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年6月四级作文范文:幸运数字 --5 :3:7 来源: 年6月四级作文范文:幸运数字  There are people who believe that some numbers bring good luck, while others bring bad luck. instance, in China the number eight is thought to be lucky. Turning our attention to the West, we find that the number seven is considered lucky, but the number is avoided like the plague.  In spite of all these claims, most people would agree that there is little evidence that numbers have any influence on our lives. In fact, they say, the reverse seems to be the case. one thing, we might expect calculators to break down every time they note the number , and another, although every week has seven days we know that not every week is lucky us.  Weighing the pros and cons of these arguments, I am inclined to agree with the latter point of view. It is obvious that there is no scientific basis the belief that there is a connection between luck and numbers. All in all, it seems to me to be superstition. 更多四级作文  V、课外练习(正确理解下列短文,并将其译成汉语):英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 I Like Reading 范文 -- :: 来源: I Like Reading I like ing very much. When I was a small girl, I was interested in ing picture books on science and history. At the age of seven, I entered a primary school and began to more books. Now I am a middle school student. I have many subjects to learn. Every day I must finish a lot of homework. I am very busy. But when I have spare time I still want to some story books. One day my young sister brought me a book Xl YOU J I.I the book with great interest. I like Monkey King very much.3、He is slow at speech with women yet.

Slow down. Site entrance. 工地入口,请慢行

欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第8节】8.;Rumors about what happening to the district are moving at lighting speed,; said a student. ;We wanted to know the truth,and sp that around instead.;英语四级译文:一位学生说:“关于这一区域所发生之事的流言正飞速传播开来我们想知道真实情况,并且传播真实情况”四级词汇讲解:本句是直接引用对话的简单句其中第二句话中的sp与know并列rumor意为“流言,谣言”如:The Prime Minister refused to comment on the rumor that he had planned to resign.首相拒绝对关于他准备隐退的谣传作任何at speed意为“飞快地”,而本句中的at lighting speed则意为“以光速,以迅雷不及掩耳之势”,形容速度非常快英语四级考点归纳:district和area都可以表示“区域”,二者的区别在于:※ district意为“地区;行政区”,通常指由政府或者根据地理环境划分的区域如:1)Do you know the postal code of this postal district?你知道这个邮政区的邮政编码吗?)He lives in a mountainous district.他住在山区※ area意为“区域;面积”,既可以指具体的一块地方,也可以指某一抽象领域如:1)The farm is about 50 square kilometers in the area.这个农场的面积约为50平方公里)His special interest lies in the area of literature.他对文学特别感兴趣学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法

英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 描写家乡变化的英语作文 --30 :7: 来源: 描写家乡变化的英语作文My hometown used to be a backward place, because it was deep in the mountains, where there were no nice buildings and the roads were so narrow and dirty. People lived a poor life.我的家乡过去是一个落后的地方,因为它在深山里面,那里没有漂亮的建筑物,公路也是又小又脏的人们的生活都很贫苦While in recent years, with the development of society, my hometown has been greatly changed. Now the roads are getting much wider. There are many different cars and buses running on the roads. Trees and flowers are planted on the two sides of the roads. They can provide us with oxygen and fight against the pollutants. So the sky becomes cleaner and brighter. What's more, you can see many modern and beautiful buildings everywhere, and the living conditions are improving. People are enjoying a comtable life now.近年来,随着社会的发展,我的家乡发生了很大的变化现在的路是越来越大了有许多不同的汽车和公交车在道路上运行道路两边种满了树木和鲜花他们可以为我们提供氧气,与污染物抗争现在天空变得更清洁、更明亮更重要的是,你随处可见到许多现代和美丽的建筑,人们的生活条件也得到了改善现在人们在享受舒适的生活

英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 辞行留言的英语作文 --31 18:3:1 来源: 一、向同学辞行【内容提示】假定你叫向英你父母是外交官,他们让你随他们到英国读书你明天就要启程了,今天和好多同学告别了但是,你去林芸家时她不在,你给她留了一张辞行留言的便条内容如下:你来访不遇,明晨6∶乘飞机起程告诉她,你会给她写信的你写便条的时间是即日晚九点【作文示范】Saying Good-bye to a Classmate9:00 p. m., this day Dear Lin Yun,It's a pity that I didn't meet you when I called on you. I'll leave by plane tomorrow morning at 6:. This is to say good-bye to you. I'll write to you from England as soon as I get there. Bye-bye!Xiang Ying【写法指要】 辞行留言(message note to say good-byedeparture message)是人们在出差、上学、出国或调动时向亲朋好友写的告别留言如果你登门告别时不遇,或在告别会上没有见到某人时可写一便条向其辞行这种便条简要地写一两句即可 二、嘱咐朋友自便【内容提示】假定你叫周全有,有一位名叫张华的朋友远道而来在你家做客现在是早晨六点半,他起床后出去锻炼身体了不巧,你接到一个同学的电话说他母亲病了,让你和他马上送他妈到医院你走时给张华留了一张字条,让他自己做些便饭吃告他说:冰箱里有食品、牛奶;家门钥匙在后门的蹭鞋垫下;热水从浸没式加热器中取;如想吃鸡蛋向隔壁的Ben家要【作文示范】A Note Telling a Friend to Help OneselfXiao Hua,I've something very urgent to do. Help yourself with breakfast. There's a lot of food in the fridge① and milk too. Key to the back door under the mat②. Hot water from immersion heater③. If you want fresh eggs, see Ben next door.Happy stay. Love, Quanyou【词语解释】①fridge [fridN] n.(口语词)冰箱②mat[m$t] n.(放在门口处的)蹭鞋垫③immersion[I'm+:M+n] heater 浸没式加热器【写法指要】临时留言(a note left when something urgent happens)往往用于特别亲密的人之间这种便条是匆匆写成的,所以十分随便:可以不要信头日期、称呼前的Dear,也不要结尾,姓名可以是呢称;词语可用口语词,如本文的“fridge”;句子可以用片断句,甚至不要主语、谓语等,只要对方能看懂就行

考必会的种时态 -- :7: 来源: 1.一般现在时表示真理性,经常性,习惯性,普遍性[在口语里常用,在叙事性文章和故事里很少用]例句:The earth is smaller than the sun. [状态][真理性]Tom gets up early every morning. [动作][经常性和习惯性]Everybody knows him. [普遍性].一般过去时表示过去某一时间里发生的动作或状态 [叙事性的文章和故事里最常用的时态]例句:Yesterday we went to the park.[动作]The book was there ten minutes ago. [状态]3.一般将来时表示将来某一时间里发生的动作或状态例句:Tom will help you tomorrow. [动作]We shall be here in time next time. [状态].过去将来时例句:Ten years ago, Mary said she would finish the work in a few days. [动作]Yesterday he thought you would be a good player after five years. [状态]5.现在完成时表示在现在之前就已经完成的动作或状态[要特别注意不包括现在]例句:We have done our homework. [动作]He has been a doctor now. .[状态]6.过去完成时表示在过去某时之前就已经完成的动作或状态例句:Three days ago he had aly finished his homework. [动作]When he was a boy, he had aly been a head of the boys. [状态]7.将来完成时表示在将来某时之前将完成的动作或状态例句:Tomorrow morning, I will have cleaned the windows. [动作]Next Sunday, he will have been a new doctor. [状态]8.过去将来完成时表示在过去某一时间之前本该完成的动作或状态[一般用于虚拟语态]例句:If he had worked hard enough, he would have built a new house. [动作] [实际情况是因为他不够努力,所以新房子连影子都没有]If he were alive, he would have been a doctor now. .[状态][实际情况是他已经去世,所以永远成不了医生]9.现在进行时在现在之前开始,以后还要延续一段时间的动作[要注意只有延续性动词可以用进行时]例句:Tom is ing a book..过去进行时在过去某时之前开始,以后还要延续一段时间的动作[要注意只有延续性动词可以用进行时]例句:The dog was eating a bone..将来进行时在将来某时之前开始,以后还要延续一段时间的动作[要注意只有延续性动词可以用进行时]例句:At ten tomorrow morning, I will be writing the letter you..过去将来进行时从过去某时来看将再以后某时之前开始,以后还要延续一段时间的动作[要注意只有延续性动词可以用进行时]例句:Jack told me that he would be working hard the next year..现在完成进行时在现在之前就已经完成并且还要延续下去的动作[较少用]例句:Tom has been ing this book over ten hours..过去完成进行时在过去某时之前就已经完成并且还要延续下去的动作[很少用]例句:The workers had been building the railway then..将来完成进行时在将来某时之前就已经完成并且还要延续下去的动作[很少用]例句:They will have been making their efts after that time..过去将来完成进行时在过去某时之前看来将来某时应该已经完成并且还要延续下去的动作[很少用]例句:We thought they would have been doing physical training till then. 考试

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