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广州新塘医院在线咨询广州番禺人民医院不孕专家广州天河阴道紧缩哪里好 Australia is first with #39;massive#39; crowds to buy iPhone 6iPhone 6上架 澳洲店铺首先出现购买队伍长龙The eagerly awaited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus handsets are about to go on sale.万众瞩目的iPhone 6和iPhone 6plus手机即将面世。Apple stores in Australia were the first in the world to open their doors to the public.澳大利亚的苹果店首当其冲成为全球第一家开门营业销售iPhone 6系列产品的专卖店。A line of more than 1,400 people queued outside the flagship Sydney store.1400多人的队伍长龙守候在悉尼的旗舰店外。People brought camping chairs, blankets and whatever else was needed to make their stay along the pavement as comfortable as possible.人们带着露营椅,毯子和其他能让他们尽可能感到舒适的物品等候。Locals said the queue exceeded the one for last year#39;s launch of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.当地人表示这次大排长队超过了去年iPhone 5S和iPhone 5C推出时的购买人群。 Article/201409/329896Predictions for Apple#39;s smart TV A technology analyst offers his predictions for the features of the rumored Apple smart TV.风传已久,众所期待!苹果智能电视即将来袭,能否再次颠覆传统产业。市场预测,苹果电视的售价将在1500到2000美元之间,换算成人民币已超过万元。So, Brian, in stores like this, there are aly all of these choice with TVs, lots of smart TVs, why does everyone think that Apple is gonna come out with something that’s gonna be a game changer?Well, one of the problems with some of these TVs they call smart TV is they are not very smart. And we see what Apple did to the mobile phone industry, we’ve seen what they did to the tablet industry, they’re gonna do the same thing to the TV industry and totally revolutionize the market. Well, that’s at least the bold hope that they are gonna do that. What does this thing have to look like in order for it to really succeed, what does it have to do, how does it have to be different?You know, I think one thing it’s gonna be much simpler to use, to get on the web, to access content, so I’m thinking, you know, Siri will be on there, voice recognition, Facetime for conferencing. We’re gonna have the app store, obviously all the music, and all the contents they have today. Don’t you get some of that on some of these things aly? Is it really that revolutionary? It is gonna be revolutionary, cause most people have smart TVs, but have no idea how to use them, and I think this will take the market to the next level, it’s gonna be enormous. So it’s gonna be that interface, what are you hearing, because I know you go to Asia all the time, you come out with some notes, what are some of the things that you are getting a jump on in terms of how it might be easier to use for consumers?Well, no.1 I think it’s gonna come out by the end of the year. It’s my estimate right now. I think there’s gonna be a 60 inch television. And it’s going to have smaller, iTVs is what I call them that can next to this 60’ big television, similar to an iPad. I’ve also been told this is gonna be a security device. So if you wana watch young children, babies, you wanna watch older parents, this will be a security device for the home as well. So I think there’s a lot of implications beyond watching television, this is the last kind of area that they can tie everything together in the family room is apple TV, I think it’s gonna be a big hit, and I think it’s gonna make the model much stickier than any other company out there.So you’re convinced that the stock is gonna see a rebound?I think the stock will see a sharp rebound, we’re in a near term soft patch. But what do we have in the horizon, more priced iPhone, iPhone 5S, China Mobile, iTV, iWatch, so we’re still at very early stages of a long term growth trajectory for Apple. /201304/237549广州治疗阳痿去哪好

广州天河看妇科最好的医院是哪里Brown-tufted capuchins, highly intelligent monkeys.褐卷尾猴的智商很高They spend their nights in the safety of caves,它们晚上在安全的洞穴里过夜emerging each morning to find food.早上出来觅食Down in the valley is a particular favourite.谷底长着它们的最爱A nut palm.澳洲苏铁The palms produce huge seeds,这种植物的种子很大but they have very strong shells但种子有一层厚厚的硬壳that protect them against attack from hungry animals.以阻挡饥肠辘辘的动物For the capuchins this is a war of attrition.对卷尾猴来说 这是一场消耗战They check which seed is the ripest,等它们确定哪颗种子最熟and the battle commences.战争就开始了The first job is to tear the tough fibrous husk from the nut.首先是要撕掉 坚果坚硬多纤的外壳He doesn#39;t try to crack the nut straight away,这只猴子并不急着敲碎坚果but drops it to the ground.而是把它丢在地上He#39;s learnt that a nut should be given a week or so drying in the sun.它知道坚果得先在阳光下 曝晒一个礼拜左右These are ones he prepared earlier.这些是它之前晒的坚果He taps them to see if they#39;re y.它轻敲坚果 以判定它们是不是晒够了 Article/201307/247650广州长安不孕不育医院打胎 Appropriate gear and lighting are essential for safety when riding a bike at night.当你夜间骑自行车的时候,恰当的装置和光线对于保障安全来说是必要的。You Will Need你需要Bike自行车Reflective tape反光带Reflective gear反光装置Rear bike light自行车尾灯Bike headlight自行车前灯Common sense常识Helmet light (optional)头盔灯Steps步骤Riding a bicycle at night can be dangerous. The risk of a fatal collision is much higher than during daylight. Use caution and always wear a helmet.夜间骑自行车是比较危险的。致命撞击的风险远远高于白天。一定要提高警惕,戴上头盔。Step 1 Attach reflective gear1.安装反光装置Place reflective tape strategically around your bike and outerwear, including your helmet. Wear reflective gear, such as a reflective vest, when biking at night.在自行车和外衣上,以及头盔上战略性地贴上反光带。夜间骑自行车的时候佩戴反光装置,例如穿上反光背心。Wearing fluorescent colored clothing can help your visibility, but it is not a substitute for reflective gear.穿荧光装可以增加你的可见性,但是不可替代反光装置。Step 2 Attach a rear light2.安装尾灯Attach a red rear blinking light to your seat post, and always turn it on in low lighting conditions.在自行车座后安装红色的尾灯,在光线不好的地方一定要打开。Make sure that none of your clothing or equipment covers up or limits the visibility of your rear light.确保你的任何衣物或设备不要覆盖或限制尾灯的可见性。Step 3 Headlight3.头灯Attach a bright headlight to your handlebars. Angle it so you can see the road and so oncoming traffic can see you.在自行车把手上安装一盏明亮的头灯。稍微倾斜一下,这样你就可以看到道路状况,接近的车辆也能够看到你。Check your lights before each ride, and carry extra batteries.每次骑自行车之前都检查一下这些灯的状况,并携带备用电池。Step 4 Check reflectors4.检查反射物Clean the reflectors on your wheels, front stem, and seat post and make sure they are securely attached.清洁轮子,把手和车座上的反射物,确保安装牢固。Step 5 Use common sense5.常识Pretend you are invisible to drivers when you bike at night, even if you have lots of lights and reflective gear. Common sense is the best way to avoid an accident.即使你有许多灯和反光装置,夜间骑自行车的时候也要假设其他司机看不到你。常识是避免事故最好的方法。A bicycle going 15 miles per hour on a dry, clean surface needs 35 feet to come to a complete stop.在干燥整洁的平面上以每小时15英里的速度运行的自行车需要滑行35英尺才能完全停下来。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/237401广州结扎疏通专科医院

广州白云哪里无痛人流医院最好American Airlines ends bereavement fares American Airlines is the latest major U.S. airline to stop offering bereavement fares. CNN#39;s Alison Kosik reports.A much appreciated convenience won#39;t be available from American Airlines anymore. The airline says it will no longer offer special fares to passengers who have to book a sudden flight because of a relative#39;s death. American explains to CNN why it made the decision, saying in order to have a single, consistent program for American and US Airways, we will adopt the US Airways#39; policy and now offer customers the option to purchase changeable and refundable fares.American and US Airways recently merged. And US Airways has no bereavement discounts, so essentially American will drop its special fare as well. Prices for walk-up tickets are generally higher and that puts additional pressure on passengers dealing with the loss of a loved one. Other airlines still offer bereavement fare. ed offers a discount of 5% on fares in the event of a death or serious illness of an immediate family member. Delta#39;s website says it offers additional flexibility on the best-published fare for such situations. So discounts are still available at least for now. /201403/278174 Did Apple#39;s CEO dis Google Glass? Apple CEO Tim Cook weighs in on Google Glass, the future of wearable tech and his congressional testimony.苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克(Tim Cook)出席《华尔街日报》主办的D11科技大会,担当首位访谈嘉宾。库克在会上表示,可穿戴设备有望成为一个影响深远的领域,但谷歌眼镜能否普及很难定论,该产品缺乏吸引力;仅耐克的Fuelband腕带做得很不错。Google#39;s newest product called glass has been steadily getting burst that new wearable technology that takes s was a simple command.;OK glass,recording ;;I think the light that will be hit here has a broad range of appeal.I don#39;t,that#39;s tough to see.; Apple CEO Tim Cook making the rare public appearance at the technology conference seems to be given it as a thumbsdown.;I wear glasses because i have to. I can#39;t see without it. I don#39;t know a lot of people that wear them that don#39;t have to. But the company that pionners the smart phone may soon branch into the category known as wearables. If we do the comments like this ;I think there will be times of companies playing in us; Will Apple be one of them?“I don#39;t wanna answer that one”Sharing the stage with technology blockers Walter Mossbergand Kara Swisher,Cook waited on the other hot tech topics like why doesn#39;t Apple come out with the biggest screen for the Iphone.;A large screen today comes a lot of trade-offs;And why not come out with other versions of phones like its competitors?;We have been so far that doesn#39;t shut off the future;Then the subject turns to taxes.Will Apple has recently been criticised?; We pay six billion dollars and that is the big highest in the US. We pay more taxes than anybody.;Cook#39;s appearance comes about a week after testifying in Washington.He was questioned by the Senators about the compamy allegedlly keeping money overseas to avoid paying US taxes. Apple has 144 billion in cash but about 100billion of that is capital offshore but is not subect to the US corporate taxes.;Can you understand there is a perception of unfair vantage share?;Honestly speaking,I don#39;t see it as being unfair.I#39;m not an unfair person.And that is not who we are as a company.;But as John Steward noted it wasn#39;t exactly a ruining testimony.;You#39;ve managed to change the word which is a incredible legacy.;“I harassed my husband until it converted to a Macbook.”“Your product makes great.” ”My granddaughter even knows how to use it.;;I love Apple,I love Apple;;What the hell is that,what#39;s the opposite of genius bar?;Did you give the mall free staff for what happened.; No I didn#39;t feel this a love fancy,I don#39;t know it#39;s a sort of media sitting in the witnessing chair.You don#39;t necessarily have that feeling. /201306/242605广州东圃红十字会医院打胎流产好吗潮州市人民医院输卵管造影



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