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福州子宫肌瘤摘除手术福州看子宫肌瘤哪最好南平痛经多少钱 生活中,我们总是会遇到各种各样的“卡壳”事件,比如,复印机卡纸,鱼刺卡在喉咙里等等。今天咱们就来说说这些不同场合下的“卡壳”。1. This drawer sticks badly. 这个抽屉卡得死死的。2. The key stuck in the lock. 钥匙卡在锁里了。3. The bus stuck in the mud. 公共汽车陷在泥里了。4. There's some paper stuck in the machine. 复印机卡纸了。5. I was stuck in traffic. 我遇上堵车了。6.The zipper on my bag has got stuck. 我包上的拉链卡住了。7. If you get stuck, skip the question. 如果哪一道题做不出来,就先做下一题。8. The words stuck in my throat. 这些话我难以启齿。9. My coins got stuck in this slot. 我的硬币被卡在投币口了。10. A fishbone stuck in his throat. 一根鱼刺卡在他喉咙里了。 /201003/97960C: have you ever seen Bill Gate's home on the internet?M: no. what's it like?C: it's got its own library, theatre, swimming pool, and a guest house. The house itself has about ten different rooms that are all hooked up to computers so you can get things done in each room through a remote control. It's also located near the sea, so he can park his boats next to his house. It's absolutely amazing!M: would you want to live there?C: I think his house is fantastic, but I wouldn't want to live there. You would have to hire one or two people to clean all the rooms in the house, plus a few people to take care of the gardens, and probably an au pair or two to take care of the children. It's just too big of a place to take care of on your own.M: what's your dreamhome like then?C: my dream home is actually just a samll cottage in a quite village in England.M: would you want to buy an old cottage or build a new one yourself?C: old homes are great because they've got character. I think that's important.M: it that why you wear second-hand cloths as well? Because they've got character?C: no, that's just because I don't have enough money to buy new cloths all the time!M: I see. If you lived in an old house, would it be decorated in a modern way?C: no, I'd definitely try to restore it to its original state. I love to imagine what it'd be like to live in another time in history and living in a house decorated like it would have been 200 years ago would be a great way to feed my imagination even more! /08/81123福建省立医院开展无痛人流吗

南平市延平区医院好不好S: you know, Mary, I feel we meet somewhere before. Where were you born?M: I was born in Beijing, but I spent most of my childhood in London.S: what was your childhood like?M: I had a pretty strict upbringing, and my parents taught at an university so they have extremely high expectations for me.S: where did you go to university?M: my parents wanted me to stay in Beijing, but I decided to go back to England. I graduated from University of Newcastle upon Tyne with a degree in Cross Culture Communication.S: what is your current occupation?M: I am a journalist. I write for China Daily.S: did you know that you wanted to be a journalist right after your graduation?M: no, I didn’t. I started working at a university in London but as time went by, I found I did not really like my job. I decided to explore other fields. Journalism is great fit for me as well as a challenge.S: do you like your current job?M: yes, I came to Beijing two years ago looking for new opportunities. I was lucky because my friend introduced me to my current company. /08/80874福州治疗妇科病的医院哪个最好 365天英语口语 第28讲:数字暂无文本 相关专题:新东方英语900句英语口语日常口语会话120分钟 /200809/49254福建现代网上预约挂号

福州阴道紧缩手术手术哪家做的好美国习惯用语-第242讲:front money/hush money美国人跟中国人一样有很多关于钱的说法。中国人说,有钱能使鬼推磨。美国人说:Money makes the world go around. 这是说:有钱能使地球转。中国人说:钱是万恶之源。美国人的说法跟中国话一样:Money is the root of all evil.不管是好,是坏,大多数人那末重视金钱就说明钱是生活中最重要的东西之一。要是没有钱有好多事是办不成的。我们今天要讲的一个习惯用语也能说明这一点。这个习惯用语就是:Front money. Front就是前面的意思。那末,front money 按字面来解释就是:前面的钱。这听起来似乎不知所云,但是它确实包含了实际的内容。Front money作为习惯用语,它的意思就是:头款。这是指开办新企业时所需要的钱。Front money也可以指开始进行一笔交易时先要付的一笔钱,也就是定金。这笔钱能够保你今后有参与这笔交易的权利。下面我们来举一个例子。这是一个人在向他的朋友报告好消息。例句1: Good news - Dad agreed to give me the front money I need to start my own restaurant. I have to buy kitchen equipment, tables and chairs and lots of other stuff before I open up.这句话的意思是:好消息。我爸爸已经答应给我开办自己饭馆所需要的开办费用。在饭馆开张前,我得去买厨房设备、桌椅板凳和其他许多东西。******刚才这个例子里说的front money是为了开办一个事业所需的资金。下面我们再来举一个例子。这个例子里的front money是用做定金。这是一个缺乏足够资金的人在说话。例句2: I can see the future of that computer software company will be very profitable and I would very much like to invest in it. But the group wants me to pay a large sum of front money which I can't afford.这个人说:我能够预见,那个电脑软件公司将来会有很大收益的。我很想在这方面投资。但是,那些人要我付一大笔定金,而我又没有那么多的钱。******下面我们要给大家讲的一个习惯用语也是跟钱有关的。这个习惯用语就是:Hush money. Hush这个字可以解释为:不要做声,或者是掩盖。所以,hush money就是为了防止某人揭露一个罪行或者一个丑闻而付给他的一笔钱。这种作法由来已久,hush money这个习惯用语也至少有三百年的历史了。我们现在来举一个例子。例句3: Taking hush money from a gangster to keep your mouth shut about something you saw him do is dangerous. He might decide it's cheaper to hire somebody to kill you than to keep paying you off the rest of your life.这句话翻到中文的意思就是:一个歹徒为了不让你揭露你看到他做的事而给你一笔钱。接受这笔钱是很危险的。他以后可能会认为,雇用一个人来把你杀了要比在你有生之年不断给你钱更便宜。******在人背后谈论别人的私事对某些人来说真是人生不可缺少的乐事。在美国人当中,有修养的人是一般不随便讲别人坏话的,但是爱谈论东家长西家短的人也不少。下面是一个人在跟他的同事谈论公司里的秘书。例句4: Our manager is having an affair with his secretary and was seen one day by the cleaning woman. I was told the manager has been paying her hush money every month just to keep her silent.这个人说:我们的经理跟他的秘书有暧昧关系。有一天被一个打扫清洁的女工看见了。我听说,经理为了不让那清洁工说出去而每个月给她一笔钱,目的就是在于让她别做声。 /200711/21228 今天我们要讲的两个习惯用语,一个跟手腕有关。另一个跟鞋子有关。我们先来讲第一个。A slap on the wrist. Slap就是打一下,比如说,a slap on the face就是打耳光。Wrist就是手腕。A slap on the wrist就是在手腕上打一下。在手腕上打一下并不怎么痛。要是一个孩子伸手去拿他不该拿的东西,为了阻止他,他妈妈就很可能会在他手腕上打一下。作为习惯用语,a slap on the wrist就是轻微的惩罚,而且往往是指某人得到的惩罚要比他应该得到的惩罚要轻。我们来举一个例子。一个喝醉了酒的人在开车的时候把别人的车撞坏了。双方都被招到法庭作。被撞的人对法庭的裁决非常不满意。他说:例句-1: I hoped the judge would send this guy to jail. But all he gave him was a slap on the wrist - he fined him two hundred dollars and suspended his drivers license for 30 days. 这个人很不满地说:我本来希望法官会把这家伙送进监狱。可是,他仅仅让他罚款两百美元,吊销他的驾驶执照一个月。这真是清描淡写的惩罚。在美国,酗酒的人开车是一个大问题。每年都有不少因为喝醉了酒开车而造成的车祸,有的导致受害者终身丧失正常生活的能力,还有的因此而丧生,给受害者的家庭和孩子带来莫大的悲剧。美国政府对酗酒驾车的人有各种不同的惩罚。******A slap on the wrist这个习惯用语不仅能用在司法方面,而且它在日常生活中也是很普遍的。下面是一个公司的雇员在埋怨他的老板对他不公平。他对他的同事说:例句2: Last time when I had a minor mistake in a report, Mr. Johnson gave me a severe warning and even threatened to fire me. Now, Lisa has made a really serious blunder, but Im sure hell give her a slap on the wrist. 这个雇员说:上次我在一份报告中出了一点小差错。约翰逊先生给了我一个严重的警告,还威胁要解雇我。现在,丽萨出了一个真是非常严重的错误。不过,我肯定他也只会轻描淡写地惩罚她一下。******我们要讲的第二个习惯用语是跟鞋子这个字有关的。这个习惯用语就是:To wait for the other shoe to drop. To wait就是等待,the other shoe就是另一只鞋,to drop就是掉下来。这个习惯用语来自很早以前造的旅馆。那时,旅馆的墙壁都很薄,这个房间里的客人可以听到隔壁房间里的声音。要是一个刚上床准备睡觉的旅客,听到隔壁房间的门开了,隔壁旅客坐上床时弹簧发出的声音,接着就是一只鞋子掉在地上的声音。然后却是一片寂静。可是,这位想睡觉的旅客不能入睡了,他得等另外一只鞋掉下来后才能睡觉。这就是to wait for the other shoe to drop的来源。我们来举一个例子。这是一个人被提名出任官职,但是在等待参议院的批准。下面是一个人在谈论这件事。例句3: At the hearings they havent dug yet into this mans personal background. But there are rumors he has some shady things in his past, so everybodys waiting for the other shoe to drop. 这人说:在这些听会上,他们到目前为止还没有去追究这人以往生活方面的情况。但是,有传说讲他过去有些不光的事,所以每个人都在等待最后的结局。从这个例子我们可以知道,to wait for the other shoe to drop就是在做一件事的过程中等待能够最后结束这个过程的事。******下面是一个人在气头上把自己的朋友臭骂一顿,事后后悔莫及。最后,他决定写一封信给他朋友表示道歉,希望他朋友能原谅他。这是他在跟他的妻子说话。例句4: Honey, I feel really bad for giving a piece of my mind to Henry. The more I think about it, the worse I feel. Ive written him a letter to apologize and hope hell forgive me. Now Im waiting for the other shoe to drop. 这个人说:亲爱的,我把亨利大骂了一顿。这实在使我感到非常难受。我越想越难受。我已经给他写了一封信,向他道歉,希望他能原谅我。现在,我就在等待他的回音。 /163124闽清县医院引产需要多少钱福州不孕不育的治疗专科



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