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Oscars Has Most Embarrassing Moment奥斯卡史上最尴尬的时刻This year Oscars show ended with a historic embarrassing moment when the wrong movie title was announced as best picture. The presenters, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, had received the envelope containing the winner best actress in a leading role and mistakenly announced La La Land as the winner instead of Moonlight. The Oscars producers quickly realized the envelope mix-up, but not bee the cast and crew of La La Land took the stage to accept the award. La La Land producer, who was on stage when the mistake was revealed, was the one who took the microphone and graciously announced that Moonlight was the actual winner.今年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼以史上最尴尬的一幕结束,因为颁奖人念错了最佳影片奖得主主持人沃伦·比蒂和费·唐娜薇接到的信封中是最佳女主角奖,却误将《爱乐之城(La La Land)念成最佳影片奖得主,而不是《月光男孩(Moonlight)奥斯卡主办方很快就意识到信封混淆,不过也没能赶在《爱乐之城演员团队上台领奖之前发现错误时,《爱乐之城的制片人正在台上,他接过麦克风很优雅的宣布《月光男孩才是真正的得主译文属原创,,不得转载 538The power of pomegranates.Pomegranates now seem all the rage. Are they too powerful or not at all? Maya Sanchez reports. It’s the biggest fatten fruit but too much of the good thing actually hurt you? My Center shows this is why the power pomegranates maybe too potent. It’s emerged as a mega hit, but the hit helps the conscious crowd.I like so many healthy antioxidants and it’s so good your health, your skin, your age. Those were the passion the pomegranates raised about its benefits, everything from decreasing your chances cancer to lower in your cholesterol. My cholesterol level actually use to be very high, and it’s actually gone done to likely really good levels, cholesterol, cholesterol’s up, cholesterol’s down. So I mean I think it definitely helps. But this juicy fruits reputation is getting the squeeze by some medical professionals who say its power packed juice can interfere with cholesterol lowering drugs. Now a major US pomgratic producer Pom Wonderful says the fruit is getting a bad wrap. We believe that’s absolutely not true and it always studies get been conducted on pom. There have been no reported incidents of any safety at all. Doctors at the center integrative medicine in Taisan agree, but they say concentrated pomegranate juice is so pount it can’t lower blood pressure. Encourage patients to consult their physinal pharmacist if you are beginning the regime of the secular berry. Advocates of pomegranate juice say your best bet is not exceeding a daily dose about eight ounces. There’s no disputing that in moderation this is luxurious jure of fruit can really be health’s angle.

Lillian:Look at this! Im going to take this home as a souvenir.莉莉安:看看这个!我要把这个当作纪念品带回家Bruce:You cant do that. That might be an artifact of some kind.布鲁斯:你不能这样做这可能是一件手工艺品It belongs to this archaeological site.它属于这个考古遗址Lillian:It just a rock. No one will miss it.莉莉安:就是块石头而已没有人会在意的Bruce:That not the point.布鲁斯:这不是重点Everything here should be preserved.这里的一切都应该受到保护That the point of doing a careful excavation.正因为这样才进行精心挖掘Everything should be recorded and nothing should be lost.应记录一切而且什么都不能弄丢Lillian:Take it easy. It not like Im defacing anything.莉莉安:放松,我可没有搞破坏And if theyre trying to preserve this site,why are they doing this dig?如果他们试图保护这个遗址,为什么他们还大挖特挖呢?Wouldnt it be better just to leave it frozen in time?干脆什么也不做让历史尘封在这里岂不更好?Bruce:The point is to learn more about the peoples of ancient civilizations who lived here in prehistory.布鲁斯:问题在于要了解更多关于史前生活人民的古代文明Lillian:In my opinion,it disrespectful to disturb burial mounds and tombs.莉莉安:在我看来, 打扰这些被埋葬之人及他们的坟墓是不敬的行为They were never meant to be desecrated like this.他们绝没有想到会遭这样的待遇Bruce:Some people would agree with you,but that the price we have to pay to add to our knowledge about human history.布鲁斯:有些人会同意你的观点,但这是我们必须付出这样的代价才能增加我们对于人类历史的了解I really think you should leave that rock where you found it.我真的认为你应该把你手上的那块石头放回原处It could be a fossil.可能那是一块化石Lillian:Do you really think so?莉莉安:你真的这么认为吗?Bruce:You never know.布鲁斯:谁说的准呢You could hold in your hand the key to understanding this entire civilization.你手里握着的可能是了解整个文明的关键Lillian:Wow,if I take it,I could preserve it posterity.莉莉安:哇,如果我拿着的是这样的一块石头,我可以把它留给后世Bruce:What happened to leaving things undisturbed?布鲁斯:不受打扰的物体离开会发生什么呢?Lillian:That bee I realized I could go down in history my own discovery!莉莉安:那是在我意识到将自己的发现载入史册之前! 395

1. Who is visiting Jori the weekend?A. her best friendB. her brother BobC. her sister. What is Carol wearing?A. a sweaterB. a red sweat shirtC. a black blouse3. What is Carol like?A. She sociable.B. She timidC. She very reserved.. What is Bob wearing?A. a flashy suit jacketB. a green tieC. blue jeans5. Jori knows Bob because:A. they work together in the same office.B. she is taking karate lessons from him.C. they met at a party two months ago. 37339

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