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潮州做不孕检查哪家医院最好广州人流大概花多少钱【新闻精讲】Fighting has intensified in the eastern European nation of Ukraine. The country got its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Today, Ukraine is a nation divided, between people who want to be aligned with Russia, and those who want to be aligned more closely with Europe. Tensions over this led to the ouster of a former Ukrainian president in 2014. Violence flared up that same year. It has become Europe#39;s most violent crisis in decades. And though a ceasefire was negotiated in 2015, violence and violations are on the rise.欧国家乌克兰的冲突日益激化。1991年,乌克兰从苏联独立。现在,乌克兰是一个分裂的国家,一些人想同俄罗斯结盟,其他人则想同欧盟紧密合作。这种紧张关系导致乌克兰前总统在2014年被罢黜。同一年,暴力冲突爆发。那是数十年来欧洲发生的最暴力的危机事件。虽然冲突双方在2015年达成停火协议,但是暴力活动和违反停火协议的事件一直在增加。intensify v.加强divided adj.分裂的- divide v.分离aligned adj.持站队的- align v.持- she aligned herself with the protesters.tension n.矛盾ouster n.废黜 (remove someone from a position of power)- The ouster of the dictator.flare v.燃烧decade n.十年ceasefire n.停火This is very messy because the ceasefire isn#39;t really holding. To Russia, Ukraine is it#39;s vital near abroad. You couldn#39;t get more geopolitically, industrially important to Moscow. But Ukraine itself has been vacillating between getting closer to the E.U., to the West, and retaining its longer term links to Russia. That started back in uprising and revolution in 2004. And in 2014, they kicked out a pro-Russian leader.形势非常混乱,因为停火协议没能够维持下去。对俄罗斯来说,乌克兰是其至关重要的近邻国家。对莫斯科来说,从地缘政治和工业方面来说,乌克兰非常重要。但是,在更靠近欧盟和西方还是保持同俄罗斯的长期关系这个问题上,乌克兰一直摇摆不定。2004年,爆发了起义和革命。2014年,乌克兰将亲俄派领导人赶下了台。messy adj.糟糕的hold v.坚持vital adj.至关重要的 (extremely important)- The matters are vital to national defense.geopolitically adv. 地缘政治地industrially adv.工业地vacillate v.摇摆不定 (repeatedly change ideas and desires)- She has vacillated on this issue.retain v.保持uprise v.起义And the Russians responded by sending a covert force and annexing the peninsula of Crimea. They then sent slightly more covert operations into the eastern city of Donetsk, where government buildings were taken over and then militia, a lot of whom had some pretty serious Russian military support started taking territory.俄罗斯派遣秘密力量吞并克里米亚半岛,以此进行回应。随后,他们在乌克兰东部城市顿涅茨克展开了更多秘密行动,并接管了该市政府大楼,然后得到俄罗斯军事持的民兵开始了占领领土的行动。covert adj.隐蔽的 (secret or hidden)- The spy is taking covert action.annex v.吞并 (to take control of a place)- The ed States annexed Texas in1845.peninsula n.半岛militia n.民兵组织territory n.领土,地盘Since 2014,2015, that territory has changed hands, gone back and forth, sometimes the violence escalating. But after a major ceasefire agreement in early 2015, the violence hasn#39;t really stopped. It sort of bubbled along really a quite regular pace. Many see that Moscow has a longer term objective of perhaps linking up those eastern territories with the peninsula of Crimea, so they have a land bridge between them too, and they also want to subject Ukraine to broader political influence. Ukraine itself, well, it needs to get that territory back, the basic reasons of national pride.自2014年和2015年以来,这些领土来回易手,有时还会导致暴力冲突升级。虽然2015年年初达成停火协议,但是暴力活动并没有真正停止。反而像是有规律地在持续爆发。许多人认为莫斯科方面的长期目标是将乌克兰东部地区的这些领土同克里米亚半岛连接起来,这样他们就有了一座大陆桥,同时他们还想对乌克兰施加更广泛的政治影响。出于民族自豪感这一基本原因,乌克兰想将这些领土夺回来。change hands 转换统治者back and forth 来回地escalate v.加剧 (make something worse or more severe)- The conflict has escalated.bubble v.冒泡pace n.步伐objective n.目标- The main objective of this course is to improve English vovabulary.link up 连接subject to 使...从于Why is this so important? Well, it#39;s a war happening right on Europe#39;s doorstep, on the European mainland. It pits the European Union against Russia. And hanging in the balance is Ukraine where there are millions of people suffering deeply now from a war that#39;s been going on for years.为什么这如此重要?因为这场战争发生在欧洲门口,发生在欧洲大陆上。使欧盟站在了俄罗斯的对立面。乌克兰依然前途未卜,那里有数百万民众正在遭受持续多年的战争的蹂躏。doorstep n.门阶pit against 与...相争hang v.悬挂 Article/201703/501508天河做人流 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/391558This presentation will discuss the importance of whole本讲将会讨论天然谷物的重要性grains and how to add more whole grains to your diet.以及如何在饮食中添加更多的天然谷物Let#39;s begin with a bit of fun. What are whole grains?我们先来看点好玩的东西,什么是天然谷物Grains that are brown. Grains that are not processed.也就是棕色的谷物,未经加工的谷物Grains that contain the bran, germ, and endosperm.包括麦麸,种子和胚乳的谷物And grains that are organic or natural. Or all of the这些谷物都是有机的或者天然的above? As you can see denoted by the star, the answer还是说要满足以上所有条件? 我们可以看出is grains that contain the bran, germ, and endosperm.天然谷物就是包括麦麸,种子和胚乳的谷物Let#39;s take a look at the structure of a grain.我们来看看谷物的结构To be a whole grain, it must contain three parts:一粒完整的谷物包括三个部分the bran, the germ, and the endosperm.麦麸,种子和胚乳The bran is high in fiber plus some vitamins and麦麸富含纤维素,维生素和矿物质minerals. The germ contains all sorts of nutrients种子含有各种营养物质including vitamins, minerals, and some plant包括维生素,矿物质和一些植物chemicals referred to collectively as phytochemicals.化学元素,它们总称为植物化学物质We#39;ll talk more about these later. Lastly, the biggest我们一会会详细讲解这部分内容part is the endosperm, which is rich in carbohydrate最大的部分是胚乳,它富含碳水化合物but also contains some protein and some vitamins.同时还含有蛋白质和维生素Refined grains only contain the endosperm.加工过的谷物只含有胚乳You will miss the most nutrient-rich因此,如果选择加工过的谷物by choosing refined grains.你就错过了谷物中最有营养的部分Let#39;s run through a quick comparison of whole我们来迅速比较一下天然谷物和and refined grains. White flour, white b, pasta,加工过的谷物,白面,白面包,意大利面white rice, and some cereals are refined grain白米饭还有一些谷物都是加工过的products. Choosing whole grain products such as食用左边列出的这些those listed here on the left provides more nutrients.天然谷物含有更多的营养物质Next time you have the choice, choose whole grains下一次在选择食物的时候,请注意选择like whole wheat flour, whole wheat b,天然谷物,如天然面粉,全麦面包whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat全麦意大利面,燕麦粥,黑米饭,全麦cereals, whole rye, and wild rice. These contain all黑麦面包等等,它们都含有上述的three components of the grain as we discussed earlier.三种天然谷物构成因素Now that you know the three components of whole我们已经知道了天然谷物的构成要素grains, what are the health benefits of whole grain那么天然谷物对身体有哪些好处呢?foods? The answer here is all of the above!就是它们拥有数不胜数的好处Whole grains provide many distinct benefits天然谷物在很多方面都对身体有益including contribution to a healthy digestive system,包括强化消化系统功能weight management, reduced risk of heart disease,控制体重,减少罹患心脏病的风险lowering blood sugar, and降低血糖量,以及reducing the risk of some cancers.降低罹患一些癌症的风险With whole grains, you receive all the nutrients通过食用天然谷物,你可以吸收谷物中的of grain such as carbohydrate and protein but营养物质,比如碳水化合物和蛋白质等等also much more. The first component we will我们首先要谈到的要素就是touch upon is fiber. Fiber reduces cholesterol纤维素,纤维素能够减少胆固醇thereby reducing the risk of developing heart disease.因此可以降低罹患心脏病的风险Fiber has also been shown to reduce weight gain纤维素还可以帮助人们减肥because it provides bulk to the diet and makes you因为它们能让人产生饱腹感feel full longer. Importantly for our purposes,更为重要的是fiber also appears to protect against certain types of纤维素还能够降低我们罹患某些癌症的cancer. The best studied is colon cancer.风险,其中表现最为明显的是结肠癌 Article/201510/405537天河哪个医院打胎好

广州天河长安医院修复输卵管多少钱Wang Jianlin#39;s wealth balloons on stock value hike王健林身家超李嘉诚亚洲首富又换人Chinese real estate tycoon Wang Jianlin is once again the richest man in Asia, surpassing Li Ka-shing, the most recent owner of the title.中国房地产大亨王健林超过李嘉诚再次成为亚洲首富。According to the Bloomberg rich list, Wang sits on US38.1 billion, making him the richest man in Asia and the 11th richest in the world.彭富豪榜显示王健林以381亿美元身家成为亚洲首富、全球富豪排行中居第11位。That is thanks to a continuous rise in the stock value of his listed assets:这是由于他的股价持续上涨的结果:Wanda Cinema Line and Wanda Commercial Properties, which expanded 74 percent and 33 percent respectively in April.4月份万达影视、万达商业地产分别增长74%和33%。 Article/201505/373583广州天河哪个医院做无痛人流 广州番禺妇科的治疗价格

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