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  • Nobody had ever tested it, But at this point, I tested it.没有人试过,但是在那个节骨眼上,我试了I marched past him and I wrote on the whiteboard,我走过去然后在白板上写字,And he said, ;y-y-you cant do that.然后他说, ;你你你.你不能那样做And I said, ;what? Write on a whiteboard?;我说 ;神马?在白板上写字?;And he stormed out of the room,然后他摔门而去And then I was in shock for the next week or moths.这件事让我起码惊吓了一周到一个月I just didnt know what had happened.我都不知道发生了什么Everyone in steve jobs life went through 3 phases在史蒂夫乔布斯人生中有三类人They were either being seduced, ignored, or scourged,他们或被引诱吸引着,或者无视,或者根本就痛斥他And it all depended upon whether he needed you or not.这一切全部在于与他是否需要你If he needed you, he was your best friend,如果他需要你,他就是你最好的朋友,And he would seduce you,并且他能够吸引你And then you would work like a dog,然后你就会想一样工作And if you werent working hard enough, he would scourge you,如果你工作的不够努力,他就会折磨鞭笞你And ultimately he would throw you away.然后最终他会把你甩到一边On the personal level, it was not fun,在个人层面,这并不好玩,It was not the way I want to be treated by another human being.这不是其他人应该效仿的为人处事的方式Steve ultimately betrayed everyone.史蒂夫几乎背叛了所有人and some said the new steve jobs wasnt afraid Of claiming all the credit, too.甚至有些人说,新的史蒂夫乔布斯一点信用也没有了disney took ;toy story; and another one迪斯尼带着玩具总动员和另外一部Of their movies to new york for the critics to see,他们自己的电影 去纽约参展And the critics just they didnt even look at the other movie.那些影评人甚至,他们甚至没有看另外一部电影They just went nuts when they saw ;toy story,;当他们看到玩具总动员的时候简直疯掉了And they came back and basically told steve他们纷纷告诉乔布斯,That it was going to be a huge success,这将会取得巨大的成功And thats when he thats the point his ability to see而看到将来即将要发生的事情,Something spectacular is about to happen.就是他特别的能力He just moved just in and exploited that right to the hilt,他进来然后进行了恰当好处的解释And I must say he did a great job.不得不说那真的是很棒He became a billionaire from it.他因此成为亿万富翁.awesome.难以置信.So steves genius is to move when he has a good idea.史蒂夫的天才之处在于他能将自己的想法立刻付诸行动.I dont think theyre necessarily his ideas,我不认为他们都懂得他的想法,But, boy, does he know how to move但是只要他知道如何去实行And market them like crazy.并且像疯子一样驱动他们实现这想法就够了He the worlds genius marketeer,他是这世上最有天赋的商人Including of his own self-image.即使他自己也这么想象.but the best was yet to come for jobs.但是最好的事情之后才走向乔布斯Apple was in trouble.苹果公司有麻烦了They wanted him back.他们想要他回来. they were begging him to come back他们祈求他回来Because they knew he could fix it,因为他们知道他能挽救这些And he did come back, and he fixed it,然后他真的回来了,并且他真的修复了苹果公司And the rest is history.其他的都成为了历史. /201309/257108。
  • American Airlines ends bereavement fares American Airlines is the latest major U.S. airline to stop offering bereavement fares. CNNs Alison Kosik reports.A much appreciated convenience wont be available from American Airlines anymore. The airline says it will no longer offer special fares to passengers who have to book a sudden flight because of a relatives death. American explains to CNN why it made the decision, saying in order to have a single, consistent program for American and US Airways, we will adopt the US Airways policy and now offer customers the option to purchase changeable and refundable fares.American and US Airways recently merged. And US Airways has no bereavement discounts, so essentially American will drop its special fare as well. Prices for walk-up tickets are generally higher and that puts additional pressure on passengers dealing with the loss of a loved one. Other airlines still offer bereavement fare. ed offers a discount of 5% on fares in the event of a death or serious illness of an immediate family member. Deltas website says it offers additional flexibility on the best-published fare for such situations. So discounts are still available at least for now. /201403/278174。
  • The Olympic flame is continuing its journey across the north of Russia, as it winds its way to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.奥运圣火在俄罗斯北部几经辗转,正在奔向2014年索契冬奥会。On Wednesday, the flame arrived by air in the northern port city of Murmansk after stopping in St. Petersburg over the weekend and the Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad. World biathlon champion Sergey Rozhkov capped off the torch relay through Murmansk by lighting the citys flame cauldron.本周奥运圣火结束圣彼得堡和位于波罗的海的“飞地”加里宁格勒的传递,于周三飞抵俄罗斯北部港口城市尔曼斯克。世界杯冬季两项冠军谢尔盖·罗日科夫点燃火炬盆,尔曼斯克圣火传递结束。The Olympic flame was in Murmansk earlier this month, on its way to the North Pole as part of Russias record-long winter Olympic torch relay.奥运圣火本月初抵达尔曼斯克,现正前往北极。奥运圣火将首次抵达北极 ,俄罗斯冬奥会圣火传递创纪录了!201311/262944。
  • Rescuers work to open roads, restore communications一切为了救援:营救人员开辟道路恢复通信Rescuers are risking their lives to open roads, and restore communications.救援工作者冒着生命危险开辟道路,修复通信。As of Tuesday noon, nearly 76 percent of the electricity supply had resumed at ten townships cut off by the quake.截至周2中午,震后10个乡镇中已经有76%的供电已经恢复。In Longtoushan Township of Ludian County, the epicenter, it was 75 percent.而此次地震震中的鲁甸县龙头山电力已经恢复75%。The three 35-kilovolt transformer substations are back on line.3台35千伏的变压电站恢复工作。So are communications in Qiaojia County and Huize County.乔家镇和会泽县的通讯也已恢复。In Ludian County, 85 percent of the mobile communications base stations are providing normal service.而在鲁甸县85%的移动通信塔台已经能够提供正常务。Due to safety concerns, Yunnan provincial transport authorities have ordered all passenger buses in the countryside to stop operation.出于安全考虑,云南省交通运输局已经下令所有乡村客运公交停运。201408/319455。
  • But Bruce Lee disappeared almost as quickly as he emerged on July 20th, 1973,dying of a brain edema just weeks just before Enter The Dragon was released.但是李小龙来也匆匆 去也匆匆 1973年7月20号,距;龙争虎斗;的公映仅数周时 因为脑水肿而去世。The cause was put down to an allergic reaction to a painkiller.原因归结于对止痛药的过敏His death sent shock waves around the world,他的离世震惊了全世界prompting the biggest public gathering in the Hong Kong history.造成香港有史以来最大的公众悼念会He was laid to rest in Seattle with former students Steve McQueen and James Coburn as coffin bearers.他被葬在西雅图,其弟子史蒂夫·麦昆和詹姆斯垫·柯本为他抬棺I had decided to sent Bruces body back to Seattle.我打算把小龙的遗体带回西雅图It was not a popular opinion emm... in Hong Kong because,they thought Bruces their son in Hong Kong, but thats what I decided.呃... 香港人不赞成这么做,他们认为小龙是香港的子孙 但是我还是按自己的想法做了Bruce Lees sudden death left vacuum as the world clamoured to see more of this new Asian superstar.李小龙的猝死给世界留下了空白,人们都渴望再睹这位新兴亚洲巨星的风采。A rash of Bruce Lee look-likes in copycat films emerged,inspiring a wholly film genre, known as Bruceploitation.盲目模仿李小龙的电影大量涌现,却也引出一种新的电影题材 叫做李氏打斗片。201403/277884。
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