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The U.N. Security Council on Monday condemned North Korea's most recent missile launches as violations of council resolutions, and demanded that Pyongyang comply fully with its international obligations.联合国安理会星期一谴责了北韩最新一轮导弹发射,说这一举动违反了安理会各项决议,并要求平壤按照国际准则办事。The Council President for the month of July, Ugandan Ambassador Ruhakana Rugunda, a statement from the Council condemning Saturday's launch of seven ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. "Members of the Security Council condemned and expressed grave concern at the launches, which constitute a violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions and pose a threat to regional and international security," he said.安理会这个月的轮值主席、乌干达驻联合国大使鲁贡达.鲁哈卡纳(Ruhakana Rugunda)宣读了安理会的一份声明,谴责北韩星期六向日本海发射七枚弹道导弹。他说:“安理会成员国对这次发射行为高度关注,并予以强烈谴责;北韩的行为违反了联合国安理会决议案,对区域和国际间的安全都构成了威胁。”He said Council members are appealing to all parties to refrain from action that could aggravate the security situation in the region, and he noted the Council's commitment to resolving the situation through peaceful, diplomatic and political means.他说,安理会成员国呼吁所有各方保持冷静,不要采取有可能让区域间安全局势更加恶化的行动。他同时指出,安理会仍然希望能够通过和平、外交和政治手段解决问题。Last month, the Security Council unanimously passed a resolution tightening existing sanctions and imposing additional ones, after Pyongyang conducted an underground nuclear test. Among the new measures is one ordering U.N. member states to inspect ships suspected of transporting prohibited weapons and other materials into or out of North Korea.上个月,在北韩进行地下核试验之后,安理会通过了一项决议案,在加重已有制裁措施的同时又增加了一些新的措施。新的制裁措施包括要求联合国所有成员国对所有涉嫌运输被禁武器以及其他材料出入北韩的船只进行检测。Japan's U.N. envoy, Yukio Takasu, noted some success on that front, citing the imminent return to North Korea of a ship suspected of carrying banned weapons. "I think it is good that [the] DPRK [i.e., the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or North Korea] got the message that wherever it goes -- that any port or countries in the region -- will be cooperating in compliance with resolutions. And probably that was the reason why they changed directions. It is welcome development," he said.日本驻联合国大使高须幸雄(Yukio Takasu)表示,这一制裁措施到目前为止已经取得了一些成效,北韩一艘涉嫌携带被禁武器的船只面临立即回程的处境即说明了这一点。他说:“我认为北韩方面现在知道,不论走到哪里,不论是区域间的哪个国家或者是港口都要按照决议案行事。这恐怕就是他们改道而行的原因。从整个局势来说,这是一个积极的动向。”The ship, the Kang Nam 1, reportedly was bound for Burma, when it changed course late last month after a U.S. warship began following it. It was due back in North Korea on Monday.据报导,北韩的江南一号(Kang Nam 1)原本是驶向缅甸的,但是从上个月底遭到一艘美国战舰跟踪以来即改变了航程。这艘船计划星期一返回北韩。 07/77099It’s a hard frontier for global investment and both China and the US wanna a stake. So far this year, President Obama has visited Ghana and Egypt. Secretary of State Clinton wrapped a 7-nation African tour. President Hu stopped in Mali, Senegal, Tanzania and Mauritius. Premier just attended China-Africa Forum in Egypt. As the son of Kenyan, President Obama may have won African hearts. But China’s deep pockets have been winning over African governments. “The US is aly on the backfoot in Africa. The American public may not be terribly aware, but basically most of Africa thinks it's a great thing that China has come into the game.”In the last year, China has struck deal after deal to build infrastructure in Africa in exchange for natural resources. Critics say China’s actions have propped up dictatorships in Sudan and Zimbabwe. But leaders indicate Africa will take money from anyone who’s giving. “Foreign direct investment has no fix allegiance or nationality. It goes where it is most welcome. ”China recently pledged 10 billion dollars in loans to Africa. China’s foreign direct investment in Africa is up almost 80% this year. Trade has multiplied 10 times this decade to 107 billion dollars.Huge African communities have formed in China, filled with traders and entrepreneurs who want to realize the Chinese dream. “There’s a huge number of students that come from Africa in scholarship funded by the Chinese government, and there’s a lot of businessmen that come from Africa buy goods and do trading.”Aside from supporting increased agriculture investment, analysts say President Obama has yet to solidify his Africa strategy, but stress it’s not necessarily a competition but a chance for the US and China to cooperate and make vital changes on the developing continent. “Clearly there is a great potential there. We should put the interests of the African people in the center of these considerations.”But the vast opportunities in Africa are not without challenges. Poverty, corruption and instability are constantly changing the game. The question is how the US and China choose to play. Emily Chan, CNN, Beijing.11/89789Maradona dropped as Argentina coachDiego Maradonasspellas Argentina coach came to an end on Tuesday when soccer chiefs voted unanimously not torenew his contract,the countrys AFA football association said on Tuesday.Maradonas future had been in doubt since Argentinas 4-0 loss to Germany in the World Cup quarter-finals in South Africa earlier this month.;The executive committee... has resolved unanimously not to renew the contract of Diego Armando Maradona as coach of the national team,; an AFA spokesman told a news conference after the meeting of soccer bosses.Rumours had swirled ahead of the announcement that Maradona would not continue as Argentinas coach, a position he has held since November 2008, because of a disagreement with the AFA.Maradona told local media on Sunday he wanted to stay on as coach but only if he could keep control over the choice of his assistants.His departure means Argentina need to find a new coach for the Copa America regional tournament next year.Local media said former Boca Juniors coach Carlos Bianchi, who led the team to a string of national and continental titles in twostintsbetween 1998 and 2004, was a popular favorite to replace Maradona.Other names circulating as possible successors include Estudiantes coach Alex Sabella, Independientes former coach Americo Gallego, former Argentina coach Marcelo Bielsa and ex-River Plate, Inter Milan and Argentina striker Ramon Diaz.Vocabulary:spell: a continuous course or period of work or other activity(任期,做某事或在某处工作的一段时间)renew the contract:续约stint: a period of time spent doing something(从事某项工作或活动的时间)vibe:气氛;环境背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110117

For the third time in a week, President Barack Obama is campaigning for his jobs plan in a state that could be crucial to his re-election effort. Meanwhile, a new poll shows that more than half of Americans do not think the plan will help reduce unemployment.奥巴马总统本星期在同一个州里,三度推广他的就业计划。这是他竞选连任努力中,非常关键的部分。同时,一项新的民调显示,一半以上的美国民众,并不认为他的计划将有助于减低失业率。President Obama took his economic message to the southern state of North Carolina. At North Carolina State University in Raleigh, the president again urged his audience to contact their lawmakers and express their support for his jobs initiative. 奥巴马将他的经济讯息,带到美国南方的北卡罗来纳州。他在北卡罗来纳州立大学罗里市分校再次呼吁他的听众,向议员们表明他们持总统的就业计划。"We have got to kick off our bedroom slippers and put on our marching shoes," said Obama. "We have got to get to work."他说:“我们必须踢掉卧房里的拖鞋,穿上行军的鞋子,我们必须开始做事了。”Obama's 7-billion program is intended to boost growth in the sluggish U.S. economy and to reduce the 9.1-percent unemployment rate.奥巴马这项耗资4千470亿美元美元的计划,是要用来振兴美国迟缓的经济增长,并且降低百分之9.1的失业率。The president faces opposition from Republicans and some Democrats in Congress to his plan to raise taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations to pay for some of the initiatives.奥巴马提出对富人及公司增税,以解决就业计划的部分经费来源,这个建议受到共和党以及部分民主党员的反对。In Raleigh, Obama called for citizens to back the plan. "Do you want to keep tax loopholes for oil companies or do you want to renovate more schools and rebuild more roads and bridges so construction workers have jobs again?" he asked.奥巴马总统在北卡罗莱纳州,呼吁民众持他的方案。他说:“你们原意让石油公司继续享有税法的漏洞,还是原意让更多的学校可以翻新,更多的道路桥梁可以重建,使建筑工人可以再度就业?”201109/153864

Regulating the internet监管互联网Google's enemies谷歌的敌人The search giant’s antitrust headache gets bigger搜索巨头的反垄断之困日渐增大Jun 30th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from the print editionSINCE the start of this year, Google’s share price has fallen steadily as investors have begun to fret about its longer-term prospects. Now they have another reason to worry. On June 24th the company revealed that America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had opened a broad investigation into its online-search and online-advertising businesses to see if it has abused its dominant position. Some pundits predict that the trustbusters’ tussle with Google could turn as bloody as their battle with Microsoft in the 1990s.自今年初以来,由于投资者开始对谷歌发展远景感到担忧,其股价稳步下跌。如今他们又有了新的担忧理由,该公司在6月24日透露,美国联邦贸易委员会为确定谷歌是否滥用了主导地位,对其在线搜索和在线广告业务展开了广泛调查。一些专家预测,联邦反托拉斯检察官与谷歌的角力可能会变得非常残酷,其激烈程度可能与1990年代对决微软不相上下。The regulators’ move comes at an awkward time for Google, which faces a growing threat from Facebook, the world’s biggest social network. Facebook aims to supplant Google as the main conduit via which people access the web. On June 28th Google hit back, unveiling Google+, a social-network platform to rival Facebook.世界最大的社交网络Facebook意欲取代谷歌成为人们上网的主要媒介,对谷歌的威胁与日俱增,可是恰在此时监管者又对谷歌展开了行动。在6月28日,谷歌还以颜色,发布了社交网路平台Google+,以与Facebook一争高下。Google’s new offering, which is still in trial form, boasts some handy features. It makes it easy to set up separate groups, thus sparing your boss from seeing your semi-clothed and inebriated party snaps. It also lets up to ten people hold a chat together. But this will probably not be enough to get people to abandon Facebook, which benefits from a powerful network effect: people join it because most of their friends aly have.谷歌的新产品(仍处在测试阶段)具有一些方便的功能。它让创建不同的群变得容易,因此不会让你的老板看到你的半裸和醉态熏熏的派对快照,同时它最多还能容纳十个人在一起视频聊天。但Facebook从强大的网络效应受益良多,这可能也不足以让人们割舍它:人们加入Facebook是因为他们大多数的朋友已经加入。Still, Google’s determination to keep innovating has served it well in its core business of search, where it commands nearly two-thirds of the market in America and an even higher share elsewhere (see chart). It is this dominance that has attracted regulators’ attention in America and abroad. Last November the European Commission announced a similarly sweeping review of Google’s operations.然而,谷歌不断创新的决心对其核心搜索业务帮助很大,在这项业务上谷歌几乎占据美国市场的三分之二,而在其他地区甚至拥有更高份额(见图表)。正是这种优势地位吸引了美国和海外监管者的注意。去年十一月,欧盟委员会宣布对谷歌的业务展开类似的全面调查。201107/144255EU Wants Sronger Measures to Fix Greek Economy欧盟要求希腊强力解决经济问题EU Commissioner Oliver Rehn is in Athens to discuss Greek proposals to straighten out its government finances.欧盟经济事务专员奥利·雷恩(Oliver Rehn)抵达雅典,计划讨论希腊政府提出的债务清理建议。The European Union has urged Greece to implement greater austerity measures immediately to tackle a debt crisis that has shaken the entire bloc.欧盟敦促希腊政府立即采取更加严厉的措施,处理债务危机,这场危机让整个欧盟集团受到强烈震动。EU Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn made the call after a first round of talks with Greek officials amid growing market expectations of a trade-off between new deficit cutting steps and practical EU support for Greek borrowing.欧盟经济事务专员奥利·雷恩同希腊官员举行首轮磋商后呼吁希腊政府立即采取上述措施。与此同时,越来越多的市场人士预期,欧盟要希腊政府采取新举措,削减财政赤字,同时也会向希腊提供实际的贷款援助。The strength of the European currency has been under pressure since Greece's financial problems were revealed, with concern the problem could sp to other euro-zone countries.希腊的财政困境暴露之后,欧元地位一直面临着压力,人们担心希腊债务危机会波及欧元区其他成员国。Last week, the Greek Prime Minister called for more solidarity from the European Union over his country's debt crisis and announced plans to visit Germany, whose backing is vital for EU financial aid.上星期,希腊总理呼吁欧盟能就希腊债务危机问题同希腊政府增加协作。他同时宣布访问德国,欧盟是否能对希腊提供财政援助,德国的态度十分关键。Greek newspapers have spent the past week speculating on what further hardships citizens will face, including pension cuts, salary freezes and the prospect of job cuts.希腊报纸上星期纷纷揣测,希腊民众面临的困境可能还会增加,其中可能包括削减退休金、冻结工资和解雇员工等。201003/97561UN Agency Proposes Selective Industrialization to Help World's PoorestUN机构:工业化要选择正确产品 A ed Nations agency is offering what it calls a "conceptual breakthrough" to uplift the world's poorest people. The U.N. Industrial Development Organization contends selective industrialization offers the best chance for smaller, developing countries to achieve sustainable economic progress. But the backers of the plan acknowledge the global economic crisis will make needed investment difficult to attract. 联合国的一个机构提出了一个它所说的“概念性的突破”来使世界上最贫穷的人摆脱贫困。联合国工业发展组织称,有选择性的工业化为比较小的发展中国家获得可持续的经济发展提供了最好的机会。不过,这个计划的持者承认,全球性的经济危机将使这个计划难以获得所需要的投资。Choosing the right products to make for the global market is key, if low-income and slow-growing countries want to break free of the poverty trap. That is the critical point in the Industrial Development Report of the ed Nations Industrial Development Organization. 如果低收入以及发展缓慢的国家要想摆脱贫困这个陷阱,选择生产为全球市场所需要的正确产品是一个关键。这是联合国工业发展组织在年工业发展报告中所提出的关键论点。The U.N. agency is calling for the World Trade Organization to give preference to exports from the least developed manufacturing countries. It also wants developed countries to liberalize trade rules to allow the poorest an opportunity to create viable manufacturing export industries.  这个联合国机构呼吁世界贸易组织给那些最不发达的制造业国家的出口提供优惠。它还要求发达国家将有关的贸易规则进一步自由化,从而允许最贫穷的人有机会创造一个可行的出口制造工业。The U.N. agency says such changes would benefit what it terms the "bottom billion" - the people who are subsisting on less than one dollar a day.  联合国工业发展组织说,这样的改变将使数十亿处于底层的人从中获益。这些人每天靠不到1美元的生活费聊以度日。But the UNIDO's South Asia representative, Philippe Scholtes, acknowledges the gloomy international economic situation will make it more difficult, in the next five to 10 years, for underdeveloped countries to realize value-creating manufacturing hubs.  但是这个联合国机构驻南亚的代表菲利普.朔尔特斯承认,目前黯淡的国际经济状况将使不发达国家在今后5到10年的时间里很难成为创造价值的制造业中心。"The global crisis will certainly have an impact for these bottom billion," Scholtes said. "The emphasis on building up physical infrastructures, human infrastructures and developing technological capabilities may be put somewhat aside."  他说:“目前的全球危机显然将对这些处于底层的数十亿人造成影响。改善物质基础设施、人力基础设施以及发展技术能力等重要任务可能要被放到一边。”The U.N. agency is highlighting a number of manufacturing clusters as potential templates for other countries to create manufacturing export successes. These include Chennai India's leather industry; the button-manufacturing cluster in Qiaotou in China's Zhejiang Province; the automotive sector in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta; and, the computer components hub of Otigba, Nigeria.  这个机构挑选了一些制造业集群作为其他国家创造制造业出口成功的潜在典范。这些产业集群包括印度清奈的皮革业,位于中国浙江省桥头的钮扣生产基地,印度尼西亚首都雅加达的汽车行业以及尼日利亚欧提巴(Otigba)的计算机部件制造中心。The U.N. report notes India's rapid export growth in the first half of the decade made South Asia the fastest growing region in manufactured exports, following by the Middle East and North Africa.  这份联合国的报告还指出,印度在2001年到2005年期间出口的快速增长使得南亚成为制造产品出口增长最快的地区,其次是中东和北非。The report was released Monday in New Delhi, London and other cities. The UNIDO, headquartered in Vienna, is a specialized ed Nations agency mandated to promote industrial development and international industrial cooperation. 这份报告是星期一在新德里、伦敦和其他城市同时发表的。总部位于维也纳的联合国工业发展组织是联合国的一个专设机构,宗旨是促进工业发展以及国际工业合作。02/63093

Amanda: Im so exhausted, Mike. Ive been shopping in gazillion department stores with my mom throughout the week. Were planning on renovating our house, so were looking for everything from new furniture to curtains and carpets for all the rooms.我很疲惫,整周我和妈妈逛了无数的百货商店,我们打算装修屋子,所以从新家具到窗帘,还有所有房间的地毯,我们都在寻找。Mike: That sounds like a tough task! Have you decided how youre going to decorate your room? You need to come up with a new concept instead of the girly pink and purple color scheme you have right now.听上去是个艰巨的工作。你决定如何装饰你的房间吗?你得想出一个新概念来替代现在的女孩气的粉色和紫色。Amanda: Well, we decided to focus on the living room first. My mom wants beige upholstery for the sofas and matching carpets. Were also going to rearrange the furniture to maximize the use of space.我们决定先集中精力装修起居室。我妈妈想要黄色的室内装潢来搭配沙发和相配的地毯。我们还将重新安排家具来尽可能地节省空间。Mike: I remember we hired an interior designer to help us out. She had a great eye for color and came up with some creative ideas for our house. Why dont you do that? Im sure itll make the whole process easier, and youll feel less stressed out.我想起我们曾雇过一个国内的设计师来帮助我们。她对颜色有着很不一般的眼光,并想出了装修房租的创意想法。你为什么不那样做呢?我相信那会使装个过程更加容易,你也不会感到压力那么大。Amanda: Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. In the meantime, I need some help carrying a few boxes home.谢谢你的意见,Mike. 还有,我需要有人帮忙将一些盒子抬回家。Mike: Uh, Id love to help, but I just remembered something urgent that I have to finish. See you later, Amanda!我愿意帮忙,但我刚想起有些紧急的事必须去做。再见,Amanda!201111/161482Obama Engages House Republicans on Economy, Health Reform, Urges Cooperation奥巴马总统敦促国会共和党议员一道合作President Barack Obama has urged Republicans in the House of Representatives to work with him on major national priorities, saying cooperation is essential to the country's economic recovery. President's spoke to Republicans at their issues conference in Baltimore, Maryland and some of the give and take in an extraordinary exchange with his political opposition.奥巴马总统已经敦促国会众议院的共和党人和他一道解决国家的当务之急,表示合作对于复苏美国经济是必不可少的。美国之音记者罗宾逊就奥巴马总统在马里兰州巴尔的举行的会议上对共和党人发表的讲话,以及奥巴马总统和他的政治对手之间的意见交换发回了报道。After the president's State of the Union Address, in which he warned of the harmful effects of divisive politics, Republicans said he had delivered rhetoric but no indications he was willing to change the direction of his policies.奥巴马总统在他的国情咨文演讲中警告了政治的分裂会造成的有害影响,在奥巴马总统发表今年的国情咨文演讲之后,共和党人表示奥巴马总统只是使用了雄辩的言辞,但是没有迹象表明他愿意改变他的政策走向。Republicans have opposed his health care reform effort, asserting it would add to high deficits and heavy long-term debt. They also point to the 10 percent national unemployment rate as proof that administration policies have not been effective.共和党人一直反对奥巴马的医疗改革努力,断言医疗改革将为美国的高赤字和沉重的长期债务雪上加霜。他们同时把全国百分之10的失业率作为奥巴马政府的政策没有效果的据。The president told Republicans in Baltimore while he wants and values constructive debate, Americans in hard economic times do not want politics as usual in Washington: 奥巴马总统在巴尔的告诉共和党人,尽管他希望进行建设性辩论并且看重这种辩论的价值,但是处于艰难经济时期的美国人民不希望华盛顿的政治和往常一样。"I don't think they want more gridlock, I don't think they want more partisanship, I don't think they want more obstruction," said President Obama. "They didn't send us to Washington to fight each other in some sort of political steel cage match to see who comes out alive." 他说:“我不认为他们想要更多的政治僵局,我不认为他们想要更多的政党政治,我不认为他们想要更多的阻挠,阻止议案的通过。他们把我们送到华盛顿不是为了让我们进行某种政治性的铁笼逃脱赛,看谁能够活着逃出来。”201002/95985Ride along for a driver's-eye view of this classic Most Admired rivalry.FedEx and UPS are on our most admired list this year because they are both fierce competitors and they are recognized not only within their industry but throughout business at large, as being really amazing in terms of the way that they conduct themselves."FedEx is one of the best companies to work for, you know. It's amazing what FedEx, you know, technology that we have. It's awesome, you know, uh, I'm here in 18 years, and I think the quality professional and service is one of the best. And we always pick, er, quality of tools, for an example, this power pair list, we have, uh, advanced with technology, the new truck we've got, the hybrid truck and everything is based on quality and the best. That's why we have the best service and the best quality of service because we have the right and, uh, transmit, you know, he, he, he does the right thing to get the best for us, to do quality work. You know, you need good personality, otherwise if you don't have good personality, you can't work with this job. ""They called me the mayor around here, I guess, I've been doing this job for a year and a half and it's become personal with the customers. uh, I have their, They have my phone number, I have their phone number, we even text each other, you know, if they are not home, you know, what time you are getting home, you know, I know when they get home, and it's personal, you know, uh, customer service is important to me. I don't want to bring a load back to the building, so, you know, I want to make sure they are home, you know, so I, customer service is very important. The company is very good, uh, we are trying to as far as like right now, everyone is trying to go green, our trucks, you know, we have hydraulic trucks in our, in our center, you know, so as far as, you know, to save, to save on gas, uh, we try to not to make left turns, you know, to save on gas, you know, that's very important to us. Sometimes, like, uh, one customer tells me that when Melitzia take a day off, his dog, because, I, I, I have treats in my truck, for my animals, for my pets, uh, his dog might sit next to my truck, waiting for me, even though I am not at work, so he, he tells me the next day, my dog Merrie was sitting by your truck waiting for a treat, but then we realize you are not there. So, you know, we keep on walking. So I hear that all the time."One would think that if FedEx makes the list UPS would be often vice versa. But it's interesting because in this case, both of these companies are very very well recognized. We are seeing business people really say these companies have been really strong for a very long time and these brands mean something in the currency of business and that's why they are both our most admired.Notes:Vice versa: With the order or meaning reversed; conversely.200812/60006

atrophy: 畏缩reproduce: 繁殖,生殖Animals can reproduce their own kind. 动物能够繁殖同类。Genome: 基因组,染色体组Reveal1. 展现,显露出Little by little he revealed his ambitions. 渐渐地,他暴露出他的野心。 2. 揭示,揭露;暴露;泄露[(+to/as)][+that][O2][O8]He revealed the secret by accident. 他不小心泄漏了这个秘密。 Further investigation revealed that he was guilty. 进一步侦查表明他是有罪的。 Bedridden: 卧床不起的07/78898When 'I do' means 'I don't anymore'With divorce on the rise in Japan, some couples are choosing to celebrate the end of an unhappy marriage by saying "I do" for a final time at a divorce ceremony before friends and family.Divorce ceremonies were pioneered about a year ago by a former salesman, Hiroki Terai, who set up a "divorce mansion" in a small undercover space in Tokyo.Since then about 25 couples have each paid 55,000 yen (0) to hold a ceremony with all the pomp and grandeur of a wedding that publicly ends their relationship before they officially file for divorce. Terai said he had received more than 900 inquiries.The latest couple, who called themselves Mr and Mrs Fujii, met near Sensoji Temple in Tokyo's traditional Asakusa area on Sunday and rode in separate rickshaws to the divorce mansion."By putting an end to our marriage, we wanted to give ourselves fresh starts and give our lives a sense of renewal," said Mr Fujii, a 33-year-old businessman.He said he felt responsible for the failure of his marriage as he spent too much time away from home and too much money on his various interests including cars - despite numerous warnings from his wife.Friends and family of the Fujii couple followed closely behind the rickshaws on foot, arriving at the divorce mansion for a ceremony where the Fujiis smashed their wedding ring with a gavel, a gesture signifying the end of their partnership.The gavel has a frog's head as frogs symbolize change in Japanese culture."When we smashed the ring together, I felt like 'Oh, this is the end of it, really' and my heart and soul felt renewed. Now I feel I can have a new life and start all over again," said Mr Fujii.His wife of eight years also expressed relief."The moment I saw the smashed ring, I said to myself, 'Yes! That feels so good'," Mrs Fujii said.Terai, who is believed to be Japan's first "divorce ceremony planner," came up with the idea to help couples celebrate their decision to separate after one of his friends went through a bitter divorce.Divorce is on the rise in Japan, where it was once taboo, with about 251,000 divorces taking place in 2008, partly blamed on the poor economy taking its toll on romance.Vocabulary:undercover: working or done secretly in order to find out information for the police, a government, etc. 秘密工作的;暗中做的;私下进行的pomp: the impressive clothes, decorations, music, etc. and traditional customs that are part of an official occasion or ceremony 排场;气派;盛况grandeur: the quality of being great and impressive in appearance 宏伟;壮丽;堂皇rickshaw: a small light vehicle with two wheels used in some Asian countries to carry passengers. The rickshaw is pulled by somebody walking or riding a bicycle. 人力车;黄包车gavel: a small hammer used by a person in charge of a meeting or an auction, or by a judge in a court of law, in order to get people's attention (会议主席、拍卖商或法官用的)小槌take its toll (on sb./sth.): to have a bad effect on somebody/something; to cause a lot of damage, etc. 产生恶果;造成重大损失背单词 — 装英语词汇201006/106836Ok, so we called Steve Jobs a guru a few times aly.Lets think about that.好的,我们有时会称史蒂夫;乔布斯为大师。让我们谈谈。People can definitely go overboard about their enthusiasm for the man and his company.对于这个男人及他的公司,人们热情似火,毫不保留挥洒自己的。And I admit I am partly guilty of that. But that was also part of Steve Jobsgrand plan.我承认自己有点偏激。但这也是史蒂夫;乔布斯计划的一部分。Over the years, he creates a self-contained ego system with the device, with the portable into the universe as the budget membership.在过去的几年中,他运用这一设备创造了自我独立的系统,只要进入这个便携的世界,你就无法自拔。And the king of that universe was Jobs himself, equal parts CEO and rock star.而乔布斯本人则是宇宙之王,身兼首席执行官及摇滚明星。The devices, the company, the man himself, the corporate world has never seen anything like it. And maybe never will again.这些设备,公司及这个人,企业世界从未见过这样的事。也许永远也不会了。All that it likes the Holy Grail.这有这些就像圣杯一样。Yes.是的。To me, a brand is one simple thing. And that is, trust.对我来说,一个国际品牌就只有一件简单的事。那就是长此以往的信任。词语解释:1. guru n. 宗师2. universe n. 宇宙163925

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