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For almost three weeks, the high-pressure Chinese teaching...近三周以来,高压的中式教学I dont get it...has caused nothing but chaos and rebellion in the British classroom.我不懂。在英国教室里只引起了混乱和反抗Luca, put down your ball.卢卡,把球收起来This is why you guys learn less than the Chinese students learn.这就是为什么你们学的东西比中国学生学的少Who the hell does she think she is saying that Im dumb?她以为自己是谁啊?还说我傻But with the help of the Bohunt teachers...但在航特老师们的帮助下We wouldnt tolerate that in any normal lesson at Bohunt and there will have to be consequences.在航特,这种行为在任何课堂上都是不容许的,这样做是要付出代价的Things are beginning to improve.情况开始有所改变Now, even restless kids like Sophie are warming to the regime.现在,即使像苏菲那样好动的孩子也开始接受中式的管理方法I think I didnt really respect the teachers,我觉得我对老师们,尤其是科学老师or the science teacher personally, as much as I should have - but Im starting to now.没有表示出足够的尊重,但我会从现在开始做起And I do my work, kind of thing, and I am actually learning some stuff.我会写作业之类的,而且我真的学到了一些东西What is needed for photosynthesis to take place? Sophie.光合作用的反应物是什么?苏菲Carbon dioxide...Carbon dioxide...二氧化碳。二氧化碳Water... Water...水。水And then, the sunlight.还有阳光OK. You got three right. Thats very good.好的,你三个都说对了,非常好Good morning, everyone. Morning, miss.早上好,各位同学。早上好,老师Li Aiyun teaches in an elite school in Nanjing.李爱云在南京的一所精英学校教书You are late. Look at the clock.你们迟到了。看看几点了Shes used to quiet, obedient pupils她习惯了安静又听话的学生and has struggled to keep control of the rowdier British teenagers.如今正努力控制那些吵闹的英国学生But Miss Li finally seems to have taken control of her class.不过李老师似乎终于掌控了班级You cannot always come back late and say sorry.你们不能总是迟到,然后说声抱歉From now on, if you are late...从现在开始,如果你们迟到了Everybody will be here during lunch break for ten minutes.午休的时候班上所有人都留堂十分钟So, youre punishing everyone? Guys, shush.所以你要惩罚所有人。大伙,安静If shes like this all day, we are stuffed.如果她整天都这样,我们就完蛋了The teachers, theyre not as much as pushovers as they were originally,那些老师,他们不像原来那样好说话了so I think people are now starting to listen所以我觉得大家开始认真听讲and actually are starting to take notes and stuff in class, and are starting to learn.在课堂上真正开始记笔记之类的,大家开始学习了Because theyre realising that its not...因为他们开始意识到这不是...Its not just for fun - its like... Its a school, isnt it?这不只是为了好玩,这可是所学校啊,不是吗We are now in a very competitive world.当今世界的竞争十分激烈I dont want you to feel regretful when you look back at now in the future.我不想让你们将来回忆现在的时候感到后悔Im a teacher but sometimes I have to put on a face like, you know, a stricter teacher.我是名老师,但有时我必须板起脸露出更严厉的一面Please, take out...the grammar book.请拿出你们的语法书Third week has gone and you have only one more week.第三周已经过去了,你只剩下一周时间Its like our time is so limited.感觉我们的时间太有限了The most important thing in doing passive voice is to find the subject and the object.被动语态中,最重要的就是找对主语和宾语In just one week, the students of the Chinese school, and the rest of Bohunt year nine,一周之后,中式学校的学生们和航特其他初三同学will sit exams set by an independent research body to compare the two teaching systems.将参加由独立调研机构举行的考试,以此来对比两种教学体制201605/443048德宏州人民中医院祛眼袋手术多少钱昆明袪疤It starts with a tickle in your throat that becomes a cough.你一开始是喉咙痒,而后转为咳嗽。Your muscles begin to ache, you grow irritable, and you lose your appetite. Its official: youve got the flu.肌肉开始疼痛,逐渐烦躁不安,并且丧失食欲。事实明:你得了流行性感冒。Its logical to assume that this miserable medley of symptoms is the result of the infection coursing through your body,合理地推断,这些多种难受症状是流经你身体的感染所导致,but is that really the case?但真的是那样吗?Whats actually making you feel sick?到底是什么让你觉得生病了?What if your body itself was driving this vicious onslaught?如果是身体自己不得不发起这猛烈的攻击呢?You first get ill when a pathogen like the flu virus gets into your system, infecting and killing your cells.发病初起,像流感病毒类的病原体侵入你的身体,感染并杀死细胞。But this unwelcome intrusion has another effect: it alerts your bodys immune system to your plight.但这令人讨厌的入侵有另一效应:它让身体的免疫系统警觉到这个危险的状况。As soon as it becomes aware of infection, your body leaps to your defense.一旦它察觉到感染,身体会迅速启动防卫。Cells called macrophages charge in as the first line of attack, searching for and destroying the viruses and infected cells.巨噬细胞会当攻击先锋队冲向感染区,搜寻并杀死病毒及受感染的细胞。Afterwards, the macrophages release protein molecules called cytokines然后,巨噬细胞释放称为细胞因子的蛋白质分子,whose job is to recruit and organize more virus-busting cells from your immune system.它的任务是从免疫系统中动员并组织更多的搜捕病毒的细胞。If this coordinated effort is strong enough, itll wipe out the infection before you even notice it.如果这协同作用力够强,它甚至在你觉得生病前就会歼灭这感染。But thats just your body setting the scene for some real action.但这只是身体为真正的战争做准备而已。In some cases, viruses sp further, even into the blood and vital organs.某些状况,病毒会进一步扩散,甚至侵入血液及重要器官。To avoid this sometimes dangerous fate, your immune system must launch a stronger attack, coordinating its activity with the brain.为避免这偶发的危险后果,免疫系统必须发动更强的反击,协同脑部一起展开行动。Thats where those unpleasant symptoms come in, starting with the surging temperature, aches and pains, and sleepiness.那就是引起不适症状之所在开始时,体温剧升、肌肉酸痛及昏昏欲睡。So why do we experience this?为什么我们有这感受呢?When the immune system is under serious attack, it secretes more cytokines, which trigger two responses.当免疫系统遭受严重攻击,它会分泌更多细胞因子以激发两种反应。First, the vagus nerve, which runs through the body into the brain,第一,迷走神经是从全身汇聚至脑部quickly transmits the information to the brain stem, passing near an important area of pain processing.迅速地传递讯息到脑干,它会通过处理疼痛的重要区域附近。Second, cytokines travel through the body to the hypothalamus,第二,细胞因子从全身运行到下视丘the part of the brain responsible for controlling temperature, thirst, hunger, and sleep, among other things.这部分的脑负责控制体温、口渴、饥饿,及睡眠等等。When it receives this message, the hypothalamus produces another molecule called prostaglandin E2, which gears it up for war.当下视丘接收到讯息,它会制造另一种分子,称为“前列腺素E2”,让它进入备战。The hypothalamus sends signals that instruct your muscles to contract and causes a rise in body temperature.下视丘发出信号指示肌肉收缩,因而导致体温上升。It also makes you sleepy, and you lose your appetite and thirst.它也使你昏昏欲睡,以及丧失食欲和口渴感。But whats the point of all of these unpleasant symptoms?但所有这些不适症状有何意义呢?Well, were not yet sure, but some theorize that they aid in recovery.这个我们还不确定,但有些推测它们会帮助复原。The rise in temperature can slow bacteria and help your immune system destroy pathogens.体温升高可阻碍细菌以及协助免疫系统杀死病原体。Sleep lets your body channel more energy towards fighting infection.睡眠让身体集中更多精力以对抗感染。When you stop eating, your liver can take up much of the iron in your blood,当停止进食,肝脏就能在血中吸收很多铁,and since iron is essential for bacterial survival, that effectively starves them.因为铁是细菌生存所必需的,如此可有效地使之匮乏。Your reduced thirst makes you mildly dehydrated, diminishing transmission through sneezes, coughs, vomit, or diarrhea.口渴感降低使身体呈现轻度脱水,减少经由打喷嚏、咳嗽、呕吐或腹泻的传播。Though its worth noting that if you dont drink enough water, that dehydration can become dangerous.但值得注意的是,如果饮水不足可能变成危险的脱水。Even the bodys aches make you more sensitive, drawing attention to infected cuts that might be worsening, or even causing your condition.连身体疼痛也会使你变得更敏感,让你注意到有个感染的伤口可能加重,或造成了你目前的状况。In addition to physical symptoms, sickness can also make you irritable, sad, and confused.除了身体症状外,生病也会令你感到烦躁、忧伤以及思想混乱。Thats because cytokines and prostaglandin can reach even higher structures in your brain,那是因为细胞因子和前列腺素能到达脑部更高层的组织,disrupting the activity of neurotransmitters, like glutamate, endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine.干扰神经传导物质的运作,例如:谷氨酸、内啡肽、血清素及多巴胺。This affects areas like the limbic system, which oversees emotions, and your cerebral cortex, which is involved in reasoning.这会影响一些区域,如监督情绪的边缘系统及参与推理的大脑皮质。So its actually the bodys own immune response that causes much of the discomfort you feel every time you get ill.所以事实上是身体自己的免疫系统导致每次感冒时的诸多不舒。Unfortunately, it doesnt always work perfectly.不幸的是,免疫系统并不总是运作完美。Most notably, millions of people worldwide suffer from autoimmune diseases,最值得一提的是,全球有数百万人罹患自体免疫性疾病,in which the immune system treats normal bodily cues as threats, so the body attacks itself.也就是免疫系统将正常身体信号视为威胁,因而攻击自己的身体。But for the majority of the human race,但对大部份的人类而言,millions of years of evolution have fine-tuned the immune system so that it works for, rather than against us.数百万年来的演化已将免疫系统精细调整以便为人类效力,而非对抗。The symptoms of our illnesses are annoying, but collectively,生病的症状虽很恼人,但总体而论,they signify an ancient process that will continue barricading our bodies against the outside world for centuries to come.它们象征着一种久远的过程,在未来的世纪将继续保卫我们的身体,对抗外在的世界。201707/516704昆明市西山区鼻部除皱价格

昆明botox注射美容哪家医院好昭通市中医院激光点痣多少钱栏目简介:A group of Chinese tourists reportedly ran into a problem with customs officials at Nha Trang Airport in Vietnam last night. Vietnamese authorities wanted to charge them extra money to pass customs. One travel agency says similar cases have happened in Southeast Asian countries. Sun Caiqin has the details...201701/487054昆明盘龙区韩式安全隆胸手术价格栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/452908昆明省中医医院大蒜鼻全鼻美鼻哪家便宜价格

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