被派去帮助抗击埃拉疫情的中国医务人员受到感染,并用于目前正在策划的临床试验。她表示,迄今该药尚未被用于治疗非洲的任何病人,但随后又说,无法查这一点。Eager to cement its relationship with African countries that may be affected by the virus, China is stepping up its contributions to the fight against Ebola.中国正加大其对抗击埃拉疫情所作的贡献,急于巩固中国与可能受疫情影响的非洲国家之间的关系。Beijing has sent 200 medical workers to the affected countries and pledged more than m in medical aid to Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and the World Health Organisation. China told a World Bank crisis meeting in Washington last week its Ebola effort was aly worth 0m altogether and would grow further.北京方面已向受影响的国家派出200名医务工作者,并承诺向塞拉利昂、利比里亚、几内亚和世界卫生组织(WHO)提供3500多万美元医疗援助。中国在上周于华盛顿举行的世界(World Bank)危机会议上表示,中国为抗击埃拉作出的贡献总计已达到2亿美元,并且在进一步增长。China’s Academy of Military Medical Science, which according to its website was set up in 1951 by Mao Zedong to help China counter germ warfare waged by the US in North Korea, declined to comment on jk-05.军科院官网称,该院是毛泽东在1951年指示成立的,目的是帮助中国对抗美国在朝鲜发动的细菌战。该院拒绝对jk-05置评。The large amount of the drug aly present in Africa puts it on a scale with GlaxoSmithKline’s plans, announced in August, to manufacture 10,000 doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine being developed with the US National Institutes of Health. Human trials are under way in the US, UK and Mali to prove its safety.已经送到非洲的药物数量在规模上与葛兰素史克(GSK)的计划相仿。GSK在8月宣布,将制造1万剂与美国国立卫生研究院(National Institutes of Health)合作开发的埃拉实验性疫苗。人体试验已在美国、英国和马里展开,以明其安全性。The Chinese drug is being developed to treat Ebola and is not a vaccine. But it also has preventive uses, according to Dr Huo. She said it had passed cell and animal tests, but not human testing. Clinical trials would initially be done in Africa, she said, since no Chinese patients have yet contracted the disease.上述中国研发的药物将被用于治疗埃拉,而不作为疫苗。但霍霞说,它也有预防的用途。她表示,该药已通过细胞和动物实验,但尚未在人体上试验。她说,临床试验将首先在非洲进行,因为还没有中国患者受到感染。Sihuan has released little technical information about jk-05, beyond saying that it “can selectively inhibit virus replication by inhibiting the RNA polymerase of the Ebola virus”. That means it blocks a key enzyme that the virus needs to replicate its genes.四环医药几乎没有发布jk-05的技术信息,只是说,这种药物是“新型的核糖核酸(RNA)聚合酶选择性抑制剂,能够抑制埃拉病毒的RNA聚合酶,从而达到抑制病毒复制的目的”。也就是说,该药物能够抑制埃拉病毒复制基因时需要的一种关键酶。 /201410/336008浙江金华丽都医院无痛取环 If anyone proves you should never judge a book by its cover, it#39;s Philani Dladla.永远不要以封皮外表评判一本书——如果有人向你明这一真理,那么这个人一定是流浪汉Philani Dladla。Spoting a flat-bill baseball hat, a colorful, striped dress shirt and beads dangling from his neck, Dladla may not look the part of a stereotypical bookworm -- especially as he lives on the streets.头戴鸭舌棒球帽、身穿色条纹衬衫、脖挂串珠,这就是Philani Dladla的形象——和人们印象中的书虫截然不同吧!尤其是他还是个流浪汉。Termed the ;pavement bookworm; by South African filmmaker Tebogo Malope, Dladla has attracted attention near and far because of his unconventional methods of making money while homeless. Instead of panhandling, Dladla reviews books and discusses authors with passers-by -- impromptu book club sessions, essentially -- to earn an income, according to SA People News.Dladla虽身为流浪汉,但却不以乞讨为生,南非电影摄影师Tebogo Malope把他的故事拍成了视频“路边书虫”,吸引了世界各地人们的目光。据媒体SA People News报道,Dladla不以乞讨为生,而是通过做书评并和路人谈论作家赚取生活来源,从本质上来讲他所做的是图书俱乐部中的即兴演讲。Malope discovered the homeless 24-year-old late last year in Johannesburg, when he posted a sidewalk interview with Dladla (seen above) chatting about books and the positive influence they have on ers. Ever since, the pavement bookworm has gained international popularity and attracted far more pedestrians interested in some literary chats.Malope去年年底在南非的约翰尼斯堡发现了24岁的流浪汉Dladla,当时他正在和Dladla做路边访谈(如上图所示),讨论图书及图书带给读者的正能量。自从那时起,“路边书虫”就在全世界越来越流行起来,吸引了越来越多的路人对图书话题的兴趣。While Dladla earns money from selling the books he has on hand to adults, he gives away books for free to kids.虽然Dladla通过把手头的书籍卖给成人赚取利润,但他会向孩子免费赠送图书。;They can still take this ing thing and turn it into their habit,; Dladla said in the interview. ;Their lifelong habit.;“他们还可以培养阅读习惯,并坚持下去,”Dladla在视频采访中说道,“让阅读成为他们一生的习惯。”To Dladla, his love of books goes far beyond enjoying a good -- diving into storytelling, he said, saved him from drug addiction. Now, he hopes his passion for books rubs off on the people he engages everyday.对于Dladla来说,他对图书的热爱已经远远超出了仅仅享受阅读的过程——他已深入到讲述图书故事的更深一层次。据他所说讲述图书故事帮他戒掉了毒瘾。现在,他希望自己对图书的能对人们的日常生活产生正能量。;Reading is not harmful. There’s no such thing as harmful knowledge,; Dladla said in the interview. ;[Reading] is only going to make you a better person.;“读书没有害处,开卷有益。”Dladla在视频采访中说道,“阅读只会让你成为更好的自己。”;You don#39;t have to be rich to change the world,; he wrote on Facebook. ;Start with the little that you have. If you inspire one person you#39;ve aly changed the world.;“你不必富到改变世界,”他在Facebook上写道,“从你已经拥有的开始吧。如果你可以鼓舞人心,那么你已经改变了世界。” /201406/308583婺城区第二人民医院整形美容

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