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绵阳纹绣培训学校学费课程多少钱四川半永久好学吗Vision by Human vision like that of other primates has evolved in an arboreal environment. In the dense complex world of a tropical est, it is more important to see well that to develop an acute sense of smell. In the course of evolution members of the primate line have acquired large eyes while the snout has shrunk to give the eye an unimpeded view. Of mammals only humans and some primates enjoy color vision. The red flag is black to the bull. Horses live in a monochrome world .light visible to human eyes however occupies only a very narrow band in the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Ultraviolet rays are invisible to humans though ants and honeybees are sensitive to them. Humans though ants and honeybees are sensitive to them. Humans have no direct perception of infrared rays unlike the rattlesnake which has receptors tuned into wavelengths longer than 0.7 micron. The world would look eerily different if human eyes were sensitive to infrared radiation. Then instead of the darkness of night, we would be able to move easily in a strange shadowless world where objects glowed with varying degrees of intensity. But human eyes excel in other ways. They are in fact remarkably discerning in color gradation. The color sensitivity of normal human vision is rarely surpassed even by sophisticated technical devices. 7资阳国际纹绣 打电话“dial”的日常英语 -- :3:57 来源: 我是丹尼斯·史密斯 This is Dennis Smith. *打电话时常用This is...代替My name is... This is Dennis Smith speaking. 喂,是约翰吗? Hello, John? *常用于熟人之间 喂, 请问是丹尼斯·史密斯先生吗? Is this Mr. Dennis Smith? 请问是财务科吗? Is this the finance department? 请问是吉姆·贝克医生的办公室吗? Is this Dr. Jim Baker office? 我能借用一下您的电话吗? Do you mind if I use your phone? *这句话直译是“如果我用一下您的电话,您介意吗?”如果同意,回答是No(不介意) Do you mind if I use your phone? (我能借用一下您的电话吗?) No, please go ahead. (可以,请用吧) 我想找佐藤先生 May I speak to Mr. Sato? May I speak with Mr. Sato? Id like to speak to Mr. Sato, please. Is Mr. Sato there, please? Mr. Sato, please. *这是最简单的说法并不失礼,工作和日常生活中都可以用 Let me talk to Mr. Sato, please. *这样说有点太直,除了对熟人以外一般不用 马克在吗? Is Mark there? *孩子们之间、朋友之间和比较熟悉的人之间比较随便的说法,工作中最好不用 真对不起,这么晚了还给您打电话 Im sorry calling you this late. *若在早晨的话把late换成early 我希望我没打扰您 I hope Im not disturbing you. *disturb“打扰(休息和工作)” I hope Im not keeping you. 但愿没吵醒您 I hope I didnt wake you up. I hope I didnt wake you up. (但愿没吵醒您) No, you didnt. (没有,你没吵醒我) 我有急事要找巴尔先生 It is urgent I talk to Mr. Barr now. I need to get in contact with Mr. Barr right away. *get in contact with...“和……取得联系” I need to talk to Mr. Barr immediately. 有关明天开会的事给您打电话 Im calling about tomorrow meeting. 我给您回电话 Im returning your call. Im calling you back. 接电话 喂! Hello. *英语中接电话的人先说“Hello” Hello. (喂!) Oh, hello. Is Mark there? (喂,马克在吗?) 对,我就是 Speaking. *对方要找的刚好是自己,就以这句“我就是”回答 This is he. *女性用“This is she” This is Mr. Sato speaking. (对,我是佐藤) This is. *有点儿生硬的感觉 是我呀 It me. *常用于像夫妻间关系非常亲密的场合 A商务学院您有什么事? A Business College, may I help you? *公司等工作场所接电话时的一般对答方式个人家庭接电话时只需说“Hello” Thank you calling A Business College. Can I help you? 您是哪位? Who calling, please? Who speaking, please? Who is this, please? May I ask who calling? Who should I say is calling? 您想找哪位接电话? Who in particular would you like to talk to? *in particular“特别”、“尤其” 他一直在等您的电话 He been expecting your call. * He是He has的省略形式Expect“抱有希望地等待” 您要找哪个铃木? Which Suzuki do you want to talk to? 这儿有三位姓铃木的 There are three Suzukis here. 您能过会儿再打吗? Would you mind calling back later? Could you call back later? 请转1 Extension 1, please. *extension“延长”,在这里表示“分机电话” May I have extension 1? Could I have extension number 1? Please connect me with extension 1. Would you transfer this call to extension 1? 我给您接1分机 Ill connect you to extension 1. Im transferring your call to extension 1. 请稍等一下 Hold on, please. *hold on“等待” May I speak to Mr. Smith? (请找史密斯先生) Hold on, please. (请稍等) One moment, please. Just a moment, please. Hold the line, please. Just a second, please. 我让他接电话 Ill put him on. * put...on“让……接电话” Ill connect you. (把电话转接给你) *connect“连接” 我把电话给您接过去 Ill transfer your call. Ill put you through. 我把电话转给负责人 Ill get your party you. *party 不是“聚会”而是指接电话的对象 Let me transfer this call you. Im transferring your call to the person in charge. 我把您的电话接到营业部去 Im transferring your call to the sales department. 是贝克打来的,请接1号线 Mr. Peck is on line one. Mr. Peck you. He on line one. Pick up line one. It Mr. Peck. A公司米兰先生的电话 You have a call from Mr. Miller of A. There a call from Mr. Miller of A. Mr. Miller of A is on the line. 您要找的人来接电话了 Your party is on the line. *通过电话交换台的接线员时,接线员接通电话后常用的表达方式 Your party is on the line. (您要找的人来接电话了) Thank you. (谢谢) 无法接电话时 她正在接电话 Her line is busy now. *busy表示“正在打电话”,而不是“忙” Sorry, her line is busy now. (对不起,她正在打电话) Alright. Ill try again later. (好的那我过一会儿再打) She on another line now. Ms. Kane is talking to someone else now. (凯恩先生正在打电话) Im afraid she on the other line now. 对不起,她现在脱不开身 Im sorry, she tied up at the moment. *tied up “忙得不能接电话” 对不起,她正在接待客人 Im sorry, she has company at this time. *company 除了“公司”以外,还表示“朋友”、“来客” 您等会儿行吗? Would you like to hold? *hold“拿”、“握住”,即“不挂电话等着” Would you like to hold? (您等会儿行吗?) No, Ill call back later. Thanks. (不用了,过会儿我再打吧谢谢) Would you like to stay on the line? Can you hold the line, please? Would you like to hold on? Wanna hold? (能等会儿吗?) *只用于朋友或熟人,工作中不能使用Wanna...是Do you want to的省略形式表示“你想……吗?” 他现在不在座位上 He away from his desk now. 他在公司,但现在不在座位上 He in but he not at his desk right now. 对不起,他出去了 Im sorry, he not in right now. Is John there, please? (请问约翰在吗?) Im sorry, he not in right now. (对不起,他出去了) He not in. He out now. He not here now.(他现在不在这儿) He out of the office right now. 他什么时候能回来? When is he coming back? When do you expect him back? What time do you think hell be back? 他大概分钟后回来 He should be back in ten minutes. *in 指的不是“以内”,而是“……之后”,所以是“分钟后”的意思 他应该下个星期来上班 He should be back in the office next week. 他休假到下个星期 He on vacation until next week. 他打电话来说病了 He called in sick today. *call in sick 是习惯用语,“打电话请病假” 他现在出差去了 He out of town now. 他现在吃午饭去了 He out to lunch now. *out to lunch 惯用语,“午休” 他现在正在开会 He in a meeting right now. 他今天休息 He off today. *只用off就可以表示“休息” 留言、接受留言 您能过会儿再打来吗? Could you call back later? Would you call again later? Would you mind calling back later? 请分钟后再打 Please call me back in ten minutes. *in表示“从现在到……以后”、“……以后”如果要特别强调在“……时间之内”的话,用within表示在“某时间以后”,用after Would you call me back in ten minutes, if you dont mind? (你能分钟以后再打来吗?) Would you call me back in ten minutes if possible? (你能不能分钟以后再打来?) 您要给他留言吗? May I take a message? May I take a message? (您要给他留言吗?) No, thank you. (不用了,谢谢) Is there any message? Would you like to leave a message? Shall I take a message? Could I take a message? Do you have any message? May I take a message? 过会儿我再打 Ill try again later. Ill call back later. Ill call again in an hour. (一个小时后我再打来) 能留个口信吗? Can I leave a message? Can I leave Mr. Smith a message? (能给史密斯先生留个口信吗?) 我给你打电话了,可是占线 I called but your line was busy. I called but your line was engaged. *英式英语 请告诉他林恩·凯恩给他打过电话 Would you tell him that Lynn Kane called? Please tell him to call Lynn Kane. (请让他给林恩·凯恩打电话) 请转告他让他给我回个电话 Please tell him to call me. Please ask him to call me. Please have him call me back. (请让他给我打电话) 他怎么跟您联系呢? How can he get a hold of you? How can he get in touch with you? How can he get in contact with you? 请告诉我您的电话号码 Your number, please? Your number, please? (请告诉我您的电话号码) My number is -. (我的电话号码是-) What your number? May I have your number? Could I have your number? 我的电话号码是- My number is -. 请6点以前打-跟我联系 You can reach me at - until six oclock. *reach“电话联系” 我再确认一下电话号码,-,对吗? Let me repeat the number. That -. The number is -. Right? (你的号码是-,对吗?) 好的,我转告他您来电话了 OK. Ill tell him that you called. Ill give him your message. (我将转告您的口信) 您的名字怎么拼? How do you spell your name? Could you spell your name, please? Would you please spell your name? Could you spell that? (您能拼一下您的名字吗?) 您开会的时候史密斯先生给您来电话了 Mr. Smith called you during the meeting. 我让他给您回电话好了 Ill have him call you back. Ill tell him to call you back. Ill ask him to call you back. 是不是让他给您回电话呀?关于足球比赛的常用英语句子 -- 1::57 来源: 关于足球比赛的常用英语句子1. Today's game was pretty lousy.今天这场比赛看得真憋气. Which teams are playing?什么队的比赛?3. How was the game last night?昨晚的比赛怎么样?. I thought the score would be at least :1, but it ended in a draw.我本来以为至少能踢个比1,没想到最后闹了个平局5. Those players are getting worse and worse - I should go out there and play myself.那些球员表现越来越次了,还不如我去踢呢6. Germany won and will be going on to the second round. 德国队赢了,晋级十六强7. Sweden's not as good as Germany, huh?跟德国队比,瑞典队是弱了点儿,哈?8. The next game is Brazil vs. England and it should be really good.下一场是巴西对英格兰,比赛肯定会很精更多精尽在世界杯专题 关于足球比赛的常用英语句子邛崃市学唇部纹绣多少钱

成都炫彩坊国际纹绣培训学校好吗he was clearly a beginner at dairy work.从他挤一头牛花费的时间来看,对牛奶场的活儿,他显然是一个新手第二、对话精讲1. He .短语注释:walking brothers:徒步旅行的兄弟 stop one’s walk:驻足,停住脚步文法:who had stopped their walk to admire the May-Day dance in Marlott a few years bee是限定性定语从句,修饰表示“人”且在从句中做“主语”的先行词“brother”. He had danced with some of the other girls but not with her.文法:这个句子是有表示转折的并列连词but连接的个并列分词在第二个分句中省略了同样成分且同样意思的词语:had danced(谓语成分)语言要点:go on one’s way:继续前行,继续上路e.g. Annie goes on his way, driving car and turning on the radio. 安妮驾车继续上路,并且她打开收音机He thanked him profusely and then go on his way. 一再地向他道谢,然后继续上路3. 语言要点:not at all:丝毫不......,一点儿也不......I m not at all satisfied with the present situation. 我对现状一点也不满足He was not at all nervous, he knew what to expect. 他心里有底, 一点不慌. 描写手法:这句话中采用了肖像描写的手法“his face had grown more thoughtful(他的脸变得更为深沉)”揭露出当时社会底层人们艰辛的生活5. he was clearly a beginner at dairy work.语言要点:spend some time doing:花费时间做.......e.g. He spend all the morning playing games online. 他一个早上在网上玩游戏语言要点:a beginner in something:在......是个新手,对......还不熟练e.g. You can see John is a beginner in computer. 你可以看得出约翰在电脑操作上还是个新手文法:he had spent milking one cow是限定性定语从句,修饰表示时间的且在从句中做时间状语的先行词time这个引导从句的关系副词是可以省略的攀枝花半永久定妆学习 Relish the MomentTucked away in our subconsciousness is an idyllic vision. We see ourselves on a long trip that spans the moment. We are traveling by train. Out the windows, we drink in the passing scene of cars on nearby highways, of children waving at a crossing, of cattle grazing on a distant hillside, of smoke pouring from a power plant, of row upon row of corn ad wheat, of flatlands and valleys, of mountains and rolling hillsides, of city skylines and village halls.But uppermost in our minds is the final destination. On a certain day at a certain hour, we will pull into the station. Bands will be playing and flags waving. Once we get there, so many wonderful dreams will come true and the pieces of our lives will fit together like a completed jigsaw puzzle. How restlessly we pace the aisles, damning the minutes loitering---waiting, waiting, waiting the station.“When we reach the station, that will be it!” we cry. “When I’m 18.” “When I buy a new 50SL Mercedes Benz!” “When I put the last kid through college.” “When I have paid off the mortgage!” “When I get a promotion.” “When I reach the age of retirement, I shall live happily ever after!” Sooner or later, we must realize there is no station, no one place to arrive at once and all. The true joy of life is the trip. The station is only a dream. It constantly outdistances us. It isn’t the burdens of today that drive men mad. It is the regrets over yesterday and the fear of tomorrow. Regret and fear are twin thieves who rob us of today.So stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles. Instead, climb more mountains, eat more ice cream, go barefoot more often, swim more rivers, watch more sunsets, laugh more, cry less. Life must be lived as we go along. The station will come soon enough. 9成都菲菲学校纹绣学纹唇漂唇多少钱

南充学韩式定妆眉毛多少钱Dufficulties arise in the lives of us all.生活中困难在所难免,What is most important is dealing with the hard times, coping with the changes, and getting through to the other side where the sun is still shining just you.最重要的是要挺过艰难的时刻,积极应对种种变故,冲破黎明前的黑暗,你终会看到只属于自己的灿烂阳光It takes a strong person to deal with tough times and difficult choices. But you are a strong person.只有强者才能勇敢直面困难时刻,做出艰难抉择而你正是这样一位强者It takes courage.But you possess the inner courage to see you through.要有勇气你拥有披荆斩棘的勇气It takes being an active participant in your life. But you are in the driver's seat, and you can determine the direction you want tomorrow to go in.你必须在这场游戏人生中积极主动而且你正在驾驭这场游戏,并决定着自己明天前进的方向Hang in there... and take care to see that you don't lose sight of the one thing that is constant, beautiful,and true 坚持再坚持,别让你的视野迷失了那不变的美好真理:Everything will be fine---and it will turn out that way because of the special kind of person you are.一切都会好转的------因为你是如此的与众不同So...beginning today and lasting a lifetime through---Hang in there, and don't be afraid to feel like the morning sun is shining...just you.到生命的终点-----坚持住,不必怀疑,朝阳为你而升起 6 情感口语:如何友善拒绝表白 -- ::8 来源: 俗话说强扭的瓜儿不甜,强求的爱也不会香每个人多少都有告白或者被人告白的经历,被人拒绝当然是一件痛苦的事,但有时拒绝别人更是一件痛苦的事今天我们就来说一说对那些我们希望维持友好关系或是需要一起共事的人,如何友善地拒绝对方的表白1. 赞美对方,修饰原因告诉表白对象你觉得他她很好很出色,或者让你的拒绝原因中带着一些你无法控制的因素,比如工作太忙或是尚未准备好投入一段感情等等You're a great guygirl, but I'm just too busy to pursue a serious relationship right now.你是一个很好的男人女人,但我实在太忙了,没有时间投入到长期、稳定的恋爱关系中I'm flattered that you asked, but I'm not y to start a relationship right now.你会这么问让我很是受宠若惊,但我现在还没有准备谈恋爱Work has been keeping me too busy, I don't think I'm a good boyfriendgirlfriend material.我工作非常忙,所以我觉得我不具备一个很好的男朋友女朋友的资质I'm still hung up over my previous relationship, and I'd rather us just be friends.我对前一段恋情还是很放不下,我希望我们就做朋友吧I've just gotten out of a bad relationship and I don't want to start anything too hastily.我刚经历了一段不堪回首的感情,我不希望太过着急开始另一段恋情. 坦白直率,愿友情长存直接告诉对方你觉得双方可能不太合适做恋人,但希望还能继续保持现有的友情如果对方不愿跟你继续交往,那也不用太强求了I like you, but I'm just not interested in you in that way.我喜欢你,但我对你的感情不是那种恋人间情感You're a great friend, and I'd rather that we keep it this way.你是一个很好的朋友,我希望我们能继续保持这样的关系I'm not the right guygirl you. I hope that you can understand and that we can still be friends.我不是适合你的男人女人,我希望你能够明白,并且希望我们还能够继续当朋友I like you as a friend, and I hope that we wouldn't have to give up our friendship over this.我喜欢和你做朋友,我希望我们的友谊不会因为这件事而结束 拒绝 如何 口语 情感凉山彝族自治州纹绣培训学习自贡高级纹绣培训



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