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什邡市去哪里学习纹绣成都韩秀培训学校学费课程需要多少钱乐山学纹眼多少钱 More than four decades after a sweeping British military withdrawal from bases “east of Suez the UK is scaling up its defence engagement in the Gulf and Asia in what analysts regard as a recognition of the region’s growing global importance.40多年前,英国军队从“苏伊士运河以东”的基地完全撤走了。如今,英国又开始加大海湾和亚洲的防务介入。分析人士认为,此举反映出英国对该地区的全球重要性日益增大的承认。Britain is reopening a naval support facility in Bahrain, creating a permanent army presence in Oman and establishing new defence staff centres in Dubai and Singapore.英国正在巴林重设一个海军援设施,在阿曼拥有一常驻军队,并在迪拜和新加坡设立新的国防参谋中心。RAF Typhoon jets trained with Japanese military aircraft this year; the first time Japan’s postwar air force has hosted an exercise with a nation other than the US. 英国皇家空军(RAF)的台风战斗机(Typhoon)今年跟日本军用飞机共同训练;这是日本空军在战后首次与美国以外的国家举行演练。And when Britain’s two new aircraft carriers are operational in a few yearstime, they will be “seen in the Pacific in an effort to keep sea lanes open, a senior diplomat said recently.一位资深外交官最近说,当英国的两艘新航母在几年后具备作战能力时,它们将“在太平洋游弋”,以确保海上航道畅通。This growing engagement reflects a desire in Britain’s governing Conservative party to think of the UK’s defence role in global rather than in European terms, according to Tim Huxley, executive director of IISS-Asia, the Singapore-based regional arm of the security thinktank.英国国际战略研究所亚洲分所(IISS-Asia)执行主任蒂姆.赫胥Tim Huxley)表示,英国对亚洲防务介入加深反映出,该国执政的保守党希望通过全球视野而非欧洲视野来思考本国的防务角色。Britain’s withdrawal from Southeast Asia in the 1970s, dismaying Singapore’s then prime minister Lee Kuan Yew at a time when the city-state’s own armed forces were embryonic, marked a shift in the region towards homegrown defences.英国0世纪70年代从东南亚撤走——令时任新加坡总理李光耀(Lee Kuan Yew)感到沮丧,因为当时这个城市国家自己的武装力量正处于起步阶段——标志着该地区转向发展本国的防御力量。Singapore, which now has the best-equipped military in Southeast Asia, tripled its defence spending in response to Britain’s exit and signed up to the Five Powers Defence Arrangements, a security tie-up with the UK, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.如今,新加坡拥有一只在东南亚国家中装备最精良的军队。当时,为了应对英国撤退,新加坡把国防开增加了两倍,并与英国、马来西亚、澳大利亚和新西兰订立了一份安全联盟——亚洲五国联Five Power Defence Arrangements)。The UK’s revitalised military engagement in recent months reflects London’s diplomatic emphasis on the region; UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s first trade mission as premier was to India. On a visit to Bahrain in December, Mrs May pledged to deepen security co-operation with Gulf countries.英国在近几个月加大了军事介入力度,反映出该国在外交方面对该地区的重视;英国首相特里萨.Theresa May)上任后第一次率领贸易代表团出访的对象国是印度2月访问巴林时,梅承诺要加深与海湾国家之间的安全合作。The British build-up is not overtly directed at China, a power that the UK government has worked hard to court in an effort to win Chinese investment. Instead, analysts say, Britain has sought to demonstrate its enduring military capacity on a world stage.英国这么做并非公然针对中囀?英国政府一直在努力取悦中国,以争取中国投资。分析师说,相反,英国寻求在世界舞台上展示其持久的军事能力。There is a gap, however, between Britain’s rhetoric and a military capability that has been diminished by financial constraints. The UK’s sole surviving army garrison in Asia Brunei is funded not by the British taxpayer but by that country’s Sultan.然而,英国的口头说法和军事能力之间存在着差距,财政制约导致其军事能力越来越弱。英国在亚洲唯一幸存的驻军——驻文莱部队——的资金来源不是英国纳税人,而是该国苏丹。The shortcomings of Britain’s campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan including a lack of planning and shortages of vital equipment have raised doubts about its effectiveness. The UK retains a small contingent of troops in Afghanistan, deployed in non-combat roles.英国在伊拉克和阿富汗作战行动的缺陷,包括缺乏规划和缺少关键装备,使人对其行动效力产生怀疑。英国在阿富汗保留了一小型部队,用于履行非战斗职胀?来 /201612/485536成都/木恩韩式美妆学院学习半永久韩式眉多少钱

绵竹市学纹绣去哪里好Russia has for the first time charged a human rights activist for failing to comply with its vague ;foreign agents; law, Human Rights Watch said Monday.人权观察组织星期一说,俄罗斯首次根据含混的所谓“外国代理人法”起诉人权活动人士。On Monday, Russian authorities informed Valentina Cherevatenko, chair of the coordination board of ;Women of the Don Union;, that they were bringing criminal charges against her.俄罗斯当局星期一告知女性权益组织负责人瓦伦蒂娜·切雷瓦坦科,她受到刑事起诉。Russian authorities said Cherevatenko was aware that she was required to register her organization as a ;foreign agent; because it received foreign funding, but she neglected to do so.俄罗斯当局说,该组织接受外国资助,因此切雷瓦坦科知道应将该组织作为“外国代理人”进行登记,但她没有依法办事。Russian authorities have been using a “foreign agentslaw from 2012 to blacklist groups receiving international funding and engaging in activities deemed political. The vague law implies such activities are disloyal and has been applied to more than 100 Russian organizations, many of them charities forced to scale back their activities or shut down.2012年以来,俄罗斯当局利用“外国代理人法”将接受外国资助和参与政治活动的组织列入黑名单。这一含混的法律认为这些组织的行为带有背叛性,俄罗斯已00多个组织因为这一法律被列入黑名单,其中不少是慈善机构,他们被迫减少活动,或停止运作。The law gives prosecutors the power to shut down any foreign and international organizations in Russia deemed a threat, and to fine and imprison any Russian repeat offenders working with them for up to six years.这项法律授权检察机构取缔任何被视为威胁的外国及国际组织,此外,检察机构还有权对屡教不改为这些组织工作的俄罗斯公民进行罚款和监禁,刑期最年。来 /201606/451704崇州市韩式半永久化妆学习 成都市学习纹绣要多少钱

纹绣哪里好BP is planning to sell one of its biggest Chinese investments, by disposing of the UK energy company’s 50 per cent stake in the Secco petrochemicals plant near Shanghai.英国石油(BP)正计划出售其在中国的最大投资项目之一,处置这家英国能源企业在上海赛科石化(Secco)所0%股权。BP is the latest western oil company to curtail activity in China, as energy groups reel from low crude and petrochemical prices. China’s slow liberalisation of its energy sector has disappointed investors.BP是最新一家缩减在华经营活动的西方石油公司,目前油价和石化产品价格低迷使能源集团承受重压。中国在开放能源行业方面步履缓慢,则让投资者失望。Analysts said BP’s move to exit the Secco plant made sense at a time when Asia was “awashwith petrochemical supplies.分析师们表示,在亚洲充斥石化产品供应的背景下,BP退出赛科石化的举动是有道理的。It also comes amid the UK company’s plans to sell between bn and bn worth of assets this year. BP has made more than bn of divestments since 2011 to help pay legal and clean-up bills following the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.BP计划在今年出售价0亿至50亿美元的资产。这家英国企业自2011年以来已进行了00亿美元撤资,以帮助010年墨西哥湾漏油事故后的法律和清理账单。State-controlled Sinopec, which also has a 50 per cent stake in the Secco joint venture, said it was “researchingBP’s planned sale.持有赛科石化另外50%股权的国有控股的中石Sinopec)表示,正在“研究”BP的出售计划。“We haven’t made any decision to buy or not,said a Sinopec spokesman. BP declined to comment.“我们还没有做出买还是不买的任何决定,”中石化发言人表示。BP拒绝发表。One analyst, who declined to be named, valued BP’s chemicals business, which is largely Asia focused, at bn.一位不愿透露姓名的分析师估计BP的这块化学品业务(主要面向亚洲市场)价0亿美元。This would imply BP could secure between bn and bn for its Secco stake, added the analyst.该分析师补充称,这将意味着BP能够从其赛科石化股份斩获10亿至20亿美元。The Secco plant started operations about 10 years ago after .7bn of investment by BP and Sinopec. It makes products including ethylene, which is a building block for plastics.赛科石化在大0年前投入运行,此前BP和中石化投资7亿美元。该厂的产品包括乙烯,它是塑料的原料。While BP appears keen to scale back its activity in China, it has no plans to exit the country.尽管BP似乎热衷于缩减在华活动,但它没有计划退出中囀?The UK company has stakes in several big Chinese petrochemical sites as well as a liquefied natural gas terminal. It does not have any oil or gas production in the country.这家英国企业在中国数家大型石化厂和一个液化天然气终端持有股份,但不在中国从事任何油气生产。Other western oil companies aiming to reduce their presence in China include Total, which is seeking to sell its stake in the Wepec refinery in the north-east of the country. Royal Dutch Shellhas shelved a shale gas joint venture in the south-west.寻求在中国缩减业务的其他西方石油公司包括道达Total),其正在寻求出售在大连西太平洋石油化工公WEPEC)所持股什?荷兰皇家壳Royal Dutch Shell)搁置了中国西南部的一个页岩气合资项目。The petrochemical industry is now struggling with overcapacity. “Asia is awash with petrochemicals supplies and in China, even though there is ample demand, the oversupply is translating into lower domestic prices,said Michal Meidan, analyst at Energy Aspects.石化行业正在艰难应对产能过剩。“亚洲充斥石化产品供应,而中国即使有足够需求,供过于求也正在导致国内价格走低,”Energy Aspects分析师米沙尔#8226;美丹(Michal Meidan)表示.“For BP, that must focus on costs in the current oil price cycle, this probably makes sense.”“对于在当前油价周期必须聚焦于成本的BP,此举很可能是有道理的。”While western energy companies have been retreating from Chinese oil investments, Middle Eastern and Russian groups are keen on projects in the country.在西方能源公司撤出在华石油投资项目的同时,中东和俄罗斯集团热衷于涉足中国项目。Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state-controlled oil company, has held on-off talks with China National Petroleum Corporation, parent of PetroChina, about buying a stake in its new refinery in Kunming. No deal has been finalised. Saudi Aramco aly holds a stake in a Quanzhou refinery.沙特阿拉伯国有石油企业沙特阿美公Saudi Aramco)与中石油(PetroChina)的母公司中国石油天然气集团公CNPC)就入股后者在昆明的一家新炼油厂举行了断断续续的谈判。双方尚未敲定任何协议。沙特阿美公司已持有泉州炼油厂的股份。Kuwait Petroleum Corpand National Iranian Oil Companyhave been in talks about investing in Chinese refineries.科威特石油公Kuwait Petroleum Corp)和伊朗国家石油公National Iranian Oil Company)一直在谈判投资于中国炼油厂的事宜。Rosneft, Russia’s state-controlled oil company, agreed in 2013 to establish a refining joint venture in Tianjin, the port city near Beijing.俄罗斯国有控股的俄罗斯石油公Rosneft) 2013年签约在距离北京不远的港口城市天津建立一家炼油合资企业。Last year ChemChina, the state-controlled chemicals and refining conglomerate, offered a stake in some of its refineries to Rosneft.去年,国有控股的化工和炼油企业集团中国化ChemChina)向俄罗斯石油公司出售旗下几家炼油厂的部分股权。来 /201608/459852 成都伊莱恩形象培训学校学习唇妆唇部纹绣价格绵阳纹绣培训学校修眉绣眉毛漂眉雕眉培训



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