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Using Polite Language in Office Business 陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他看见美国同事Amy正跟办公室另外几个人一起出去。(Office ambience)CH:Amy, Are you guys going to lunch?A:Yes. Would you like to join us?C:好啊。我跟你们一起去。A:I have to make one phone call before I leave. Would you like to wait for me or go ahead with everyone else?C:我等你。A:Thank you.C:No problem.A:Say, Chen Hao, my phone call can wait a few minutes. I need to tell you something while it is on my mind.C:Uh-oh. 我做错什么事了吗?A:No, you said something wrong. Actually you said two things that caught my attention.C:嗯....可我刚才没说什么啊?A:First, you used the expression "You guys."C:我那些同事经常把you guys挂在嘴边上,我这可是跟美国人学的。A:I know they do, but that doesn't mean it's correct or polite.C:为什么不对呢?A:Because the word "guy" is an informal term that refers to a man or boy. People today use the plural "guys" without regard for gender. That is not correct usage of the word and it demonstrates a lack of polish.C:那要是有男有女应该怎么说呢?A:You could have simply asked, "Are you going to lunch?" Or you could have said, "Are you ALL going to lunch?"C:我知道了。A:Now please excuse me while I make that quick phone call. Otherwise we'll miss lunch altogether.C:No problem.******Amy打完电话跟陈豪一起去吃午饭。C:Amy, 你刚才不是还要纠正我另外一个错误吗?A:Yes. I have noticed that when someone says "thank you", your response is always "no problem."C:我经常听别人这么说啊,难道这也不对吗?A:Lots of people say that in response to "thank you." However, that is not the correct reply. The correct response to "thank you" is "You are welcome."C:Amy, 你是不是太挑剔了?A:No, it's being polite and polished. "You guys" and "no problem" are slang phrases which are not formal.C:俚语?A:That's right. Slang expressions will detract from your professional image. "You guys" is only acceptable with a group of men in a very informal setting like the locker room.C:那"no problem"呢?A:It is only acceptable when someone asks if you have problem with something.C:我明白了,就是说一定要注意区分俚语和正规语言,特别是不能在正式场合乱用俚语。A:You got it! Now let's eat. I am starving. /09/8325280.网上购物常用应急场景范例一:Have a tryQ: Have you ever shopped online?A: Quite often. It is very convenient, saving me a lot of time.Q: Do you have some experiences to share with me? I want to have a try.A: You are asking the right person. Here are two very important tips. First, you need to visit no more than one site to find the best products and prices. I can recommend you some online merchants. Second, write your mail address correctly. Otherwise, you can’t receive your delivery in time. Q: What about the registration procedure? Is that complicated?A: Not at all. You just need to provide your name, address, e-mail address, phone number and bank or credit card information. I will help you with that.Q: It is so nice of you.范例二:Booking air tickets onlineM: This website offers very convenient air tickets booking service. It is quick and accurate. W: Yes, I once booked there. They give the immediate confirm information and flight information to both your mobile phone and e-mail. You can conveniently pay by credit card, so the whole transaction only takes a couple of minutes. They also provide e-tickets, meaning you don’t need to go to any office to pick an air ticket. You go to the airport directly and check in with your ID card.M: So it has attracted more and more customers these days. W: Yes, therefore they are expanding the scope of their service. For example, hotels can be booked through the same site as well. /201004/100387Brad和Pam邀请同事Jimmy下班后一起去酒吧,可Jimmy一再推辞,我们听听为什么。Brad: Hey Jimmy, a couple of us are going out to Sams Bar after work. Care to join us?Jimmy: Oh, um...thanks for the invitation, but Im pretty tired. I think Ill take a rain check.Pam: But you took a rain check last time!J: Yeah, I know. Im just not so fond of bars.Brad说他们几个人下班准备一起去酒吧,问Jimmy要不要一起来,Care to join us? Jimmy推辞说很累,还说Ill take a rain check. 意思是这次算了,改天吧。比如说,朋友约你去逛街,可你已经说好跟男朋友吃饭,就可以说Ill take a rain check. 下次吧!P: Well, how about joining the company picnic next Saturday? Were playing beach volleyball and you could join our team! Come on! Itll be fun!J: Um...youre so kind, but...Im really not sure if Ill be able to make it.B: Hey! Ive got the perfect idea! Were making plans for a dinner appointment with all the department heads this Sunday...you should definitely come!Pam不肯放弃,问Jimmy要不要参加下星期六的公司野餐,company picnic, 还可以加入他们的沙滩排球队。Jimmy再次推辞,说自己可能去不了。Im really not sure if Ill be able to make it. 这里说的to make it就是参加、出席的意思。比如说,朋友请你参加生日派对,可你那天已经有了安排,你就可以说Ill try to make it. 我一定争取来。J: Uh...guys, I really appreciate what your trying to do, and I dont mean to be a wallflower. Im just a bit shy. Plus, I really dont like loud bars or clubs.B: Let me tell you a secret. I hate bars and clubs too! But, I know that going out and being seen is a big part of networking.J: You mean like on a computer?P: No, Brad means social networking.B: Basically, it means going out and meeting people. It really can mean the difference between success and being stuck at a career dead-end.Jimmy知道Brad和Pam的好意,说自己I dont mean to be a wallflower. 这里所说的wallflower壁花,指的是因为天性腼腆,或是不招人喜欢、所以很不合群的人。Jimmy承认,自己不愿意参加这些活动,主要是因为害羞。Brad马上说,其实他也很讨厌酒吧、夜总会这种地方,但是I know that going out and being seen is a big part of social networking. 经常出去,跟人接触是建立社交关系网的一个重要部分。这里所说的的social networking, 就是多结识一些人,扩大社交关系圈子。Social networking对事业发展很重要,可能会决定一个人的成功,还是,being stuck at a career dead-end在事业上走进死胡同。 /201201/169509Jimmy因为天性腼腆,所以每逢社交活动,一律能推就推。同事Brad和Pam努力说Jimmy, 因为social networking是事业发展一个不可缺少的环节。Pam说,P: You know, Im not such a big fan of company events myself. I dont like all the organization involved. I dont like being told when and where to do things. In fact, I dont even like big crowds of people.B: But, in todays society these are the ways we connect. Social networking has boosted my career in so many ways.J: Such as?B: Well, take last week for example. I was at a club when I saw this guy I hadnt seen in a long time. He starts talking about his friend who is looking for a computer programmer.Pam说,其实她也不是特别喜欢公司举办的各种活动。Im not such a big fan of company events myself. 这里说的 a big fan of something,意思就是对某件事情非常热衷。比如说,Im a big fan of sushi. 我特别爱吃寿司。Im a big fan of hip hop. 我特别爱听嘻哈歌曲。Im not a big fan of horror movies. 我不喜欢看恐怖电影。Brad补充说,参加社交活动为他提供了不少机会,上星期他去夜总会,遇到一个很久不见的熟人。这个人的朋友正好在找电脑编程师。J: And you got the job?B: Yeah! The next day his friend called me and yesterday we signed a contract. Im going to be setting up their company website, and the money is pretty good.P: So I guess what Brads saying is that if you dont get out there and be seen, people might forget about you.J: Yeah, I can sort of understand your point. But how do I overcome my shyness? Im just not very good with people.结果,Brad还真拿到了这份工作,帮一家公司set up their company website,设计网站,而且the money is pretty good,报酬也很好。看来,有熟人介绍就是不一样。Jimmy听后表示,I can sort of understand your point,我大约明白你的意思了。这里所说的point是指问题核心。我们经常听人,the point of the matter is... 问题关键是;;言归正传,就算真愿意出去社交,Jimmy要如何克性格腼腆的障碍呢?按他的话说,Im just not very good with people,我就是不擅于跟人打交道。P: I was super shy for years! Then one day I finally realized that the world isnt looking at me.J: What do you mean?B: In other words, sometimes we feel shy because we think people are looking at us and judging us. But in reality, thats almost never the case.Pam说,自己以前也特别腼腆,I was super shy for years! 这里所说的super是特别的意思,用来加重语气。我们可以说,Her boyfriend is super sweet,她男朋友特别温柔体贴,或是,Its super hot in here,这里简直热死了,还可以说,I have been super busy this week,我这个星期忙得两脚朝天。Brad也说,很多人天性腼腆,是因为觉得大家都在注意自己,但事实上thats almost never the case,根本不是这样。Pam跟Brad能说Jimmy吗?我们下次继续听。 /201202/169682

I promise Ill keep the secret. 我发誓我会保守秘密的。You cannot tell anybody else.你不可以告诉别人。I promise Ill keep the secret.我发誓我会保守秘密的。I swear to keep it a secret.我发誓会保守这个秘密。Can you keep a secret?你能保密吗?I would appreciate your keeping it a secret.你能保守秘密,我非常成谢。I believe that you can do it!我相信你一定能做到!I believe that you can do it!我相信你一定能做到!Thank you. So do I.谢谢。我也这么想的。I know youll make it, if you try.我知道如果肯尝试,你一定能做到。 /201503/362532

Non-tariff barrier非关税壁垒A:Professor Wang. what is non-tariff barrier?A:王教授,什么是非关税壁垒?B:Non-tariff barrier is another mean to restrict imports.B:非关税壁垒是限制进口的另一种手段。A:Can you give an example?A:可以给个例子吗?B:For example, some countries restrict imports by quantitative restriction.B:例如,某一国家通过数量上的限定来限制进口。A:Why?A:为什么要这样做呢?B:This is used to protect local industries or to achieve certain political objectives.B:这样有利于保护当地产业,或者达到某些政治目的。A:Oh,Are there other means?A:哦!还有其他手段吗?B:Technical barriers are set for imported goods.B:还有为进口商品制定技术性贸易壁垒。A:This is designed to exclude them from domestic market, isnt it?A:这样就可以把这些进口商品排除在国内市场之外,是吗?B:Yes,Some countries may use some of the unnecessary health rules to exclude foreigh food.B:是呀,有的国家还有可能利用一些不必要的卫生规则来排斥国外食品。 /201512/412778

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