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US Presidential Contenders Pursue Different Election Strategies美三总统参选人各有入主白宫战略 With less than seven months until Election Day, the three major U.S. presidential candidates each have their own strategy for winning the White House in November.  距离美国大选日还有不到7个月的时间,3名主要参选人每人都有自己赢得11月大选入主白宫的战略。 For the moment, Republican John McCain has an advantage over Democratic rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. 目前,共和党总统参选人约翰.麦凯恩的处境好于民主党竞争对手巴拉克.奥巴马和希拉里.克林顿。McCain has effectively secured his party's presidential nomination and can focus on fundraising and preparing for the general election campaign that begins in September after the nominating conventions are over. 麦凯恩实际上已经稳获党内总统候选人提名,因此他可以全力以赴为今后的竞选活动筹集资金,并为两党党内提名大会结束后9月开始的大选竞争做准备。McCain continues to make victory in Iraq the centerpiece of his campaign, and he will continue to tout his long experience in foreign policy and national security. 麦凯恩将继续把美国在伊拉克取得的胜利作为竞选中心议题,并继续以他在对外政策和国家安全方面的长期经验来打动选民。"By giving General Petraeus and the men and women he has the honor to command the time and support necessary to succeed in Iraq, we have before us a hard road, but it is the right road, and it is necessary and just," he said.McCain's biggest obstacle to winning in November may be a public yearning for change. A recent poll found 81 percent of those asked believe the ed States is on the wrong track, and a weak economy is usually bad news for the party that holds the White House. 麦凯恩要想赢得11月的总统大选,他面临的最大难题就是公众渴望变革的心情。最新民调显示,81%的人认为美国偏离了正确的轨道,而经济疲软对于执政党来说通常都是坏消息。"I would be very, very nervous about a looming environment that looks to be preparing the country for change," said Tom DeFrank, who is Washington bureau chief for the New York Daily News and a guest on VOA's Issues in the News program. "The country wants a lot of change, and when the country is y for change, they do not usually leave the party in power in power." 汤姆.德弗兰克是纽约每日新闻驻华盛顿记者站负责人。他说:“如果我是麦凯恩,目前这个人心思变的紧迫形势会让我非常、非常紧张。这个国家希望有很多改革,而一旦人民做好了变革的准备,他们通常不会让目前的执政党继续掌权。”The path to victory for both Democratic contenders is more complicated, because neither has yet secured enough delegates to claim their party's nomination. 对于民主党两位参选人来说,通往胜利的道路比较复杂,因为他们两人都没有赢得党内提名所需的代表票数。Barack Obama leads in the delegate count and in the popular vote from the primaries and caucuses so far, and most experts now give Hillary Clinton only an outside chance of catching up in either category. 目前,奥巴马在代表票数和普选票数上都领先于克林顿。大多数专家认为,克林顿要想在这两方面反超奥巴马几乎没有可能。Both Democrats sharply disagree with McCain's view on Iraq and have proposed a phased withdrawal of U.S. troops. 两位民主党参选人在伊拉克问题上都不认同麦凯恩的观点,他们都建议分阶段从伊拉克撤回美国军队。Both Democratic contenders also campaign against one another with an eye toward the general election. 但奥巴马和克林顿仍然要为赢得党内提名而激烈较量。Obama presents himself as a unifier who can draw support from independents and even some Republicans. 奥巴马以一个能够团结各派力量的形像出现在选民面前,显示自己既能得到独立选民的持,甚至还能赢得一部分共和党选民的选票。"We cannot afford another four years of Bush policies, and that is what John McCain is offering, and that is why I know we will come together this fall to take this country back," he said.Senator Clinton counters that her experience in Congress and as First Lady would make her the stronger Democratic candidate against Republican John McCain. 克林顿则回应说,她在国会经历和做为第一夫人的经历得以让她成为民主党更强有力的人选,挑战共和党的麦凯恩。"I can win. I know I can win," she said. "That is why I do this every day, and that is what my campaign is about. I am in it to win it, and I intend to do just that."Both Democrats have demonstrated strengths in appealing to various voting groups. 奥巴马和克林顿显示出迎合不同选民群体的实力。"You have to understand that Senator Clinton has been performing much better among certain kinds of voters. Latino voters, women voters, older voters and downscale voters, partisan Democrats who come from less affluent families," said Stuart Rothenberg, who publishes an independent political newsletter in Washington. "Senator Obama has been doing very well with independents, with younger voters, with of course African-Americans, and with upscale voters, high-education, high-income voters." 斯图尔特.罗森伯格在华盛顿出版政治时事通讯。他说:“人们必须明白,克林顿参议员的竞选在某些选民群体中产生的效果好得多,比如拉美裔选民、妇女选民、年长选民和低收入选民,也就是那些来自不太富有家庭的党派色鲜明的民主党选民。奥巴马参议员则在独立选民、年轻选民,当然还有非裔选民中非常受欢迎;受过高等教育、有高收入的选民也拥护他。”Experts say both Democrats must do a better job of broadening their appeal to win their party's nomination and to be competitive against McCain in the general election.Peter Brown, who is with the Polling Institute at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, says recent surveys in the key states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania suggest that Barack Obama needs to boost his support among working-class white voters. 彼德.布朗是康涅狄克州琴尼派克大学选举研究所研究员。他说,佛罗里达、俄亥俄和宾夕法尼亚等关键州最近的民调显示,奥巴马需要提高他在白人劳工阶层的持率。"Roughly one in five Democrats in each of these states say they will vote for McCain against Senator Obama, whereas only less than one-in-10 Democrats say they will vote for McCain versus Senator Clinton," he explained. "That is a pretty significant drop-off." 他说:“大体上,这几个州中各有五分之一的民主党选民表示他们会持麦凯恩,而不持奥巴马,相比之下,不持克林顿、而持麦凯恩的民主党选民不足十分之一,这个差距相当大。”On the other hand, Brown says Hillary Clinton faces a different challenge. Clinton has the highest negative ratings of any of the major candidates and some Republicans believe she could become a uniting force for their party if she becomes the Democratic nominee. 另一方面,布朗指出,克林顿面临的是另外一种挑战。在主要总统参选人中,克林顿负面得分最高,因此有些共和党人认为,假如克林顿得到民主党提名,就有可能促成共和党内部的团结。"There are very few Americans who do not have a pretty firm opinion about Senator Clinton," he added. "People know what they think about her. She has been an icon in American politics since 1992. That is a long time." 他说:“没有几个美国人不知道如何评价克林顿参议员。人们知道自己对克林顿参议员的看法。从1992年开始,她就是美国政界的偶像人物了,时间很久了。”Given the strengths and weaknesses of the three contenders, it should come as no surprise that public opinion polls suggest a very close race in November between McCain and either Obama or Clinton. 在了解了三位总统参选人的优势与短处之后,民调显示在11月大选中麦凯恩和奥巴马或者克林顿的竞争将十分激烈,就不足为怪了。200804/34883The importance of packaging包装的重要性A: OK, everybody, attention please. Lets begin. The agenda of the meeting today is to discuss the package for our newly-developed Anti-wrinkle Fast Response Eye Cream. Any ideas? Any opinion is encouraged. So do not hesitate to speak your mind out.A: 好了,大家注意了。咱们开始开会吧。今天会议的议事日程使我们大家来讨论一下我们新开发出来的抗皱速效眼霜的包装问题。大家有什么意见?任何想法都可以,所以请大家大胆说出自己的想法。B: Our product is cosmetics and our target consumers are women. Women pay more attention to the exterior appearance. And very often they will buy something pretty rather than useful. So I think the exquisite and tasteful design is of primary importance.B: 我们的产品是化妆品,我们的目标消费者是女性。女性朋友比较注重外表,通常她们都会买一些漂亮的东西而不是实用的东西。所以我认为精致的外观和优雅的设计是十分重要的。C: I can not agree with you more. But I would like to add one point here. Our product will be sold all over the world. Therefore culture must be taken into account in terms of packaging. People from different cultures will have different taste. We can not ignore this point.C: 我十分同意你的说法。但是在这儿我想再强调一点。我们的产品是要销往世界各地的,因此在设计包装时必须要把文化因素考虑在内。不同文化背景的人品味不同,我们不能忽视这一点。B: Security at the same time is of great importance, too. I mean we have to mark the ingredient conspicuously on the package so that people will see whether they are allergic or not to our product.B: 同时,安全问题也非常重要。我的意思是说我们应该把产品的组成成分标记在包装的醒目出,这样的话大家能够仔细阅读看是否对我们的产品过敏。A: Anything else?A: 还有别的吗?C: I think before we fix it down about the packaging, we have to do some market research. The target consumers of our Anti-wrinkles Fast Response Eye Cream are the middle-aged. Therefore we have to know what color they like, what kind of style they prefer, etc. . Only in this way can we make the packaging satisfy the local market.C: 我认为在我们定下来包装的设计之前一定要做一下市场调查。我们的目标消费者是中年女性,因此我们应该了解一下她们喜欢什么颜色,喜欢什么样的风格等等。只有这样我们才能使我们的产品满足当地消费者的需求。A: Sounds great. Next we are putting what we said just now into practice. Lets make a poll to collect some useful information for our packaging. Thank you so much. Now lets call it a day.A: 听起来不错。下一步我们就是要把刚才说过的话付诸行动。我们做一个民意调查来获取一些有益于我们包装设计的信息。非常感谢大家,我们的会议就到这里吧。 /201603/430541

Anchor: For thousands of years people have used Fengshui to create harmony in their homes, but these days it's been used to bring balance to something different all together. Early Show contributor Laurie Hibberd explains it in today's Trend Report. Laurie, do tell. Laurie Hibberd: Always it's all the buzz. but I 'll tell you, enthusiasts of ancient Chinese Art say that happiness and prosperity can be achieved by arranging your home in a certain way. But Fengshui is not just for the house any more. Bill Yamaguchi: We are talking about your, your temple, your landscaping. You know, how do we create who the individual is on the inside to the outside?California hair stylist, Billy Yamaguchi believes you can fengshui yourself, and in his new book--Fengshui Beauty, he shows how to do just that. The first step, taking a test, to assess which of the fengshui elements best describes you and your life style. Bill Yamaguchi: The five elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Each of the elements are an identifier, and it can give me an idea of who the person's personality type is, their life style. I get to assess their body type, their face shape, and put all of that together and share with them, which look is the best look for them. Laurie Hibberd: Everybody is makeover crazy, that's all you see on television, how is fengshui makeover different?Bill Yamaguchi: Fengshui makeover how it's different is that we people's energy where the most of the time when you are seeing these extreme makeovers. We are having a lot of therapists come in, because the people are not connected with who they are on the outside. But fengshui beauty is ing people's energy, and reflecting that on the outside. You've got really pretty skin tones. Jaime Miles, a 27- year- old spa manager discovered she was an Earth- Metal combination after taking Blily's test.Laurie Hibberd: But really did she choose metal or did metal choose her?Bill Yamaguchi: Let's ask her.Jaime Miles: Well, I think it's more defining, uh... that I'm defining my job would be metal. Uh.. but Fire and Earth describe me more, I think. Bill Yamaguchi: That's it so, in this case, her job is overpowering, and not in a bad way but is making her have to look a certain way, but truly who she is in the inside is that Fire person who wants to express passion, adventure and creativity,(Right.) and this is what I mean by fengshui, beauty from inside out. To compliment Jaime's face shape and body frame, Billy gives her a choppy cut, then adds some carefully placed deep-red highlights to bring out her fire element. Her look is finished with a fire enhancing make-up palette. In just 2 hours Jaime's look has gone from this, to this. Laurie Hibberd: What do you think?Jaime Miles: I love it, love it.Laurie Hibberd: What's different when you look at yourself?Jaime Miles: The color, really different. I wouldn't have imagined, but I love it, and the haircut is really what I've always sort of imagined, what I wanted my hair to look like after I left the salon, but it never quite looked exactly like that.Bill Yamaguchi: It's really important for the person to own who they are, because there are lots of people that don't really see the beauty within them. And Fengshui Beauty does that, a 100% of the time.Anchor: I'm nervous now because I took this test.Laurie Hibberd: I know and I analyzed it this morning. Well, Let me just tell you that out of the 17 questions, 14 of them, you are a Fire sign. You poor husband. Anchor: You know I asked you, I said my fire, you like: AH,YEAH.Laurie Hibberd: Yeah. You're ,actually you are Fire-Earth which means that you are independent but also you enjoy being with people. However you don't need people around you to be successful. You are a great partner because you are creative, exciting and nurturing. You get into everything with great gusto. And you love to travel to exciting places but you're willing to wait until you can go in the first class. Anchor: Oh, hahaha that's not true! That's so true. I'll go top any time. Laurie Hibberd:As for the beauty elements are your haircut. You should cut your hair for texture, which you do, so that people can see the texture, adds some deep fiery colored highlights. And your makeup should be bold and your clothes ...or Versace, you know.. (Sure.)Who are we talking about? It's like we are talking about Julli T .Anchor: Since I am such a great partner I will tell my husband you said don't think of Fonda. Thank you, Laurrie.200807/44185

Indonesia Considers Leaving OPEC印尼称考虑退出欧佩克  Indonesia is considering leaving the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, because of the country's declining crude oil output.  印度尼西亚正在考虑退出石油输出国组织,因为它拒绝该组织提出的限制原油产量的规定。Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said Tuesday the country is considering whether to give up its membership in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. 印度尼西亚总统苏西洛.尤多约诺星期二表示,印尼正在考虑是否放弃石油输出国组织成员国的身份。Yudhoyono says Indonesia's "wells are drying" and the country needs to concentrate on increasing production. 苏希洛说,印度尼西亚的“油井正在枯竭”,他的国家需要集中精力,增加石油生产。Indonesia is Southeast Asia's only OPEC member. It joined in 1962, just two years after the group was formed. 印度尼西亚是石油输出国组织里唯一一个东南亚国家。它于1962年欧佩克成立两年之后加入了这个组织。This is not the first time Jakarta has reassessed the country's membership in OPEC.  雅加达已经不是第一次重新考虑它的欧佩克成员国的身份问题了。Several years ago, a team was formed to analyze Indonesia's membership. It recommended the country continue with the organization, to maintain good relations with oil producing countries, especially those in the Middle East. 几年前,雅加达成立了一个小组,分析印尼的欧佩克成员国的利害得失。这个小组建议印尼继续留在石油输出国组织,以便同产油国,尤其是中东国家保持友好关系。But that has changed now. Indonesia must import oil, because of years of declining investment in exploration and extraction. 但是现在形势已经发生了变化。由于石油勘探和开采方面的投资连年下降,印尼现在必须进口石油。Analysts also say the country's weak legal system has discouraged oil companies from investing here. 分析人士也认为,印尼不健全的司法体系阻碍了国际石油公司在那里投资。 200805/37954

  North Korea Submits Nuclear Declaration北韩提交核清单布什表示谨慎欢迎  North Korea has taken a key step forward in multinational negotiations to get rid of its nuclear weapons, and is being rewarded by the ed States. Pyongyang has submitted an inventory of nuclear programs and materials to China, the host of the long-running talks. 北韩在解除核武器的六方会谈中迈出重要的一步,将北韩核项目以及核材料的清单提交给六方会谈的东道国中国。South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan confirmed the long-awaited nuclear declaration was in China's hands. 韩国外交通商部长官柳明桓实,中国已经收到这份各方期待已久的清单。He says North Korea submitted the declaration in Beijing, and that South Korea welcomes the development. 他说,北韩在北京把清单交给中国,韩国对此表示欢迎。U.S. President George Bush responded quickly to the North's move, clearing the way for some U.S. sanctions on Pyongyang to be lifted. 美国总统布什对北韩的举动迅速做出反应,从而为美国取消对平壤的一些制裁铺平道路。"I am issuing a proclamation that lifts the provisions of the Trading With the Enemy Act with respect to North Korea," he said. "And secondly, I am notifying Congress of my intent to rescind North Korea's designation as a state sponsor of terror in 45 days." 布什说:“我将发布公告,取消根据《禁止与敌国贸易法》某些条款对北韩实施的制裁;其次,我准备把我的意向通知国会,在45天之内将北韩从持恐怖主义国家名单中去除。”Those U.S. steps put Pyongyang on the road to eligibility for international trade and assistance opportunities. 美国将采取的上述步骤会让平壤得以从事国际贸易,有机会得到国际援助。North Korea's declaration is part of a multi-stage process that exchanges financial and diplomatic incentives for gradual steps by North Korea toward disarmament. North Korea promised to submit it by the end of last year, but delayed producing it for six months over a disagreement with the ed States. 这份清单的申报是六方会谈达成的协议的一部分,根据这项协议,北韩将逐步终止所有的核项目活动,以换取经济和外交上的好处。北韩原本保在去年年底之前提交这份清单,但是由于跟美国的分歧,提交日期晚了6个月。Washington at first demanded the declaration account for an alleged secret uranium program the North has never publicly admitted having, and explain Pyongyang's possible role in helping Syria develop a nuclear facility. 华盛顿方面起初要求这份清单明确说明北韩秘密进行的铀浓缩活动,北韩方面从来没有公开承认有此项目。美方并要求平壤说明帮助叙利亚建设一个核设施过程中可能发挥的作用。Following high level U.S.-North Korea meetings, Pyongyang is expected to "acknowledge U.S. concerns" about those items, but not to include them in the formal declaration. The document is expected to list North Korea's stockpiles of nuclear material as well as its facilities for producing that material. 在美国与北韩的几次高层会晤后,一般预期平壤会就那些议题表达平壤“了解美国的担忧”,但不会将这些议题列入正式声明。核项目清单预计会列举北韩的核原料储存以及生产核原料的设备。How many actual nuclear weapons North Korea has, and where they are, is to be declared later, after multinational talks on the North's weapons are reconvened in Beijing, which is expected in the coming weeks. They will also focus on how best to verify the North's declaration is accurate. 至于北韩拥有多少核武器以及存放在什么地方,可能要等到各方在北京就北韩核项目问题恢复谈判后才会有消息。谈判预计在几个星期内恢复。谈判还将集中讨论如何核实北韩核项目清单内容的工作。President Bush said the North still has much to do. 美国总统布什表示,北韩还有很多工作要做。"It must dismantle all of its nuclear facilities, give up its separated plutonium, resolve outstanding questions on its highly enriched uranium and proliferation activities and end these activities in a way that we can fully verify," he said. 布什说:“北韩必须拆除所有核设施,放弃已经分离出来的金属钸,解决久拖未决的高浓缩铀、核扩散活动等问题,并且以我们能够完全核实的方式终止这些活动。”A Seoul-based analyst for the International Crisis Group, Daniel Pinkston, says, years of work lie ahead for negotiators. But he says the ed States is getting a "good bargain" so far. 国际危机组织驻首尔分析员平克斯顿指出,各国谈判代表还有许多年的工作要做。不过他认为,美国现在还是得到了一笔“不错的交易”。"The actions that the U.S. is taking - lifting the sanctions, de-listing them [North Korea] from the State Department's terrorism list - these are easily reversible ... yes, there is some food assistance, there is some energy assistance, but it is really peanuts when you look at the security benefits here," he said. 他说:“美国现在采取的行动,例如解除制裁和把北韩从恐怖主义国家名单上除名,这些都很容易收回。是的,还有粮食援助,一些能源援助等等,不过,考虑到在安全方面得到的好处,这些都微不足道。”Conservative South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has held back on food aid for the impoverished North until it makes progress on the nuclear issue. Thursday's declaration could be a cue for the Lee administration to resume food and other assistance badly needed in North Korea. 持保守立场的韩国总统李明暂时停止了对贫困的北韩的粮食援助,直到在核项目问题上取得进展。北韩星期四提交的清单可能会使李明政府考虑恢复向北韩提供急需的粮食和其它援助。200806/42879

  .....green plants ultimately. When it first appeared therefore, it would have been seen as a poison, it would have been a pollutant. But gradually, through Darwinian natural selection, living organisms have become more and more used to oxygen. They've been selected to thrive in the presence of oxygen, so that now, most living organisms can't live without oxygen. Green plants can trap the sun's energy to produce not just the oxygen we breathe, but the food that supports the entire animal kingdom. The other great lifegiver on earth is water. Our water rich world is an oasis for life. Earth's sister planet Venus may also once have had water, but soaring temperatures caused by a runaway greenhouse effect had made it a hostile environment to living things. Venus and earth had roughly similar potential for developing into life-supporting planets. But, only earth succeeded. At Lulworth Cove in England, Ellen Stophan is trying to figure out why.This rock is Jurassic limestone that was formed over about a hundred million years ago in shallow seas. This rock is made mostly of carbonates, it has a lot of carbon dioxide in it. On Venus, most of the carbon dioxide is actually in the atmosphere. On earth, it's tied up in limestones like these that were formed in the Jurassic. Why did Venus end up with all its carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and earth with it tied up in big rocks like this is a question that we are puzzling with right now. We think it might have to do with something with the evolution of life on earth. Maybe the earth was just far enough away from the sun that it was cool enough that it allowed life to evolve, took that carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. On Venus, all the carbon dioxide remained in the atmosphere, and we ended up with a planet that's baking on in its own heat.When the sun sets, Venus is often the brightest object in the sky, outshining the night lights of Tucson, Arizona. It twinkles like a star because the planet's dense cloud cover is extremely reflective. In 1967, Venera IV became the first space probe to penetrate the Venusian clouds and transmit data. The first probe to softland on the surface and send back information was Venera VII in December 1970. The Venera landers only transmitted data for about an hour before being destroyed by the planet's intense heat and pressure. In August 1990, the Magellan Mission began a radar survey of Venus, which allowed imaging experts of the Jet Propulsion Lab to create this simulation of the Venusian landscape. No traces of life were found. But, scientists were delighted to become more closely acquainted with our neighbor planet. Looking at Venus through a telescope is, it's magical, because, you know, it is the evening or morning star,and you know, seeing it as a planet itself is kind of exciting. But at the same time, since it's totally covered by a set of dense clouds one would like to see more, and, so , with....words in this passage:lifegiver:给予活力之人[事, 物]runaway: out of control. 失去控制的[sometimes it may mean surprisingly big. eg:Her first novel's runaway ( surprisingly big) success came as a great surprise.]cove:a curved part of a coast which partly encloses an area of water; a small bay山凹, 小湾Jurassic:[地质]侏罗纪的, 侏罗系的Tucson:图森[美国亚利桑那州南部城市]Jet Propulsion Lab:简称JPL, 喷气推进实验所[美]200808/46406。

  World Economy Heading into Major Slowdown, says IMFIMF:世界经济增长会显著下降 The International Monetary Fund anticipates sharply lower world growth because of the financial crisis rippling across the globe. The IMF, however, does not anticipate a repeat of the global depression of the 1930s.国际货币基金组织预计,由于金融危机扩展到全球,世界经济的增长将会显著下降。不过,该组织并不预期类似20世纪30年代全球性的经济大萧条会再现。IMF chief economist Olivier Blanchard says the financial crisis will significantly slow global growth during the next year. Speaking at the start of the Washington annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank, Blanchard said the crisis is having its severest impact in advanced economies.国际货币基金组织的首席经济学家布兰查德说,金融危机将严重减缓全球经济明年的增长。在国际货币基金组织和世界的华盛顿年会即将开始之际发表讲话时,布兰查德说,这次危机对发达经济体的影响最为严重。"We predict that growth in advanced countries will be close to zero, or even negative, until at least the middle of , with a slow recovery until the rest of the year," he said.他说:“我们预计,发达国家的增长至少到年年中都将会接近于零,甚至是负增长。在年余下的时间里会出现缓慢的复苏。”Blanchard, a French economist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says world growth has been sustained by robust growth in China and India. But, he says emerging markets will soon feel the effects of the financial crisis, as well.来自法国的经济学家并在麻省理工学院担任教授的布兰查德说,中国和印度强劲的增长维持了世界经济的增长,但是他说,新兴市场很快也会感到这次金融危机带来的影响。"All, or nearly all [emerging economies], will suffer from lower exports to advanced economies, and this will slow down their growth," he said. "Most will suffer from more expensive foreign credit. We are aly seeing this happen."他说:“所有或是几乎所有的新兴经济体都将因为对发达经济体的出口减少而受到损害,而这将会减缓它们本身的经济增长。大多数新兴经济体会受到更高的外国信贷成本的影响。我们已经看到这种情况的发生。”In preparing its forecast, the International Monetary Fund assumed coordinated action by the Americans, Europeans and Japanese to stimulate growth and avoid a global downturn. The Fund says, after safeguarding financial institutions, governments should use fiscal policy to put more money into the hands of consumers. 在准备它的增长预测的时候,国际货币基金组织假定美国、欧洲和日本会采取协调一致的行动来刺激增长以及避免一个全球性的经济下滑。该组织说,在金融机构的安全得到保障之后,各国政府应该使用财政政策来把更多的钱放到消费者的手中。IMF economists applaud Wednesday's action by major central banks acting in concert to cut interest rates, a move intended to boost consumer demand by making the cost of credit cheaper. This followed a series of measures taken in recent days to ease the credit crunch, but stock markets have continued to fall amid concerns about global recession.国际货币基金组织的经济学家对几大中央星期三一致采取行动削减利率的举动表示赞赏。这一举措是为了通过降低信贷成本而促进消费需求。这是在最近几天采取一系列措施来缓解信贷紧缩之后采取的又一举动。Blanchard says the financial shock that first shook banking institutions has sp to businesses and consumers.布兰查德说,最先震撼业的金融震荡已经扩展到商业和消费者身上。"Now, consumers and firms have weathered the recent oil and commodity price increases surprisingly well," said Blanchard. "Consumption and investment demand remain quite strong. But, what we see now is that demand is falling very sharply."他说:“现在消费者和公司已经惊人地安然渡过了最近的石油和消费品价格上涨带来的冲击。消费和投资需求仍然相当强劲。但是,我们现在却看到,这种需求正在急剧减少。”Blanchard and his IMF colleagues say there is no chance of a repeat of the global depression of the 1930s, because the lessons of that painful decade have been learned. Foremost among them is that consumer demand must be maintained, so that economic activity does not spiral downward amid corporate failures and steeply rising unemployment.布兰查德和他在国际货币基金组织的同事说,20世纪30年代的全球性经济大萧条的情况不会再次发生,这是因为我们吸取了那痛苦的10年所带来的经验教训。其中最重要的就是必须维持消费者需求,这样经济活动不会在公司倒闭以及急剧上升的失业风潮中出现螺旋式的快速下滑。200810/52431

  As expected, Senator Barack Obama has won the Wyoming caucuses, gaining seven more delegates to move him closer to clinching the Democratic Party nomination. But, Senator Hillary Clinton is also fighting hard, following her recent wins in Texas and Ohio. 正如人们的预料,角逐美国民主党总统候选人提名的奥巴马参议员在怀俄明州的党内预选中获胜,又增加了七名持他在党内获得提名的党代表。这距离奥巴马获得党内提名又走近了一步。但是,希拉里.克林顿参议员最近在德克萨斯州和俄亥俄州获胜以后也在努力奋斗。The western state of Wyoming has large areas of sparsely populated range land and wilderness and only a few relatively small cities, by national standards, so it offers only 12 delegates. But Senator Obama welcomes any delegates as he moves to widen his nearly 100 delegate lead over Hillary Clinton.  美国西部的怀俄明州有大片的荒野和人烟稀少的农场地区。以美国的全国标准,这个州只有很少几个不大的城市。这个州只有12个民主党代表名额。但是奥巴马欢迎他赢得的任何党代表,这将扩大他领先克林顿将近100个党代表的优势。Both candidates campaigned in the state Friday, but analysts had long assumed Obama would have the advantage partly because he has tended to do well in states that hold caucuses, rather than primaries. As the final results were being tallied it appeared he had won almost two thirds of the total votes cast. Obama is likely to take seven delegates from Wyoming. Clinton should take five. 星期五,这两位角逐者都在怀俄明竞选,但是分析人员早就估计奥巴马会拥有优势,部分原因是奥巴马倾向于在那些用党内预选的方式,而不是以选民初选的方式来推选党代表的州取得良好的表现。在怀俄明最后清点投票结果的时候,看来奥巴马赢得了将近三分之二的选票。他很可能赢得7个怀俄明的党代表,而克林顿应该赢得5个党代表。For the past week Clinton has been focusing much of her campaign rhetoric on what she describes as Obama's lack of experience, questioning his iness to be commander in chief. 过去一个星期,克林顿的竞选言论一直集中在她所谓的奥巴马缺乏经验方面。她质疑奥巴马是否作好了担任三军总司令的准备。"Often when lives are on the line and a decision must be made, experience counts for everything,' she said. "In this election we need a nominee who can pass the commander-in-chief test, someone y on day one to defend our country and keep our families safe." 克林顿说,“我们经常遇到的情况是,生死攸关,必须作出决定,这种情况下经验决定一切。这场选举,我们需要这样一个提名人。这个人能够通过三军总司令的考验,这个人从上任第一天起就能够保卫我们的国家,保护我们的家庭的安全。”Clinton cites her experience both as a senator from New York and her eight years working with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, in the White House as well as her claim to have visited some 80 nations. But Obama says her vote in the Senate to authorize the war in Iraq shows her lack of good judgment and he also questions the basis of her claim to experience. 克林顿谈到她作为纽约州参议员的经历和作为前总统克林顿的夫人在白宫度过的八年时光。她也谈到她曾访问过大约80个国家。但是奥巴马说,克林顿夫人在参议院投票批准发动伊拉克战争,表明她不能作出良好的判断。奥巴马还质疑克林顿参议员自称的经验的基础。"One of the things I hope people start asking is what exactly is this foreign experience that she is claiming. I know she talks about visiting 80 countries. It is not clear, was she negotiating a treaty or agreements or was she handling crises during this period of time? My sense is the answer is no," he said. 奥巴马说,“我希望大家开始提到的一个问题是,克林顿自称她拥有的外交事务经验究竟是什么?我知道,她说她访问了80个国家。我们不明白的是,她在这个时期是谈判过协议,还是处理过危机?依我看,是否定的。”Obama supporters hailed the Wyoming victory as one more step to ultimate victory for their candidate, but Clinton supporters say the nearly even split of delegates keeps their candidate's campaign alive. Under the Democratic Party's rules delegates are split proportionally based on the vote in each contest.  奥巴马的持者说,他在怀俄明州的胜利是朝最终胜利走近了一步。但是克林顿的持者则表示,两位角逐者几乎平分了怀俄明州的党代表,这将保持克林顿的竞选继续下去。The next contest for the two Democratic candidates will be in the southern state of Mississippi, which holds its primary on Tuesday. Thirty-three delegates are at stake in that contest.  按照民主党的规定,在每个州的初选中,党代表的名额按照竞选人得到的选票的比例分配给竞选人。下一个举行民主党初选的是南方的密西西比州。初选时间是星期二。这个州将决出33个党代表的名额。200803/29596Peter Jackson(The director of King Kong): I first saw King Kong when I was about 8 or 9 years old and it was the moment that I thought I wanna make movies. I wanna be able to make movies just like King Kong. It had that profound effect on me! Action!Naomi Watts(Ann Darrow): He lived with this film in his head since he was 9 years old, and that was what drove him to this day as a film maker. And action!Jack Black(Carl Denham): That's where the brilliance comes from, from just sort of satisfying his own inner fan; (I like it). He is the ultimate fan. Peter Jackson: For 35 years I've had this, you know, movie as my favorite film and the fact that I'm remaking it now is like an incredible dream come true.(Action!) I just thought a vision of this wonderful story told with the technology that we have available just today would be a really amazing thing. Jamie Bell(Jimmy): He can now put everything that he has learned and develop it into these. Some makers think that is truely his. I just think that is a, a beautiful story, that it's come for circle friend like that...Naomi Watts: It is special effect but it's also got really interesting and important themes.Adrien Brody(Jack Driscoll): It's rare to find a film that balances that and has a wonderful fantasy and also the serious level of dramatic intensity. What took her come? He saw something?! Peter Jackson: KingKong is escapism, it's an incredible spectacle. Its amazing special effects that at the soul as the story of relationships on loving, empathizing for this huge beast. Run run. Adrien Brody: I really wanna see this movie more than any other movie that I've done. Peter Jackson: I love movies that take you on a wild trip, into some fantastical environmental situation, and I want the film to do the audiences today what it'd do to me. I was 9 years old when I saw the original. NO!Jack Black: It's just gonna be so awesome! The original 1933 KingKong available Nov 22nd , Peter Jackson's Production Diaries available Dec 13th, and only in theaters. See KingKong starting Dec 14th. 200807/44890

  US, China Agree on Energy Cooperation, Start of Work on Investment Treaty美中承诺在能源环境方面展开合作  Cabinet-level officials from Washington and Beijing Wednesday concluded two days of talks in Annapolis, Maryland with a commitment to cooperate on energy and environmental issues and begin work on a bi-lateral investment treaty. There was also discussion about financial markets and currency values. 内阁级别的美国和中国官员星期三在马里兰州的安纳波利斯结束了两天的会谈。双方承诺在能源和环境问题上展开合作,并开始着手进行一项双边投资条约。会议也讨论了金融市场和货币币值的问题。Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson hailed the achievements of the talks, the fourth round in a strategic economic dialogue launched two years ago. He said the 10-year energy and environmental agreement is particularly significant as the US and China are the world's biggest oil consumers and biggest emitters of green house gases. The investment treaty-which will take some time to negotiate-would enhance each nation's access to the other's market. The two countries aly have a huge and growing trade relationship. The Chinese delegation was headed by Vice Premier Wang Qishan. 美国财政部长保尔森对会谈成果称赞有加。这次历时两天的会谈是两年前启动的美中战略经济对话的第四轮会谈。保尔森说,两国间10年的能源和环境协议有特别的意义,因为美国和中国是世界上两个最大的石油消费国,也是最大的温室气体排放国。同时,一项需要更多时间进行谈判的投资条约将能使两国更好地进入对方的市场。 双方已经具有庞大和不断增进的贸易关系。中国代表团团长是中国副总理王歧山。Treasury Secretary Paulson praised the Chinese for allowing their currency to appreciate 20 percent against the dollar over the past three years. That appreciation, he said, should continue as it will bring benefits to Chinese policy makers. 财政部长保尔森赞扬中国过去3年来允许人民币对美元升值了百分之20。他说,人民币升值应该继续下去,这会为中国的决策者带来好处。"They're going to be able to manage their economy much more effectively if they have a market-driven currency," said Henry Paulson. "It's going to be better in fighting inflation, you know, monetary policy will be more effective." 保尔森说:“如果他们拥有由市场主导的货币,他们将能更加有效地掌控自己的经济。这会对战胜通货膨胀更有利,货币政策将会更加有效。”Paulson said the Chinese remain committed to having a market-based exchange rate and that bi-lateral differences concern only the pace of appreciation.  保尔森说,中国继续致力于一个根据市场主导的兑换利率,那么双边的关切就仅仅是升值速度的问题了。For their part, the Chinese called attention to the weakness of the dollar and called for action to bolster the dollar against other leading currencies. Paulson said the ongoing credit crisis that erupted last August with bad loans in the US housing sector tarnished the US reputation as a leader in financial services. The Chinese, said Paulson, had regarded the US as a teacher in global financial matters. 在中国方面,北京官员要求关注美元贬值的问题,并呼吁采取行动加强美元对其它主要货币的币值。保尔森说,因为美国房屋不良贷款从去年8月引发并导致目前的信贷危机,损害了美国作为金融务领导国家的声誉。保尔森说,中国过去一直把美国看作是全球金融业务的导师:"Now they see that the teachers aren't perfect," he said. "So, we had a lot of discussion. They want to learn from our mistakes." “现在他们发现导师并不完美,因此我们进行了大量的讨论。他们希望从我们的错误中吸取教训。”US and European financial institutions made risky housing-related loans that have gone bad, causing hundreds of billions of dollars of losses. 美国和欧洲的金融机构所作的冒险性的房屋贷款造成了不良的后果,导致数以千亿计的美元的损失。Private sector economists are supportive of the U.S.- China economic dialogue, which they believe will deepen the bi-lateral relationship and possibly prevent misunderstandings and conflict. The dialogue was launched, in large part, to deter the US Congress from enacting restrictive trade measures against the Chinese, who are perceived as having an unfair advantage in competing against higher-cost US companies. 私营部门经济学家持美中经济对话,他们认为这种对话会加深双边关系,并可能防止产生误解和冲突。这次对话在很大程度上是为了避免美国国会针对中国的限制性贸易措施通过立法,中国在和美国高成本的公司进行竞争的过程中,被认为取得了不公平的优势。200806/42339US Presidential Candidates Debate Economy, Foreign Policy麦凯恩、奥巴马辩论会上激烈交锋 The two major party candidates for president of the ed States, Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Senator Barack Obama met in a spirited debate over the financial crisis and foreign policy Friday at the University of Mississippi. The two candidates clashed frequently over such issues as tax cuts, Iran's nuclear ambitions and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.美国两大政党的总统候选人、共和党的麦凯恩和民主党的奥巴马星期五在密西西比大学举行激烈的辩论,讨论美国金融危机和外交政策问题。两位候选人在减税、伊朗的核野心以及阿富汗和伊拉克战争等问题上频繁交锋。Although this was to have been a debate focused exclusively on foreign policy issues, the grave financial crisis that almost undermined the debate was the top issue addressed during the first half of the debate. Both Senators came to Mississippi from Washington, where they had been involved in the effort to put together an emergency package to stem the crisis.虽然原计划这次辩论专门讨论外交政策问题,但是美国严峻的金融危机却是第一场总统候选人辩论的头半场的首要议题。金融危机险些让第一场辩论不能如期举行。两位候选人参议员都是从华盛顿来到密西西比的。他们在首都参与了为制定因应金融危机的应急计划所作的努力。On Wednesday, Senator McCain suspended his campaign and called for a postponement of the debate in order to concentrate on the financial crisis. Senator Obama said he would come to the debate alone, if necessary, and for two days the fate of this first presidential debate of the 2008 election was uncertain. On Friday, however, just hours before the event was to take place, Senator McCain said enough progress had been made in Washington for him to come to the debate.星期三,麦凯恩中断了自己的竞选,他呼吁推迟候选人辩论,集中对付金融危机。奥巴马则表示,如果必要,他会一个人参加辩论。有两天时间,大家不知道2008年总统选举的第一场辩论能否举行。但是,星期五,在辩论原计划举行的时间前几个小时,麦凯恩说,在华盛顿已经取得了足够的进展,因此他能够到密西西比参加辩论。In their responses to questions about the crisis, the two senators gave support to the general idea of a government bail out plan, but differed over what needed to be done to restore the nation's economic health. Senator McCain said government needs to restore fiscal responsibility.两位参议员在回答有关金融危机的问题的时候,都表示持政府拯救金融机构的总体设想。但是两人在应该采取哪些具体措施来恢复国家经济健康的问题上意见分歧。麦凯恩说,政府需要重新负担起财政责任。"We have to, obviously, cut spending. I have fought to cut spending. Senator Obama has 800 billion dollars in new spending programs. I would suggest that he start by canceling some of those new spending programs that he has," he said.他说:“很明显,我们必须削减开。我曾为削减开而奋斗。奥巴马参议员曾用8千亿美元来推动新的政府开项目。我建议他先取消一些他的新项目。”Senator Obama fired back, accusing Senator McCain and Republicans of approving tax cuts for the wealthy while neglecting the needs of average working Americans.奥巴马还以颜色,他指责麦凯恩和共和党人一方面批准给富人减税,同时却忽视普通美国工薪阶层的需要。"If we are spending 0 billion on tax cuts for people who do not need them and we're not even asking for them and we are leaving out health care, which is crushing on people all across the country then, I think, we have made a bad decision and I want to make sure we are not short-changing our long-term priorities," he said.他说:“如果我们用3千亿美元来给那些不需要减税的人减税,而且根本不问这些人需不需要减税,我们正在忽视医疗保健,这使全国各地的人们受害。我认为,我们作出了很糟的决定,我要确保不再改变我们的长远的头等大事。”When the debate moved to foreign policy, the exchange became more heated, with Senator McCain frequently suggesting that Senator Obama did not fully understand such issues as the threat of a nuclear Iran or how to deal with Russia. Senator Obama fought back with criticisms of the Bush administration's policies, which he said Senator McCain has largely supported. Senator McCain hailed the success of the military surge in Iraq and Senator Obama attacked the decision to invade Iraq in the first place. 接下来辩论议题转到外交政策。两人的交锋变得更加激烈。麦凯恩频繁暗示奥巴马不完全理解伊朗核武化的威胁等问题,也不理解应该怎样对付俄罗斯。奥巴马则反唇相讥,批评布什政府的政策,并且说,麦凯恩基本上持布什的政策。麦凯恩则称赞美国军队在伊拉克的军事成功。One of the fiercest exchanges between the two candidates came over the issue of Iran and what to do about its plan to develop nuclear weapons. Senator McCain emphasized the threat this would pose to Israel and attacked Senator Obama for saying he would hold direct meetings with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.奥巴马还抨击布什从一开始根本就不应该打伊拉克战争。两位候选人辩论中一次最激烈的交锋有关伊朗问题。谈到伊朗发展核武器的计划时,麦凯恩强调,这将对以色列构成威胁,他抨击奥巴马,说奥巴马曾表示愿意跟伊朗领导人艾哈麦迪内贾德举行直接会晤。"What Senator Obama does not seem to understand is that if, without precondition, you sit down across the table from someone who has called Israel a stinking corpse and wants to destroy that country and wipe it off the map, you legitimize those comments. This is dangerous. It is not just naive, it is dangerous," he said.他说:“奥巴马似乎不理解,如果不预设条件,就跟伊朗人谈判,那你就把伊朗人的声明合法化了。伊朗人说,以色列是一具发臭的僵尸,他们要摧毁以色列,把以色列从地图上消灭掉。奥巴马这样作很危险,这样作不仅天真,而且危险。”Senator Obama responded by defending his willingness to meet with any foreign leader at any time if he believed it would make the ed States more secure.奥巴马的反应是,为他愿意在任何时候跟所有外国领导人会晤进行辩解,只要这些会晤能让美国更安全。"Now, understand what this means, meeting without preconditions. It does not mean that you invite them over for tea one day. What it means is that we do not do what we have been doing, which is to say that 'until you agree to do exactly what we say, we will not have direct contacts with you," he said.他说:“请理解我的意思。我说的无条件会晤,意思是请他们来喝茶。我的意思是,我们不再沿用过去的作法,不再说,‘除非你完全同意我们的立场,否则我们就不会同你进行直接接触。”Senator Obama said one of McCain's own advisors, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, had endorsed the idea of meeting with Iran's leaders without preconditions. Senator McCain said that was not true. In a recent meeting with other former secretaries of state, Kissinger did say U.S. officials should meet with the Iranians without preconditions, but he did not say the two presidents should meet.奥巴马说,麦凯恩自己的一个顾问,前国务卿基辛格就持无条件会晤伊朗领导人。麦凯恩说,这不是事实。他说,基辛格最近会晤其他前任美国国务卿的时候确实表示,美国官员应该无条件会晤伊朗人。但是基辛格没有说两国总统应该会晤。The next scheduled debate will be between the two vice presidential candidates, Republican Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska and Democratic Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. That event is scheduled for October 2 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.按计划,下次辩论将在两位副总统候选人之间举行。他们是共和党的佩林州长和民主党的拜登参议员。下次辩论将在10月2号在密苏里州圣路易市的华盛顿大学举行。200809/50861

  The champagne lifestyles of our top footballers're the stuff of gossip columns and TV soaps. Now though we know the size of their fortunes. David Beckham is the richest footballer in the list-worth 75m pounds. Arsenal's Dennis Bergkamp is next, with a paltry 37m in the bank. Michale Owen is in third place with a fortune of 30 million pounds. But the man who's made a big difference to this year's list is Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. He tops it with a fortune of 10 billion pounds, but his money has put another four people into the ranks of football super-rich, including Jose Mourinho who's worth 20 million pounds, putting him ahead of Sir Alex Ferguson. But some think the glory days could be coming to an end. We've been living in an era of bubble for the last few years, and we start to see the signs of it changing again. I want that happens, then I think the natural effect is the players are gonna have half their salaries cut, or at least clubs are going to stop paying as much as they do. Super-rich footballers are though a relatively new phenomenon. The late Johnny Haynes was the first player to earn 100 pounds a week. That was in 1961 and despite his fame, George Best's earnings were fairly modest. It's thought he made around 15, 000 pounds from playing, getting endorsements in 1967. Today that would be worth 170, 000 pounds or rounded 2 weeks' wages for David Beckham . Obviously seeing how popular George Best was in the 1960s and how crowds flocked to see him, it's quite frightening to see how much he was earning, as little as 10 thousand pounds a year, 15, 000 pounds a year when he was at his peak, winning the European Cup for Manchester ed. So they were still not earning a great deal more than the average worker. Most of the players' money comes from TV deals, but it's thought the big money contracts of pit meaning Mr. Beckham and his collegues will have to make a few savings in the years to come. Dark Lyttle, SKY News.本期难点paltry: Lacking in importance or worth在文中,是说格坎普挣的比起小贝来,就有点微不足道了。本期生词: flock: To congregate or travel in a flock or crowd200805/39181



  Australia has ratified its acceptance of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. The new government elected last year made signing the emissions-limiting accord its first act. 澳大利亚批准了有关全球气候变化的京都议定书。去年当选的澳大利亚新政府的第一项举措就是批准这一限制废气排放的协定。The Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions formally went into effect Tuesday in Australia. Environmentalists and other activists had long pushed the Canberra government to ratify the accord, which they say could help protect the continent from the effects of global warming.  有关减少温室效应气体排放量的京都议定书星期二在澳大利亚正式生效。环保人士长久以来一直敦促澳大利亚政府批准有关协定。他们说,这一协定有助于保护大洋洲免受全球气候暖化的影响。Iconic national natural treasures such as the Great Barrier Reef are considered vulnerable to warming temperatures. The government of former Prime Minister John Howard did not signed the accord because of concerns that it would harm the economy and because it does not require large developing nations with rapidly expanding economies, such as China and India, to cut emissions.  诸如大堡礁之类的澳大利亚天然国宝被认为可能会受气候暖化的破坏。由于担心这一协定会阻碍澳大利亚经济发展,而且也由于有关协定没有要求中国、印度等经济迅猛成长的发展中大国减少废气排放量,前总理霍华德的政府没有签署京都议定书。The government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd reversed that policy when it took office in November and is working internationally to develop a framework to replace Kyoto when it expires in 2012. Mr. Rudd wants to establish a domestic carbon emissions trading system and wants 20 percent of Australia's energy to come from renewable sources by 2020.  陆克文总理的澳大利亚政府去年11月上任后改变了原有政策,并且正与其它国家一起拟定取代将在2012年到期的京都议定书的协议框架。陆克文总理希望在国内建立碳排放贴换体系,要求到2020年,澳大利亚20%的能量来自可再生能源。Mr. Rudd told parliament Tuesday that "confronting climate change is the challenge of our generation."  陆克文星期二对澳大利议会说:“制止气候变化是我们这代人所面临的考验。”Senator Bob Brown from the Greens party says Australians are demanding tough action to protect the environment.  绿党成员鲍伯.布朗参议员说,澳大利亚人希望采取严格措施保护环境:"The opinion polls [are] showing massive support for not just the Kyoto Protocol but for much greater measures to tackle climate change," he said. "It's a milestone that we've joined the community of nations and hopefully we'll move back to the front again in searching for a global compact which is going to address the biggest single human-made threat facing our global community into the future, and that's climate change."  “民意调查结果显示,人们不仅大力持京都议定书,而且更持大刀阔斧地应对气候变化的措施。我们如今站到京都议定书签约国的一边,这具有划时代意义。希望我们能在拟定应对气候变化的全球性协议中站到最前列,因为气候变化是危及全球未来的最大人为威胁。”Experts say Australia has a long way to go to bolster its green credentials. The country's reliance on cheap coal has made it one of the world's worst greenhouse gas polluters per capita.  专家说,澳大利亚要成为环保方面走在前面的国家道路还相当漫长。澳大利亚依赖廉价的煤为能源,使得澳大利亚成为人均温室效应气体排放量最高的国家之一。Many scientists think greenhouse gases produced by burning coal, oil and other carbon fuels, have contributed to warming temperatures around the globe. Environmental groups have called on Australia to go beyond its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent from 2000 levels before 2050.Australia's ratification of the Kyoto Protocol leaves the ed States as the only major developed country that has refused to sign the global accord. 澳大利亚批准了京都议定书之后,美国成为拒绝批准这一协定的唯一主要发达国家。200803/30142

  EU Diplomats Widen Sanctions Against Zimbabwe欧盟加强对津总统穆加贝制裁 The European Union Tuesday tightened sanctions against Zimbabwe president, Robert Mugabe. The EU foreign ministers added 37 more people to the EU list of individuals under a visa ban and asset freeze that aly includes the president and members of his inner circle. Now, for the first time, companies have also been added to the list. 欧盟星期二加强了对津巴布韦总统穆加贝的制裁。欧盟各国外交部长在欧盟对津巴布韦实施的禁止签以及冻结资产的制裁对象名单上又增加了37人,已经在这个名单上的有津巴布韦总统以及他的多名亲信。现在,欧盟第一次将一些企业也包括在制裁名单里。The additional sanctions come a day after President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change agreed to open power sharing talks aimed at solving Zimbabwe's political crisis.  欧盟加强对津巴布韦总统穆加贝制裁的前一天,津巴布韦总统穆加贝和反对党“争取民主变革运动”领导人茨万吉拉伊同意开始举行旨在化解津巴布韦政治危机的权力分享谈判。EU spokesman John Clancy tells VOA this is a "very positive step," but there is need to maintain pressure on Mr. Mugabe. 欧盟发言人克兰西对美国之音说,这是“非常积极的步骤”,不过有必要继续对穆加贝施加压力。"It's not a simple handshake over a memorandum of understanding despite us recognizing its importance, that suddenly means the international community must simply return to business as usual with Zimbabwe. It's simply not the case. It's very important that the average citizen in Zimbabwe realizes that the international community is not simply going to forget the last months of violence and intimidation that they have had to face coming from the government authorities," he said. 克兰西说:“尽管我们认识到签订谅解备忘录的重要意义,但是,并不是双方在达成谅解备忘录时握了手,就算完事了,也并不意味着国际社会突然间就必须完全恢复跟津巴布韦的正常往来。完全不是这样。津巴布韦老百姓应该意识到,国际社会不会把近几个月来津巴布韦政府部门对他们施加的暴力和恐吓忘得一干二净,这点非常重要。”The EU has refused to recognize the result of the June 27 presidential run-off poll in which Mr. Mugabe was the sole candidate. Opposition leader Tsvangirai, who won the first round in March, withdrew from the run-off citing violence against his party and supporters.  欧盟拒绝承认津巴布韦6月27号的总统决选结果,穆加贝是那次选举的唯一候选人。赢得3月第一轮总统选举的反对党领导人茨万吉拉伊因为针对“争取民主变革运动”及其持者的暴力而退出决选。Earlier this month, an effort by the British and U.S. governments to impose U.N. Security Council sanctions on Mr. Mugabe was vetoed by Russia and China. 这个月早些时候,英国和美国政府在安理会提出的应对穆加贝实施制裁的建议,遭到俄罗斯和中国的否决。Clancy stressed that the European sanctions target individuals responsible for human rights abuses and not ordinary Zimbabweans. He says the bloc will maintain humanitarian support for Zimbabwe's needy.  欧盟发言人克兰西强调,欧盟的制裁是针对那些践踏人权的个人,而不是普通津巴布韦人。他说,欧盟将继续向贫困的津巴布韦人民提供援助。"We would like to see as a first step the authorities in Zimbabwe allowing humanitarian aid to the full extent that is should be allowed 100 percent access for international humanitarian aid workers. Let us not forget that Robert Mugabe, his government, his authority blocked humanitarian aid to the civilian population, to the most vulnerable people just days before the second round of the elections. That situation has not changed," he said. 克兰西说:“首先,我们希望看到津巴布韦当局允许全面展开的人道主义援助,也就是说国际人道主义救援人员应该被允许向每个津巴布韦人提供人道主义援助。我们不要忘记就在举行决选的前几天,穆加贝、他的政府及其有关当局还阻挠向津巴布韦平民百姓、向津巴布韦最弱势的群体提供人道主义援助。那种局面现在还没有转变。”The EU first imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in 2002 citing human rights abuses and electoral irregularities in the 2002 presidential election. The sanctions also include an arms and military material embargo.  欧盟第一次对津巴布韦实施制裁是在2002年,原因是津巴布韦政府践踏人权,以及2002年的总统选举违规举措。当时的制裁措施包括武器和军用物资禁运。The travel ban does not stop Mr. Mugabe from traveling to international organization meetings such as the ed Nations. Earlier this year, he took part in the summit of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome. 对穆加贝实施的禁止其旅行的制裁并不包括不许他出席联合国等国际组织会议。今年早些时候,他去罗马出席了联合国粮农组织首脑会议。200807/44623

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