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天河妇幼医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱佛山市一预约Federal officials at the National Security Agency (NSA) collected almost 200 million text messages a day, according to a report based on material provided by former agency contractor Edward Snowden.据英囀?卫报6日报道,爱德斯诺登提供的文件显示,美国国家安全局(NSA)每天截取大亿条短信,从中搜集地点、联系人和信用卡等细节信息。The Guardian reported on Thursday that the spy agency’s collection of information from phones around the world in a program known as Dishfire allowed it to extract credit card, location and contact data about people without a warrant.NSA搜集行为并非针对某一团体,而是广泛截取短信。英国政府通信总部(GCHQ)也因此获利,擅自调查英国民众通信。据英国广播公司报道,NSA官方表示“合法收集了短信数据,有关NSA武断、放肆收集信息的暗示是错误的。”GCHQ也表示“严格按照法律和政策框架行事”。In a 2011 top-secret NSA document, the agency called SMS text messages a “goldmine to exploit.A similar document referred to content about text messages combined with automatic alerts for international network roaming or missed calls as “analytic gems.After the texts and other content were collected, an NSA program called Prefer conducted automatic analyses of the millions of messages to dig up details about people’s travel plans, financial transactions and other data.美国总统奥巴马已经参考了评估团对监控项目的报告,将于17日发表讲话,宣布改革措施。奥巴马16日已经把讲话的主要内容告知给英国首相卡梅伦。有知情人士透露,奥巴马不大可能大力改革NSA,而是会撒手不管,把担子交给国会和法庭。The ed Kingdom’s Government Communications Headquarters has also accessed the database of information obtained through the collection effort to search the communications of people in the U.K. Information about texts and other messages retrieved from American phones were deleted from the records database, The Guardian reported. The report comes just a day before President Obama is scheduled to outline which measures he supports to reform the NSA.本次曝光的NSA监控项目名叫“碟火”(Dishfire),至少012年起投入使用。“碟火”能够从手机中获取未接来电、所在位置、旅行提示等信息;另外,包括提示,付款信息和电子名片也尽在监控之下。Obama is expected to propose a series of changes to the spy agencys surveillance efforts in a speech at the Justice Department on Friday. He will likely call for increased privacy protections for foreign citizens, among other provisions. But the president is also expected to give Congress the ultimate say on some of the more controversial surveillance efforts, such as the collection of information about almost all Americansphone calls. The Guardian report was part of a joint investigation with the UKs Channel 4 News.“碟火”并非针对性地监控可疑的个人或集团,而是广泛搜集大众信息。GCHQ的文件显示,“碟火”在搜集情报基本上是“能搜就搜”。但NSA发言人瓦因斯曾说:“NSA根据情报需求,专门特别针对——并且只针对——外国情报目标。”来 /201401/273851广州天河附近打胎医院 Theyre being called the ;Benjamin Button; brothers—a reference to ;The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,; the 2008 movie in which Brad Pitt plays a man who ages in reverse。他们被称为“本杰明·巴顿”兄弟—这样称呼的依据来自2008年的电影《返老还童》。该电影由布拉德·皮特主演,剧中男子演绎了返老还童的人生经历。Matthew Clark, 39, of Lincoln, England and his brother Michael Clark, 42, last year were reportedly given a vague diagnosis of terminal leukodystrophy. The brothers particular version of the disorder caused them to lose the ability to think and behave as adults, The Telegraph reported。每日电讯报在去年报道称9岁的马修·克拉克和2岁的哥哥迈克尔·克拉克被初步诊断为脑白质病变晚期。兄弟俩这种特殊病变会使他们失去像成人般思考和行为表现的能力。After a phase of throwing temper tantrums and watching cartoons, the brothers have gradually lost the ability to talk and walk, leaving them crawling around their parents home。他们发脾气,也看动画片。一段时间后,这对兄弟俩渐渐失去了谈话和走路的能力,只好留他们在父母亲家里任由他们四处爬行。The two men still look their age, albeit with a disarming air of innocence about them, but they are beginning to exhibit physical signs of their regression back into childhood。这对双胞胎兄弟看起来还是年纪如常,但是他们的身上却散发出明显的童真和幼稚。他们的日常行为已经有迹象表明他们的身体退化至孩童时期的状态。For their parents, Christine and Anthony Clark, it is heartbreaking. “There are no words to describe how we feel. It’s devastating,says Mr Clark, the man who watched both of his sons grow up and marry, who looked on proudly as Michael joined the RAF and Matthew became a father himself。对于他们的父母克拉克夫妇来说,这样的消息无疑令人心碎。“我无法描述我们现在的感受,太让人绝望了”。安东尼·克拉克这样说。这位父亲曾经眼看着自己的儿子长大成人成家立业,迈克尔加入英国皇家空军,马修自己也成了父亲,这些曾经都让他很自豪。“It’s a devastating disease,; the mens father, Anthony Clark, told The Telegraph. ;Both of them are very childlike now。”“这是一种可怕的疾病,现在他们俩的表现就像小孩子一样。”克拉克先生对每日电讯报如是说。Neither paper indicated which form of leukodystrophy the men have—there are about 40 known types of the largely genetic brain cell-damaging disorder—or who diagnosed the brothers。不管是媒体还是为兄弟俩诊断的人都没有指明他们患的是哪一类型的脑白质病变—可知的关于大脑细胞损伤性病变大约就0种。Is it really possible for adults to revert to a childlike state? Experts in the U.S. told The Huffington Post that it is—though it occurs very rarely。返老还童真的可能吗?美国专家对赫芬顿邮报的记者说,它确实存在,尽管这样的现象很罕见;Leukodystrophy is a term used for progressive disorders that causes damage or deterioration to the white matter of the brain,; Dr. Robert Marion, chief of genetics and developmental medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, told The Huffington Post。“脑白质病变是一个专业术语,它是一种引发脑白质损害和衰变的渐进式病变。”来自纽约市爱因斯坦医学院遗传学和发展医学科室的主任罗伯特·马里恩士这样对赫芬顿邮报的记者说。Dr. Marion, who said he had no specific knowledge of the brothers, added that the disorder they reportedly have is hereditary and that the mental deterioration happens gradually。马里恩士说他对兄弟俩的情况还并不完全了解,此外他还补充说,他们患有的病变是遗传性的,而且大脑智力在逐渐衰变。There are infantile, juvenile and adult forms of leukodystrophy. As for cases that apparently arise in adulthood, Dr. Marion said, ;It’s possible that nobody has really noticed it until its gotten so bad that its reached this level of detection. They reach adulthood or later adolescence and they’ve attained everything they could, then start having neurological symptoms. They can have dementia, they start losing their memory or their ability to function...they’ll lose their ability to walk, wind up wheelchair-bound.;脑白质病变分幼儿期、青少年期和成年期。对于出现在成年期的许多案例来说,马里恩士表示,“常见的情况是没人会真的留意到它的存在直到它恶化到了能被察觉的程度。病变到了成年期或是青少年期的最后时期时,影响的范围就放大了,然后开始出现神经系统方面的症状。他们中有的人会患上痴呆症,他们开始出现失忆现象,或是失去了行动能力……他们会失去走路的能力,依靠轮椅行走。”来 /201205/181461韶关复通手术需要多少钱

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广州长安医院治疗无精症 1.We need a little more time to think about it.1.我们还需要再考虑一下.What do you recommend?.你建议吃什么?3.Which would you say is the best?3.你说哪一种最好?.Can you tell me their different features?.你可以告诉我每种菜的特色吗?5.Which do you prefer, Chinese food or Western food?5.您喜欢中餐还是西餐?6.I would recommend lamb chops.6.我推荐羊排7.The fish here is very delicious.7.这里的鱼做得非常可口8.These are the best of our restaurant.8.这些是我们餐馆的招牌菜9.What the specialty of this place?9.这里的招牌菜是什么?50.Id like to have some local specialties.50.我想吃一些有地方特色的菜51.This place is noted steaks.51.这里以牛排闻名5.What today special?5.今天的特价菜是什么?53.What do you have today supper?53.今天晚餐你们供应什么菜色?5.We have all kinds of Western food at your choice.5.我们有各式西餐供您挑选55.What can be served very quickly? I have only 30 minutes.55.哪一种上菜比较快?我只有30分钟56.Are there any foods you dont like to eat?56.有没有您不吃的食物?57.Im allergic to seafood.57.我对海鲜过敏58.Do you have typical Chinese food?58.你们有地道的中国菜吗?59.What kind of Chinese food do you serve?59.你们供应那些中国菜?60.Will you recommend some French dishes?60.请帮我们介绍几样法国菜好吗?61.Could you fix me something light?61.你可以帮我准备清淡一点的菜吗?6.Do you have vegetarian dishes?6.你们有没有素菜?63.Do you have set meals?63.你们有没有套餐?6.What is the difference between this and this?6.这个和这个有什么不同?65.What did they order? I would like to order the same thing.65.请问他们点的是什么?我要点一样的66.Ill have this and this.66.我要这个和这个67.Would you like an appetizer?67.您要不要来点开胃菜?68.What the soup of the day?68.今天有什么汤?69.Id like a bowl of tomato soup, please.69.请给我来碗西红柿汤70.I think Ill have a vegetable salad.70.我要一份蔬菜沙拉71.What kind of dressing do you want on your salad?71.您的沙拉要配什么酱?7.What would you like to have a main dish?7.您主菜想吃什么?73.We have ham, steak, roast beef, and fried chicken today.73.我们今天供应火腿、牛排、烤牛肉和炸鸡7.Lobsters, crabs and prawns are being served today.7.今天有龙虾、蟹和明虾75.Do you have lobsters?75.你们有龙虾吗?76.How do you like your steak?76.牛排要几分熟的?77.Medium-well, please.77.七分熟78.I prefer it well-done, please.78.我喜欢吃全熟的79.Would you like more side dishes?79.您要再来一点附餐吗?80.What comes with the steak?80.牛排的附餐是什么? 399559广州番禺那个医院做引产天河东圃人民医院预约



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