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Here we go. OK.好的,我们来亲眼看看吧Im back in my truck, and we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge.回到我刚才提到的卡车,我们把它开到布鲁克林大桥Were coming down, and we bring that truck that you just saw somewhere in here, in the Financial District.我们一路开往市中心,我们把车开到你刚看到的金融区的某个地方This is a 10-kiloton bomb, slightly smaller than was used in Hiroshima.有一个一万吨级当量的核弹,只比广岛爆炸的那枚核弹小一点And I want to just conclude this by just giving you some information.我希望通过下面这个总结提供给大家一些信息,I think -- ;news you could use; kind of concept here.我想,可以说是一些“实用新闻”So, first of all, this would be horrific beyond anything we can possibly imagine.首先,这可能听上去有些吓人,这可能超越了我们能够想象的范围This is the ultimate.这是终极的危险And if youre in the half-mile radius of where this bomb went off,如果你位于距离爆炸中心半英里的范围内you have a 90 percent chance of not making it.你面临的将是九死一生的情况If youre right where the bomb went off, you will be vaporized.如果你就位于爆炸中心,你会被汽化,And thats -- Im just telling you, this is not good.而这--我不得不说,非常遗憾You assume that.假设Two-mile radius, you have a 50 percent chance of being killed,在半径两英里的范围内,你有百分之五十的机会生还and up to about eight miles away --如果把范围扩大到八英里-now Im talking about killed instantly --我现在讨论的是立刻死亡的情况-somewhere between a 10 and 20 percent chance of getting killed.估计死亡的概率在百分之十到百分之二十之间The thing about this is that the experience of the nuclear detonation is --事情是这样的。关于核弹爆炸,first of all, tens of millions of degrees Fahrenheit at the core here, where it goes off,首先,爆炸中心温度高达数千度,and an extraordinary amount of energy in the form of heat, acute radiation and blast effects.并且以极高的热能,强烈的辐射以及剧烈的爆炸等形式扩散An enormous hurricane-like wind, and destruction of buildings almost totally, within this yellow circle here.在这个黄色区域内会产生一股像龙卷风一般的风暴,所有建筑将几乎被全部摧毁And what Im going to focus on, as I come to conclusion here, is that, what happens to you if youre in here?在这个总结中我要重点强调的是,如果你在这儿,将会发生什么Well, if were talking about the old days of an all-out nuclear attack,如果我们说的是以前所面临的那种全面核战争you, up here, are as dead as the people here. So it was a moot point.你,如果站在这儿和黄圈里的人一样难逃一劫。所以这是一个值得讨论的地方My point now, though, is that there is a lot that we could do for you who are in here,我现在所讲的重点是,如果你身处这个区域内并在最初的爆炸中生还if youve survived the initial blast.我有很多可以教你的东西You have, when the blast goes off -- and by the way, if it ever comes up, dont look at it.当爆炸过后--顺便说一句,如果这些真的发生了,千万别用肉眼去看If you look at it, youre going to be blind, either temporarily or permanently.如果你用肉眼去看,你将会失明,不管是暂时性的还是永久性的So if theres any way that you can avoid, like, avert your eyes, that would be a good thing.因此,如果可能避免的话,比如,把目光移开,那将是一个很好的选择If you find yourself alive, but youre in the vicinity of a nuclear weapon,如果你发现自己还活着,但是你处在一个核武器爆炸中心的附近you have -- thats gone off --你有--在爆炸发生之后--you have 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the size and exactly where it went off,你有10到20分钟的逃生时间,具体时间取决于爆炸规模以及爆炸地点to get out of the way before a lethal amount of radiation comes straight down from the mushroom cloud that goes up.在升起的蘑菇云所带来的致命的强辐射到来之前逃离那个区域In that 10 to 15 minutes, all you have to do -- and I mean this seriously --在这10到15分钟内,你唯一需要做的--我说真的--is go about a mile away from the blast.就是跑一英里远离爆炸点201605/442912Thank you so much! Ms. Janelle Monáe! Come on out here and give a bow! Thank you so much. So in addition to Janelle Monáe, please give Kendrick Lamar a big round of applause! Here he is, right here. So on behalf of all of us, obviously we were hoping to share their incredible talents with 5,000 people out on the South Lawn. And the Fourth of July is about family, its about the American family, its about us getting together with the people we love most. We all know that our freedoms are dependent on an incredible group of men and women in uniform and their families who look out for us every single day. Some of them are in attendance here today – please give them a big round of applause. For those in our military who could not attend, we just want to say how much we admire, respect and appreciate everything you do to fight for our freedom every single day. And obviously the Fourth of July – we enjoy the hotdogs, we enjoy the burgers, we enjoy the barbecue, we enjoy the day off for a lot of us, we enjoy the fireworks. But its important to remember what a miracle this country is. How incredible – how incredibly lucky we are that people, generations ago, were willing to take up arms and fight for our freedom. And then people, inside this country, understanding that there were imperfections in our union and were willing to keep on fighting on behalf of extending that freedom to all people and not just some. And that story of independence is not something that happens and then we just put away. Its something that we have to fight for every single day. Its something that we have to nurture, and we have to sp the word, and we have to work on. And it involves us respecting each other. And it involves us recognizing that there are still people in this country who are going hungry – and theyre not free because of that. There are still people in this country who cant find work – and freedom without the ability to contribute to society and put a roof over your head or look after your family, thats not yet what we aim for. And so on a day like this, we celebrate, we have fun, we marvel at everything thats been done before, but we also have to recommit ourselves to making sure that everybody in this country is free; that everybody has opportunity; that everybody gets a fair shot; that we look after all of our veterans when they come home; that we look after our military families and give them a fair shake; that every child has a good education. That is what we should be striving for on Independence Day. So to all of you who are here in this amazing gathering, we love you and were grateful that you could join us. To our incredible artists, thank you for always sharing. Ive got to tell you I have to tell you that these two Ive gotten a chance to know, and they are both amazing artists and talented and popular and doing great things, but theyre also very conscious about their responsibilities and obligations. And they put in a lot of time and effort on behalf of a lot of causes that are important. Were really proud of them for that. And just because its a job of a father to embarrass his daughters Ive got one last job. It just so happens that we celebrate our countrys birthday on the same day that we celebrate my oldest daughters birthday. So just a quick happy birthday for Malia. Thank you, everybody. God bless you. God bless America.201607/456930【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. He said it was called a butt.2. Oh, yeah? Let’s see you get closer.3. Come on, Nemo. How far can you go? /200605/7335

Number one: I wish I hadnt worked so hard.第一位:我希望我工作没有那么卖力。Number two: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.第二位:我希望我和我的朋友们一直保持联系。Number three: I wish I had let myself be happier.第三位:我希望我能让自己过得跟快乐些。Number four: I wish Id had the courage to express my true self.第四位:我希望我曾鼓励过我做真正的自己。And number five: I wish Id lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what others expected of me.第五位: 我希望我曾为我的梦想而活,而不是按照别人的要求苟活。Now, as far as I know, no one ever told one of the hospice workers,现在,据我所知,没有一个人告诉善终医院的工作人员,;I wish Id spent more time playing games,;我希望我曾花多一点的时间打,but when I hear these top five regrets of the dying,但当我听到这五个说得最多的临终遗憾时候,I cant help but hear five deep human cravings that games actually help us fulfill.我真的帮不上什么忙,而只能听听人类内心深处的渴望,游戏其实能帮助我们活得充实。For example, I wish I hadnt worked so hard.例如这句,我希望我工作没有那么卖力。For many people, this means, I wish Id spent more time with my family, with my kids when they were growing up.对许多人来说,这意味着,我希望我曾经花跟多的时间和我的家人在一起,陪伴我的孩子长大。Well, we know that playing games together has tremendous family benefits.很好,我们知道一起打游戏有极好的家庭益处。A recent study from Brigham Young University School of Family Life reported that伯明翰杨大学最近的研一个关于学校的家庭生活研究报告指出parents who spend more time playing games with their kids have much stronger real-life relationships with them.多花时间和孩子们打游戏的家长们,和孩子们在现实生活中的关系更紧密。;I wish Id stayed in touch with my friends.;我希望我和我的朋友们一直保持联系。Hundreds of millions of people use social games like FarmVille or Words With Friends是呢,成千上万的人们借助社交的游戏像Farmville或者Words,to stay in daily contact with real-life friends and family.在现实生活中和朋友们去保持每天的联系。A recent study from the University of Michigan showed that these games are incredibly powerful relationship-management tools.一个最近的Michigan大学的研究表明,这些游戏是难以置信的有力的人际交往工具。They help us stay connected with people in our social network that we would otherwise grow distant from,它们帮助我们保持和人际圈里的人一直联系。我们就渐渐疏远了,if we werent playing games together.如果我们不一起打游戏的话。201706/513054

My vision includes the elimination of the defense sequester, which has imposed steep cuts on our military.我的愿景包括消除防御隔离,这严重削减了我们的军力。We must give our sailors, soldiers, airmen, marines, and coastguardsmen the tools, equipment, resources and training they need to get the job done,我们必须给予我们的水手,陆军,空军,海军,海岸警卫队他们需要的工具,装备,资源和培训来完成这些工作,and get it done right - especially in these very dangerous times.现在就完成这些工作--特别是在这些非常危险的时候。The active duty Army has been reduced by more than 85,000 men since , and we have over 18,000 fewer active duty marines.现役陆军自年已经减员85,000以上,我们的现役海军减少了18,000多人。The Air Force, it’s the smallest it has been since 1947,空军人数,是自1947年以来最少的。and their planes are, on average, nearly thirty years old, if you can believe that.如果你相信的话,他们的飞机寿命,平均下来,都将近30年了。Our Navy’s fleet is the smallest it has been since World War I, and that’s a long time ago.我们的海军舰队是自一战以来规模最小的时候,这是很长时间的事了。Frontline Navy and Marine strike fighter aircraft are more likely to be down for maintenance than to be in the sky.前线海军和海事的攻击战斗机,更多是降下来维修而不是飞翔在天空。We cannot afford to continue down this path.继续走这样的路,我们负担不起。My budget will give America’s armed forces the resources they need to achieve full and total military preparedness to meet any and all global challenges - and meet them, we will.我的预算将给予美国的武装力量他们需要的资源,来实现全部和完整的军事准备,来应对任何和全部的全球性挑战--我们将能应对它们。201703/498750This has not only affected how music institutions,how schools for the deaf treat sound -- and not just as a means of therapy although of course, being a participator of music,that definitely is the case as well.这不仅仅影响了聋人音乐学院处理声音的方式。 同时也不仅仅是治疗的一种方式而已,当然,作为一个音乐的参与者,我完全同意这样的观点。But its meant that acousticians have had to really think about the types of halls they put together.但这意味着,声学工作者需要去仔细考虑一下演奏厅的类型他们所选择的。 There are so few halls in this world that actually have very good acoustics,在这个世界上,很少有演奏厅,有很棒的音响效果,dare I say. But by that I mean where you can absolutely do anything you imagine.我敢说。 但即便如此,你仍然可以展开想象的翅膀,去做任何事。The tiniest, softest, softest sound to something that is so broad,最微小,最轻柔的声音对某些东西来说或许它很广阔,so huge, so incredible! Theres always something it may sound good up there, may not be so good there.很巨大,无法想象。 总有一些东西,在这儿或许听着很不错,在那儿了又或许不那么好。May be great there, but terrible up there.在那儿或许很棒,但在上边却糟糕透顶。Maybe terrible over there, but not too bad there, etc., etc.在那儿简直是个噩梦,但在这儿听着还不错呢 ,等等等等。So to find an actual hall is incredible for which you can play exactly what you imagine,所以找到一个真正意义上合适的演奏大厅是不可能的,像你想象到的那样的效果,without it being cosmetically enhanced.并非表面上的修饰和放大。And so therefore, acousticians are actually in conversation with people who are hearing impaired, and who are participators of sound.因此,事实上,声音工作者是在和一些听力受损的人们探讨这个问题,事实上他们也是声音的参与者。And this is quite interesting.这一点其实很有趣。I cannot, you know, give you any detail as far as what is actually happening with those halls, but its just the fact that they are going to a group of people for whom so many years weve been saying,我还不能透露目前的进展如何,关于演奏厅的效果,但意义重大的是,他们正向这样一群人寻求帮助,多年来我们常常议论的这样一群人,Well, how on Earth can they experience music? You know, theyre deaf.瞧,到底他们怎样感知音乐呢?要知道,他们可是失聪的。We just -- we go like that, and we imagine that thats what deafness is about.我们一直这样,我们想象着聋人应该是怎样的。Or we go like that, and we imagine thats what blindness is about.或者我们也这样,我们想象着失明的人应该是怎样的。201605/442761新东方最新英语口语学习词典O部分暂无文本 /200707/15345

If you are like 98 percent of other people,如果你象其余百分之九十八的人一样,you will identify the round, amoeboid shape as Bouba, and the sharp, spiky one as Kiki.你会把这个圆圆的,变形虫形状的叫做Bouba,把尖尖的,刺猬状的叫做Kiki。Can we do a quick show of hands? Does that correspond?是这样的请举手?是不是象我说的那样?Okay, I think 99.9 would about cover it. Why do we do that?好,我想大概99.9%是那样。这是为什么?Because we instinctively find, or create, a pattern between the round shape and the round sound of Bouba,因为我们本能地去找寻,或者创造一个模式,把圆的图形与Bouba这个圆的声音联系起来。and the spiky shape and the spiky sound of Kiki.对尖的图形和尖的声音Kiki也是如此。And many of the metaphors we use everyday are synesthetic. Silence is sweet.我们日常生活中的暗喻多是联觉性的:沉默是甜的(抑或沉默是金)。Neckties are loud. Sexually attractive people are hot.领结是花骚的。性感的人是火辣的。Sexually unattractive people leave us cold.而不性感的人让我们觉得冷冰冰的。Metaphor creates a kind of conceptual synesthesia,暗喻构筑了一个概念联觉的空间,in which we understand one concept in the context of another.我们在其中用一种概念的情境来理解另一种概念。Third step is cognitive dissonance. This is the Stroop test.第三步是认知失调。这是Stroop测试。What you need to do here is identify as quickly as possible请你尽快指出构成这些词的字母the color of the ink in which these words are printed. You can take the test now.在图片中实际的颜色。就从现在开始。If youre like most people,如果你和大多数人一样,you will experience a moment of cognitive dissonance when the name of the color is printed in a differently colored ink.颜色的名称和图片中实际的颜色不符,会使你暂时地认知失调。The test shows that we cannot ignore the literal meaning of words这个测试表明我们无法忽视这些词的字面意义,even when the literal meaning gives the wrong answer.尽管字面意义上的是错误的。Stroop tests have been done with metaphor as well.Stroop测试也曾被用于暗喻上,The participants had to identify, as quickly as possible, the literally false sentences.受试者需要尽快地辨识那些字面上错误的句子,其中包括暗喻。They took longer to reject metaphors as false than they did to reject literally false sentences.他们要花更长的时间才能把包含暗喻的句子从中挑出来。201704/505835英语会话800句 76This is a recent comic strip from the Los Angeles Times. The punch line?这是最近洛杉矶时报的一幅漫画。笑点是?;On the other hand, I dont have to get up at four every single morning to milk my Labrador.;“另一方面,我不用每天凌晨4点起来,给我的拉布拉多猎犬喂奶。”This is a recent cover of New York Magazine.这是纽约杂志最近的封面。Best hospitals where doctors say they would go for cancer treatment, births, strokes, heart disease, hip replacements, 4 a.m. emergencies.这是最好的医院,医生说他们会去那里去治疗癌症,生育,中风,心脏病,换臀以及凌晨4点的急救。And this is a song medley I put together --这是一首我混合的歌--Did you ever notice that four in the morning has become some sort of meme or shorthand?你发现凌晨4点成了什么?仿佛迷因或者缩略符号?It means something like you are awake at the worst possible hour.它意味着你在最糟糕的时辰醒来。A time for inconveniences, mishaps, yearnings.那是一个不便,意外,渴望的时间,A time for plotting to whack the chief of police, like in this classic scene from ;The Godfather.;一个暗算攻击警察局长的时间,就像《教父》中的经典镜头。Coppolas script describes these guys as, ;exhausted in shirt sleeves. It is four in the morning.;Coppola的剧本将这些人描述成:“那些人穿着短袖,筋疲力竭,现在是凌晨4点”A time for even grimmer stuff than that, like autopsies and embalmings in Isabel Allendes ;The House of the Spirits.;还有比那个更冷酷的,像伊丽莎白·阿连德《精灵之屋》里的剖尸防腐。After the breathtaking green-haired Rosa is murdered, the doctors preserve her with unguents and morticians paste.当惊艳的绿发女郎Rosa被害以后,医生用油膏和处置尸体的防腐剂来保存她。They worked until four oclock in the morning.他们一直工作到到4点201612/485797

My fellow Americans, In March, we celebrate Womens History Month, honoring the countless contributions that women leaders, scientists, and entrepreneurs have made throughout American history. We are a greater, stronger, and more just Nation today because of women like Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, and so many others. We honor them and we recommit ourselves to a better future for every woman in America today. On my 50th day in office, I want to talk about an issue of paramount importance to families across our nation – healthcare. Seven years ago this month, Obamacare was signed into law over the profound objections of American people. Our citizens were told they would have to pass Obamacare to find out what it was and how bad it was. Now, we know that the hundreds of pages were full of broken promises. Americans were promised that Obamacare would bring premiums down ,500 for a typical family. Instead, theyve gone up by more than ,000. Americans were promised that Obamacare would increase competition and provide them with more choices. Instead, the number of plans to choose from has plummeted – and I mean plummeted. This year, Americans in nearly one-third of all counties have only one insurer to choose from on the exchanges – or, in effect, no real choice at all. Americans were promised that if they liked their health insurance and their doctors, they could keep them. Instead, millions of Americans lost the insurance and lost the doctor that they liked and were thrust into a cold new reality of higher costs and less coverage. Through seven long years of botched rollouts, soaring costs, cancelled plans, and bureaucratic mandates, Americans have called out for relief. And relief is what we are determined to give them. I want every American to know that action on Obamacare is an urgent necessity. The law is collapsing around us, and if we do not act to save Americans from this wreckage, it will take our healthcare system all the way down with it. If we do nothing, millions more innocent Americans will be hurt – and badly hurt. Thats why we must repeal and replace Obamacare. House Republicans have put forward a plan that gets rid of this terrible law and replaces it with reforms that empower states and consumers. You will have the choice and the freedom to make the decisions that are right for your family. The House plan follows the guidelines I laid out in my recent address to Congress – expanding choice, lowering costs, and providing healthcare access for all. This plan is part of a three-pronged reform process. In concert with the plan in front of Congress, I have directed Dr. Tom Price, our Secretary of Health and Human Services, to use his authority to reduce regulations that are driving up costs of care. We are also working on reforms that lower the costs of care, like allowing Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines. Youve heard me say that many, many times during the debates. I encourage Democrats to work with us to improve the healthcare system for the American people. Also, we will be driving down the costs. We will deliver relief to American workers, families, and small businesses, who right now are being crushed by Obamacare, by increasing freedom, choice, and opportunity for the American people. Thank you very much.201703/500797英语日常口语 64:A strange letter奇怪的信件本单元是关于奇怪的信件的对话Alice: Hi Tim. What are you ing, or is it private? Tim: Oh, nothing. Alice: Sure it's not a love letter? Tim: I'm sure! In fact, it's a bit strange. Remember I had to return that customer's watch? Alice: Mmmm? Tim: Well, listen to their reply. 'As the watch you have returned is not genuine, we are unable to repair it. Also, this is the fourth time that this has happened and consequently we can not accept further watches from you.' Alice: Weird! You told your boss? Tim: Well, I should, but I'm a bit curious about this. My boss is the only other person who sells the watches. As well as that, he might blame me.Alice: I see what you mean. Hmm?But despite that, I still think you should tell him.Vocabulary (词汇):genuine (adj) (真实的)real and authentic - not a fake or forgery further watches (更多手表)more watches curious (adj) (好奇心旺盛的;好事的)you want to know more about something本单元的语言点是连接词,连接词是用来连接两个或两个以上的句子或从句。Linking WordsLinking words and phrases (连接词和短语)Linking words and phrases are used to show relationships between ideas. They can be used to join 2 or more sentences or clauses (a clause is a group of words which contains a subject and a verb). Linking words/phrases can be used to add ideas together, contrast them, or show the reason for something. Adding ideas and information (补充意见和信息) Also This is used to give more information or ideas. It can be put at the beginning of a sentence, or between the subject and the verb. We are unable to repair this watch. Also, this is the fourth time this has happened. I want to be an astronaut. I also want to be a biologist. What should I do? Besides/Besides this/Besides that This is usually placed at the beginning of a sentence. It is used to make an additional point. Traffic congestion is a problem in my city. Besides this, the trains are very expensive. I can't afford to go to the concert. Besides, I don't really like classical music. As well as this/that This is very similar to besides/besides this/besides that . It is usually placed at the beginning of a sentence. It is used to make an additional point. My boss is the only other person who sells the watches. As well as that, he might blame me. We went to the park today. As well as that, we did some shopping. Showing reasons (显示原因) As and since are used to introduce the reason for something. They are similar in meaning and use to 'because'. They can be placed at the beginning of the sentence, or in the middle. As As the watch you have returned is not genuine, we are unable to repair it. We are unable to repair the watch you have returned as it is not genuine. SinceSince the watch you have returned is not genuine, we are unable to repair it. We are unable to repair the watch you have returned since it is not genuine. Showing results (显示后果) Consequently and as a consequence are linking words which link reasons with results. They are common in formal writing. Consequently This is the fourth time that this has happened and, consequently, we can't accept further watches from you. This is the fourth time that this has happened. Consequently, we can't accept further watches from you. As a consequenceThis is the fourth time that this has happened and, as a consequence, we can't accept further watches from you. This is the fourth time that this has happened. As a consequence , we can't accept further watches from you. Contrasting ideas (对比意见) Despite and in spite of These are followed by nouns or gerunds (verb + 'ing'). They are not followed by clauses (subject + verb). Despite losing the match, the team were happy with their efforts. In spite of the lost match , the team were happy. (meaning: they lost the match but they were happy anyway) If you want to use a clause with despite and in spite of, you need to add 'the fact that '. Despite the fact that they lost the match, the team were still happy. In spite of the fact that they lost , the team were still happy. While and whereas are used to contrast two opposite ideas in one sentence . These words can be placed at the beginning of the sentence or in the middle. While London is exciting, it is much too busy. Life in the city is fast, whereas life in the countryside is slow. /200707/16068

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