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9 Twenty-one kind faces第9单元 二十一张友善的面孔Yesterday was one of my most challenging days of backpacking ao far. First, a little girl tan up and pinched me! Then, not even five minutes later, some boys made a game out of throwing dirt at me.昨天是我到目前为止徒步旅行最具挑战性的一天先是有个小女孩跑来捏我一把!然后不到五分钟一些男孩恶作剧对我丢泥土I was lost and wishes to see a kind face. I spotted a restaurant and went in to rest my feet and fill my belly, but a toothless man who shouted;No tables!; stopped me at the door.我迷了路,想看到一张友善的面孔我发现了一家餐厅,打算进去歇脚,饱腹一餐,可是有个满口无牙的人大喊,“没有空位!”在门口就挡住我I peered past him to see a half empty restruant. With the little pride, I had left. I wanted back to the hotel. The following morning, I jumped on a ferry and left the city. During the journey I met a man from Denmark who was travelling with a Vietnamese family of twenty people.我打量他背后,有一半的位子是空的我感到羞辱转身离开,回到旅馆,第二天早上便搭船离开这个城市在旅途中,我遇到一个丹麦人,他和二十个人的越南大家族一起旅行After we exchange stories, he excused himself. Minutes later, he returned smiling and said he and his family would like to take me in the night. I eargerly accepted and giggled thinking I only wished one kind face, and now I have twenty-one!我们交换彼此的旅途故事,之后他离开片刻,回来时满脸笑意,并说他和他的家人愿意收留我一晚我热切地接受,暗自窃喜,我当初只是希望看到一张友善的面孔,没想到现在却看到了二十一张! 1895

听力原文:Dutch referendum on Ukraine荷兰就乌欧联系国协定公投A hard Dutch kick荷兰这一脚好狠 Voting down the EU’s treaty with Ukraine would hand Vladimir Putin a win公投乌克兰和欧盟联系国协定会抬佛拉基米尔普京一手IN November Viktor Yanukovych, then the president of Ukraine, succumbed to Russian pressure and renounced an association agreement with the European Union that he and his predecessors had spent six years negotiating. Many Ukrainians thought their country’s best hope transming itself from a corrupt gangster state into an orderly democracy (or, as they put it, a “normal country”) had been sacrificed on the orders of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president. Thousands set up camp on Kiev’s Maidan, chanting “Ukraine is Europe”. Police attacked, touching off a cycle of protest and violence that ended in Mr Yanukovych’s flight to Russia, a new government—and the signing of the Ukraine-EU agreement. 重点词汇:1 treaty(国家之间的)条约,协定 succumb屈;屈从;抵挡不住(攻击、疾病、诱惑等)3 renounce声明放弃;宣布放弃 association 联合;合伙;关联;交往5 predecessor前任6 Kiev 基辅(乌克兰共和国首都)7 maidan草地,广场,空地8 chant反复唱;反复呼喊9 touch off 触发,引发,引起(困难或暴力的局面) 听力原文:Mr Putin then sent troops into Ukraine to win back Russian influence by stealth and ce. He succeeded in seizing Crimea, splitting off a few rebel areas and embittering Ukrainians’ once-warm feelings towards Russia. Yet the Ukraine-EU association agreement is in trouble again. This time the sticking-point is the Netherlands, the only one of the EU’s members that has not ratified it. 重点词汇:1 stealth偷偷摸摸;不声张的活动;秘密行动 crimea 克里米亚(半岛);3 splitting off (使)脱离,分裂出去,分离 embitter使怨愤;使沮丧;使苦恼5 sticking-point 症结6 ratify正式批准;使正式生效 听力原文:Dutch Eurosceptics want to stop their government from doing so, and have gathered enough signatures to stage a referendum on April 6th. They argue that what Ukrainians call their “European choice” was actually imposed on them by Brussels. They describe Ukraine as a country “divided” between pro-European and pro-Russian regions; in fact, outside the rebel Donbas, the country has ed against the Russian threat. They observe that the past two years have been an economic catastrophe, without acknowledging that it was Russia’s embargo and military interventions that did the damage. 重点词汇:1 Eurosceptic 欧洲统一怀疑论者;反对英国亲近欧盟的人; pro赞成;持3 Donbas 位于乌克兰的顿涅茨盆地; catastrophe 灾难;灾祸;横祸5 embargo禁止贸易令;禁运听力原文:The Dutch government and all the main parties are campaigning a Yes vote in the referendum. Yet the polls point to a No. That would be a tragedy. Ukraine is torn between a corrupt oligarchy and a nascent rem movement; between a moribund post-Soviet economy and the promise of farm exports and computing services the European market. If Ukraine really is to become normal, it needs Europe to meet it part-way. that to happen, the Dutch need to vote Yes. 重点词汇:1oligarchy寡头政治 nascent新生的;萌芽的;未成熟的3 moribund行将灭亡的;即将倒闭的;濒于崩溃的 part-way 赞成听力原文:The Dutch worry about being tied to a large, poor, corrupt state .When their leaders say that the deal involves little risk, they are reminded of similar promises bee Greece was admitted to the EU. But the association agreement is overwhelmingly about trade. It does not allow Ukrainians to work in the EU. It refers to political and military co-operation, but without NATO-like obligations. Ukraine will need decades of rem bee it could be a candidate EU accession.重点词汇:1 overwhelming巨大的;压倒性的;无法抗拒的 NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization 北约;北大西洋公约组织3 accession正式加入(国际组织) Chaos v control 混乱和控制听力原文: Ukraine, the economic promise of the deal is immense. the Dutch, the reason to ratify it is to deny Mr Putin the fulfilment of his wish a corrupt and anti-European Ukraine. Ever since Maidan, Russia has been trying to reassert control by sping chaos on Ukraine’s border. The Dutch learned better than any other country what such chaos can mean, when scores of their countrymen were killed in , in the downing of flight MH-. When Ukrainians turned towards Europe, their dream was their country to escape the pit of corruption and chaos. They are still struggling to climb out. Dutch voters should not step on their fingers.重点词汇:1 ratify正式批准;使正式生效 fulfilment 履行;实现;完成;满足3 reassert重新发挥作用 scores of 大量的,许多的;5 pit 深洞;深欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 898

上期听力文本中英对照:Lately I’ve been thinking about a trip to Mexico three years ago. It’s hard to get even up until now.Jennifer:最近我总是想起三年前的墨西哥之旅,至今让难以忘怀Oh? Were you sucked in by the Caribbean scenery and mysterious Mayan culture?Emma: 哦?加勒比海的风光和神秘的玛雅文化深深吸引了你们?Yeah. So the three of us started an adventure.Jennifer:是的,于是我们一家三口开始了一次冒险之旅I heard it’s harder to get a Mexican visa than an American one? When you’re going through customs, they wanted to use your daughter’s visa as a sample?Emma:听说墨西哥签比美国还难,出关时,海关人员希望把你女儿的签作为样本?Haha, yeah, because it was the first time them to see a Mexican tourist visa.Jennifer:哈哈,是的,因为他们也是第一次看到墨西哥自由行的签That’s so interesting!Emma:真有趣!When we were at a resort in Cancun, we saw the sunrise at in the morning. It was so beautiful! Then when we reached Mexico City, there were subway lines, all criss-crossed. Every transfer station setup an art theme.Jennifer:我们在度假胜地—坎昆时,凌晨四点在加勒比海看了日出,那个美呀!然后到达墨西哥城,这里有十条地铁线,纵横交错,每一个中转站都设计了一个艺术主题Wow! It’s so unique! A subway station enriched with art!Emma: 哇!多么与众不同,富有艺术气息的地铁站啊!The people there are friendly. When it’s crowded, they’ll lightly pull on your pants and tell you there is a seat available.Jennifer:当地人民很友好,遇到地铁拥挤时,会轻轻拉你的裤腿告诉你车上有空位Haha, that probably scared you, huh?Emma:哈哈,差点吓你一跳吧?The most beautiful scenery in Mexico is that you can see 3 to thousand year old ancient architecture and churches. It’s grand and solemn. Love songs are played from time to time in the street, it’s so romantic!Jennifer:墨西哥最美的风景是到处可见的三四千年的古代建筑和教堂,宏伟庄重街头时时播放着爱情歌曲,非常浪漫!Did you guys visit the Mayan cultural ruins?Emma: 你们参观墨西哥的玛雅文化历史的遗迹吗?That was a must! We visited the world’s second oldest temple after the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Pyramids of the Sun and Moon are Mexico’s top attractionsJennifer: 这是一定要去的,还去了仅次于古埃及金字塔的世界第二大古老神庙:太阳神庙和月亮神庙,它们也是墨西哥的顶级景观之一In Mexico, we ran into an armed officer who made us all get off the bus. All of the men were searched. It was really scary.Jennifer: 我们在墨西哥的公车上还遇到持的警察把全车人都赶下车,男士们都被警察搜身,还挺吓人的How thrilling!Emma:真是惊险啊!Even so, Mexico is worth a visit. I can’t really say why. It was really interesting to me. I really wanna go again.Jennifer:尽管如此,墨西哥是个值得一去的国家,也说不出为什么,对我充满了吸引力,很想再去一次New words dialogue:Up until now至今Mayan culture玛雅文化Be sucked in to be attracted to (interested by) 被吸引Customs海关Sample样本Resort度假圣地Criss-crossed 纵横交错Transfer station中转站Enrich使丰富Grand 宏伟的Solemn庄严的Ruins遗迹A must 一定要做的Be worth a visit一定要去 358770

第66届法国戛纳国际电影节落幕,《阿黛尔的人生摘得最高奖,金棕榈奖电影讲述少女阿黛尔对美丽的蓝发女孩艾玛一见钟情,及由此产生的种种悲欢离合既反映了一个女孩成长的心路历程,也让观众对法国的现实问题产生思考两位主演阿黛尔·艾克阿切波洛斯和莱娅·塞杜在剧中的出色表演,获得好评《阿黛尔的人生改编自法国作家朱丽?马罗的漫画《蓝色是一种暖色调,讲述了两位年轻女性之间的一段情感纠葛凯希什说,这部影片的副标题是第一章和第二章,他接下来将构思续集It one of the biggest prizes in cinema and attracts equally big names,这是在电影界中最负盛名的奖项而且吸引同样齐名的大牌明星们,but the winner of the Palme dOr isnt a big-budget Hollywood blockbuster.但是作为胜利者的金棕榈奖并没有颁给大制作的好莱坞大片Instead, the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival went to a French lesbian romance, called Blue is the Warmest Colour.相反,戛纳电影节的最高奖项被一部法国女同性恋浪漫电影所摘得,它的名字就是《阿黛尔的人生We worked so hard on this film.我们为这部电影下了苦功夫We gave it all so much.我们为它付出一切It is bit awe to say that but it true, so it obviously a great reward.虽然有点敬畏,但这是真的,所以很明显能够拿到至高无上的荣誉真的很伟大About a fifteen-year-old girl relationship with an old woman,关于一个岁女孩和一个老女人的关系,it been both celebrated and condemned its explicit sexy scenes.其直言不讳的暴露片段同样受到了追捧与谴责Everyone who is against homosexual male marriage or love between two persons under same sex must see the film.每个反对同性恋男性婚姻或同性间爱情的人都必须观看这部电影Among other winners, Berenice Bejo, she lost out in Oscar her role in the silent film, the Artist.在其他获奖者中,虽然贝蕾妮斯凭借无声电影艺术家中的角色在奥斯卡的角逐中而落败But Cannes named her Best Actress her latest part.但戛纳电影节却提名饰演最新角色的她为最佳女演员奖Im a very good loser, and I realize today that Im a good winner, too.我是一个很好的失败者,而我意识到今天,我也是一个很好的赢家You know, it great to win.你知道,能赢真是太伟大了At the end of the festival, where the films have often been overshadowed by the thieves with two separate jewelry raids, it now the movies,在电影节落幕结束时,那里的电影也被小偷及件单独的珠宝失窃案夺去了光辉,而现在则关注电影,Their stars and the love stories with a difference taking the spotlight.他们不同的明星和爱情故事映照在聚光灯下 5830

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻60.The Greatest DetectiveA little boy asked his dad, ;Do you know who the greatest detective in the world is?; His father replied, ;Know her — say, I married her!;Notes:1. A little boy asked his dad, ;Do you know who the greatest detective in the world is?;一个小男孩问他爸爸;“你知道世界上最厉害的侦探是谁吗?”detective n.侦探. His father replied, ;Know her — say, I married her!;他爸爸因答:“岂止知道她——嘿,我还娶了她!”;say;也可以当感叹词,当表达惊讶、赞叹、抗议、同情, 或想引起别人注意时,都可以用say日常生活中,在跟人打招呼,想引起别人的注意时可以用say,意思同;hello;,如:Say, what are you doing? 喂!你在干什么?这个句中的say是惊讶的意思,表示:我怎么可能会不知道世界上最厉害的侦探是谁呢?我妻子每天检查我的通讯记录,偷翻我的公事包,她是世界上最杰出的侦探!本节目可可原创节目, 1397

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