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值得一看的动画电影推荐 --7 :: 来源: 值得一看的动画电影推荐时间又一次明卡通人物和现实生活中的演员一样棒今年,电影制作方给力观众们一次动画电影盛宴以下是几部值得一看的动画电影推荐Top 1:Despicable Me 卑鄙的我Top :Monsters Inc 怪兽公司Top 3:The Croods 疯狂原始人It has been proven time and again that animated characters are as good as real-life actors at bringing characters to life. And filmmakers have treated audiences to a feast of animated flicks this year. From Gru and his cuddly Minions, to the powerful comeback of Monsters Inc, we take a look now at some of the most successful animated features from .Animated movies were huge in , and the sequel to "Despicable Me" earned well over nine hundred million dollars... and counting!" border"0" src"http:www.58en.comuploadfile773.jpg" alt"\" >The sequel to "Despicable Me" wins big. Steve Carell returned as the voice of mer super-villain Gru in the super-hit."Parents, generally speaking, would do anything - even at the sake of their dignity - their kids," said Carell, bee explaining that he’s often asked by his children’s friends to do the Gru voice."Their friends come over and say ’Mr Carell, would you do the Gru voice?’ ’Well of course! What do you want me to say?’ And it seems to never get old.""Despicable Me Three" is in the works, and the Minions’ own movie is out in .Another animated smash was the prequel to Pixar’s Oscar-winning "Monsters Inc."In "Monsters University," Mike and Sully meet and become best friends, earning Pixar three quarters of a billion dollars.Billy Crystal had to find Mike’s voice again, twelve years on."John Goodman and I sat there and watched little bits of the first movie again," he noted. "We just started improvising together as these guys, but we tried to be seventeen, and talk about what seventeen-year-olds would, you know, sound like and then it started to happen again," Billy Crystal said. Helen Mirren voices Headmistress Hardscrabble. Dame Helen, like most stars, loves voicing animation."It’s so great not to have to get up at five in the morning and sitting in hair and make-up,” Helen Mirren said. Another hit in was Stone Age adventure "The Croods," which took ten years to make. Nicolas Cage played knuckle-dragging lunkhead dad Grug.Stone Age adventure "The Croods" "One of the things about him that really makes him a caveman is he likes to scream a lot," "I like the way David Lee Roth from Van Halen could, like, put two notes together and go ’huh!’ I can’t do it right now, but it’s... so I was trying to put that in Grug’s voice," Nicolas Cage said. 动画电影推荐

亲爱的朋友们,这里是“话说地道美语”课堂,我是Juliet我们的“话说地道美语”不光是畅聊美语中的经典口语,还会对课后功课进行详细的在学习和积累精口语的同时打造扎实的英语基本功——词汇,短语的积累和举一反三,语法的举一反三,解题的技巧等等好了,现在日出东方,新的一天又来了,我们开始要吃今早的“精神早餐” 今天我们要品味的精神早餐还是第18课文中的好词妙语 第二个是set eyes on,意思是看见It's similar to saying "see" Set eyes on中的set是“put something or somebody in a particular place”的意思,译为:使...处于;把...放置于我们来看个例句 例句1:She ate everything that was set in front of her. 她把放在她面前的东西吃个精光 例句:She set a plate down on the table. 她把一个盘子放在桌子上 知道了set的意思,那么set eyes on的意思就自然出来了Set eyes on就是把眼光放于......上,也就是see(看见)的意思这个短语中的介词on后面可以接somebody(人)也可以接something(物),即:set eyes on somebody;set eyes on something我们来看个例句 例句1:At last, one lawyer lost his temper and shouted, "Sir, you are the biggest fool that I have set eyes on."最后,一个律师终于忍不住怒火,大喊:“你是我见过的最愚蠢的人!” 注解如下:(1)这个例句中介词on后面跟的是fool,愚蠢的人()短语:loose one's temper"Loose one's temper" means "become very angry". (3)语法点:定语从句这句话中有一个含有定语从句的一个复合句它是you are the biggest fool that I have set eyes on这个句子中主句是you are the biggest fool,从句是由that引导出的I have set eyes on在这个句子中先行词是fool,它在从句中作宾语,但是做的不是谓语动词的宾语,而是介词on的宾语先行词fool,是人,就决定了选择关系代词,那么指代人的关系代词有三个:who,that,whom由于fool在定语从句中作宾语,那么就只能选择that或者是whom,不能用who所以这个句子可以这么说:“You are the biggest fool that I have set eyes on.” 此外,由于先行词fool是作介词的宾语,我们还可以把介词on提到定语从句句首,那么这时候关系代词就只能用whom,即on whom,不能用that了所以这句话还可以这么说:“You are the biggest fool on whom I have set eyes .”但是如果一个动词段与是习语的话,缺了这个介词就不能表达出这个习语的意思,就不能这样用,即:把介词提到定语从句的句首跟关系代词一起连用引导出一个定语从句 例句:I've never set eyes on so beautiful a shirt. 我还从来没见过这么漂亮的裙子 注解:so + adj. + a + N. such + a + adj. +N 由于各种各样的原因,我们见到不同的人就会有不同的感受和看法,下面我们就来体验一下每个人的感受和看法 I knew he wasn't trustworthy the minute I set eyes on him! 我第一眼就看出他不是一个值得信赖的人这句话显示出了我们人类有一种第六感觉,见到什么东西会有一种莫名其妙的感觉,但经事实明当时的这种感觉是对的 注解如下:(1)单词:trustworthy它是一个复合词,由动词trust(信任)和形容词worthy(值得的)组合而成,意思是值得信赖的()语法:The minute后面加上从句是时间状语从句,表示当...时候;一...时它和when相比较更显得时间短暂What's more, the minute is similar to saying "the moment". 例如:Don't back up the moment you run up against a little difficulty. 不要遇到一点困难就打退堂鼓(back up 退后 run up 撞见,碰见,偶遇 run up against sbsth 碰到......;偶遇见......) If I could set eyes on your beautiful smile, that is maximal blessedness me.能看到你美丽的笑容,就是我最大的幸福这句话或许是男生在追求心中的白雪公主的一种“痛苦”的表白想到求得心中的“西施”,可不容易!相反,若要求得心中的“白马王子”也不容易缘分!Separated as we are thousands of miles apart, we come together as if by predestination.(有缘千里来相会)A saying goes, "You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink."(强扭的瓜不甜)Well, the way I see it, let nature take its course.(顺其自然) Get out of my sight, you wretch ! I never want to set eyes on you again.滚开,你这个混蛋!我永远不要再看见你世界上最疼自己的就是父母,就是亲兄弟都不可能有父母对待自己的那份情感,但是当我们捣蛋时,父母“恨铁不成钢”时,这样的狠话也会出自于父母之口但是当父母严厉要求我们的时候,正处于青春期叛逆心理的我们也会对父母说出这样的狠话 注解:单词wretch, 它指种人:一种是小人,卑鄙的人;一种是可怜的人,不幸的人 I was gaga over his deep blue eyes when I first set eyes on him. 当我第一次看见他,已经恋上了他迷人的蓝眼睛说这句话的人或许在迷恋下去,就会fall in love(坠入情网)了,爱情最初是相互之间存在着爱慕而产生,最后喜结连理 注解如下:(1)单词Gaga是“非常着魔的”“痴迷的”“着迷的”的意思()短语Gaga over是对...非常着魔(痴迷;着迷)的意思,over是介词例如:Mike is certainly going gaga over Jane. Mike一定是对Jane神魂颠倒了 第三个是at one time 在18课文中是“曾几何时”的意思,相当于a period of time in the pastAt one time可以是指在过去的一段时间内,译为:曾经,曾几何时 example: At one time, I used to go skiing every winter. 曾经有段时间,我每年冬天都去滑雪The city at one time must have been prosperous. 这个城市一定是曾经繁荣过(备注:这个句子使用了虚拟语气,是情态动词must的虚拟语气——must have doneMust have done表示对过去的事情非常肯定的猜测,如果不是非常肯定的话,用might have done.) At one time除了有during a period of time in the past的意思还有at the same time(同时,一次)的意思我们来看个例句例句1:They are eager to express their opinions of it at one time. 他们同时都想说对那件事的看法例句:Thirty-five passengers can ride the boat at one time. 这艘船一次可以容纳35位乘客 亲爱的朋友们,闹钟响了,it's time us to go to workThat's enough now. 那么还有最后一个好词妙语下回继续这个词呀,或许您也很想探个究竟,那么就敬请关注明天的课堂Thank you! Listeners , see you! 若您对本期课程有任何疑问,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群共同讨论,群号为:89,或者您以邮件形式将你的疑问发送到我的信箱,Juliet的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com我会在第一时间给你解答疑惑 9887

如何来保养车子-01 :6: A:Welcome to Al’s Garage. What seems to be the problem?欢迎来到Al’s汽车修理厂有什么问题?B:No problem at all! I am taking a long road trip and I want to make sure my car is in good mechanical condition.没问题我正在开车行驶很远的路程,我想确保车子状况良好A:Very wise decision. When was the last time you had a tune up?明智的决定你上次是什么时候保养车子的?B:Not that long ago, I think it was four months ago.时间不长,我想是个月前A:We usually recommend that you bring your car in every five thousand kilometers.我们通常建议您每行驶完5千公里就来保养下车子B:Why? I mean, what exactly do you do to a car that you need to check it so often?什么?我是说,为什么要经常检查车子,你们是如何来保养车子的?A:First of all, we change the motor oil and oil filter. If you don’t do this, it can cause your engine to wear faster and that means you would probably have to change the pistons and intake valves.首先,我们更换机油和滤油器 如果你不换这个,这会导致你的发动机耗损过快,也就是说你必须得更换活塞和进气阀B:I see. What else?我明白了还有别的吗?A:We also check your spark plugs, fuel filter, and other oil levels such as hydraulic fluid. We also check the clutch and brakes to determine when you will need new ones.我们还会检查火花塞,燃油滤清器和其他油的指数,比如液压油我们还会检查离合器和刹车来判断你是否需要更换新的零件B:Ok, well, when you put it that way, it doesn’t seem like a waste of time and money.好吧,你们那样做的话,看起来不像是浪费时间和钱A:Trust me, regular tune ups will keep your car running smoothly and avoid break downs.相信我,定期保养,会让你的车子驾驶起来没有任何问题,而且能避免抛锚

Driving in Oregon, where he currently lives, the actor was apparently en route to a fast food restaurant at the time of his arrest. He was taken into custody and released later that day.

各位亲爱的可友们,欢迎做客本期的话说地道美语早间课堂,我是Juliet新的一天,新的生活,把握好今天就会拥有美好的明天把握好今天就从一天的晨晓时分开始,拥有一份美好的晨晓生活,这份美好将会引您度过愉快而又充实的一天那么,抓紧时间,赶快走进今天的晨间课堂吧【课堂复习】 首先,let have a review我们说;振作精神;;抖擞精神;;控制情绪冷静下来;;振作起来;,地道美语可以这么说:;Get a grip!;;Take a grip!;;Take a hold of oneself!;;Pull together!;;Pull oneself up by one own bootstraps!;如果您在老美面前这么说,老美一定会用地道中文说:;你的英语真牛!;【课堂详说】 那么除了这些地道的说法,我们还有很多方式来表示以上5个地道美国街头语的意思今天Juliet就要和大家做个盘点了1. Cheer up! (Cheer sb up.)高兴起来;振作起来;使......高兴起来;使......振作起来Eg. After I lost my first job, my Dad took me out to dinner and gave me a pep talk. And it really cheered me up . 我失去了第一份工作,爸爸带我出去吃了一顿,说了一些鼓舞我的话,让我又重新振作起来注解1: Give a talk是;作报告;;做演讲;的意思给某人做报告或演讲我们可以这么说give sb a talk或者是give a talk to sb那么说做某方面的演讲,我们可以这么说give a talk on sth我们来看以下的几个例句:I will give a talk to my students. 我将给学生作报告There he will give a talk on American English. 在那他将作一个关于美语的报告 I dont care who will stand your group to give us a talk. 我不介意谁代表你们组来作演讲注解: Pep 是鼓励的意思Give a pep talk意思是给某人打打气,说一些鼓励的话我们说;给他打打气吧;就是;Give him a pep talk.;我们再来看一个例句:Thank you so much a pep talk. 谢谢你说了这么多鼓励的话Pep还可以做动词用,pep up就是;振作;的意思 例如:A goal will pep up our confidence. 一个进球会振作我们的信心注解3:Take sb out意思是带某人出去以下的三个例句都表示带某人出去干什么,但是采用的表达方式不一样例句:1. Could you take me out shopping? 你可以带我去购物吗?. Every Sunday my father take me out to my favorite restaurant. 每个星期天爸爸都带我到我最喜欢的餐厅吃饭3. Daddy came home from work, tired but after supper he take me out to play. 爸爸上班回来很累了,但是吃了晚饭后还是带我出去玩(To be Continued) 今天的学习就暂告一个段落,精明天继续,精等着您,敬请关注下期早间话说地道美语课堂我是JulietThank you! Listeners , see you!若您对本堂课有任何疑问,不妨加入可可口语交流QQ交流群共同讨论,群号为3896 ,或者您以邮件形式将你的疑问发送到我的信箱,Juliet的信箱:leinadancingroom@qq.com 576

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